Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1938
Page 3
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^Monday, September 12, 1038 HOPE STAR,, HOPE, ARKANSAS llavc You Sent Our Your Ship There arc many who wait for Uicir ships to come in, For their ships to come In from the .sea. This question they ask as they watch and wait: "Will n ship come home to me?" The answer comes swiftly from a voyager old, A voyager weathered and gray: Have you sent forth a craft with a cargo friend? A craft that might come today? There are many who long for their ships lo come in, That they from their cares may be free; But how could a ship come home to them When thc've sent no craft to sea? — Selected by request. for the young people of the church, 15 years and up, on Tuesday evening from 7:30 lo 10. Interesting games and refreshments will feature the mceliny. -O- Joc Wimbcrly lefl Sunday for Arka- dclphia where he will enter Henderson State Teachers college. —O- Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Phillips of Little Rock was the week-end guest of their mother, Mrs. W. L. Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mills had a.s week-end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Wylic of Shreveport, La. The Alathcan Class of the First Baptist Sunday school will hold its initial business and social meeting of the fall on Tuesday evening al 7:30 at'' the home of Mrs. Owen Nix, N. Elm j St., with Mrs. S. D. Cook and Mrs. Douglas as associate hostesses. All; members «rc urged to be present. Call Mrs. J. A. Bowden for transportation. Miss Margery Waddle left Sunday for Arkadelphia, where she will enroll in Henderson State Teachers College. -O-- Aflcr a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mills, M. A. Kreuter has returned to his home in Kansas City, Co. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Nix and two children have relumed from a week's vacation in New Orleans and Gulf- ix>rt. The Recreational Council of First Baptist church will hold open house O'Daniel Insists (Continued from Page One) Misses Mary Nell Carter and Ruth Lewis left Sunday to enter Henderson Stale Teachers College, Arkadclphin. Mrs. James L. Jamison, who has spent the past five months with her work on the Atlantic coast, and the New England slates arrived Saturday for a visit with home folks. CARD OF THANKS We gratefully acknowledge Ihe kind expressions and sympathy shown us during our recent bereavement. James A. Edwards and wife Lucille Yerger John Evelyn Yerger Doris Gwendolyn Yerger -^«-^»> We wish to take this method of expressing our sincere appreciation to the many friends and neighbors for the kindness shown us during our recent bereavement. Mrs. Ralph Madden Mrs. Elsa Madden Mr. Frcdric Scligman Plebiscite Idea Is (Continued from Page One) mediate delivery of carloads of flour vied with each other for the car of Ihe successful candidate. "Anything can be run with the Ten Commandments," he said laconically, when asked how he proposed to make good on the chief plank of his platform, which had been the Decalogue itself. A needed vacation followed, and then a scries of banquets lo meet business men, an appeal for Red Cross contributions, and another appeal to elect his .sallc of state officers. Lucrative radio offers have been refused. O'Daniel, five months before his inauguration, is already deep in study and preparation to fulfill his promise to "make you the best governor Texas ever had." The clowning and the vaudeville of the campaign arc over. W. Lee O'Daniel now faces practical problems of administration, such as where to get the money for the old age pensions he has promised. Practical problems of ways and means, of actual achievement, await this practical business man, of whose inccrity no one who has studied him has a doubt. Will he be able to fulfill the promise of his political triumph? An echo from the barnstorming sound-truck answers stoutly, "Yeah, man!" (THE END) it is difficult lo find butter in the .small towns. She lacks petroleum. War might force her to invade Roumania and add that country to her list of necmies in ojv.ler to get it. She has considerable stores cif copper and nickel and all she needs of aluminum for any length of time. But she docs not have enough iron ore for steel production even in peace. A recent decree specified that private building should be done without using steel. Ix>w Grade of Iron The quality of her iron ore is not high. Travelers returning from Germany tell of huge slag heaps indicating Big Crowd Hears Evangelist Here Famed Piano Player to Be On Program Monday Night Evangelist D. E. Collins of Granada, Minn., spoke Sunday night at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle on the subject, "The 1 Cost of Neglecting a Personal Matter." Regardless of the rain a large crowd gathered for the first night of the rc- viviil campaign now underway under the leadership of this unusual evangelist, Rcf. Collins said in his sermon that "Neglect costs the life of thousans in the United 'Stales every year," fur- Ihcr he stated, "A man would be a fool, if he knew a curve was just ahead, if he did not slow down, to make the turn, likewise it is a very foolish thing for men and women, knowing a change is ahcaed of every one, to not make some preparation to meet eternity and judgment." Monday night Evangelist, Collins Is scheduled to speak on, "A Christian Responsibility," and invites all who can arrange to do so to bo present. W. Fred Henry of TuLsa, O'kla., has wired that he