Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two H O S R K A N SAS an >ie 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M and 4PM v iJ i November 22 / of ibr- First Bajili? -• n ull meet Monday nigh; i- 11 i ' . Mrs. S. A. Whitlow, fo, 7 < i ituciv. Mrs. Aaron To! i •* i •.',' the Mission Stud. 1 >. ch Bearer.-; In Honor" a :> v t k ' i < n's A"?:.!iarv of lh i I '» morial Baptist cliurcl- i Monday altvrnoon a ' ' i "it 2 o'clock. Mr: u n will bo in charge o i i r lint' November p f> Tl r- J,' r ! ( n V >I n IK 1 i Clarice Brown wi J i KVRC, Arkadclphin il U:30 p.m. When th i our will preseni th i l<nt Union's Cabine i Ii s Brown will re.-" i t * 1be B.S.U. November 23 • ' fr opolitan Club will meo u chl ;>< 7:-l") in the- b'-.rr T B >ooley, 1215 Son' I'M MJ-S. S. A. Whitlow ar h SiP< 7' ! - n/, November 25 ' th Kr idi i) 1 ill lie a Union Thanksgiv- c it the First Baptist 10 Thursday mornin i <, " r. Cooper will bring foi this service. Mr •vi;h their daughter, or'ers and Mr. i;o;/.< Hospital Notes Josephine Mr. and on,")). Hop'.-, i! :' ^ on on N Admilt< : d: Mi:;. Kio.yd l/.st'liargod: Mrs. '!'. ii. F:-ir.vick. Jr. laughter. Ji'liana. Hope. Mrs. H. I.. Boll and lilt 1.1-1: M(,(.:,-i:,ki)l. .1. L. Bcckham, Hope. I County Heaffh Unit 9- A:\ iminuni/af.icm clinic will be I h"ld at C>i.i.. v rnscv white sr-'nool on i November 22. )!M8. Typhoid, dip- , th'ria nrH .smallpox immunizations i I wMl be given. ' ! r Tlv X-ray reports from lh" clinic nc-lrl in ihis count v June 2P .10 and i .filly 1 and Juiv 2 have be'-n r... i turned to this office. These repov's j may be received anv morn : m; i e- I tween 10 riiifl 11 a.in. Saturday, November 20, 194S .. Ine The November meeting of the O Garden Club was held at bom- of Mr.-:. R. W. Reynolds H. K. McHur- i Brother's Job Question in Ad r Trial B'.-anch Admitted: Mrs. K. O. nur.;h.-:on. Fiillon. ?.li;;r. Tlr.'lma .fane Evans:, Hope. Mrs. Ira Weems. Waterloo. Julia Chester Discharged: Mr;:. .lame:-. M. Hudson, Emmet. ! Bv LEON KATCH I Ml. I,'!.-).. N, jfenr.e will iei\, jto prove thai i Mayor Lr-o I 1 . !"r "nerfo'-inori ifor the. Hoi Sj: 'ment. dc- 'fi i/V,~The ? el forts torlay ier Hot. Sprint's ai'c.hlin's broth- iialile services" pulice riearl- Collees Seeking Funds Little Hock. Nov. 20 -—!/?» is; on trial in Mont- coui! h.-re on an in- liiu; that George Mc'.•n 'he Hot Hpriiu!?. olice clerk but. .. . . I uf'FfJay with Mrs. Vernon Buch- i'li-.m and Mrs. Saxon Regan co- ))o:-;j,e.sse.s. j\irs. }{. F. Yarbrougb. presi- df.ii.. presided over the business tTieoiiiiK. Mrs. J. L. Porler, pro- i chairman presented Mrs. E m in a helpful discussion O )i '.'•' !>.'-nin«. Mr.-,. Frank Williams "i •) talk r;n house plants and Mrs". H. f... Katon whose topic was containers for flowers. In her talk Mrs. Katon displayed an unusual ;:i rany.ement, of berries and leaves in a cookie jar and a beautiful airaiiKemenf of chrysanthemums in a brown bean pot. Red roses in a crystal and ({old antique vase f -oin Germany and owned by Mrs n. N. Daniel was displayed A miniature rock garden of pctri- iietl rocks, shells, moss and house plants v/as made and displayed bv ... ; '.;. Porter. ' ' .' delicious; dessert course was -•"d by the hostesses. Mrs W • Uensber" was a guest o f ' the Turkeys to Be Scarce er By WILLIAM FERRIS j— Turkeys than last— . . -—— , the Arkansas' state supported coll IV.-ty Adelc Waddle, Fiance' 01 Chrsf L Ctephens "Mi ind Mis. Claude Waddle o " t 1 nn > nice the engagement 'T 1 up! o-"thing marriage of ||V ._^<rlti Aliiy Adelo, to Ch.T- i hi-, son of Mr. and MI S i nhnns. of MnCas'-ill Th vi riding will take place in) " ' ' T h p.ut of December. askiiiR budget increases Slfl.oOO.OOn. the Ohio sales tax collection play aiiparently was thrown out as a means of incrensina Ar kansas sales tax collections. The nine state schools presented to a bnduet subcommittee of the Arkansas legislative council their appropriation requests for the 19-!!)