Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 23, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two GOP Planning Purge of Leaders , Washington, Nov. 22 — iffl — A move to purffe the present leadership of the Republican National Committee was said today to be shaping up around Gov. James H Duff of Pennsylvania. Duff is being mentioned in some OOP quarters as a possible candidate to succeed R C p. Hugh ft. bcott Jr., who was beckoned to ihe> national chairmanship by Gov Thomas E. Dewey. ., Many -Republicans hero doubt' Ural Duff will let himself become publicly involved in any such contest. But these same GOP officials say they think the Pennsylvania governor must be reckoned with in- any move to change the party's hiPh command. Duff fsn't a member of the national committee but friends say he woilds a lot of influence; as the governor of a big state that stayed in the Republican column Novem- ner 2. , 3 represents too many the party's represents to many the party's anti-Dowey forces who took a lick- JiiR at the Philadelphia convention. They have bounced back into the Jimohgbt since Dewey's defeat bv President Truman. , Duff made his peace with Dewoy during tho general election campaign. Bill he did about everything he could to oppose Dewey's nomination. He lost a fight within his own Ptate s delegation when Senator Edward Martin and other leaders plumped for the New York gover- ' But Duff held 28 of Pennsylvania's 73 ballots in line for Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio through t tne first and second ballots. He to tho capital of Nanking Meyiously had tried to get Sena- beel1 . soiled upon in Central Chiha tor Arthur H. Vandenberg of Mich- ?, s Sivmg hope that the terrific ignn openly'into-the race. -Red offensive has been •• ' ''Out' of that battle grew up : a <"'"••<•"»'•• "-- —- • • " close association between Duff and HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS He's Practicing His Scales By DEWITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst The Chinese government's announcement of a sweeping victory over the Communist rebels in the - ...^.. MJHUV,JCH.JUII uui-wufciit -L/uit anol "»• IJI - IL we briau do Vcndenberp. as well as with Taft developments before other GOP leaders. :3,._ e , Pennsylvania governor is lobked upon as a potential date two years from now candi- when -— -..~ .jwn^ itun, uuw wnon bPhalor Francis J. Myers, expected to become assistant Democratic leader.in the-ncw~Congress, will be running- again.- : But iust now Duff is represented ns believing that a change in the party s command, such as was suggested recently by Clarence -BueJington Kclland, Arizona nalion- al com-mitteeman. is in order Most of the party's wheel horses apparently-want to wail a couple of'months until they see what happens' in Congress before they meet thr> issue of a-possible' shakoup . Specifically, they want to see w-nai-Hf, any--change is made in Hie Senate - Republic'ari leadership. There apparently.isn't going to be any shakeup in- the. House line,np. ; Almost without exception, Senate) Republicans say ilothing can ho '<'"•"'"' •-'" Senator Taft a European i T.?^' now .heads"the Senate Re- ;pubhcan policy . ^powerful post ii ^ate setup. Taft decided comes home until from committee, his most . . .. hasn't indicated even privately, whether he wants '*to hang on to that job. ' 25-Year Record Is \ Set by Warehouse . Sale at Rephan's ';• * . , - . • The largest two-day volume of i business irv it* 25 years of opera- nion in Hope was reported last Fri,day and Saturday'.by Rephan's de- ,-partment store, Secbhd : strect-Man- ager Oscar Greenbcrg said today , Rephan's launched its Warehouse »Disposal Sale last Friday, head- ilined with a Sull-paee ndvertise- • ment