will bo in Hope Monday night for ut least one night and will play the piano and paino-accodlon in the services at the Tabernacle in the Collins revival. This man is probably the greatest pianist in religious work today in the world and has been offered large sums to play in the entertainment world and over the radio but has habitually turned them down to remain in gospel work. He is much sought after to play in great city-wide campaigns all over the United Slates and recently played at the Interstate camp meeting at Eureka Springs where over twenty-two ssales were represented, as well as nine foreign countries. With Mr. Henry will be his wife, who is a splendid singer, and helper to her husband. Six hundred and fifty free seals arc available at the Tabernacle. German smelters are using a Spa Murder Case (Continued from Page One) Maryland Casts Vote on Monday Roosevelt and Tydings F'ace Crucial Test on New Deal Issues BALTIMORE—(/P)—Last-minute appeals from radio, rostrum and sound ruck dinned into the cars of Maryand voters on Ihe eve of Ihe slate primary Monday, focus of national at- 4'lion as a direct tcsl of Presidcnl Roosevelt's popularity and prestige in Ills effort lo purge Millard E. Tydings r rom the Uniled Slates senate and replace him with Representative David J. Lewis. Tydings, denounced as a conservatives seeking election as a libcnal, maintained the president had no right lo "interfere" in state politics while declaring his own right lo vole according to his conseienic regardless of the president's wishes. .Lewis retorted "it's a Republican conscience" and asserted the choice was "New Deal or old." Both arranged hurried broadcasts in the closing hours of the campaign in in effort lo keep abreasl of charges and counter-charges including allegations of election law violations by federal employes in Maryland on both sides of Ihe fence. The Lewis camp .PAGETHREE listed Ihrec broadcasts Sunday night and Tydings one Sunday night and one Monday morning. Deposit Insurance May Be Raised Questionnaire Is Sent to 'Banks by Federal Deposit Agency WASHINGTON-(/P)-Chairman Leo T. Crowlcy disclosed Monday that the Federal Deposit Insurance corporation is studying the possibility of insuring bank deposits above the presenl $5,000 limit. He said Monday's mail's carried to 13,719 insured banks of the counlry a questionnaire on deposit accounts above $5,000, so the FDIC would know how much c.xlra risk would bo involved in the new plan. 168-Pound Melon (Continued from Page One) ccnlcnnial group in preparing exhibits for the New York World's Fair next year. Echoes of Hope's watermelon fame reached this city last week in a clip- Form Local Unit for Farmer Group Hempstead County Turns Out 300 at Meeting on Saturday A'Hempslead county unit of the Cotton Farmers Minimum Income Association, Inc., was organized Saturday at Hope city hall, with about 300 farmers attending. Speakers were Dr. M. F. Dickinson, Joe Morrison and Robert J. Lambert, ^corporators of the association, which opened its membership campaign recently at Prcscotl. Many Hempslead counly farmers signed a five-bale parily petition, and called for additional local meetings throughout the counly, the association representatives reported. ping from the Birmingham-News-Agc- Hcrald showing a picture of a 101- pound melon produced at Greenville, Ala. The feature of Ihe piclurc and slory, however, was Uial the melon sprang from a seed of the 195-pounti world's champion melon grown in Hcmpslead county by O. D. Middlebrooks, Patmos, in 1935, and presented to Dick Powell, native son of Arkansas, famous in the films, at Hollywood. New Speed Mark 1 Missed by Cobb But He Drives 342 MPW —Only 3MPH Short of World Record BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, Utah. -(IP)— John R. Cobb, London fur broker, made a courageous altempt to shatter the world's automobile speed record here Monday, but he fell short less than 3 miles per hour. The wealthy Englishman, piloting his 7,000 pound-sharp-haped racer, was clocked al 342.53 miles per hour in Iwo flashing drives through a measured mile. Captain George T. T. Eyslon's mark of 345.49 miles per hour was made here August 29. Intense Heat Causes Corn to Pop in Field W. A. Hairston, farmer of the Bodcaw community, brought a partly popped ear of corn to Hope Monday as proof of the intense heat in this section last week. Several grains on Ihe ear of corn had broken open. The ear of pop-corn was picked from his field. Hairston discovered the corn when he pulled the uck from it. The ear of corn is on display at Webb's Newsstand. About 15 per cenl of Siam's total import trade of mare than 510,000,000 is made up of food-stuffs. City Meat Market FOR CHOICE K. C. and , NATIVE MEATS Free Delivery Phone 767 It has been estimated that more marriages lake place during Ihe third quarter of the year than in any other poriod. Used Typewriters Woodstock, Royal and Underwood BARGAIN PRICES Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical' Phone 259 •ENDS MOM., GARY COOPER FRANCHOT TONE "LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER" TUES. & WED. Mickey Rooney "Down the Stretch" MON.