The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1934
Page 5
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MQNDAY,: OCTOBER 1, 1934, BLYTHEVILLE, (AKJLy COURlEtt NKW8 . i CIASSI 11 ED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Feeds, Seeds -ALWAYS 'AHEAD' 1 "FEED BEST FEED^CHEAFEST- PRICES Oberst Store Co. Daily rate |»er line lor consecutive insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line 10o Two times per line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. Me Six times per lino per day .. 05c Mouth rate per line G*c- Mlnlmuiu chargo 50c Ads ordered lor three or six times and stopped tefore expire tion will be charged-for the number of times the ad appeared am aUustment of bill made. AU Classified ivdvcrtislins copy submitted by persons residing out side of the city must be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken , for more ilian one incorrect in- tetUon of any classified, ad. Advcrilslnn ordered for irregular Insertions" take the one time rate. Save Your M*ney SEEDS, ALL KINDS'OF FEEDS AND FLOUR BOUGHT IN OAR LOAD LOTS. J. F. Livingston WHOLESALE Si RETAIL Real Eslule Repairing FOB DEAUTIFOL FLQQHS RENT OUR FtpOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. AU, FIXTURES belonging lo Uia Glcncoc Cnfi 1 , for salo chcup, •art cash, balance on monthly pay- ncnts. John Thompson, Gleiicoe lolel. ai-pk 10-21 bccl'iiwl dres- Excellent condi- ,adi«G SHOE REPAIRING & DYEING done ' by' experts. Rca- jonable. E. E. Ratcllfl, Across trom Hubbard Hrtw Co. We put DANCING TAl'S on shoes & also do expert shoo repairing PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 S. Second ser. K tion. Call 030. Salesmen Wauled Let Yew Rent Pay For A Home We have U homes to be sold fo CASH OR TERMS From $500 to $3,000 All are priced at less than hair P^ied bTcaX'^crniaTbe or their prese,,t replucement cost. Tills offer will lust but a short time. ACT NOW! PHONE 12 Factory Aulhorlied FRIGIDA1RB SKUV1CK Factory TrabSed Mech«a»i,. Day ei—Phone—Ni(H W K. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. atlesman with car. Salts experience desirable-. $100 weekly. Personality Essential 117 S. H roadway—I'I ioi U! HD. Agculs \Vauleil Vill do STENOCilfAPHlO work-lit night. Reasonable iiites. Cull 300 For Rent kiinsiis. .Suld snle bii had (or required lo' givu said bond;-. ••'" ' This'- September 21V iKtt.''.,; ;• O. II. WILSON, Slicrlll.i Uy'ldite JaiikMii, 'D. 1 S.! FMintslicd BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed 31ar<lin. 1011 W. Walnut. Call 103. 1-ck-tf IN THIS DISTKlfJT COUHT TUB UNITED STATES OP THE EASTERN DlSTlUO'i; OP ARKANSAS, JONESUOKO D1VIS . ION. • (a. O. Stuart, Kiinkrnpl- No. I'U6 -Nolle; Is herel)) 1 Blven that poll lluti lor discharge ol llie>tenkrnp WORLD'S LAKCiEST, MOST I'RO- h «* been Illvil. and same, will be l>iirnosc'of satisfying'sulil cxccu- tltill. which wns by .-mo levied n'piiii suld property. Thej pm-duiser will I j, e required to execute a bond, will) | ' Attorney. ' ' ood security, Cor the payment' ul | . l-J lie purelnise money; iirovldcdjj „ lowevcr, (lint It aitd properly isi , mrclmsed by the mild Junior V.I Head Courier News Want Ads. ALLEVlioi' ~~~ PHILLIPS' USED CARS LAND FOR SALE •10 acres, right at iilytheville on gravel rojid. Nice residence with electric lights,' barn, garage, fruit, shade. SS.WIU - - EASY TERMS Vus oirereu S4,00fl 3 months W. J. KNOX Huvlni; miitlc all kinds of shots for ABNORMAL feet, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL tcct. ORESS1VB GASOLINE PUM1' MANUFACTURER OFFERS/ EX- CLUS1VETERltrrORY. MARVELOUS NEW 1'UMI'S, FUU/,ljINE SERVICE STATION EQUIPMENT. STRAIGHT COMMISSION. A IU:AI. SAUH5. OPPORTUNITY. WAYNE COMPANY, FOL- Sale heard In (he United SliHr.s Com Rumu uC Uttlu Rock, Mkansiu, 01 Ihe Mlh of Oclobcr, ril 10 A. M. : HID Ll. KEDDING, Clerk, liy Juniilln West, U. C. cilef! b( , iii>ror(ii^ ^ 'stiiirds ^jfl ' Jl ' ; "'" Huiite countered 'liersbns'd ing' to - steal" Ix walkJoul"wl'Ui _._ _ cdly, and seeing th« • giuirds, ,. member, .but Huntley" hew -Ellis' personally siiipectcd'; anyone : > 'of; look sleallnij, lie siild'. .v -. •• ":. ; i' TUB AUMV A'l' WOHK! MADISON TENN. , AVK., MEI\|PIIIS, 51 15 S 2 SU5 5295 '29 CHEVROLET COACH CHRYSLER COACH •33 KOKl) TUUOK SEDAN "iZ PLYMOUTH COACH .. •J4 FOKI) V-8 DE LUXE TV UOR SEDAN ? 