in The Star on Thursday and 'resultant sales Friday and Satur"day beat every record in the store's 'book, Mr. Greenberg said. * Rephan's is continuing the Ware,house Disposal Sale this week. t At the first sign of a cold, you .ehould obey three simple rules: , 1. Keep warm and get as much i-rest as possible. .2. Drink lots of water and fruit i juices. > 3. Take a CALOTAB. * Calotabs are a thorough depend- f able laxative, intestinal antiseptic »and diuretic. They clean out your J entire Intestinal tract and flush your , kidneys, thereby ridding your system , of poisonous toxins. They help nature rthrow off a cold. t Remember! At the first sign of a * bad cold — REST — LIQUIDS — ' CALOTABS. It's so simple. Follow , label directions. one Bock Home Washington. Nov. 22— rTJP)—The f J£". r flyi u : ' machinc comes here today for honors never received dining Us inventors' lives So it be the time to dust off an . V, ""curnenl which clarfies ...... Hie argument was all about. It IK the Wright, brothers tiny bi, !'r,"° "' ' 0:)31 k »own as both the |. I'Iyer' and the "Kitty Hawk." It l\s being trucked into' Washington n-.'yy after a triumphal tour I ...onelon where it was sent in Tuesday, November 23, 1948 (ationQi&sf Not lists Are Smashed of Hop,.. 18';9; Prc« , so.'iitalet] January 1 'A, 192? >-u uni,-;isjve nas Dcen .smashed Certainly tho report is encourag- . ing, but wo shall conclusions. Wo that this great well to await .lumping to must bear in mind battle has been raging with unabated fury for some ten days. The time has arrived wncn, even under far more lavorablo -circumstance's, the attacking C h i n e s c Communists might be expected to pause to bring up their communications and repair heavy losses in men and material. Thus tho halt Published every ..woekduy n (tor-noon bv 5TAU PUBLISHING CO. '" C. E. Polmcr, Prcw.'mi Alox, II. VVoshburn, l.ccrcrary-TroT-.uror ol the -Star Ivjildinr, ^12 ?M Sculn Wolour buc"t Horn.-, Ark Alex. H. Washburn, Lditor & Publisho- Paul H. Jone-;, ."/.ancioi'i'i Editor George W. liosmci, Mccn. Snpt Jcs= M. Davis, A-'wni lining Manuger tnlorci! as Post Olfico at Act of March .CI.:IM.-J -:lo'-, mailer ;il th- Hope, Arhanros, under thi 3, 1897. (AP)—Mc-oni (NtA)--McQii- i.* i*. 'I"(L til doesn't in itself mean Reds , breathe^ 0 ' are knocked out. the attack that Their .. .. rcsumcd nftor the as- subscription Rates; (Always Payable; ii , Advance): By rilv earner i,rr \vr<',- '>_Q, \ nor month RSc. Moil raic-,—in hemp .tccitl, hjcvada, Howard, Miller anr -lo counties, 5-1.50 ccr year- cist- The casualties have been both has — — --•..«•., u^.\_. 11 i-/i j-^ on i sides. A Nanking spokesman ! —-. estimated the government i tosses in men at '10,000. He placed the Red casualties at 130,000, much pt this great loss having been due to massed Red forces being caught by Nationalist air forces on the open plain without cover. Assuming that the Communist losses is estimate of ---- -—-., ..* correct, how are the rebels going to find quick replacement!; -for such a ' great given an number of men? I was given an interesting side-light on this prob 1cm from Dr. Peng Hsuch-peh, advisor to the Chinese-cabinet, who paused Wednesday in New York on his way from Paris to Nanking. In the course of a luncheon chat Dr Peng said: "A lot oC people in the Western worm wonder how it i.s that the L-hinese Communists are able lo sustain heavy losses and still i-----ep pouring great armies onto the battlefields, whereas the government may have trouble in finding all the 1 fighting men needed. Some of these folks take this ay meaning that the people of China favor the Communists and consequently arc- more willing to servo in the ranks. "That is an entirely false idea The Communists raise their fight- nier by terrorism