Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1948
Page 3
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November 24, 1948 HOP I STAR, HOP?, ARKANSAS Social ana I < ana i ersonai Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. McPherson. complimenting Miss Mclba Jo Kimberly, whose marriage to Donald Westbrook, will be an event of Friday, November 28 at the First Methodist church. Thursday, November 25 There will be a Union Thanksgiv- in; Service at the First Baptist •exarch at 8:30 Thursday morning. R«v. J. E. Cooper will bring the message for this service. Pr\4*y, November 26 •'.: Th« Friday Music Club will meet Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mi's: John Barlow. All members ci the club are requested to be present. . The Weiner Roast planned for the Vnie Scout Troop No. 1, under direction of Mrs. Hinton Davis, has been postponed until a later date. Friday, November 26 Miss Dotty Martin. Miss Bonnie Anthony, Mrs. Andy Andrews. Mrs. B. F. Slater and Mrs. J. T. Watson will honor Miss Melba Jo Kimberly, bride-elect of Donald Lee Westbrook, with a breakfast at the Barlow Hotel, Friday morning at 8:45 o'clock. Miss Eifie Hyatt and Miss Pat McPherson will' entertain with a Linen Shower, Friday morning at 10 o'clock in the home of Miss "THI BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" YOURS FOR HOURS OF Lula Elizabeth Pilkinton Engagement to Nolen Caudle Announced Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton announces the engagement and approaching marriage of her daughter, Lula Elizabeth to Nolen Caudle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Caudle of Bodcaw. The wedding will take place on December 28 at the First Presbyterian church. Miss Pilkinton graduated from Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia. Ark. Mr. Caudle attended Magnolia A t M College, Magnolia, and is attending Baylor, Waco, Texas. Mrs. L. B, Tooley Hoitesa to Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan Club met Tuesday night in the home of Mrs. L'.' B. Tooley, South -Main Street, w'ith Mrs. S. A. Whitlow, co-hostess. .'; • For the occasion, yellow chrysanthemums were attractively arranged in the reception room. Mrs. Hamilton Hannegan, president, called the meeting to order and presided over the. business session. interesting sketch of life of Harnett interesting skit of the life of Harnett T. Kane, author of "Bride of For- THANKSGIVING PROGRAM tune". Mrs. Perry Moses reviewed the book which was enjoyed by everyone. During the social hour, the hostesses served cake and coffee to the members and four guests, Mrs. Angus Dodson, Mrs. Nolan Tollett, Mrs. Walter Sims, and Mrs. J. E. Birkhead. • Wstltz into Darkness By William Irish CopyrigW by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. THE STOR#:.- Well-tp ; do Louis to me where it's to be found. May Comes in Black or Brown Sizes 5 to 10, widths AAAA to B 8.50 "Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly FAMILY SHOE STORE E, 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 1100 TODAY — THURSDAY Mr». Harold Gunter Horioree at Shower Mrs. • Milton Dillard and Mrs 1 . Homer Beyerly entertained with s Pink and Blue shower, Tuesday night at 7 o'clock in the home of Mrs. H. W. Hatcher on East Second Street for the pleasure of Mrs. Harold Gunler. The pink and blue color scheme was effectively carried out in {he decorations of the house, using, roses, chrysanthemums and other fall .'flowera..-'.Gifts were displayed on the dining: table. The-honoree's chair was marked with •' huge, white satin bows and she w^s;-.presented a corsage, of pink rosebuds .by the hostesses. Games were played during the evening-with prizes going to Mrs; Fred "Robertson, and Mrs. Minor Polk. -:•'.. Delicious blue cakes-with pink ice cream ,were served to 20 guests. Mr*. B.