Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1948
Page 3
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Monday, November 22, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Thre« octal an ,dP ersonal | Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. y, November 22 .) The Y.W.A. of the First Baptist '.•(Church will meet at the church cclu- •cntional building Monday night at '? o'clock for tho Mission Study -Mrs. Aaron Tollctt will levie'w the Mission book "Torchbcarws in . Honan". Tuesday, November 23 Mrs. Bornic Hrtrgis, Jr. and Mrs. Claud Sutton will entertain with a luncheon at the Barlow Hotel Tuesday, November 23, at one (CjWiOck for the pleasure o£ Miss Melba Jo Kimbcrly, bride elect of Donald L. Wcslbrook. 1 Brownie Scout Troop No. 3, Mrs Carl Jones and Mrs. Jim Colo, loaders will entertain members of Brownie Scout Trooo No. 1. Mrs Hinton Davis and Mrs. Earl Clifton, leaders, with a Thanksgiving Party, Tuesday, November 23 at four p.m. at tho First Methodist church. Wednesday, November 24 '-.''Mrs. Byron D. Hefner. Mrs Claude D. La'ulorbnch. Mrs. Jctt Williams, Sr., Mrs. Jetl Williams, Jr., Mrs. Sue Sommervillc. Miss Phyllis Williams will be "At Home" Wednesday afternoon. November 24 m the home of Mrs. Hefner from 2 to (i o'clock. Thursday, November 25 . There will be a Union Thanksgiving Service at the First Baptist church at 8:30 Thursday morning Rev. J. E. Cooper will bring the JTir.ssagc lor this service. Coming and Going Miss Kate Wood and Miss Carolyn Sue Smith of Hot Springs arrived Saturday by plane for a week-end visit with Mrs. E. F Formby here. Ed Lester. Jack Cloary Dufl'io D. Booth and L. B. Tooley motored to Little Rock Saturday to attend the Arkansas-Tulsa game i*WT.rs. Bernic Hargis. Jr. of Arka- dolphiii is the finest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claud Sutton for a few da vs. Cline Franks and Ro.vro W"iscn- bcrgcr flew to Little Rock Saturday to attend the Arkansas-Tulsa game. Miss Norma Jean Archer vill arrive Wednesday from Northwester Univ. lo spend Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr and $'s. E. L. Archer, Sr. Miss Ellen Jane Glaze of H.S.T.C.. Arkadelphia, and Bob Glaze, Jr., of Bearcicn were the week-end guests of their sister, Mrs. Paul Jones, Mr. Jones and son. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Floy Ann Thompson, Emmctt. Mrs. W. A. Faulkner, Hope Mrs. C. J. Hairston, Hope. Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weeks, Emmet, announce the arrival of a son on November 21, 1948. Mr and Mrs. D. W. Stone, McCaskill, announce the arrival of a son on November 22, 1948 Admitted: O. W. Wommnck, Hope. Mrs. Vcrdo Hollis, Patmos. Mrs. Frank Weeks, Emmet. Mrs. D. W. Stone, McCaskill. Discharged: Mrs. Floyd Bruce, Hope. Mrs. Vcrdo Hollis, Patmos. Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Hawthorne, Fulton, announce the arrival of a son, November 21, 1948. Admitted: Mrs. Jerry F. Hawthorne, Fulton David Floyd, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Paul White, Rosslon. Clubs McCaskill The McCaskill 4-H Club met at the school Tuesday, November 16 with 36 members attending. Ernest Wayne Roberts, president, presided at the meeting. The group gave the 4-H Club emblem and motto and sang a song. The secretary, Annie Marie Spicer, gave a report on the Hempstead County 4-H Club Achievement Day Program. A demonstration on weaving and making a hand loom was given the girls by Mrs. Lorraine Blackwood, Home Demonstration Agent. Each girl did some weaving. The boys studied dairy cattle breeds, type, and adaptability through a demonstration and discussion led by Byron Huddleston, Assistant County Agent. Tabernacle Meet to Continue This Week The Tabernacle revival meeting entered its second week with Sun- clay's service with the Rev. E. R. Black of Forest City, in charge. Services start each night at 7:30 with a prayer service proceeding. The Thanksgiving Revival is drawing large crowds, the Rev. H. Paul Holdridgc, pastor, announced. London Importer 8s Bruner-ivory Handle Co. Visitor A Hope visitor over the weekend was Harry W. Burroughs of London. England, representing the importing firm of Arthur Buri roughs company. Mr. Burroughs, operating at present from Canav>. called on Bruncr-lvory Handle company in connection with overseas shipments by the local concern. TODAY ® TUESDAY FEATURES 2:25 - 4:30 - 6:35 - 8:40 Melody and Romance on an Island PARASISE! i * > s "• t&& ft&J^'S?