The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIBVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Win While Giants Los' ' .Give Them Two Games ain at Finish Margi iiThe St Louis Caidlnals stepped "squarely in front of the Nnv Yorl; /Giants ins the curlaln was rune '.'down'"on" the National league 1934 "pennant chase' ycslerday In the rnbsl - stirring finish lo n major league-title In many years. The Cardinals defeated the Cincinnati. Reds 9 to 0 in their final game as the' slumMIng New York Oianls, conceded the pennant vhen they led by seven games on Sept, 1, faded out, losing io the ."Brooklyn Dodgers, 8 to 5, In 10 Innings Dizzy Bean pitched the nna cgame tov the Cnnls and illil a fine Job of II, apparently not desiring to'take'any chances for he slnit- •oiit'.tlic Cincinnati club with sev en hlls Dizzy had pitched a \Ui Fildaj and hh biolhci Paul, ^ho ".wllh Dlrzy accouiilcd for Hie Cardinals triumph to a big extent, woi on Salmday It was Dlr/y's 30tl Victory of the season. The. Dodgers rode the Giants In :to: the ground for the wconr straight ddy. The sc^e was lied ,h :ihe eighth when the Dodgers push crt across two runs in a forccli lally nnd then the lliooklyn chi lernenibering Teny's taunting ^question—'Brooklyn? Are they still [ ! in the Ir-fl^iic?" shoved three runs across the plate,In the tcnlh as c 'Schumacher and Iluhbcll gave ground. The loss left the Giants two games behind the Cnrds when , the,-.season ended. The Tigeiii, American league champions, cta'cd Ihoh Benson with a double win over the St. Lcuh Browns, Tlic RCC-YCS were 10 to 6 and 0 to 2 Mickey Cocli- rane used a nninhci of piuliern; letting each work Iml a fc\\ Inn- nrc of 28 games for the plants •hl!e -losing 11 times. : Thc ptllct wasn't as rer.lllcnl as , is today, when waller Johnson urned In Ills largest number of onquests, 30 against 1 reverses, In 913; liabc Ruth's home run tat lad. not yet revolutionized the game chcn Orover Alexander had his tin- est season In Philadelphia, M vie- Olios and 12 losses, in IfllO. lo Shwil At Jt will be several years yet !»fore Diny Dean, Gomez, Howe, Schumacher, ami wnvnekc will have liad an opiwrtimily to Inks their places with the greats, They have something to shoot at n duplicating (he marvelous ]>er. Brothers, Pitched Cards lo National Flag m Scnsa- .tional Pcrfonnance (UP>- ST. I.OUIS, Mo, Oct. 'ormniices of°Malty, Young, Jo'hn-jThc Dean Brothers of the St. 1/niis son, Alex, Plunk, and Wnddell over Cardinals may be Hie original duf- flness act olf the field, but when they slip on Itedblrd, jackets and trot out to the pfUhlng hump they are ' all business and anyone who docs not believe this Is Invited 10 ask the New York Gliints. I'llclic'il Team In I'ehiuuiL c Deiin I, brothers—I)tay and Dally—pitched p. Louis lo a pen- knocked ,oll the Olants In the last | wo games of their final scries with Rc-Jblrds on Sept. 10—a double defeat that eventually lost Hie pennant for New York. • •'; Their Kcrords •' •• , I Dlray, whose right name 'is Jerome Herman, or Jay llanner Dean —no one has been able to get a definite answer . from either Dean —won 30 games on illost seven. Paul won 10 and lost 10, giving the brother net a lotal of 49 lor the sc-a- con—three more than Itey promised at the:outsel, .The Dean hoys, who hall from Ijiicas, Ark., have furnished a lot of copy with their antics, "strikes" and what-not, but when they wrap their big right hands around the lotato for Immediate delivery in On The Outside Looking In MONDAY, OCTOBER t! l... 1934;•••^^^••^ • •••••••• • ii i ••••••'•^•^••••••g' I exaggerations td cover up their lack' pathlzlng with Memphis Bill Tarry ' Lltlle Hoc!;, Hot'Springs, Blytti of knowledge. They'll • again tell whose attitude has always conskl-: vine aixl other points.' * the world that the Schoolboy got his erably rankled most of the boys. 1 After all, why should, there be start going', squirrel hunting in the i Arkansas hills with stones for ammunition and his good right arm By "DUKE" 'for a gun.. They'll let you know I In certain terms that the eccentric i Dto.y and Dalfy arc still that ,way because they can't overcome the in- llyron Walker, the Chicks' tackle 1 niienea am i env ironment of their 