Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1948
Page 6
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Pogc Six of High Level V'iishinv.ton, Kov. 22 — (UP) - IJdbeji _C. Goodwin, chief of th< u S. Kmr.lrjyiyii'itt Service', toda- PM tnelr-(i i.'oiititiued high employ Jiiuil thiou;;'] most of next year Goodwin lo.'u thr: United Pros Pi' slr.fi <-f experts "so far hasn' jocncl Uiy;).;,;,; ;n |j, L , cmploymon p cturc thai indicates a majoi lin tk i;i Uio rorcpeenblc future." 11 s;ud 'mere have been si£!n< <h it fr.:.!>!<v.vincnt is Jevcling off in liu ny m;in::i.rh'.s and even dropping rh'J'pIy i:i some. lint., he added: "1'cr (h- most part the layoffs we nave had are seasonal fluclun Uon-, Kirch as in (lie textile and construction industries where em- pknvnciit noimally falls off in the fall of Hie year. "In j'/jneral. it looks to us tnnuih employment will stay at hiRJi level:; for .sometime to come, ai k-:>.;t lhrrni:;h most of next Jtat " lie said "Ihcro is every reason to lir.jir.ve" that total employment will to,3 the one-time dream mark of WdiQMCi jobs ".several times" in It'-JJ four months this year — dur- ji.i? the peak farming season — fi urn June to October — .-mploy- jnrrt stayed above 60,000,000. ' At the present time, tlic experts n'A, A''' ;J: * h;l .v more than 59,000,000 Ainerk'niis are working rcgu- Gootiwin said job prospects arc paiticularly good in the durable goods industries, such as s*ecl att- <onr>h;lp K . electrical app'lica'nces and au-trait manufacturing. He Asked For It • Junior, who was still loo younc to walk, had cried and fretted all day, until the harassed housewife thought she would lose her mind Rh" told her husband all about it when ho cnrnc home that'evening. ' well. remember," he reminded her. "'.he hand that rocks the eradlo rules tin; world." About 7:30 (hat night, with Junior si ill crying on as before, she said to him: "Assume \vovld domination for a c<,u/j]o of hours, darling, while 1 go to Cue movies." -- Wai! Street. Journal QVAUTY-PtlttlTY in PETROLEUM JELLY Millions depend on this name, Morolinc, for highest quality. PINE FOR: BURNS SCRAPES MINOR CUTS CHAPPED SKIN NOSTRILS and His Former Grand OJe Opry Gong. Featuring the famous "ARKANSAS FJCKERS" Rosolla Dean the sweetheart oi Seng, The Gospel Singers, timer Sparks Comedian, and other favorites. Direct from Nashville, Tenn. IN PERSON AT HOK-E CITY HALL AU&iTORIUM Monday, Nov. 29th 0 P. M. Adm. 50c and 75c ( I ax Included) Don't MJFS These Radio and Recording Stars, P HOPE STAR, HOPE res The American J,r"jii»! iliary vvdl nut nn < ; l a;.- IJecember. The e.vact da. announced later. Tuesday, November 23 The Ladies Anxiiiaiv Central Baptist eluneii' lucsciay aiternoon at :', The B & P\V Club the home of Mis- l'i,•;••(, with Miss Marguerite A\ Mrs. Kiectra \v,'i!s Wednesday, Novcrnebr 21 There will be a n ing at the First Chi .. at 7:.'iO p.m. coni.inu.n: ... in the Book of John. Cl.on vice wiil follow. There will be choir the Central Baptist cip;•<•!) t.m. followed by a bru •*' , the Bible. Mrs. Allen Gee Jr. v. -o an afternon bridge p. lome Thursday atlernoi Lovely a rraiificmi-i ?,!:-: anthernums decorated irranged for two tables Guests for the alien Mrs. J. Leland Lave.'i:! A. Grant, Jr.. Mrs. Tl voociy. Mm. C. u. Mo, talph Haynie. Mrs. Jc.-i- Mrs. Dutchie J3ri)4l)t. :.! vas awarded the hi.yh : A delicious salad piat •ed by the hosier. KQAOCA3TING SYSTEM Convictions of Rope by High Coi ARKANSAS th 'j- r >;) con: j; To date 113 Xinas :;< -a! iave been sold in ck'noinuia!) 5 to 525. The average b,,nd 7.5^2. The Committee xcil.i: uonds expect by tiie ni<'hi i /ember ii.'i to have sold iii-j Nevada county. The solicitors rc-'por!;; a vf". pint of cooperati'jn on the i the people in this count.'