-' ' 51 biepniurn. They seek a total of a hor.se i-aee hantlbonk. Defove Ciicnit .Iiidi.it! iVlnupin Ci)m;riini!'--. F.-i.veKeville. recessed court lor the ni;;hl. the defense of- i'eri'd ils fir.--:l |.l u'itiiesKes. The case is beui:.{ tried here on a eJianse of \-eirie from Garland eountv^ and bein;; hi>ard by .Tndrje i'.vilh GarUmd Circuit iff. Brown. i McCraw. final stale i he did not believe the w his brother was a balming operation. to have him identify, V! ^ ' i i ~ig and Going A i n he Mope fans molorin," to A i idcl~hi i Friday to wilnes. ' ~> Ho) AiKadelphia footbal- i t-ir Mr. and Mrs. Bill ind < jns, Billy and Hov l 'i i Mis Bob Bre-.slcr. Bob b II i dm Mr. and Mrs. Wilton r t Mi and Mrs. Howns"' V < ' < A> and Mrs. Johnnie ' n Hoyett Burke, Wilson I i ! Arthur Bright, Jimmy Arn» ! I Um> Burke, Belly Martin 1 '* '<> Kimberly, Don Wcst- > £ Hyatt, George Frax- ' ! 'I'"- -ind Mrs. Harry Haw- tini Ma-vor and Mrs.' Lvle i- 1 ' n 1Jl and Mrs.' Emmet 1 ' i i i in, Mr. and Mrs. D. Lovd (. i i m All and Mrs. R. V. Hcr'n- UL-i Ii Mii R. v. Hcrndon, Sr. <-'Hi J L. Archer, Jr. approximately $]B..%0.000 more- , -, ie of the institutions' 1 ',. •', i' l; 'f l "-'»''>v current two-year period. . :I , lvl ' Icn , d , fra "l 11 "' University of Arkansas Presi | bl "^ cf . b >' r^vse dent Lewis W. Jones explained Mll , f '" st I:) f f ''i' n that all are faced with dwindlhiK |M CT ' '' :n ?T-° r h;id federal aid due to .smaller veteran 1 ,,!V, u ''-, hlm was ;' i police department. . McLnn i'ho '37 Contract Club mot Tucs- ,a.y aUernnon at 2 o'clock at the noine of Mrs. Archie Johnson A variety of chrysanthemums were u:;ed to decorate the rooms * , Mrs. Powell Morgan received i ino hiRh score prize for thc after) noon. I Delicious refreshments were ser| vc:, to club members and to club .-> Clvde ip, ; - st , : Mr*. Clarence Clark, Mrs. tlauno Price Mrs. TV R. Logan, ss. saidl Mr; S r V- R - rw ard, Mrs. Mark Jus- n.- ™.,,. ! " •. Ml ';?v •'• K - Bemis and to tea ..i-'-.'s's, Mrs. O. W. Allen, Mrs. J v MeMnhcn. Mrs. Carl Dalrym- nie an Mrs. Harold Parker former may- ;iart net- Ail al- ceriain ;hlin's was objections. hn' Vv ' it1Il , c V'r. !S Kni:! i no"me""Wedno^day' been told Geoi-Re ! T\/T,.,. T~™ ii"i I' 1 ' -nd Mis. Bill Routon hnvr on a deer hunt in La- K G Hamilton spent F'->'- ilh her mother, Mrs. R. W ; s in Gurdon. and le u e Mis. K. G. Hamilton Tuesday for a visit. enrollments, incicascd teachers'. SHlaries and (ho need for new fa- i cilities to relieve overcrowdiim. ! Meanwhile the UeveiHic and "Tax- ' ation committee of the legislative i council decided the Ohio sales lay ' plan would ba too -difficult to en-i force in Arkansas and would re ! quire too large an auditorial force, j That state uses a system of tickets [ which a dealer mi.r;t yive to a cus- i loiner jjaying a sale:-; tax. ! membor of the Several said know be was a "special in- :«ator" or "undercover man," most said they did not what his dulie's were. fsom Loses Fifi-st- Roy rid in vas i Mrs. Daliis Atkins entertained the ! \vednesday Bridge Club at her '"•' me Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Tom Bcmis was awarded .n Kh score prize and Mrs. Edward Br-«-on the cut prize. Club members present were- V11 '' S - S:l * on Regan. Mrs. Harold | iv,.w,s. Mrs Guss McCaskill, Mrs. Dudlev Gordon, Mrs. Allen Gee Sr I A'M-s. H. H. McKenzie and Mrs T' : R. i'irran. Guests were: Mrs. E'l- ,ward Bryson, Mrs. Jimmy Duke , Mrs O. G Hirst. Mrs. Tom Bemis and Mrs. J. D. Regan. Gene Tiesney Gives Biicfh «fo Second Montgomery. Ala.. Nov (jov James E. Folsom ' the first round in his fed. Alabama's vote for " ' ^' I "" *- * ' 1V -* J *- ' il Cab Ut- J."' l" . .,. . . . . L i 0! iinorn rv rr»M r~i in i « i • *'•<second child,' a six- ing order to keep I he e ectf r< !, r "," clp