Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two Requirements for Buying New Auto Togs When making application for your 1948 Tabs, be sure to brine your Pink Registration Certificate' find present it to your local Rcve- nue Jns'-'Ttn.- who will thc-ii ix.Mie you a 1948 TAB. If you have lost oytir Registration Cortifieate, go immediately to vma' local Revenue Inspector, and THOUSANDS SAY- t?'S HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS is 22.50- mostly 19.55-20'- ,-irs )'i 50 ; • • - u« it s a nrovcd medicine praised by thousands Who have known what it is to suffer muscle achrs due 10 exercise or exposure (often ntttd rlwuimtic pain), or Iurob» S o. O/«n L-222J helps you feel better before even one rattle.s Rone. Purchase price of first hr.tlle Bach if noi satisfied. For temporary relief of artomt> ; .nyinR.constipation. talte St. Joseph ^£3J-rivativc Pills. Buy both products today. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyard.';. Ill . >?ov 2? -•-(/I')—Hogs. 11.000; ,-,ciiv( LOO higher than Frid.-.v''-. on all classes: bulk nn":>",( 25-50; top 23.50- 2."i03IO 11 23.00 sow;: 400 Ibs down 0.50-21.75; heavier sows 25; slags 15.00-H1.50: lit 15.00. Cattle. n.r>00 r;i)vex. 1.2 not est;>hli:-hed tiii'lerlon t VY medium siee;.'- 23.(1: I heifers ami mixed ye jslrong: load good hi'ifcT;; 'medium lo lo'.v (fond mixed. ings 22.00-2fi.00; steady lo 50 and medium to 21.50; connor 17.00; bulls sic good 21.00-22.75 mon 17.00-20.Od; Friday's l.f) to choice 2f!.l)fl-:;8.r>(i: medium 1(1.00-27.00. Sheep, 3,50; nolliinr' done IT'S TIMEATO SHINE WITH... because it has a hard-wax finish cows tin higher mos commo'n j 17.50-1 !>. 00: fo-.v good s and culler:; I.').5(Jady medium and cutter and com- vealerr, recovered 2.0 loss; good and c'omr.ion and earlv. Hope Star itr.r ol Hope 1899; Prcsi 1927, Con-.o.idoled Jonuory 18, 7929 Kjljlhhod evcfy weekday oftcrnnon t STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. £. Palmer, president Alps. H. Washburn, :,«< roIary-Troavjrpi of (hi Slnr buildinn 21?.-^M Sob'h V'alriul Srif.'cl, H<)[»:, ArK. Alex, H. V/oshburn, Editor f, f'uljlishi ['•jul H. jonr-,, /.Vinaai-iO [ : r.H!ur Jer.<> M. Davh, A-'"orHr-irtQ Manager Post Offk f a: Art ol Mtjrr.h , ; lir , frvit icr ' !l lh. f'O, Ar|<an.-a:;, under Ihi 1697. (AP)—-Means (NEA1—Mrnrv Press. i.ntcrpri^- POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Nov. 22 --(/!',-- Rutter lirm; receipts (tv.-o d;ivs) 35'> .);;?• prices unchnn»ed to ?,-\ rent a pound higher 9,'i score- AA !);! A and flO B all (JK.ii; fin C 01.5. ' ' IZgtis steady: receipts (two days) ll,3li<); prices unchaiif;ed U. S >•-••- tras 70 pet and up A ftt-GI fill-G!) 9 pet A r>7-f)9; U. S. stanrlnrds <17r>:V current receipts 47-50 dirties US 41; checks 3536. Live poultry: Steady; receipts 33, trucks, one cnr: prices unrhattr'ed I ?829- m^p 3 ? >S o7 4 » lo r hm ' n ^!i old rnn^or 9" 9J 7 T'nv ''"'*, :H: f'\ "™ Subscripfion Pale-,: (Always Payable Ir Advance): By rily torricr per wcr.k 20. per month 85r. Mail rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller am LQrayotle tfjuniic;. 34.!>U per year; else whnrc $8.50. NEW YORK TOCKS ~ New. York, Nov. 22 - ,/P) slow sinking spell hit the - A stock : helped ' Whe Leading issue, tions to around points alter start- '''•ac- jhcdging Treat Your, Guests To.A ing off with fractional changes in cither direction. Rails, steels and motors took Ihe brunt of Boiling. Oils, aircraft and chemicals also were do-.vn Marsha Home Continued From Page One really appreciate tremendously the president's coming out to sec me, particularly on a day like this." 