'find," presumably didn't take hts^ na ii v e' state. \ debut as a Ulythevlluj regular any I ' ' [co sc-rlousty before game lime Frl-j 1'aliiukn Walker , regret or disappointment? There's more color ant] more copy in a couple of Deaiis than a piillmau load j of Giants. day night, when the locals clashed i' ' It's -All Gone Now Many a column of copy will never ' with ihc Osceola ' Scmlnoles:. -M' te primed 'and many a mftt and least no one could accuse liyron of nlclllre w , m j^ thrown Into the dis- nervous tension. . \ f .i\rd as a result of,the last mln- a long stretch ol years. It Is cxlrt'incly. doubtful If any on of them ever will win 30 games is did Young and Johnson, let ilone :i7, won' by Matty, or 40, accounted for by Walsh, The reason ror the latter Is that no manager of today would-be unwise" enough: to run the; risk '.of ruining a "valuable ami by; having GO ' games, .rfs/was They were accusing Walker ol'iUte jump cfjthe Cardhials into the verything under the sun (or a National league championship. ..., cloud-covered moon) when lie lall-1 story lifter slory of'the New York Virgil Dnvts' big catching cushion, ed to show up in the Chicks' dress-lciianls. collectively and incllvidiial- H -flipped Walsh's In '10(18. ^Blg'Fxl worked " 4(j4 Innings during "that campaign, or the equivalent of 52 complete games, which Is a trifle more than one-third 'of the -entire number played by a major league'chib. . Carl llubUell was known as 6 work horse because he tolled 309 Innings In 1D33. ' : Pitchers don't sltwc as hard iw they used lo, but with the liop|>cd up ball -Ihc 'profession Is much more precarious. , rr;Si.lii>^ Sliow ToBeSlaved At. Armory Tonighl laut this year. did It by .icallng. the New York Giants, world champions of 1033, twelve times between, them—six . for Jerome and -six for Paul. The Cards won 13'games from the plants and tho\dozen lurried lii by,'the Deans Is exactly what sjicllcd dufeat for the champs and victory for the Cards' In. Ihe pennant tussla. •' To nuike'the• iny'.Lir euncliisKT, it wus the 'nean Bvother nct^-Dl?,- In the Dally In. the finale— that It Is strictly business, Jerome Herman (or Jay Haiinor) Is the veteran of the pair, and probnbly the pitcher in bnsebiill tcxlay, not cxcc])ting Schoolboy Rowc of the Detroit Tigers, lie came up lo the Cards twice from Houston In the Texas League—In 1930 and 1032—and the ]tisl time he stuck. ' Not Dlz/.y on Mound He once remarked, "I may be dlw.y In a, hotel lobby, mil I'm not dl/.xy out there on Ihc hill," and no .ball player who lms j 'wnvcd a willow at one of the big Arkaii-, sas righthander's fast ones, will dispute the statement. .,, I'a'iil was a sensation at the start the .season, runnlni; up "nine ralght wins before he was beaten. e recently pitched a no-hit;- hon game against Drooklyn. ini> room. Came game time nral even then Walker was not to !:e found. I-'inblly Walker showed up artd got Into the before it had proceeded very fuV-.jAsked about'hls late arrival, Walker'^plained that he had gone to bed lor a short nap imrt overslept. ""'' •/ ) Move over, joe. ;['aiooV.a, here's your buddy. ' ly. arc already headed for the waste basket. The intimate, lives of Giant itars-lhat-inight-bc of . (he world «rles, including their" breakfast menu on Friday the'13th two years ago and why one turns around twice, before lie: walks to the pjale and why another always climbs into-a taxi backwards will never reach the eyes and' ears of ^he, waiting •The 1 first wrestling shoiv since last summer's sorry fndeout will be liaised here tonight wllh the Amur- lean Legion iiotlveiy sponsoring the efunt mid B rcmii racket's return hid for the favor o[ locul, span followers. Cyclone fiiirns, one or. the best of tlic inalmen'showing^cre during Ihc. past winter and summer, will lake on Gall Uyrd hi.the feature match,'two out. of- three'falls, Iwo lifl'is'f' lline limit,',., •[•'. •'•.'•' '.-: In a-^' iu'pllinlrjrir'y niatch • John Miirr will', pieet linifnlo; Joe. Man las ;appt'ared here before, but liuf- fnlo'jos Is a newcoincr. : 'ThQy arc down- for iwo out of tlire-s'falls one liouV .lime limit. , •, 1 The cnrd will he staged at Hi armory. '.: ith his rangy Arkansas beauty ynwood RQWC, Prankic Friscli wilt lave, twice as many Arkansas hcau- es to match him — garrulous. Di^.y d gorgeous Daily, not tn mention le youngest brother, Elmer, who brought up from the Houston ub 'to peddle gooljcrs" In Sports- uin's Park. The WiHiiiKiton Fcnntors <lc- ;fcale<r the' Yankees 6 lo 3 "hi Washington. 