Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six 'Control of Industrial Rhur Is Proving One of Touqhes M ** HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS Former Digs for Water ii.Ur?- Finds Gas Friday, Hovcmber 19, 1948 By Dr;.VV ITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst U!t;r-i:if:- rn;>n n;-h;-- comment:! 1 one di i.li.' sciiJ'.i. 1 by e.-.nirol of the rich Gor- knowing say the ; agree 1: haven't France avei ag< fori'.'itu i i ';• ,. :ndus;rial keystone of up UK- Versailles uroi.e — is providing ;o:i;;hrsl issues to America. Britain . (h; 1 ,!,'•: eJi.cn f! I' havo r Ck;rn'i;:. trcn.sr.iri ncr - ii and goiv-e-s'eppe be Die Khmelano:. ' and < War II. j Theic is no d.l v iho 1-Ji.ihr. \villi its among tin; Hi!'"' e;i ;-nd coal, has been over the need ol cf MM agin essivc Heieh jagainst lurther world war. The Allies sion. 'J'hc; :-pii! <• (bat never again shall 'J'hc; [matter of putih.g lo able. to utilize the 'sources back under G of the Uuhr in this man- '.'ship as an e::p,-d;ont _ M-not. ;-,'. D.. Nov. 18 —f/P)— ';. !.;;;,• /idains. farmer near . .n.:;!;rd. 'Ui'{ a -deep well for "•'' ••• I '•>. in:''",'id u-iil cook, '•• '• !.'-.- ' and lii;ht home •'''•'• f i ;; ' nViira) ;;as he struck ' '')7 !'(-e!. ''- ; ." d;-i!l. j -r. cej lain he had '• \i sic:- at that depth, put '•''>' !: : .i»- • r;i ^lti'\. "Ail o r .-, sudden—whoosh-— DM ijj" .\-Ji.---f! let loose with the ;; "'" ''•- ;:i,-,ined Adams. He is •':''>:.-lie .-'bout llje ;,i.;(i|)ly \ji>- •i'".-'.- In;: well lies between '•'' M'I'I •'•:• n;:!(iral .t-as pro- 'i'-'- )"i ;!:-i) have been st-rviiif; "• i 1 ; ! farm liomo.s for many Ktiufson Foyers Tax o i fho Soenger Sunday t- jgreater elfurl.s lov. J{i;hr is so impor-' Of course, I-'raiu; of Western Europe I a sumcwhat must be restored, the water." he concluded. Knulson <i;-Minn> : law that cut in.-iiV.i"; to Jay the corpora'!'; "A number of i.-n •><• eoroor- 1 - lion.s," Knatson i-,!d ivpoi'lor:-', "are making ion ,. nch money." He said be has "r_-iv< n up ap-. thought' of furUier slash-..-;.; in t;;;-:e': for the individual.. Knulson said he- is -eiiir; io leave Ihose ideas with th" ne-v ch.-.i; MV-VI ol the; Congressional rummiUi.r thal writes I,-;; bill..-. . tant In the res', o Western Europe a sumcwhat shr thai its i'liv-ni-th must be restored, {the Versailles . Its sir-o . ..-.;,!;. el;x must again be niter World War I. ; able fo v/ri'e across (ho Rhenish (either io annex tiic ; 1 i'k the |.i-c,:;d claim that here lics'of Rhenish l'rns.,ia 01.' •;!;•'<;( £(ccl producing inominally indeijendeiu 'rld. Europe can't public in thai. 'vital c.'io ol t r.iej.-s i;f recover Kuhr is the . . '.si'jir.ically while the i l.''ieiich coutiol. Aii ... . . impotent, and this means lot the loll bairn o '-pendent Not so k.K .seemed faivl -i.-M-'-ha!! Plan also is d ago that problem decided on HISIC.-KI. blew up Gei many of the .situation. So OIK; can unde sirnolo. .Tu.