'Ihe president ancl the secretary chatted for a few moments. Afier photographs were taken, Mr. Truman turned to ihe general •md said, "Let's get aboard." They I'.vent to waiting automobiles, Mr. 'fiuman, General Marshall and Undersecretary of Stnte Lovett rridin;' together. i The trip home is Marshall's .first ;"ni"o October !). State, .Departinent jOllicia!?; said it is uncertain whelh- !'•:• he will go back to Paris since (the United Nations- assembly' .has only a short time .longer to run. .' fJipJomatic authorities agreed that China presents Mr. Truman and Marshall with their most ut- irent ~ and in some ways rn'Sst difficult -— problem. There was no assurance ttiev would try to reach any sort of'final fnncli'.<;ions in their first round of .talks, but speculation persisted iihnl some kind of statement might I be "orlhcoining. Before Mr. Truman is a request from Generalissimo Chiang Kai- •••hek for the United States, in effect to take over the running of Chiang's war against the Communists through American military , ;<dvisers in China as well as great| ly increase this country's material I help to the Chinese armies ! A proposal that the UNITED State cither give China "all out" aid or none was made Saturday night by Special Senate Consultant D. Worth Clark who brought into sharp focus the question o f how deeply I his country should become involved in the Chinese war . After laying down a plan for ex- tr-nsive military and economic help cl. Negotia-.'h." former Idaho senator declared a settlement print he would not say "whether strike also such a comprehensive program will unjustifiably involve the United States in a foreign conflict " Nor would Clark supply an an- ,-....;cnt pv.'or to "the high policy question pressure. Reports to the ! whether the United States shall pay such a price to stay communism in China." Thus the questions which he left "'Answered, are precisely those which Mr. Truman and Marshall Monday, November 22, 1948 Notional A'Jvr.'rthing RoproSL'ntaMve — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Vrmphis, Tenr, Sferick Builoinrj, Cliiia'c), «OU i'lr.rih Mid 'gan Avenue; Nr« York Cily, 292 Macli'sor Avo.; Detroit, Mi'.li., 'lA'n ','/. Gram Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 31 •'. Termini' BldT Ncv/ Orli.-ans, Tf'f Union Sf Member of the Associated Press: Th, Associated Press i:, fjnTiUod exclusively t< 'ho USB lor rcpubli'joiion of oil the loco lews orinted in this newspaper, GS well o 311 AP n"WS drpotrhos Arrivals of cash corn in the spot I'narkcl were down considcraljly com fir trade said producers were free sellers of cash wheat at present price levels, which 'are well above the government loan point. 4 Wheat closed 1-8 lower to 5-8 GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Nov. 22 — lA'i — Corn took over the grain market's leadership from what today, advancing jc-r Dercmboi more than a cent at times on fairly | " ^ higher. December $1.4fi 1- 8 o.-its were 1-3 lour to 1-2 hi,"hei comber ;;r, ;> — 5;;. rye was M — 12 higher, December $H!0 1-4. soybeans were 1-2 lower lo 2 3-4 hit'h- $2.7!). LOOK FOR HYPOM8 PEDRO OH THE LftBEl active buyinr;. make application for a so that you will have; it apply for your Ifi-lD Tab. It you have lost your 19-13 TAG. make application for a duplicate license tag right away. If you have installed a new motor in your vehicle, and have .not r^- ported it to the Revenue Department, so (hat your 1 Registration Certificate could be ; changed, it will be necessary f6j- you to 'brim.; a Bill of Sale for the new engine", to the Revenue 'Inirpeclor, so that he can have you- execute an Affidavit! to Change of Engines, and jeijd into the Little Rock Office v.'ith your Registration Certificate, so that the files can be changed- there. . P.lease remember, that it will be necessary for you to present your 19'I3 Registration Certificate before a 1949 TAB can be issued to you. