Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1938
Page 4
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1 a" Jr b f! a ti 1 n ti g g i \\ \ PAGE FOUR •the Mote You Tell the Quicket You Sell" RATfcS One time—2c word, minimum 30c Three times—3&c word, min. 50c Six times—€c word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)—18c word, minimum — $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions onlx,- In making word count, disregard classification name sucn as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is fipe. But each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modem furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain.. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, IS words, at 2c word, 30c for one time; at 3V4c word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb, 65S-J. l-26tc You can save money at AUTO WRECKING co. Old Boyett Warehouse Bldg. Used parts, tires, tubes, batteries 9-26tp Notice Hope Softball League Clubs W. L. Pet. Bruner-Ivory ............ 14 1 .933 Williams Lumber ..'.. 10 2 .833 CCC Camp .................. 9 4 .692 Geo. W. Robison ...... 6 10 .375 Highway Dept, ..... ..... 5 9 .333 Hope Basket .............. .. 5 12 .294 Thursday's Results Robison 7. Highway Dept. 10. Hope Basket 13, Bruner 14. Postponed Williams Lumber vs. Bruner-Ivory. (End of Schedule) Southern Association Clubs W. L. Pet Degree work Friday night, Sept. 9, and Tuesday night, 1 Sept 13. NOTICE—Local money to loan on Improved farm lands and city property; low^interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope, Arkansas. 25-6tc Sep 5, 3tc Wanted WANTED—Qualified Domestic and Personal Service workers: Cooks Maids, and Nurses. Apply to U. S Employment Service, immediately. l-6t-dh Atlanta 88 62 Nashville 82 65 .558 New Orleans ..f. 78 68 .534 Memphis 76 74 .507 Little Rock 74 75 .497 Birmingham 71 . 78 .477 Chattanooga 66 82 .446 Knoxville 58 89 .395 Friday's Results All night games. American League Clubs W. L. Pet. New York .' 91 41 .689 Boston 75 55 .577 Cleveland 74 56 .569 Detroit - 67 64 .511 Chicago _ 65 67 .492 Washington 65 68 .485 St. Louis 46 80 .365 Philadelphia 47 85 .356 Friday's Results New York 2, Washington 0. Philadelphia 4, Boston 3. Detroit 11, Cleveland 5. Only games played. National League with '. ... MAJOR HOOPLl Saturday,' September 10,1088 OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS HOW THESE, 6EAU fefcUMM OMetHIMCj LOOKS VEfiy UP VQUR. THREE- C.HIMS GO INTO A HUDDLE ~ OR. 16 IT MV NEW SPOTTED IOECK- TieTHAT \AAKES SOU LOOK THAT WAY? SWIFF; SU,PF i AKJD DOKJ'T STAET'TO CACKLE AKJD CLAIM THAT THE EGG 3HA FOO I SMELL UUDER. VOUR.' WlO-TftAP IS OKJE OF THE FREE SAMPLES SOU LAID AWAV WHEKJ YOU WONJ A CDMTEST OVEEL THE AIR. -r-VOU SSJATCMED THAT OUT OF^ MV MEST, ALOW<3 WITH.THAT SHIC.T AMD HAMO- J KERCHIEF!, HIS PAUMCH IS WRAPPED INJ MV SJEw VEST AMD HIS tXDCiS (ARE HOUSED IM AAV SUMDAV Pittsburgh ....... _ Chicago ........ :. Cincinnati New York Boston St. Louis ........... . Brooklyn ........ Philadelphia 76 74 , 73 72 65 ....... 61 60 42 53 58 59 60 65 71 71 87 WANTED—4 wheel, trailer with 16 inch wheels. Must be in good shape and cheap. Phone 9F2-1. W. H. Harris! Route 4, Hope, Ark. 8-3tp BOYS WANTED—To do pleasant, educational work after school and on Saturdays. Good pay. Prizes. Apply by letter to J. T. care Hope Star. 8-ltp Friday's Results Chicago 4. St. Louis 2. Brooklyn 7, New York 1. Philadelphia 4, Boston 2. Only games played. , 'AME OLD ~ BODY, BUT K1EVAJ EQUIPMENT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I ^ K 4. M ( t •<\iL ^pK^^\ Vik-4.j W^. THAT'S TH' FIRST TIME. I've EVER. se&u A FOOTBALL PLAYED WITH PROTECTION) IM TH' SACK, WHEW TH 1 ENEMY IS IM FBONT OP HIM , »!. ? Vir TI V day i Virgi tax li i I Qui Try Again Chelsea q-IO J MARTIN .ALLEY OOP The Language of Love •^^^ -r ^^^^^^Hr*. am ... , ^r - CQPR. 1938 BV NEA ^ERVICE. INC. T. M By V. T. HAMLIN WANTED—We will allow 51.00 for your old lamp on any Aladdin Lamp during September. Duffie Hardware Co. 6-3tc WANTED—Two or three room unfurnished apartment with private bath. Phone 607. 7-3tp ^ 1 FOR RENT—Front bed room, 2 blocks from town. Hot water, bath connections. Phone 397 day, Stith Davenport, Briant St. 9-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—Copies of Rope Star's |1,700 Centennial edition giving corn- plete authentic history of 20 South west Arkansas towns. Buy now. Sup ply is limited. Bound copies, 50 cents —add 12 cents if desired to be mailed Unbound copies, 25 cents—add 6 cents of you want it mailed. 3-tf-dr WANTED TO RENT—Couple de sires nicely furnished 2 or 3 room apartment; call 329. 10-3tp Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER Question on Page One Six dozen dozen gallons is 864 gallons. A gallon of water (liquid measure) is 231 cubic inches. So the water fills 199,584 cubic inches of space. ' " One-half a dozen dozen gallons ; of sand is 72 gallons and sand takes up 268.8025 cubic inches to the gallon (dry measure) or 19,353.78 cubic inches in all. 199,584 cubic inches less 19,353.78 cubic inches equals 180,230.22 cubic inches difference. Thus it takes about 10 1 ,-) times the space. r WHV, FOOZ-WHAT'S/QKAV ZEL- AHEM.' TH'GENTLE SWEEP OF TH HAPPENED TO VOU? pf\LM FRONDS IN TH' ENCHANTED (AYSTlC OF THAT LITTLE POETIC V JH'MOONS GOLDEN GLOW -~ER,-GLOW— ??? DESCRIPTION-WHY, ITX^ . WV GOSH, I'M BOGGED WA5 LOUELV.' PLEA5E J^Sitf $Sr7$|r]|^' DOWN AGAIN/ 1'fA TRY AGAIN • ^AW<sM« ^fefe*,. TONGUES —- ^-^, NOW, FOOZ. OEAR- r MV WORD5\REALLV, IT'5 NOT SO JU5T WON'T IMPORTANT-WE DON'T COME (HAVE TO USE MERE STRAIGHT/] WORDS TO UNDER. STAND EACH OTHER FOR SALE—Nice young horse. One grist mill and engine complete. H. S. Dudley, Hope Route 2, Box 22. 5-3tp \\ r ^t Vf* /> C^l ^ t fj 45 ^ •^ ^SJ fca «3 Wl \ ^fc s*-Ji COPR. 193B BY NEA SEBVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFt 1935 V-8 Ford Coupe Deluxe offered to any responsible person who will complete payments^ Hope Star, 8-3tp RELIGIOUS LEADER HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured religious leader. 