Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1938
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Shover Springs Srmnet Lewallen and wife of Bly- Utoaille, were recent guests of his sister, Mrs. Howard Collier. Mrs. Cameron of Bodcaw is now making her home with her daughter MJrs. Milton Caudle. : Jim Rogers and wife of Helena spent their vacation last week with his mother, Mrs. John Laseter. John Reed has returned home from a visit with his son Mark and family WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel—And You'U Jump Out of Bed in the Mooting Rarin' to Go • The liver should pour out two pounds of liquid bUo into your bowels daily. If this bile tonot flowing frwly.your food doesn'tdigest. It juat decays in the bowels. Gas bloats up your stomach. You get constipated. Your whole system is poisoned and you feel sour, •unk and the world looks pun!.. A mere bowel movement doesn't tret at the cause. It takes those flood, old Carter 1 ! tittle Liver Pills to Bet these two pounds of bile flowing: freely and make you feel "*up and up." Harmless, gentle, yet amat- In«- in making bile flow freely. A»k for Canter's Little Liver Pills by name. 25 cents. Stubbornly refuse anything else. of Minden, La. O. J. Phillips afid family motored to Murfroesboro Sunday where they attended the singing convention. On their return home they visited a while with his brother Nath of Foreman and were nccomjxmied home by their son Wallace who has been visiting with his uncle the past few weeks. Mrs. Arthur Tekas motored ovet from Dallas and spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. J. B. Beckworth. She was accompanied by her aunt, Miss Smith and a cousin also. Mr. and Mrs. Snndefur Dudney ot Shover Springs, entertained a number of young people with a party Saturday night. The family is moving to Hope this week and will be greatly missed in this community. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers of El Dorado, spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. John Lasetcr and Mr. Laseter. Friends of Mrs. Dewey Beaulcn will be glad to know she has recovered from a recent illness. Mry. Bryan Ruggles. Mrs. Joe England and Mrs. Sam England entertained recently with a miscellaneous shower for Mrs. Roy Rogers. She received many beautiful and useful gifts. Delicious refreshments of sandwiches, cake and ice tea were served. 5 HEALTH BENEFITS KN DELICIOUS QUAKER OATS Rich in Thiamin (Vitamin B t ) Vital Food for Nerves "LJERE'S one breakfast you can be sure is •IA not only famed for outstanding healthfulness but contains a food for nerves science says everyone should have daily. Perfect health is impossible without this nerve- nourishing food, Thiamin. Oatmeal is the richest thrifty source of it. So try delicious Quaker Oats tomorrow morning. Get the benefits it offers. It's high in proteins, for muscle-building; excellent in food-energy for strength; and in needed minerals, iron and phosphorus. Saves money, time, too. Order a package of Quaker pats, rich in food essentials and vital Thiamin, atyour grocer's today. QUAKER OATS AMERICA'S POPULAR YEAR 'ROUND BREAKFAST :s New Crop Jonathan Dozen 25c GREEN BEANS lOc BANANAS 5c Golden Yellow Pound YAMS iOc FRESH PEACHES 6 For 25c CARROTS Large Bunch w-f 6c SUNSHINE CRACKERS Pound 17c Salad Dressing 19c Blue Bonnett Pint RICE, Whole Grain—5 Lbs. SOAP C Large White Bars 19c Vanilla Flavoring A 8 ounce Bottles 25c RESSED FRYERS N TALL KORN, Ib 25c IOWANA, Ib 33c PORK ROAST OR STEAK Pound SAUSAGE Very Best Mixed Z Pounds Z5C DRY SALT For Boiling, Ib lie Best Grade -|7 1 Pound II2C BEEF CHUCK Pound ROAST OR STEAK 15c BABY BEEF LOIN OR T-BONE STEAK 22!c BOLOGNA SLICED, Ib. By The Stick Pound SKINLESS FRANKFURTERS 2 Pounds 33c Phone 266 HOBBS Gro. & Market Free Delivery TRY OUR CHERRY PIES Blue Ribbon Bread mt'f > *tt f ' ™*-*-"v* *—•« **«» At Your Grocer and City Bakery What France, Britain Will Do BLACK HULLED VESSELS ABE gfimSH.. WHITE HU.LED VESSCLS AP£ FRENCH In case of war, what would France and Britain do'.' That's a bie question in Europe right now, and it is answered in the map above. The two countries have made it clear that they would fight shoulder to shoulder in event of war. And the fact that war can start in 90 minutes (the length of time it