Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, November 23, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS f«a« Thro* S _ •• CB^ octal ana P crsonal Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. VJJednesday, November 24 Mrs. Byron D. Hefner, Mrs. Claude D. Lauterbach, Mrs. Jett Williams, Sr., Mrs. Jett Williams, Jr., Mrs. Sue Sommerville, Miss Phyllis Williams will be "At Home" Wcuncsday altcrnoon, November 24 in the home o£ Mrs. Hefner from 2 to G o'clock. Thursday, November 25 There will be a Union Thanksgiving Service at the First Baptist church at 8:30 Thursday morning. Rev. J. JE. Cooper will bring the jjjessagc for this service. Friday, November 26 The Friday Music Club will meet Friday at V:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. John Barlow. All members of the club are requested to be present. NOTICE The Weincr Roast planned for the Brownie Scout Troop No. 1, under the direction of Mrs. HitiUm Davis, has been postponed until a later date, v . Mrs. Aaron Tollett Reviews Mission Book At Y.W.A. Meeting The Y.W.A. of the First Baptist church met at the church Monday night at 7 o'clock for the Mission Study Course. Mrs. Aaron Tollett gave a very interesting review of the Mission Book "Torchbearers in Honan", which was enjoyed by the members, the councilor, Mrs. James Burkhcad, and Mrs S A. Whitlow. Melba Jo Kimberly, Honoree at Coffee Mrs. B. E. McMahen and Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Jr. entertained wilh a coffee Monday afternoon from 3:30 to 5 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. Hcrndon on South Main street complimenting Miss Melba Jo Kimberly, popular bride elect of Donald Lcc Westbrook. The guests were met at the door by Mrs. Roycc Smith. Those re- LAST DAY FEATURES 2:25 - 4:30 - 6:35 - 8:40 RIOTOUS ROMANCE! "? ESTHER WILLIAMS PETER LAWFORD® / JIMMY DURANTE CYD CHARISSE WED.—THURS. login-Lion f.li* LAST DAY FEATURES 2:36 - 4:42 - 6:48 - 8:54 ClauiklteCOLBERT 'S-DonAMECHE ceiving were Miss Melba Jo Kimberly, Mrs. Herndon and Mrs. Mcmahcn. Other members ot the nouscpariy wore Miss l-Juie Hyatt, Miss Jo Ann Card, Mrs. H. V. i-ieMicion, br. anil Mrs. It. l>. Franklin. The Hcrndon home was beautifully decorated with arrangements 01 yellow chrysanthemums and yellow tapers. The mantel held a lovely arrangements of yellow cnrysantnemums and figurines. lhe honoree was presented a corsage 01 bronze chrysanthemums by the hostesses. The serving table was covered with a blue Madeira cloth and held a centerpiece of Iruit in a cut glass bowl, flanked by yellow candles in cut glass candle- nolders. Mrs. Luther Higgason presided at the cotlCL- service. Coltee, cakes, mints and nuts were served to fitly guests who called during the appointed hours. Out of town guests included: Mrs. B. F. Slater, of Texarkana and Mrs. Bernic Hargis, Jr. of Arkadclphia. Luncheon Compliments Melba Jo Kimberly Miss Melba Jo Kimberly was honoree at a luncheon at the Barlow Hotel, Tuesday at 1 o'clock, given by Mrs. Bernic S. Hargis, Jr. and Mrs. Claud Sutton. The table was centered with a miniature bridal doll, on a reflector which was surrounded by bridal greenery and white ruffles. The oridal doll held tiny white satin streamers extending to each place card. The honoree's place was marked with a corsage of gold ranunculas and a gift ol her chosen pattern of crystal, from the hostesses. 'lhe guest list included: the honoree, Mrs. C. C. Kimberly, Mrs. B. F. Slater of Texarkana, Mrs. S. A. Westbrook. Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Jr., Miss Etfie Hyatt, Miss Jo Ann Card, and the hostesses. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Grady Hairston and daughter, Aura Lou, will leave Wednesday to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with their daughter, Mrs. Jack Greenlce. Mr. Grcenlee and daughter, Donna in Roscdale, Mississippi. Miss Carolyn Barr will arrive by plane Wednesday from Chicago for the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Barr. Mrs. E. G. Coop left Monday night for Humbolt, Term, to attend the bedside of her sister, Mrs. W. W. Alley who is seriously ill. A. E. Stoncquist spent Monday in Little Rock attending the District meeting of Penney Company managers. Miss Frances Jane Osborn of Biloxi, Miss, will arrive Wednesday morning to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Osborn who will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary Wednesday, November 24. Personal Mention Jimmy Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Arnold, Hope, Rt. 3, an agriculture student at Magnolia A & M has been named among the midsemcster honor students by Dean E. E. Graham. Hospital Notes Josephine Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wright, Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on Nov. 23, 1948. Admitted: Little Miss Carolyn Ann Fulton, Hope. Mrs. J. A. Wright, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Wayne Turner and little daughter, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. T. R. Bradshaw, Hope. Henry Ayletl, Washington, Ark. Mrs. M. H. Moody, Hope. Mrs. Lile