The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 2, 1934
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVIELE OHJRIER NEWS ; ,. : TH* UOldlNAMT NBWBPAPER OY NOKTHtAHri' AHKANSAB AND BOrjTHlAW llffleODBl HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 1(59 Blythertlle LHUy Newi Blytheville Ocurter Ululstippl Vtllcy Letuler BlytheviUe Herald Federal Government . Pre- paies to Air Utility Czai's Activities en Die,as London-Paris lane Crashes in Chanel , ABRIDGE,' England, Oct. 2 (UP) —A London-Paris''passenger plane crashed In the' rain over the tfnij- lish Cliannel to<*^y, apparently after an explosion,', and curried (he seven .persons aboard to their deaths,- . The ilead Included, an America!!, Albert Dt'sanno (address unknown). The others were the British pilot and: three French and two Brit Ish passengers. The .explosion .lore the plane apart mid it dropped Into fl choppy CHICAGO Ott 2 (UP)—A jury | of farmers nnd small business meni was tentative!) accepted ,nl noon I i fodn) to sit in the court r.trlal'.of Samuel Iiisull anil his 16 co defendants 'Affci the Umppiaij seating of the* jurors gCHrtjniiiient and defense attorneys be°an {i' i i"Id question ing of them Insull; who once. • directed the largest utility system ever domin nted-'by one man mid possessed a personal fortune;; of S100.000.QOO, Mill be the ccntril figure in the ilflidely hcialded courtroom drama when he iakts his place at a huge table, .ultli dueclors of one of his j 85]'companies to answer, charges of bilking [investors^,»143000000 i\hrouuh the sales of'flimsy 1 securities' | ( . ? j s ' Jnsull «on and 15J others, i all bluebook financial iigurt^ will I answer the chaiges \uth? him Twen ty-live counts of n federal indictment license them r of selling worthless stock- In the Corporation Securities Company of Chicago, using the mails as a medium.- Stamina a Requisite Stamina Was listei as a prime requisite for jurors because it was estimated the prosecution will require five weeks to'unfold its case and the defense may take as long Figures of huge size will be common in the Insull trial. The government,' revealing what a special staff of : auditors;.d'iscovered and what witnesses told In" long .weeks of Grand Jury •Invesllgatfon; will lehtc the whole itory of how Insull's. $4,000,000,000 : . utility -. system hit stoimy financial weather and how-he attempted to save it with huge stock issues WM FOIL A New Type "Detective Hero! HLYTHBVILLG, AR^NSAS, TUliSDAY, OCTOBER. 2, fi SINGLE COPIES FIVE Two Men Arrested for Holdup Near Holland HOLLAND, Mo.— Two men were , . d— Monday*— by f Constable Dev»ey Kenley In connection with an alleged holdup just off Highway 6! on lite, 'gravel road from Holland to Cooler; ) The men arreste'd . gave their names (is BUI Bailey and A E Smith The former made bond and the littei was Uaken to jail at Carutheisville T^o other per sons, a man and a woman, said to hivt pirtieipated in the holdup im<le thch escape The victim o] the affair D Childes a resident of Arkinsas said $175 was takei from him. The alleged holdup occurred early Mondi) morning It was /nter- rnpted by Constable Kenley, who received a tip from two youths Who .drove past at' the time. Arkansas Has Accumulated Millions for Bond Refunding Program LITTLE ROCK Oct 2 (UP) — '!"