Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 5
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Thursday) September 8, 1988 HOPE STAR. HOPE. ARKANSAS News of nn increase in mountnin- cliinbing activities in Switzerland (•nines as n reminder that that's one country where they do thiijgs on the IP'iind sciilc. After n little meditation on the Dies un-Amoricnni.sm inquiry a man can't help but suspect thnt Stalin Is simply talking to himself when he addresses "fellow Communists" in Russia, HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUI BACKACHE Mnny ol tlinnititiniwlng, imittlnK. pulnlul bncknt-hm people blntnn on colds or utrnlns »rn iirten ruined by timl klilnayt—nml m«y .,'r ,','' *''"•" troBtrrl in the right wny, I ho klilnt.vn nrc NMUN-'B rhlef way ol UMng rjrriw nHd« nnd poinonmu wiute out of tin blood. Mimt people (HIM about 3 pinto « cUy or unoiit .'( potindn of wiwte. I'Vpiluimt or ncKiity I'twmjf.i with imnrting mill biirniiiK shown thfrn m n y be gomcthhii wrong with your klilnrys or Miuliler. If the 1.1 mill"! nf kidnny tutm mid filler! [Inn t wurk well, pniflonaiM wiinte inntlw «Uyi in thr bliuHl. Thru noinonn inny stiirt JpsBinu Inirkni'lini, rllcliiiintln pnlnfl, \om of pip Bm ] rniTKy, RfttiiiK up ninliln, nwrlliliK, puffinui under I hi- rym, hcmlnrliMi nnd d!lline«. Don't wait! A»k y.nir drujKlH (or UomTi 1 ill*, HUM! puiTi'.is(ully by milUr.nn (or over 40 ypiirn. Thny aivr happy rrlicf and will help th« 1ft inilia iif kidiipy UibiM flush out imlftnnou: waste from tho bluod. del I >nnn'n I'llln. With iht Hempstead Home Agent Melva Bullington : Fruit Juices Fruit juices have nn important plnec in Hempstead county canning budgets. Many combinations of fruit juices can be used to add interest and flavor to summer meals. Miss Gertrude E. Conanl, extension nutritionist. University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, suggests a mint iiUusion combined with orange, lemon, and pineapple juice, thai might be called a mint jullp. Her recipe Is as follows: Tour one pint of boiling water over one cup of finely chopped mint, cover, and let il infuse five minutes. Then strain and add one cup sugar, one cup srnnge juice, one-half cup lemon juice and one-half cup pineapple juice, add one quart ice water and ice. Serve with wafers or cookies for an afternoon or evening entertainment. There arc other uses for canned fruit juice besides the use in beverage form. Grape juice, blackberry or dewberry juicer, may be utilized as pudding MY Family Gets This Vital Nerve Food* IN DELICIOUS QUAKER OATS /"CHEERING news for every V-» family I ( For Quaker Oats is now proved rich in *Thiamin (Vitamin B,), the nourish- InR food for nerves which everyone should have daily, according to dietetic experts. Oatmeal is ideal, loo, for all ages because it stands high in proteins, for building firm flesh and muscle, not fat. Excellent in iron and phosphorus for rich blood, st-.-dy bones, vitality. And in food-energy for rugged strength. So tomorrow morning treat your family to a delicious Quaker Oats breakfast. Discover the benefits of easy- digestible, whole-grain oatmeal, rich in Thiamin. Save money, time, too. Order Quaker Oats at any grocer's today. QUAKER OATS AMERICA'S ALL YEAR 'ROUND BREAKFAST sauces over stale steamed cake or a cottage pudding. Miss Conant gives her favorite recipe for pudding sauce. To each cup of fruit juice, use two tablespoons flour and two tablespoons sugar. Mix the sugar and flour and add slowly to the cold juice, heal to the boiling point and cook stirring constantly until thick, cook five minutes longer and serve hot over the cake or pudding. Any kind of slightly acid fruit juice may be used for the first breakfast course instead of fresh fruit, the nutritionist suggests. H must be rather ncld