-U keep e thr: Rliur under rigid military con- pet-scut fear;;. Ho-,-.Irol while i he war damage is i-e- nave to consider li, paired .-.•m.! manufacturing is got the- under way.. Corporation'^, he mentioned n ,\ jper cent tax hike iha! wnuhi \-\-'-\<.'< Jin about. $1. IGO.dvl.lKlil. The r;.ie mow is y, per eenl on ineome over j$50.000. after the usual deduction-: a 'are allowed. n | f?**\ 9 Knutson pointed lo the steel in- r'T?) n O^r^ I Tlf"?BfiAP , '' sll ' y :1S '"' ( ' x; '' 111 ' 1 '-' ol '^'"'i^'"^'^ i It'U' •U.tU'.JJ^. VHiSliyUir h" said are making too ,much money. "It should be siphoned off in th, ' form of increased I'lxes " Iv i said, "but not, in (he form 'of ;•••-] cess pro[ii.-; taxes in for Slaying Pol " , i !; S fi Newark. N. J.. Nov. 17- ... , Mrs. Ann Powers was sentenced r! j ioilay !o nine !o (en yc.-ars in prison. I * line maximum on her plea of guilty! :o rnaii.slai.Uiht'.-;' in the .slaying o'f I B rollee Captain Thomas J. Rowe. | j The ."!l-yoar old red-haired waitress had interrupted her trial on I-EOM HATCH U1;i - !>v ' 1! ' ' I r i I M A\ iOHU uidlSlIIl RWII HAMS in ON AN 1S1 AM) \V1 III '. 01 , .1 MO ,1 piLturt with JIMMY DURAiN II, in coioi hy Itclini.olor to.r Growers Nov. If! —(/|'i- The VV^cJ). it isn't as easy as Germans niusl work the and the blast furnaces ' American-/.!; -, tailurc to rciial)i!i; that, (quickly may cau. , coal and . Ine Wlurshall J'lan economic recover Europe 1'a.st depends. events h.-iv Egression, r rencii ponds heavily on a you can't get full produclio-.i from sullen workers. They must have -... inducement, and so America and! weak Western ham- Bnta.il) have decided that one in- vide prime ground.; ct-nlivc would be eventualy operation of t/io industries by the 'Germs ris UK-mst'lvcs—with proper mil- uav.y controls, of course. But. trance, thrice overrun by .German armies in seven decades, is ir".'.:,-,ling on international operation of the Ruhr. She is afraid to let Germany control an asset which is a pylential war Ihront Franco's General Charles DC Gaulle says the decision to turn •ilhc Ruhr mines and mills back , lul ,„„,„.•.> ^n ,„, into German hands is "the gravest |ing for a two-day vi Meision rnade so far during the Arkansas. 20th, c:n.ury. He adds: | He said he would Jin.",l;'.r,,! and America flatter | sonal aflairs lh<mis,..lves they can make some- Lafavetie ct thing ol t;-e Reich to oppose Rus to Visiifro Arkansas Little Rock, Nov. 17 nor Laney left his ofiu '^'•b r.ofnto will lose some of its -/.-/"'•I' lor srowe-rs next year. li;e: ];o(ato won't be supported in ')•- manner to which it has become ccusi.omed. Not by one-third, in T.-islead of the 90 per cent of anty guarantee of recent years I'ov.-ei-s in HMD will be assured by • •-• ro-.-e-nment of getting only GO >••"•• cent of the theoretical "J'air i o vi.'i.'-one'' price. j. ••-•••-----"-; . . And to be certain of even that ' J'J-'ln i'? Ul " llM;hci ' '- r -"'P--'rale in'-Men, the urowers must not plant j-,"' inVn,,'-.