> state hiq a biKnce of $7 060118 In the^treasurj at the do e of its fiscal year June 30 ns com pared »ith a'bahnce of $'073108 Ml the same date two years ago !hc United '. Press. learned" today rom .Treasurer Roy"..V. Leonard's . ___ jiennial report . . , ":"~T The report compiled bv Dcpu'i I Writers of mystery fiction, casting about for a new kind of detective T. H. Williams, has been sent to the printers. Repudiated payments on the state's bonded indebtedness prior o passage "of the bond refunding act -account for the approximately >4.500;600 increase in funds on !iand,.it was explained. Included In the balance is some $4.000.000 to be used in bond refunding. There, .is one item ol $1^835.100 in the . "Bond. Refunding.'Fund. and anothei of $2 468,289,-cmtited to—The 811111? *Tn»liw ay Fund Act No. 11." Money was accumulated under the former item pnor to passage of Act 11, providing 'for the refunding board. The 1 2 cent gasoline tax m crease and nn Increase in automobile license revenue were credittd •aith swelling the treasury Three new funds if ere listed for the first tune in the report Bev erage taxes to s June 30 piovlded revehue of $106131, wine $686<to nnd' mine Inspection fees $89973 icro, probably .never thought of a "wood technologist." But Ihat'fi the profession of Arthur Koehler, of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, pictured atove in .the real-life detective role which he enjoy.; 11 the Lindbergh kidnaping case. : Hc's examining the. lumber, from Bruno Haiiplmaim's demolished garage In seeking further evlrttjice .o link the Bronx carpenter with the actual'abduction of the Llhrt- uaby. Koeliler's laboratory is at WHlmirtrm, '.N. J. FINES FBfi THfiEE judge Cunningham Assesses Penalties [01 Illegal Possession i,,. Payments Increase With Penalties in Piosp ( ect After Octobei 15 With the October 15 deadline 'fbr- pnyment of 1933 stntc nnd count* taxes , looming but T Jew ahead- a steady slrearri ; of 'taxpayers nas started film.., Inrouiji the' office "of C. H. Wilson, slier iff" nnd 'collector, "at tfe" com hoi se here Offic- dep ities today wai i»d laxpiveis who 1me btr i >a\cs on the new msiilli e it plan is well us those who iiavif 'Iraki SEIZUZfiJ Loot Connecticut Bank; Flonda Bank Robbed 1 o! $4,000 Today Explosive Stolen at Bridgeport B'rm)GKi>oRT, conn.. Oct. a tu .ipr'Fen boxes of n- semi high explosive known as polnol, enough to liiy, the entire city of Brldjjs- iwi't In nilns, was stolen .today Hum 'the powder reservation of ilia Hcminglon Anus company, The explosive, n pen green powder, the formula of which Is known only to three munitions expertsheic, wns tukcn during the liirJy'"hours of the inonilhg,; U was snid. Roth |x>llce ami-1(011- Iriston Arms authorities 'broadcast warnings Unit, tho slightest l«r. wpulij.siit oil" n dstoiinllon sulllc- Ic'nt" to ^destroy the city. , PlIlflDN T01 (oimty Commissioners Will Be, Aniiouiicecl Late This •; Afternoon . • LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 2 (UP) — Election commissioners for the lute's -75 counties, belns selected odny, will not to announced mill lafe this afternoon, the stntc lection coTnmlsslon advised when t retired from Ihc governor's ol- "ice for lunch. "•'•" About hull of the counties htul )een passed' on nt noon, It was earned. There limy be changes n the list, however, before ap- lotiitincnls nre announced. niial- s the commission snid. Gov. J. M. Fntrell, Secretary of State Ed P. McDonalil nnd Ally. Gen. Hal L. Norwood compose (he. eomtnissloii. County political bosses wnltcd In Ihe governor's conference room, ready to appear. be to re the coin- mission regarding nppolntmcnls. rDTrects Police ». of New lYorlc 'resident Taking His Stand With Liberals of Bold WAfLINGFORD Conn Opt (UP)—Six bandits nimcd \dtli art chine guns' incl revellers" roBfced the Walllngford Bank arid -rTriisI 'company shortly ^before iioon 10- di\ ind escnpcd v^ilii moic tliii SE5000 Five men entered the .bank while II j 1 sixth remimcd nt th=ir imto mobile outside Tliei shouted 'Everybody on rallies WASHINGTON. Oct. a' (Ul>)- Presldeiil