though, as It Is .supposed to "whet" the appetite and not dull it. Sweets such as preserves, jellies, and jams, arc deadening to the appetite as they are so quickly utilised by the body, the nutritionist points out. Pressure Cookers Hcmpslend county home I'emonstra- tion club women, who are still putting pressure cookers to almost daily 'use, arc turning their attention to proper facilities for storing the vast amount of food preserved during the summer months. Scrap lumber may be used in building storage closets for canned foods at very low cost, Mrs. Ida A. Fcnton, extension economist in Home Management, University of Arkansas, College of Agriculture, suggests. Shelves should be well-braced in .order to support the weight. Several thicknesses of newspapers on the walls 'and doors will make the cabinet frostproof. Doors arc necessary If the;qunlity of some of the products is to-be maintained, the specialist advises; pointing out that some fruits and.vegctablcs discolor or bleach when .exposed to light after canning. • • Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and squash need a curing -process, similar to sweet potatoes, that will drive out some of the moisture; They can then be stored in cool, dry shelves. If pumpkins arc properly cured nnd stored they will keep until spring, sav-' ing the labor of canning, Mrs. Fcnton said. WHEN DAD GETS DINNER Tliere arc many evergreen trees and shrubs in Hcmpstead county which will need special care during the fall and winter months, particularly if it is a dry season. FLOUR 48 24 FRIDAY-SATURDAY SPECIALS Browning of the foliage or death of the trees is often due to insect troubles, hut is frequently the result of winter injury because of the lack of water. During a dry fall, evergreens should bo heavily watered several times. Shallow trenches scratched around each shrub will hold the water until it can sink into the soil. tVWVVVWVVWS CHERRY BELL $1-45 75c Use half sack, if not satisfied, full purchase price refunded. Pound Sack Pound Sack COFFEE Pure, Ground Fresh Pound 12c SALAD DRESSING 25c QUART JAR FANCY CREAM CORN MEAL 24 Sack 36c MUSTARD Quart Jar 9c SOAP—Crystal White BARS 25C O GIANT i NOTICE TO BROILER RAISERS. We keep a fresh supply of Broiler Chow the year around. You can pro chice Broilers cheaper and quicker on Broiler Chow than any other feed. You have meat that is fit for a king. SUGAR Pure Cane 10 Lbs. 45c 8 Lb. Carton 4 Lb. Carton ... . i. 81c tic 1 Pound Can 27c CRACKERS Pound <|f Box IOC UP Pure Ribbon Cane—Gallon MILK 6 Small Can. 18c LIBBY'S 3 Large Cans 18c SUPER SUDS— 2 Pkgs. I7c it: NOTICE TO HOUSEWIVES! All Purina Laycna Eggs can be purchased in sealed Checker Board Cartons. Ask for them nand be sure of quality. We will furnish Free Egg Cartons to Purina Laycna users. Ask about them. Be Sure to See the Checker Board Tent at the Fair. We have a surprise for you. .SPECIAL/ 64-PAGE BOOK ON BIRD DOG TRAINING-onlf lOc with your piu> choit of Dog Chow. Get that sack of Milk Chow now and get your cow back up in full production. IT HAS IVMVIT's In It. WE HAVE BABY CHICKENS FOR SALE FEEDFRS SUPPLY CO. C o n d 11 Ion your dogs with Purina Dog Chow for hunting season. One pound Dog Chow is equal to 3 pounds, fresh meats or canned foods. Dog Chow has sufficient vitamin A. D. and G. Keeps dogs healthy. Let Us Worm Your Dog. ALL KINDS OF FEED Hope Star Is Across the 5trccl TV 15 and Junior will jump at the chance to "get dinner" for another congenial father and son. Make plans for a truly masculine meal for.them and then take a well-deserved half holiday, yourself! Meals for Mother's Day Out are no particular problem if you'll make them festive occasions for Dad and Junior. With a little planning on your part and a sacred promise to keep frills out of this meal for men, dinner can be