Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS RLONDIE By Chick YountJ Friday, November 26, 1948 ^ _—. —— i»i» LOOK, DEAR.' i STACEY5 IS ADVERTISING WOf/tlN'S FUR ! o-' •:;<?> ;> v COATS FOR or u.v L ( .:.-,>...r;>7 si* HUMORED DOLLARS DAG v/ooo -""-"N ' M / UNDER IMF:/ TFR'FOR" "* - C ;?;.-> V^OLR :K> THREE )~e;;.'.'''-f^ ^~~-)/ 1 "' ympfeL 5" .fen, fexcj, ^-~ SIDE GLANCES By Golbroirh u C lMW$/£%\r :^ S.QlBi^I..- CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 'fe^-'s^<">''l* : ' — - = ~-\"'. •'.'"' : I^S * ff ..'.. •• • •; '-- . . ''^ ff ^f e : "Listen, I've had child psychology noticed on me so much that I know what you're all thinking—and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" Hv <Hpir.5oijtMt.ie* COFR. 1933 HV NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. H 'C. U. S. PAT Off "Don't get sore, Pet—you know how careless these restaurants are about lipstick on glasses!". FRECKLES AND H!S FRIENDS 8v B YOU kNOW,LARDS7 BOY. 1 AW,HILDA, YOU HAVE YOUR. FAULTS, YOU'RE BUT i STILL LIKE YOU / JUST SAY- BETTER THAN ALL THE / ING THAT / REST OF THE GOONS t ~-^ —— '-^n^- "George sticks up that sign to get out of homework!" POPETL WOULDN'T u r BE ROMAWTIO IF, SOME DAY AFTER WE GRADUATE, YCAH, IT WOULD -• DH-HUM AND WE- COULD TELL OUR. CHILDREN ABOUT OUR THRILLIM& LOVE STORY / TELL , ^AE WHAT /-' i WAS YOU'RE ( JUST THINfCIN6, I WOMDERIN6- LAS5D5Y / . -..A THE MAKIM6S ut A COUPLE Or GOOD OLD CHEESEBURGERS IN THE 1 IC£ Box / _^ v . \\ i U.'' 1 '^ \^= = =S2f VnOI'R. 1MU BY «ir*".SERvkg. IMC."T.'j.irRfcu.^ n. PAT TFh CUHAT'S OJKOMQ WITH LUMMOX ANGRy.'/ ,- » ROARf>lNti HOUSE LLWMIX HAS TURNED SISSY/ ^ r ^Ta^JNAjlur^^' iSwrog'S V^H|-£Li^: tj^PlRTyv/J / ?7,..^. ^CS* *><P%? ZP£, '// s..: Sfc- LISTEM.' IF THE \ DOCTOR GOES'IO \ , ^^, LOOKIW DOWN VOUR ) / c : >ET IHfVO^r WITH OMB ( [ ALL I OF THC-.M PAPDLC-ij \ I CAM DOM"V B! ; : ASk'.IK) 1 HIM I \ FOR OJr'. AHPLL; IS OROWIM', / V MONliY;' . IF YOUR AFAM'S. ) HF'LLr IS OROWIM', / l"R lt :: IT'LL BE A X Posmvi'euv EHiTTeD GTCAM./ V\'HA,T KIMD OF f*' & ACT (O N! W A,-3i "py-\ /\T" v? *~*"*y!5 COULD T HftMe MRDc'MV ) DEMTAL. B0\\ft ATR1FL& / EFFICACIOUS ^ ,.'' ' •--fr~rr~^~-s ' CORRECT AS THRc,5: ONi A Gl-OT A'VACMlMG/-^ 07ARK IKF -^v-^-v^^v-v-v^^-^x—VV GOTTA FLAG HIAA HE MAKES A FOOL OUT UF TH' PUHFESSUH. r By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane .__ BATTING ,, THCfTJSAND. POPS/ -,,MY INFALLIBLE SYSTEM CLEARLY , 01 GATED A SHARK VICTORY AND OZARK HAULS HIM DOWN OH THE ON£- THE GAME WITH WILDCATS INCREDIBLE.", BUT YOU OVERLOOKED ONE V/TAL FACTOR, •^ PROFESSOR? SO THE RICH AITHEA MALLOY HAS I Will THIS FIVE-SPOT GET ME A WEAKNESS FOR REFORMED DRUNKS/ ANOTHER ONE STEWARD. ITS KIND THIRSTY WHERE „. GOINQ YESSUH ABUSTICKET100EERVIILE7 [ STCAISHT SOUTH. YOl/U MAVBE I CAN TOUCH HER FOR IOAN 7O GET A NEW START. I'VE FORGOTTEN GET A BUCK CHANGE. 51 Leslie Turner OHi EA,SY,.,r THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER GET BACK WHO \WHY, CWTNM E^sy NOW TYKE IT \CA>PTAIN E^SY. 7. -SOMETHING- TO-WHERE IS HE? ^SY, WIS5.\NE'RE\EH? TERRIBLE HfcS EXPECTIN; / WHY ARE vou HERE? AS ANXIOUS TO /DID HE CALL FIND 'M f^S VOU; /ON By Carl Anderson By Walt Disney OKAY/AT THE. COUNT! OF THREE., you JUMP ON THE SHOVEL.' I D. DUO< GOAL A»',L£r COP V. T. Ham ] m r JUST CANT_ ANOTHER CHANCE LIKE THAT.' BUT I'M HAFTA. SUM PIN P1?ETTV A-CLIPPED PS-INCE '.'IvK BUT HIM AN 1 / DAN (5COLN SV5RE / IF t KNOW SETTIN' TJO / WH1 .CHUMMY.' MY 0- . HAVE THE LEMI*N AKMV 8y Edqwr Martin ' " - V MO ' I BUGS BUNNY ' J A i A V . ~~i-^ i A . \f- ° N L A fe M If Vii£0£ O' 5 HAS SOME I / CHATTER, DOC EXC-USiVE \ I AM' SET TH' ' 1-3 T' GRAB SOME. T'GO N A HALF

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