would take German bombers to fly to Paris) las caused Britain and France to ven go so far as to make joint mili- jry plans. Here's what would happen if war roke out (and you can follow each love on the map): France would pull most of her fleet ut of the Atlantic and into the Med- tcrrancan. The gigantic British fleet would andlc the Atlantic, the North Sea and the English Channel. Britain would keep some vessels in the Mediterranean, partly to maintain her "life line" to India, partly to help convoy ships bringing troops and supplies from France's North African colonies. British bombing anil fighting pUmcs, already poised in the south of England, would clash to pre-arranged French airdromes. British tanks, mobile artillery and soldiers would be rushed across the channel to strengthen French forces at the famous Maginot line on the German border. Thus the combined British-French forces would be ready at a moment's notice to defend or attack at any point from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. litigation Proves Aid in Wisconsin Portable Pipes Solve the Drouth Prorblem of Potato Growers By PAUL D. SHOEMAKER Associated Press Farm' Editor ANTIGO. Wis.--(/T)—If summer rains fail to come a group of Langladc county potato growers do NOT worry. They simply set up their portable irrigation systems and give the potato plants the needed moisture. The newest development in irrigation, these portable units are being \V5ocl by a number of North Central Wisconsin potato growers to provide moisture at precisely the right tmic, and thereby virtually double yields. They also serve as insurance against crop failure in years of severe drouth. The portable units arc made up of 16 or 20 feet sections of four or six inch diameter electrically - welded steel pipe. Rainhcads. or revolving sprayers, arc built into the pipe 40 to 60 feet apart. A special type of rubber washer in the ends of the pipe permits flexibility at the couplings but seal tightly under pressure. Most of the units in operation here have ,'fufficienl pipe and rainheads to irriguatc approximately four acres at one time. Some have enough pipe to lay lines on four acres while water j is being sprayed on an adjoining four acres. By this method no time is lost in moving pipe to new locations. Practically all of the units are engineered to provide an inch of water over an area in luilf an hour. Lakes, streams and reservoirs, which are virtually huge wells arc sources of water for the potato growers. Small automobile gasoline engines arc used by some to provide pump power, while others near electric power have electric motors. An .80-acrc field of potatoes on the Guenther farm, ju.st west of here, was irrigated four times last summer. The yield wai; 327 bushels of premium IH>- tatocs to the acre which sold for 50 cents a bushel above the market. An- Thursday, September 15, 1938 other BO-acre field which was not Irrigated yielded 111 bushels of ordinary quality potatoes. Harvey Guenther believes the $4,000 he spent for pipe, pump and engine, and the $700 for his reservoir a good investtficnt. He figures it costs ?1 per acre to cover with nn inch of water. He said It requires 40 hours to put an inch af water over the 80-acrc field. The ralnhcads on the Guenther unit each spray from 20 to 30 gallons of water per minute covering a 90-foot radius. Ninety pounds pressure is maintained nt the end of the line, "Being able to give the potato plants water at exactly the right time," Gucnthor said, "is the answer to bi« yields." Owners of some units have used them in hay nnd buckwheat fields with outstanding success. All of the owners feel th«y arc pioneering In a form of irrigation which holds promise of developing rapidly, especially where specialized craps arc grown. Man: I once had a beard like yours but |whon I realized how it made me look, I cut it off. Another: I once hnd n face like yours. When t realized that I could not cut it off, I grow this beard to vpvcr it. French Sentry: Holt! Who goes there? Voice: American. Sentry: Advance and recite the Star-Spangled Banner. Voice: I don't know it. Sentry: Proceed, American. City Meat Market FOR CHOICE K. C. and NATIVE MEATS Free Delivery Phono 767 So They Say If there is a Paradise. I feel sure lat it cannot be more beautiful than National Socialist Germany. — Dr. Robert Ley. head of the German Labor 'ront. I get bored. Things are dead there. —Fred Gibson, found sleeping across railroad track in Chicago; explain- ig why he left Dayton, Tenn. The public library Ls a great power- ouse to furnish intellectual light to 10 community. I wish more people ould push the switch.