-F. Johnson Entertaint With Dinner Mrs. B.' F. Johnson entertained with a dinner at her home, 409 East Second street, Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, in honor of T. H. Lynn, of The Farmers Home Administration in Little Rock, i The dining table held an attractive centerpiece of bronze and orchid mums. Covers were laid/for -he following, guests: Mr. Lynn, Mr. and.Mrs. N..N. Daniels of Pres- cptt. Rural supervisor for Nevada County,: Miss Mattie Jean Atkins, secretary in 'Nevada county, and Mr. Johnson. 1 The hostess was assisted in the Durand carries" on a ^correspondence courtship^ with a-.'Miss Julia Russell, whom- h'e Has riever seen. She comes frorri; St. LouisVto: New Orleans by• "'.boat; : fa. marry him. She is ypuniv'^ravishing, blond. Within a rnorith'qf .their marriage, she withdraws .-$50,000 >from his bank account, and -disappears: Investigation ptoves her an impostor. Durand retains .Walter Downs, detective, to prove that a crime was committed:'against the real Julia Russell,, who vanished on the boat trip 'tcr'New Orleans. A year later, Dur'and is alone in Biloxl. He makes the acquaintance of a ColSnel Worth in a hotel bar. Worth persuades Durand to dine-'WiJh him arid his fiancee, Miss Castle, : the following evening. At 'the"restaurant,: Durant catches a-".glimpse of-:Miss Castle before.'he is seen himself. She is the. .*prrian he knew as Julia. She quickly leaves. •-- .-XXIII : .One thing and one alone' he •wanted, one thing alone--he'd have. He wanted'.her.'death. .• ; He stood.:fpr a while outside meir hotel,.-hers and : Worth's; to calm himself, to c&rnpose hirnself. Then he turned and'went into 'the brightly lighted lobby of .the place. , He went undeviatingly toward the desk, . stopped'before it, drurhmed his, fingernails upon its wmte-vemed black marble, top to hasten the clerk's attention. Then when he had it, ••T'ni a friend of Colonel Worth's. I've 1 be allowed to go up and fetch it for her?" The clerk was professionally cautious. "Could you describe her "She's blond, and a rather small little person." The clerk's doubts vanished. "Oh. that's the colonel's .fiancee. Miss Castle. In Room Two-six. I'll have a bellboy take you up immediately, sir." He jarred a bell, handed over a key with the requisite instructions. Durand was taken up to the second floor, in a ponderous latticework elevator, its shaft transparent on all sides. He noted that a staircase coiled around this on the outside, rising as it rose, attaining the same destination. They went down a hall. There was a brief delay as the bellboy fitted key to door and tried it. Then as the door opened, the most curious sensation that he had ever had swept over Durand. It was as though he were near her all over again. secured what he'd come for. He Went, from there to his o\vn room, unlocked his • traveling bag. and took out the pistol. He cracked it open, though he knew already it was fully charged; and found thst it was. Then he shealhed'it'in. the. inside pocket of hi? coat and returned to lier hotel He went up the stairi to the second floor wiihout meeting anybody. He followed the corridor alonjf which the bajje had led him before, with its {lower-scrolled red carptting and. walntlt-dark doors. He paused before one of thfem, cast him. seized the khdb gave it a rapid turn, and wAs in. He closed U 'after 'him. There -were the same low night lights burning She wasn t back He selected, .a ch.air,al''iahd0m, sank into it to wait. He %'aited from'-then on without a rnbvtr snd. the night Seemed to wait witft hint. ., It must'have 1 both hour's later where far-in'.the,'distance' Elderly Man Perishes in Blaze t ' i*T rtf Danville, Nov. 23—WV- An elde'ri ly man perished early today hi flames which destroyed the srn»U louse • in" which hfe-yved alone At iavana, M miles ; =*.es.t of Danville* 1 The victim was John Apple, about 70. dining room by her neice, Miss Betty Martin. Coming and Going Freddie Jones arrived Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving, holidays with:, his parents, MT. and Mrs. Raymond Jones. He was : ac-. cornpariied- to Hope by Miss Natalie Cutler, who will be guest in the Jones home. '.'