Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1948
Page 3
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Friday, November 26, 191.1 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ersona Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. I Monday, November 29 The High School P.T.A. will have its second study course in the home ec cottage. Monday at 2 p.m. Miss Sophia Sue Harper will give a talk ! Mrs. "Manuel' of interest to mothers of l.ccn-agerr. I |- m , , ; , nn ,, M,-^ 'M : irtin"p'oole' A demonstration of lamp -• niaitin J ooli.. -will be given. All memiv, urged to be present. and Mrs. Charles Briant served the iiulh ifiual embossed cakes carry- in'! out the: chosen color note. room were The Y.W.A. of the Fir.,f n.-.pli.,. program. All to attend and to bring your ing. Oih- ;• members of Ihe house-party ,'..ire Airs. A. Nash. Mrs. Jack ; ';••;:•!. .Al..' ; x i'og".y Lynn Williams. :'»|H.:: /! Mhad.''!e Hefner, Miss Sarah ; ' "''tiler!.ach. Mrs. Doyle Willis, Mrs. I ,..- ! •-- i-a in?,. i\li-s. Harold Porter- '.I'l-lrl. Mrs. Cli;j|-|es Kobeii liriant, i.fr:-'. David Griffin and Mrs. Dorsey ''"II- r. .-Ml iiK'inbeis of file house- ;;>-..i'0 wore lovely coi'sages of va- i n.'d colored rosebuds. ••'-pp:i.:-;;mai.vly .I'ju guests called during Hie ;-,ppointed hours. Hefner Home Scr.ne of Thanksgiving Party . Hi-lifiliting the 'J. nanhsgiviug f;>s- | tivities was a beautii'nl afternnnn ! Drcakfant nt Barlow party Wednesday in Ihe home „' ' " Mrs. Byron D. Hefner, when M;••; Homer, Mrs. Claude 1.1. I.MI.'T bach, Mrs. Jett Williams. Sr A [••••• Jett Williams. Jr.. Mr;;. Sue S.)-.-. merville. and Miss Phyllis \Vilii-iin: entertained their friends from t\vi to six o'clock. The guests were met at the Honors Bride-Elect i'/i.. iua jo KimUcrly Miss Ketiy Martin, Miss Bonnie i /tiii.-iciiy, Mrs. Andy Andrews. Mrs. 13. F. Slater and Mrs. J. T. Watson wore hostesses at a breakfast in ije..ior i...i M'KS Melba Jo Kimberly, AH,- SL'^SI-O wuic. me!, a i. me . r rmi Friday morning at 8'45 at tile Barby Mrs. Tulley Henry, Mrs. Arch ! 'ow Hotel. Moore and Mrs. W. A. William:-. ; The table was laid with a white who introduced then, to the reeeiv- ; „..,, t :o,h ann holU a centerp ece ing line which included the bos- 'of rod roses in a crystal vase The tC Thf'r,,- , - 'ii'iioive's place was marked'with decor-,1 1Vn "-'° om v/as aUract.vel.v i e , 1:1 .n,aiure bride and groom and decorated with huge bron.v.;- ch''.y- ' a jovolv r-.-i' rosebud corsage santhcmums in tall vases and a lo-.v ! T ,,, '„,,.... ', L0 '*"'£><-• arrangement of yellow anil brov -i llU •- U " :M hsl included: tne hon- chrysanthemurns were placed on i <!''"'X' (!• ',f 1hC ' i ' V r c /' wf 1 '?' the coffee table ! , ' A - \y--stbrook. Ml ' s - ' s - A - whlt Inviting the guests into the din- ' •,-"'''' ; , K: l,V'"'^ jVjcl ^ hc ' rso11 . M J SS ing room were Mrs. Wilton Shackle- ; -, T •";' '' s ' , jl ''"O' Martin -ford and Mrs. Charles Graham, j'" ll1 Mrs ' ( -» i «' i :™on Anthony. The dining table, covered wiih a. ! ,- I.' floor length forest green faille clol.li i Doming and (ading was centered with a ho:mi ii'nl r»--i Three parents. Mr. ami Mrs. J. W. Ray. Sr. here. Mrs. Harrie fiaehos and Mrs. R L. Fan/and and son of Ei Dc were business visitors in i Wednesday. Miss Oveta Honcvcutt of Dallas is tho