f, ted < unanimousl °' StUdcnt b ° dy ' New York. Nov. 20 —- CUPi Film Actress Gene Tiornov r.r birth to her pound girl, on her 23th birthday yesterday at the Le Roy Sanitar- nun. Miss Ticrney is the wife of Count Olcg Cassini, Hollywood dress designer. Their other child is a four- year-old girl, Darin. suit to mak tial electors Truman. U. S. District Court jKennamer yesterday Bobby Elgin, son of Mrs. Hugh | 1'••-'m, has returned from Mobile | Alabama,' where he represented i .1 reseott High School at the 13th ' Annual Convention of the Southern Association of Student Government Iho convention discussed and planned activities and functionings of Chicago, Nov. If! •— d\ will cosl more this year if yon get one. It seems there's a shortage- more than 10 per cent fewer turkeys to go 'round this holiday season than in 1947. That's one reason prices are higher. Price estimates are based on the assumption demand this year will be as strong as last year. If demand also falls off, the price could come down. Right now, wholesale trade sources consider thc demand very strong. You ought not to be too surprised on y ° U ^ OC pncc tays r ""ni"g up to B() or 90 cents a pound on the thanksgiving bird at retail stores The price will vary from store • S i? rc ', from neighborhood to neighborhood, from city to city borne stores may even use turkeys as loss leaders" —sell them at a oss in order to get customers to buy _tne trimmings in that store Prices in the wholesale market are a good deal higher than last year—and they're rising. A youir* torn turkey weighing 18 to 20 pounds^ cost 43 f-2 to 44 cents a pound in wholesale lots at Chicago last year. Today the price for the same bird is 57 to 58 cents. Smaller birds cost more than larger ones, because demand is concentrated on small sizes and there aren't many of • them A young hen weighing 10 to 12 pounds costs 66 to 68 cents a pound in Wholesale lots today. Last year the pnce was 52 1-2 to 53 cents The Department of Agriculture has estimated this year's turkey supply at 10 per cent under last year. Trade sources think the amount available for consumers will be oven smaller. More birds are being withdrawn for breeding purposes Ibis year, they say furthermore, the supply in cold storage is down about 50 per cent Irom a year ago. thPi i? l reaSOn 1 P r thc shortage is the high price of grain last spring, when the turkey feeding season gut underway. A turkey gobbles up an awful lot of grain. A bird weighin" 21 pounds will have consumed, at of Judge C. B denied his j senior"ciassTof .. -.. ~,^ •-•i-nkj.i.tv.o CJUll J.LUHJll(JjllHf4S OI • U ---w^^-io L11UL Student Council government in high f 1 ? 18 , , get caught with schools. Bobby is a member of the 2" y . couldn 't sell at a profit. senior nlncc- ^.P TD,.^.^,,^*^ i oO manv simTilv rnii^ *U, T r u illl apneal to a thai dale. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY BEYOND WORDS 040#f& Beyond belief Beyond your wildesf imagination!. - JL* ' > , * < '.*•**> >*?* *t& »•'>* $•*'+*' ' "' - " ** tarrs Symdoy voting i man. j The judge did not rule on other portions of the suit. Instead he set another hearing for Nov. so'to consider them. This will keep attor: ; -•••-' *. in iwt--p tiLLUi- neys for either side from taking an apneal lo a higher court until nftnv Prcscott and was as president T. G. Kline, program leader at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club on Tuesday in- tro.duced Rev. William G. Bensberg pastor of the First Presbyterian church as speaked. Rev. Bensberg gave an interesting review of John bunyan's book, "Pilgrim's Pro- altz inio Darkness By WiHiam Irish Copyright by William Irish-Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. THE STORY Time. 18P.O Place.' Ne,.v Orleans Well-to-do Louis Durand carries on ,-j correspondence courtship wilh a Miss .lulia Russell, .. - •-* ' *-' .