Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1938
Page 6
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HOPE! STAR. HOFE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 0, 1938 War Machines Roll as British Cabinet Meets in Crisis French Mailed Fist ~ Strasbourg Bound Carrying Britain's Burden Uwt' a tune Is a "noisy song," they simply monn that rt new number is causing n lot of talk. Fair Facts We chirtnccl the other dny with C. Bochcrt, roly-poly exploiter -of the Mineoln Fair, and asked the tinmes of the thriller acts on the card this year. He didn't know, sold Mr. B.—a fair never knows what thriller acts will appear on the program until the last minute. What with fair and carnival work being plentiful this year, acrobats, trapeze performers and high-wire walkers have little leisure. And since they follow a hazardous line of work, fair Impresarios never know when their performers will be cancelled out of the show by injury or death. Bochart tells us that in one week the Mincola Fair booked six thriller acts and cancelled six, because all had accidents on oilier fair grounds. Gladys George was at the fights the other evening in Madison Square Garden and actually cried because one of the preliminary boys was taking an awful beating. And she plays all those tough ladies in the cinema, too! Movie Scrapbook Lighthouse Plnycrs, a company partial-, ly composed of blind artists , . . then into the "Myrt and Marge" radio program . . . ciime to California in 1036 for a vacation . . . was persuaded to (make a screen test . . . and now lie's still there and going strong ... he wears a small mustache which he shaves off before each screen role . . . loves to swim In the surf. So They Say CLUB NOTES The Allen Home Demonstration club met with Mrs. J. W. Cash on September 2, 1938. There were seven members present. After the business session Miss Bullington took charge. She gave us some helpful literature. The remainder of the atfcrnoon was spent in making plans for our community booth which is to be sponsored by the Home Demonstration club and displayed at the Hcmpstead County Fair, September 20-24. The hostess served delightful punch and cake. Miss Bullington directed a couple of interesting games. •The next meeting will be a call meeting at Mrs. Lee Garland's on September 16. We shall then make futhcr plans for our community booth. so He AssuMeo us RADIO NAME*. iMACHATAUQIW WITH HIS FILM pe&uTiw v nouT NOW By BILL PORTER anct GKORC.K SCAKUO Jack Arnold, born in Washington D. C., left school at 15 to join n stock company ... a few years later played on Broadway in a skit written by himself became a member of the The whole state of Euroiw and the world Is moving steadily towards 11 climax which cannot long be delayed. -*-Winston Churchill. I ha vu a new secret for forming . . . And it will make farming, pay—I think, -Artur Mndzinski, director of the Jlevcland Orchestra, who has been [.ending his vacation on a farm. Poor is the man who cannot actively ive and work 11) hours a tiny.—Alf M. -jandon. The United States properly cannot be called a Christian nation, since it is so far from being controlled by Christian |.>nticiplcs.--Dr. W. L. Darby, head of the Washington, D. C., Church Federation. 666 cures MALARIA in 7 days and relieves COLDS Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Nose Drops Headache, 30 mln. Try "Kuli-My-Tism"—World's' licst Liniment City Meat Market TOR CHOICE K. C. and NATIVE MEATS Tree Delivery Phone 7G7 •' Countering Germany's shift of troops to her Siegfried line along the French border, France sent part of her 'war machine rumbling toward Strasbourg, key city on the Rhine frontier, protected by her Maginot line defenses. At top, speedy tanks trcek northward to Strasbourg from Besancon. Below, heavy machine gun outfits fill the road in the same trcop movement.. Czechs Stand By With Me nan dMachines Sir Ncvilc Henderson, British Ambassador to Berlin, was .summoned home to a critical cabinet conference. Pictured above are Lord Halifax, right, Foreign Minister; Sir John Simon, left, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Lord Henderson, center, emerging from the British Foreign Office. With the CountyAgent Clifford L. Smith Terrace Outlet The most important part of a terrace system is the outlet. If, for any reason, a properly protected outlet cannot be provided, the system is doomed before it is built, and is likely to do more harm than good. A pasture, wooded area, field boundary, an abandoned road, or a suitable natural watercourse may be developed into a suitable outlet, according to information just received by Earl L. Arnold, Extension Agricultural Engineer, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. It is ideal to spread the water to such an extent that it is taken up readily in the soil. This can frequently be accomplished by allowing each terract to have its own individual outlet onto a pasture or wooded area. Under favorable conditions on moderate slopes, Mr. Arnold said that a terrace outlet may be satisfactorily protected by vegetation. Then the outlets should, be from 8 to 16 feet in width, and the sod laid in stripe across the bottom of the outlets covering one- fifth to one-third of the area. It is often desirable to place wooden baffles in the outlet to control erosion until the vegetation is thoroughly established. If the outlet is so steep that vegeta- Czechoslovakia, small but chesty ally cf France, boasts prer.ardness for any eventuality. Pictured above arc scenes from recent maneuvers. At top, a squadron of mtdcrn molcr lorries demonstrates Czech efficiency in transport. Below a field gun. crew goes into "action" at