Hoosevelt uppenrs to foa waving con so r vu live ncin'ocrnls toward the njurest e.xll to iimkc room for Indeiiendenl votci's mid llbenils of both parties whn have been Invited under the' Now Dcul lent. . . ; Hcpiibllcans coiniihilii he Is try- Ing lo soutlle the Democratic party. Second rcndhiK of Mr, Roosevelt's fireside chut caused politicians lo study his cliilm to the nlloiitnticc of "nil fovwiuil looking iiirn tuidl Uii Iro'in'llia rniika throvEh more women." • | ihtiir :<0 yeurs of police'.work, lu vlcu'-of Ills luneiiiijji' the! Lewis J. Valentino linn liccmna (lie party rr-nllcnnu'iit niovemenl up- oew CommlSBloiior of Police l«r pears lo be procwdlnis ..briskly. , New Voik City, Buu,ee<ihiB'.Gen Truce 1'liin Appriin il Roosevelt's proposal •' (hat itustry mill liibm- ngrcc to n "test period" of pence to speed recovery met widespread iicclnlm, Political: criticism >wns nollcciibly Hbsciit. Tlie Republican initloiiitl committee made no comment. The speech nsn whole brought much pintisan discussion, \vllh nl few teleBrSms lo the White House dcmumllng to know why budsct balancing' wns not discussed. These were overshadowed ' Jolm J. O'Kyuu. Viilunlliio Kui!k» [,,.' with vlimsuro nt till lutost «»• Government Wins First Round in Weirton Case WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 2 (UP), —The. government won the first i'ountl of the legal contest over the validity (if section T-A of the industrial recovery act to- Judge John -Nlel(ls,> jii federal natlounl day. i federal ft Jfl. : ir ! 1 , dlslrlcj, ; coii/t, ^.(lirewj v^jie.n . spccUbii of iedt>rnl lawyers' records from the flies -.of the concerning the floor. This Kerosene Burns Fatal to Steele Cotton Picker H. A. Hough of. Lebanon, Mo., transient cotton picker temporarily of Steele. died at the Blythevilh hospital late yesterday ' of injuries sustained when he wns severely burnsd Ht" Steele Sunday. Hough was applying kerosene to a cook stove fire when the name flashed out of the stove and ignited his clothes. An oil can exploded and Hough ran through his house, a human torch, until neighbors stopped- him nncl stripped him of his burning clothes. Hospital attaches snid Hough's injuries were the most severe from burns on record .a.t the hospital for some time. Funeral . -arrangements are in Charge of the German Undertaking company of Steele. The deceased is survived by his widow and five children. rone tjhit tt)ie final tdicc for i s a holdup ^-' j« rapcllj apooichm^ A half dt>?cn employs nnd wo litre is no, prosiiEct , J j, ,anj i.'i depositors dropped ,to. the floo; tendon of time Iriis'vcar with' tiie oxtenam" 3 i i/n'hs Piaper Firm to Keep Up Mothers' Service CLEVET.AND (UP)—Diaper Hygiene, Unlimited, n call-and-delivcr service for mothers, (and babies) which recently became snagged tn tho pins of a receivership action, is lo conlinue "unlimited"—under direction of the court. Nearly 100 frantic mollv.'rs, who subscribe to tha service for as ninny as 24 diapers a (lay, were relieved when Common Pleas Judge George B. Hnrris appointed a receiver to operate the business as usual. An unsatisfied Judgment of J721 brought against the diaper concern by the Eagle Laundry Company resulted In the appointment of Clyde Crosier, driver at the laundry, as receiver. Three.550 fines for illegal possession of .intoxicating liquor were meted out:by Municipal Judge C. A Cunningham \eslerdny Those assessed fines were: Elizabeth Chappell, R: M. Snin and Mary • Hnlliday A. charge . of' illegal possession against Cecjl Wllliard was .'dismissed. ' '•/; , /• Grady Biggins, negro, was fined $50 for carrying a concealed \vea- >n. Joe Brown was fjned $25 on a charge of reckless driving. Pearline McCoy, Verna Mne Young and Ethel Shclton were fined five dollars each for .disturbing ' the peace. 