'The ChlcRvto Cubs finished their fcason 'ilth Uo' v/lns ovci Ihe tPlltEburjlt.'':Plratcc.' .The Mortis y,ere 8 to 2 and 7 to 5 One.of thj> wins was Warnelr'-i ?ahd' of the *Ee'nson ••" 1 The Clcveand .Indians and Chi-; cago V/hlle So>. divided two games. The scores wetc Chicago 0, Cleveland !>; Cleveland 5, Chicago 3 The Boston Bia\K, took both .end's of a doublcheader from the Philadelphia Phillies The .'Cores \\ere' I to 3 and 5 to 4 ; ; The Phtlatlclphlq Allilctic- rln- featcd the Boston Red Sox 4 to" 3 after losing, 5 lo 0 r- tim(P oliy ATI N I') 13 & N f l'i'p-1 l)c-:i!>r N I L S iMUN- PAT PATTKHSON, ASTHRK, IlKlUiMU [)!N nnd HAK11Y ( •• ' .-; i "-. ; "" -in : : '" ; ' I | Harry GrayROti '/is: v WE-«-•:•- Spccli)! P:ithc<l^cyvsijtccl Kxrlii'sivc .pk'Lhres df (ho "IHmme ()tiintu|ilef.s" •l.iiiircl & iljirily Comedy) lling Ai Ni(jhi-4.1'Oc-. JIAUY AHTOH, JOHN tJlDA Y iiiKl , l,YI,K/rA Hiiliiiiriff -im'(i : His'Orc ..... Alcrrit'" Mclodits JUiisicnl Sh<>f{ Arkansas jn .Sixjlllflit H lou^.s like Arkansas Is going to come in for a lion's share of publicity in the approaching world sc- rle-.i. With I.ymvocalj "Schoolboy" ftowe, the Timers' ace, and the D^an brothers, the Cards' pitching stall, hailing fiom this slate,"'Arkansas-Is tiling to figure In practically every story from the scene of action. Let us hope that the" so-called Nominating Mr. Unilsey This column, nominates Arch Llndsey, local deputy sherill, as the most enthusiastic football fan and supporter In Mississippi county. Not satisfied with having n boy o[ his own in the )ine.-up, Ltndsey takes in Basil Locke to keep Elmer company and play football and puts another chair at his table. Then Arch, afraid his two football players might get lonesome, goes into probate court and adopts James Burton, formerly of. Steele. Mo., who Is now, a qualified member of the Chickasaw squad. public. Dozens of 'sport writers who Birds Needs But One Mem Triumph lo Gain Dixie Title - , : . Zebras^ In J l'itle C'liase The Pine Bluff Zebras served notice Saturday that Uioy are definitely ill' the state title chase when' they, defeated the Fordyce Red Bugs .;32 to 0. ..The-samc was originally scheduled .for. Friday night but )iost- poned;because 01 rain, which Pine Irj portraying Ihe qualities ol Mem- Bluff officials and officials .of the phis Dill Terry's ladebuts will find . power, company which -Installed the their products iri the same heap night lights at Pine Bluff said wllh the slory of Ihe volunteer cub i would cause the lighting system to The New Orleans Pelicans t R two game lead In the Dixie series with the GulveElon Bues of " Texas league when they > defeated*! the Bues at New'Orleans yeste'r-jj day. The score was 8 to 0. Fred Johnson hurled for the Birds i i as thev blanked the Bues and al- ] lowed 'but five hits. The pelicans? now have three victories to ona for Galveston and need but one more triumph lo win Ihe scries for themselves and the Southern Association. thought (hey did themselves proud Maple Tree Blooms .Agaiu BREMEN, O. (UP) — A maple tree on the property of Rev. H. O. Davis here Is blooming and producing seeds for this year, the second time y When Mlckay Co:hranc comes up i sport experts and scrliiblers of the' Kend Courier :>ews Want Ads. cast and central west.will find; it possible (o refer to the home state of the Deans and Howe much of the applesauce that usually goes with stories of Ark'ansans who make good. It's probably loo much lo nsk for. The boys who think that America lies between the race Iracks" on Ihe Eouthslde nnd the ball parks on the north side will probably turn to who failed to give the score or the | winner In his lengthy . account of the local ball game,/ The Standout. Performance ,'But: there's be no'regret or .tears "short"-out. 