well under way when you leave the house for your brief holiday. Barbecued Ham with creamed potatoes, a green salad bowl, hot biscuits, and fresh blueberries with thick cream, make a completely satisfying meal and one which even an inexperienced cook can master from the point at which •you leave it. Foods for this dinner can bf. partially prepared and stored, uncovered, in your modern air conditioned ice refrigerator. Properly moist air keeps them from , out,;and not even the garlic in'-.'vbur salad bowl can 'taiiit'-'the bttttcr! The constantly circulating air is clean-washed, guarding ag»lnst the "exchange" of flavors. BARBECUE SAUCE 1 This barbecue sauce is grand for basting ham, during baking, and is good for picnics, too: Mix all together in a saucepan: V4 pound butter 2% cups water '4 cup vinegar 1 teaspoon mustard 1 tablespoon sugar 2% teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons chili powder '4 teaspoon red pepper 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce % teaspoon tabasco sauce 2% teaspoons black pepper 2 teaspoons finely chopped onion Vt clove'~Tiic, minced Simmer for % hour; then cool and store uncovered in a modern e refrigerator.' DRY SPRAY NEW TREATMENT FOR ROUPAND COLDS nreathing Difficulties Relieved by Dust Gun ' Method Orny .-Summit, Mo.—A prown-up lijhn knows thnt n clpnn liiiiidkfr- chief not only helps him in provcni the siirend of his cold, bill nlds him In relieving Ills own suffering Voiins children hnve dllllriili.v been use llic.v don'l know limv ui use n handkerchief, nnd luvc tn he inuglil to blow their nosos. Mill rliipUens onn't he tnught to hlow I heir noses, so snmoihinu else must lip dune. A lot of remedies nnd cures hnve been tried to relieve the suffering of flocks with colds. .Most of the trait munis brina discomfort to Hie birds, nnd little Improvement in their condition. Fumes burned on n brick, nnd dump spn.ys hnve been the most common iiu'ilmds nf I rent- ment, neither very successful. Dump sprays usiinlly plvp birds inure Void hy lenviii^ (holr fi-ntHers dump through I ho iii^hl. nnd n^rnvnte infection of the res|iirninry ornnns. . Powder Spray Found Beet To overcome the di.sndv.'ini.iiji's of fumes nnd wet sprn.vs, n dus< jjun is used here nl ihe I'urlmi Kperl n.entnl Kiirin. The imullry I'mise Is filled wllh n cloud of iiinlsVi'Me. dis- Infecting |io\vder nfler Hie liinls hnve cone lo roosl. Tliis ch-nrs up tlie nasnl [lassngcs of the liinls nnd nt the snine timt surrounds ihem "•I!! 1 , nn nmiseplic powder which helps prevent the spicii,: r f .n<i>iise. Powder Spray Found Best To overcome the disadvantages of fumes and wet sprays, a dust guti Is used here at the 1'urina Eperi- mental Farm. The poiillry house It filled with • cloud of antlsepfic.'dls- Infecting powder after the birds have gone to roost. This clears up the nasal passages of the birds nnd at the same time surrounds them with an antiseptic powder which helps prevent the spread of disease, Cause* Birds to Sneeze The new dust spray •recommended for treating colds and roup Is an efficient germicide nnd disinfectant, Chlorena powder. Spraying Chlorena powder over the birds causes sneezing and expels the accumulations of mucus from the upper respiratory tract. Chlorenii powder should be dusted Into the air just over the birds' heads until the air In the house is full of the floating dust, and the birds are sneezing freely. The house should then be tightly closed for thirty minutes, and opened only slightly for ventilation during the nl(,'lit. This powder- dry spray is botli convenient and economical to use. It has an advantage over wet sprays In that it cannot possibly cause more colds or leave the birds damp and chilled through the night. After one thorough and complete treatment, birds may not need to be treated with