holiday guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Odis Iloneyentt. James Wallace Honeycutt of Shreveport is the guest tit Char;-"; Clark here. J. T. Luck leaves Friday nii/hl for L.S.U.. Baton Rouge after a hnlid-iy visit wilh his parents. Mr and Mrs Fred Luck. Mr. and Mrs. Bnford Poe and children of Fort Smilh arc spcndim; the week-end with Mrs. Poo's parents, the R. X. Mouscrs. Dwight Sandifer of Ttilr.a. Oklahoma is (he guest of his parents j here. Mrs. Fred Cook hn.s retm-ivd | from Murfreesboro, TeniV-;-,:-i-e :>f- , ler a visit with her mother. Mrs ' W. T. White. j «\ I '.$.. "^f/ff/fff/ BROADCASTING W. M. Ramsey Here ' on Visit; Former | Hope Cafe Owner | W. M. Ramsey, former Hope ' restaurant owner, arrived here i Thanksgiving day for a two-day j visit. Mr. Ramsey is in the cafe > business at Ranger, Texas. i £*.>•• SYSTEM 1947 K. J. Caplinger Jr. ,->ncl moiher. Mrs. K. J. Canlinger. Sr. returned to Fordyce Thursday night afler spending Thanksgiving with relatives here. Mrs. Caplinn;c>r and H-.il- dren. Kelsie III and Tommie I,';-, v remained for a week-end visit with Mrs. C'aplingcr's mother. Mrs. J. W. Turner. Fricl 5:011 •>: i.) . r )::;fl 5:45 'i:(ltl •T-'VI (i:25 0:3(1 'i:'45 7:0!) was centered with a beautiful or-i rangement of fruits and ni'Is. flank- ' i-iar.'-hnll Hendrix, former pro- ed with apple green candles in ! f. 1 a . r " "'rector of KXAR. now with silver candleholclers. The butX \ J ^ vl - c -•• Little Rock is visiting Mrs. held a lovely arrangemcuit <_>;' ]' )u '. lu '' ix dunng :.hc Thanksgiving bronze and yellow chrysanthemums I llollf - la .v^with green, tapers in silver holders. ; ,., , ^ T " Presiding at the silver servii-f Mr and Mrs. Byron D. Hefner were Mrs. Reubin \V>l<--<,n , nd '•<>. -; ?, iUr - and Mrs - c - D - Lauter- Homer Fuller. Mrs W M R--m^v l)LU:h aU c-n«<-'d tivj Hope Nashville _ _1 ".._'"• g-Ui-ie and were guests of the FOR FASTER 1 Quich! Use These Special Doublc-Dutv Nose Drops A little Vicks Va-tro-nol in each no:;- : trJl relieves head cold distres:; lust! And if used at first warniny snifiie or i sneeze, Va-tro-nol actually h^lps. to ; prevent many colds from Try it! Follow directions I Jimmy Lalimer's Thursday i Nashville. Mrs. Jewell May and daughter, ]J:';-irei- left Thursday night for a ',;:•-<! wUh :\.-lativ(.s in St. Louis. I3onni? Smilh who is attending il.:me. University. New Orleans is •-. ,s;ti;ig i-e!atives and friends here. Mr. ;md Mrs. D. B. Phillips. Sr. "nd Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Phillips. Jr. uf Hobbs, A'. M. arrived Wed!' :-.da.\ 10 spend Thanksgiving holidays with their families. Mrs. Rupert Hern and Mrs. John New-berry. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Murphy of Tyler, Texas are holiday gnosl's of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Murphy here and Mr. and Mrs. S. Dudncy in Washington. Hospital Mores Branch Admitted: Miss Laveta Louis Gray. Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Bessie Green. Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Tom Garland. Emrnet. Discharged: David Lynn Ford, Hope. .,, ,,i -\i ..^ T w R-IV Tr nf v : .J ''i-1 -Ui'ti XT,'S Rav'/mf j^'. 1 ,-( r- Truis n SmHh ''' ( '''-'.jV.'•;-, • '- b D - Smil » e. ot Chicago returned r in VH-.