Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1938
Page 3
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Thursday. September 15, 1938 Money isn't needed lo enjoy a flow Wing tree; Thc beauty of a landtaipe for evcrv man is free. And who bcholdi a gt.rdcn. thougl merely passing by, Has a right to share its splendor which iUs owner can't deny. A man may tramp (he woodlands as i they were- his own. About the bounds of nature no gruesome walls are thrown; And if he's fond of dreaming where fretful cares are lost, A river bank awaits hiinal very lilllc cost. Lasting joys are gratis; who turns hit eyes to see The glory of (lie sunri.se will not be charged a fee. Good books there are for reading, good ' ^ friends (here are for piny. Each offers countless pleasures for . which we need not pay. With very litlle money, despite the pain and strife, A man can grow in wisdom and lead a happy life.—E. A. G. Mrs. Orville Erringer of Dallas, Juxas. is spending this week visiting With her mother, Mrs. Aline Johnson "lid other re I.-i lives and friends. Olin Jones left Sunday for Arkadcl- phia lo enroll in Henderson State Teachers College. '.Captain ami Mrs. Robl. Ve.scy and daughter. Betty, have returned lo S. D., after a visil with THUR. All Seats Children Drama Allome with the Thrill of Flight...Alive with the Beat of Human Hearts I CHESTER FONTAINE/ 1DV /Mir\f-ufitfT HARRY CAREY?* CUILFOYLE Mr. and Mrs. H. Q. Bridewell am Mrs. Vcscy-Crutchfield. Miss Joiin- ncllc Vcscy has enrolled «t the University of Arkansas, Faycllcvillc, foi thc coining term. -O- Miss Johnny Boycll has returned from a few days visit with relatives in Houston, Texas. Much lo the regret of (heir many friends made during their short stay in our city, Mr. and Mrs. Burnus Payne will leave Saturday for residence in Joncsboro Mrs. John Vcscy has spent Ihc past two weeks visiting wil |, rc |,, (ivcs j,, San Antonio, Texas. Mrs. W. W. Duekcll had us Wednesday gije.sls. her nciccs, Mrs. Ernest Hiilcomb of Texarknna, and Mrs. Hal Crook and Misses Emma Holman and Linah Denson of Idabcl, Okla. Mrs. Dale Dildy and little son, Dale Jr.. of Little Rock arc guests of Mr. mil Mrs. C. H. Moxley. % of Fomlfict Showing Who Makes the Money .97 1.74 1.37 4.02 4.47 8.38 14.42 22.95 27.47 10.26 3.95 T III UIU 30 lull UlliUU mnnnm I I IUIUIU umuii iimaiii 20 Eoch $10,000 and over $5000-10,000 $4000-5000 $3000-4000 $2500-3000 $2000-2500 $1500-2000 $1000-1500 $500-1000 $250-500 Under $250 % of All Poinilv? Irtcoma to PCr , ' °' , o represents I- per cent of oil family income/or $476,792,380 dl (omilics ' °' 294,000 fomllies Hope chapter No. 328 0. E. S will lold its regular ir.oeting at 8 o'clock TJiin-sd.-iy night at thc Masonic Hall. A full allendunce is urged as business 'f importance will come before Ihc nceting. Travis Lone Choke Hitter WASHINGTON-Ccdl Travis, Washington s .youthful shortstop, is thc only choke hiller in the American League halting nice. Although he is a lefthander, Travis directs most of his drives to left field. He accomplishes tins despite the fuel I hat most pitchers throw inside lo him. Hucky 1-fnrri.s tried to leach Travis lo pull drives lo right field, but gave it up as a bad job last .season. When fie allowed the youngster to hit in his natural manner. Travis began to move up and wound up in 19:17 wit |, ., lnurk "f .M. Budge Is Bflli-r FORREST HILLS-Sidncy B. Wood Jr., having exchanged practice shots with Ellsworth Vines and compotcc against J. Donald Budge, was asked to compare the tennis leaders. "BudRc would win seven out of 10 matches from Vines," replied the erstwhile darling of Seabright. A BIG ONE ~ Brought Back! TJIUK. and Kill. OINr.KK ROGERS KATII. HEPBURN "STAGE DOOR" QUALITY MEATS Poultry and Seafoods We invite you to call, inspect or see our SANITARY MARKET, carrying a complete line off K. C. and Native Beef, Pork and Lamb; also Poultry, Fish