••"•-.'• " famous feature. smoot detailed Miss Helen Troy Hammons of Dallas ^ill'arrive Wednesday night to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Foy'Hammons .here." :' Miss -Bobbie Jewell Roberts' of Dallas -will' arrive Wednesday night for the Thanksgiving holidays with relatives in Hope and Beirne. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. McDuff and daughter, Kay, left Wednesday for a holiday visit with Mrs: McDuff's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Deckard in Little Bock. •••':"• . 3us,t left him and his party; at the Grotto.". • . . '.. '...*•• "Yes, sir: Can I be of service'.'" • "One of the young !'a,dies .with us— I believe she's stopping here— found the evening chillier than she expected it to be. She's sent me back for her scarf. She explained that he -heard jhel-.-laughi, som>- (To Be Continued f- spend Thanksgiving .>vith her. parents, Mr. -end.. Mrs.. John -'Downs. Personal Mention , " -Magnolia" -^TKe following students from Hernpstead County made the honor roll at midsemestsr at State A. and M. College,- Magnolia: .James Arnold; son of Mr. and Mrs. J.'M. Arnold, Hope; Delwin Ross, son of Mr: 'and Mrs. Earl Ross, Hope; .'Charlotte . Middlebrooks, Daughter, of Mr. and Mrs.' F. O. Middlebrooks, 'Columbus'; and Jean Moore,: .daughter of Mrs: Eclusl She was present to every faculty but vision. Her perfume still la* ghostly on the air. He could feel her at the ends of. all his pores. A discarded taffeta,garment flung over the back of .a chair rustled again as she moved, in memory, in ,his ears. It whipped his hate so, it steeled him to his purpose. He made no false step; wasted not a move. The bellboy had remained dcf erentially beside the open door. "She must.be mistaken," .Durand said plausibly, for the other's benefit but' as if speaking to himself. ".I don't see Hover the chair." He raised . the taffeta underslip, replaced it again,-'"It must, he in one of these bureau-drawers." He opened one. close.d it .again. Then a second. From.this he withdrew a length of flimsy;h'eliotrbpe voile, sufficient at least for the purpose of his visit if nothing else. 'This, I guess,"' he said, concealing a relieved , smile' at his good fortune.: He closed the drawer, came back toward the door, stuffing it into his side pocket. ': The boy's eyes, inevitably, were on his prodding hand. His were! on the edge of the door, turned inward so that it. faced him. It had. above the latch-tongue, a •* ^H^^lWMl m ^ For Little Fellows With Big Colds... Mother .. . the best-known horfie rerj\edy you can use to relitve distress of his cold is warrrUng, comforting Vieks VapoRub. If you rtib It on at bedtime, it works evert while the child sleeps! And oftejv 'by morning the worst miseries of • his cold are gone. Try it. G«C,tM one and only Victor VapoRubl *•' Buy How For Christmas •t, < * • such beautiful, colorful Boudoir Slippers . McNap. small rounded : depression. He Miss Bonnie Marie Anthony -,v;ll. arrive Wednesday night from MO.T- ticello College,- Godfrey, Illinois for a holiday visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Graydon 'Anthony. ' tomorrow. / '. \ Mrs. J. T. Watson and daughter, Judith Kay of Gonzalcs, Texas arrived Tuesday night for a visit with .her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Westbrook and to attend the -Kimberly-Westbrook wedding here Friday. " . ' . : Mr. and Mrs. B. B. McPherson and Dr. and Mrs. Don Smith will motor to Arkadelphia, Thursday to attend the Henderson-Ouachita Homecoming ^game. Miss Pat McPherson will' serve as maid to Queen Peggy Graves at the Homecoming game, and will accompany her parents to Hope Thursday niyht for the holidays. Alfred Brannan, Jr. of Oklahoma A Si. M College, Stillwater, will arrive Wednesday night to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brannan. Miss Mary Wilson of Dallas wijl be the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wilson on Thanksgiving Day. She will return to 'Dallas Wednesday evening by plane.