- alu " ol1 '°'' i; ' " .cao returned >: 1 i^';i <: ^ I l(> Arkayi-lphia. Friday after spend- t^'4^'^f''*' ' ill "- T - h;l " kf: g' vi "R with., Mr...Ray's Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ray Saunders. Washington, announce the arrival of a daughter on November 24. }•)•]'.'. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayio--.. Texarkana, announce the arrival of a son on November 23. l-!48. Admitted: Mrs. Robert Maylon. Teynrkana D. W. West, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. J. A. Wright and littlo daughter. Hope. •'?:00 '!: !"> !!:0() !i::!0 H):!K> '0:15 lfl:.".0 "):F, r ) 11:00 Sat 5:57 "•on C:.';0 G:-10 0:55 7:00 7:3U 7:4.3 ?:55 '•-1:00 I-):.'I5 l):()ll 0::W 0:-!5 M:00 11:30 Satu 12:00 12: in 12:15 Rev. Dun!evy hi Hospff-o! at Ef~ FOR SATURDAY OMLY A select' group of FalJ and Winter DRESSES in 1009o wool and rayon crepes. All wanted colors and sizes for Ju.voi 9-15, Women 12-20. Exceptional values fur $5 c.nly. s 'THE BIGGBT LSTTLE STORE IN TOWN' New Stuipmen'y J^sfr Arrived s^ 1 $\& m ..<®^ ik m f^f M f:« Lucky you . . . beirig c;.;L- iri x £. ff j: buy such boautiitii Myii"', is fc,r \ \, li :]>:«• such a very low pnrV ,\ ~< : c~- \ ^ ftf^ ial purchase oi ih>.-'.-.r i .-.- ,iv.!ei - •ful hose incikp this vciti:? [•:. .;.si- ble . . . our savings on- ai.i;- to such slight iriv'cu ; ':n i;^ • you svould novv.-i- i,- t:.-..-. shades are gora-.:-:. i •:; ; -i for fall, ior v.-ii-it^r! '...;•.-.•• , ]0l. Colors: Sror-P.-•:.;. • Lite, Encore, A;;!jlev>j..:r:i. Opereiie. "V.'f.cr. (. } FA/V.H * 101 E. 2nd St. Cofbttt Fos^ei Phone 1100 Rev. Aloysius G. Dunlevy, ne assigned pastor of Our Lady Good Hope. Catholic Chtirch is patient in the Warner Brown U pitnl in El Dorado where he n^- vvent an appendectomy. Me- i.s ported as doing nicclv today . Mass will be said Sunday 'm ing in this city by a priest fr Little Rock at- eight o'clock at Catholic Church rn- rom tho 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 G:lo U:»'i (i-:45 7: no 7:30 (1:00 8:15- K:30 0:00 10:00 30:15 [10:30 'i? : n? 11:00 ny p.m., Nov. 26 Adventure Parade— M Siipc"-man — M Cnptnin Midnight — M Tom Mix— M S,-! Ion SiM-enade ---•<-,:. PJ VO star Edit'ia Today in Sports I'pnry .T. Taylor— M ]''ulton uewis, Jr. riroai. Scene'.; from Gren Plnyp— M I,oavo it to the Girls— M Iiy Gavdncr — M Gabriel Heatier— M iU'i'n.-il Ncwsroel — M Yf-ri's for a Song — M Bill Henry, News— M I'o Be Announced Lionel Hampton & Orch.— M All the News— M Kddy Howard's Orch.— M Henry Jerome's Orch. — M Mutual News— M Sign Off rday a.m., Nov. 27 Sign On Hilibilly Hoedpwn '- . '•• ' News, First Edition ' Arkansas Plowboys Afarko't Reports Melody' Boys ' Tho Devotional Hour Musical Clock News, Coffee Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade To Be Announced Ozark Valley Folks— M Albert L. Warner— M Blue Barron Presents— M Movio Matinee— M l; \k-rs of the Purple Sage Lionel Hampton Show— M Campus Salute— M rday p.m., Nov. 27 Ne\vs, Home Edition .Market Time Farm Agent :\io!ody Mustangs !•-":. rtesi 5 min. in Radio Fooib.