Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1948
Page 5
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Tuesday, November 23, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE,ARKANSAS BLONDIE fage Fir* BLONDIE/ ANSWER THF PHONE! ,, <- DON'T VOU WEAR Gj <•-, IT RINGING? By Chick Youn? r : / "M/v ——-I N i, -, <e-^ L^V' ,..:—$ 123 <7- •*- / S1.DK GLANCES Bv Galbraifh CARNJVAL S : By Dick Turner v» » v dm '/-23 ' (JOPR. 1048 OY WA SERVICE, IMC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. i«5B»._ ^ COPK. 19-10 BV KEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF -*1 ''Sure I love to be mother's little helper, but a plumber's "See here, Perkins! Next time a prospect pulls that dodge helper gets time and a half for overtime and has another about the atom blowing us all to smithereens anyway, helper!" FUNNY BUSINESS don't just stand there—sell him a policy on it!" FRECk'LES AND HIS FRIENDS 8v Bosses cop'R,"?4g BY'NEA sTsVrcEyi'NC. T.'M. 'REG, u.'s, PAT. OFF. ^ - WERE LUQiY TO CONAE- \ I GUT WITH A T/E- SCORE, ADMIT BUT ADMIT VOU WISH YOU'D LAID OFF TH^ . ICE CREAM AND STUFF/ //-:3 m v, ^W't. II , JJLAD lO IMG'S TH? , / HEAR If, fPUFF) BUNK; \ LARDJ i COULD CPUFF) 'You EAT A GALLON i PLAYED OF (PUFF") ICE / SUCH A CREAM RIGHT /GOOD GAME, MOW' ;IVE ARRAN6ED 'A SPECIAL,. TREAT FOR YOU/ "But that's not my hat, dear—the waitress just parked her salad tray!" POPEYE EAT THAT, AND I-LL NEVER A TAKE IT AWAY/ Gue f MEMTION TRAINING RULES AGAIN.'). -J ^_ ^-1 fei^ t- ;; .v . v' &&« LxVxNSii-y //-J3 iJ'V f:FA fjl^fit'lCE. WT. T._M. REG. 0. S' PAT. 0"F.^ ^^ MOT Too TIGHT, DR. GALE/.' *$- ^£- i 11 dm i' ! iii;(jn : 'i ARE THE WOUNDED J THfclR COACH IS MOOSES READyfp-^IVJN 1 'EM A PBP POPEYE ?Z TV TALk: B'TOPE „ —-r^-^ff^CcOMeS OM'A FIELD.'.'. OUT OUR WAY STOP LUM./'AOX-AND OUR FIRST TEA<V\ GOES TO THE GEAV/y BOWL/M5-jg-i^. OMD To THE "STEAIi PLATTER/7" , £ Que_TMICP TO_THE ~ \ tUu.iV, /x ^ '^s •\^-~' •>' )^^m>(13/, li' 1 ' ! ; .:;;ik liV'li/ "OLJ'EE LATE WITH i.iii ; M;!!. |I H ,;'/ THAT-- SHE'S TH' WASHER. TONIGHT, BUT SHE'S UP IMTH' TUB WOW, FIXIM 1 TO <3O OUT.' BUT I'LL <3ET HER DOWM-- HEY, UP THERE/ By J. R. Williams OOR BOAkDlNG HOUSE ' "" y VOU LET HER ALOKJE.' JUST SET IT THERE AMD I'LL WASH IT.' l'i - V*/ fettv^-"Vl J Wv^fti^A •£ (^ : '^^ ^ • V.W : -XA\ ^M '^^-^ tfjl^'v 7'Kv-;fl AV ^-^ (4^-;:;^ \w^vV Vftm^'k:^ •^, STEADV, MR. ROLL\NELL.' VOLJ'LL tn& DEMTAL BOMB is MELTING > YOU BEGIt-i TO TASTS TMe D£ LlGMTFUL R'A-SPBeSRV FLAVO Wf-lV MOTHERS GET Gf£AV c '.