under 'vlih-h National Advertising Representative ^rkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Term :-!enck Buifa'inr.i; Chicago, '',00 Nori'n Mich igan Avenue; New -fork City, 292 Maclisoi Avc.; Detroit, Mich., 28-1? w eiram Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldq New Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of tho Associated Press: Th. Associated Press is entitled exclusively ti ihe y,e for republication of all the. | O ca lows printed in this newspaper, cs welt c 1 3tt AP news dispatches. I . Hie plane- will be given a rousing civic welcome. Formal presenta- on to the Smithsonian Institution '.'.'ill be made on Dec. 17. (he 45th a ,!', v . ° f 1he first flight at K ban hocome habitual to regard the late Orville Wright's long con- 'roversy with the Smithsonian as one concerning who first flew an I an plane under power. Rut that is •not what kept fh c famed "Flyer" :ont of the institution until today. | I ho question which embroiled na- itir-iial figure;; here and across the lAHantic was whether the Wright ; plane was the first Capable 'of i ' hr>nL. | A' h.-ind i s S nme little, if ever [Publicized testimony on this point by Orville Wright, who died at his | Dayton, p., home on Jan. 30 outliving Wilbur by 36 years. Orville wrote a prominent Washington fig- in e in 1928 that his and Wilbur's nnde was in producing tho first man-carrying flying machine rath- fh'oi'' 1 '"- 1 . 1 '" producin K the first man , He said there were thousands twno might have flown their plane f-nd myself that had the scientific data for building a machine that | would fly." It was not until 1042 that the Smithsonian Institution reached the •;ame conclusion. That set in mo- tir-.n events which led lo the present^ triumphal return to America I'hc "Flyer" now is to take the number one place- of honor in the .mithsoman's aircraft collection including many famous planes Lveniually they will be housed in a new national air museum In the "Flyer's" wake is a chap- 'e;- m aeronautical history loaded v-'itn names like Dr. Alexander Orr-bam Bell, the telephone inventor: and ex-Governor James M. in° :< 19-'0 Presidential nominee They helped Orville in his long battle against claims that Samuell I lerpont Langley built the first Plane capable of flight. Langley BROADCASTING SYSTEM Boy Has a Doll Likeness the possession of capital of any Nanking', for tho country is the ,, Nn ,,,°! 1 '-; scorned to question that, (he Wrights made the' actual first • liflht when they got their machine plolt in the hills of North Carolina let 1 12 seconds. Claims that the! rrr, ." acl ' odl 'ome" was capable' of light before 1903 were based on a tlicht ]t made at Hammondsport, N. Y., ,n 1914 with Glenn Curtis at the controls. * - ••-•-.' v_.ji., lvti , JO I 11,^ symbol of national security in the minds of the citizens. ests New on be in Garden c rac every able-bodied male controlled area in a This terrorism the -------- .. vv is forced to serve. may even involve torture or kill'lnf-' "of"a "man's Many of the vegetables now ir, the Harden can he stored and kept loi- many months, remind'; Lorraine Blaeku'oo;!. Home Demon- stratum AKOIU. A coo] temperature, correct, moisture, and proper ventilation are important factors to consider in storarie. ihe l-.orae ai;em ex]ilains. Too much luoistun; 'will promote sptiila ;.-.;•; too little v ,'il! cause i)rociuc(s t The temperature hi;;h. bin nuisi ~ - ........ • >j * 11 1 M n i^ in ,i n i an si 1 1 eexinj^ . relatives. All (he areas under Com- j L;ile maim-in" tnuiiist control are or^anixed best, i'oi- stoi-j lir , tlirouj-'ti terrorism of men. \vomoi) I Those' of medmin and children. i iirm, well matured, 'the people in the Communist controlled- areas are like t| 1os ., unilor_ Royernment control. Tliey t are simple peasant folk who \vaiit i pcaci! so that they can i^i about i tlH-Ir business of farmin;;. They ! Beets would gladly support •iient i| they had (li , bruises and detect seh eled u,,- slnrim> Kvery vegetable jn .sp'-cial prol;K.