(-ill '^'.'7 . 'V".'. !1 ? r V''"" J ' * ' • -' l • H-li (.. i, l^. f I 1 iCj ,\ ! y' 1 -' ;l 1 -S I J' t( 1 ! T ' '• I t go beyond .•?-!2.(.'Qfl,r;!!0,0'j(). . Truman, and lh» 'adrninislri. at various tiries have b--r-l-('r' ,. .r.oro pot;.toc'K' than they are told. .^upreiri.ing potato prices has cost . -he govenmient dearly. So fr.r Ill's i."; 1 ]; 1 ' ""•• IJ'll amounts lo about ' ;*>••:•),Mid. 000. compared with the ' ip'ovion:; high of nearly S!) 1,000 00 vas $39,- ; _.''-!ie (rouble has been two-fold. : i'M m-'i-K ill an ted more and more !' if )i::lee.', and Americans ale I'ew- ;'!' ai'd fe-wor. 80 the government •'i-'id to ony the surplus under its , can. But perhaps li) .y er.-i'l. Hitler didn't have at Crime. ... ... .mty to i ol his farm properly. program, iary of Agriculture and repealed in 10-15 Rep. -• that would h,-vo revived the -oroi'it-, ! tax_ in moc/ificc! foi in. ' , Knutson said his LbjoetUin Io that, i Bran- nates against the small eerpora- fiovenior will' office Friday any diir.ci.iity in reaching an ac-' coielwilh lins;.-ia when he wanted! When liglitnim to do.Ti:n;..te i Isnrope." j heat generated' '.-. _ " (lni ' ut '" l: 'i; thought, and'sap lo boil ^"A.lBT HF "lUti? -I i.l'J level for 19-19-crop potatoes He said he didn't like ie high cost of the „ o ,. - a Koal of 1.-' i. i il. acre;; of potatoes for next ..; •••"•'r. '.'Ins is about: 200,000 acres :i b:-i;.--.'. ^ 'iii;: year's planting. : : : '-' ! e!i siati.- was assigned a goal. :i • i--;v..'!e ually each county, then each ii-!'rov.'<. r, will get one. To be eligible il'" i; ' '"' "-''•' support, a farmer must xceed his individual goal. "Steel, automobile hard hit by it b'ecau.-v Hv KOBERT O'MMINGS and CLAUDETTU COLBERT in 3 scene f "SLEEP, MY LOVE," a United Artists release.' oy increases By JIM THOMASSON Little Rock, Nov. IS —:;P>— There i lhi ; ; will bo Home .sentiment in the 19-191 ?'' (.,-1 misuse t delay d '.-.lien Judge Mau- Cummin :• s. Fii.yetlevillc, 'd (he i :>milar jury panel dav afternoon when a juror •o the lesser 'decree of crime" hi ;'; u/1 ' ai .'f' nlm >'• t ".- 1 ' 1 under,vay to'.hi- f'alal shooiing of (he police | o '(' oreeiiiet coinmander witn his own revolver in his headquarters office. The shooting look place: May 21 ..ifter what the stale contended'was a round of tavern visits by Capl. ;!o\ve and Mr;;. Powers. 'l ~ "" i John Geildi n. resident: of Hopper.,* Montgomery county, but president- ol The r.i-.nk o; Gicnwood at Glenwood, Pike county, was stricken immedir.lely after the jury was chosen from the new panel a' d sworn in. •Judge C-'i'initiint's rlc-laycd tho trial pending detcrmin:ilion oE Gulden's condition, and then recessed court until Ihi:; morning. Dr. •'. N. Gov.rl.'. l.old the cotirl. Golden was sutfering from nn acute gastric disturbance. but probably would be r,i;le to report for duly .