Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 19, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two i; •.'* I CIO Not to Seek New Party By MAX HALL. Portland. Ore.. Nov. 19 — //T')—The i CIO won't try to form a new poll-i lical party. Even the United /tiiro I Workers union, which decided last i March, to seek the creation of .1 i 1 genuinely progressive" p-.rly in 1940, has abandoned Ihe idea.' .But at the same lime the CTO ' says it will stay outside the- Demo- j cratic and Republican parlies its | oflicial sirnlegy will be to cooper- ' nte with President Truman in his i legislative program, to avoid boast-' ing of the CIO's role in Mr. Truman's victory, and to seek closer political unity with farmers, small i businessmen, the Americans lor,' Democratic action, and other gioups which helped re-elect the pi esidcnt. lii IK willing to cooperate with the AI-L politically but does not expect to-morse with the AFL any time soon. JJiosc are the main outlines of tne CIO's political future, as de- sciibcd by various CIO leaders in Portland preparing for the annual CIO convention, wnich opens Mon- i day. ' CIO President Philip Murray (old an Americans for Domvocratic ac- tifcn meeting last night: "Our CIO movement is not a tail to any particular political party. )t_ is u thoroughly independent institution, x x x we made our 'contribution in the recent election. W<? re not boasting about it. We regarded that contribution as a i type of duty that hacMo be p«r- fortned in the interest of the well- being of all the people, and in the interest of a better way of life " A spokesman for the auto workers told reporters that his union will not press for creation of a new party. Look, No Hands _HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Navy Sure of Sucess Friday, November T9, 1948 —(UP) — the navy it aggres- Washington, Nov. 17 Should war come again '<•:•> confident of waging .ivyly in the icy "i largest North ii--uv!,r:; in history, the navy ^'•nfly tested its combat units on '•ho sen. under the sea and in the I> T ot'f Labrador. 1'iavy oi'licinl:; pronounced them 'i succe;:;;. Fleet carriers, destroyers, cruisers, planes, and their support forces were employed in the Since military experts believe thai the Arctic and sub-Artie may be the scent' of battles in anothe'r wa". what, did these maneuvers show? K..V.V officer?, who took part in <'-• tests, believe: 1. Airplane carriers can successfully dominate the air over vast Arctic areas in an emergency. ''. Navy ships can operate •ntl.v and in combat as Municipal Loop to Talk Over Legislation Little Rock, Nov. 18 — f/P)— Legislature matters will be discussed at a meeting of the Arkansas Munici- Chiang's Plea for Statement on U.S. Policy Indicates 1 pal League here Dec. 2 Executive Zimmerman executive committee Director Glenn G. the new commit, . —..,., ,,vi ojjiiiu;^, league re-1president, included: nn ' Mayor Roy " ••• Mayor Tappan Mayor Don ......_ LL Mayor John Shackclford, El Dorauo: Mayor James T. Manning. De- Qiiec.n; City Attorney U. A. Lovol. bpringdale. By DEWITT MACKENIE AP Foreign Affairs Anayst Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's direct appeal to President Truman for an American policy statement to bolster the morale of Chi- mmunist forces arises Singing Service Regular Sunday afternoon sine- ing services will be held at Garrod Memorial Baptist. Church, Sunday. November 21. starting at 2 r> • , ...n.t LU pjuisvei me morale ol Chi- ' ll lv " :l "u< mi mipusi. L.nurcn, Sun- 1 t-mx, Joncsboro: mese anti-Communisl forces arises dr '.v. November 21, starting at 2 Hornet-, Helena: Tro-m the greatest' crisis the Nank- P- nl - Several quartets are exported i !? , V;, 1 '™ ; " nf ->"government has yet fj-.p.'d in i alul everyone is invited. Storm Sweeps Continued Prom Page One warned that it would turn to snow in many .sections by tonight. Heavy snow piled into five foot , drifts isolated scores of towns '.n ef-;thc plains stales. Far ' All roads connecting Colora-Jo - - -...- has yet tr-.