-rll t;ame: Army vs. Navy— M Football f'ame: Ark. vs. William & Mary Proudly Wo Haii— M- Take a Number— M- True or False— M ' News, 5-Star Final Week in Sports . i , Riiboi-t Hnrleigh— M --' Mo! Allen,. Sporlscast— M- • Twenty Quostjons — M :. T.,il'c Begins at 80— M : Gabriel 'Heatter—M Lanny Koss— M • • '• Meet the Boss Chicago Theatre of Air— M A e cent on Youth Club Rendezvous Kddy Duehin's Orch — M Mlltual Reports the News' Sign Off Misses Rebecca Ann Thompson | and Nadene Burham of Little Rook ' visited their parents, Mr. arid Mis. I Al Thompson the past week-end. i Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sncilgrove i spent the weekend with Mr ar.d i Mrs. David Waddle and t'amii-- c-f Hope. " | Air. Dwight Stewart, Kenneth I \\oods, George Harris, Jack !la:i-l sen and Jack Samuels of Houston, i foxas visited hdmei'olks over the ! weekend. I Miss Ann Buchanan of Magnolia spent the weekend with Mi\ and Mrs. L. J. Brown. Rev. Anderson to Address Presbyterians The Rev. R, A. Anderson of Arkansas Ciillr.«e at Baiesville will address members of the Presbyterian Church Sunday. Rev. Anderson is fillinsj in for" the Rev. Steve Cook and Airs. Cook who are visit- ins.', relatives in Auslin, Texas. Doves are not a.s peaceful as they are supposed to be. Thcv (iiiarrel among themeshvs. ihomih fleneraliy not amoiH; uther hirds and creatures. after a visit with his sister in Laura, Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Foster and daughter of. Arkadelpliia were wee.'; end guests in the home of Mr. and Alls. Hoy Foster and John Ly!e. Sunday guests in the home of Mr and Mr:;. W. M. Gorham were Ah-, and Mrs. Rob Maylon and family of Patmos and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Alayton of Hope. Officers Without Clue in Little Rock Murder ! LitUe Rock, Nov. 26 — 'A* — In-' ! vostigalinK officers apparently ; were still without enter, today in Ithe fata! beating of .Seth i,. Reed, i ifi". C'larkpville. Ark.. insurance j man. in a Little Rock hotel room. • ; Two men who had been Held ov- ienn'gh! on open charges for i|\'es-' tioiung, \\'ei"e released from custody yesterday. Detective Chief 1C. O. Fink said both denied any j knowledge of the crime. i j Fink and State Police Investigator II. R. Peterson queBliont'd the '. victims' family and friend;; in Clarksville yesterday and examined personal papers, but .said they devclolped nothin;.; of value it; the Funeral services for "ceil were to be held at the Clarksvtl!-- Pies-; bytfrian churcli tiis afternoon, with Masonic rites to be conducted at the grave, . Close. Study , ; So r!r:''ior.-!te. and detailed wer<5 d. .-':-;r:s \ifc-<\ rifi ceramic tilt* for ilnnr p;-;V.';|-.^:3is in 10th- century thru ; i '.va? necessary to kneel o study them prop- Mie floor to '• ' r* '. , , this lir.-.t nntU>r.nl!y ad- vcrtisiitl aspirin i.ihlct. made jus* fer nhiidren. AFSIITPS iietUnUO clns- aCc-. Orange- -flavored. Guests in the .home of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hampton are Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Dee Hampton and daughter of Dallas, Texas. Mr .and Mrs. Car! Morris were Sunday guests in the home of Mr and Mrs. D. A. Morris and Joyce. Mrs. Hussel Stevens entertained the Missionary Ladies Mondav afternoon. E. L. Glenn has returned home Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown's daughter of Phoenix. Arizona is here for a visit.' Mr. and Mrs. Herman Brown spent Tlvmksgiying with Mrs Brown's .family in Nashville. They also attended the Hope-Nashville football game. caused by functional 'miridie-agB 1 ! Do you suiter fix/in hot flashes, wer.k, nervous, Irrltnlilc dummy feelings — clue to the functional 'middle-age' period peculiar to women (315-52 yra.)