—Linda A. Eastman, retiring head of the Cleveand Public Library. If employers think American labor s going to junk its achievements and oar itself down just because Bill reen does not like John Lewis, they arc mistaken.—Harry R. Bridges, C. 0. director on the west coast. I saw nothing of conditions abroad ind haven't any idea what they arc ike.—Warren Pershino, General Per- hing's son, becoming something new n rcturnc'l European travelers. Tp people who know that a dollar must be earned before it can be spent or bofore a debt can be canceled, we seem to be living in a mad- lousc.—Representative Wadsworth of New York. It is often true that it takes a long long time to bring the past up to the l-Tusent.—President Roosevelt, commenting on the primary victory of Senator "Cotton Ed" Smith of South Carolina. CHILLS AND FEVER Relieve Malaria Misery With This Proven Treatment! Don't go through the usual suffering. Relieve Malaria chills and fever in quick time. Take good old Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! This is no new-fangled or untried preparation. It's a recognized medicine. Grove'sTasteless Chill Toniccontains tasteless quinidine and iron. It quickly relieves the Malarial chills and fever. It also tends to build you up. That's the double effect you want. The very next time you feel an attack of Malarial chills and fever coming on, go right to your drug store and get a oottle of Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Start taking the medicine immediately and you will soon get the relief you want. All drug stores sell Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, 50c and $1. The latter size is the more economical. FLOUR Bakes Better Biscuits MAKE YOURSELF A NEW FALL DRESS At No Extra Cost From the Colorful Cambric Sacks FOR SALE BY Lewis Grocery—Hope T. O. Marlar—Willisville Farmer's Supply—Ozan Jewell White—Prescott Only one regular-priced gasoline - SPECIAL For FRIDAY, SATURDAY and MONDAY SUGAR With $2.00 Order 10 10 Lb. Pure Cane, Paper Bag 43c Full Cream 10 Pound Sack ....20c 24 Pound Sack.... 39c MUSTARD—Quart KETCHUP, 14 oz. Bottle -Each IOc FLOUR Gold Medal, White 24 Crest, Airy Fairy Lbs 90c PEACHES ARGO No. 21/2 2 Can, 29C SPINACH and TURNIP GREENS No. 2 Can—2 Cans . 15c I PINEAPPLLE Crushed—Del Monte I No. 2 Can 15c Pork & Beans, Vegetable or Tomato Soup, Spaghetti and Corn, large can—3 For . BEANS, No. 2 Green Lima—2 Cans .... ..25c LEMONS, Large Size—Dozen 20c GRAPES, Tokay and Seedless—2 Lbs. 13c BANANA S—2 Pounds 9c ORANGES, Large Size—Dozen 25c MARKET SPECIALS—Pete Shields, Mgr. Center Cut Home Baked HAM—Lb Armors Clover Bloom Butter, Ib 29c Good Grade DRY SALT MEAT—Lb 13c Full Cream CHEESE, Ib. 15c We Carry A Complete Line of Produce Dewey Baber B and WE DELIVER ORDERS OF $1.00 OR MORE Grocery and Market—Phone 871 R. E has this Keeps your motor gum-free...helps carbon blow out the exhaust...gives extra power and mileage Because it's different, Essolene has been granted a U. S. Patent, Essolene has the best qualities of any of the regular-priced gasolines and in addition a feature found in no other—an exclusive solvent that prevents gum formation . . . minimizes formation of other deposits in the engine . . . keeps your motor gum-free. With no gummy binder, carbon can blow right out the exhaust. Valves and pistons stay clean . . . your motor is kept in proper operating condition. You get extra power and mileage because every drop of Essolene does full-time driving duty. Essolene gives you this added advantage at no extra cost. Try it for a month and be convinced. BUYAT THE £sso Copr. 1333, tieaa Inc. SIGN STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA ^ ! TARPLEVS 300 East 3rd St.—Highway 67 Complete Esso Service Washing—Greasing—Atlas Tires Hope, Ark. Phone 777 COLEMAN'S ESSO STATION Third and Hervey—Highway 67 WASHING and GREASING Hope, Ark. Phone J87

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