52 ° •33 CHEVROLET COACH .. $M5 • 'JKUCKS and TRAILEUS •2_D CHEVROLET TRUCK ..$'•»> •3Z CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inch Whwlbasc, Uuul Wheels ? sl! KINGHAM TRA1LEK. D"* 1 Wheels, New Rubber 5" "M K O R1) PICK-UP. Closed Cab :........ $16 PHILLIPS' USED CARLOT Corner' Vt'alnut & 1st Strt-ets Ol'liM NIGHTS UNTIL <J P. M. ugo FOR SALE li Room DUPLEX. Rents at $15 . FRICE $J50. $50 Cash, $12.50 month Thomas Land Co. Hoys l''or Sale lu Small Numbers, J. A. Cosscll, State Line, Norlli „—. Hul'fimui. l-p-k-a.Al| kinds Aiiloiuolive 5 uoud milch COWS. R. M. Beck !>t Canning Fliclory. 28-pk-2 Pilling station, "4 room .house and 1 lots en highway 18 for $1500 cash, 5 room house with bath, good garage and outhouse at 1306 W. Ash, $1500 cash. Phone 124. 21-ck- F YOU WANT A SMALL HOME LOOK AT THESE No. I—A 5 room house, lot size O by 140 ft. on paved street, wa- .er connections, no plumbing in louse. $550.00, SH5 cash, balance like paying rent. No. 2.—A 5. room, lot 37H: feet by 140, water connections, price $450.00, $150 cash,' balance like rent. No. 3-5 room house, same No. 2. All three in same block, near Highway 61. Houses can not be built for twice the money. ; W. M. Burns Grand Leader Bldg. Phone 212 • • palm and body> done, Clieapcst prices. !': JOHN HEARN.v. ISarnett Auo Sales;- Co. work Good PIANO In first class condition. Will sell cheap. Phone 8(i. 27-ck-4 CLOSING OUT Reconditioned electric retrlEcrilovs. Good condition—Successful operation GUARANTEED. Sizes, from 5 cubic fed lood storage space to 12 cubic feet. You may see these-units today. E. B. GEE SALES CO. N N 40? Mam St. Two MEN'S SUITS CHEAP. Size 38. Good condition. Call 930.: J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE We recharge, rebuild all atnkes. Generators & .Slarlers Repaired. At Tom W. Jackson's SHallim ASH & SECOND : Phone 8 — Residence 277-W.'.;. WE SELL CHEAPER OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE- MECHANICS' SUPPLIES REPLACEMENT PARTS, TIRES, ~TUBES & ACCESSORIES L Free Service Hubbard Hardware Co. Automotive l>cpt. lliouc 416 EXECUTION SAI.I: Nulicy is 'hereby Riven that 1, C, II. Wilson, Slu-rlll' of Mississippi County, Arkunsas, \\-ill on SATURDAY.'OCTOBER 27th, 1U3I, v'ltliln liuvflil hours at Die South loor of Ihc Court I louse In Uly- L I , Arkansas, by viiiuc, of liic power iiiul autliui-ily vested in m? by an execution issued (o mo Scplembcr 20, 1032, by R. 1 Gnincs, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, i ilpim i> jiidymenl iciulercd by the Cluuiccry Court of Ihe Clilcka- snvvbn Dlslrict of siild counly November 2, 19'J2. in favor of Janice V. Driver, and nguliisl Walter \V. piivcr, for llic sum oi Sl.UGD'.U'J (less a credit or $35.00), and nil cosls, sell, on u credit of Ihrce months, the followint! property, to"*U: East llnlf of the Southeast i Quarter; Northwest Quarter of , the Southeast Qunrlcr of Section 21), Township 15 North, Range 10 East, and thai part of the Southeast Qunrlcr of i the Northeast Qunvter of said Section. 23 lying South of the i* COHIM ic-ut In 'said 'Vown- W£LL,UMPATEEDLE, MY P6T, HOW YER FOR TM' EVERYTMING IS JAKC, 30 FAR- WOOmtOQT IS TOO EXCIIRD T'BS ANY OOOD/SUr EI/ERYRODY EL&E is WOP.KIW HARP/ &Y TH'WAY, WHERg ARE, fH PALACF, V -6(JAROS '• I HAVEN'T SEEKI ALL DAY/ c MOW, ju-SHOW ' VEB OL' PALACE GUARDS, ReALLY POIN'SUMP/N WOP.TH WHILE.' SOME OF 'EM SHOW DO1:TTV EEAL TALENT, TOO/ /^ (oNE V&OAS IT.' ;^' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SMART STUFF!' Restaui-uuls 'iJest Oysters & River ^ at l ''' sn CbU'ken. Dinners Every Day Jimmie O'Brien 105" S. Second FOR RENT Suburban Home & Acreage. Most choice. Right In Blytheville, $15 per nionth house ; rcnt payable.jmontlil 'y and 510 per acre fof land. Good lease. Call Courier ^News.'