? Then uo try LydlaK.PlnkHum's Vegetable Compound to rotleve such Eymptomsl It nlsxi hns what Doctors call ii stomachic tonic eJTectl .YDIA E. PINKHAM'S - Nov. 27 O'A. M. till 3 P. M. BYERS DRUG STORE HOPE C. J. MERCER - CONSULTANT Easy to Buy — One Year to Pay ,p>f. rnness n . .. By William Irish Copyright by- William Irish-Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. dl - vou She comes from St. Louis to New Orleans by boat to marry him w-?i - 1S • VOU "S' ravisbiim, " ijlond. Within a month of their inarriai'e she withdraws Sf)0,(J!)0 fn.in hi'; bank account and disappea.rs investigation proves her an impostor. Durand retain^ W;>U,-r Downs, deieetive, to pi-o\-,- ilial a crime was committed against th'' real Julia Russell, who' va.ii'-.-|i,'c'' on the boat trip tu H<•<.-.' Or!-.--, A year later. l.Hirand is aluiu- in Liloxi. He nialu-.s ;he accuiaj.i- tance of a Colonel \Vi,nh 'in a hotel bar, arrr.ng,-;; to m.--t ihe colonel and his fiancee. Aii-^ Castle, for dinner. At the restar- rant. Uurand catches ,: -limpsc of Miss Castle boioiv In- :.•; -^-,'11 himself. She i.s th..- woman h- kne\v as Julia. He o.uic!:l\ lea\\-s. A ruse gets him iiiio her fiulci room to awail her return. At las! she approaches. XXIV He jumped up quickly and. looked around. Strangely oiuHi^i), lor •ill the length oi time hv'd 'IK-CM in the room, he'd mad-. 1 no pi;.n.-- 1'or eoiieeulir;enl. he had to i! ; -,i>ri)- vise them now. lie saw me :-civi-n there, and chose th:-.t. it v. as Hi.' cuiickest and most obvious method of effacing hinu:elf. lie could see ilu'i.nig'n t!;e p-.'i 1 - 1'orated. lacelike, .icrolled -.vooit- work at the lop. The door oucned. and she had arrived. Two figures came in. not OIK.-: and advancing only a step or l>,vo beyond the doorv.'ay, almost instantly blended iui'o ":u\ .-.loo.i there 1'jlockod in ravenous emiirace in the semi:.:h;idiiw of the little 'over. A ;.;ossamer p.iuiai.cy ( ..l bi'eatl'1-l.ioi-iu' ch,imp;:^j.^ 1 or :-r;.: J u\ reached him, :'.dn,::-:-,-d wi;h a liitii- perfume. His heail dro'.Vii.-c! in n. There was > h> n.i.noii. ji;-i I'm rustic of pnv.-vd ;: li i-,i ;1 -;;i. voice, in a thick '.•.•.'li.-pcr. "1's-e Ijeeii \vaiti!!:- Jor .' . •, all '•'.•- .'i;t'g My li'l girl."you ;.: . . m;i li'l ••:rl. : ' 'J'lle i'iisl!iii;; -iri.'i.gi!j'-i!ed to active resi^tanci'. "Harry, tlial's >"io'.-.::h. no-/. 1 . 1 must wear this dr«'.-: -i:-..']!. !...• ,-,-.i.'!'•• at least -i .-!!!•..••.! ..' j." Siie brui.c ;.".';,> :.i I.--.- t ..i,-| ..-'}- H-l'eti tile r,,ij:o !; : -,.-i!'. >• ::• '.-. t :;t i, the ni-'ht ii^til a:id :t ijai - -1 ; ro:.. a .--]j;irk to a : Ui:bi;.'-.-i :.: :.. •' \ .-!- ;• And ;;> ilie ii'.:iil b.-ili:- ,: : ; i , •.-. ... .-i- im; ^way .: l\ n\^i: ;•,:•,(•'•..•..: ,,; ,.;i- line and oi le;,Un'e. .-,h.' " :m., - i there "Oh, bins! him.'" Worth said u-iiculently. "Forgot, maybe He's no gontUM-nan. If I run into him •ig-i'ii. 1 u cut him dead." " lv ' v-"!K seeing to her hair now. louc'iinr; lt n D j t . without dis'urb- |!i;'. u too much. Grac'.fully crouch- in:' a tnfle so that the top of the , :i-.iro • irnme could encomoass it • e..miort:iblv. "What was he' like?" ; ' h '' ''sl;ed idly. "Did he seem ; 7;,- 1 "-do- Would we - would 'i,',"'^,', 1 '',' • 11 '"':', 1 .'1 ~'"' have 'i'«-d him. • ^ "' '.v-idlv !