Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1948
Page 2
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Poge Two !vin CnlhoMii, secretary-treasurer; ! ft * I nnd Mrs. John Tnvlov rf-por<er. j X<C4«l*' I Plan? wrie made for the fhrip.t- ' •Jt-fc-lx mus party v.-hich v/il! bo at the i « HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, November 24, 1948 R. P. H •• Wailaceburg & - i jjtc.- f/.ii i, \, u;<. ii \y i n :j : .' (H The wallficeburg Home Demon- ' norne of Mr?:. V,'. K. i'Jr.-.dforr •stratum Club met November 18 nt ' C'enibir JO- the home-of Mrs. Elijah .Stephen?. ! M Masinc; sweet, yeast douch was i '•'"-•' tho demonstration BlackwooU c;ight club .... and one child. -* >:»t7l-i. ^ l; rl Z> I. 'JIJU^II V. ,.i S I "-i 11 .' •• " ' ;•'••>-. J.J<1 u j-nl :^'.. . ( femonstration jiivon by Airs, j A delicious p!,i{(.> of enke. s,-;id- ' ivooU, ant! was enjovod hv ( wiciu-s. the roils ;>n'i punch v.';;:. i club members, one visitor serv:.r] to fnn: c ,-ilf-ndins. i «.» > After, the regular meeting new i INFANT DIES IN FIRE efifcers tt-cro elected for the com- j : Jonesfooro. Nov. reseotl I.itilo Hock. Nov. 24 — !Of)iC'--r^ tori;i'' •••;in!pd 1n F1HB 'u-ith" a nn-M.-.iouV Vtrnn^r who t! « ^ill follow. ing year. Mrs. Nuel Smith was i -^nesboro. Nov. 24 ,..T',-A five ; ^P" 1 ^,'" /'"?, 'T , ; >Pf?" ir !^ nt -,, ...~ •elected' president. Mr* W K -months-old boy. Heniy Airier, was' 1 : 11 "? 0 - 1 ; .',, . ,- tnortl y before Bradford, vice-president: Mrs. ,.\3- :lw! "•'•'<' to death when fire de- lf ' <- -rKSvi;:e. ..-in-: ni;in wns " ^tr'-yr-d a f;;rm hoT-r- ;i--r,r FiMir-r. f """d beaten to dr-,~th in his (Ma- :Puin:v-t: cour.iy. yf..<;!<-rda v. No <JI;L- ' n '-'' :1 ' holi.i Ti.om in Litltlf Rock. ;i:-ir.-cwa.<; in thf he-i-e. Mrs. Y. : :iliam ' Thr- fi7-vrT!r-o!;l man Wednesday. Novemebr 24 There \vili be a midweek meet- nii? at the: First Christian Chruch at 7::;0 p.m. continuing the studies in the Book of John. Choir prac- v.-ap found Frdm Common C^fds r»» IV There will be choir practice at the Central Baptist church at 7 p.m. followed by a brief study of the Bible. There will be choir practice at the Methodist church at 7:30 p.m. The Presbyterian choir will prac- ~ ,:-,-<.;;.)^r.i;ti s .qli!r^. .'.',ir, iu_ ::ppoare-1 tu:e Wednesday at 7:15 o.m. They . lr °.-.,,"^ f i.'- 0 . ! ?'. ! i" r . : .:''' ui ; ;;1 <7' ; .''" f '.' ; -; will «ive a program of Christmas >' rir r- .' v ''"',''/',. tn ' r ;'" > '.":''-••!'':• .ruufic at the evening service on . Ur, Oorcon Holt. ;-cl.i-,;-nrd a -veriDec. JD. Blp-lopscn and expel germ laden j of C-22?,'). Take" i 0 ',.!-or>=y r.'rvc.r.k'd TV ed 'i.-'d .-.ri'K red j Etnjamin Gulp Chapte .rich ,'v'r?' fnif.'U'X'o of.tne ".-i01. r,;ie too M7ie' F'ridav afternoon at Mental Patient Charqed Wi Coastal Guns Are Being Dismantled I by towns didn't like the noise and j complained frequently. j The repercusiionsTtlrom the fir- ling could, and did. break windows 'and knock "chlmr . from shelves on ::nanv occasions. have been dornesli- Fort Hancock, N. J.. Nov. 23 C. E. Polmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secretory-Treasurer or the l,]ar buildino 2I2-2M South Walnut Street, Hope, Ar K. last week. . r . TI r-n- • i n -i - - , I-..very KUII ot 10 inches and six 1 • Ihe_I-Bi T saul PoUard. se,::ed vos- inrhes on the post and in the (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NtA)—Moons NcWbpaDor Enterprise Association. i have your money back. ; Joseph 2223 Laxative Pills'.' ivwiiMULSION ' ^3^ v sxt^MM!^ fcibrCouighs.ChestCoias.Bronchitis The boV'w^Josenh KichoJsV- V^ i^^il^:.^^! 1 ^.