The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1934
Page 3
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JUESDAY.QCTOBER 2, 1934 BLYTHEVI1/LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TIIUER TIME IS HEBE TO the cause should be ascertained and corrected. Among Hie items you should keep In miiid in your check-up nre : adequacy, luel consumption, ease | of operation and heat waste. It sour plant is old, wllh a "big appetite" tor fuel and a cranky disposition requiring a lot of'atten- tion, you may find a new plant a veal investment which will "pay i for Itself" out of the saving In fuel' and labor. It is lip to-you as 10 what system suits your home nnd , , . purse best. Before the big bad wolf of winter, Insulation Important comes huffing and putting at the I Insulation Is of virtually equal door, every owner of a home should Importance from the viewpoint of check up oh Its hentlng efficiency j economy, comfort and health. for the sake of health, comfort and I If winter's snows mclt-from your economy. iroof more rapidly than from your This check-up Involves the heat- »eighboi"s roof,' you should pay ing plant, insulation, weatherstrip- 'particular attention to insulation, ping for doors, windows, and win- Fcr thc rapidly melting snow was ' do* frames, the. roof, the basement 1>roof tl)al y° ur house was "leaking and eveii the walls. "Heat leak- !leat " at n wasteful rate. Also, If Possibilities in Old Home Efficient Plant and' r Adequate Insulation Mean Winter Comfort in age" may occur anywhere house, i Real heating .efficiency • Jiome means a decided : t the annual fuel budget,) us 'ess fuel required when tlic heat is kept in resuired when the heat is kepi in the house through proper Insula- , tion. The 'equable temperature the J '°" r basement, is warmer than the i rest of the house when the fire Ls ' ! going, tlmt Is another sign of ,^ leaking heat." with the'basement S more than Its fair share robbing other parts of thc I There are various methods 01 insulation and several efficien<'' J in- ed at one. time, or it ctm be Ukcu unit by unit. First attention should be given to wcatlierstripping and which can be maintained in such sul "ti"e materials, and you Co not a home, together with proper llave to rebuild to insulate your humldiftcation of the air, makes ho ' n0 ' for maximum; comfort and also' "»ulatmg products are mariu- Jor the best health conditions. facturcd from -asbestos, bcgnsse (.„„,,, P „,, (sugar cane : stalks), cork, cbrn- consuil tvpert .,..., sta)kS| coUon/eel grflss> ,-ock'wool, How to acquire this heating cfft- flax straw, .gypsum, hair,' jute ciency is really a mutter for ex-j kapok, lend slag, licorice rook perts-This does not mean that ev- I limestone, moss, paper pulp, wheat ery home owner should call a heat- straw and wood. They are used ill ing engineer into consultation, but loose form so that 'they can be that he should at least consult an blown into thc air spaces ol the architect, contractor or other com-| h ou <; e , m i^ ^ds and 1 boards, petent person able to advise on:The hoards are made In rigid, heating and .Insulation. , : | semi-rigid, and flexible 'varieties.' It is natural lo start with -the I Weatherstrip First heating equipment. You should] The whole house can be instilnt- make a careful, check-up on'.your heating system, whether it be fireplace, hot air, hot water or steam, and whether the fuel you use is storm windows with attic, side Walls wood, coal, oil, gas or electricity, jand basement coming in that! Chimneys should be cleaned and i order. They are the chief sources inspected, whether or not tlle fire- |of heat leakage, place smoked last winter. If the ]'Aside • tram Insulation with regu- fireplace did smoke, or if there was lar insulntin5- i mnt.crial,,.the - win- ether evidence of a faulty draft,'dows ancT^fhaoV frames should be '•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cheeked up' '• for -cracks and should CO 10 HUGHS Modern Furniture Is Finished in Hues lo Fit Icmpcramenls of Users Numerous Homes Receive Repairs And Improvements A number of lllythevllle homes lire being Improved by rcdccoriit- hiK and otlui 1 model nlznllon work, ,.Tlu? M. O. Usrey home, hndly diimngcil by flru recently, Is bi'- inx. iv|i:Urecl. In addition to u new shingle roof, bolli the Inside ami exterior will lie redecorated nnd other niicessnry repairs made. The basement or the J. A. l.emh home Is being enliiiged lor n recreation room. Plans for What can be done with an uiiil- Iractlve small house by modern inns It Is shown In the above Illustrations. The upper picture i architect's conception of can lie done wilh Hie ugly looking Cnlor. at first neglected in modern Cmniuii-e designs. Iws ul Just ccme Inio its own, For the latest and most outstanding factor in thy development of modem furniture,is)finishing the room have not been the introduction of colored Ilnlsh- conmlclcd es in bedroom suites, licdroom rur- .,., ' , , 1 I lie pinsoimgc of the First Hup- llsl chinch ha.s been redecorated and n new roof uddrd In prepar- rillun fo rilu> arrival, October 12, of the Ilcv. and Mrs. Alfred Carpenter. Homes ol CiL'Drge llubbiird. Carrol Hlnkemore, W. H, Mlnyard iiixl Elton w. Klrby nre being and minor repairs home shown in the graph. lower photo Housing Question Box .' For REAL' Protection . •'.' Phone 191 CLARK-WILSON AGENCY .General Insurance "We Pay An'.LtisW With'.a Smile" Juries-"B. "Clark T --Baker Wilson , bc'/wea'theratrippcd .where sary. •'''•_: Q.