. amprngn against tuix'rciih.; An3' person who has n;.'t haacd a bond am! is win! nakc such a purchase; wiil i all D. L. McHae. Jr., 1 losterjy or T. K. Lo;> .-ir, Mrs. W. S. Repin.'ciW.im, he annual ChriMtrnas SV,.'l ational tubeix-ulosis ;>.-,-.oc as announced that UK- OK-- f the Prcscott Buymess A e-ssional Women's Club acku nd made the si-;il envi eady lor mailing T!utr:;dav n the offices ol ivfrs. N. iN.'j at the County Ollicc IJudiMi'-:: Christmas seals will oe n Tuesday, November 2,'!. U i;.hat this annual drive i ,:• o be used in the l'i,','lit ai-ain icrculosis will receive UiL- .1 nd attention it merits iu h> County. It is urged that those v-l\ eive seals will return thi- promptly and n is hoped that f, the Christmas sea:. ; ; wih ear be carelessly thrown i>u vaste-basket. "-' M M fi:.'iO t>:4() (>:fif> .':00 c: ID 7:3(1 Farmers of Nevada Count-- are c;minded that Jantu.iy !.), \" L '['i j : he final date lor iv'ucn .iiv- p,-.;-- ormance under the I'il.ijj TIIMI...A Conservation pro^rnin. Ac ! !-,':u,:.> ration funds do r,i-i permit clu-i:!:- ig periorrnaiice on th;- i.iriv, ,•: d I is necessary fur Jarn," .; •,.•!;:: xpect to receive n.-:si..;!r,"< ;i . u (J :5e conservation praciu:<\, ;i:e-. aye executed this year 10 rt-po'-'i loii- performances 'to the Count- 'riplc-A ofiiee. Invoice.-: r,.- •••'- eipts for seeds ai.d uihfr ma1 : .-\-i-i! - urchased and any ot.| u r j.,^li- able inl'ormatioi, shuiiltf !>• pY'.-- ented to assist in perl':>r!ii:nK; eporl. The County Ti-i|)!e-A uii'.i-i s located at Prescoit, m m, : j.'m. rai building. Mrs. George Christopher r:nl .•.;:, Teorge Hamilton have letuiiui, rom a visit with relatives m l-'loi-- nce, Alabama. Charles Formby. .-;ludcnl :;! ansas A & M Colli.':;e. i,!;.•.•,; pent the weekend wiih ri'; nts, Mr. and Air::. ( h 'ormby. Mrs. James V. IVk'Mah-n i : - ig relatives in Tiii-ruu, :\: /.-, Mrs. Dick Piltman of ' 111. is s])endiny tv\ era! \\- 2 drops in each nostril check watery flow, x/' N C$ BniffleH, y '"'' sneezes.You breathe o:u;inr S; i-li quickly. Ask for— H Whii PENETRDB» 0 ^!^™- ,. . 1 i!;..(;... i'; \ HENS CHOICE GRAIN FED GRAIN FED s \ \;i t • J-." . ' " ik / ':..- 12T South Main Photic '?«;:/ IT WON'T NOW..., 'iiii lie and iiis house are on fire oi-id how! First be care- " ..... iu:i, pre'/enl- fire -.- But, to be protected coun- fV"''^ 1 "^'- IJC u ' re you're covered by u;su:",:i , /'•\!i " .-' Munday p.m., Nov. 22 i'.O!) Adventure Parade— M :l"i Siiponnan— M Captain Midnight— M Tom Mix — M .Salon Sereuaclo M<:\vri, Five Star EdiU-^a Today in Sports m-ni-y J. Taylor— M l-'iilkm Lewis, Jr The Falcon— M jly Gardnor— M Gabriel Huattcr— M Mutual Ncxvsj-ocl— M !•;. J. Hollywood Story— M Kishintj H: Huntiiifr Chib- Michael Zarron's Orch.— M Tom Grant's Orch.— M All the Nnws— M \Vally Wicken's Orch. AUi:i I-Iolmcs' Orch. Mutual News— .M Si;;n Off uesday a.m., Nov. 23 . r >7 Si(;n On Kiflbilly Hocdo\vn Bargain Roundup News. First Edition Arl;an:«is Plowboys Market Reports Farm Breakfast Program Meiody Eoys The Devotional Hour Musical Clock News, Coffee Cup Edition tiuniise Scr:nado Slogan Parade Arkansas News Roundup Cecil Brown— M Faith in Our Time— M ^'-..•viiiu Program lUiiu Karron' Presents— M I'assing Parade— M Victor H. Lindlahr— M Gabriel Heatter's Mailbat? — M Laiitiy Ross — M Kale Smith Speaks— M Kate Smith Sings— M Student Parade ilusic by Monroe Tuesday p.m., Nov. 23 Nowu, Home Edition Market Time Joiiii Daniel Quartet Melody Mustangs :4;i Eddy Arnold Show — M :00 Queen for a Day :30 Golden Hope Chest— M Monday a.m., Nov. 22 ::;:-> O;:ark Valley Folks— M :(iJ So:iK3 of Love .•!•) The Johntion Family— M ;:;u MUD ciub :iil) .Swing Time :-!,") Social Security Day by Day :l'0 Adventure Parade — M : 15 Superman — M :30 Captain Midnight— M : 'I") 'J'din Mix — M :UO Rhythm & Reason >:l;> Wi.'ws, Five 2lar Final :30 News Comment— M :-,a JViilion. Le\vis, Jr.