^ "^ •son of a friend of Pollard's. Thev' ! ' • Jhf.d ir.et whert both • v/ert> patieht's- Reed's body, fully clothed, wns ^_ |in a veterans hnspital in ; Chilli-' 'o'.md in the bathroom. Apparently Subscription Rates: (Always Payable ir I co1no - °' : • '• - ' ;h , e ' vV:lr - slruck soon after entering Advance): By city corner pn r week 20i Pollard was 'arrai«nrd before. 1 '" 1 ? room Monday ninht. Dr. Holt per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp |U- S. Commissioner" Edwin" K. said heavy blood .smears on. the stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller an. i Walker shortlv af'er hi" seizure on bathroom fixtures indicated ' he „ . ,. „ ] thpT'^R r c n un " es ' S4 - 50 cer year; else- a federr.l charae of unlawful Hiph't livL>d several minutes after being Edward Bryson. _ regent. | whefe ?8 ' J °- ; to avoid prosecution for murder. ; struck. Owen's Pre-Holiday Store full-'of vic'fues. Shop now and s*3ve on .Fall and V/inter Merchandise for the. entire family. course :>:'• v/ant lo see that: Mfs. C. H. Tompkins. treasurer. rnan," s.-,;d Dc-iective Chief C. 0. : gave a financial statement. Fink. "But so far v/e hnv-r;'t the j Mrs. Bryson read a letter from •su''htc:st idea v.iiohe is." the State Regent. Mrs. Frank The rh'Vf ndirMtted that the lack ; Gerig. She also reviewed the o. a moti'.-e i--, the killir.^ had baf ' President General message. f'ed investigators so far. : At the conclusion of the business He said the murder weapon ap- : Mrs. Carl Dalrymple gave an amus- narently v.-as a blunt, in.-tr'.tment. : in:< talk on "Folklore of Arkansas" , . n had not been foun:l. . • Mis. J. H. Langley gave an enter- Reed, n rvTasnnic ier.der nnd Ar- : taining account on "Arkansas Bal- krnsas mpna^er of the Standard ; lads." Life Association, had checked in at| Guests for the. afternoon were iie hote.l Mond'ay to aUcnd a meet- 1 Mrs. J. D. Lee. Mrs. Henry M~oore ng of the Arkansas; fratf-rhal con- i During the social hour the guests •" Louis Rev. Kendrick. pastor of the As-i^'Urn:; fatallv beatin? the child sembly of God Church. (made no mention of a sex attack' Thanksgiving —Rev. W. R. Burks j McSwain said Pollard told this! pastor - •• • • -church Hym pie. Come Scripture .uiu-.:j. 4 ivijif.;—i-vuv. w. n. jiiiiKSj JVILOv,uiii saici i j onnra tola tn'S or of the First Methodist ' story: He had gone to the Nichols'! •eh. jhome in Hun tin "ton. \V. Va and t r-mn: Come, Ye Faithful Peo- j volunteered' Utftesfe^fof--'the bo"' so i r- —.."—High School Chorus. [Nichols', wife Bettv. could vi=n" he'-! e Reading. Psalm 103 and i'husbnnd in'ClrHlicothe ori Armistice i e guests Thanksgiving Praver— "Rcv" : Frcd ' it has a hard-wax finish A SOOTHH1G DPfSSING ff t. FOS EXTRA QUALITY -PVHITY f t> A mnid at the hotel said she : jtaners in silver holders. Mrs'. Bry- /fo'incl Reed's room locked • eailylson presided at the tea service. pass! Members present were- Mrs Carl ' hat | Dalrymple, Mrs. Wells Hamby, the Mrs. W. G. Bensberg. Mrs. J H .yesterday, opened it with a ; key but left when she saw i;'nd overcoat on a table P.OJ door. Longley. Mrs. E. L"' Cass, r Mrs! I Fink quoted Hanna as sayina the Edward Bryson, Mrs. Charlie Tho- if'oor v/a.- unlecked when bf> """-•'! mas. Mrs. J. B. Hesterly. Mrs. C. • later. JISsI^EiM® H. Tompkins and Mrs. Allen Gee B^T^a^M! LL10 N S S AY.. sK&tfff*' The Union Thanksgiving Service will be held at the First Christian | Church. Thursday at 10 a.m. People of all churches and people of no church should plan to attend this un:on Thanksgiving service. The following program will be St. Joseph Aspirin is so pure. 12 tablets 10c; 100 tablets only 4~>c. \Vliy pay mnrc, or ever accept Ions than tho St. Joseph guarantee of "Aspirin at its boat." Buy SSI? Y^^.