Cato, Hope. Discharged: David Floyd, Hope. Branch A Holiday Hook-up Fair Enough By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Feature* Syndicate. Observing the graceful scramble of the girl of my dreams to clamber nboard the Tallyho and cuddle up to the little man with the bullwhip 1 have counted up again and decided that I am much more entitled to the president's effcction and the most distinguished consideration of the Internal .Revenue. Eleanor the Great did for a fact announce in the closing hours of the late campaign that she was a Democrat voting the ticket whereas I tossed a straw dead into the wind but not that. any hurricane at MEW YORK— (NEA)—Plotting ways to make' ^ a memorable entrance at holiday parties? Wear a ribbon-knit dress, which you can make yourself. Art ribbon brightened by metallic thread can be hooked up rapidly to make a party dress, a blouse, a skirt or a high-styled accessory. Instructions for making a smart dress, such as the one Joan Crawford designed and models in its finished form (left) are available at no cost at art needle-work departments of stores and at knitting specialty shops. All that's needed, besides directions, to make this smart party dress are 19 spools of art ribbon which offer a knitter the choice of 18 fashionable wardrobe colors. -EPSIE KINARD, NEA Fashion Editor. The Doctor Says: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. P. Written for NEA Service Of the several kinds of rheumatism and arthritis a few can be treated with complete success. Acute forms of arthritis, for example, which are caused by certain germs like the pneumococcus or the streptococcus can be cured by one of the sulfa drugs or penicillin. Unfortunately, tnese kinds of arthritis are comparatively rare. One of the worst problems is rheumatoid arthritis. This is a disease the cause of which is not known and there is no drug or medicine which acts successfully in all cases. What makes matters worse, is that this disease is the great crippler — the one which causes deformities like claw hands or bent knees or elbows. Even though there is no sure cure for this baffling condition, much can be done by proper care. Fortunate also is the fact that in many patients the disease stops of itself before progressing into its most serious form. Need More Resources The attack on rheumatoid arthritis and the other forms of arthritis and rheumatism requires more resources than are i'ow available. Hospital beds are needed not only to improve the care which can be offered patients, but also to allow physicians to study all phases of these diseases. Groups of research workers must be gathered together and trained to attack the various fundamental aspects of the problem. This is a difficult and time -consuming task. All members of the medical professsion must be informed of the methods now available to prevent the worst ravages of rheuvn.i- tism. The funds and research facilities now available to do what should be done are inadequate. For these reasons, all those who are anxious to better the chances for .the rheumatic or arthritic patient hope that the campaign now in progress by the Arthritis and Another Oil Producer in Ouachita 168 Arkansans Inducted Info Army Today Little Rock Nov. 22 — (/P) — Arkansas' first postwar draftees jPetroicum Company has com- to- plcted its J. D. McClurkin No. 5 Iwcll in Section 35-15-19 of Ouachita county. The well is producing oil gravity 33 degrees from the hogg sand at 3150 feet. It will go on Stephens, Nov. 22 —f/P)— Ohio But I tell you 1 was In Washington the very week in January 19't7 when my pin-up came to town on politics as usual and held a huddle with a passcl of New Deal dcrc- icts the upshot of which was a icw splinter party called Americans for Democratic action. It was organized to disown Mr. Truman jut all this happened in the dead of winter and nobody had a true green thumb for it withered in a week. Even my old punching dummy Bubblchead Wallace outscored this A. D. A. in lineage decibels and popular vote. In the grisly Gymkhana in Philadelphia where the chicfest purpose of the gamey Congress of postmasters Harvard ambulance chasers and parole-brokers was not merely o deny him thrice but to do it loudest Mr. Truman was the A. D. A.'s candidate for ignominy beyond the meaning of simple insult or polite abhorrence. Not .con- 1 tent to disown him Mrs. Roosevelt's crowd were all for hurling him out on his peruke. They were Bulling telephones out by the roots n frantic efforts to raise Bill Douglas of the Supreme court who was hiding out with a jug of wine beneath a bough biding his time which will be 1952. When that time comes pursuant to a vow he will DOROTHY D!X Tactless Spouses Dear Dorothy Dix: Why do hud- bands and wives use so little tact in dealing with each other? There are the smallest number of married people who treat each other with even common politeness, to say nothing of showing each other the courtesy and consideration that they use toward the veriest stranger with whom they come in eon- tact. Yet these same men and women who use