^.vii. \voeo she tinally comes mini SI L~uis to marry him. he is amazed to Imd her voitn" and >•-. vishimjly cnlirely diff.M-eiit frem wh-M he h-,d be,-.-,, 1 0( , lo ,„.,-,;•;, I '••!•!,;,,ii behavior ,,(• [-,,.,.,. , llr ,.,].. ^ linn frem i!v- ri rsl blll no , l|M , ; , ; 'orrii I) T s!;npe,--.e • !u.-'.-'.'ll'.-i -i:-.-ti-.i---'o"-i woman b, B.'l'o,-:- h •ii.-ii slopping at this holel Here'. " he asked, casting his thumb toward the inner doors leadin" into the building itself. "I am " 'No, I'm over at the Rogers'" Durand answered. "Should have come to this one Brst one in the place. Maybe :''" v ''ll change your mind." "Maybe," Du ur a n d assented without overmuch enthusiasm . ;•.""•• join me," he invited cluti- ''•:•• noting that bis companion's •IK v.'as near bottom. "Ilonorod," said the other ma" ..'liilly, making quick to com- l.": disappearance. 'u I at: D'.irand was about to >•'• .In.- older, one of the hotel boys came throuuh lhe .-.HI-;.;i;!ss doors leading from ,11 .iou-1 proper, looked about for ., ,:5oment. then, marking Duj-antCs p.'i'.ncr, came up lo him. excused • -n:-:rlf, and spoke in his ear. "Oh. already?" the man said "Glad you told me." and handed '.i • boy a coin. "Be right there." Ik' turned back to Durand "I'm called." he said cheerfully. "We'll have to resume this where we left on. some other evening." He preened himself, touching' at his ,.,,.,,. ., . •••• ., ••, • -,...,•. lie. his hair, the fit of 'his coat ,n, ,.,Miies Durnnd dial he | .-boulders. "Mustn't keep a 1-icv •vill : -ee bur, again :-.,,ne day. ! ..vailing, you know," he added The following evening they met A i again. he and the other" man The oilier was already there when Durand entered from the street noon The -I--" " '","'•'" "" 1)l "' alld Joined him without fr, lh" Ht, r', J ;; rei ' !aln I T U ' UUmy ' s " lce tho ''ti'iuette of ani seepinn d ;, n: '-j ,'' v '"' : '" u> : "' Prescribed that he owed 'here, those v,e lv clouds. The I're'e ' '"SUl'l 1 'alone, 1 '"'"see," he /'reeled tops won- shimmern,-. with deli. I Durand. tut led So many simply quit lhe" business'. Result: Fewer turkeys. Trade sources said they hadn't noticed any increase in the number of small-sized birds, an idea urged by the agriculture department. Small birds taste the same as big ones, and they fit into apartment house ovens better. However, the idea of slicing a turkey into halves is gaining in popularity, dealers said News of the Churches ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL Corner of Third and Elm Streets Rev W. Northey Jones S.T.D., Acting Rector Nov 21. The Sunday next before Advent. 11 a.m.—Holy Cummunion and bermon. Dr. Jones has returned to Hope for the third winter and will meet his old friends at this service. A cordial welcome is extended to all to attend. Be sure to tune in on your radio next Friday night at 7 and isten to the Kpiscopal Radio Hour on the topic ''Great Scenes From Groat Plays" On this coming Friday night Nov. 20, Gertrude Laurence and Dennis King will be heard in Sir .lames Barvie's "What Every Woman Knows"—a delightful comedy satire portrayed by two famous stars of stage and screen with a moral applicable to most marri- C'ATHOiLIC "Our Lady of Good 'Hope" Reverend Aloysius G. Dunlevy, Pastor Mass at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 21. FIRST CHRISTIAN North Main at West Avenue B Wm. P. Hardegree. Minister 0:45 —Sunday School. We have classes for all ages. Thanksgiving attendance and offering goals have been set for each class and are to be met this Sunday. 10:50 — Morning worship, Communion, and Sermon. The special music will be an anthem by the choir, "To God Give Thanks". 6—The Junior and Senior CYF will meet lor a social hour and refreshments. 