-TUES. Artolph luh*< BING CROSBY FRED MacMURRAY MATINEE TUESDAY type of ore that would be discarded here. She is still deficient in cloth fibres, despite her strenuous efforts to make cotton from wood pulp and wool from sour cream. Experts here question the quality of the German substitutes. Since Germany has no credit reserves she must purchase raw materials abroad through exports of manufactured materials. But ni war-lime her manufacturing plants would be devoted to making war supplies and would have liltlc capacity left for manufacturing exportable products. Hitler forgets, experts here say, that in 1914 Germany had extensive credits abroad, whereas now she is a debtor nation. When Ihe World war began Germany was a rich creditor nation. Her citizens had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of securities and property in the United States alone. When the United States entered Ihe World war two and ;\ half years after its outbreak the alien properties custodian still had to lake charge of $600,000,000 worth of German properly. German investments also were heavy in Holland, Switzerland and Scandinavia. They could be and were used for purchases of raw materials. Remove Ulcer for (Continued from Page One) eipally worried that the ulcer migh be malignant. James Roosevelt was on the operating table for an hour and 45 minutes. After the operation, the operating surgeon, Dr. IT, K. Gray, told reporters that James' condition was "satisfactory at this stage." Dr. Ross T. Mclntire, hite House physician who uttended the operation asserted: "Jim is in splendid condition. His pulse and respiration now are ap- proxmatcly normal again." The president saw James for 45 minutes before the latter was wheeled away to the operating room. As James was taken out, the president said: "Good luck." His eldest son smiled in reply. The operation started at 10:45. Joseph B. Anderson, 37, of Little Rock and Hot Springs. Anderson and his wife, Mrs. Lucille Anderson, 33, were arrested in Hot Springs shortly before I noon yesterday and brought here for questioning. Sheriff Anderson said Anderson named Alfred (Fug) Dickson, 35, of Hot Springs, as Cooley's slayer and that he had accused Clarence (Bill) Johnson, 23 and his brother, Herbert Johnson, 27, of implication in the kid- naping and slaying. The suspects were lodged in the Pulaski county pail here last night after Garland county officers received word that public indignation wah high in Hot Springs. $1.10 Per Capita Is School Apportionment LITTLE ROCK. - (/P) - The Stale Board of Education Monday ordered a $1.10 per capita apportionment of the common school funds to approximately 3,000 school districts in Arkansas. The apportionment, made on the basis of 630,560 school-age children cnuemratcd during the past year, totaled ?G93,G1G. NEW FALL SHOES By TWEEDIE LET'S TRY THEM ON LADIES Specialty Shop The American Red Cross operates under a special congressional charier granted Jan. 5, 1905. Adelina Palti. often referred to us the highest paid prima donna on the operatic stage, earned $5,OUO,UUU in her life time. LAST TIMES MONDAY William Powell Luise Rainer —in— "Tlic Emperors Candlesticks" An M-ti-M. Picture Also—Carnival Show and News Clip This Ad—Will admit one adult I'Vce will) one paid 2Uc ticket. Tuesday & Wednesday Donald Woods, Nan (ircy—in "DANGER ON THE AIR" —Alsu- J A C K. 11 O L T—in "Roaring Timber" MIND Your MANNERS T. M. Reg. U.-S. Pit. OS. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. How might a girl correctly accept a man's invitation lo dance? 2. When a man stops for his date, is it all right for him to wait in, his car until she is ready? 3. May a girl refuse to dance with one man and then give that Kimp dance to another? 4. Is it good manners to smoke while dancing? 5. Should a man give a girl whom he has just started dating an expensive gift? What would you do if— You are a young man who has taken a girl to a club dance— la) Dance with other girls only when your date has a dance taken? tb) Consider that taking her to and from the dance is your only responsibility, and let her take care of herself while she is there? (c) Refuse lo let her dance with anyone else? Answers 1. By saying. "Thank you, I'd like to." Or "I'd love to." 2. No. 3. No. Not while being deliberately rude. 4. No. 5. No. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—fa). (Copyright 1938, NEA Service, Inc.) NOTICE TO PROSPECTIVE BAND STUDENTS All new and prospective band students and their parents are requested to meet with me at the time and place designated below. Discuss your instrument problem, lesson schedule, etc. Instrumental music will be available the first term to grades from the fifth on up, and to the fourth grade fit Ihe second tcrmas lust year. Please follow the schedule below. High School—Wednesday, September H, from 8:30 to 11:30 a. m. Oglesby School—Wednesday, September 14, from 1:00 to 3:30 p. m. Signed: G. Thos. Cannon, Bandmaster. if- Everybody gets a prize! I Have you ever attended a "Treasure Hunt" and raced frantically all over the neighborhood searching for cleverly hidden clues? It's fun, but only the fastest win the prizes. But there's another "Treasure Hunt" run every day where everybody wins! It's in the newspaper you are reading now. The clues aren't hidden^or in code — they're made easy for you! The advertisements in this paper are the clues — and they lead you directly to prizes you choose yourself. Perhaps you want a toaster or a pair of shoes or a certain kind of soap. Look over the advertising clues till you find what you want at the price you can afford to pay. Without the ads, you'd have to Treasure Hunt all over town, from store to store, from counter to counter, to find just what you want. You can save lots of time and money by getting your clues from the advertising columns. •fc ft

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