and Oysters. Wilson's Tenderized Hams, and other meat specialties at all times. We are in a position to please the most discriminating, and you are cordially invited to give us a trial. STEAKS K. C. Sirloin ,i29c Choice Lamb LEG or CHOPS TALL KORN Meat Market Free Prompt Delivery Phone 767 By NEA Sen-fee A glance at thc accompanying charts vill .show you just where your own family fits into thc national income picture, and who's in the same class with yourself. ' Part of "the most complete picture ever presented of thc division of the notional income among the American people," these charts arc derived from the four-year study of thc National Resources Committee. . ; The large chart shows the income of all U. S. family units. That means 01 per cent of „]! Hie people, for the 29.400,300 families in, thc Country include 116.000,000 people. , Only about 10,000,000 men and women live independently as "one-person families " Note that 1,162,800 families had an income of 5250 or less (luring the year 1935-36. They .totaled 3.95 per cent of all families, but their toUil income of $135,836,000 was only 0.28 per cent of national incbmc. As thc income, brackets rises, (he percentage of families in the bracket and their percentage of thc national income tends to grow closer together. Somewhere between $750 and -1250 a year, they closely coincide. But note how, above ?10,000 a year, fewer thnn 1 per cent of the farm 11 its arc getting 13..18 per cent of the income. It is from other alignments of these basic figures that thc committee drew the conclusion that one-third of all -C •FARMING .(6,1GG,000) WAGE-EARNING (9,453,300) CLERICAL (3,020,200) INDEPENDENT BUSINESS (2,372,700) SALARIED PR9fESSIONAL (989,200) SALARIED BUSINESS (1,112,600) INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL (340,900) Average Income Each dollar (igm;e above equals $1000 on annual income. families and individuals receive income less than $750, and that one-tenth of the aggregate income supports almost lino whole lower third of families and individuals. The smaller table shows that while the income of wage-earners and farmers was almost thc same, other groups received a much higher proportionate sha ro. thc United Slates men's archery champion ship and has been known to shoot an arrow 400 yards. The "little boy" is a big boy, big enough to answer a challenge whic had found an empty response in Holly wood. The daredevil who will risk hi brow for the glory of thc cinema i Capt. Fred G. Somers. It nil started when Pete Smith, th voice behind the sports subjecls whicl you see on the screen, decided to pro ducc a photoplay giving the archery game its proper niche in the sport ing thc archery game its proper niche in Ihc sporting world. Now, it might be fun to have cide jucc drip into your eyes when th apple is split in twain. But supposing the usually realiblc Hill shoulc have camera fright and miss? None of Pole's regular crew seemed lo want the job. So Smith advertised for his man. For a long lime Ihe job wcnl begging Jusl when hope was waning, in walked Captain Somers. He got thc assign- Now This Won't Hurt a Bit menl—and probably a regular job" if ic makes good. So Hill will stand away at a con- iderable distance and let 'or zing. And he cinema fans who sec the subject, 'Follow thc Arrow," will probably ?asp at the archer's marksmanship. There may not be much appluse for -aptain Sumers. But there'll be plen- y of hand-clapping for him around lie movie lot. MovleUml's William Tell Is. Howard Hill, noted archer, pictured at left above with his bow and arrow, who'll shoot the apple target off the cranium of Capt. Fred G. Somers. The feat will be used in * short picture entitled, "Follow the Arrow." THURSDAY and FRIDAY "The Higgins Family" With JAMES, LUCILLE and RUSSELL GLEASON A Pete Smith Short and Musical Comedy A W On Stage—Friday "THE SUNSHINE BOYS" of Station KWKH NEW FALL SHOES By TWEEDIE LET'S TRY THEM ON LAPIES Specialty Shop Hollywood— They're going to recreate a piece of hazardous folklore in thc inovie capital, all for a movie seo.