6:30—Group meetings and lesson for the Junior and Senior CYF. • 7:30—Evening worship, Communion, and Sermon. The special music will be by the choir. "Precious Promises", the Minister will continue the series of sermons on the book of Revelation giving the fifth one this Sunday night. Wednesday, 7:30—This will be a change of time for choir rehearsal because of Thanksgiving. Thursday. 8:30—There will be a Union Thanksgiving service at the First Baptist Church at 8:30 Thursday morning. Rev. J. E. Cooper will bring the message i'or this service. Friday, 9:00—The Women's Council will hold its annual Christmas Bazaar on December 3 and 4 at the Porterfield Real Estate office. All items should be finished and turned in before this time. IS Little Rock, Nov. 13 —0?)— Construction of three new buildings at Ouachita College, Arkadolphia Ms? £ ee , n 5, uthorizcd b>' the Bap^ list State Convention. The convention yesterday voted fo continue a campaign to raise ?1 000 000 for. the college. Use of .ho forthcoming contributions for construction of a library, science building and boys' dormitory at Ouachita was approved. The convention also changed the name ot Ihe Baplist Slate Hospital pftal Arkansas Baptist Hos- Executive board members-at- FIRST METHODIST West 2nd at Pine Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Church school —9:45 a.m. Oren Harris will speak lo the Century Bible Class. Morning worship —10:50. Dr A W. Martin of Southern Methodist University of Dallas will speak on "Great Christian Beliefs." (This service will be broadcast over KXAR) • Wesley Club for Juniors —6:30 p.m. Young People Group— 6:30 p.m. Dr. A. W. Martin will give the first of his lectures to the young people and to adults in this young people meeting. Evening worship —7:30 Dr. A. W. Martin will p'-each. Monday and Tuesday nights Dr. Martin" will continue his lectures on "Great Christian Beliefs" Wednesday night —7:15, choir practice. , 1K-.1-S-. Ur v re:,n/e .HniieUii'i!'- "iiii';i | h;;ve ha"",- oed u, Jnij.-, !;,,,.••,- .j) J, I "" : H" ti'-n •'< N"W Or'e'-ps Th"> f''' 1 ' on ^.'ali -r Ho'-n-, iP-i v; it ' i-i vest;,;at(,r. At Down-;' -u-i',^-' i-,'i I'-' -HU iiur-iHi i;,!:,-. D,;, ..,.,„"„;,,.,:,; H'holil. An.l lie \vas oUi I'lnd ,. U ier now. too old to care. He was the last one down 1'ro'ii ' !1 ' •'•' u '!'' :; of the railroad coac-h 1 '!>-• climbed down le.-,d, lily, .•.•rud"- ii-.ly. as ihouj'h il \vere all one to I'm v/he-JT-'r !)o aligliU'd here or toiuinueri on to the next place. It ' us - 'J<> rest, to (oreel awhile r " \\ as ;,!! he v. anU-ii 'le,.l|!lt; ;.-:oee. : : (-Olltini!. i :-rdi-:i nun iheir uelv ('•'ie.-ir.: . nil roil,i,.,';,- • , . y S wa 1 lu i "Bv the way, let me ini ^>^^,' -^ other said iy "I''" Col. Harry Worth, laic "of ihi.' Army." "I'm Louis Durand." Tiiey gripped hands, at the ullior's iniliali ve ' Where you from, Durand'"' . "Now Orleans." 1 ' 0|1 -" "°M^ the colonel np- ],•, ,i,,, j univin H ly. "Good place'. I've been vhere some." Thi-.v talked of this and Uiat And men jusi ;1; ; Worth \va-. ab,aii '"' -"i'*!i'r. ,;LUUII lhe pa;;,- t .;,,, u , "i u-eosu'd him. .said then \ vo rd 'oil, IDS ear." '"I'MIH-'S up," h,. ,,-,j,i u , ]) ul .. Mlfi • ! '' "H'--r'.'d bun his hand. "-\ p)oa<- ! -'•"• H'ii'dall. fie lookm:: fnr- . :il lo th.- IU.-M linn.'." ", ! -i':-a::(l." 1 liirand said. J ' h - colonel r.,'Coi!ed '.vith tlr- 1 . " bi'i-m.'" said puraiid indif- 'i'l> . il'-- JK.d ;tn idea tile niis- '•' ''uld eoiiiiniic to repeat ii! "-' as lout; .is thei, ;,V, : n;,i n . •no !.,-•!•,! ' :i ' .'v.i: ;„•..,( liieii- h-.ndclasn ' S. A. Whitlow, Hope; L. H. Davis bov,. S n nl T ; i' Fil7 -Sorald, Jonos" bo '°' O. L. Bayless, Hot Springs Rn d rl- Dl \ R ' C ' Cam PboH. Little KOLk whose terms expire in 1051 i n, - r i' C " thr:ln ' Arkadelphia Min- 1 01 Cole, Forrest City; W. R Ves- 1 tal, Searcy; M. Ray McKay Lillie Rock, and Wylie Elliott Paris whose terms expire in 1950. . W ' °- Vaughl. Jr., Little Rock; V" ?