-*:- -TODAY—TUESDAY- FEATURES 2:36 - 4:42 - 6:48 - 8:54 ClaudetleCOLBERT j (RobertCUMMlNGS-DonAMECHE! e v -,, . Hazel Brooks £. Start Search for Missing Singing Star Hayward, Wis., Nov. 22 — (UP) — Ground and air rescue parties threaded through the forrost northeast of here today, searching for Bobby Breen, 21, former child singing star whom Eddie Cantor boosted to fame. Breen took off yesterday from Waukesha, Wis., in a single-engine Stinson plane. flown by Kenneth Thompson, to fly here for a few days of door hunting. The plane carried enough gasoline for a four-hour flight. Brecn's advance agent, Ernie Roth, notified Sherif William Sand when the plane failed to arrive here. Roth had come here a few days ago and arranged for a cabin for Breen. Sand set off with a party of men before dawn today to search the country around Lost Land Lake where a pair of hunters spotted a plane answering the Stinson's description. The hunters said they saw the plane flying north and that it apparently was not in any difficulty. Breen is on a personal appearance tour of the country. He closed at a Chicago theater Friday and had planned to take in a few days of North woods deer hunting before opening at a Miami, Fla., theater Thursday. Harland "Buck" Webster, operator of the plane-rental service which provided Breen with the Stinson, said the former child star and Thompson took off "against my bolter judgement." Visibility was poor because of low clouds and rain. But Webster described Thompson as "one of the best woods pilots in these parts" and said he would not worry unless the men were not heard from by 10 or 11 a. m. today. Webster believed Thompson may have lost his way, run out of gas. and set down in a clearing. He said it probably would take some time for the men to reach a telephone. However, Sand pointed out that there were few clear areas in the territory except for the lakes. Also he said, the ground was covered with eight inches of snow which would make landing hazardous. Webster was organizing a team of "about a dozen planes" to take off this morning and fly over the route from Waukesha here. He said the planes would fly about a mile apart to sweep as wide an area as possible. Temperatures were below freezing but officials believed the men would not suffer too badly from exposure unless they were hurt in bringing the plane down. Breen, a native of Montreal, was "discovered" by Cantor when he was six years old and sang over the radio as a boy soprano. He appeared on a number of radio programs and in several movies, among the m "Let's Sing Again",, "Rainbow on the River" and "Hawaii Calls." He served with an army entertainment unit during the war. The initial cost of building a home is a lot. Dear Miss Dix: I am a young rian nearly 21 years old. My girl 'riend is practically throe years my senior. We arc very congenial and happy when wo are together, nit there are a few matters which ! regard uneasily. She is very anemic. She eats hardly anything, and when we are taking part in sporting events she always tires when 1 could enjoy it further. If vc go out to places of amusement for several nights in succession, or do anything strenuous, her face 3ecom.es pale and dark rings form around her eyes, and that makes me wonder how she will be able o stand the wear and tear of life. Don't think lhat I expect too mien of her, but I would certainly late to think that I would be marry- ng a chronic invalid. What is your advice? YOUNG MAN Answer: One of the things that men seldom seem to take into consideration in picking out their wives s the health of their prospective iridcs, yet the success of every marriage depends largely upon vhethcr the girls they marry are going to be just doctors' bills to hem, or helpmeets. Health Preferred It is all very well for a man to 'all in love with a frail little Dream irl, who might get her angel wings at any minute, but when he marries he wants a wife who is strong and husky and who can do a hard day's washing and then dance half the night. He doesn't want any neurosis in his. He doesn't want a wife who breaks down under every strain. He wants a wife who can take life as jt comes and buck her husband up when things go wrong, instead o£ being a drugstore around his neck.' Of course, hale and hearty girls often turn into sickly wives. That can't be helped, and to the honor of men be it said that most husbands under such circumstances bear with their wives with the patience of he-angels. But, all the same, it is a wise thing for any lady contemplating matrimony to get a health certificate from his girl, just in case. Whole blood for transfusions can be preserved for throe weeks or more. 