- .' • -•• • . ' -: iHospitql Notes Jctsephlne . •J&r. and Mrs. Earl H. Poole, Gurdon, announce the arrival of a daughter oh November 24, 1948. Admitted: Mrs. Earl R. Saunders, Washington. ' Mrs. Earl H. Poole, Gurdon. Discharged: •Mrs. Hubert May and little son, Pafmos. ' Mrs. A. J. Middlebrooks and little daughter, Patmos. Julia Qhegter Admitted: HerrnanvBreihn. Stamps. Mrs. B. E. Fuller, Hope. Mrs, W. P. Campbell, Hope. . David "Lynn Ford, Hope. .. . Miss Glenoria Barbaree, Bradley. Mrs. Dean L. Steadman, Hope. Discharged: Henry Aylett, Washington. Mrs. T. R. Bradshaw. Hope. Mrs. J. F. Hawthorne and son, Carol Franklin, Fulton. Bririch , . Admitted: Owen Momon, Patmos. , : , Mrs, Bessie Green, Hope. . Misf Ifma Gilbert, Washington. .Discharged: . ' " Miss' Floy Thompson. Emmett Miss Helen Dovvns of Magnolia will arrive Wednesday afternoon to plunger, controlling, the lock. had counted on that. Before the boy was aware of it. Durand had relieved him of the duty of reclosing the door; grasping it by its edge, not its knob,' di rectly over the plunger, and drawing it closed after the two of thern, H? had, while doing so, changed the plunger, pressing it in, leaving the door off-lock and simply on- latch no matter whether a .key was used or not. He then allowed the boy to complete his appointed task of turning the key, extracting it and once that was done, distracted him from testing it further by having a silver half-dollar "extended in his hand for liim. They went down together, the boy all smiles. Durand nodded thanks to th* clerk as he went by, tapped his pocket to show him that he had OPEN UP NOSE —check w»t«ry «iuf- 6«a and sneezes, with kind mujcl* »ct*i. Rub on Pfotfprro Uother mul«», others.., pink, blu«, whi(». CHAS. COMPANY . $EC<JND AND MAIN '-ZU&, Buying your next new car "For keeps"? Here's a durability story you shouldn't miss! If you're a value-minded, long-range k uver —here are some quick facts you'll want to keep in mind . . . 1. Of all the Packards built—since 1899—over 50' ,1 are still in service. 2. It's commonplace for Packards (many of them in tough, round-the- tlock commercial service) to roll up more than -100,000 miles apiece before being retired. 3. Today's new Packards are more durable "than ever. Proof: Periodic service records, submitted by all Packard dealers, show that service needs of the new Packard Eights are the lowest in Packard's 49 years of precision manufacturing! That's just part of the mine story behind this sleek new Packard. So if you're buying your next new car "lor keeps", you'll want to hear this Packard story in every exciting detail. Come in! • ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE J WYLIE MOTOR CO Third & Walnut Streets, Hope, jArk. THANKSGVING TODAY * THURSDAY A SURPRISE LAUGH and LOVE HIT! in a slip by th« nlgkt in Mtuve Ma» , . , toil M e*ndle. BOMatT HUTTO« to tec REYNOLDS nuuv» anderehtdowt «utama'» It't yoar» in Moitt tt, or Mum yellow too toae eottumec . . . a your Arteraii Mture slip. Tbo«e wum* m*tc . . . oo VhiU Mum slip ti well! •bade* ia Bur-Mil r»jroa crepe; Figujre-Ptrfeet . . 32 to 40; S2S to S8S. Saturday - Nov. 27 9 A. M. till 3 P. M. See Our Window! •»e|. 0. S. Ptl. OC BYERS DRUG STORE HOPE C. J MERCER - CONSULTANT CHAS. A. lifil, COMPANY Ea«y to Buy — One Year to Pay

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