-. - „ . I'-ilion to Golden the jury'"''' legislakire for increasing the pa v 'Sen-clod Jror.i (.lie special pane! yes- of stale employes. Increasing the -- L ')'u a y aflernoin is composed of: inirnber of employes, however, is Rudolph Bate:;, vocational agri- a different matter. ' culture insiruclor: Geor.'.;e Poole, record," he said. J.. •,;,ii)ii \viii meet Monday ;;i '.: l.i ;;i the Lesion ilut. the "late thirties. S-j' i'f them thai anvlhiiv, Ihev iv.;e-, fibovo the hif,!ie.-ii 'level 'of i ie'; period would be taxed, it would U. like signing a d(.-;.tii war: an!.'-' ll:.. 1 Hotel Law-son. Except in the Revenue: Department, practically no sentiment for increasing the number of slate em- ployes was found. Several logisla- loi's conceded there might be .-.pots \\here more employes are needed. On the salary increase proposi- [lion, tiicre was an almost even di- i vision of opinion as to whether low- ier or higher salaried employes should get first consideration. " "I favor compete nt stenographers and office workers being p.lid rno-e. than x :•: x any kind of in the ri.'-lu ii-iij .stands at Forbes common laborers." we.s the re- ! t'i'Td a br:: KI-M.-H- ph'qite was rivet- acu'on of Ren. R. C. Wills, Slutt-M to the wall UK!.- v hi 'memory* r,i'e 1 >l'r-s:t,.-and the ••' 1 run ever hit by the soul well over 40!) • j.'l-ie v.'hero the •--:' Uie park, the '.'o I ho awe of fans lo come. The blow Koute Marked r s P r^> a a ©irme babe s Last Homer Pill ; b u i ;; h. ?v o v. 13— (U P) — Out . . . - . ,,• • session. Miss Mildred Loomis and j lions. "In the past we bav nc-ard- f >-'t f-i-, .'•' ' Miss Edith Mussey presenled ai'=ilk abo'it raisin;.; workers' s;:ki; y ; b:.H s;,i I-.•,-' -ol! G;;i.;i;.-.-i Club inet Tues- tin; l.'oi.-m of Mrs. Watson _•.'•'. v.-.:;i Mrs. J. Vcrnon /iis. \V. P. Cummings, and . f - -•--..-., ..j.. iiivuvitiiidj l-^Uctl. "'• ' "''' ' ov ''" r support level came as i K.?«iv<» "Frfs«» •*-,. -•. s. . | '•)<' ereat _Kurprise. A. K. Gardner, ''•^••"'f « Uta !, a Mj ::•';: Ik; 1 ;;'it ,v» "'• !' ', U: ' 1! '" ;: . C()rnmissionr.-r. of Agricul- K,<> r r..$. A V7 ,r., r ,?,,-, ;?,..-, : i-- m • ^-aid hi:; state "accepted the ^' i -' t -'" •<• * •> '•'. vi i ^ .•„• &O . f • ;!ioio-,i;t thai, there, would have lo jpFO $*"•*"»!ITS"** ••: j b,.- a drnsfic cut .in support prices I °«J ;» L ,» '" : -'" :t yt ' i!r ' s C1 '° P and lhol ' c - Chicago. Nov. in _,,iv~ T,.- tl -aneously with Brannan's awa^ml^t of 7 :;!f! '^ mJ s who will follow Ihe L-i'ii members wore cor- •'• ti,...-o- own mal-:ing as the 1 activity lor Hie afternoon. c-iie-,. 1 Marsh, represenlins tho aiii.! Co-.'ueil. requested thai '. 1 !) Ci.i 1 . gioup from the speech department j — t ,. ol the high school in a SKI!, "The j perhaps another assistanl Pinch" Kho'.vinc; some of the rea-llor, etc.. was added and the poor;'.vis h:.;:.i sons why we have deliniaienl ehi!