— M : CO fJ"or.i;e O'Hanlon Show— M :3t) Official Detective— M ':.;5 Hy Gardner — M 1:00 Gabriel Heatter— M !:l. ! ) Mutual Newsi-cel— M ::;o Lone \Volf-M >:">.•! liifl Henry, News— M ):()() American Forum of: the Air— M ):Ml) Jimmy Fcathcrstonc's Orch — M :01) All flie News— M ! '-'-- IiMd.v Howard':; Ovch.— M :lji) Hcibhy liyrne's Orch — M i:. : ;;i Mutual News— M ep Radio Programs •>" Voi'k, Nov. 'i'l --(/PI—Lisien- !i'i!i."hi. NUC—(i Perry Como 'i-r (luli; 11 Dun Voorhres con'. 'Al, rian Anderson Contralto; : ' ! I. <J. Quiz i) Contented Con- 1-S•-• ii:;ii) Club CVi'oshy; 7:;j|) lii.-.v Talent Seoul.-:: (; 'R;;y Mil- I M "Th.' Bii; Clock;"' 9:30 .'. Haw!: nix. '•' •' '•' iM-aruvs Lan;;ford in •• 'i I. 1 ' 1 U'..-1-k;" <! Mtisie of Glenn : ; • : :.'::;•> Stars in the Ni^ht; 9 •i'l'!; G;.i'i)i i-rniiiK'nt. ••li-'i--7 'flu' Falcon 7:;-!() Gri-f'- 11'."'.I Casebook; <) FhAi and nl Cllib. i',".r'av Programs: N15C • —1 ". l-"i'l,l,. ,„• Nnthint',; 7:.'iO Date ! > .)'•>:-- : !) I',i K Tov.-n Drama. . . ' ;r;: " a. m. Arthur Godfrey : '•''•'•''•> p. in. llousi.' Party; !i '•:••. I 1 - i'1'ie. . .AMC—10:-i,'i a. m. .'! iMaln-s yon Tick 2 p m i"-'- ''. Scair.1: !)::;u u-.{ Fiv... '• l;i1 '- • .M1!S---11 a. m. IK,on .'•'iiil.'i Sinr.vy; 1 p. ,11. (Juoell " ; l "> : ti Fulton l.rv.'is Jr. - ; :i.:i'-| in Hi-1- Rratling 1 '• ;;• ''• i' on • luj'.lii foniid him- J •• •!"• "ii to remain in a sn:;,l! j • " : . ' ''i'ounl of a hiiuislii.li' en I 1 ••' ••"••'• - I'.'.UM'il liy lie;i\ y rain ' ' • • i • till railing in iiirri'iit.-,. ' • •' I •!' tin lied to Hi',' wait - [ ' 'I'll:. 1 , certainly lool.s INSURANCE FOR EVERYTHING jrsening Insurance Agency f fhcme 1300 Monday, November 22, 1948 -Little Rock. Nov. 11 —i-\ viclion of Dr. G. V/. : ara/^ould, by a Gi'cene •ourt jury on'a charj'i- of 'as affirmerl by the Ark a preme Court today. He '. tenced to one year iiripri: The court also affi "V"! viction of Charles Hanmi Rock Negro, on a charije find denied Billy Forh.v. North Litle Rock, a \vrite of prohibition' to prevent his trial on a rlu:i-L';- of i- - Coni'. c : 'hire, , Circuit i OV(I abortio,, ! "'" isns Ku•as sen- on ment. ihe con- Little of rape in;; the assault, could not make positive identification an:J JIamrn ati.eir.pt.--d to establish an alibi I he court .said the truth of the viciini ;-, lestiinony was a question for Ihe jury and "in view of her identification in a manner positive nn-i nn.'innvoeal. we cannot say that appellant s (Itamni'si identity as her assailant was not sufficiently proved. And finding no error in the rec- the court ordered the case af- •ik Ha mm and Mi/.zoll Palmer wen- both convicted in Pula.sJii Circuit -ourt on a charge of rapiii"' 'a young Little Rock woman n-.,here on the ni«hl of Oct. 1!) 1DJ7 1 aimer received a death .sentence, which was previously -i' firmed by the hish court " Ha mm was sentenced to rnprisonment. Today's opinion recilod testimony that the victim "posilivc- y identified Hair.m. Her escort .vno was held j,l pistol point dur- HBEIESESESEK35333IES Dr. McChire was r.-liar porformin;; an abortion 0:1 •fanes, 23, who died after i ation. The court overruled all defendant's objection;, diet and said: "x x x Most of the volvmg violation of tl statute which to thu ver- -._.__ ...., ._,, IKIVC been consideration in this jurisdiction i esulted from the crude efforts of! laymen x x x. This is not so in'the case presently before us. Here vc have x x x an appellant " v/hos'- very training has been directed '{„ the preservation of life rather than s destruction." The opinion added that "u-xm consideration of the entire c .