^ccl in combatting the Moscow-bolstered Red rebellion. The generalissimoV regime- is battling for'.its very life, and he would be a hardy man who tried |to predict the outcome as thin«s now stand. But lhal being so. whv should Chiang'appeal for inora"l support at this critical juncture rather than for material aid? The answer, I take it, is that China's need is so urgent it can be mot only by aid that can be trans- milted with the speed of a message: it can't wait for material assistance to be moved by ships Wellington " -,- • ~ . . F- ., v v. ,j j u j, * > 11 i i_f in_io ^-<-M i j lt:u Lil I li V^UI Ol'ri 'J (J ' .-. Ji tit it • " ~" L — North as the waters of Baffin Bay and Kansas were closed and cvnn ^ • ss lhc soas - Wclll '">gt°n Koo, which extend.'; above the 70th par- the snowplows were" stuck Mo-'-e (Cmncs ,° Ambassador to Washing- nllf '>- ithan 100 motorists were strandodiL?," 1 , ^° m , adc an - np P cnl lo thc :t. Tb.e humor-killer combination'at Limon, Colo., ancl had to send S , aU ' .^parlment, >» which he em- -- air and destroyers forces should the night in private homes or on '! )1 ° i '?- c } la . n e ua e° u , la > . serves to bi- able lo lick the submarine icots provided at the first Methodist i Py gcncral.sisirno s mes- menace even in sub-Arctic waters ichurch. i S 0 ' -•' The navy's "frog men" —-! Mayor Ted Strado nf Limon an '• saicl C ? bmn wnnls ;m Amcr- pealed to state po"ic c lo w^n nio- ,!«!". «P««*™ of "sympathy, sol- torists to keep out of the area oe I and everyone is invited. Rephon's Surplus Warehouse Items Put on Sale Here The entire surplus stock of Rpphan's Hot Springs warehouse has been sent to Reuhan's Hope slore for a two-day sale, and Bernard Rephnn j s here to assist with it today and Saturday, it was announced by Oscar Grecnbcrg, manager of the local store. Mr. Rophan id he hat: confidence in the desire of the people of Hope and Prcscolt for real values. Control of . uiuiei-.vatpr demolition experts — may play <m important part in de- Truman Wo n Continued From Page One Ill'nois and California. He would nave needed 3,093 in Indiana 24 - C98 in Michigan and 27,647 in Ncaw York. In fact, "if" he had picked up ]iist those 27,6-17 voles in New York he could have lost the oilier five states and still squeaked by. And "if" Mr. Truman had received (he votes that went to Progressive Candidate Henry A Wai- lye in Indiana, Michigan and Now York, he would have needed to convert only 9,643 of Dcwey's supporters to have captured all three slates. He could have done the trick with 4,733 Dewey votes in Michigan, and 4,910 in Indiana — none at all m New York. The-politicians figure that most of the Wallace ballots wouldj have boon in the bag for the Democrats, if Wallace hadn't been in the presidential race. Here's the way it sizes tip in electoral votes: Mr. Truman needed 2G6 electoral ballots to win the election. He got 304. to 189 for Dewey and 38 for T e c. i states ,' Rights Candidate, J. Strom Thurmond. Illinois has 28 electoral votes, Ohio and California 25 each. That's 78.,for all three. If they had gone to Dewey, the New York governor would have collected 207 — one more than the required number". Mr. Truman would have had 226 anc( Thurmond his 38. ji_-* f Dewey had woii any two o r the' three, states, neither he nor JUr; Truman would have had the needed 260. So the House would Jiaye picked the new president Dcmonstidtmg Ihe c^c ol handling the llilk, ,GO he.I tonic i company executives hold up than- nands vhile the nlp-i- now 1-5 over the ground during a Palo Alto, Calif., demonstration "sianby Hiller Jr.. company president, and two companions show how the new control rotor system gives the craft in'n-i-nt st-Miility e- slioying anti-landing devices on. tlie .s'horo.; of an enemy's land. Therp are many dangers operat- in.r; in the Far Northern waters, however. Icebergs are many. ' the decks of carriers making wave radio and ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards. 111., Nov 19 -t/Pj—Hogs. 7,500: fairlv active barrows and gilts mostly 25 hit/her than average Thursday sows -steady lo ?.r> higher: bulk'rood and choice J30-2-IO Hi;; 22.25-50: 'top 22 50 mostly for weights under 2''5 Ibs 240-270 Ibs 22.CO-25; odd lot.; 70-200 Ibs 2l.f>022.0t): good sows 4CO Ibs down 1.9.5-20.75: over -10 Ibs jfj'b 19.25 stags l(!.