the tactics of a brute and a boor in the family circle are noted for their suavity abroad. Why is this? WONDERING Answer: All of us know husbands and wives whose marriages are just as sure to end in a crash as an automobile would if it were driving at full speed into a stone wall, because they go headlong into each other's prejudices and convictions, instead of taking the trouble to gumshoe around them. Why people with even ordinary never what one does but how one does it that counts, and it is not too much to say that there is not a family scrap that couldn't be prevented, not an argument that couldn't be happily solved by the use of a little diplomacy. Dear Dorothy Dix: Is a woman supposed to be married to her husband or his people? MRS. H. MC. C. Answer: When a woman marries a man she docs, to a certain extent, marry his people. For one thing, he is pretty much what they have made him by the inheritance they have given him and the environment in which he has been reared. She also marries his people in the sense that their name becomes her name, and she should at least make an attempt to become one of them. She should show them affection and consideration and make every effort to get along them. And c were inducted into the army day. One hundred and men making up the sixty-eight November quota for Arkansas were to report at induction centers at Little Rock- Fort Smith Texarkana Pinclpump for more than the field al- Bluff and Jonesboro for processing. From these centers they are to go to Camp Chaffee near .Fort Smith for preliminary training. Admitted: Mrs. J. C. Watson, Houston. Discharged: Mrs. Ira Weems, Waterloo. MUM- LIFE BRA'S "FIGURE-TYPE" FIT i To glorify YOUR figure ;;; each of Life Bra's 9 f separately designed pieces Is changed in proportion tor YOUR sir« ... YOUR cup width .;. YOUR exact figure fype! Be fitted and see the difference this makes in YOUR bust line glamorl . Jife from $1.25 While, Nude, Black, Blua Rheumatism Founadtion, 535 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, N. Y., will be successful. This organization cannot, of course, promise any rapid solution to the many problems, but it is only through more intensive study that these .solutions may eventually come. QUESTION: If the bone at the base of the spine—-the: coccyx— is injured after childbirth, is there any chance of cancer? ANSWER: So far as I know, injury to this portion of the spine does not cause any increased danger from cancer. lowable of 75 barrels daily. Cotton Ginnings Show Sharp Increase Washington Nov. 22 —MB— The Census Bureau reported today that 11,CC3,229 running bales of cotton from this year's crop were ginned prior to Nov. 14. This number compared wilh 9,265,460 ginned to the same date last year and 6,432,829 two years ago. Increased ginnings this year rofloctec?. a sharp increase in the size of the crop. Ginnings by state this season and last, respectively, included: Arkansas 1,529,228 and 980,350. Waltz into Darkness By William Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. THE STORY: Well-to-do Louis At the far end of the room You JJurand carries on a correspond- are expected. They are in the first one on the right." He made his way down the long central lane of clearance to the rear. At the back, the room narrowed to a single serving passage leading to the kitchen. Lining each side cnce courtship with a Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. She comes from St. Louis to New Orleans by boat to marry him. She is-, young, ravishing, blond. Within- a month of their marriage, she . withdraws $50,000 from his bank account'land disappears. Investigation .proves" Her an impostor.- Durand retains Walter Downs, detective, to-prove that a crime was committed against the real Julia Russell, who vanished on the boat trip to New Orleans. A year later, Durand is alone in Biloxi. He makes the acquaintance o£ a Colonel Worth in a hotel bar. Worth persuades Durand to dine with him and his fiancee, Miss Castle, the following evening. XXII Somehow, the next day, he was too lackadaisical about his engagement even to send his perfunctory regrets in time, and so before he knew it, it was evening, the appointment had become confirmed if only by default, and it was too late to extricate himself from it without being guilty of the grossest rudeness, which would not have been the case had he canceled it a few hours earlier. He'd lain down on his bed, fully dressed, later in the afternoon for a short nap, and when he awoke the time set was already imminent, and there was nothing left to do now but fulfill the engagement. He sighed and grimaced privately to his minor, but then commenced the necessary preparations none the less. He could remain a half-hour, he promised himself as a token of participation, then arrange to have himself called away by one of the waiters with a decoy message, and leave. Fortified by this intention, shaved and cleanly shirted, he shrugged on his coat, thumbed open his money-fold to see (hat it was sufficiently well filled, and glumly set forth. A JO-minute walk brought him to his