^j.-.^.':-;;^. presented: Piano prelude— Mrs. J. C. Stegar Call to Worship and Invocation— Rev. W. G. Bensberg, pastor of. the First Presbyterian Church. teunzstgam ' J " ! - vmn —", H °'Y Firm a Founda- JMSJIJEa i ticn"—qhoir and congregation. 1 The President's Proclamation — Sermon: "Prayer and Thanksgi ing"— Rev. Joe Tyson, pastor of j the Nazarene Church. .arid.: ehirch'on of McGthee were ihe ! guests of Mr. and Mrs. j Haynic. Hymn "Faith of Our Fathers"! ' —Choir and congregation.' Benediction Postlude The minister's association has is- ! „ , sued a call for clothing for Euro- ': J ' ! pean Relief, as has been the cus- i -, T ^ , „..„. , , ! torn in the past. Bring your bun- j . -' ll *; Franx V,-ihiam= a no clauyr.-| die to the church on Thp.nk^-ivina I ; . sn ^'°? J , e "" sotiit in-:- w.;-ek- | mornmg. A receptacle v.-ill be' ulac- '' elflc - T11 ' ^pnnan.'!!. Lr. a.; t;ie Hues;:; : ed in the foyer of the church for i ° r ' ~' na Mrs ' Vt • J - Cari - er - ! your convenience. Officials of the Prescott Chamber \ arriVal of a son r,.-, Satti'-dav \ov of Comc-mrce announced todav that ! ->c Mr a-d 'Mr ; Siri-vv r nr-"I- the. response of those indicating j of'prescoti are the vlm^M their intentions ot attending the ! parents ^i''iia Nevada County Day activities Fri- | —~ ' .'. clay,. November 2C, in the Marion i Hotel was very 'encouraging. i .. Any Nevada Coumian desiring to j attend the luncheon program is" in- j vited to do so and although it is.not ! necessary to notify the Prescotl j Chamber of.Commerce it would b .S' 7,S TEE ,S7-:.I.S'O.V OF 77/,!.V/v,sT,7I7AY; And there is murli for which iw am nil lx< thankful in thin ijn-al ciiunlni of nitrfi. Certainly we are thankful for ti linnnHful lmrrr*t t,f //rain and Torn, for a hi>ih Icrrl of 'protfttf-lion and cini>li'iyntt'nt, for a xtuntlnnl of llrinij Ilial /.v ///<> CII-KJJ of the /rorltl. Mmt of nil, freedom Moat of nil, iiei-hai>,t.-n.T ar'i; yrutf-fnl for our American Itcriiutje. . . . free,l,i,n of upjto •edoin of choice, freedom to think un,tl inn-shin wordiaij lo unr o'tMl-'in li,-fa. appreciated .if. they would do .so., Tne caravan will leave PrescotL Friday at 8:15 a.in. AH Ne,vada Countians are asked to register at ..the Nevada .County Day .desk in the hotel .lobby to receive, their, compii- 'mentary luncheon cards as guests of the Greater Little Hock Chamber of-Commerce. : The Little Rock Chamber of Commerce has reserved space in the Marion Hotel garage lor the parking ot cars which will leave here in the'caravan. This group will proceed directly to the Hotel where they v.'ill be greeted by a special committee headed by J."Allan Greeson. Nat Woosley, chairman of tho Publicity Coinrn.iltee, announced lhat.representatives of Prescott and Nevada county participating in th'e program Friday, November 26 on Nevada County Day \\hich will ue presented before the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce will be R. T. Murry, president, pre- j siding; T. J. Siivey, introduction of | guests; Miss Frances ThruMicr, ! principal speaker; f.ncl Rev. L. E. ' Wilson of Emmet who will jive j the invocation. " . The Nevada Countians \vho will | be seated at the secondary head I table will be George Easley' chair- j rr.Lir, ol the Exhibit Corhmi'.UrL-: i Mayor C. D. \Vard 01 Prescoa; ! Mayor A. C. Jelley of Ernir.et: Nat ; Wuoslej', chairn:an ol the Publicity ! Committee; Judge Brad Bright ano j the Jollowing Nevada County Day | hoslessas: Miss Phena. Diu-iiet of Laiieburg. Miss Bobbie. CuiTi'mi'n'gs , of Bluff City. Miss Virginia Ann | Magness. Mrs'. Selena Djlard of Roslon, 'Miss I\Iarzel!e McBrido of : 'Preicott", Miss Nancy Ciiinrnings ! .of Prescott and Mrs. f-ijchard | :Bright of Z'rtscott. ; ;Prompt!y Relieve iuav ^*rf^- ^KJl (<rom a co!d> HE : ••- Child's Mill"" —*!»»