()-1!!.n Cattle, 1,000 calves, lifl; g<-nn r . ^illy about steady in cleanup "trad" • except vealers 2.00 lower; not. lenough steers to warrast mention; odd lots light heifers and . mixed yearlings in medium to good flesh 23.00-2(1.00: common 19 : flO 2C DC'- about half of very light supply comprised of cows: few common and medium beef cows 1G.i-.fl-W.00 canners and cutlers 13.00-Hi '<()• medium and good bulls 21.00-22.75; cutter and common bulls J7.00-20 00; good and choice veak-rr, 27 0034.50; common and medium 17.0026.00. Sheep, 1,100; market slow, Ltendy to weak top 25.75 sparingly other sales largely 25.00-. r )0; • relatively few high yielding lambs in run": scattered sales less desirable kinds 23.00-24.75; throwouts largely JB.OO- 20.00; small lots good and' choice clipped lambs up to 25,00 for No. 1 | skins; load medium and good Texas clipped No. 2 .skins 2.'.00 yearling end 21.00; fat ewvs i.ieadv at 7.004!.50. ig, *•& $F% "iP-a ;\ft| V- %vs» »$$&> swe' y « y . such City, ready to'Western part constant blocked." The Burlington railroad reported foulllhat its mainline trains were forced ef- to crawl through the Nebraska Hope Star Star of Hope; 1U99; Press 19J7 Con%oiirfatcd Jcnuory 18, 1929 Published cvrj.y weekday afternoon bv STAR l"JliLISHIHG CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alox. H. Wosiiburn, Secretaiy-Treasurer .01 (Do 3lar btiildinn 212-214 South Walnut Street, Hc..pi.>, Am. gels sub- halt con-,ovor Lake alox. H. Woshbiirn, Editor t. Publisher PTI:I( H. Jonos, AAanaginrj Editor George W. Hosier, Mech. Supt. • Jess M. Davis, A A/crlising Manager uger . Fntored as '.ocon.-l (-.'n--'-. m.-lipr ot fh< I t'ost Office at HOIJO, Arkansas undc Act of March 3, 1897 thi (AF'J—Mecins Associated Press. (NFA)—Moans Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable ir Advance): By dly carrier per week 20i per month 85c. Mail rales—in Hemp stead, r-levada, Howard, Miller anr Laravefto counties, $4.50 oer year- cist where $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis Tonr, '•tcrick Buiklinij; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; Mow York Citv 292 Marlisc Ave.; Dofrcif. MK!I.. ?3i1? W (7rniir Blvd.; Oklahoma City,'31 4 Terminal Bldg.-' Now Orleans, 722 Union Sf. Member of the Associated Press: Th. •V.tocialcd Press is entitled exclusively U 'ho use for repuhlication of all the loca .news printed In thii newspaper, cs well o •all AP news dispatches. POULTRY AND PRODUCE ' j "~ " ,,, . | hundred poundshigher, November Chicago, Nov. 1!) i/l>)Live poul- ;$l!i.f>f) to $18.57. two cirs, 2f! i Spot wheat was quoted nominal- coals _ . .„,„ "•';m dangerously slippery. """""'" Ifacilities .....^ (-,'uns riocks. equipment are coat-! comjnunication cc! heavily with ice and the crews ' -- must wage constant battle to keep lhc ships operational. Special heating devices are needed lo keep the planes I'iv. Icing in flight is a menace. Crews must wear special weniher clothing. Operating Honey drops as the weather '••'•.'.Jo:-. Combat efficiency in Arctic waters is estimated at •n.-!t. in Southern waters. Despite this, the navy is lir'ent of fighting well in the Arctic. Navy officers say far difficulties arc encountered snow and cold at sea than inland m the same latitudes. As for the submarine menace to fleet operations, the navv thinks it can lick that problem. Although oicht ot thc new snorkel-type submarines sank nearly all the major leet units in the Argentia, Newfoundland maneuvers, the hunter- killer forces accounted for several and gave promise of destroying more. 6 Vice Adm. D. B. Duncan said h" wr.s confident that new navy devices already developed but not in use by Ihe entire fleet can solve Ihe snorkel submarine danger. More maneuvers will be held in South Atlantic waters next spring for further tests of new anti-submarine techniques. Officers pointed out that destroyers crows have lost much of their cause "the town just can't hold anv more stranded people." Al leasl 20 towns were isolated along the Republican river valley in Kansas and Nebraska. Shoit other the only with communities as McCook, Neb., and Dodge Goodland and Liberal, Kans. idarity and support." 