-in, Inn ran earrol Or. Peng's appraisal of the situa- -ion nis in with establish " ods of the Bolshevists theatres of Asia and Europe . But to get back to the battle • or Sue-how, the Coniinuni.st-i arei xmnd to resume the offensive if U is humanly possible. This i.s true i lot only because- of the strale.t-ir ! value of this route into Central I (. Una but beeaus,- liie capital of : all China is involved i The prestige- of both the ,-,overn- i mcnt and the rebels i.s involved in the "oveni- I and parsnip.-; chance." storage. '1 hry them, lied iiu-th j -'elect geiod in otlu-r I leave ;1lioui. oiu- h on them, Id hour in the shade. Summer sod on tho lawn, such as Bermuda, may be given a new lop; tor winter 'by overseeding with rye grass, says Lorraine blaekwood. Hempstead County Home Demonstration Agent. Either Italian or common rye grass may | be used. i First, she says mow the summer ftras.s as short as possible. Next so\v good clean seed at the rate o£ '^lo 4 pounds per 1,000 square feet. lo Hive the grass a more even start when the .seed is broadcast it is usually advisable to divide 'lie seed. Sow half of it while crossing the lawn area in one direction: then go over the entire J'rea sowing the second half cross- w-se of the first seeding. Third N f w Yol ' k - NoVi 23 —(/?)—Tunin tho seed must be covered if "ood Tonight: results are to be obtained. * NBC—7 This is Your Life; 8 Bob 1 'so uvll-rotted compost or pood Hope: 8:30 Fibber and Mollj garden soil, she advises. Broad- People Are Funny. e:-sl it on Die la\vn; then rake it! CBS—-7 Mystery Theater •nit leve-1 adding the equivalent of| M !'- aiu \ Ml ' s - North: 8:30 about, one-eighth of an inch ofi w ith Luigi: 0 Hit The Jackpot: Tuesday p.m., Nov. 23 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M !i:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M 0:00 Rhythm & Reason 6:15 NPWS. Five.- Star final 0:30 News Comment—M 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.—-M 7:00 George O'Hanlon Show—M 7:30 Official Detective—M 7:55 Hy Gardner—M 8:00 Gabriel Heatter—M 8:15 Mutual Ncwsrcel—M n:'M Lone Wolf—M 8:55 Bill Henry, News—M 9:00 American Forum of the Air—M 9:30 Jimmy Fcatherstone's Orch —M 10:00 All tho News—M 10:15 Eddy Howard's Orch.—M 10:30 Bobby Byrne's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign-Off Wednesday a.m., Nov. 24 5:57 Sign On R -00 Hillbilly Hoedown 6:25 Bargain Roundup 6:30 News, First Edition 6:40 Arkansas Plowboys 6:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program.. 7:15 Melody Boys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Bob Poole's Show—M fi:45 Bob Poole's Show—M 8:55 Arkansas News Roundup 9:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M .9:30 Mineral Springs Program 9:45 Blue Barren Presents—M 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Gabriel Hcattcr's Mailbaa —M 10:45 Lanny Ross—M 11:00 Kate'Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Student Parade 11:45 Music by Monroe Wednesday p.m., Nov. 24 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 John Daniel Quartet 12:30 Melody Mustangs . ; 12:40 Shortest 5 min.'in Radio 12:45 Eddy Arnold Show—M 1:00 Queen for a. Day.; • •, 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—Si. 2:00 Movie Matinee—M 2:30 Ozark Valley Folks—M 3:00 Songs of .Love 3:15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 1490 Club 4:00 Swing -Time -' . '4:45 Here's to Veterans '5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—-M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M ''5:45" Tom Mix—M •• •6:00 Salon Serenade 6:15 News, Five Star Edition 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 News Comment 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr. • . 