The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on December 4, 1953 · Page 51
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 51

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1953
Page 51
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tiii: r orniKii.jonix i;, T.uns villi:, ky. friuvy MitiiMNi;, i i : : i: m h j: k . i r :t . i. . i I 0 .N n 30 An At Of I JO P W liT Tew''' fu-ti t'V.V-1 L;,':M A(Kittd Prtsi Wit photo M WEATHER BUREAU 12.30 P.M. FORECAST: Most of nation will have cloudy weather today except the Western states and Southern Tlains, which can expect (air weather. Snow and snow flurries are forecast for the northern and central Rockies, western Lakes, and Northern Tlains. Rain is expected from the Mississippi River eastward to the Atlantic Coast. Showers will also fall on western Washington and Oregon. Colder weather is expected through the Mississippi Valley and Lakes area. 77 GVs Escort Girl to U. S. New York, Dec. 3 (JD A young lady from Lincoln, Neb., had a 77-man GI escort as she arrived today at Idlewild Airport on Christmas leave from her job with the Army in Germany. Miss Dorothy E. Holcomb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aral Holcomb, is a civilian employee at Seventh Army Headquarters in Stuttgart. Miss Holcomb and her traveling companions were aboard the first of a series of commercial flights chartered by military personnel for holiday trips home at $290 for the round-trip. Many of the GI's had marriage In mind during their 30:day furloughs. Odd Stuff In Kivrr Merely A Detergent Wheeling, W. Va., Dec. 3 (IP) That "strange, white, bubbly substance" stretching from shore to shore in the Ohio River here has been identified. It's soap. It's not just plain soap, but apparently a detergent. A. R. Todd, chemist at the Wheeling filtration plant, announced today that his analysis of the foamy material showed it to be 32 pounds of detergent a synthetic soap product to each million gallons of water. Todd said the detergent might have been accumulating in creeks during the long dry spell from family washings and other cleaning processes and probably was flushed into the river during the recent light rain. City Manager Asks More Funds Cincinnati, Dec. 3 (A1) City Manager W. R. Kellogg told the City Council's Financial Committee today that $7,116,798 more is reeded to meet operating expenses next year. That amount of money would just finance the present city service, he said. Yesterday's Weather Wuhlmton. IVr 3 ( API-Weathtr Bureau report of temperature and rainfall for the 24 hnura endinc H r m. High. Low. I'w, Atlanta, Oa m a .44 Boston, Ma4 Chattanooga, Term. - I hlraao. III Cincinnati. Ohln . Cleveland. Ohio . Dalla. Tfl Detroit, Mirh. ... Duluth. Minn. Inriianapoli., Ind. JarkMinvllle. Fla. Kantaa City. Mo. I.oa Antrim. Cal. Louisville, Ky. Memphla, Tenn. . Miami, Ma M 59 .2 ." M M S M 52 II M w 55 M .. 77 411 33 31 45 ,1 M 49 .19 30 40 51 53 47 40 54 m M 29 B7 35 39 35 2l 30 .3.9 .46 .10 . .on .! .10 .fin .42 .(HI .36 M .00 1 oa .00 .17 .00 .00 .00 1953. Mlnnrapoll St. Paul 43 Montreal, Can 38 New Orleana, I. a 75 New York, N. Y 57 Philadelphia, Pa 5(1 Phoenix, Arlt 81 Pittsburgh, Pa 5 Portland, Me . 47 St. l.ouii, Mo. " 59 han Antonio, Tex. ........ 71 47 San FranclM-o, Cal. 5S 44 Savannah, (.a. 87 44 Seattle, With , 47 43 Wahintnn, DC, . . 57 21 METfOKOLOr.ICAl. DATA LouUvllle. Ky.. Iiec. ) fOffirlnO. 7 a.m. Noon. 7 o m Temperature fdry htilhl . 4! 54 55 Temperature (wet bulb) . 31 50 52 Itew point 31 4(1 5(1 Rc'allve humidity 5 74 M Temperattirea and Precipitation Maximum temperature 55, mlnltiajim tempera ture 40, mean temperature 48, norma) temperature 40: departure for day 8, departure for month 4 7, departure alnre March 1 4 397; mean relative humidity 75; total precipitation 36, normal precipitation .11; departure for day .25, departure for month .03, departure time March 1 7.44. K1VER FORECAST T.ouiaville; Upper gauge, 17.0; tower rauge, 5. The Ohio Hiver In the Louisville district will continue in pool with little change in alagea until effective general rainfall occura. U. S. Court Denies Writ To Escape Draft Washington, Dec. 3 W The United Slates Court of Appeals ruled today against a Texas draft registrant who sought a writ of habeas corpus to escape being in ducted into military service, The court said Michael Joseph Lynch, Dell City, Tex., was classified by his local draft board as 1-A and ordered to report for induction at El Paso. Instead of reporting, the court added, he came to Washington, took up residence in a hotel, and filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus against the director of Selective Service. The petition was denied in U. S. District Court. Court Curer Sent to Jail To Cool Off Profanity 'Ha-trn-' JiiIi;?i PcMMMnn Mere A man who cursed in Circuit .'mice M.uaulry L. Smith'.- court cstrrday had an opportunity to con) off last night in County Jail. The man. John W. Aikin. 