'in words, lhc Chinese want to lhat Uncle Sam is standing them. Oddly enough news of the generalissimo's letter arrived, at my other know with , , : 10 lacmi teacher .whoi tl . ucc to The Kansas highway patrol ported that "half the roads in of the state re- the are storm area. Dozens of automobiles were reported abandoned on roads near Scottsbluff, Neb. Storm warnings were hoisted World War II skill in detecting sub- sub- , Superior anc less ,01'dered into from The high the. storm storms in sections the snow and kicked thousands air in West Texas The new storm moving onto the Pacific coast was felt as far down as southern California where dust clouds rose 8,000 feet near Bakersfield. Waves battered many California oceanside towns and forestry officials feared that brush fires might be spread by the high winds. Tne snow belt extended as far south as Lubbock. Tex., and north to Minnesota. Rain fell in a wide belt east of the Mississippi river to thc Kentucky and Tennessee mountains and south to thc Gulf of Mexico. A Captial Airlines DC-3 overshot a severe wind and rain- cabinet adviser and delegate to the United Nations, who is i enroute from Paris to Wanting via Washington. He had just arrived in Now'York by air. ancl one of the first questions he asked me WPS what America's policy was to be. He explained that the morale of the hard-pressed Nationalist armies might collapse unless they received assurances of continued American support. I told Peng that thc question of policy was being considered in Washington now, and that it was i New York. Nov. 1(1 —(/P)—A liUlo Russian school teacher who touched off an .international incident saicl today "I want to be in [America and no place else." Mrs. Oksana S. Knsenkina, 53, said that as she prepared to leave Roosevelt hospital tomorrow, 99 days after her leap from a third- story window of the former Russian consulate here where she said she was imprisoned. Hospital attaches described her as "very excited" at the prospect of leaving the hospital where .she says she has "learned to know the way Americans live." She refused to make her home Tel Aviv, Israel, Nov. 1!) —(/P)— Israel retained control of the No- gcv desert today, Ihe deadline set by the United Nations for withdrawal of troops lo positions occupied before last month's fighting in thc area. After a lengthy cabinet, session yesterday, Israel announced it would not. order all its armed forces out of thc Negcv. The government statement added, however, that all troops which entered the southern area after been withdrawn. This left only forces which Ihe Jews said had been in the area since May 15. The statement said this "was in accord with the U. N. order. Thc Israeli view was that the U. N. specified that only forces which entered the soutlhern area after Oct. 14 should be withdrawn. (In Paris, acting Mediator Ralph Bunt-he said he found the Israeli reply "gratifying." He said it indicated a willingness to accept in principle the security council's resolution.) The security council resolution of Nov. 4 ordered the withdrawal of forces lo bring effect a no- man's-land in the Negev. Acting lU. N. Mediator Bunche ordered witddrawal of troops to specified lines lo create the demilitarized zone. Thc Israeli government welcomed the security council decision |to facilitate the transition from thc " '- a permanent peace in the Holy Land by means of an armistice. Queuilfe to Ask Assembly for Confidence Vote Paris, Nov. 19 — i/Ti—The French cabinet today gave Premier Henri Queuile permission to ask the national ascembly for a vote for confidence. Queuille said he would go bc- to marines and that accounted for fc, *- ^w.^i\_ vtjllu dlltA ibllll- the. Birmingham, Ala., runway ,,.-;.