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Nov. 22 —- </!') — Trade buying and short covering advanced cotton futures here to day. Closing prices were very | steady 45 higher. Dec high 31.89 - .'U.UO Mch high 31.97 31.96 May high.31.79 -- low 31.78 " .11 y high 30.07 — low 30.97 ' ' Oct high 2!!.79 — low 28.79 cents to 75 cents a bale low 31.30 •— close low 31.88 — close 31,.(i9'-— close 30.85 — close 2K.74 — close 1-1, i '"-if' out undev this F"-i m war n in« Do- I Clark relayed from Chiang: "China 7 ".;•>' must either have help or But urgent P.S it is because of recent Communist victories the problem of China does not necessarily outrank other issues before Mr. Truman and his secretary of Stale. It seemed very probable that one ol tne first concerns of both men NEW YORK COTTON New York, Nov. 22 i/B—- Cotton lutures were firm in nctin" dealings today. The market was supported by considerable trade buy- Jng mostly for. mill account, along with short covering in nearby De- would be to determine Marshall's lufure plans .In advance of the meeting the betting was that he would remain in the cabinet beyond the beginning of the new presidential term on January 20. Persons close to Mr. Truman reported that ho intended to urge Marshall to delay his retirement lor some months. Marshall's associates noted that he has always considered himself a soldier under orders to the president. and switching to later cember months. Nearby almost 1 1-4 the average phis. Futures closed 30 bale higher than Arkansas Continued From Page One tirely undesirable by CantroU It has helped the expansion of Arkan- - , level, bais Mem- r, , < sns industry, particularly in a city December moved up to Hike North Little Rock where the above I population has nearly doubled in the past decade. And, said the cli- jrector, the . relatively undeveloped cents a; where available resources promise he previous | sections of . North Arkansas — •.;•;••;.- •: .- where available resources promise an an added industrial potential- are almost certain to show lo the 31.9!) up 17 Mch high 31.97 — HLUG up « May high Hi.HO — low 3.75-77 up 0 lo 8 Jiy high 30.07 ;!0.9(> up 12 |Ocl high 2I1.J-M • H2 up 10 last low 31.1111 — 31.68 — :iO.!!G 28.75 las-t last last up NEIW YORK STOCKS Now York. Nov. :?'.'. relieves COUGHS of Erenlis Up Stirfnce Congestion, Too! At the nr.st iiign of u diest cold—rub ftuisterok- on chost, throat and hack. It inttinttlij starts to relieve coughs :uul tight soreness in chest muscles, llit-n good old reliable Musterole helps hi-eak up painful surface cou- Ki'suou and checks irritation. Iu 3 Ku-enj>th;;. At all drugstores. When You Serve. Mcmy,, Mony Hours Fresher . ' 's P ' ' ' Because •"- ••-•>• x-v-j ic-ijjj n_/ attnj\\' H S 1^711- lar increase in the not too-distant in I. urc. Some of it will probably come trom migration into, instead of out of the state. Of course, further industrialization in Arkansas may draw off more of the rural population and agricultural labor supply. But Can"•ell says this will be offset by I -M-e-iler mechanization on farms i Meanwhile, the urban areas'—, ran-rnig f-orn Mt. Ida to the state's jcapilol city—continue to grow. An inleresting point in this eon- I iv en on has been t!u> race for third ]!?':"!ce honors between Pine Bluff :",'id North Little Rock. Hot i Springs, a formidable contender in i f ' ! '), is running a poor fourth although the resort city has 