Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1948
Page 5
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Wedncsdoy, November 24, T 948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE AREN'T YOU PROUD OP fAE, DADDY ? I GOT "E" POR EVCELLEMT IM ALL. I-AY SUEOECTS OM WvV REPORT CARD Hill ||j|l|ii| HIV A CHIP OFF ..,, jiiLJ lljlli | '/OLD BLOCK--- A ^ J "• -".UGHTFR OP MINE. IS BOUND TO BE SKAART PAGWOOD BUSASTEAD VOU KNOW I WAS THE BRIGHT ONE IN SCHOOL. -- SHE. INHERITS ALL FROM, ME By Chick Young WHERE DOYOU >— N GET THAT STUFF? ) SI-IE'?, SMART ^/ FP:Or-A ASSOCIATING WITH ME.' GI-ANCES Bv Galbraith CARNFVAL COFR. 1?.!3 HY NEA EERVICIT, INC. T. H. REO. U. S. PAT. OFP. i3y Dick Turner "But, doctor, ! can't discuss my ailment with friends , when you give it such a commonplace name!" "Well then, since you're not interested, madam, would you care to give me the name of a friend or neighbor you don't like?" PRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 8v B'osssn FUNNY BUSiNESb -f COPR. 19 IS uv NtA SEHVICt. IHC. T. M ft£G U. S. PAT OFF COV'E CN, S WITH,,YOU OLD- STOMACH-SUFFERER ! WE'RE- GONM.A TAKE A LITTLE RIDE/ You WERE TOO GOOD FOR.TRAIN- ING RULES , SO YOU EAT OMET OF THESE EVERY FNc W\IMUTES FOR. (0,000 YEARS / It's the get-up she uses to write to Santa Clans!" WAKE UP, SON.THIS IS YOUR. . Ytfiff'AtyiW HUH7 OH. NO,WOT FAVORITE DAY OF THE' - "'"' < --- - - < T v, -\^>:'j~--^i ~ /<;^" ;/M.:-v «^ v//i^»*.j\^s! t \^ ^) : .COPH. 1^)0 11Y fJEA SERVICE- INC. T. M. REG. U^S. imnMe t heott MSAC>5 OP TAILS?? ") ^^K(|; tar/T:^?' ^'-iSJ» ^m^ ^^oi? 1 ^ SJOrT&Z A.MSS' / POPEVS, HE'S AFRAID HE CUILL GET' DIET ON HIS PAWTS !!J— --,, <- T OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE Maior Hoople CAESAR, AIR. ROLLVJELL/ |f NMHAO" He NlECDS TO Y?. \MHAJ A REVOLTING SCehifc/ rr ; ;.^ CONTROL TH ATT ISA "£ MV DENTAL BOK\B r< : ' : '^ BATTALION OF FlRe/V\£l>i/ VOU'Rt SPLATTEE.IMS y : '- ; A "—THe SUV Tl-liMKS HE'S A8OOT/-V-EGAU IT'S C.ETTIM' AWFUL \ TO SEE ALL / THOSE LAU&HS \ ' ON) AND ) MOT PARE GET / CAU6HT EVEM I LOOKIM'.' J C^ 'fiill.iTj PORE SUGAR , " BROODIM' SO OVER \ HIS WIFE NJOT \ COMIM' OVER TO . - - r^\ ASK HIM BACK, Wl'terfc.^--^-..^^ THAT HE WEMT CONTROL V TO TH' PILE O 1 \ FEWCE POSTS '^ 'STIPOFTHE FIRE WOOD.' •S> DENiTALSOWS ^ j&*" i/--±<i OZARK IKE O^Maltey & Ralph Lone ,' AIN'T NO '> SENSE IN T.~^...A THEM SHARKS JS WILDCATS DONE WON) ) 35 TO 7, JUS' LIKE TH' > PUHFESSUH PREDICTED. <. SO THERE CAN'T BE, NO ) A',0' SCOKIrJ'7 T , Ww&vX, P LIN GIN* ^.^1!%. H PASSES,.. MOW DOES IT FEEL TO <f WONDERFUL,'' <HT DOWN TD BREAK- SIS.' I'M OF-F THE FAST WITHOUT A /5TOPF- FOB GOOD.' HANGOVER, WINDY?/IF 1 COULD JUST GET ••] 50MEMONEVTQ6ETHER TO &ET BACK IN BU5INE55... VE3A-TEU **<l <KV<^ > ORE ABOUT YOUR HUBBYS £S. NOT THAT YOU COUlDl AS A MATTER OF FACT.TISOUGH, MORE GRANDMOTHER. DOES.M'T SHE HAVE BEAUCOUP A'.ONEY ? Bl Lessee Turner THEM vou \ wc-5'R. VVHEM 'E CALLED FIK&T N\R.V WEVEE SAW \\\I\LUKE WARfO'T 'OWE. 'E SMD'E'D TH 1 STRANGER. \ COME BACK ^N 1 TOLD '>S OR. I : ag^ T TO WAIT AT- HIP UP, HILARV! IF SHE HER.E WE'U IXT LEftRW WHO TH RUFFUXN IS 1 . i^VSA •- J H Pf • ; . • : ':. • :)'[C>.t.,N>-~ w - ft Jk x iV?*a n \ : •• . ::fi£m: .l*t*v,*^& f / •• 8v Walt- Disnev . Or2-" r C> V!7 ^"Tn? I Sy V. T. Ham'in FUNNY Th'sldr, POKE, HOW MOOS ALWA.Y5 SEEN SUCH x AN UNHEALTHY PLACE / SOMEHOW \ EXAMPLE... (; 'CiZ 1.EMIAN5... / THEY JU5T \ W6, L07K5 LIKE ) PRESS.' TH«T / BEUEVE T SHOULD STWCT ME, COUSIN \ , . k V'\) °Q V « ENOUGH; r\ BUT •^ • ! -' ^«^^# Sy Edgcr Martin ^«msim r m BUL-o BUNNY ( '5CU5S IT, LAS'i', BJT T'M }.-. V, |M A ASSPUl. C-.'JR.S.V.' ) v > ' "v"v T.Me"is , \ \A'. l v,A3_S/^' ifS/ I GOTTA HUSTLE Ir I'M GOX IT.' / \*f ^^ ' \ OLte%

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