a sham battle. Superstitious Londoners See Omen of Catastrophe tion will not protect the slope should be paved with stone or concrete, or a check dam built of logs, concrete, or stone. Highway drainage ditches, generally speaking, are not .suitable for use as terrace outlets, Mr. Arnold .said. They should be used only when they are fully established. ride over the bridge gives the "artists" plenty of lime to complete their routines and pleas for pennies. Maxinc Sullivan, who .swung "Loch Lomond" and became famous, will sing for hours at a stretch, unless restrained by a piano partner whose duty it is to sec that she doesn't sing too much. Pranksters still bail New Yorkers by .staring up at nothingness in the sky, never failing to attract a crowd. Manhattan postmen collect $100,000 monthly on postage-due letters. Police in the Rockaways, a beach resort, have launched a campaign to stop dancing on the boardwalk, which: will give you an idea of the cheerful state of mind we're in. j 'Trinity church, now dwarfed by I downtown cloud-scrapers, was the tallest building in the United States for more than half a century. Tlie Seamen's church on South street evolved from -what in 1813 was the Floating Church of Our Saviour,') which used to be moored in the East rivter. I Golf clubs were known as gouff clubs. 200 years ago, and when William Burnet, governor of New York and Mas- I sachusotts, died in 1720, he listed among his possessions, "Nine gouff clubs, one iron, ditto and seven do/en balls." Inspiration Point on Riverside Drive lives up to its name and young lovers by the hundreds find romance there nightly. Newest character along the Rialto i;: a swarthy, turbancd chap who asks his audience for their signatures, puts the •writing in a glass tube, munnours some abracadabra, and lo and behold, has the fortunes of his auditors on a scroll. The other night lie made his stand hard by the Geo. M. Cohan Theater and seemed to fascinate such onlookers as Jack Dempsey, Moss Hart and George Olsen. Noise Means News Tin Pan Allen Note: Wlien a crowd of songwriters gel together and say The spines of superstitious folk in the London crowd pictured at left, above, probably became catwalks for chattering chiJls when they spied the black feline shown at right. While the crowd "waited anxiously before No. 10 Downing Street during a cabinet meeting to determine Great Britain's stand in the European crisis, the black cat, symbol ot bad luck to believers ia omens, marched up and parked itselt at the door Trench Silo There are many acres of late corn and sorghum crops in Hempstead county now that should be stored in a trench silo within a very short lime. Farmers should not overlook Ihese crops jusl because they already have their barns filled with abundant crops of lespedc/.a and oilier legume hays. The storage of Ihesc acreages of late corn and sorghum in trench silo will provide an insurance in future years against crop failures and periods of short feed supplies. Late corn in most instances will make a very low grain yield and poor fodder if cut and cured dry. However, it will make excellent silage, and should be saved this way, according to V. L. Greeg, Excnsion Dairyman, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. There is a big acreage of sorghum crops this year throughout Arkansas, Mr. Gregg said, of both sweet and grain varieties. Some fields are ready now for the silo, while others will come in later. However, an abundant supply of feed is on hand on most farms at this time, and farm people :hould take advanlage of this situation by storing it in trench silos for use in less favorable times. Approximately 25 farmers in Hempstead county have indicated their intentions of filling Irench silos Ihis fall New Rifle Fires 5 Times Faster By George Ross (jcorGe Rcss' Column Becomes aji Information Booth NEW YORK—Casual Information Stagg's Artificial Limb establishment on Broadway occupies a room adjoining a dancing school. Passengers on the subway crossing the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhallan are entertained by acrobats, singers, in- j wid mimics. The Automatic cartridge ejection and a firing speed five times faster than the rifles now used are features of the U. S. Army's new 30-caliber rifle, being shown here by Lieut. Cot Alfred B. Johnson, ordnance department officer in the Chicago office of the War Department The gun holds eight cartridges, and gas from the explosion ejects the cartridge, eliminating the baud-operated bolt action of the old rifles. - • and get CIRCLE SERVICE. Our modern way of serving you — performed thoroughly and efficiently in one quick trip around your car. and get REGISTERED REST ROOMS. When you see this sign you can be sure our rest rooms are completely equipped, regularly inspected, cared for. We pledge you this. and get COURTESY ALWAYS. We Texaco Dealers want to give you extra services to win your good will. You will find us always on the alert to help, always working to make your driving more enjoyable. YOU BUY ONE you get all FOUR at Townsend Service Station Otis Townsend, Prop. Emmet, Arkansas Cecil Wyatt's Service Station Third and Washington Streets. Phone G When you come in for Fire-Chief you can be sure of this—at its price it will give every ounce of starting power, sprint and pull that any gasoline can give. And the extra services that go with it, make many motorists feel that if they don't stop regularly at Texaco Stations, they're missing something ... So come in ... Texaco Service Station Fnuik llcuruc 3rd and Shovcr Sis. Jlgy. 67 933 Service Station JPeiT.v Taylor Division Street

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