-| small salaried worker i;ot an ex-i ft v.::.. ' dren. iivemeiy simill increase if any,"ihii ov--- Mrs. Emmond Logan, assisted, by • ne said. ' I Forbe-.s V „ , v . pupils of Park Hicmenlary school. I \v'i'!s, however, also thinks peo- It w::s the' las', of 1-iulh's c'lreer gave a shit showing why it is so p!e in executive position:; should i number 7P \'<:-. ,-.,,-,. >]-e',-.'i .,";.i',,',,' important that we should aU bu.- bo "paid on a basis of private in-! "-in-/, record wii'ic.i'V 1 n'-'-di'-l" o'rV' tuberculosis seals. dustrv." iw.-n do-- -on - 1 ..' 1 , : -i, in ''ie hi-t,,-v ' TV,,, o 'P A ;,- „.- ,: :,, ,. ." -, - , ,, ... .. . . 1 . ' ' - ' .'0--""-.l HI toe lllstO! y o-T.'-' run ever Held stands in . The P.T.A. is cooperatiim v.'iihj t'.eii;-.. Ho-,v:ird Holthoff Gould 1 TODA'v SATURD potato growers national potato council, to promote potato i'!, Pia-i.ian said he was "extreme- irclani" lo approve tho lower- i fn.- support price, lie has- io add that his action "can:• regarded as a precedent or ;•••"-•'•- tie altitude of this department t. i'n eslsolishing the general level of 5. pi ice :;upporls under our new leg- [-../rius law. passed by the 80lh 'I; •••('M'.rc-..;.-,. set up a long-range ]3ro- I; -:'';'.i'i ender which the 90 per cent ;• ••'-';.!-"'•> guaranteed by wartime i !-.-:;islation can be lowered. The re' iieuon,: c:m begin next year for •ve-al ci-0|is hut not until 1950 for '•'•• so-e;,l!.--d basic crops of wheat, •"'"• r; ee. peanuts and cotton. To- •••i'i 1 '! is anotlier basic cicp but yul remain |iegged at 90 per nl. .•-•ii :,-ing as liiarketim quol is • ' m elleci. ' •-' M.-nan is no( compli ti 1 i ipp\ way the law took final schedule. George Schneiler. P;". ment chairman, announe tnc Chami.ier of Commerce in ihe [and G rover Naive. Newpo-'t also! '.'he i"si-."'i Nevada County Day activities niUhink lower-sr.iaried '-'roun; should' '• eed - ••-•. p'- Little Rock, November 20'. jh.'ve more p;.-. llo!lhoff would sup-'!:.-!.';! hit i.'J i ,-., , ... ,,, , During the refreshment period, port a general increase if rovciuu-s i ce.i'oo, w.'ul.- i:cl-.-n C ,,ib .,eauliiy Walnut which was prepared and served by l.iustny, but Nance said "too' brack- I :.or ; r-'.-ave-; I ruin 'llurcl to Front Slreet I Miss Carlcen Brunei 1 and her Home S els. no imcre;^ " ' I'ltes'oe '>/ :-. landscape the site where i Economics class, a ((Uartcl com-i P< r > Jer-ies ' C'ln-rn'r-! Hot ! ' f ''''ii'b.--'fje'-'l • uei-.ot lormerly stood be- posed of Dallas Atkins Lesler St:;e,! j Springs, on Ihe other'" hand, said !" '"Th';' ho'ii'.'. ':•;'' ';::;:',Yi"! 1 ,^!:^ 1 ?-.F lub ^i"; ln f ! to " ? !ld • '<><•• Sl V :til «<•- "'«P me,, - A -i:i have to be raised c:,,-eer. ele. Open invitational.' ear over the Lake-wood Country <" ' • Jan. 20-23. Another tourney added lo u winter circuit is the La Goree .,:• amateur one-day affair at 1'.;;;-. ;La Gorce Country Club on .',ja 14. No pri'/.o money li;.;; »-. i |;. : . announced lor tiie e\-en! The S10,t;UO Charlotte, !\. C., .-.I Richmond. Calif., o|K.;i:-; \-.