1 .- A similar charge against Ernest Young was dismissed: • ' • Bob Znricar was fined $25 for malicious mischief. Forfeit on 'a cash bond posted by Tom Odom was ordered on e. charge of reckless driving. Fines of $10 were assessed against six for public drunkenness, another was fined $20, bonds were forfeited In two cases of drunkenness anti one was cleared. Street tax fines of two dollars were entered against Leo Bom- balaskt, George Hurst, Ulysses Johnson, Bishop Loflin. J. P. Paton. Fines for traffic violation fere assessed against Wm. Heath J.-H. Whistle, Pleas Yarbro, Merchants Grocer company and . Pau Greenwell. uisnilmeiit. low llsnlt the tini*^ to October ^'1 latci thin the former <H Wml" it has' been customary in the past Iew : years to 'extend tho peric/i into :October. by ngreamcni.' fice Bandits (5(:t $4 000 APOPKA^FIa Ocl 2 (UP)- The Stotfl Biiik o( Apopkn wns routed of $4000 tcdiy hy three uiimns 1 bandih v,ho carrl"d I L Bur ton a>rtl comijnny formfltlon of the Ion. He ruled that the 'government 1 might Inspect the records befoi'i deciding iwhether or,'not--to put liiein all 'In evlrtc'iice. They.iiir fuded minutes of the meetings of (he company's union and Its rules committee ns 'well ns letters of E. T. Weir, chairman of -Gff. Lcard, to customers, rind answers received lo liln. letters. bj more than UOO wires pledging support (o the. labor pence plan. The 000 telegrams struck u new note; In rcs'ponscs to public addresses. Instend .of the usual "few words of congratulation or crlt| clsm, • ninny were of considerable length. ., •. . . 1'resident .Is I'leiiteil Mniiy fold of dlniier parties cither held or canceled'.' to*,hoar 'Ihe speech.::others bore group slgnn tines .from . dozens gathered In drug stores, hotel lobbies niid'on street'.corners. Today'-sacks of mull, dealing with the speech were 1 pouring Into the White House. P^.,:, . ; The president mnde no furthei statement today tut'was known l( be pleased over reports .that : hi. plan ,secme<^.,to 'me«j.-eenernl ,>ap 'proyal. ' ""," ' ' .White House conferences -be twoeri. labor-,arid Industry probablj company's un-|will not start for,.n: week. !(,' -I likely the.'president wlll.icmlcn'vo . hnyp . disputants '.'freeze"'.'tliel .'esent. relntlons for at.least.,-tlirc lohtlis. ' ' •' "• - tension of time pist th oificial j gust. nsslsHnt cashier to the city deadline - -is. cxpcctetd. Improvement district will I Hmits .1:1 making their escape. probably become delinquent about a mcnth Inter, no penalt.^s being I'lane Hide on Golden Wedding MAPLEWOOD, Ore. (UP) —\fr. , __________ ____ , ____ .„ ....... charged .until the sheriff prepares I and Mrs. O.- H: Yacck celebrated his bcok! to turn over to othei their goldeii • wedding nnnivjrsnry officials. ! by taking their first airplane ri-de. West Virginia Births Increase CHARLESTON, W. Va. (UP)—At Increase was reported In the number of'births in West Virginia loi the first seven months of 1934, ac cording to Dr. John F. Cadden, state registrar of vital statistics. Ther were 20,922 births recorded, as com pared to 19,783 for the same perioc in 1933, a ntncrease of 1,139. ! Today's Markets New York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 2 (UP)—Cot- .011 closed steady. • ' open high low close Get 121G 1210 1211 1214 Deo 1223 1234 1223 1229 Jnn 1226 1235 122G 1233 Mar 1237 1247 1237. 