- ---r —-" "^••.wutiicu iu* during a severe wind and rairi- tneir lirsl big success off An-fentia:-r<storm on the-southern, edge ,of the 'storm area. The plane spun sharp- Charges U. S. Continued From Page One of steps toward arms limitations. Russia attacked that proposal and tossed in her counter-plan that l.y op one wheel and dug a wm 0 tip in the mud but none of the six passengers or three crewmen! was hurt. bcrgasted me for a minute, and pointed out that I didn't make Washington's policies. However, my personal feeling and that of a lot of other observers was something, like this: Quite apart from friendship. America couldn't afford to see China collapse and be taken inlo the Communist camp under control of Russia. That would be giving Moscow a strangle hold on "the Orient. There would be no question of America sending troops to China. We wouldn't think of asking our boys to fight there. However", if I bolster the Nationalist armies with a large amount of up-to-date equipment, send to China a large number of American Army officers to supervise and advise, and provide By The Associated Press Snow peppered Fayetteville Fri-- •!!..-•-!.,iuu uim.iO'ay for the second time this year would reduce military personnel as a cold snap moved into Arkan- ancl arms of the United States, sas. The snow melted quickly The U. S. — Little Rock -- .-v-^n.. *uti_o, IIIL- NlL'SllK 2")1 nnd Thurmond (he same 38 Now take another look at In- oirma, Michigan and New York which Mr. Truman came close to Hjnnmg. They have 79 electoral w.es—13 for Indiana, If) for Mich- H the president had taken those three states and lost Ohio. Illinois and California, instead of the other «.',V around, there would have < "n .lust one electoral vote dif- im-nce in the way Ihe election o^ n >' 2, ut - II w °i-ild have been 3C5 for Truman, 1(18 for Dewey 38 to'' Thurmond. if he had won only New York of tlMt group, the electoral count wivjld have been Truman 273 Dewey 220 and Thurmond 38. Eggs nervous receipts lO.fia 1 ?;'i".(il cars. O-'>ls w.'iv's!i'?"d'y to hi"l^ prices unchanged \u two c-ejit.; :i)er: basis steady to firm: receipts clo/.cn lower; U. S. extras 70 uc'-il fk-ars. Soybeans receipts were !7 and up a fi.'HM. tiO-09.9 pel a f.7-")(); 'cars. ' I". S. standards -17-511 balance- mi : -'changed. ! NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK COTTON was over 2,100,000. Roily Bread Conlinued From Page One and discussed them thoroughly, if not always dispassionately Clearly it was the kind of campaign thai a lot of people liked There is a great appeal to Americans ID the spectacle of the underdog who keeps on V:ghting even when he seems to Tje licked Mr iruman never gave up. Hi H ener"y and determination and spunk paid off And Ihe victory brought Hie sudden and surprising revelation that the President is probably the smartest politician in thy United States. Reds Adopt New Plan to Sea! Off Berlin Berlin, Nov. 18 — i.-T'i — A nov Russian system of uniform parses tnat mav seal off Berlin's Sovu-i bictor from the Wi-st lakes flic,-! today. A Russian announcement jnade last night over the raciiu MI.-J through the Suviet-licensc-d in "A agency ADN. said Die n.-.v sy-u-m \U31 apply to the entire, Soviet occupation /one ;i;id the Jiu-;siiui-C(j'i- tiojled area ol lieilii,. The Russians .said thai martin- toaay thrtu kinds of identiiy cards H'U be m use: For German-, j,.,- those without nationality i.nd for Col. Frank S. Ho.vlev, u S t' nsiMandam in Berlin, "t'aiti ti'ii- i'Uisiyns had not noli.Ui.-d tin.- o'.hi-r ; owt-rs o/ ti.<e iiiove. He saij tin- tetion appeared to him lo be ',!;:-(- nocus pocus." but added I'lvil. ii enforced, n could block uli -Russian sector. The iiic of envelopes j ( ,r ini-ilii'-- purpose:; bc-yan about loo' y'eLiv; I New York. Nov. 19 ~!/T;— Pear- I New York. Nov. 19 --i.•]-,- Polto.i ' i' i: < UM , 1( b ''V;'^ l'-<'Pt ^ stock mar- Ifutlures nuived in a narrow -,';'n i; 'e V,ne uid " ll " W! "' C ' '"^ °' <llP ,111 quiet trading Unlay. Uesiricled ,' •„,.,; \:^.. , h , )W(t[i ,,., inl . ()f ID'S? ^u^^rtl,^' 'an'', :^ V- '» ,->''""l 2 points. ' Soil:th<- apnroacl, of first n 'o " v " g r 1 ; u ' n - a ' :ed ^""c-what ,luring th'!for Ihe' Dec.-mln'r ,-„ ,ir -," ne' ; l ' " rt ' ' 1>lmi l" ;i " l '.'