—How can 1 stop leaks which while lo disconnect the spout on have appeared in my composition- your bathtub and to replace it wilh shingle roof? |a combination spout which will A-Leaks in a roof of tills type t"ke care of both the tub ami thc sometimes can be sloped by insert- shower. If you prefer, the pipe mny Ing n new shingle, or a piece of'«c concealed in the wall-of the toll roofing or tarred felt. The Div- ( bathroom, islon of Housing, Department of' Commerce, says there are also various roofing compounds, composed ol heavy plaslic bituminous nui- erials, which arc recommended 'or covering holes in roofs. These comiXNUHls may be applied with a :ieavy brush.-if a • large "surface is .0 be covered, or with a putty snifc or paint scraper ,.if small holes' or cracks arc to. be plugged. , . Examine Insulation iVIf'a cooling system does not give satisfactory results, improper insulation of the house may be .at fault. . . .. ; .. Deming MARVELETTE Shallow Well SYSTEM Capacity 250 Gallons Per "Hour The "Mavveletto" (our lowest priced water system) provides the most economical water supply for the small suburban and country home, summer cottage, •.wayside restaurant, etc. " The "Marvelette" although low in price, is a heavy, substantial water system, designed and constructed to give years of satisfactory service. 'Direct System Without Tank .With 12 Gallon Tank Liberal Cash Discounts k 90 Days Free Service on System 1 Year Guarantee on Motor Not Offered by Mail Order Houses % Hubbard Hardware Co. Lay Groundwork for Home Building Program While the hew building feature of the National Housing Act—that portion embracing the Insurance''of. mortgage's and •establishment 'of national mortgage- associations — probably will not become operative before .the early piut of next year, Q~Can wall , paper "which has the. Federal Housing Admlnislra- wen stained by leaking walls., be cleaned, or must it be replaced? ' A.—There is a wall paper cleanser on the market, a doughy, male- rial which removes dirt 'aiid ordinary stains. Bureau of ntture sponsored liy thu American I Guild ynlns distinction^ IlirouiOi beauty and richness of finishes In blues, yellows, greens nnd reds. The justified criticism tlmt, most modern furniture is inlen\stlng to see, nit toy cold to live wllh, hits thus been overcome. The universal demand for color n the home is due lo an innate need for warmth and cheer In .surroundings, or for soothing, livable room schemes, without, which no plan of Inlerlor furnishings will ever ualn universal acceptance. In supply!!!" this color need In bedrooms, it Is Important lo know. -— - ••what colors to use to suit the tern- | nml east of the dty In lh. pframciu of those people who will I""' addition. occupy them. ' ) • A dark room, with little sunlight, should always be done In the wumi colors which nre yellows, reds, oranges and to n le.tsrr extent, crenms mid tans. Hlues. greys and violets are cool colors, and are therefore best suited lo exposures with plenty of sunlight. Green is intermediate-, being more cool than warm, but safe for nny room. Psychological factors of importance in choosing color .schemes an; these: Scientific tests have proved TUNE IN on I he ijiiulc. A real- porch Is being ailclcil to the cottage recent built by ft. K. Stringer on the rnulh highway. Ij. L. Wiivcl Is hitvln; several three and four room coltaiiC'i, erected on his farms nt Yarbroj liobln Will Remodel Former McBride Home tion is. actively engaged in laying the groundwork for this broad program. • Administration officials arc urging, .those contemplating new work to consult with architects and Stand-; builders tills fall A " fraiUjr liullding n ; house, must ... have failed to discover a satisfactory remover of water stains Jrojn ; waU^fhe j|t'ii;^ihK 'oTtho ho'iisc"and paper, rhe best plan'Is-to rcpaper': land, of. the equivalent in land the damaged section and clean up which . is owned free and clear the rest of.the vvall^with the!cleaning material mentioned above. A NEW ROOF saves FUEL Bills especially if it's MULE HIDE ROOFING "Not a kick in a million feet" The Arkmo Lumber Co Phone 40 Q-:How\ can'I: fill 'cracks in a luster wall before painting A.