1242 1244 1250 1252 1258 1244 1249 1247 1153 May Jul Spots closed unchanged nt 1250, steady. Orleans Cotton Georgia Guardsmen Are tailed Out Again ATLANTA, Ga., Oct, 2 (UP)— Adjt. Gen. Llndley W. Camp revealed today that six companies of Georgia national guardsmen are :cing mobilized at five places bill he declined to state where they may be seiit for duty. -It is believed, however, that they mobilized for possible duly at Rome, -where 500. moulders and NEW ORLEANS, Oct. .2 (UP) — Cotton futures closed two < points lower to four higher^ nftcr -a • last hour rnlly had erased curlier, losses. Hedge selling and decline in -rains were bearish factors while the better tone in slocks altract- d some bullish sentiment. : open hteh low close Oct ' 1216 1222 1216 1218 N. Y. Central 21 3-1 Packard Phlllfps Pet. '. Radio ... Simmons Beds "... "Standard of N. J.' 1'oxas Co. ..:. u .s. steel ..:... U. S. Smelting .. 3 3-4 14 3-4 5 5-8 . 9 1-2 42 7-8 22 1-4 32 3-8 114 1-4 Chicago Wheat OIHMI. high low close Dec 99' 993-4 983-4 99 May'- 991-2 1001-8 D83-4 991-8 Chicago Corn Dyess Will Discuss State Relief Work With Hopkins LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 2 tUP)— W. R. Dycss, state relief director; 1 leave tonight for Washington to confer with Harry L. Hopkins, federnl emergency relief administrator, on Ilia full nnd winter nld program in Arkansas. Establishment of n lumber mil and relief colony In Clark county similar to the Mississippi county project is pending a survey 'beliii; made by U.. S. forestry experts of the available timber supply, Dye5S snid today. WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 ,(UP1 — Federal Relief Administrator Harry L. Hopkins announced today that, approximately $100,000,000 would be apportioned nmong the various slates for relief purposes durlni, the month of October. Allotments already made Include Arkansas, $2,024,000. Dec Jan 'ay mounters .of stove foundries are In the twelfth week strike for higher. wages. of a Loses Eye In Vineyard Accident AMBOY, Q. (UP)-An attempt to break a vine that wound about hsr legs ns she was picking graixss i~h a vineyard here caused shears in the hands of Miss Pearl Strong tb swing upward and pierce her rlghl eye. It was necessary for surgeons to i-ernove the eyebili: 1225 1234 1233 1233 1235 1245 1245 1253 1252 1251 1255 1230 1230 1233 1235 1242 1245 1251 Dec" May open 76 1-8 18 1-4 high low close 17 i f5 518 7$ 3-4 •78 1-S 77 3-4 78 3-8 Snots closed steady nt 1260, un changed. Squirrel Scores Laugh On Hunter Who Slept CAMBRIDGE. O. (UP)—A certain little squirrel is alive and i chuckling up' its sleeve became !•»" | George Cochran got up early to go ""- 'hunting. 'Hie animal was in a tree too far San Francisco Rocked By Earthquake Today , SAN, FRANCISCO, :Oct. 2 (UP)— An earthquake sufficiently sharp to knociT c'niimwnrc from table, vyns felt In San'Francisco at 12:2 P.. M. today. A resident of the Portola dij rlct reported (nnt dishes fell froi rhclvcs and pictures from a wnl A second shock was felt 12:32 p; M. Stock NEW YORK, Oc, 2 (UP)—Trading almost reached a standstill on the New York exchange today de- away to fire at. 53 Co;hr»n- decW- Boy "Dares" to Hold Match by Gas, Die TOLEDO (UP)—A little boy wh "took n dare" by holding a lightc match near the opening of a .„ ,.. .... „_, cnipty gasoline tank paid with h was warn and Cochran tired. Thei llre w'vm the lank exploded ar naluraic thing was U! fall asleep Awakening several hours later, Cochran found the squirrel (tone spite n price Increase of fractions: an;J m , VT.^T ,00,,-8 <*»«n gH « 8l «i„;«„:• Anaconda Coper II 1-8 Beth; Steel 27 Chrysler 32 1-2 Cities Service Gen. Am. Tank 1 33 -8 Gen. Electric . . . .:: .-. . n 7-8 Don. Motors ......... 23 1-2 . fill. Harvester — .... 