'altz into Darkness By William Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. THE STORY: Well-to-do Louis Durand carries on a correspondence courtship with a Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. She comes from St. Louis to New Orleans by boat to marry him. She is young, ravishing, blond. Within a month of their marriage, she withdraws $50,000 from his bank account and disappears. Investigation proves her an impostor. Durand retains Waller Downs, detective, to prove that a crime was committed against the real Julia Russell, who vanished on the boat trip to New Orleans. A year later, Durand is alone in Biloxi. He makes the acquaintance of a Colonel Worth in a hotel bar. XXI The page was later tonight in putting in an appearance. The colonel, therefore, had had one drink more than on their former evenings. This showed itself only in the added warmth of his friendliness, and in a tendency to clap and grip Durand on the upper arm at frequent intervals, in punctuation of almost every second remark he made. "My fiancee is a lovely girl, Randall, a lovely girl,' 'he reiterated solemnly. "I'm sure .she is," Durand said, as he had twice already. "I'm sure." Having corrected the mistake in nomenclature once for the evening, he no longer took the trouble after that, let Worth have his way about it. "I tell you, I'm the luckiest man. But you shpuld see her. You don't have to believe me; you should see her for yourself." "0. I do believe you," Durand protested demurely. '•You shoud have a girl like that" iclap). "You should get yourself a girl like that" (clap, clap i. "We can't all be as lucky," Ourand murmured, stropping the edge of one foot restlesly along the brass bar rail. "I'd like lo have you meet my fiancee. There's a girl." "I'd be honored," said Durand. lie was beginning to wish the nightly page boy would put in an appearance, "She'll be coming down in a minute or two for me to pick her up." The colonel svas suddenly visited with an inspiration. "Wh don't you join us fur '.onighi? Love lo have you. Come on out with ir.e and J'li introduce you." "Not tonight," said Durand a little ha.slily. Grasping al any excuse he could find, he stroked I his own jaw line tentatively. "I | wasn't expecting—Afraid I'm not j presentable." i The colonel cocked his head crit- i ically. ••iVone.sn.se. You look all light You're clean :-haven." lie beihoughl himself ol' a com- promJM'. "Well, just step out the I tinor with me a moment and let i me have you meet her. as she I comes down. Then we'll gu un ' alone." Durand was suddenly visited b> ::Crui<)e;, i.L' dclicac} . which cari,e in handy to his purpose. "I don't think she'd thank you for bringing anyone straight out of here to be presented to her face to face. II mightn't look right; you know how the ladies arc. After all, this Is a man's drinking cafe." "But I come in here every night myself," the colonel said uncertainly, "But you know her; I'm a stranger to her. It's not the same thing." Before Worth could make up his mind on the fine point of social etiquette, the habitual bellboy had come and delivered his summons. "Your lady's down, sir." The colonel put a coin in his gloved hand, drained his drink. "Tell you what. I have a better idea. Suppose we make it a foursome. I'll have my fiancee bring someone along for you. She musl know some of the unattached young ladies around here by now. That'll make it more comfortable for you. How about tomorrow night? Notihng on for then, have you?" "Not a thing," said Durand. satisfied with having gained his reprieve for the present at leasl, and toyine with the thought of sending his excuses sometime during the course of the following day as the best way of getting out of it. Any further reluctance at the moment, he realized, would have veered over into offense, even where such a think-skinned individual as Worth was concerned. "Fine!" said Worth, beaming "That's an engagement, then. I'll tell you what's just the place for it. There's a little supper establishment called The Grotto. Open late. Not fast, you understand. Just good and lively. Thev have music there, and very good wine. We go there often. Miss Castle and I. Instead of meeting here at tho hotel, where there are a lot of old fogies around ready to gossip, you join us there. I'll bring the two youne ladies with me." "Excellent," said Durand. The colonel rubbed his hands tosrther gleefully. "I'll engage a private alcove. They have them there, curtained off from nryini! eyes. Look for us. you'll find us in one of them." He tapped Durand on the chest with his index fine^r. And don't for gel. the invitation's mine." "I dispute you there," Durand said. "We'll quarrel over that wher the time comes. Tomorrow night then. Understand?" "Tomorrow night. Understood." Worth went hurrying toward tht page who stood waiting fur him just within ihe doors. Suddenly he turned, came has toning back, rose on lip'oe. aut whispexed hoarsely into DurartVs ear: "f forgot to ask you. Blond or brunette?" Her image crossed Duri'iid's mind for a minute. "Brui>?Ue," he said succinctly, and a flicker