•—-^™> you. want . *THE YELLOW PAGES TELL V/HO BUYS, SELLS, RENTS, REPAIRS. *sa We Feel as a Chevrolet, dealer it is an appropriate lirne to convey our sincere nppm'iulioii lo the people of this coiiiinunity for Lhcir loyalty, palifiiiv and undcr.slanding. For Dcafiite r Clicvrolc!'.s ])ror!iiflion of mnro cars and trucks (.luring. I'J tS than any otln-r iiiainit'ai-i urn- then- is still a long "waiting list.'' for Aincriea';; ino.^l-waiili'il cars and trucks. Chevrolet is doing everything within its power to maintain and him-asc production. Meantime, we would like to express our thanks . . . Thanks to-Buyers anil /Yo.sy></rfir«.< //fiycr.s of .\t>u- Clwvrolets for your generous i-eeo;:iiiiioii of tlx- honest value, built into this iir.^t-ehoiee car in the low-priced Zlifcld'.' ^iore people have lioui'.hl Chevrolet ears and trucks, ilnrin" UK- eiii'hleeii-year |ieriu(] from 1931 to date, than have "bought the cars and trucks of any other manufacturer. Mrs. Bob Cox. Claud Cox. Mrs. i Jim Yancey and Mrs. Allen Gee Jr. j and son Bill left today for Ft. Cobb j Oklahoma where they will be the j guests of Mr. and Mrs. \Vylie Bird | and son Stevie. j lo 77ioM> ll'ltn An- Wiiitin.x for Orders to In- I itl>'il for your patience and understanding. You can be .sure \\ e are doing our best to treat all customers fairly . . . doing our be.sl to speed the day when we can give you the good ne\v>, "Your waiting days are over!'" 7 /ttjfi /.-.•,- to St>i-i-iff Cnxtoini'i-x for the opportunity to keep your ]ire>eni cars in >afe driving condition. \\e Jiave tried to .serve you well, and appreciate yo patronage.' our Mr. and Mrs. Whit Davis and j children have returned to their j home in Lake Village after a visit i with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. John j A. Davis and other relatives. | Miss I.oyce Stewart has returned ! from Dallas, Texas where she has i j been spending several days as the I I house guest of Misse Dorothy Ann Gee, Margaret Whitaker uncl Mar- j jorie Bush. ; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wynn and j daughter. Virginia Ann are visit- ' ing in Washington. U.C. and Alex- i andria. Vu. as tho guests of Mr. ' and Mrs. Dave Yabroudy and family, i Tlt'ttiiJ:tij() ; till \\-]iw friendship and favor have helped maintain ClK-vrnlct's leadership . . Mrs. Johnny Hooks and daughter Mi = s Vivojean sijent Saturtiav in Liltk- Ruck. Dr. J..C. \V;i!iair:s of ,\Yashingu visits*:! i:i Pri.-.-coti Saturday. Thanks i'or your patronain- which'jVti's. jnatlc 7 ROLET AMERICA'S No. 300 East Second St. HOPE, ARK. Phone 140 j Sin! But New 1 Grin ; TSio'ussr.ds c'nanye gicans to fe r r;:!i. IVo i ti i/'vf'jrc' :'.rii.;.:a tu ixii-:-'.',j Uix-L.';i)f'_'i t : of p;!c-s. Kv.'it d/u/.ji^ 1 .^ by IIO'LU Thr.rji- ' to« a.- -MiJi'-T (.'«;;:.'•.-. .Surprii;:i.r Ql.'JCK l palhativi; r t !ic! i.: i.-a.n. "in ii, irr:;a:i. :i. I T«!l(li 10 j=0i'..:;:. =':::::k iV/c!!!!!,'. L';o fKtuie' v,-dy. GC.-I lubtt Vhor::tfi!: ii ; Ultior'a Rtctal Ointment or Rtctal Suo| pO£ilurlC3 today. Follow label c.'.rtctlons, I for sole at t!l druj; Etorts cvt-rywher*. IN HOPE AT UIBaON UhUU BOTflED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY HOPE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO 5L.-co iid oncl touiiici-a Sti,. (2' 1?43, The

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