• ! lel ' ce ' Pino Bluff; T H Jordan, Van Buren; T. Clyde Har,' Hot Springs, and L. A Sparkman, Pine Bluff. -->paiK h? S t?" r]' h , ic1 ' was wc!1 Deceived by the Rotarians. Tlie club voted to contribute the amount of $50 to the current fund drive tor the erection of a packiiv shed in Prescott. " At a board of director's meeting following the luncheon, H. H McKenzie and Lee Kinney were a»pointed to replace Orville Odom and Rev. C. Ray Hozendorf who have resigned as directors. Mrs. Don Cavanah spent Thursday in iexarkana. Lt. and Mrs. Jack Simpson and daughters of Wichita Falls Texas are guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Simpson. ...p. ev - Fl- e-d A. White and Mrs While attended the Baplist State Convention Centennial meeunt' ai Immaiuiel Baptist church in Liuk- Rock. Mrs. John A. Davis returned today Irom Lake Village. She was ai'comyaiiied by Mr. and lUrs. Whit Davis and children. Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Mrs C-.rl Dalrymple, Mrs. Harold ParkJr Mrs. D. L. Mcliao Jr. and .Mrs' lUark Jusliss spent \Vednes.dav i,, Little Hock. FIRST BAPTIST Corner Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor .l.-mes E. Birkhead, Music-Educational Director 9:30 a.m. —Sunday School H E. Thrash. Supt. 10:50 —Morning worship with message by .the pastor. Special music—Adult choir. (>':lf> p.m. — Training union, Vance Smiley. Director. 7:30 n.rn. —Evening worship with nv --'siu'e by the pastor. Monday: 4: p.m. The Sunbeams meet al the church, Mrs. Henry Haynes, Ceunsnlor. The Junior R.A.'s 'meet at the church, Melvin Thrash, Counselor, The Junior G.A.'s meet at the church, Mrs. Chas. F. Reynerson and Mrs. Hugh Hall. Counselors. Wednesday, 7:15 p.m. —The Fellowship Hour. The midweek worship for the whole family. GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson Street Elbert O'steen, pastor Rock of Ages Broadcast from the church auditorium, 9 to 9:30 a.m Sunday School— 10 a.m. Grady Hairslon, Supt. Morning Worship — 11 B.T.C.— 0:30 p.m. Program: "The Happy Man Shuns Evil Companions"— Pansy Smith "The Happy Man Delights in the Word of God"— Janice Brumley Special — Jr. Quartet. "The Happy Man is like lhe tree Planted"— Waddle Cunnine- ham. Mr. and Mrs. \V. T. Hart have returned iron. Scott where they were juiests of their cUiUKhler, Mrs Wallacx.- I'emberton and Mr. Pern- b;.'i'tor,. i To lie Continued i Control of iho Arkansas Siau- Band and Orchestra association a[ its annual meeting at the Holel Marion in Link- Rock last week 'Two Men"— Given Frith. Benediction —Johnny Clark Evening worship — 7:30. Monday. Auxiliary —2 p.m. Mrs WnHe Warren, president. Wednesday, Teacher's meeting —7 p.m. with prayer service at 7:'' n , You are invited to worship with us. The regular monthly Community snuiinfj will be held Sunday, November 21 at 2 p.m. at Garret'i Memorial Baptist church. All singers and listeners are invited to attend. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Sunday School — 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship — 11. Young Peoples Service — ij-'jij p.m. ' Hvanv.olislic Service — 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, 2 p.m. — Ladies Praver meeting. " "•'" are beginning a revival and Ui!:e this opportunity to inviu- vuu to attend. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 300 East 2nd •'•"'johen Cook, Pastor N-i-icy Deal, Director of Education Sunday School — 9:45 a.m Jim Miller. Supt. . " Morning" worship— JO: 55 a.m. S<--rmon: "Tomorrow's Harvest — What?" Dr. A. F. Foganie, Little- Rock. will preach. Anthem: 'Blessing" by Curran. A nursery is pro- DOROTHY DIX Young Mother Needs Help Dear Miss Dix: Before our little daughter was born three months ago, my husband and I were very happy. Now I am very much peeved with him because I expect- ted him to give me a hand with my work and he refuses to do it I tell him it is a father's as well as a mother's job to rear the children, and