The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on August 22, 1948 · Page 58
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 58

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 22, 1948
Page 58
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16 SPORTS THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 22, 1918. SPORTS SECTION 4 I V x 'i - il I WTrli ni iT'tiiTiTifi iVifiM'ttiiiWiTirrrtrii '1 ' V" rJi 1 ' J- -'it' ii nnfirnrr" rnfrr-iff mf Mrnrrai j Bill's. Ritz I o r. XY7 monies Will In State Meet Elim Series Beeins Totlav In L.A.B.F. G.M.W., Handler Play Fealure Game The LABF. opens its 36th annual elimination series on three fronts today at 2 30. Feature game brings eether the two pennant winners of their respective leagues. G.M.w. Bo$ of the Saturdav Afternoon League I and the Harvesters of the City League. The game will be played ; ; at the Distillers' Fiei At Beechmont. the Bombers i ' take on Beechmont A. C. Bomb- j ers fimshed second and Beech- i mont fourth. I Shively crew Club Cuero for a k ) third in the City League, while ; S Club Cuero was second in its I S league. i Highland Post drew a bve and J camp Campbell, Ky, today won ; will meet the winner of theJlhe second Army Command's 1 Shively-CIub Cuero game later, jsoftball championship by defeat- ? steelrs rtir Bears Today imai standings v,uy ieague. & i.iA. rw., t-i. j W. L 3 4 4 Junior Nines Win First Games In Baptist Meet Three of the games in the lunior division of the Baptist Softball Tournament were decided by one run last night at Brown & Williamson Field. Si. Matthews defeated Crescent Hill 15-14. Auburn dale tipped Eastern Parkway ?-6 and 23d & Broadway nicked Westside 5-4. Meadow Home won the other game, 9-3, over Carlisle. No games are billed tonight but the schedule will resume Monday with three games, two m the senior division and one in the girl. The schedule: m t p m w-t BroM ay Bapim a. E m a Rnav & o sm Rf'iunt vs C'reaoeru H;U. Grid Yankee Defeat Brooklyn l)oiler 11-7 C-nnji Campbell Win Over Fort Knox PhoenixviUe. Pa., Aug. ti tJpi- Bill's and Eitr, favored to meet tn the final as tney as a in tne recent city-wide eliminations, made successful starts in the Women's State Softball Tournament last night at Bonnycasile Field. Bill's, who beat Ritx Friday i night for the elimination cham-; pionship. defeated St. Paul Mexh-; odist 9-4. but not before they got : a big scare. Ritz repulsed High- land Park's youngsters 14-5. Ptil !d Bia uii! w fmn inn;'! Rm H-? &aciJ !?;Wla t:i! put BiU rJ 3-1 Tf MUftaa- I oc-tint ? in u fe I o tii& ha 1 4r.1. s.atHWi fa-run j K : t "o tut in 'h t'h s ViaT.e-4 two ium t itni ,r BM S the c.u rw .s H.ilfmm th mni4t pile hr for P.i't jutotxmm tuettt hus i FirI it Ut d ron; !. EvwiieiK.-i pi Frankfort at Boston. Aug. 21 t The New York Yankees cashed two inter-. . . . . . . . i . j ceptea passes to aeieat me ew j lyn Dodgers 14-7 n an AH-Amer ica Footim League exhibition tonight before a 14,401 crowd at Braves Field. After a scoreless first half. Chuck Riffle, former Notre Dms guard, snagged one cf Bob Horn-schemeer's aeriils en Brooklyn's 42-yard line and the Yankees drove to the five from where, on fourth down. Spec Sanders sliced off for a touchdown. C,nrtcr-Jaraat Fht, r Bailer. LIMBERING UP Six members of the United Major Bowling League, which rolls at Fifth Street Alleys, volunteered to dramatize the coming opening of the bowling season by posing as "patients" to have their good right arms limbered up. Cliff Young, in the role of trainer,w administers in order to Carl Krankel, Lee Rothgerber, Bill Gambert, Tommy Howe and Don Hasselbach. Bowling Leagues Tune Up As Start of Season Nears That rumbling sound you hear these early fall evenings isn't thunder in the distance. It's the advance guard of Louisville's 12,000 bowlers tuning up for the coming season. Most leagues have already organized and by the second week in September the firing will have just about reached its top volume. The 12,000 figure placed on Louisville's bowling fraternity is an estimate of league membership only, it includes both men's and women's leagues, but it doesn't include the uncounted numbers who enjoy non-league bowling