52. Meibra Road, was not sent to jail for his u-e of profane langauge. But Jude Smith said that "hastened his decision" to order the man locked up for contempt of an earlier court order. Aikin will be taken before Judqe Smith at 9 a m. today for further action in the case. In Aucust. Judge Smith ordered Aikin to stay away from the home of his divorced wife, Mrs. Alene Aikin, who also lives on Medora Road. Mrs. Aikin said her husband returned later, threatened to shoot the locks from a door, and attempted to take a storm door from its hinges trying to get in. Aikin's bad lancuace at yester day's hearing was aimed at his wife and her lawyer, John I. Fowler. Draft Official" Laslics Col loses For Draft Kait Memphis, Dec. 3 (P) -A draft-board chairman told Southern educators today too many young men in college "are there only to avoid going into military service." What's more, said Milton Bowers, president of the Memphis Board of Education and head of Draft Board 86, many colleges encourage such enrollment. He believes many colleges and universities are so ambitious to build up maximum enrollment that they dangle military-deferment promises before high-school seniors. Bowers spoke during a group meeting of high-school principals at the convention of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Jef for son lo i vii Cliu veil Will Hear Missionary Woman's l)av To Ie Marked ! Dr. Margaret Garrett Smythe, s Lexington, a medical missionary, w i 1 1 speak at Jef fersontou n I Christian Church at 11 a.m. Sun day as part of a Woman's Day ! observance. i Born in Nanking, China, of missionary parents, she was edu cated in Nanking and Shanghai and received her medical degree from Rush Medical College, Chi cago. Dr. Smythe began her missionary work in China in 1928. ller husband, Dr. Lewis S. C. Smythe, was a professor at the University of Nanking. The university was moved to Chengtu in 1937 and the Sr.iythes continued their work there. The Smythes were forced by the Communists to leave China in 1951. Dr. Smythe is now on the faculty of the College of The Bible in Lexington and Mrs. Smythe teaches at Berea College. The Rev. W. Harlan McGinnis, missionary on furlough from Nigeria, will speak at 10:40 Sunday morning at the Baptist Temple, 34th and Kentucky. Mr McGinnis is a former pastor of Okolona V k 7 -rr (.rand Duchess Lxprcls Faby Luxembourg, Dee. 3 f.Tt (.rand Duchess Jn-eph;r.e Charlotte of Luxembourg, wife of the heir to the grand duchy, is expecting a baby, it was officially-announced here. Prince Jean of Luxembourg and Princess Josprhine Charlotte of Belgium, TromIonit Challenged Mexico City, Dec. 3 (.-P: A flute player dishonorably discharged from the Mexican Army on charges of playing sour notes at the recent Falcon Dam dedication ceremonies challenged his accuser yesterday to a musical , sister of King Baudouin, were I duel. It would be flute versus married last April. trombone. Oreath Bad? 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Datp $jQ50 Cloitly Sompl.i Q Out FiU OJm Wovn Used Hof Bhsfl, Used, High Oven Style Used, Spacious COAL HEATER GAS RANGE 0DD BUFFETS Cod $lft95 Only Hy $)495 ' lo, $T95 T$" ai S Roomy m Today L 525 E. Market WA 6651 3 lUr . J i I l I I I I I I I 1 I CZJ Police Officer's Car Stolen Before Vacation South Gate, Cal., Dec. 3 (P) Assistant Chief of Police Don Chase was all ready to start for Maine on his vacation. He left his car for servicing at a Los Angeles gas station a couple of days before he was to start. Yep. It was stolen. DR. MARGARET G. SMYTHE Formerly served in China Baptist Church and director of the Louisville Youth for Christ. To emphasize the Advent season, members of Fenner Memo rial Lutheran Church, 2115 V. Jefferson, will bring "white gifts for the King" to Sunday school at 9:15 a.m. Sunday. The gifts will be distributed to the Oester len Home, Springfield, Ohio; the Konnarock Mountain Mission, Vir ginia, and the Lutheran Home, Jeffersontown. "The Voice of The Deep South" choral group will sing at the Protestant service at 10 a.m. Sunday in Veterans Hospital on Zorn Avenue. Presbyterian churches ! will offer musical vespers in the ! wards at 4 p.m. The Rev. Frank 0. Taafel is Protestant chaplain. I Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings Til 9 P.M. I f'(Y$jtBUiiTn Blacie suede peek-a-viewed with cut-outs, i''''""' , glossy black braid trimmed! Expensive fashion, value-priced I In r to 10, AA-B. I, 0K V J&if Matching handbag V 1 404 S. 4,h St. ' Is SI Now you'll know a completely new kind of coffee enjoyment. Now you can win praise for perfect coffee every time. For now the Folger people have developed an exclusive new process that actually captures and concentrates the true flavor of fine Mountain Grown Coffees in new Folger's Instant Coffee. This unique new Folger process brews the coffee for you carefully, expertly gives you the flavor essence of choice coffee. 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With Folger's Insrant you'll never have a failure; 3. So Fosyf So Thrifty! Make it quickly and neatly for your entire family no waste no grounds to get rid of. 4. Sparkling dear Coffee! Folger's flavor nuggets give you brilliant coffee no sediment and no cloudiness. 5. True Flavor Essence! Folger's Instant Coffee is the concentrated essence of perfecdy brewed 10056 pure-coffee. Folg erk Imkm Coffee MOUNTAIN GR17N! bM"UA.r.ic,im V41ttUIMllluilHiltiiiiilui-MilHiiiil Mj;ii;j.'MU ill - v.'.; k. I.' 1 ' i n s ' I if

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