destination. LEWIS-McLARTY, Inc. Phone 944 Hope, Ark. of this, however, were openings leading into the little private coves or dining nook:; Worth had mentioned. All alike discreetly curtained-off from view, although otherwise they were doorless. The nearest one on either side, however, was not strictly parallel lo the passage but placed slantwise to it, cutting off the corner. As he fixed his eyes upon tho one to the right, marking that for his still eventual destination, though a little distance short of it. bust Mr. Justice Frankfurter one goshasmighty punch on the snoot step out of his wrapper, toss a beaker high with Mr. Justice Black the old night-rider and Mr. Justice Murphy who will take Vanilla and go forth to take over as nominee in full title if the moon tide and winds be right. He may be a speed-trap squire as to his ethics and conscience in the spread of justice under law. But he is no such dummy as they took him for' n the cozy huddles of the widow Roosevelt's A. D. A. Poring over a mess of old dance programs valentines speakeasy :ards and incomplete returns I lave discovered that Mr. Truman erred when he said "Labor did it!" He should have said "Pegler did it.'" For if Henry Wallace had caught only 35000 more in California and a mere 7000 more in Ohio Mr. Truman would have lost fifty clectorals and Mr. Dewey would have picked them up and won. I ignore Illinois where my sorcery' was hexed by the dumb Republicans who connived with the Democrats in keeping Henry off the ballot. I ignore Illinois except to observe that only 32000 votes for Bubblehead a mere handful among the Bolsheviki and the North Shore Pinks would have cinched the discretion of the people's choice. Need I explain that I do not believe that anyone who would vote for Wallace at all would be deterred by further evidence of imbecility? The crazier the better was the Communist motto. It wasn't Henry's infatuation with an oriental pundit that dorve off the difference between the million-odd Communist votes that he got and the five-million miscellaneous votes that he might have had. He was cut down by his queasy refusal to acknowledge and preach the strange but not necessarily idiotic theories which he had once embraced. With his wild and fierce enthusiasm Mr. Wallace could h.-tvo become a real mahatha the first political holy man in Western history. He could have had a vast following of presently unattached susceptibles god-seekers and hal- lelujans of all kinds including many intellectual speculators. There 1 are millions of Americans who have found the relilgious fa- main one of the unfathomable my- stories of matrimony, but it does explain why divorce is so common. One would think that even a moron would realize that there is no-other relationship on earth so delicate and so difficult to manage as that between a husband a wife, and that it is the one that calls for the most finesse in the handling and is the place for diplomacy to do ifs great and perfect work. Inconsiderate Treatment! Perhaps in the backs of our honds we all know this, but we have such a naive faith that marriage will stand any kind of rough treatment, that we go along treating our husbands and wives as we would no other human beings, saying to them Ihings that we would never drcnm of saying to anyone else, showing a callous disregard for thcjr feelings that we wouldn't exhibit' to our enemies, and then we Wonder why marriage is a failure. If husbands and wives were rnaly so stupid that they never learned how to handle each other, excuse could be made. for. theii blunders, but this is not the case Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a married woman with three children and in love with a married man. I am sure he loves me, but he will ot be disloyal to his wife. 3n fact, e simply ignores me and I am ccoming desperate. Why should uirriage stand in the way of a nan if he rcaly loves some other voman than, his wife? UNHAPPY WIFE Answer: Perhaps the man ha* a cnsc of honor and duty, which are ipparently trifles that do not bother you. He feels that he is bound jy the vows he took to be faithful o his wife and he is too fine ind clean to have an undercover affair with a married woman. Why do you not emulate his example and be true to your husband'.' Why do you not recognize your obligation to be a good mother and keep your name clean for the sake of your children? and woman have six months they Before a mah been married __._ have a perfect working model each other's temper and tempera ment, with every angle of each other's disposition charted out, am they have each other's number to the last figure. But do these hua bands and wives, who are so wisi to each other's peculiarities, use their expert knowledge to avoir conflict and get along in harmony Not so that you can notice it. In marriage it is never what on says but how one says it; It i (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Cottage cheese that looks lik_ and tastes like freshly made cheese after months of storage in a frozen condition is promised by a new process. Tired Kidneys« Often Bring ^ Sleepless