- cncc that will occupy only a few moments on the suTH'n. Once again it' William Tell, archer cxtaordinary, .shouting the apple off a boy's head. Only the modern Wilam Tell is Howard Hill, exponent of thc bow-and-arro\v art who once held Explain Bone Cases NEW YORK-Dr. Robert E. Walsh team physician for thc Yankees, and Trainer Earle Painter have collaborated in advancing information on why (here have been so many chipped bone cases among major league pitchers. "Many ball players have such great muscular strength," explains Dr. Walsh, "that their bones are unable 'to stand thc pressure to which they are subjected. Their muscles and ligaments don't break down, but the bones to which thc ligaments arc attached, do. "Pitchers injure their elbow joints 4y constant jerking on the ligaments •those frequent jerks tend to pull thc ligament away from the bone, and in so doing the ligament pulls with it .iniall slivers of the bone itself." Painter, summing it up in other language, says it's a case of thc engine generating the throwing power being loo great for the chassis to stand. A barrel cactus is more thnn 90 per 1 cent water. MIND Your MANNERS T. M. Rtg. U.-S. p,(_ oai Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Should you carry on a personal conversation in an elevator? 2. At a reception in honor of someone, is it best to keep the conversation as nearly as possible on Iho person being honored? 3. May you carry on a conver- salion at a funeral if it j s about the deceased person? lAftcr you have received a com- phmenl, is it wise to shift the con- vcrsalion from yourself? 5. Should you return a compliment with a like compliment. What would you do if— You have a friend who always insists upon monopolizing the conversation? Invite her— (a) When there will not be others present? (b) Only to teas, buffet suppers and receptions? (c) To dinner parties so that the can relieve you of conversational responsibilities? Answers 1. No. 2. Yes. 3. No. 4. Yes, but not abruptly su zui lo be evident. 5. No. Bcsl "What Would You Do" so- lution—fa) or (b). Chamberlain Flies (Continued from Page One) cd in northwest Bohemia. One of the mo.st serious outbreaks occurred at Echwaclcrbach. a town di" Cn nn y e° n , ihc Gor » la » border, where c.OOO Sudeten Germans attacked and occupied a gendarmerie station. The attackers were said to have moved in from German soil. Just before midnight Schwaderbach was reported to be in the possession of Czechoslovak troops after fighting m which several were killed The military was said to be in conlrol Frivalc reports said, however, that 40 Czech gendarmes had been kid- naped at Schwaderbach and taken nto Germany. They were reported to lave been captured by Sudeten Germans as they rushed to the scene of ighting in a truck as reinforcements A Czechoslovak government radio Broadcast described the arms of the horoughly organized for action bordering on rebellion. The official report of the clash at Schwaderbach "A very serious incident occurred at' he frontier opposite thc German city) of Sachsenbcrg. The situation is particularly serious because the element raising Czechoslovak authorities are armed not only with rifles and pistols; but with hand grenades and machine- guns probably obtained from abroad The elements combating authorities 1 (at Schmaderbach) were in a situation' which enabled them to cross the in-' tcmational border at will. There was loss of life, but the authorities pro-' cecdcd cautiously to prevent greater! loss and because they did not wish to risk creating im international inci- Three Times ami Out BROOKLYN IT^n Babc Pho , fractured his finger against thc Phillies recently, it was thc third time this