11 By way of. 12 Clay house. 15 Tune. 16 Rancid. 17 Made true. 18 High terrace. 20 Senior. 22 Constellation. 23 Yields. 24 Thicket-covered territory. 27 To moclc. 31 To observe. 32 Auto shed. 33 Sun god. 34 Mangles, 36 Brooch. 37 Sev/ing implements. 39 Compass point 41 Street. 42 Eggs of fishes. 43 Each. 45 Form of "be. 1 47 Black haw. Answer to Previous Puzzle • 49 To do wrongly 51 Sleeveless cloak. 53 Mariner. 55 Those who gape. 57 He made a translation of the Bible. 53 He was one of the world's great religious VERTICAL 2 Grandparenjal 3 Skin. 4 To seize. 5 Wood nymph. 6 Mohammedan nymph. 7 Guided. 8 Domesticated. 9 Hastened. 10 Gaelic. 13 To arrange cloth. 14 Leguminous plants. 16 He established a-new <PU. 19 Like. 21 Orte who reacts. 23 To clean. 25 Cubic meter. 26.Eagle's nest. 28 Blemish. 29 Metal, 30 Light* brown. 35 Yellow finch. 36 Promise. 38 Dower property. 40 Otherwise 41 Suture. 44 Maple shrub. 45 Part of a church, 46 My sell, 48 Over. 49 Male. 50 Simpleton 52 Branch. 54 Parent. 56 Italian river. "WASH TUBES The Fair-Haired Boy By ROY CRANE 9JD60H,TH\S Y COK j 6RATUUTloNS/ THE YOUWS ' » ^^' TUBBS. MAM WHO IS TO MAREY W. / , / -m^vju <50\WG AfcW T BUSINESS, JUOSOW FAMORlTlSliA VAE.TOO. WERE I 1 WAT'? ATEA^"T^M6M^ VEH. THEY'LL \JJA\T X THW& THE T\LL MEJCT W2EK TO HE \WILL START \ tAAVCE W\V^ A MICE- J SUCCESS, AT THE BOTTOM, 9BE61DEWT, AWD t?\S£ FROM* Av^_^ /^ THE RANKS, / VTH P«E T J^ •SOFT; ER, WOT 3UST LESSONS. OH, boy', his i noor c« FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS This Is Really Tough . •"•^^^^^^^^^^^^vsH^^ggJiiitiMiiiiM^E^H^Hl^^BM By MERRILL BLObbLK R THE MONEY 1 SPEMD ON YOUR EDUCATION I CONSIDER AN INVESTMENT, BUT AND I VIEW T^E MONEY J. SPEND FOR. AMUSEMENT IN THE SAME LIGHT.' IS THAT SO J WELL, YOUR. FATHER IS 6OIN© YOU TO TURN THE / MEAN LIGHT DOWN /YOU'RE A LITTLE, IF r^ GOING TO YOU DON'T j CUT DOWN . MIND J /MY ALLOWANCE/ 3£ THATS PUTTING r If MILDLY I'M 6OINQ To . AMPUTATE IT.' YOU'RE - Bie EMOU6M To FIND OTHER WAYS OF (SETTING , SPENDING MONEY.' THIS IS KIND OF A BLOW , POP.' X CAN LEARKl TO LIVE WITHIN MY INCOME, BUT IT'S eoNNA TAKE TIME To LEARN TO-LIVE WITHOUT IT/ You've GOT To LEARN TO LIVE WITHIN INCOME./ r^siiv g^ 55 ^ ir™:£:[A-L<-» > MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Out in the Open MVCA PREPARES THE. COFF&E SHE TRIES TO SPAKJZQW AMP AMBROSE q-i SOMETHIJOS'S UP SURE/ THEWS FIUISHED WHI5FEI2- IKJG AJOP SPAf2E£>W 15 GOIWG BACK TO THE COCKPIT/ I WOkJDEE IF WHI7EV HAS CHAMSEDTHE •jgBvm.TNC.-fTM. REC. u: ^ ^ Ray Thompsonltnd Charles Coll AKJD WOW MV FRieUC?7 VPM VOU MAV CDUSIDER VOUCSELF LUCKV, STBWAE.PES5,TO BE LOCKED 6AFEW AWAV IM THIS COMPARTMENT ^PEMDINJG HOLT?-UP,' WILL KIWDLV SET THIS SHIP OM THE BEAM BEFORE I SPATTEC2. VOUR.

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