«'-l'»K and ,u Wednesday created a hesitant tone. ! ^\^ £:*:* "" ll:1J ' s bl!Sl ; ' a " ls ^government '= t^^. ,^'^^:r V«,T S t.^ l CMriffi"Nfi'vniiii-ir'r 'i iI i!,^', '' " Vi''' (ivo1 ' il "' (!l ° (u " ses.'iiop. at the rate 'ciinuil-.liv-. ,, ,i n i.: !' uni '" 1 "- U , 10 "I J.tMO.i.!.;.! tihari's or mure. This I'"J-1 --'"4 l--iic.s ' --1 would coinn.ire with 7HO.OOO yes- j" Cotton" fniurc's rallied inlo ,,eu- ' UM '(! : '''',:.,:' n, 1 ;' 1 -' 1 ,";! 11 " 1 , 111 lolw - v 'I high ground for the day. followiiv- i ,l S ''r nl P '1 T t ^ f' Ihe announcement of new rottoi ),' <• i','^ / ' ''i 1 V| ^'J! i ri export, authorisations by ihe 1'X'A. | :;,:.'' "^ '' .'' '^ l ' lu ' ni st . i ; l>1 -, chl '>'Futures closed 20 at -if, ee.,1. a i', '-,' - " ' ' r - .", ' , ( ' ol i?V° ai '- ba;^ higher than me pn-vions jJ,!;!; 1 - 1 ,;;,;;;;:-^,^^:-!;;::' a |--n. ; ^i 1 ,^ Wr liiw 31 - 70 ~ la;il IJ-'liu''"^."':!^'^;: 1 ^,^ Mch hiuh :-,I.H4 '- low :il.li.) •- last ! M"' .''".'f Cl '°V S:l ! U: 'n -''' C ' ,-, <J 'T. :U 'il (1C ill ui) I! U i pielerrerl. Union P.'u-ilic. May hirh 3 .lifi - low 31.-la last ^"^..V' 1 ' Ali; ' sini1 C ''"'' ) " '" Ki Pllrlps Jh-'hiKh'''^;} - low 311.™ las; I ' ;i| P;'arior Oil Cnlil'oniia, a high- 'JO 7" 7'j un i! 9 '"•"' i priced stuck, dropped .1 points in OcV'high 2H70 -- low 2!1 f,li ----- ]as(|l' ; "' b ' tl ' ; ', (k ' lv " 1 ! ' a< : 1 ' ''^'^in.led 111 2u.7i up 7 lu ' a '"; : y ; :ilu , i>l •'• Dec high 2H.5-1 — low 2ii.37 -- last , K! ,' KV , l ' :llll .'"-"l coinnion ran up •'.'! l'i r id nn -17 .uoiiiid a puiui at I..IK- linn-, lollow- "Vlicl'lii'. si,u S- "(i\ nn I I'" 1 ' woni lllal lii ^'^ l)l « ^^ voted N,o ^ ' • > - t)N U|) "' ;' ^ '-livuieml. in.U-ad ,„ the ens- tumar.v .1 Ik-enls. GRAIN AND PROVISION Houd:.^ \veiv uneven. britain, France, Russia and China. Ihe assembly's political commit|lee has approved Ihe majority plan j and defeated the Russian resolution. j Like Dulles, British Minister of i State HecRor McNeil and French ! i.V,ir-i.<n MiniKter Robert Schuman rejected the Russian proposal. Mc- 'Neil termed it unrealistic ancl -' '•'Mm:'.", said it was deceiving. The- assembly already has voted "•vn a ItussiMi demand th:-1 the ".N. Atomic Enei-Ky commission ;i.'i-.'iw up two treaties: one callin"- lf>1 ' '• ban on the atom bomb and "-•• olhor oslablishinK an atomic ''"ol system. '.'is-h ; nsky told the assembly to<>'•'• that (he majoritly thus' has Iwiee brushed aside the atom oomb ciuestion. H has repeated the wherewith going. Peng nodded, and "I should make one addition. The people of China are hungry. They can't fight on empty bellies. to keep operations said: That 'could be in foodstuffs 3 . V/eaather Bureau in forecast sub-freezing temperatures in thc 20's for northern Arkansas Friday night and near - freezing temperatures in southern Arkansas, as a cold front moved eastward out of Okla-' homa and Kansas. Communities along the Arkansas-Louisiana border were lashed by wind and r?m storms Thursday, with Magnolia being the hardest hit on the Arkansas side. S"vr-ral builrlin.r"-- were unroof"d in Magnolia. A utility pole at the I should feed then done by shippin;. from other countries." Peng saicl there was no doubt whatever that Russia was backing and supporting the Communist revolution in China. the consu- her sane- , tuary and demanded the recall ot|. Soviet Consul General Jacob M ' Lomakin. Real Election Is Stil! i-o Come Washington, Nov. IS — (/P) — In case you thought the presidential election was over and done with on November 2, you can look forward to the real one in less than a month. On December 13, the 531 men (or women) you elected a couple weeks ago will meet in the various states to cast their ballots for the next president of the United States. But even then the election won't be over until: 1. The governor of each state collects these ballots and forwards them to the secretary of state in Washington. 2. The secretary of stale bundles -. I them off to Con? and the and ress. -- ~* ". the Senate House meet in joint session. 