29 5-8 Montgomery Ward Mail Carriers Protected KNOXVIIAE, Tenn. (OP)-Tired of having his mall carriers nipped by dogs, Postmaster Graham Issued the following cdlcl: "We will not deliver to houses where there are vicious dogs unless they 26 3-4 nre tied up." thrc whts body 300 feet. The bo.v was Edward Watkln Jr., seven, negro. Edward, with h brother, George, stx, and a lilt Mexican boy, seven-year-old Salva dore Ccncros. were playing near n empty gasoline tank car In the re. of the Toledo Seed and Oil Con pan'y when the "dare" was made. AKRON, O. (UP)—A pair ol 16 ture bandits splashed acid on tl arm of Mrs. fcta E. Gibson, 32, "make her talk," then escape with $15 from her home. Schwai Izkopf Revealb Evidence Second Man Helped Past Ransom Bills TRENTON M J Get 2 (UP) — Belief Hint jBriino' R, 'Hnnptmiiiin lad an accomplice In passing the nuisojh money; United States Need Fleet of Fifty Great'Wi Dii igibles WASHINGTON, Oct 2 (UPJ-j Brig. .pen. William E. .Mifchei nittpoli'n foimei mllllan i avU Ion.chief,'lodny recommended-lii iKdlcite conslructino of u po* ilu! \\ni ficct pf ( dlrlgiblts AD :old tlm/federal avl itlon coinml; •Ion th&t' < 8rots ilflpldlty v;ns f/ spoii5ible-tor American nlrshln *' nslcis' jfll ? I Itlj dlrMbles, he snld/spsc in hh'usfiSl griiir \\<\r time run ner could 'nttnck Jnpnn In Ul dn>'i and tlicied U nothing lei of Jipnn Jip{\n he said ' Is oui ma dangemls enem>" Should Man ID Mtel Japan When we (leslgn ahplanes •should letilen them Mill a vlsw imklng (hem cnpible of attac,' Jnpnn Just, ns Great Brltnin bi ers lo attack Fuiojx. r should lirnc 1 n mil u'ljij of fiom 0000 to^i illcs " Bombitie planes nov, used ic anny ho said 'ore uselea lut nothing but n monkey on th| i mj s "ilitk Ihc ui'sh of t'c Aitro,. olT ;w Jcise\ coisl- lust— jear, < nld wno 'n dKgincefiil perfon nice.' Geneial Milthell charged th Boy Scouts In the unr depart uent ictftrdcd developments 1 " uressed ; for the first lime today Col Noimaii H Sch^arl/Kopl of the Now Juse\ itnte police In .telling of n visit by Hnnpt mnnn' to n lumber yard, , as rc- poiled caillLi he lohl i\hy he wai coniincLd Ihc suspect hnd nn nc cbmplice. He snid Hauplmann and tin •ccoii'd iinnn visited the lumbe Mir-1 tcbiuary ^ 1034 lo mnk sinnll ot pinnellns " " Hauplninmt' ofTereif a" JlC fcitldcate, which Jatfl-'" develop mcnbi Indicated w'ns' nj rnnson note Wllllnin J, Rf>lll},jsupeiln lend^nt rif the jnul sfnred nl th gold note, hi fjijrpilsij ,and Hnnpt liinniib 1 companjou mHcklj r nl<l i' Neyei mind heie is the OMIL clinu^e ' He produced 40 cents,mid Haup mnnn put the, gold 1 nofe n^a jTlieyOiurrledly, loft the yard, say ] Ing they would return for th irmimcllng niter It uns out flic never reluriicd."" Hcilly hns -Iclent 1 tied- llauplinnnii's picture nnd I expected Intei to confront Hnu,»t New Jersey : .TRENTON, N. Has Evidence 'J., Oct.. 2. (UP) •card Thai' Succeeded Johnson Holds Its Fivsl Meeting Today WASHINGTON, ;Oct. 2 (UP)— \ new denl bcgnivi todny in NRA s the week old national recovery jonrd met to scrnp mul rebuild creation of Gen. Hugh S. ohnson. ^ . ' The week old board Is n. tern- ornry ndmlnistratlve body nuth- rlzed to prepare NBA (or next ;i!;ch' S p a n n oJt°win bfabnnd" Urges Prison Furloughs ned and the remainder- become xrmnncnt. S. Clay Williams, former hend f the Reynolds Tobacco com- Mncrlcan mllllMj nhciaft Mitchell whcoe criticism of icllvltles biought him a cou iimitlnl hi 1528, wns invited foio the comniK'lon (o explalf whit, he Iliotiglil should be lo hhprore nnlitni'j inndicommec| cinl iuialion Urges Mtriji'int Marine LOUISVILLF, Ky Oct 2 (UV>- Adcq.