-'•-•"<•• we think Ihe jury was " in its findings.'" '• -- ia separate jury • ion of insanity. n 'JiH' supreme court today also urine.! ] aimer's request .for a re- ni-ann;.; in his case. In deiivini; Forby'.s petition for piohioiUon, the court held oUI statute providing; for trial on the question iV was repealed by the re..-'.al code, approved by the ! i.'.-i(> as Initialed Act No. code provides for commit- a defendant to the state , wlv,:n the plea of insanity "(i-year-old World War II is charged with rayina ,-= ar-old North Little Rock tie was on her way home I ai'k Hill school during lunch hour. trby wai; sent to the state hos- i. where he was declared sane However, he was given a jury trial UK.!;,- the old statute and found ol unsound mind." After that trial '-he state hospital again declared I'D" sane and Pulaski Circuit Court rh:,,'o? h:s tnal on lhc ^PC tin. He" sought the writ of prohibi- warrant-'d! on -, ? l:)l '" vcnt tnal on that charge li'iinl he had been declared sane at trial on the ques- lile trial Fayctteville. Nov. 22—VP)—A 70 year-old Fa y c t t cvillc Grocer <-.cor;!e \V. Widner, died at City hospital this morning of injuries M/tlered when he was truck by an automobile hist night '"' Cl " VCl ' ° f thC ' Car was not Tied blood cells are red bones marrow. made in the 'Cacfus Jack' Turns Today Uvalde, Tex.. Nov. 22 —f/Pi— Cactus Jack" turns .<JO today, "in favor of every man reachili- his own conclusions and his own' ion- lusions. .The Texans who was the 32nd vice president of the United States thinks that there have been "too many statements by too manv people " And that was his explanation of why he didn't have conic birthday statement full of advice Another reason is his long habit of reticence about making statements. '/, 0 '", 1 - ^ a ',' lco parner reaches his th birthday in good health and good spirits. He plans an outiiv in the woods today, but no special preparations for the day have been planned. Since returning to private life in 1941 after two terms as vice president. Garner has lived quietly keeping an eye on his bankin"' ranching, and real estate interests'.' His wife died in August and he since has lived alone in his big house next door to his son ami daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs Tully Garner. Mental Patient Questioned in Twin Slaying" St. Louis, Nov. 22 — l/l'l — A °G- ycar-old man, identified as ;i for mcr mental patient, was sought for questioning today in the brutal AT ?y u n ? o1 ' two-year-old Joseph Nichols. The child's battered body was found Saturday in a hotel room dresser drawer. Chief of Police Jeremiah O'Con- icll said witnesses viewed nie- tures of William Pollard sent here ay the Cincinnati Police department and named him as the man who registered at the hotel with the child last Tuesday and left.the next day. At, Cincinnati Police Captain George f'earcy .said Pollard had ueen a mental patient in Longview rfospiial there three times between 1041 and KM;). Last October 2!1 he was released from the voter-ins neuiopsyeiiiatric hospital at Chilli- coihe. O. Identification of the child was established yesterday when Mrs Betty Nichols, his 21-year-old mother, arrived, here from Hunlington W |Va.. and viewed the body. She looked at pictures of Pollard and identified him as the man <o whom she had entrusted her child on November 11. She told police Pollard left Hunt- ingtfin with the child alter agreeing to take care of him while Mrs Nichols visited her husband, Joseph, at a hospital. She said Pollard told her he would take the child to the home of relatives in Cincinnati but he never arrived there. HEADS MAIL CARRIERS Little Hock. Nov. £2 —(/P)— Ira Hammond of Fayolteville was elected president of the Star Tloutc .Mail Carriers of Arkansas at a j meeting here yesterday. I Other officers are L. O. Price of Star City, vice president and Mrs Martha Franklin of Garland, treasurer. Snakes