. '" ! Farms for Sale! , Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Caruthersville, 5 Mo. Coal & Wood Business Dkectoi-y ! COLD WEATHER COMING! BEST PRICES .. ON STOVES, PIPES, TAPERS AND TEL JOINTS, DAMPERS, SCUTTLES, SHOVELS, ETC. OBEKS'l STORE CO. 6UVPORT QOT , 1 VOOWV 60 WUV\ VOU ( . (At \VA ow. WASH TO'CUAB AROUT! AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc AMBULANCE 1'banc 2G COl'I'El'v VVEATHEK STKU'l'INCJ Suvcs luel Hi -siuiill cost Arkmo Lumber Co. PHONE 017 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" 'Bluck Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAIi - LOW PRICED My C'wl Is Black but I treat jcm • white. Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 1*1 Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT 5TERNBERCVS GIN PHONE 116 QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA, BUCK CREEK, KENTUCKY COAliS WE SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS' WALL PAPER IT'S BARGAIN TIME AGAIN ji our Wall Paper dcpl. All 1034 patterns must go. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Modernize your country home •with n-DciniiiB WATER system, }ll) UI'. HUBIJARD HDW. v qp. —— — ^s; —Lowest Prices— j SEE US TOR Farm Implements oi all Kinds COTTON SACKS . WINCHESTER SHOTGUN SHELLS AH Varieties Fa|l Pasture Seeds PAUL BYRUM Opposite Old Posloffice Phone 252 PVOlRtsTLEW/THtrfi LESS , VOU CflN STILL BUST—S'FOR flS I CARE I TELLVOU, I HOLP OM,SPORT. WAS NEVER -SO YNOU WAIT HERE, MISERABLE IH MY \ AM WASH AND UFtTl'M FR6EZIN6.) I'LL I'M STARVING. >°OD, OR BUST. I'M— CERTIFIED SARAHA COAL More Heat Per round No Advance In Price £. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 100 See Us About. Your Coal Blytlicville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 211 SALESMAN SAM UliST COAL FOR RIONKY "Acme Alabama" "Black Huyal KuiiLucky" N. W. Trantham Coal Co. PHONE !«* ' ' BE SILUV, SflM.' t WPULDM'T "fKWK OF HAMQIM! VA" PER FOLLW ASLEEP OM TW JOB' WHAT I MEAIO 6V SUSPENDED, rS THAT MER L/1ID Off TEMpORftRILV AW WITHOUT ' ' r OH, VEflH? UJEU.,Va KW \ ^lnKE IT "PERMPNEMT, PER ALL I CARS.' I'M ' DOU'T FERQIT, .THAT YGR LOSIU' TH' BEST SLEUTH EVER HflD.' HERE'S MY BHD6E [ VOU'LU REGRET . WJIO'S''SOKllY, NOW? _J "0)OMCETfl GIT El/EW, RIGHf OFFrt TH r ^ OG ITOLDJft VOOD BE ; .SdRW,CWEF.' HERE'S ' I CAUGHT RIGHT IN THE ACT.' Pouce <P <Vj NOW VA KIN, GO HIM UP, YERSGLF I Call 113 & a* tor rnt for detnon ' strations-ot Studcb»kcr, Tcrr»- planc,' Hudson, Willu * Austin Schools [17^ iTioRTHAND. IVcntlclh Sury BOOKKEEPING and TYPING. Enroll now.-Mis. L. M. Burnctlc, Phone 824-W. Found of- BALING WIRE on W c4t Main. Owner may have same for paying for ° Pei'sonul rERMANENTS When science makes them betUr we' will give' bur part. BARRETT'S BEAUTY S1IOP BUB North Sth • - • •. Telephone 580 More tliati twice as much opium FU Myeis.'Fla. , Wanted If you have any MEN'S, BOYS' ur .'WOMEN'S USED CLOTHES for sale c«ll 992-J between 0\ and 11 nk.m. : f 1-p-k-l CASH paid for USED CLOTHING SHOES to ship test. LEIGHTON, 321 E. MAIN. H, A JOSi.IE) LIKE TO DO.'SOMETHING TO EAPM EKIOUQM.MO>Ji=Y. TO BUY FOR 'MV ' !| r WEU-,lRTWAT DONT BEAT •\ ALL! HSRE 1AM,A GUY ! WHO MAKES HIS LW1NQ OFfA 1 HOPSES/AND YoU ASK FOR ;' A JOB so's YoJ CAM 1J SUPPORT A FLIVVER FRECKLES IS AMUITtOUS^ v^LL,rLL_cx; YOU WANT Misf .TO DO.—.I'D •L1V:E TO.-BUILD ; ..BT^BKMB*'.. BESIDES, V/HAT COULD YOU DO YER...I PLAY FOR SHA.DYSIDE HI3H......' QUAFiTCCBACk .>..-; -f ;V^;.^

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