-!:.; were held in 19-)!'. do not a.ipe.-.r . UK; 19 : i9 winte: schedule, ;'jch:n ii said. ' V It | 1 Ihe request. . -l,-;cl: Coop;;r, speaking for ,-ere;;;iy o; 1 the t:iid!V ; ber of :"ree. ereed meinbers to at'-.•• vae-.a e'-junly Day on Nov. 1 M v-ill be observed in LitUe l-y ii-.- (,;re;U'.-r Litile Rock lleslerly. pre.ioiucd Mr: Clark . /•••-e 1 \ylio suni; "In Autumn'' by J'e.ni C-.irrai). She was accorapan- ! '•' ny Mis. A. Dudley Gordon. r-ii-s. 1 i--ht-;.rly. using as he Fro it Ar- suotect. . 'eeiission '-.vas highlighted by companied by Mrs. Lera Johnson i or we eun't get competent men'' to I ^ta fe' sevei'al numbers. fiil the jobs." Rp. w. J. Arnold, j That ho're Loom prizes were awarded to.... ..... ........ .... ^, ,,„,.,, lllal ,, Hi , :lull , Mrs. Cummings 2nd grade, Mr.-;. Inddim;. "vou can't opera'e a bi" rijnes ath grade and Mr. 1-Jasley's cencein with a $3,000 man." "" ...... '' ' senior class. The Tschaiko\-.sky Merry Go Round Junior Music cle.b met Wednesday at, the Primary School witn Sue Clark as hostess. The meeling wr.s called to order by last ere Sen. J. imp..r.,n r . P; : raeoujd. and :aroi..nu •y ion 0:1 th'.! plaque ••n::be !U:!,h ' (115i)r;- rs 1 . home run of his lii'-in;- -.v:ili the Bos- the Pi'tsburgh Pirry, ;\iay i;r )? "i035 at run. 71-lth of Ruth's -t Ih" right field ..-oint." •'.i-.i climaxed Ruth's ui ilii.- .''Majors—ho N " !' :ne".-i and a single 4 '" Mi'o. \-Viien the ball oin sigh', he trotted '. :; ;IIT'. -.vent directly room. Reps. VV. L. \Vard. 11. G. Leathers, Berryville. Clar-l Ruth i:l:.iy,-d"i.i eaher "air.es later unco Taylor, Helena, Alex James, j'-ha;, s,', me reason befo-'e 'finally '/ellville. M. O. Raley. Paragould, qultlng bul Iv- :-.:uri Vhal --veil a 1 Swll P S "e Cl'u"- "vot t ,,v .,nA i. -V'" S In tai and Leasurcr Bui . . and l-'loyd N. Kddleman, Mena. . . --'.e circhid the b;...,es on that last ' the roll. club studied foreiyn :nusiL nu; ; .:is through the living • were played by Margaret llunte-i room, which ii- :M:OH, .-jiie Clark, iVIai'lha Ann Ivfit . • v-, d ° mit Sl '" ;;C ' ;l a d "-» '""-" - e sees e- | Ward commented. James said -Tin reaeh<?d the em! of his plavin iday:- U''iym I I ' ~ ..... ------------ ~ ,u, I In til amounted t p;: i ;;: -'•••;;;.,;• • ^^k^jji'v^vi™ :- : '^ "' '.!.' ••"•-.''^f.-'f^^r THE ?' • '''"'"•"<: ; jvl BAFFL1BD ,'.-. II.- said: ^•ail rolling excess pioductMii • - i i o i - rl '!Tin-x price supixM hnph ill e t j | ut f i i •••.:•. ,'i desirable way to j et ill a'u tin, ; n:.n!-;. no matter bin IRI.I |^o il hs 1 i ti :t| "-->' adjustments may b- •- - ; - i 1 . ('i;ii(.;r(>.ss has i\ ui (h 1 ---"I i-ii'iil ot Ar.riculluie no UK rne. These ar e 1 ( in c mled onlkl I v i\I, mi 11 i i_, i i i s i tin. i if il , ' n t n ii\ I I \li ) 1 t u i \ U i j \ h 1 I n in ^mm HuSmE! BPt^py/,' : : : /', ,;;'-""'\;:S"»? RpWswH.rffiArty^:/.//',/;[•(..(••' ^^M:;!;'>- ' ^.... 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