Nights When disorder of kidney function permlta poisonous matter to remain in your blood. It may cause nagginjr backache, rheumatic pains. Ice pains, loss o£ pep and energy, getting up nichts, swelling, pufilness under tho cycfl, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or Scanty passages with snmrtinc: nnd burning Sometimes ohows there la something wrong With your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your drucsist for Doan'a Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over BO years. Dean's Bivo happy relief and will help the IB miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Doan's Fills. riain gasnca DUCK ni lellow with certain scon I a waiter came out)humble simplicity always the act of withdraw- ing K ui.se who had only with the last bank of tables projecting somewhat between, the protective curtain gashed back at one side and backward, in •.... ul but lingering a moment half-in half-out to allow the completion of some instruction being given him. He held the curtain, for'that moment, away from the wall in a sort of diaiTioiid-.shapod aperture, with one hand. their It was as if a cameo of purest line, of clearest design, were in that_ opening, held there for Duto see, a cameo of daz/.hng d - • • - . ;• > 1 1 arity, presented against a dark t n velvet mounting. On one .side, fluctuating wilh utterance of orders to the waiter, eilities in our country both spir- and formal inappropriate to yearning. Here then came a soomings of a fetrh- nly to holler up his ism and perhaps adopt a nanny goat a pullman clout and a spinning wheel to become a guru in his own right. It was never for his religious or spiritual faith or seeking that I critici/cd Henry Wallace but for pretending that it never happened. Perhaps I should have kept the peace. A dour Republican warned me last winter that every note I drove away from Wallace I drove Truman's score. I didn't know my own strength but now that 1 do I am less horrified thai erance of orders to the waiter. Taft-Hartlev will no bo re ealed .16 a slice of the lumpy profile or |, iut n«hl. or anyway will b e r e- ''•L c ','I?"!:: .At tlu- other. facmfiU,,,^ itl p:i ,Ay "some new law the . , , . • ,. ~\ |Jicii~eu in nan uy toward him, wus u slice of i i-etainint' at least't of •••• ' - new law basis for the smooth-turned profile of im| lx .fo rm whi( , h is .,„ W( , can have tho e'e i HI, iac.c shoulders ho c-ouw Juli-i' half-bare,, bo.som '' " and killc-r. The of his heart. The waiter dropped his restrain- | ing hand, lhe curtain.-,ide swept to the wall, the blotted The Grotto was a long, narrow, cabinlikc, single-story structure, flimsy and unprepossessing on the outside. The interior, due to some depression in the ground, was somewhat lower than the walks uul- -Mde, t-o thai he had to descend a i into labios and the back uf "chairs', short flight of entry steps once he | Ho reached the oilier end of ihe had been bowed in by lhe colored raucous place, and tiie i-ame stew- •_ri,,.,!-,.,, TI,,. rna i n dining i ard as before came buliciluu.sly u> He stood there stunned, blasted, robbed o£ his powi-rs of motion. Then suddenly he was going back the oilier wav, tin: v/av he'd men in and California. Any fair employment law will be ignored for a trial run and then if the pressumcrs get nasty will be invoked in reverse and quietly forgotten like the hitching-plug ordinance. Moreover and above all the Russian war conies nighcr and when doom cracks such questions will be not even academic. JJ was tin; morning after. For it [now seems that in the honestly cynical vvordi of Wendell Willkie a bubblehead himself as. we , learned too late, much of Mr. Tru- | man's oratoiical ferocity was door-flunkey. T he- room itself, seen from their top~ was a disordered litter of white- clothed table top*, heads -studdiiiy them in circular formation. A pompous dining steward, with wide-spreading frizzed sideburns, greeted him at the foot of the btairs. "Are you alone, sir? May 1 show you 10 a table?" "No, 1 was to join a party." Uurand said. "Coluiu'1 Worth and friends. In one of the private boulhs. Which way arc they? 1 ' "Oh. Ktrai.c.ht to the back, r.ir. his fide. "Did you lail to iinij your party, .sir'.'" "I—I've changed my mind." IK- look out his HKiney-i'ulr!. crushed an incredible len-duilur bill into the man's hand. "I haven't here asking 1'ur thei see me. Salesman's Body Found in L. R. Building •n | Link- Hock Nuv. '22 — i.-pi— The You didn't ! body of a IHj-year-old insurance isalesmun was iound in a narrow He siurubk-d up lhe step:: anil i passageway between lhe Pyramid out, lurching ni thoiif.h he'd t'lik-u |aiul Lkahura buildings here" today. himself with wine in tiiose few : Polite ije^an an investigation to minutes. Wine of hat,-, ferment uf :d>.-U-nr,ini- the cause of the death of the grapes of '>vruih. i Uu.> victim identified as Hoc P, (To Be Continued) 'Cusin-i Noiui Little Hock, We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps Geo.W.Robison&Co. "The Leading Department Store HOPE NASHVILLE

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