\ialc trinsporlntlon fa^Illtia would have shortened the »o:' Mm Goi 'Eugene Tnlmaiige Geoigln loday lold tlje nailoi .cpnvcnlion of Vetcrnns~'of Forelg Wars as ha usftocated a Wfgd mcrchnnl marine ns the best pr lection foi (hl5 countiy 'ft does ftot mean going In war lbc r £Q\ernor said, iii.sponl •iorlng an'adequate merchnnt-m»r| inc 'It is the best safeguard keep us oui of wars ' Announce \e» \\r l&rtt WASHINGTON ,'oct 1 (UP)The \^nr department today »n-j nouuccd plans for organization ofl the ncvilj created CHQ ahforceL in EI ch a' manner as lo blanket! the country «ith fighting aircraft milts operating ludep ndently frouT| land" forces. . Gav. A. Harry. Moore tndlcatt todny that New Jersey hus enough evidence lo convict. Bruno Richard Finiiplninmi, the Lindbergh case suspect. f>foorc disclosed his position alter he conferred with prosecuting officials, on the possibility of i cx- IradlUng the Bronx c'nriiteiilcr :• to fnce murder .charge. 1 ) here. to Solve Sex Problem lany, hends the sevcn-inau board vhlch takes Johnson's place. All jonrd members were present iO' day except Leon Henderson, econ- unic advisor. One ofi the first acts ot the icw board Is expected to be pro- notion for Jolnison's son, Lt. Kll- journc Johnson, who obtained rmy leave a year ago to join his dnd. Young Johnson is slated o become a division admlnlslra- or. NEW YORK, Oct. 2 (UP) — Furloughs for American prisoners ns n. means of solving [heir sex problems and provoking, many of the riots nnd disorders in prisons .were advocated today by Joseph Fullinj Fishmnn. noted" pen- ologisl, In a new volume, "Sex in Prison. Fkhnmn, inspector of prisons for the federal government for 10 years, presented an exhaustive study of perversions among prls- THE CLEW OF THE FORGOTTEN MURDER She said she was Mary Briggs, hitchhiker, who "picked up" an automobile ride. Within 24 liours police were searching for her as the "mystery girl" wanlad in <i sensational murder investigation. You'll meet Mary Briggs in the r>cv< serial, "The Clew of the Forgotten Murder," starting; soon in this newspaper. THE CtEW_ OF.THE FORGOTTEN MURDER Says Husband .Urged Insura'pcp! CADIZ O (UP)—Clyde C Wilsonl tried to persuade his wife to buy! life insurance, Vallerm Wilson Ihel wife alleges In n divorce suit She! asserts In her petition that wh»nl she became ill her husbind toldl hci she had better take out insur-l ance to pa> her funeral expenses,! d s chring he wnsn t goin" to buryl her. Clr\cland Hiff in Hoasui^ CLEVELAND. UP) —cleveljufd I ranks among the nations leidirij I cities in gains over list 3 ear In | housing alterations and .repair of the type advocated in the-federal housing administration program 1 a re|x>rt from Housing Administra- I tor James A. Molfett, In .Washing- | ton, has sliowctl. Slctpingr Sickness Toll to Mint. TOLFDO (OP) — The sleeping sickness toll of the pist two months here i has been brought to- nine w-llh. the death of'Mrs. Mettle- Gardener About 50 cases n-e b»lng- treated In the Toledo district, according to Dr Basil Bnmr city health cpmmlssloricr; He said eight of'the deaths had been within tlij'l .city, .the other outside. Horse's Tail Saved Him LINDSAY, Qnt. (UP)—.When » line on the. trotting horse he was, driving broke during n rnce here Charles O'Neill clung to the tail of the animal to save himself from being trampled. He made six complete circles of the halfmile track while clinging to the tall before the horse could be stopped. IValnul Growers io Advertise * SALEJU, Ore. (UP)Oregon walnut growers today - indorsed a national adierttslng campaign to in- * crease the sales of w limits and cut down the surplus WEATHER ARKANSAS — Par tlj cloudy^ to ' cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and Ucimlj— PWr to»K nliht and Wednesday, little In tempcratuie j. The mnNimum tcmpermtare yesterday was 71, mtntaan clear, according to ~* ris, official weitber ti m. <,/ i i ifef J '

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