Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1938
Page 6
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X i,**f t ,*i ••? .* ( y. •• iV-M'ifAivV '^•i'l-'-.'i'.^"'-'•"•••'''' PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 13, 1938 Sea-Going Businessmen Don't Need to Leave Office Cares Behind: There's a Phone! ® By OEORGS ttOSS NEW YORK — The moneyed mariner ho longer leaves the world behind him when he sails away. Did he forget to phone his stock broker before giving the command to cast of from the yacht basin in Long Island Sound? Or did he forget to have his secretary cancel an appointment? He has only to lift the recicver off the hook aboard his buoyant castle and wait for the "Number. Please!" signal. For the telephone company has made great strides in servicing the craft that ply the waters just this side of the middle of Che Atlantic Ocean. They call it the coastal service and it is rendered locally for all boats within call of New York's harbros. The industrious tug puffing and churning about some great steamer, the rich man's sleek lined yacht, the traveler laboring in the heavy swell of the Banks—all these are within easy reach . of telephones ashore. And already the service has averted tragedy. Not so ) long ago. the coastal Khip-to-shore I ing trawler fatally stricken by storm j near Manhatan's port. Lines to Liners Much is heard of trans-Atlantic phoning and of the vast distance magically traversed by the ordinary telephone. But you would be surprised at the volume of calls that travel each day and night from ship to shore and shore to ship, through the main switchboards in New York. On this end of the continent, there are 22 ocean liners in the Atlantic service that are equipped with phone facilities between boat and land. On the Pacific, the telephone cover another network of ships. Calling a ship far at sea (or the other way around) is as simple a process for the caller as ringing up a yacht of a tug 30 miles out. Just pick up the living room phone ask for Long Distance, give the name of the passenger and the ship(call this one on the Atlantis) and hang up. Words in the Sky This is what happens in the in- terveing time between the moment you have placed your call and the moment you are conversing intimately with Jack or Jill . Long distance calls the Overseas Switchboard in New York, where a ship-to-shore operator plugs in o:; the New Jersey coas*. Here T. operator establishes a connection with shor wave radio station nearby . He ther signals the ship -to-shore oreratoi that the Atlantis is on the line and calls out ."Hello, Atlantis, I have a ticket" At the radio station these words piss through Vfccum tubes of terrific po .ver end are catapulted into the blue vault above the Atlantic. They have bce.i amplified millions ol times. In turning them inoo those words whijh wou'.i' rattle the window for miles around, were they sirllculy l-irnp;i back into speech. Well, finally, these impulses are picked up by the tiny wires that sway with the heaving of the ship and are converted back into words. The ships operator takes the call. He turns it over to your party. Your phone rings. "Hello! Jack!" . . . "Hello!" ... The entire procedure has consumed five minutes. c Housedrcss With Bcw-trim Fine for Street Use, Too 8313 ghhid fha Sionet lit Washington By Rodney Dutcher f White Man Tells Indians Tall Tale Major Edward Bowes is seen (above) telephoning from the grand salon of his luxurious yacht Edmar (below). Another hand-set phone is installed in his private stateroom. Merely lifting the hand-set automatically places the transmitted in operation and establishes immediate contact with shore stations scattered along the coast. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson SCIENTISTS SAVI FLATFISHES ORJGINATED FROM A SPSaES OF SEA-PERCH THAT IT RBCUNEDSOMUCH THAT THE: EYES MIGRATED TO THE. TOR SIDE, AMD . BC7TTO/W SIDE LOST ITS COLORJNC3. PC.CJTO \S S<Z> FAF2. THAT OUR. /VOS~T POWERFUL TEL-ESOOPES SHOW IT ONLi/ ^S A IN 'HAT CAUSES THE TfSJJU- A POLICE: WHISTLE: COPR. 1938 BY ME* SERVICE. INC. ANSWER: There is no vibrating object in a policeman's whistle. The trill is clue to the fact that the whistle is a double pipe affair, with one pipe producing a .-. >te of 10 to 15 vibrations more per second than the other . . . causing them to get out of step and in u^ain in Vapid succession. full of smart new ideas for daytime dresses. Pattern 8318 is designed for sizes 12, 14, 16, 13 and 20. With Ion gsleeves, size 14 requires n'a yards of 39 inch material; 2 yards of ricrac; 1 3 /| yards ribbon for bows. Contrasting collar would take ',-1 yard. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 32 pages of attravtice designs for every size and every occasion, is alone—15 cenis. For a Pattern of this attractive model send 15c in ccin, your name, address, style number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wack er Drive, Chicago, 111. WASHINGTON—'the nx hatigs over many federal officials who owe their jobs to senators at odds with the New -.;at. In a few cases the ax has fallen, threats of extension of the Roosevelt "purge" to the patronage machines of anti-administration senators are being made openly. If the threats arc carried out—and they will be unless Mr. Roosevelt disregards advisers whom he lately has heeded—there will be bedlam in the senate in the next Two years. A president can appoint to new jobs or existing vacancies men whose loyalty is to him rather than to a senator. He can name new men to replace those whose four-year terms expire. He ev'.-n can seo to it that officials in the executive branch of government are fired outright. Distant Kiimhlings Most appointments to big patronage jabs must he confirmed by the senate. Senators who find political enemies appointed to key federal jobs in their states will fight like wildcats against confirmation. Unless Roosevelt can control the senate, confirmation fights are likely to tie up the next congress to an unprecedented cle- S'.'ce. F. D. R. might suffer a major disaster in the last half of his second term. Control of state delegations to the !MO Democratic convention is at stake. Senators controlling state machines 'unction at the convention like territorial barons. Roosevelt has no or- ;anization of his own and must build some kind of a contraption if he is to dominate. For convention purposes, machines are built oil federal patronage. Hence the advice from certain advisers that he must be ruthless in this matter of jobs. Roosevelt has been told, as he was .vhcn urged to enter certain Dcnio- :ratic primaries against hostile scn- itcrs. that he has nothing to lose by ighting hard, but that he will lose .he New Deal if he doesn't fight. | •Vhcther he believes this and whether le will fight as grimly as these ad- j risers urge remains to be seen. A' jobholder's, purge would be applied o machines of senators opposed by the ' rresident in 1938 primaries, whether .hey win or lose, as well as to those of Democratic senators—such as Burke, Byrd. Gerry, Holt. King, and Wheeler —whom he hopes to defeat in 1940. "The executive departments are mine," Roosevelt is reported to have raid once. "I have an independent power to hire and fire." Meanwhile, some change in administration patronage policy has been indicated in these states: Tyclings' Men Losing Jobs MARYLAND: New federal partonage is denied to Senator Tydings and to Senator Raclcliffe, who supports him. A Tydings man who was FHA regional director in Maryland has been fired, allegedly for inefficiency. One or two more Tydings men are said to be scheduled for the ax before the primary, September 12, and certain administration officials promise to build New Deal machine afterward whether Tydings wins or loses. Two or three important Tydings men, includ- ng the Baltimore collector of customs ind collector of internal revenue, have Doited to Tydings' opponent, Con- ressman David J. Lewis. | GEORGIA: RFC Attorney Edgar Runlap at Atlanta was ousted because ic insisted on directing Senator eorge's campaign. The state National Emergency Council director, who quit, according to NEC, was replaced by a New Dealer. VIRGINIA: A federal judge was appointed on recommendation of Congressman Flannagan, New Dealer, and Governor Price. Senators Byrd and Glass, their candidate ignored, promise to fight his confirmation. NEVADA: An important federal official whose term expired was replaced by a political foe of Senator Pat McCarran. MONTANA: The NEC job, once held When Doug Corrignn, for the umpteenth time, repeated his story of how he landed in Ireland after heading for California, the Otoc In-lian tribe decided to make it official and dubbed him "Chief Wrong Way" at Tulsa, Okla. In the picture above, Corrignn's famous grin Is framed In a feathered head-dress given him by Otoe Chief Frank Brown, right. Mount Vernon'a Guard Hazy About Potomac ALEXANDRIA. Vn.—(/P)-Wiltlam J. Pcrmnr, who has answered three or four million questions about Mount Vcrnon during 35 years ns a gunrd at Washington's home, had to ask n few questions about the place himself the other dny. The occasion was the 8?-year-old guard's first airplane ride. The pilot pointed over the side of the plane nnd told Mr. Pcrmar he was looking down at Mount Vcrnon. "If that's Mount Vcrnon," said I'er- mar, "then what's that creek doing in front of it; I never say that before." "That's the Potomac river," replied the pilot. In Lithuania, the unit of currency is the lit, worth about 17 cents in American currency. Constipated? «"l'"pr .10 years I had constipation, awful KAS I; oatinR, headaches and hack pains, Adlcrikii helped right away. Now, I eat sausage, bananas, pie, anything I want, Never fflt heller." Mrs. Maliel Schntt. ADLERIKA JOHN S. GIDSON DRUG CO. Approximately hnlf of Die $9,DG5,- 238 collected ns n retail snles tax in Kansas for the 12 months ending May 31 was paid oil the sales of food, automobiles and wearing appcral. MALARIA Speedy Relief of Chills and Fever When your teeth arc clialtcriiiR with chills nnd your body InirniiiK with malaria' fever, you want timely and reliable relied Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is (he medicine you want to take for Malaria. This is no new-fangled or untried preparation, but a treatment of considerable merit. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinidinc nnd iron. It relieves the chills and fever due to Malaria and also tends to build you up. This is the double effect you want. The very next time you feel Malarial chills and fever coming on, get a hot lie of Grove's Tasteless Chill Tanic. Start taking it immediately and it will soon fix you up. All drug stores sell Grove's Tasteles-i Chill Tonic—-50 cents and $1.00. Tlu latter is the more economical size. Thirteen Shutouts NEW YORK—Giants have been shut out 13 times this season, which is a now ready. Photographs show dresses I new record for them. The late John made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lte the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nad Winter Pattern Book—25 cents. McGraw piloted whitewashings. the 1926 club in 12 The Free City of Danzing was created under the treaty of Versifies to Pattern or book furnish a port for Poland. by one of Senator Wheeler's men, has been given to a friend of Senator Murr;iy, New Dealer. Other instances may exist. But they're only drops from a big bucket of patronage which Roosevelt may or may not dare kick over. Not So Hard On Head WASHINGTON—Following the bombardment of Jake Powell of the Yankees, Washington club officials decided that all soft drinks at Griffith] Stadium will lie sold in paper cups. Ships "I est New Chicago Lock Regulating Lake Levels This is such a pretty thing that once you've worn it round the house, in percale, calico or gingham, and discovered how attractive you look, you'll want to make a street version of it without the ricrac braid, in solf wool. For this dress choose one of the popular fall colors—violet, gray or vintage red. The modified r-rincess line makes you gracefully slim, the more so because the effect is emphasized by high-at- the-shoupltler sleeves. Little bows add a comhither touch. They're very smart right now. You'll certainly make Pattern 831.3 up time and again. Have you sent for our Fall and Winter Pattern b-jok? Jit's Locks regulating the amount of water Chicago takes from Lake Michigan to make possible navigation southward on the Chicago and Illinois rivers, to the Mississippi, were being tested as the Naval Reserve training ship Wilmelte and the fireboat Fred M. Busse passed through them in the picture above. The canal connecting the lake with the river has long been a source of controversy, as draining out the water at the foot of Lake Michigan lowered the water level along the whole Great Lakes basin. A U. S. Supreme Court decision required the building of the lock, which will "lower" ships from the higher lake to the river level, and regulate the amount of water taken frora the lakes. 1938 PENNEY'S YEAR] For Style/ Fit/ Economy/ Wear/ MORE OF PENNEY^* FEATURED BARGAINS Bocktofchool 48-in. Columbus First Quality Oil Cloth Yard 18x36 Heavy BATH TOWELS Each IQc 39-inch Rayon TAFFETA 49c yard Girl's School DRESSES Sunny Tucker DELUXE 1 6 to 14'/ 2 Boys Fast Color Dress SHIRTS Each 49c TENNIS SHOES 49c pair 36-in. Fast Color RONDO yd 15c 36-in. Fast Color Suiting yJ 15c 40-in Brown Belle Isle Domestic Blue or Grey Cheviot Shirting yd Just Received 50 New Fall DRESSES Glen-Row ' Styles 12 to 42 S2.98 Ladies Novelty Rayon Panties ea Ladies Rayon Pincess SLIPS 49c Ladies Cotton Bloomers 25c Ladies All Silk HOSE , 25c MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS Full Cut Fast Color 98c Whites or Fancies 14 to 19 For Sport LADIES SKIRTS $1.98 Each 1 Sunny Tucker SCHOOL DRESSES 2 to 16 98c 81 x 99 Nation Wide SHEETS Each 74c 42 x 36 Nation Wide CASES Each 19c 2 to 8 Children's PLAY SUITS 49c each 2 to 16 Boy's OXHIDE Overalls Pair 43c 2 to 16 Boy's All Wool Sweaters Each 98c Boy's School PANTS $1.98 1 Ladies Fall SPORT COATS 12 to 40 Boucles Tweeds 81-inch Unbleached Sheeting yd JSp 8 oz. Feather Proof Ticking yd 19 c 36-inch Fancy Color Cretonne yd 10c Go on Sale Thursday 1000 Spools White Sewing Thread, ea 2c Men's Fall Townclad SUITS All Wool 34 to 42 S19.75 Single or Double Breasted Models Men's No. 718 Silk SOCKS 25c Men's Dress Suspenders Paii- Men's All Leather BELTS 49c Men's Fur Felt HATS $1»8 1 Ladies 3 Thread Full Fashioned SILK HOSE, pr. Ladies Fall PURSES Each Children's Sunny Tucker HATS 98c Ladies Bemberg GLOVES For Fall, pr 49c Growing Girl's SCHOOL Oxfords $1.98 Pair | — Men's Sport OXFORDS 6 to 11 $A.98 Pair L — ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE (WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES Men's Fall DRESS PANTS $a.98 Pair Men's Sport SWEATERS $A.98 * •! '

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