4. The presideing officer of Senate opens the ballot box starts counting. Only then will you learn— officially — .that the major electoral college—made up of the same number of people as there are Senators ancl represenratives—has voted for Harry S. Truman as the country's next president will mbly debate on the issue of the strikes. During the debate, Interior Minister Jules Moch said orders for the nalion's 335.000 miners to quit had come from Moscow. Gen, Charles De Gaulle told a news conference later that if Moch's assertions were true, the government should dissolve the Communist parly. Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature lo soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. ^asx CS u B&9 Xtt' H w La 'QgC' F5TB*vfT* Q ^4*5" Q \j for CoKgbs, Chest Colds, BronchiHs I,. i»ii.£,iIMIJU. j-i uLiuiy [jujt, ai me Havana, Cuba, Nov IB stadium was snanped and the high i Mrs. Harry Truman aiicl her school building damaged. """ ; ' '"'' -•- •' Temperatures r.tropnod to around free/ing in Fort Smith and Harrison Thursday night. In North Lit- ...i.^.t. me muni 1 " 0 Rock, the mercury dropped e added that Rus- I from 70 dearees Thursdnv to 45 turned down the I degrees early Friday following a Elizabeth and Young Son Are arrived today on the presidentia'l yacht Williamsburg. She lias i'"i vi on vacation with President Truman at Key West, just to the north The Cuban international atomic control |he^ivy rain and high winds. in liU'i i, y the United i Chicago, .Nov. 19 (,'P) — Wheat ! moved ahead in n strong, aciiv NEW ORLEANS COTTON moved ahead in n strong, active trade today. Gains ranged to more !Xew Orleans. Nov. IB --(,'!')— Cut- Ihan 2 cents at times and the l')e-! u "' n '"lures cieclined in early irad- t-einlier contrac-i liil a new high. 1 '"" ) "' i "'-' i<"l-'iy h" 1 - rallied on trade since laat April. " . buyiut 1 , and weekend short euver- '1'he .streni;iii of the Ijreaii cereal :in: -'- ^!<).-.• in;; prices were ready. :.'() v.'as a bi:; help to other grains. ' 1 ' 1 ' |U - S U) liu '-• | ' n ^ : ; ' l>ale higher. Corn lulures ;id\-iii:ced despite a i ''V,'' j'. !;:h •'•'•''"'•' '•>"•*•' 3' - (i: > close -••agjiin;'. ca>ii maikei. Oats .--col e;i '.,,' ! ,' •'':' . !!in)d L'ains. accompanied bv :Ul '" '"'"' •' ;! - i;: ' ! ft!'e;-,iif.l!i in the cash trade. ' i iU.Sil)-;::: An . ,-\ai,,.- l.oi-:.- |,,,,i,,|,i I,,,-,,,. '.Aia\- lil,'!i ."l.i.'.'i quantui,.'s el' s.Abeaus. toucliim; oil lil.-.'O-H! .some .-lop-lo,.:, orilei.-. [jiaceii u, the •''" ! ' : ' !l : ' ( '-'<-' iiun!;el 'uy :.!njn.;. (Iain:; raiij'.id to 'V" 1 ' 'hai! i '-..ir,., :,\ ii»i:es in the November lielivei", . Ll<.-!j|jih'.; u]) u 1 !;, ID «.'*,!<>;, j - •.-1 H 11 > •. n i! e h. 'lilocl-'-ii 111 \Ve;.l.-i,: "tit forward Bernard Baruch of States. : The Kussian said the principle of -atomic control by stages is "uttcr- Iv unaccoi:-table" and that such a plan would open the door to abuse by any control organ. The Rus; siaii 1 --. he said, want simultaneous control over all phases of atomic production. . He ehargod lhat the United States is trying lo obtain control of atom- n; raw materials and at the same lime is retaining its ownership of tin 1 linislu'd product. The Western powers have rcject- i'il Kussia's plans for atomic controls on the ground that it does not provide effective guarantees of control. Vishinsky also discussed the Ci'.'rman situation, claiming lhat the United States and Brilain, with France's support, "buried" proposals for a German neace treaty advanced by Soviet Foreign Miii- isler V. M. Molotov. ' Ho also questioned the "«ood faith" of the three Western pow- eis in opposing Russian moves to write a Japanese peace- treaty Vi- shinsky then renewed previous charges that the United States is maintaining military bases around the world. Hiilies. named yesterday by 'nt Truman as acting' chief I!. S. delegation, resolution "aehie\ expense of overs ih'in ii Precipitation measuring 1.73 inches fell in Pine Bluff Thursday and more than one inch of rain wax reported by Mountain View, Melbourne, Pccahontas ancl Perryville. London, Nov. 19 —./Pi—Princess khxabeth's physicians announced i I today that she and her infant son .