5 7:10 more residents than it had when th••• las-t official census was taken .In 1IMO, all three cities were '•„„. n'lu; neck and neck in the popula- ''i-in race. Hot Springs had 2] H70 inhabitants. Pine Bluss 21 290 ancl North Little Rock 21.137. But now' the situation is partially reversed I rj , iUa >' 01 ' George Steed of Pine ll-i.luit said recent annexations have given the Jeffersson county city an eslimated population of more than -15.000, or about 3,000 less than the -lil,000 now claimed for second- place- Fdi-t Smith. North Little Rock, wilh its industrial expansion, now has more than 39.000 residents. And the present population of Hot Springs is 27,500. Little Rock's spread is rc- lleeted in Ihe capital city's growth ir«.m SW.il.S9 in 1040 an "estimated 9(..9U2 today. The eight-year expansion of other Arkansas cities and towns as indicated by special census and estimates by city officials ineludes: Arkadelphia from 5.079 to (i,!53- Llyiheville from 10,052 to 14 000 Camden from 8,073 to 10.902' Conway from 5,782 to 7.022; El Dorado from 15.858 to 19,160; Fayetteville irom 8,212 to 3,000 (excluding university students); Hope from 7.475 to 8,594; Joncsboro from 11 - 7'J9 lo 17,000; Lake Village from '-.inn to 2,524 Magnolia from 4 M-3 to 0.321; Newport from 4.221 to ••'••'!!)4: Riih-selh'illi' from 5,!)27 to (i -I'll; and Texarkana, Ark., from 11.821 lo 17,000. Cantrell emphasix.ed that-most of 'h.' in-basi r.;ain has been in inclus- trl ' :1 cities along the Arkansas rivers and the main railroad lines. • ; !"i-!,. market eased down today by iracliuiis to around 2 points. ( ..lu.--iiig prices were, a little above im> low poims of the day. .Yuiiime was around 850000 .'..'lares. | li:ii!s steels and motors took the .i;'.'iviest part of the pressure with '•nernieal:--. ,,il s and airei t'l issues :| i.--n going lewer. Almost all of the groups headed down after a mixed ':»!.-, in which trading was mod- "'•'•''.i-'-lv aeii\-e. Thi'oiighol Die j'e- 'i^aini'i'i- ol the day trading \vus at a steady pace wiihuui unv coiic-en- ''' t'.'d flurries. Another flood of extra dividend Payments again today \vas virtual- i.'i ;;-;iiui-ed. Grade Schoo s Continued Prom Page One where Mr. Washburn and Mr Jones received ih.:ni in a cordial fashion. Mr. Washburn look the children through the print shop to let them ;;ee the linotype and <he teletype work. This, too, is in accordance with book wee!-: as the children have studied about •the mechanism and printing of n book. fri, Mrs: .E. ';R. Brown's third grade, at Brooinvppd: the children .donated foiirtben' 1 ''books ; id- 'the roitm. ' .m 'for I'oo-m. .lhey''.s;;Vc-d "rtUOir ! ice cream money 'and 1 . 1 sp'6'iVl? it'' aft a -book for 'th.eir-'rddin'r''' 1 " '•' - : "'A Mrs. B. C. Hyatt's Third grade gave a play this week entitled, "Mrs. Twinkleton and the Junior Red Cross". All the children in this room took part in the play which initialed the Junior Red Cross drive. All the children of Garland School got to see the play in the auditorium. Special emphasis is being put on the fact that. Junior Red Cross lasts throughout the year rather than just the week of the drive. This year one of our main pro- Dec t?. is to build our schools' libraries. Good books are children's Iriends and while they are readiiu' ancl enjoying them in their leisure lime,, less time is left for idleness and doing undesirable things. Talked at by Wild Parrots .Sydney, Australia (/P) •—A man in South Australia is greeted with "Hullo, Cockie!" by large numbers of wild cockatoos wherever he goes in his district. He is Mr. H. J. Cfis- tinia. caretaker of n closed-down mine at. Evanstown. With no neighbors within 100 miles, Mr. Caslinn has made friends with the birds For a number of j'oars he captured young galahs, a species of rose- breasted cockatoos, kept them for n time, caught them to talk, ancl then released them. They, in turn, have "taught" their wild companions. Meerschaum, used to make pine bowls, is a mineral made of water, I magnesia and silicate. HEAD COWS QUICK RELIEF WITH MEMTH01ATUM 'SOOTHES IRRITATED MEMBRANES ...BKIMSS EASIER BUEATHINS ^PC *XFf R ?