7:00 .Can You Top This—M 7:30. High Adventure—M •7:o5 Hy 'Gardner—M 8:00 Gabriel Heatter—M ,8:15 Mutual Newnreel—M 8:30 The Family Theater—M 8:55 Bill Henry, News—M 9:00 Manhatton Playhouse—-M" 9:30 Lavas/'s Orch.—M 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Jimmy Fcatherstone's Orch —M 10:30 Henry Jerome's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off Police Group in Texarkono TYyirsg to Oust Taekefrt Texarkana, Nov. 23—fUPi— Tin- Arkansas Police Association filed suit. Monday in Miller County Chancery Court here to oust Max Tackelt as Texarkana police chief. position he has held for seven days. Brought in the name of Charlie Chittim, a motorcycle patrolman, .he suit named as Tackett, Mayor B. R. he civil service par ci'v officials. The suit alleged that no city or state law was followed in app'nint- ng Tackelt. a former criminal investigator for Cue Arkans.iK Stnte Police. He took the position Nov. 15 after ranking highest in a civil iervice examination. -ton! happily pushes his doll-likeness sl im <• - dressod-lo resemble the young- Selling for $25, complete with a built-in sob, the doll is 27 inches tall. Rev. Leslie fro Hold Services at Union Grove Top Radio The Rev. Clyde Leslie will be the pastor for Union Grove Church, near Blevins, for the coming year, it was announced. Services will- be he-Id every 4th Sunday at:1.1 'a.m. and at 7:30 p.m., \\ith Sunda> School at the usual time The pub lie is invited, .' Daily Bread Continued From Page One .. are good and true Republicans. Perhaps now these men will be given greater influence. For the record of the old Republican leadership in Congress rose to haunt the GOP presidential candidates in 1940 and 1944 and 1948, and to contribute greatly to their defeat. If the fact has finally been brought home to the party, perhaps we shall now have a minority leadership in Congress which speaks in closer harmony with the voice of the people. Wins Freedom i El Dorado, Nov. 23 — (UP) — Roy Culbcrtson, 29-year-old El Dorado resident, was free today iol lowing action of a Union Cotintv jury last night. . The jury, after deliberating an hour and a half, retuurned a" verdict of not guilty in Culbertson's murder trial. He was charged with the fatal stabbing of Herbert Fer- gifson, 30, chemical plants worker, three weeks ago. . Testifying yesterday Culbertson | declared that he did not have a knife when Ferguson was killed in their fight at a country store North of here. He contended that Ferguson wounded himself during their scuffle. defendants McCarloy. ;;nr| other Any soil that will produce good garden crops will grow Rood roses. SUFFERERS FIND CURB FOf! MISERY DUE TO LACK OF HEALTHY BILE Supply Ri.'sli'jd Here — Sufferers R«|olce New relief for f;:ill!)l:u!(I,'r snlTtrcn? Inck- lllK hoaltliy bilo iu !;oen tndny in nnnouucc- nient o£ n \vumlrrful prcM^iral iun \vliifli .-ictn •with romnrlaiblo cfTcct. t--uiTcr (_>;-; v;ith nEnn'yr.inx colic, st.oi7i.-ich nii(! K-iH!.il.'nX:'r misery duo to lac'lt of henltliy liilu; mi* toll of romfirkalilc results nftci- U'jin^ tlib rnrdl- cinc \vhich lins ninir/.i'MK iiowei- to Htiinul^to flow of hcaltliy bilo. GALLUS1N is u very expensive metlicine. but conMderinf,' i-rsults, tlic S3.00 it costs is only ]ieniui':i ]-,p\- (in-o. GALLU3IN (caution, u«e only as directed) ia aold nvith full money brick i;iinr:mtc'o by Coined Word The word "telephone" was coined by Sir Charles Whentstone. physicist of Kings College. London, after studying methods r.f transmitting sound in 1321. We're Your Best