do not travel in pairs. Crcomulsi'on relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to heip loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal riw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays t'.ie cough or you are to have your inonev back. Vjf 8 W Hrn 1W H W M Vsff Efern «r.V Si $JP S \I for Coughs.ChestCoIds, Bronchitis See H aes or Complete Plumbing Roznor Suspended Urcit RGOB- Furnaces Roper Gas Ranges GENEHAL@ElBCTaiO and ELECTRIC DISHWASHERS — DSSPOSALLS PLUMBING — HEATING PHONE 259 Beir/een July 1, 1947, and October 21, 1948, a total of -l-I.C'iG forward-looking young American men signed original enlistment contracts with the U. S. Army. Tlais number is grantor than, the number of men who obtained jobs with any other American business during ihe samo peiiod. During this Ki>:tceu-month period the total of all enlistments in your U. S. Army amounted to 341,059. Of 11:!, trrollp , 93,473 veterans returned to the Army — ^on w ho had discovered that the U. S. Anny oJTerod them more than civilian Liib. Aiu! in (j, e same period 33,870 men re-enlisted to continue their satisfying, productive Army careers. Thousands upon i.aousands of intelligent young men aro imX^ wortli-whilo, remunerative and saiiHfym;; favors in the Army. And every day more nu.a aro tal;ing advantage of i>, :i »:'aj)iii ( , s i] !0 Army oilers ii.;;L can't be duplicated in unlimij.jd civilian life. For instance, i; alone, 4-l,2C i ti> tln'ce yuiiid Oi i-!' Today iiity-::;e\ in the Army "Lav,, -•--enjoyubk'; l\<; to cOiUiuuo :.; ironih of August, 1948, -! L-..-jio(.ruent contracts of '.•:l'Ji ihe Army. ivr cenL cf the volunteers 1 j-reviovia niiiihiry service .•^•i'vjc-j \vlilcl> they want 'i'h'-s :ta 1 jv ; ,-,,:;«.e ... -,,j i, ;: >;; 'id, conclusive proui that iho Ju-Lu;,a U. ,:.!. Anny oilors the kind oi caiver u...j,..! i L . u liy (.hat, iho young men oi oui- nation dL-n-. ud — :i ,i op t Kirlui,ity not only to learn but ia a^ve ut tho siiuie time. Ranldng high among the reasons thousands of men give for selecting or continuing careers in the Army are the chances for rapid advancement in their chosen fields. Today the Army is expanding fast. This expansion means unlimited opportunity for promotion of skilled, highly trained men. Advancement is important; however, there are many other good, sound reasons why so many intelligent men choose to stay in the Army. Here are but a few: & On the day a man enlists the Army starts a retirement-benefit "stake" for him which continues to grow as long as lie stays. At the end of six years he has established an equity winch compares with a retirement benefit of $6,250. "A" Army technical schools offer the most advanced and specialized training in interesting, practical fields—give teclrnieal "know-how" you'd have to pay for hi civilian hie. RECRUTING O HOPE CITY HALL Before you choose any career, compare it with a future in the Regular U. S. Army. Never before has the Army offered such tremendous opportunities for a real career to the alert, ambitious young men of America. On the one hand you have the chance to serve your country while learning a new trade or skill—to further your education in important fields. And on the other hand there are the financial advantages, the job security, the retirement benefits, the chances for rapid promotion, the free medical and dental care that are yours in the Army. A career in the U. S. Army is an opportunity that just can't be beat. And it's a lifetime opportunity! Get the full details now at your nearest U. S. Army and U. S. Air Force Recruiting Office. ff BUSINESS IHE NEW ARMY AND AIR FORCE OIFE!!.... * WIDEST CHOICE OF CAREER JOUS * Bfsr opi'ORiuwirr FOR ADVANCEMENT * UNUSUAl RtTIHEMEN? LDNCFI15 Hope,

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