*7 ¥ Sin p *«g t'Kf^KHHf <%$ LA93P5' ^, s \^ p '$&& ^zm^mm ^n^^mimM^'- f * * ' ^if^Wo /4-rion* /AvVf jK**>h.^^v' <> A *t! «>^.A.^^ U .^ % ** ^' v \ ^ "* / .< BY ANN BATCHELDER (planned for six) Hot Vegetable Bouillon Roast Turkey Apple-and-Almond Stuffing Gravy Cranberry Sauce Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Dates Scalloped Onions and Green Peppers Cora-Meal Yeast Rolls Orange and Cabbage Slaw Apricot-Pineapple Sponge i! Golden Fruit Sauce : Coffee " .' •' Nut Boivl . ; Swift's Premium Cranberry Sauce 2 r™« * • . KM3 . V-Cll Ib Ocean Spray. Try it Delicious. Pride Corsi High ciuality cream style; Niblets Corti Delicious. Whole Kernel. Green GScmfr High quality large Peas. Green Beans Avondale High Quality. Tomofro Juice Kroger. New pack, Hich. Kroger Peaches . No _ 2I , Can 3 Halves 01- Slices in Syrup. No. 2 Can 12 oz. Can No. 303 Can No. '2 Can '!fi o/. Can ricots Kroger unpeoled Halves. No. 2"j Can Kroger Bread Enriched. Priced to Save. Chiffon Cake Made by Betty Crocker Recicpc.. Fruit Cake 20 >r/.. i Loaves( 2I . !b Euch Delicious. Mellowed in sherry wine. SCroger Buffer lh 'Gluiniod Fresh Daily fro^.i whole milk. Eo'tmore Oieo p ,, ' - ; • **a JlJS., Kxot'IIeay:for cooking 100% CLEANED, OVEN-READY Completely cleaned, readyfor oven when you buy.'No fuss, no muss.U.S.inspsctcd« 8to14Sb. e Fresh Dressed 8*ol2!b. fjF 12tol4lb. and Drawn Average Jb. ".'" • -• i' •, -u . . s Famous Michiglodens. Average Ib. P *«* x^-V ,'^i liced Bacon i b .69c Armour Star Fancy Grade. Nice, Dressed ancl Drawn. Ib. Fat. Plump, Dressed ancl drawn. Standards^ fj Kroger Selects. Pt. 79c. Loin or Rib end, Corn Fed. Holly Brand, Shanklcf.s, Tendered. Armour Star. Whole or Hair flC Swift's Brookfieltl. Spicy. iqe i b .45c on Kroger f Sour gg In a ready made apron bag. Powdered Sugar |* ^ n f s High cjuality. Brown Sugar 2 Ibs. 2ac Dromedary Dates 7>l l k ™Fine for your Fruit Cake Swonsdown Flour 4 ^ Finest Flour for Cakes Blue CSieese lb Fully Ripened, Blue Veined. Sraarp Cheese ]b . Well cured, Rich and Mellow. All Vegetable Shortenni^. Save. Famous Quality Shorlenins. A Value Mirocle Whip j Delicious Salad Dressing by Kraft. Maxwell House Serve this With vein- turkey. Ib. Tin English Walnuts Ib. 45 C Delicious. Ili^'h quality. Chocoiai-e Drops Ib bag 29c Kroner Candies are Delicious. Chocolate Grahatns pkg 21 c Kroner Chocolate Coverc'ti Cheese Ritz 8 oz. pkg. 27c Fresh. Fine Flavor. Save Sv/iffing 3 Ib. tin 7.15 Swift's Pure and Ke.fiued Lard Vanilla Extract- 1 \ O z. bot. 43c Dr. Price's. Hi.uh quality. Pure. Danish Dessert 2 pkgs. 21 c Junket. Try this Us Delicious New England Syrup 12 oz. bot. 25c Delicious on Waffles. Shop Early For Your Holiday Needs We reserve the right to limit Quantity sales. These prices Effective Monday, Tuesday ancl Wednesday. WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY THANKSGIVING ^M Sove on your Produce AT KROGERS Best When F : ull Green Fresh and Crisp Large, Plump, Firm Full of Flavor. I Ib. 1 _ 2C Porto Rican Yams. Select Quality. Potatoes 10 (U9c Onions 5 Washed Selected Reds, Visinet bag Colorado yellows. Save. , b , 3c f>

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