I would like him to change the baby's diaper or heat the baby's bottle while I am busy doing other things. Also, I think he should help with the wash on Saturday morning, but he just won't do il. He lells me he works harder in his five days than I do all my seven. This may be true, but I am worn out keeping my house clean doing the cooking and giving my baby all the necessary attention What do you think about if? A YOUNG MOTHER Answer: Certainly nobody outside of the chain gang has to work so hard and so incessantly as the youg mother, for hers is the labor that never is done. Unless she is able to hire servants —and good cooks and nurses are as scarce as hens' teeth these days— her job is a perpetual motion one in which she is always cooking and washing and baby-tending, night and day, and there is no rest for the weary. Few Understanding Husbands Such being the case, it would seem that a loving husband would help with the housework and the baby-tending and try to save his overworked wife a few million steps every day. But. alas, such is seldom the case. Only husbands who have embryonic angel wings Baptists Are Little Rock. Nov. 19(/P) —Southern Baptists are "in a position to make our convictions felt," the Arkansas Baptist Stale Convention has been lold. Dr. Duke McC'all, executive secretary of the Southern Baptist Convention, said the convention now has 25,764 churches with more than 6,270.000 members "many of whom are in important political positions." He also said other denominations are banding together in federal and world councils "because they are losing ground and x x x the forces of evil are too much for them." • -a* The Rev. H. A. Hunderup, Jr., New Orleans, urged the convention to support the Southern Baplist Relief Center, which he represents, bul to reject appeals from other church organizations supplying overseas relief. vided during the morning worship. Vesper worship —5 p.m. Sermon: "At The Cross" Dr. Fogartie will preach. P.Y.F. —6:15 p.m. Dr. Fogartie will talk to the young people. Choir practice will be announced later. There will be no midweek worship this week. UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST South Elm Street Elder Howard White, Pastor Unity's Gospel Hour —8 a m Morning worship —11. Service at County Jail—1:30 p.m. Baptist Training Course— 0:30 p.m. Evening Worship —7:30. Special Missionary program of Ihe Ladies Auxiliary at 2 p.m Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Howard While. Mrs. John B. Jordan is president. Prayer Meeting and Bible study Wednesday —7:30 p.m. Teacher's Meeting, Thursday at 7 p.m. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 N. Main Street H. Paul Holdric' i ge, Pastor The revival wluch has been in progress at the Tabernacle for the past week will continue this week with services each nighl excepl- mg Saturday at 7:30. The excellent singing and straightforward preaching of Evangelist E. R. Black has been of real blessing to the many who have attended the first week. You are welcome at the Tabernacle, always. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Radio Bible Class—10 a.m Rev H. Paul Holdridge, Teacher. Morning Worship—11. Rev, E. R. Black will speak. The Gospel Hour—1 to 1:30, Sta-' lion KXAR. Choir Rehearsal —4:30 p.m Rev S. Joseph Geno, Director. Christ's Ambassador Services — G:la p.m. Miss Maxine Tabor pres Evangelistic Service —7:30 p m' Rev. E. R. Black will speak Monday through Friday: Revival services— 7:30 p.m. Hope Star S»nr of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buifdinp 212-214 'South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jonej, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Entered ai second class matter at tht 1C Post- Office at Hope, Arkansas, under th« Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA1—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per week 20c per month 85c. Moil rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, $4.50 per year: else Where $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn., Sterick Building: Chicago, 400 North Mich igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison oi ve j ; J?