Friend, Too! We call for and deliver your clothes prompiiy — Dry clean scientifically . . . presb with precision . . . check missinq buttons and ripped linings! Family man or lachc-lor, y.;u can rclv on us. HALL'S GLEANERS and HATTERS Next Door to Young Chevrolet Co. Phone 76 One of ihe e:i:sieKl and mosi eon- vtnienl ways is to pack ihem in layers of clean saint. r.o\e.s which \viU hold about one bushel are i-uttal.iU-. ,-\ :! or H-iiu-h layer of saiui Miulild be put in tile biilloni. A single layer of ve.",el;>.!'les should then (),. aeHeM ™-M: du-y do not j touch. They should be eo\vred with | an inch of sand, ;mei the proce.---.-- i may he eonliiuu-d until lh<- box is 'Idled. | .1 "nn'[ikin and y. inter squash r.'- I qim i' (liiii-rent nvamu-ni," a>vurd- iin;.-, .to Lorraine lllaul-. -.-,•• md. .\II.M; I '-'- inches ol siero should be h-ll nu table.-i. Th. v : iioulil he an i I'lp-ftressing to cover the seed. I \\here n top-dressing of soil or ! comi.-ost is not used, the sec-d- 'n.; rate should be doubled to allow : lor pc;or germination and seedling losses. J .Vext. apply fertilixer to boost the ; ne\v Hra.ss and to mainlan the ori- ^in.'il sod. Use a complete Certi- li/er such as 5-10-5 or 4-12--1 at the rale ol lf> (o 20 jjounds per 1 000 square feet. Fifth, water the lawn | v.-lien possible, and watch it grow. I-ate next spring when the rye ;;rass begins to die out, mow "it I short: then apply another applica- j lion of complete ferlili/er at the , i rate of 'Jll to 25 pounel.s per 1.000 ' square h-et. This spring appliea-I I lion of Cerlilizer will help reduce | I the damage done- to the summer I lawn hy the rye grass and make j u goeiei lasting summer soel. .New Orleans, Nov. 23 — (UP) — Rita Hayworth was in Ne\v Orleans today, on her Way back to Holly wood after'a six-months vacation abrcmci; •" '• '• ; Ali Khan, 'fabulously wealthy In dian prince, was in New Orleans too, "just travelling around." The beautiful actress and 'the son of Indian potentate Aga Khan both insisted they are just casual acquaintances. Reporters who questioned them about a rumored romance are on the wrong track, they said. Rita and Ali got off the same plane from Havana when it landed at Moisant National airport here yesterday, liita got off first. Ali was! five passengers behind. "We just met through mutual friends," said All. "I don't know a thing about Ali Khan," said Rita. Both said they would board other planes before nightfall, Rita heading for Hollywood and Ali not saying where he was going. A cheek showed they had reservations on the same plane for Dallas. Tex leaving at 4:20 p. m. But a few minutes before the plane took off, Miss Hayworth her secretary and Ali all cancelled the uuu ;;;- s ervai,ons witnout explanation. 9:30 llhc - v :l11 stopped overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel here. A host of reporters met the plane Irom Havana yesterday, eager to learn more about the 'reported romance between the actress and ier admirer who doesn't know how 't count- IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH SELF-PQLISHIMG | LIQUID^ WAX SHOE POLISH BLACK BROWN; TAN BLUE.OXBLQOD '* CHOICE GRAIN FED GRAIN FED 121 South Main Phone 767 S. 7:30 Life 9:30 Morey Amsterdam. jinance ueuveen the actre ABC—0:30 Music Relaxin' Time; llei | admirer who doesn't kn J7:30 America's Town MeetinP I rlcn lle ls Because he hasn' "Government Control of Lobbies:" | ccl hls money lately. 8:45 Detroit Symphony 9-45 Sere- iJul ' according to Rita ; undo for Strings. ' lhol 'c- wasn't anythina • to nade for Strings. MBS— 7 George O'Hanlon 7:30 Detective Drama. Wednesday Items: NBC— 9 a. m. Fred Waring CBS— 1 Second Mrs. Bui-ton. ABC— 10 a. m. Kay Kyser. MBS— 11:30 a. m. Say it Music. Form Bui-ecus I'D e.me Now Head Today McMafrh Cancels Meeting With Officials i Washington. Nov. 23—i.