^ ;'« ^y,",?:'., .., *^S\ -^AFTER TIAG CLEANS-^( IMS FLUID DOES ITS \KlORK, !> ISS r--.--' -:'^ Gf\~Z£: iNlTO "THE.- MIRROR •y''' MARN'EL AT THE :-A PEARLY VvMr r ry-i^A Vs; .A_ •; SHoee) fc> P 2 V .SOO / P%_";»^~' ^ost^y fl p'' ^ /^ . jiv': X---j J J -, ; jjw \$> W ->" 1 "-'--' \ A^-' \\ fct---^ CATCH TMKT, RCLL\M=LL=- O2ARK IKE ,i,OZARK'S AWAY £OR HIS THIRD TOUCHDOWN GALLOP IN THE FOURTH <-. ^ _. QUARTER?,,, ^ HE'S BREAKING-'^ LOOSE AGAIN, <• n, »s By Michael O'Mallcy & Ralph Lone TO PLAY, THE WILDCATS KICK &>' PROFESSOR,, THE EXTRA flowr TO CXTEMO ^f YOUR SYSTEM If TH iNTHis AO - •**- **^ ^^^ AMAZING; ' SMASHING UPSET TO (PUFF-PUFF} AH DONE J ALMOS' RUM M' LAIGS J OFF BECUZ UF TH' £ PUHFESSUHS FO'CAST,,, THANK GOODNESS TH' SCORIM'S OVUH/ 02A RKt,,, 11-23 : ; .'-m ««7-<:// THAT ••••p.-.- •••::•'• il SHARK PASS! VIC PUNT f CURIOUS, YOUR ASKING ABOUT MONEY. FLINT. MY \ GRANDMOTHER AAU&T HAVC- HALF A AMUION DOLLARS. /- AS FAR A5 I KNOW, & TUBfJS SATISFACTION OF BEING If AS YOUR ATTORNEY, MOW- EVER, I'D SAY vou visas A IMS VOU CAH LEAVE YOUR MONEY ] TRIFLE ROUGH ON YOUNG TO SOMEONE- DESERVING AHD L MR. CHRISTOPHER. /\ SOMEONE ELSE OF 'S ^\NITKJESS WHO H' STRAN6ER AN WMUKE APPR06,CH TU' ABB&Y,COWsrABLE! VIU&&E OF GADSWOLO IS AGOG OVER THE MURDER.. 81 Leslie Turner HENRY 1 THW'S TH 1 \TH' VANK. O'CIOCK./HOUP. TH 1 COROMER j MUST'UE FiGGERS RIGfvDOOM / CLOUTED WAS DOME IM1 /'ISA 3UST AS THEV REACHED <%A wairl , r <r TMHT Y DOCK •OH Ol .T>!>.:Ii.l h| Kll:i: * 6y Walt Disnev »^r ALLEY OOP Sv V. T. Ham?5n U= I EVESJ SEE YOU IN TH W OUTFIT TfclVE OC'CL/H THAT ) Vwil 1 ' i' LITTLE FOETA.BLE / ''" ^''f^^f-^jfi '.' l&~~ '''"!.>•<'••:, : .\\"' //•^3 —• . ;,r-'"i".'; /'..OH/ r Fi?&50TV! r 'ilhi'i(? )/j OH,WELL...T GUESS I/ IT CAN SvMT'U. THINS6 CALM ^_ DOWN/ ••yTf-fiSt?' ' • •;'•'^j'mvV' 1 •' \Sv "%»'«? -^, .. YOU RE IN A MOST );!, OOof^\ UNHEALTHY- - J A %r.I..A CLIMATE.',' /17'.'.V.I \VHEF? E AM CCF'R. 13J1 D> ^EA 9cnVK-E, |,jf. T MHCO. U. ?. PAT. OFF. ^ rs,-.-7^ *-& ! ^_.' i i'i 8v ^BUGS' • / -^'- i=; ^- OVi N <=,? WtX-'c ^O 6O TO X CKVCi (y&. QV&. O"p i '" «-*5 I^i 5,1 *«: ??^ •CS -^ ' fj -J r .^.^.i::x'^S4 i*j%v r '»"" ?:j '/'/-iij' . V': T. M, REO. U. S. PAT. CFF. „ » . COPR. 1i4a BY r^Cft si:RVI^E. tfiC. - * " „ I'D TWV SOME. C? VO : JK. IS EGGS IF I . , , - ThEV :f WWAT S V. SVEES. fWSSt-l. TW MATTEK ? fc I DON'T EEL'EVS IM ft Is- / KOW'LL YA WAVE 1 EM ? ) SCRAMBLED? '

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