in the Louisville alleys and those in Jeffersonviile and New Albany. INCREASE John L. Sullivan, secretary of the Louisville Bowling Association and vice president of the American Bowling Congress, looks for a continued increase in Ken-tuckiana bowlers. Last season topped all previous marks in tl. number of men and women enjoying the sport, with the women bowiers showing the greater increase. The expected influx of new members this season is likely to cause some congestion of alleys here and there. So the addition of 16 new ones at Thelmal is looked upon as a welcome addition to the miles of hardwood in the city. Sullivan an ardent advocate of the movement that is taking hold over the country to organize bowling leagues among high school students. The idea is now being studied here and may re-suit in the formation of a number of leagues which will add a new competitive sport to the high school schedules. Although a number of summer leagues have been swinging during the hot months, managers at all the major alleys have taken time out to resurface their alleys in accordance with A.B.C. specifications. Many halls have been dressed up with paint jobs and improvements added for the convenience of patrons. A newcomer to the league ranks 10 ' 13 Detroit Plays Cubs Today The Detroit Wolves and the Louisville Cubs. No. 1 team of the Negro Southern League, will play a double-header this afternoon at Parkway Field. The first game starts at 1:45. ! The Detroit nine, under the leadership of Hank Kigney, will present a star-studded lineup, including Billy Ball, sensational one-armed outfielder; Red House, homerun-hittmg third baseman, and Cecil Kaiser, stellar left- handed pitcher who formerly i s pastimed with the. Homestead js Grays of the National League. ! Kaiser and Long Time Jeffer- son will be on the mound for the Wolves Sunday, with Mackey and Meyers receiving. j Manager Felton Snow of the js fibs will denend on Leftv Dor- ! iflr onH PaH MrttiHT-H f Ar Vi i o L i mound work with Early Bird j i ' :t , Ellison and Bill Barney receiving, j J. V f e 1 r H iiuw no ine cull INlf nave me car: John L. Sullivan Expects banner season may be the Southern Indiana traveling league, which is in I process of being organized. Bowlers in New Albany, Jeffersonviile and several other nearby localities have been working up the idea and the new league is expected to be doing business by the time the season gets into full swing. BREAK According to Sullivan the bowlers will get a much better break this season, owing to the availability of items that have been in short supply due to post-war demands. New pins, made of more select wood, have been coming on the market and the alleys here have been taking advantage of the new supply to replace rundown equipment. At Central Alleys 15 leagues are already filled and two more are nearly formed. A good season is in prospect at Landohr with most of the leagues organized. Columbia reports all leagues filled with the exception of four opening's at 9 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. All teams are in good shape at Banner with a full start scheduled for September 1. Broad-brook's alleys have been thoroughly reconditioned with league organization at a brisk clip. Park-moor will inaugurate a five-o'clock shift this season, running on .Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays. Madrid and Vernon have the organization of leagues in good shape, ready to open firing September 1. At Fifth Street, home of the United Major League, all the old leagues have organized and a new one, which plans to roll on Sunday afternoons and mav adopt the name of "Sunaft." is ready to start rolling September Harvesters 12 Bombers 11 Shively 9 Beechmont A. C. 6 Holy Famiiv Boosters 5 Clifton A. C. 2 The LABF, will pay final tribute to Babe Ruth at all three games, when prayers will be offered at home plate before the start of each game. Father Jerome A. Moert will be at Distillers Field. Father William J, Murphy at Beechmont and Father Joseph A. Newman at Shively Park. Cafemen Nine Again to Plav In National St. Elizabeth's Loes In Plavoff 14-4 Manager Howard Lewis Cafe-men will represent Louisville in the National