-'l'j—Gov . eleci Sid lUcMalh of Arkansas has eMiceilvd a planned visit with yov- • i',-niiii.-,]i officials this \\vek. A. B. Bonds, president of the Arkansas Slate Society in Washing- iu-n. said MeMath told him by lele- . p'oiiiio yesterday he will be unable Fulbright to Spend Vacation in Arkansas and All, - • - — - » t .. .^ F vi 1.11 f.^ n 11.' iirn. t hoy stood a minimum of 10' feet apart at the airpoit as repurters Questioned thorn. Neither was very happy about all tne questions. Ali said so. 'Tin just unhappy," ho explained "I don't like being stalked like a With i hunted animal." | He said he wasn't giving out any I "personal information" about Mis's Hayworth. "I'll tall; about anvthing (hat is not personal," he said '" <\s! ; me about my race horses. Ask jn'e about my father." Miss Hayworth just looked a lit- lle unhappy. She was barelegged and wore low shoes and a "ions' mink coat, and she wouldn't let re" Washington, Nov. 23 — (/Pi— Senator Fulbright of Arkansas will leave- hero IVov 30 to snenel sever,al days in Little Hock.' Ark. He gray'and" blaeij sweater l 'and i bHck I will make several speeches before | skin," she said when n n, ters ii^ee'n'her Washm - ton earl >' '" i f kcti ! "''' to take off hei coat io j Fuibright returned to his office wearin."' CC -' L ' 11JC v - > a -'-he was jhere yesterday alter a week at As for romance, Hit a said "1 .Hamilton. Bermuda. , where heat- really have nothing to sav I've •tended a ineeln^ of the Bntish ljust been on a six months'" vau-i- tion^-ind now I'm going back to do j a picture." I Ali had a little more to say — ! mostly that "a lot of stuff" that had been printed about him and Aliss Hayworth was untrue. Especially,^ he said, a report that he turned over his suite on the liiviera to Aiiss Hayworth when slit.- couldn't find other accommodations. Later they were observed sitting I lo-L-l.'ier in the erowdc-ei limousine | Kit took llu-jn into New Orleans Genera? to inspect- Dani Consfruciion Little Rock. Nov. I'.'i —:.•?/— Lt. Gen. Kayniund A. Wheeler, chief 01 aimy engineer.-:, lumorrow is to inspect the Hull Shoals Dam now under construetiou on the While Ri\-er in North Arkansas. ,,,,, General Wheeler was to arrive 1 '' lien- today iron) New Orleans. Washing o bedspread carefully so thai- colors do not run, hand-ironing to insure perfect fit is too much for any woman. Let us shoulder this burden and all other laundry, too! WE SHOULDER YOUR BURDEN The New South Wolnuv Street Cali 164 46 . g that time. ai!!i- lime, Jiou'i-Vt-r. he n ex])ort volume niusi ii-d on a basj.-; ecjiial to tlu- Kuropeun Recovery 'or n dangerous cotton 1 pi'e up in the United Were- hoidiiiL-, hands, re have been numerous re- leeviuly that Ali might get a e and marry :\lis. : : Hay\vorth i'.'.!i'/se ai\oj 1 ee Ironi (Jrson Welles I ! bee-a.-re; filial .-e\'cra] v.-eeks auo. ! -\cither had much to say "about jany jji.-iii.s. _Mi.ss Haywurth said si,e i u •. i a back t u | i e:ni law pr,:.- | ,,.''!' l! ion lunil j =--""- Kncvi-lo-' | Uas fui -••- — _ __ ; world's w ... ,-,.,,, ,, ,. - , , i -p iv| e duy may come from a nla-n lo iom t to tne capital- because ot that now is rated is about" the preparations tor his administra- | world's wortt floating weed tho /n. addition fo all regular care and iiiainieiuutrc. our •-.ervu-u Stall' includes expert workmen for all kinds of reconditioning. If your car needs— UPHOLSTERY REPAIR • PAINTING AND TOUCH- UP • SHATTERED GLASS REPLACED • RADIO REPAIR OR ADJUSTMENT . CONVERTIBLE TOP RECOVERING . RADIATOR REPAIR . LIGHTING SYSTEM CHECK-UP « ETC. Drive in for Estimate and Prompt Service 207 East Second Street Phone 58

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