-:now him. Name was "" f| eli <ir something. I've never ;•••>' .-.'P.-! ;;))e'irl more than t'iftv : ^;'; | ';| | ,, al a tilne for a whiskey "Ciii " she said on a dropnin" ' • :)lf!; '"!":i- '-nd stonnorl w'th' h"r ; ' ; ";,'- '•'••'• I 1 ' losliu. interest in it. ! t .•"• :l - 1 nujned and jrio\'ed to\vard j.-ui. 1 ^ su'.ulcnlv. hand extendi'd in i Pan mi-: ;;.".;lure. "\Vell. lhan'c you 'f"' > ; congenial e\'ening. Hafrv. :'''••••• all veur evenings it "was most . ci" ! ^c;;'ijie." • Wort!-, made a sudden convnl- ' -' iv '' Hi"vo. and (hoy blended info : "'. u ' -•'--'am. this time in full liphl ; oi •.•.i,i-r,.om. Rut f or ;, moment only. 1),en Durand could see her • 'i''-'"! a'.'crl itself: smiling be- iHH'i !entl.\ . vet avert itself." Site i iv.-i.-t.--d (n lace ihe door, and in '• mrmn". managed to get Worth to ; turn !i!;e \vise: then somehow suc- . (vcdeil iii heading him toward it. standing within (he door now. alone at ;.rni extended to the oiit- \\ rlh m.u.Ni have b«-en kisstn!; e;,'...'dl>. the length of time a::ii:.in-'d it that way. '••• conld hear was a subdued nr oi' reluetaul partiuy. S!-.-' withdrev/ her arm with cf- n,rt. i>r. shed ihe door closed. He s;,w h-.-r face clear!*' as she e;:-:.e b:ii'!: inuj tiie full light. All I' 1 '; 1 'ilavlulnesj;. cor(uelry. wen'' v '••••.•; ^ off it a.s wilh a sponge. H '• :!; -ihri-wu and calculating, and a trifle pi'ich.'d' -is if with the long '.-•"• ';::; "I a mask. -•i'" !oov."l o\.-r to th" desk, !•;'•': 'I'-'.'.-'i i!:-: l;..l and seate i hei • " ; '' ••! il- She drew out •; slid t of ;.-'! ;:ai ei- from !lu' rack. Too!; •'•••• ' • '•' O'.M i a rm above tile :- ur- ••' o ; -' -.vi-i'tvii on, be'.'-.i'i to i.'.i ii... ."-.he" iir•.•-,•.• rctainea anu ;• iueo i.:.ii \->. i:.- oiie ihe iue.i ULiii'iLvi :---i.'..-..-, a::-.. threw them both du'.v;!. "\\'aan't it loo baa about pooi FlorrieV" she t;>id. ui!'-ii.iudei.ily 1 uv'ci- one .shuuldi-'r lu llic cuk'.'ic! -' -.lii;.'' a.- 1 ..::•.• li.id one .• put l.ei !i:-iui to hi:, .-.ho'-.lde--. iijhllv. c-i iii-.-- ..luayriclc- at New "Orleans; ii : ;lit)y. iy.,1 ^ru^.i.i 4 his 'if.;. < '1'u Be Continued* ^iiil Lodies here is a sale that you can't- afford fo miss. Be here early for best 1 ' selections. Each item is a rea! value at frhese money saving prscss, in this big selection of smart new dresses you'll find gabardines, crepes and faille. Colors of grey, black, brown, wine, green'and blue':.'iSi:zes,,1Q,'jt;p 44 and 9 to 15. Every dress at a real saving. Buy several and'save. 1 * Gabardines and Wool Crepes in this group of smart suits. Sizes 10 to 20 and 12; l-o 221. Only Buy that coat now and save. We have only 5 of these coats at these special low prices. TAP FETTA LADIES LADIES All sizes in these petticoats. Colors of red, blue, green and black. Only . . . These are short slips in black, and tea rose. All sizes and regular 5.95 values. Now only . •. . You'll find plastic, kids and patents, in brown arid black. Real values uo to $6 00, Only . . . , ., New Fa!! Styles in Ladies In this group of ladies shoes you'll find Jacquelines, Connies and Paris Fashions. Dress Shoes, Casuals and Sports in smooth leathers and suedes. All hee! heights Colors of Red, Green, Black and Brown. COMPANY

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