season that he received the same injury. He may return home before the .season ends. ^MMKMB^^ 59c I THE PEN THAT MAKES WRITING A PLEASURE FRIDAY and A II I V SATURDAY U H L I This Certificate Is Worth $4.41 59c wi li r^V',', iricllU! iuul 5!)c t '" tiUt!i "'c hearer to one of our Genuine Indestructible S5 00 ^CKIfSS TOUNTAIN PENS. Visib.e Ink Supply. You SEE the Ink A lifetoe pen. Sizes for ladies, men, boys and girls. This pen will not leak, blot or break. FILLER with each THE NEW I'LUNGKK l''JLLEK-VACLUM ZIP—ONLY ONE PULL AND IT'S FULL ! You 'INTRODUCTORY ADD lit- Extra for Mail Also 51.51) Pcucils to Match Above Pens, only 29c RELIABLE - PRESCRIPTION Phone 84 SPECIALISTS **» v Y4.UV j, viM-UO IU lUiUtll /VUO John P. Cox Drug Co, LIMIT 3 Pens to Each Curtifloitp .»«^»;>v '•-, j ^>-r « , f^:> : '."• • ,..•. * -.\ > •. , <><V$X, £_, ^ ^;*i'-' ->*^ ^, On Your 'MUST SEE" List— V ^",7;."'^ • •'M from DUGGAR'S Archer Howard Uill is pictured above drawing a bow-ana- arrow beat! at the apple on Caplain Soiaers' bead, -• You must sec these frocks to appreciate their chic individuality, their young sophistication . . . and their low budget prices arc heaven-sent! $^95 PAGE THREE Retail Trade Goes Up for September Unexpected Gain in Retail Sales Begins After ' Labor Day NEW YORK-C/rV-A striking upturn in retail business was reported Wednesday by several score of the nation s leading department stores. In all parts of the country selected bigi stores, with few exceptions, told the Associated Press their sales so far in September were rapidly approaching or had already broken through the levels of September. 1937, which averaged the highest of last year, allowing for seasonal factors. The sharp and partly unexpected rise which began Labor Day, marked a complete reversal of the downward trend of last winter and was heralded as the forerunner of the autumn busi- icss upturn predicted by many economists. Estimates of the increase of post- Labor Day business compared with that same period in 1937 ranged up to' 30 per cent or more in a few instances Many of those sporting indicated Increases of 10 to 15 per cent. Big Chicago mail order houses said they were now dojng business equal to the September, .1937, peak, whereas they had expected to be not less than 10 per cent under that figure at this time. Those stores that did not yet show an increase over 1937, again with few exceptions, reported a swiftly declih* mg rale of losses, In the heavily populated Northeastern part of the country especially where cool weather was fairly general, mercantile business jumped in the past fortnight as shoppers hastened to buy warmer clothing and school outfits. STUFFY HEAP A few drops... and you breathe again!' Clears clogging mucus, reduces swollen membranes—helps keep sinuses open. VlCKS VA-TRO-NOL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Clearance Sale COTTON Wash Frocks And Linen Blouses At a Special Price of Only C Shop Early For Best Selections Ladies Specialty Shop John P.fCox Drug Co. r Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps St0T€ 3 You may buy cheaper dresses—or tet- ter dresses—We have both! But NOWHERE else have we scon these quality dresses with their glorious styling —at prices that even approach 53.95! Football Tim* h H»rt Again! St»rl ihe teMon with • BronkoNagurtki, Jr. FOOTBALL Already 1 Inflated . . . * ll'i just the ball for young players. Packed in a colorful box with the BronVs history. Full Vition BREAD TOASTER 222 Long life* mica element. Chrome I ebony /in- ih. Mattercraft ELECTRIC IRON 222 Full iize with autq.^ ma tic heat indicator MALTED MILK COD UVElTdlL Plain or Choc. Mb. Jar . . Olafsen PINT . Get to Work on Time! 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Over a quarter million prescriptions fili- «l. Three rogislov- c d druggists o n

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