*?' 1 ; 01 *' Mlch - '-842 W. Grand Blvd.- Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St Member of the Associated Press: Thi Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the uso. for republicotion of oil the local na , ws P nnt od In this newspaper, as well or ill AP news dispatches. • sprouting on their shoulders realize What slaves mothers with young children are and how sorely they need help in rearing their young- ^ stcrs. ••*' Of course, when Friend Husband comes home from work he is tired, too. He also has been on a nervous strain all day and he would like to slump down on the couch and take it easy until dinner is ready More than that, he feels that he is being persecuted if he has to help with his wife's work as well as do his own. All of which is true. The husband does need his rest, but whether he is entitled to it or not depends upon whether his wife is a big, « strong, healthy woman, or a frail * little bundle of nerves. The able- bodied woman should shoulder her own part of the domestic load, but the husband of the delicate woman should love her enough to ninch-hit for her if necessary. Before every girl marries she should go and spend a week with her married sister and see hue wrestle with the cooking stove and her wash tub and the baby problem and keeping the house clean, and then she will know if she has the physical stamina to •; tackle the job. Or else she had better pick out for her husband a • man who just loves to cook and change the baby. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a girl of 29 years of age. Have been going steady for a year and a half with a boy who is five years my junior. He says that some day he Will marry me, but he keeps piil- ting it off with an excuse, ahd waiting for him is getting me down. Should I break o/f with him '#* and seek a new acquaintance? RUTH Answer: You certainly should. You are wasting, your time on this lad. The man who courts and courts but never pops the question has no serious intentions. He just enjoys being with a nice girl who is good company and whose mother is a craekerjack cook, and he lets matters drift until some day you will get an invitation to Ins wedding to another girl. In this case the cards are all v» against you. Your dilatory Romeo is five year your junior'and you are 29 years old, .with no time to waste. So my advice to you is to just face the fact that there is no use in waiting for him any longer. Break off with him and seek a new boy friend who is older than you are and who is ready to marry and settle down. Dear Miss Dix: I am a high school girl and I like a certain boy very much, but he and I look so much alike that we might be *' taken for brother and sister. We have the same colored hair and '-"s. He is just a little taller than I am. We are in the same grade at school and are the same age. We like the same games and to go to the same places. CURIOUS Answer: Fiddlesticks! There is no meaning to your chance resemblance except that you are two. good-looking blonde kids. Nobody ' is destned to marry someone who has been earmarked for him or * her. Propinquity and chance are the great matchmakers. (Released by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) NOTICE TO HOUSEWIVES Will pick up cans and bottles on the following days: Nov. 23 and 24 in Ward 1 and 2 Nov. 25 and 26 in Ward 3 and 4 Dec. 7 and 8 in Ward 1 and 2 Dec. 9 and 10 in Ward 3 and 4 Dec. 21 and 22 in Ward 1 and 2 Dec. 23 and 24 in Ward 3 and 4 Please place cans on curb or in convenient place. CITY OF HOPE

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