'Fordyce was reported to iwsscss the Heavier learn and apparently the nlghl game would liave been lo the advantage of the heavier learn,' II was one of the few few shed over the loss of time and ef- limes that a game has been post- fort occasioned by the'triumph of,poncd In Erkansas. i Ihe Cardinals. Their epiceffort of-1 Some Fordyce fans charged lhnt| fers one of ;Uic' most Ihrllllng' of "fear of Fordycc's heavier back-1 Iheincs for a modern and,true to'field" caused the change in plans life story of the national 'paslime. but Coach Bob Cowan, of the Red- Thc winning of ihc. flag by Ihe bu'^s made no comirient in criticism Deans (and Cardlnaisi is"lindoubt- .of the delay. ! edly the Blnndout perforinance so A number of Fordyce fans point- far this year In the sports world, ed out that other teams in the And unfortunately, maybe, there state . played in, the rain Friday won't be many sports writers sym- night, such games, being played at I10TK1--.NOH.LK' Is Now Agent For American Airlines, Inc. Call 835 . For Information and Reservations l*hone 777 At Night—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Tuesday - Weds; t. : 1, DETROIT^—Schoolboy RoAC this season turned in the best momul 1 worl- any IX holt ullcher hns displayed since Bill Donovan pitched 'the Tigers, to Iheir first American League pennant, with 25 victories and only foui defeats in 1907. So it ls:filli»5 that Koivc draw the : first; world series assignment, just as Dono\an did &7 >eirs ago: In that engagement, wild liill hrl .thc.'Ohlc'ago: Cubs beaten. 3-1, hi the ninth, only to see the ?9ore knotted on a passed ball The'con-. test ended in a 12-lnning, 3-3 lie Ro«'e,<like Donovan, is a .splendid 'hitter who settled more than one game with'"..long "and timely clouts Considering-the difference in the Mil, tilts seat's records of Lefty Gomez of the Yankees, 26 won and 5 lost; and Howe. 24 won and 7 lost, compare quite favorably with great 'American League hurling "achievement 1 ; of the past, DiTzy Dean's 20 victories against 7; defeats for th'e Cardinals in Ita National League is phenomenal, and Hal Schumacher's ^3 won against 9 reverses for the Gianls. and Lon AVarnekc's 21 won and 9 lost for the.Cubs, are remarkable. There was no jackrabbtt in the ball when "Cy Young copped 30 .games while dropping 10 for Cleveland in 18S2.: InTislders did not find H ncccssarj to throw up rampart 'when', Rube Waddsll bagged 23. while 'suffering only 7 reverses in .between crazy-quilt antics as an . Athletic in 1902. .-The percentage was with tlie" clincher in 1907, when ;Donov,an enjoyed lib big year ami i Addle joss won 27 and lost 11 for Cleveland. . ' . Walsh Won 40 In IMS One has only to look at the records to know that the baiters had none • Ihe best of things In 190S. That was the season during which Big Moose Ed Walsh won no Iws than 40 games while losing 15 for Ihe White Sox, chilslv Matliewson walked ofT with 37 ilclories as against H setbacks foi the Giants and Three-Fingered Brown rcpcllei Cub rivals 29 times'while losln only^onjnlne occasions ' ,A* home,, run was comethlng to stwy} up and shout, in 1S10, when,Chief Bender won 23 and lost flve for the AAAAAA's. Th«,twirlers dearly were the bosses In 1B1Z, when Smoky Joe Wood took M decisions for I he Red Sox agflliBi only 5 defers; Eddie Plank , was credited^with' 26.victories for AAAAAAAA's with only 6 sct- and ' Rube, M»rquard l*3k v :i The love life of an actress with PAULUJKAS CONSTANCE CUMMINGS PhillipRcid.Dorii Lloyd,Jojeph CsirtKoin. Diitclcti by '"Williira Wylir. A B.F. Zddnan Production pfcttnted by Ctrl Lfttmntlt, ' A UNIVERSAL HCTL'RE. I'ni-anuHinl News Filzp:ilrick Travel Talk— "Africa", AYillic Ho)>iR>r Cartoon RIME wlthcnd CLAUDE RAINS t)' 1 <Ut of 'Tfc* /nvfliH. Mm' WHITNEY BOURNE and MARCO Wrimn, diluted and priced hy Itn Htt>il 1 ChdrU* MoiAilhur. •}••'•• A PoromL.I R<llo» FOX NEWS COMKDY '% ^ Vv\«\^ ;«tf^^tV*. U ^as Ot* VU A |r\e8W•*>« A « 01 Coming Sun.-Mon. Dick Powell and Ruby Reeler in 'DAMES' Public Warning! DILL1NGER fs Coining TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY A powerful moral lesson for .voting and old. Sec this powerful story of Dillinger's life from the tender age of ten to the time i of his dentil as he was leaving rt Chicago theatre. to Beginning Thursday, Oct. 4th COURIER NEWS

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