—Take' a knife and''cut into he cracks to 'widen them nnd re- novc all loose' particles. Make the pace wider at the bottom than on lie surface, so that the ^lew plas- er will he locked into place. Fill in le" cracks with patching plaster btaincd at a'-.hardware, store. Vhen the plaster patches sire dry, nnd them smooth and size them 'ith two coats of orange shellac efore painting or papering. Mortgage, loans made on new and existing homes, lo be approved for insurance. are:'limitcd to a maximum 'of $16,000 representing not | more, than 80 per ccnt'of the ap- ; praised • vah:o. They arc to be amortized over n period of not, more than 20 yeaVs. . that green in soft tones is unusually soothing In effect—It has, In fact, been chosen In preference to bleak white or cream'for rooms,hi some ot the more progressive hospitals for Ihis. precise reason. The warm colors, In. gcncrnl, are cheering; the cooi, receding colors soothing. Hut excessive and intense use ot cither is bad—loo much red, in large quantity and Intense hups can excite and cause, nervousness, while loo much blue .can depress. This, of course, represents extreme usage, but It is significant o'f the importance ot careful color sclect- loiis.' Save brilliant, intense. hues for color accents. The finish of modern American furniture Is lending more unti more lo color scheme.!! that arc not only decorativcly beautiful but psychologically also, for the colors of Its painted finishes have been chosen by the best designer:;. Mr. mid Mrs. II. lliuhflll have umclmsed Ilic former Mclirldc home on Walnut St., where they reside, from (lie Mississippi County Building: and Loan association. The home Is lo lie remodeled Into OIK of the most modern •csldcnces of the city, unlit by .he late p. V, Mcllride, the .house I Is of Inn slucco, Spanish Moruccol design, wllh three bedrooms and| three baths and a large patio porch. World Series with a New Atwater-Kent for the farm home for the car for Hie city home I'hone 2,'i:i iirtil have its lest your old (iil><!.s SEE THE NEW ALL ELECTRIC SETS CAV1TT RADIO CO. Atwaler'-Konl and '/cnilh Dealers' (iluntoc Hotel lililjf. ( eiifT(ird Ciivitt, Mj-r. ' •Many Uses for Lumber : A'-'lIttle : lumber .will go a long Q.—What should be used for rc- loving dark stains from parquet'attic, loors which were sanded about; -—•• hrce years ago? . ' A.—Presuming, your floors are of ak, as most, parquet floors are, ou should be-careful in using tvong alkaline solutions such as ontained in some strong soaps, or oo much water. They darken oak loors. Oxalic acid or other bleaches nay be used, the floor may be >craped or machine sanded, or you ould apply alcohol or turpentine ,nd:rub.with steel wool. It Is advisable, of course, to consult a cputable tradesman. . way in; providing new conveniences in the average home." Handy shelves, can be . built hi the. cellar, new closets • for, storing clothes, tools, preserves, '• etc., ' broom and ironing-board closets for the kitchen, a storage bin for the . attic or. a flooring for an unfinished Killing "Knots I Troublesome knots In exposed I wood are killed by the npjilicnlion lof a hot iron, n scraping, and two coatings of gold or silver leaf before painting. MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS City 4 Firm Properties. Special Title Service Improve Your Home Insure Your Home and Furnishings With Us. Phone 134 'INSURANCE DEI'T. Farmers Bank & TIT f\ Inisl (...().• a shower be Installed bathtub in my present ~ Q—Can iver the mlhrdom . A.—Certainly, a shower can be | nstalled ' in practically any bathroom. In fact, n bathroom without' shower could hardly be called | uodcrn. It takes an experienced plumbing .contractor only a short Makes Studio Couch of 'Venerable Divan That furniture of by-gone days may be converted into modern pieces is demonstrated by J. E. Jenkins, who maflc an old-fashioned divan into a studio couch. The oal; divan was "remodeled" by sawing off the arms and covering the entire piece with upholstering material. The springs were repaired and now with a single movement of the hand the divan becomes a bed. MAKE YOUR HOME MODERN REBUILD YOUR FURNITURE Upholstterers, mattress rebuilders. Call us for estimates. J. W. Jenkins & Son llfi S. Railroad Your Comfort and Efficiency is greatly, enhanced by the use of. (he Best Heating Apparatus avail-' able, or the Best Cooking Stove 01- you can' get. _ , In the CHAHTIOR OAK 1'arlor Fur." naces yon will find the maximum of .service, din-ability and economy of operation. See the Kxchisivo features. Jn the QUICK MEAi, Oil Ranges you will not only jjct the best value in Oil Ranges but ease and economy of operation. Inquire about and sec the l.orain Hnrncr with which some of the QUICK MEALS arc equipped. CHAS. S. LEMONS Good FURNITURE Mtxlcralclv Priced Too Laic For liisuraiu'.o . - -V wlien (lie verdict . .is rendered 1 •' . > . - _ i ', Now is the time lo. bny snlTicient linbi\ily insurance to meet any ••judgment.. ; We cnn supply it. Firsl Nalioiial. insurance Agency Notary Public YEARS Low Intercut "PETE" The Plumber When the gn'rage door drags And the pergola, sags, And the hack steps are aflop; The down spout leaks And the '.floors all creak, And the sweet peas need a prop; When a little paper and paint Would make a room look new, And you wonder how in the world You can get it all attended to; . Just Phone 100 And we'll send a man to figure it up and give you the cost. KEEP YOUR HOME IN GOOD REPAIR This List Sec If your home nmls any of there repairs or impiitvciurr Is More closet space Shelving' • Oi|>ljo;inls Doors Garage New walks or driveways Now floors OVPT flhl Kcnfinp , 1 IViint' litre*ns or sctrcn doors Repair or recover tide ., walls Xcn Tronl cnlr.iiicrt Windows nr franiM New liim ['nrtfElnns Enclfts; porch E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER IrlYTHCStlLE PHONE IOO We Do The Res-Jr ARKANSAS

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