The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on September 21, 1956 · Page 17
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 17

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1956
Page 17
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f ' U' 1 yiy y yi- s. i-- v-y.'-' y e..y y 0--e"e saiejriyrf a.y'Sj "gi n "'puriy iai.r, y-''y'"y" i. y prig. y" y''yifr e)"y''"f '',(iyyn' y ' 'flpe, SECTION i 18 THE COURIER. JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 21, THE LOUISVILLE FALL CLASSES OF THE WORIO FAMOUS DALE CARNEGIE COURSE in EFFECTIVE SPEAKING, LEADERSHIP TRAINING And The Art of Winning Friends and Influencing People Plan To Be Our Guest At A FREE Demonstration-Explanation Meeting Ynu will learn at this free meeting; how the Dale Carnegie Course teaches men mid women to overcome fear, to speak in public, In win friends and people. You will hear lerent eraduatcs talk for ir seconds each on why they took the nmrw and what it has done for them. You will sret a vivid impreion of uhat the Dale Carnegie Conre ran do to help vou Rain advancement and leadership. You will find the proffram entertaining as well as instructive. Meet with us this Monday or Tuesday, Sept. J4 or J3, at 7:30 P.M., Sheraton-Seelbach Hotel. 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J , . , Oirls' Sweaters ) an Oat ready tor back- fv-ym From t Jl 'i ' J FBrom s.,ck, 2.95 Selections! JPL "J"ck,,- 4-9s A,J A f 0 7 cBo.7; puromrb'n.....9.95 Sizes! ffytfu V5 J Sp-.Sh'r'.,1-49 J M ... and ,.t that ttB ' " 1 I ii taiWr- fre watch while Vtfftf 1 naji,aj. iiiiiiiiiiiiimi j j By ROBERT CLARK Dr. Clarence T. Coleman describes himself as an "old man," but he's not, really. The Kentucky Slate Medical Association's "general practitioner of the year" is 74 years young. He had a brief illness last year, but has no thought of retiring. He looks and acts hale and vigorous, lie may even run for mayor of Frankfort again next year. "I don't think I'd fed right just sitting down and doing nothing," said the doctor-politician, who already has served four terms in the mayor's office. He confessed yesterday that he has "somnia in the daytime and insomnia at night." This he called a sign of old age. Sees Patients livery Day ' But he still sees patients every . day and serves as anesthetist for operations by most of Frankfort's surgeons. Dr. Coleman has delivered more than 4.500 babies about 200 a year until recent years. He let his doctor colleagues know yesterday that these "obstetrical professors who tell you how easy it is to deliver these babies are mistaken." You get out in the country without any help, he said, and things sometimes get complicated. "I don't know just how to say it, but well, I'll say you're in a hell ot a fix! "The poor woman is bleeding to death and you're sweating blood yourself." 'It's No Easy Job' He said some fellow up on the hillside is running a tractor while the doctor is down there delivering a baby, and he thinks the doctor has an easy job. 'Every fella thinks the other one's got the easy job. I've found that's not true." Dr. Coleman is a tried and-true Democrat. He was wearing a red tie yesterday when he received his award at Columbia Auditorium. On the tie: a Democratic donkey. He was Franklin County campaign chairman last year for Bert Combs, unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial nomination. Frankfort's mayorship is not a full-time job. So 16 years in office by Dr. Coleman (four years in, four out, ever since 1925) have not interfered much with his practice of medicine. i mignt have lost a call or two, but I made it up in other ways, I guess," he said. The mayor's salary is $200 a month. He said yesterday his reputation for never sending out doctor bills is substantially correct. He said he sends "a few." "I get along pretty good," he said with a grin. "But I haven't gotten rich on it." When he began medical practice nearly 50 years ago, in 1907, quinine and castor oil were remedies for many ailments. Aspirin had not come into general use. He can't remember having such basic equipment as a blood-pressure gauge in those days. Dr. Coleman went from Inde- , ,i. i.. j, ii nun ii urn i in i i ii r n i ) r . ' " ' : t , . j- - 4 , : ' ,- I iFf ii x- i i , ; J : . i iff 'i"' S :;4T " ' 1 . v W. artiift.ii atiilMiiirtiidiir'nlnl "-'Irf"! illiUflrtl'ffl mrT-r-r--"--"---' - ..---i--. ..-.. .. .,. J,.-M,... Courier-Journal Photo 'FAMILY DOCTOR' oHhe year chosen by the Kentucky State Medical Association is Dr. Clarence T. Coleman, Frankfort, left. With him are Dr. Richard R. Slucher, Buechel, center, new K.S.M.A. president; Dr. Woodford Troutman, Louisville, secretary. pendence High School right into the University of Louisville Medical School, where he was graduated in 1907. He is a Kenton County native. He has no middle name mcrclv the initial. He jokingly savs the "T." stands for "trifling." The son of a farmer and State representative, the late Charles E. Coleman, the doctor is proud of having been the first president of the Kentucky Municipal League in 1929. As Mayor, he welcomed four governors to Frankfort Flem D. Sampson, A. B. Chandler in his first term, Simeon Willis, and Lawrence Wetherby. Dr. Coleman is married and the father of an X-ray specialist, Dr. Robert Coleman, Hopkins-ville, and of Mrs. Murray Scott, Frankfort. He has nine grandchildren and a great-grandchild. His award, in the form of a plaque, was presented at the annual K.S.M.A. meeting by Dr. Woodford Troutman, Louisville-association secretary. "It is a great thing and I shall cherish it the rest of my life," Dr. Coleman said. He added modestly: "Lots of doctors have done , as much as I have." ! The distinguished-s e r v i c e award was accepted by Dr. Edward B. Mcrsch, Covington, K.S.M.A. president-elect, for Dr. J. T. Molony, Covington obstetrician. Dr. -Molony was unable to be present. Dr. Bichard R. Slucher was sworn into office as new K.S.M.A. president by Dr. Vernon race, Faducah, president "of the association's council. Dr. Slucher succeeded Dr. Gant Gaither, Hopkinsville. 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