Chlorena powder again, except for light daily dustings. Movie Scrapbook TRY OUR HARD ROLLS Blue Ribbon Bread 'r '"- , ,,^y,'- ^KSX^O**^. ewrfbA^HiCfca,*** **ij»j »**«Sr At Your Grocer and City Bakery _>ORN IN COS - PlCTuRCS AT 1-2 AS AN 6KTRA IN LANTeRN'i.....,A10W YISCOC.F.. -HAS IN HOLLYWOOD. HAS MBMOfiV By BILL PORTER and GEORGE SCARBO Anna May Wong graduated quickly from bits to featured and starring roles . . . took a fling at slap-stick comedy Mn a Hal Roach two-reeler . . . makes frequent trips to Europe, where she is a favorite . . . has made pictures in English, French and German . , . also speaks Chinese . . . learned it in Los Angeles . . . real name: Wong Liu Tsong, which means Frosted Yellow Willows . . . once starred in a Chinese operetta in Vienna . . . has sung in British clubs . . . starred in Broad- wa,y plays . . . trouped over most of Europe . . . visited China for the first time two years ago. City Meat Market FOR CHOICE K. C. and NATIVE MEATS Free Delivery Phone 767 Less grain and protein concentrates are required to fatten hogs when they are on good pasture. The flying gecko, a glides from tree to tree by expand!) frills of skin along Its Sides. CELERY, Stalk lOc YAMS, 3 Ib IQc Grapefruit, ea. ......... 7c LETTUCE, Head.i'ft BANANAS, Ib. .„./.,. 5c LEMONS, Doz. ...Iv25e PEARS LIBBY'S No. 2V t Can 20c Lb. Cloth Bag ....... I LIBBY'S Home «! [Style Picklet, Jar IOC SPAGHETTI With Barbecue Beef |C_ No. 2Can IDC Bright & Early TEA 1 Glass Free With 4 oz. Pkg. Sunshine Graham .4 *f L CRACKERS, Ib., IIC BIG 4 White SOAP—5 Cakes BLUE BONNETT—Salad Dressing or Sandwich Spread—Boz. Jar ..;.;.,. lOc BOLOGNA JCED—2lb. :,25c SLICED— By the Stick Pound FANCY BABY BEEF -STEAK LOIN or T-BONE 22k Pound NECK BONES PIG EARS 2 Lbs. 15c BACON TALL KORN, Ib. „.'. 25c IOWANA, Ib. „ 33c PORK ROAST FRESH and Pound BEEF ROAST or STEAK, CHUCK t Pound, 130 FANCY CUT STEW MEAT 2 25c SAUSAGE 5 Mixed—2 Lbs. ...'.=_ 25c 100% Pure Pork, Ib 25d Phone 2G6 HOBBS Gro. & Market Fre« SMALL CHANGE *S STILL BIG MONEY AT OUR Grocery Prices Good' For FRI.-SAT.-MON. Sept. 9-10-11 , Medium Ivory or Palmolive Soap.. -5c CORN FLAKES, 8 oz. Pkg. ... 5c SPINACH—No. 2 Can .......... 5c GREEN BEANS—No. 2 Can 5c KIDNEY BEANS, Country Club..,. 5c BREAD 12 ounce Loaf 5C BLUEING 3—4 oz. Bottles 5c PAN ROLLS—Dozen 5c TOMATO SOUP 5c SPAGHETTI or MACARONI—2 for 5c DON DOG FOOD, can.. 5c TISSUE FLEECE 5c POTTED MEAT—2 for 5c fee Cream Powder 5c DRINK AID .'. .".... Sc 5c Marshmallow, embassy, Ib lOc CORN—C. C., Country Gen- \ A^ tleman or Golden Bantam, can lUC Grapefruit Hearts, C. C., No. 2 can lOc POST BRAN FLAKES, Pkg lOc CATSUP—Country Club 14 ounbe Bottle __ lOc Tall Boy Merchandise, all var..... lOc CHUM SALMON lOc CLIFTON TISSUE—3 for lOc FIG BARS lOc TIP TOP LOA;F, 1 Ib. can lOc Salad Dressing, 8 oz, Jar.. lOc N.B.C. Lorna Doone lOe MUSTARD—Quart lOc CHOICE lOc JELLY—Glass lOc GRAPES Seedless Pound 5c CANTALOUPES Colorado Jumbo—Each PEPPERS BELL—Lb lOc ORANGES Sunkist Doz, 12c P O T A T O E S—Fancy Cobblers—10 Pounds 5c 17c CAULIFLOWER Head .. TOMATO JUICE Country Club 3—24 oz. Cans CREAM MEAL 24 Pound Bag Avondale Flour 48 Pound Bag... 89c Compound LARD 8 Pound Carton., Sugar, pure cane 10 Ib. Paper Bag Yellow Cream CHEESE Pound 11 II SLICED BOLOGNA Pound 12ic HAMS COUNTRY CLUB Half or Whole i 26c BACON CK K ccd Frcs 31c KWICK Sliced Fresh PIG EARS PIG FEET NECK BONES 3 Lb, 25c LAMB SHOULDERS PICNICS Country Club Small Size—^-Lb. Pickled Pig FEET—Each. Sell PIECE 171 BACON—Lb If .. J. Caplmger, Market Mgr. KROGER Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. ACCMT THIS AMAZING OUA«ANTI| BUY «ny fca,« Itepi, 14KS it *> nil qc feeuw. OR return uaut* j»j2| WoU«bciB<Jw«KU<rf the «tuiw item, re»v*te«»«f|i»k».

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