- .... l al '<'. maintaining such "steady ancl president's wife, Mrs ! p allsf aclory progress" that daily Prio Socarros, .and Minister |tall ' !ctlns aiT; ] ^m?, discontinued. ' * Hevia went aboard! hc Dul; ' : ' of Edinburgh, father ; of the royal prince, made his fi — ''-' ; c appearance today since the birth. Spook's Belgium Cabinet Resigns Suddenly Brussels, GelL-ium, Nov. Ifi — l,Ti —Premier Paul-Henri Spaak's Socialist-Catholic coalition cabinet resigned today. The resignation followed that of Minister of Justice Paul Struye yesterday after a parliamentary debate on his policy of clemency toward former German collaborators. It is believed Spaak, a Socialist would refuse to head a new government and that Finance Minister Gaslon Eyskens, a leader of the Catholic party, might be named premier. of Stale Carols to greet her. The president's daughter Marga- 1 rel came along for the day of sightseeing and shopping. Mrs. Prio, one of the most strik-' mg beauties in Cuba, chatted with Mrs. Truman on the private deck i of the Williamsburg. She invited ]Mrs. Truman and her daughter to j.lea at the presidential palace dur- ' | ing lhc afternoon. The Trunuuis ! were guests of U. S. Ambassador Robert Butler. ; I Mrs. Turman's party toured the I I sea wall drive, the avenue of presidents and Columbus cemetery They visited perfume ancl other shops and an ancient cathedral in the old Havana business district Mrs. Truman selected a pair of fllaraeas, the painted instruments musicians use in the rlutmba. The American first lady attracted crowds although her Visit was not announced. French Troops Move in to Halt Reds .•1"".-H.!]Coi' enl ,,! ; ill wheat :.nd iluiir ..-:-: V. .e: C' n l.si'ie 1 e(i n;. j \ lor tile wheat Mrel, l'-'ad:j in Hie M. '.••.-.•- l.'i: 1'lanis V. ere e.-.perHs Unther i)ri,'.iucer oile v,he;.i. \Vlu.-al clo.-'e.i •' lo e:\ iJeci-mi't-' S' 1 --0-' v,-;i : , 1 1-41 :;s i',i ..,•.,. S1.-13 7y-!..JI, oats' -A.-re :i- '•'•i'l iii;.;!u-] , J Jeeen-.b,. r U-l ;•:;;•! -1! iji-- v.u:-. (i, to :j \'> lii;.!iier. Uecfii. b'--i ^ fcl. soybL-an-.- were li l-i: i.-, / ci-iit:-: ijjeiier. r\uvei,'ije: s:'.7.) :;-! J-2, un.! Uud v,;-..s :•; tu •;., ,-,.,„ -. has increased its mjli- . h ''n order ito balance un-oundiu" Western 1'Ju- j Paris. Nov. 1!! —M 1 )—Two thou ? a " d rf 0 ?' 01 ' 1 '" 'nfantrymeu n"^ SOOTHIH5 ORlSSINt fOff EXTRA OUALITY -PURITY FINE FOR: Scratches Minor-Cuts Burns Chapped Skin BlG 10c IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH..., LIQUID WAX SHOE POLISH BLACK BROWN TAN BLUE OXBLOOD Divorce Charges Dropped After an Agreement action ', The 2f).000 dockers ui overwhelming I v members •d general K-iboi'lJamily and Con imuuist -controlled federation, have been called out on i strike for Monday. Tho.sc al Dun- ! Chicago. Nov. 19. —(UP)—Mrs Beatrice Borla, 35, moved back in with her husband today, but she'll be a wife in name only. Mrs. Borla's divorce' suit was dismissed when her husband' C'hark-.s, 38, agreed to her conditions lhat she would live in their home a.s a sorvant. Borla, a bartender, continued to of (Jive with t)n:-ir two sons, Hubert. • !!l.^ anil Thomas ,5. when lie ancl , re- l»i.'- wife separated Aug. 119 20 years of marriage. Under Mrs. Borhf's terms, 'ill cook and keen house foi originally w irv lo'i;i ! u. quo docks. lU'ixj said any .s u <-li cnvvp bi.-fore 'Loni ;enu' i is believed in over the Dun 'Is from the action would e what they j advantages." "iiiaij may have dates with other and even will have acce-s ria's 317.000 bank account, a said he accepted his wife's so he could try to win love, but agreed not to attempt to kiss her unless sh- should have a change of heart. He said she was a "sweet girl and a wonderi'ul cook." "Sometimes I think the world ia i mud," said Circuit Judge Julius :il;.'icr as hc dismissed the suit. "It's easy when you know unnecessary repair bills! Wring; your car to the shop where the proper lestiiijj equipment is available . . . where the ' ''"' e r ovide and tf »e mechanics 207 E. Second l\ Hope, Ark.

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