of pain eriiikled his eves momi: i- larily. The colonel dug an el;jo\y in!o j his ribs with ribald camaraderie. ' (To lie Continue:!.) DOROTHY DIX Sickly Fiancees Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope. Ark- ansns, November 22, 1948. City Docket ~" ! James Revnolds, The Doctor Soys: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Ostcoarthritis is a mold degeneration or wearing out of some of the structures which go to make the joints. With few exceptions, it cornea with later year:; ol life and is likely to show up first in those joints which do the most work like (he knees, hips, or fingers. The end joints of (he finders frequently become enlarged. There is often a certain amount of stiffness and soreness, thoimh this usually improves after the joints are used for awhile. These enlargements are very common in later years and are called Ueberdcn's nodes, the name coming from the famous English physician who first described them. The knees, shoulders. elbows and spine are commonly involved, sometime degeneration may be pretty well aclvanvcd without' producing any noticeable pain or silliness. Ostcoarthritis is often found accidentally when an X-ray iilm is taken in'the course of investigating some other complaint May Be Inherited The exact cause or causes of this condition are not entirely understood. There may be an inherited factor. That is, the cartil- ciischargim: I firearms in city limits, plea guilty, lined S10. Odis Phillips, no driver's license lage and bone of people in some families may be particularly susceptible to early degeneration or osieoarthitis. Repeated injury also seems to promote the de-vel- i opinent of this condition. Pool posture, disturbances of blood circulation, and obesity arc other conditions which contribute to the development of osteoarthitis. The treatment of degenerative changes ii\ the joints includes general pleasures aimed at relieving the discomfort and improving the overall physical condition. The use of heal, massage or special supports depends on what joints are involved, the age and physical condition of the person, and the seventy of the condition. Occupational strains should be eliminated whenever possible and bad posture should be corrected. QUESTION: Is there any cure or treatment for a floating kidney? Can it be removed successfully'.' floating kidney would not be ' remove one kidney if the other kidney is functioning normally. A (toting kidney would not be removed, however, unless it is causing symptoms. If it is functioning normally it can often be "fixed' in position so that it will no longer "float." forfeited $5 cash bond. Charles Cranford, no driver's license, forfeited $5 cash bond. The following forfeited $1.00 cash bond each for Incorrect parking: Joe Rider. Joe Reeves. Mrs Charles Key, It. J. Schmaltz, M 1?. Willis. Perry Campbell. Joe Vaugi-.n, possessing intoxi eating liquor for sale, tried, finer ?SO. Raymond Anderson. speeding forfeited $5 cash bond. Luther Williams, possessing un taxed intoxicating liquor, forfeitec $50 cash bond. Joe Bradley, drunk while driv ins, plea guilty, fined $25. 1J. S. Anderson, drunk whili driving, forfeited $25 cash bond. Jessie Easter, disturbing peace forfeited $10 cash bond. Winston Booth. James Reynolds Aubrey Hill, Roy Dyer, drunken ness, plea guilty, fined $10. The following forfeited S10 casl bond on a charge of drunkenness W. II. Huckabee, Willie Garland Lex Jones. Robert Rogers, E. L Snodgrass, J. F. Morris, Ear Thornton. Fred Perry, August; Nelson. Lynn Heckles. State Docket Harold Sanders, possessing into* eating liquor for sale, tried, finei $50. John Snydcr. Frank Hutson. Gil bert L. Lakes, overload, forfeitec BY MILLIONS SO PURE, SO FAST, SO DEPENDABLE ASPIRIN NEW! ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Eaaylotuke. Has orange flavor that's sweetened to child's taste. Easy to give. EOtabletsfor 35c. Try 111 S25 cash bond. Suspended during good behavior. Tom Hill, drunk while driving, forfeited $25 cash bond. Walter Lee, speeding, forfeited 5210 cash bond. Henry C. Howard, speeding, for* foiled $5 cash bond. Jack Houser, operating a motor vehicle with more than 3 in front ieat, dismissed on motion pros, ittorncy upon payment cost. Dave Ueloney, drunkenness, for- eited S50 cash bond. Vernie Coynes, possessing more nan 1 gal. of intox. liquor in a .ry county for purpose of sale, )lea of guilty, fined S50, suspended luring good behavior. Vernie Coynes, possessing more ban 1 gal. of beer in a dry county, iismissed on motion Pros. Attor- icy. Vernie Coynes, transporting riore than 1 gal. of intox. liquor n a dry county, dismissed on mo- ion pros, attorney. (Vernie Coynes had previously orfcited a $50 cash bond in each )f the above cases.) Vernies Coynes, petition for peace bond, dismissed. Are you troubled by distress of female functional monthly disturbances? Does this make you suffer from pnln, fed so nervous, tired, wonls—-at such times? Then DO try Lydla E. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound to relievo such symptoms, famous to help women troubled this way I Also a stomachic tonic t lYDIAE.PiNKHAM'S v cfet J Dear Dorothy Dix: Do you think that a divorced man has, or should have, as much attraction for a single woman as a single man would have? Would he have as good a chance of making a desirable marriage? Also, do you think that a single girl or woman should date a divorced man? A WORRIED PERSON Answer: From my observation I would say that divorce is no handicap to a man so far as the ladies are concerned, unless he was unlucky enough to have the court award him the children in the divorce settlement. That cramps his style as a Romeo, for there are few women who want a husband badly enough to take one with j a readymade family. • j Whether a bachelor should be penalized for having muffed his chances with single women and thus be condemned to marry widows, is a problem beyond my powers to solve. As to your question as to whether a singly girl or woman should date a man who has been married, the answer is: Why not? Widowers are always preferred risks. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am 23 and am in love with three different men. • Number One tells me that he loves me and we have had some good times together, but he has never asked me for a second date. Number Two is older than I am and all he ever does is to feed me when he takes me out. Number Three says he loves me, but he only comes to see me once every two weeks. All of the men arc past 40 and have been married. One of them three times. But none of them have wives how. What shall I do to get one of them to marrv me? Or how can I get ANY rich man, for that matter? These rnen are not rich, but they have enough money for me to live on in the style I want to live. QUESTION MARK Answer: As none of the men have asked you to marry them, it seems to me that you are borrowing trouble about trying to decide which one to take. Love talk is the cheapest thing in the world and the least to be depended upon. However, I should regard Number Two as your best bet, as you say that he feeds you when he takes you out, and that "sumpin," as Amos and Andy would say. Any man who will buy you good food has a charm that is not to be scoffed at. Plump, Tender, Juicy, Dresse'd and Drawn All Day TficmfcsgJv/'ng fNov. 9r "" Bra your Sunnyfield Cooked Half or Wholo Shank Cut Butt Cut 69c 59c 67 c (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Running Water Improves Standard No one thing probably tends to . improve the standard of living on j the farm more than a running water system. With this can come sanitary disposal of household waste with a septic tank, which means a great deal in safeguarding the health of the family, Home Demonstration Agent Lorraine Blackwood explains. The danger of contamination trurn unsanitary sewage disposal is very great, she cautions. Much sickness and suffering, as well as direct financial loss in money spent and time lost, are brought about by improper methods of sewage disposal. . Unfortunately the cause of such sickness and loss, and the effect of contributing factors, often are overlooked. The pollution of surface water as well as underground waters by cesspools, or other unprotected methods of sewage disposal, may occur and nut be recognized. Tho method of sewage disposal approved by ihr Slate Health Department and recommended by UK- Extension St-rviee is use of a septic lank. Plans and other information un the septic lank are available at the County Extension Office in ihe C-uui Dioa-.e. A.-:li ii.» Plan No. 71U11. Mild and Mellow Eight O'clock 3 & $|.I5 Rich and Full Bodied Red Circle 2 $; 85c Vigorous and V/iney Bokar Coffee tig 45c More Than % Fruit and Nufs JANE PARKER l'/2-lb. 3-lb. 5-lb. $1.25 $2.45 $3.85 Marvel Sfuffin' Bread 2 .,. OZi I8c Jans PorUr rh.ln! '.giving Spice Cake 1 Lav „. 89c J.ine Parlor Golden Loaf , 7 . 0 , 25c Marvel Dinner Rolls 9 F !'", |Q C Hall or V/hola Shank Cuf Bull Cut 65c „, 57c lh 63c lb.' Half or lb. Sunnyfiefd Coated PICNICS IB. Pork Loin End Cuts Pork Roast Dressod and Drawn Young Hens Fresh Select Oysters 49c 89c Fresh Cranberries Large Pascal Celery Crisp Head Lettuce lona Peas AiP All Grer.n Asparagus Srallc Head 25c 17c 13c Red Delicious Apples ib. 15c Jonathan Apples 2 ^ 23c Fresh Coconuts ____«,. I0c Texas Oranges 8 Bag 3 I C Texas Grapefruit 8 & 29c No. I Russel Potatoes 5 .b S . 25c Fi'-ch Green Cabbage "

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