Junior Tournament for the fourth consecutive year. They defeated St. Elizabeth j 14-4 vesterdav at Shawnee Park in the final of 18-year-old divisional playoffs, and won the right to compete in the big meet at Dayton, Ohio. The Cafeman won the National title in 1945 and were runner-up in 1946. Jim Conder set St. Elizabeth down with only four hits. Jackie Richardson and Bob Haner led Cafemen's attack. Jackie collected three hits, including a three-run double. Haner walloped a home run. A one-armed pitcher, southpaw Dan Bosler, stole the show as Holy Spirit and Holy Cross gained in the final in the 15-year-old paro- chial division of the playoffs con- ducted by the . City Recreation ; Division. Bosler, in addition to pitching is the victory, led the attack with a j home run and double as Holy ;s Spirit eliminated Holy Name 8-1. Holy Cross ousted St. Elizabeth ff 16-6. Holy Spirit and Holy Cross will vie 9:30 Monday morning on Shawnee No. 1 for the champion- ship. CENTRAL. LEAGUE. Flint 4-6. Muskrgon 3-3 Fort Wayne . Grand Rapid I. Dayton 11. Saginaw a OHIO-INDIANA LEAGl'C. Richmond 10, Lima 7 Zanesville 9, Springfield 4 Newark 4-3. Portsmouth 3-1 L. Marion 7. Muncie 1. ! trig Fort Knox. Kv., 7-1 Camp Campbell finished ' the ; tourney with a 4-0 won-lost rec-; ord. Fort Knox entered the finals 6 ! by eliminating Camp Lee, Va, and ! was awarded a runner-up trophy Sgt. Dave Green, Camp Campbell pitcher, was awarded the most valuable player trophy. A special sportsmanship award was made to New Cumberland (Pa.) General Depot. wrSTERN LEAOIE. Ie Moines 7 Omaha 1 ACIMC OAST LtAGl'E. San Francisco . Hollvw-ood 4. Oakland 12. Los Ang'eiea 3 WEAVING 0 BURNS, TEARS J MOTH HOLES All fabrics woven perfectly. re- 5 x j Bur.. Cigarette Burn I jfY from 0 f4 Ejjf J Compart Our Prita vUv Hosiery Repairing 5 m. hoi 24-Hour Service inVtWlliK Prompt Attention X Bft?Lljln " Motf Order J R'P and Tear i 4i: ! Hi:n terier nwei tne fa-e?-e Cnu-aco Rea.- in a pielesstonal Kx-tJ- i exrtioi-tion same touwrio' which ins mxli iew as tne tip-f).f on how potent i re !l?r. ma influence ol late Coih Jock Sutner-iari JsutherSand de lat Hut ht rur- ceo and !cn-iime friend. Jfthnnv Mu-helmen 'U re pittma Surherlams a precept and single nack formatinn against the fopusar --T" formation, stronfi-1 iavored by the Bear NORTHERN IHf.U. St Cloud S, Aberdeen 4 F-au Claire ". Sioux FU 5. Crand Forks Superior 3 Duiutn 11 rtrgo-Mtfhd 1B Tailored-to-Measure SUITS and TOPCOATS PHONE CL 3435 SAM TURK, P. H. DAVIS Rep. 224 SeutK Thiral LIGHTS! ACTIOS! CAMERA! ITS a quick "toke" ot Louisville's newest restaurant GORDON S-4th-Sfreet one that introduces you to soft, changing, charming indirect lighting deep, comfortable, leather-cushioned seats. ACTION storts the second you enter, oction by hostess, waiters, and then the climax! A snack or a dinner served with the finest foods from the most modern kitchen equipment in this part of the country o peak performance by a cast of chefs with pride in their art, ITS ?MRT 1US: for 2-i-o-boi or 200 in a pri-vo room up Totrt, Mill Smith (CI 5439) will gladly make your reiervotion. MLL'I ME AT G7 S FOLRTH 5IKLET ART Z EMBROIDERY CO. ? S. Fourth St. JA 2418 5 3d floor, Ow Boston Shoo Store TODAY'S iCLnW, ten iTtrtfB ind. day av -a LAST TIME TODAY. OH37 ELS tf'( iiiniiHiHiiiiii!ii!iiiiiiiiiiit!iiiiHiiiiini;iiuiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiii!:iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii U. of L. Season FootLall Tickets Go On Sa le Mondav Ca tnpus Miop, Shop, Second Floor millllllltllllllllllUtftlHllttllltllllllllfttllltlltllllMtllllllllllllllllllHIIIllIItfllllfllllllllltlllllltllUHiiitiiifiiiH milllllUE 1 The Campus Shop I har thrifty transportation and no parking trouble . . . iMfUnUUUIMtMl 71 AS t'- t llkvlfl 3 A. Yr?. 1 III X I wk 7 U Keep peace in the family! Let your : j wife use the car for shopping and 1 errands. Here's the handiest way j to get around you ever saw ! Takes i you to work so quickly you hard- j Jy know you made the trip! Does j it so smoothly and comfortably;! you'll never miss the car! Con-: venient, too . ..po parking prob-: j lems! 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