Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 4
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HOPE STAK HOPfi, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 8,1938 ust Color of "Natural Girl" Qutmodes Glamor Girl Effects ' ••••••• variety of «tive Sport*. She doesn't tut bat the Uli t»tk wid forth when she plays tennto. She Wally plays the farite. She ridea well or plays golf expertly. Her crawl I* the envy of those who watch her swim but she swim* because she loves it and because it keeps her figure supple and young—not to entertain the spectators Mike the Glamor Girl, she plays games unself-consiously. Like the average 1938 debutante, Natural Girl style.she doesn't think i,t dull to get a reasonable amount of ileep regularly, thinks that no amount of cosmetics, however skillfully ap- >lled, can make up for lack of adequate rest. Also, like many ot the debutantes who are seen often at • fashlnoable night clubs such as 21, £1 Morocco and the Stork Club, she (eels that a great deal of drinking would put puffs under her eyes, lines around her mouth all too quickly. During any given evening, today's daughters or the socially prominent drink more milk than highballs. And so docs Miss Average Natural Girl. When angry a skunk stamps the ground with its forefeet. With the CountyAgent Clifford L, Smith ' Winter Pasture Hempstead county farmers have found that a good winter pasture of fall-sown grains helps them to carry stock through the winter with little cost for grains or other concentrates. Farmers should plan a pasture system that will insure grazing during almost every month of the year. This can be done by maknig the fullest use of fall grain for winter pasture. Fall grains should be planted early so they may make good root growth before cold weather begins. Rye, Barley, wheat and oats all make good winter pasture, although barley should be confined to good soil in the northern part of the state. Many farmers over the state are planting grain with hairy vetch or crimson clover. They find that this combination not only affords more grazing, but also. Increases the protein content of the forage. Though best results with small grains are obtained when planted on a well-prepared seedbed, lack of time for preparing the land for planting should not cause delay in planting. iThe grain may be drilled into cotton middles after picking. Later when the cotton has all been picked, the cotton stalks may be cut with a stalk cutter. Potato Seed In the rush of digging sweet potatoes this fall, the matter of selecting seed for next year's crop should not be overlooked. This crop is one of the few vegetables that growers may produce without incurring a heavy expense each year to secure seed. All that is needed is attention in selection of a few hilts to secure the necessary amount. Heavy producing hills with healthy vines should be selected. These potatoes should be kept if they are Well shaped and free from discoloration. Off-colored tubers are often found, such as white skinned Porto Ricans. Occasionally one is found that merely has a white streak on one side. All such'tubers should be discarded, as they In turn Will produce discolored potatoes In the next crpp, according to information received from the University of Arkansas College of Agri r culture. Also, sweet potatoes showing heavy veins under the skins should not be kept. Particular care is necessary to prevent bruising in harvest and proper storage. Diseases should be watched, for they are carried through the bed next spring. Jumbo, or oversize potatoes, or the small strings will both produce normal hills, but it is wise to select healthy, medium-size tubers to secure strong, healthy plants. BARBS My own name is no gdod in heaven. If I don't sign "Love Nut," I won't take it—Janclto Bourne, Brooklyn, N. Y., follower of Father Divine, refusing to sign her last citizenship papers. I'll go to jail.—Waller. Smith, of Coqtiille, Ore., declining the alternative offered by the judge of pouring five gallons of whsky down a drain. I cannot wait for slow changes. I am held by the throat. — Premier Daladicr of France, demanding abolition of the 40-hour work week as a defense necessity. It is our desire that Republicans keep out of Democratic primaries because we confidently believe that Republican prospects are enhanced by the nomination of, New Deal Democrats this year.—John D. M. Hamilton, Republican National Committee chairman. wenty thousand a year is plenty for me, and as for giving the government most of my Income, I think Dial's fine. —Carole Lombard, on taxes. My right eye and my left hand sinned.—Mrs. Ola Irene Harwell of Merced, Calif., explaining why she disposed of both. Labor needs the best, the most intelligent, and tho most honest leadership in its history.—Mayor LaGuarclia of New York. What can you do when an Indian says he was born "during Die year of the big snow?"—Earl M. Kouns, welfare director of .Colorado, on the difficulties of determining eligibility for old age pensions. On old provincial French farms nails Were Important eating accesories. They were put beside each plate to fcnfiy'e the diner to pull snails from the shells. As a token of mourning wh?n their favorite cat died, ancient Egyptalns shaved off their eyebrows. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Cilwnel- And You'll Jump Out of fed In (he Morning Ruin' la Co Tho live* should pour out two pounds of liquid bile Into your bowcla daily. If this bile {•not flowing freely, your food doeim 't dlgeit. It juit decay* In tho bowels. 0m blonta up your Btomnch. You get conntlpntrd. Your whole gyttem Is poisoned and you feel sour, •unk and the world looks pun),, A more bowel movement doesn't get »t the cause, It takes those taod, old Carter's Little Liver Tills to get these two pounds of bile flowing freely and make you fed "Up and up." Harmless, gentle, yet amazing In making bile How freely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name. 26 cents. Stubbornly rotuso anything else. I The "Natural Girl" admires film actress Marjorie Weaver's taste in makeup. : • . '-• BY MARIAN YOUNG NBA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK,—Along with the languid mannerisms and the pseudo- sophisticated viewpoint which .were part and parcel and the Glamor Girl's Glamor, the Natural Girl has discarded the wan, pale effects which used tp ; be created by simple expedient of leaving off rogue and applying healthy look. And she uses rouge in subtle manner to achieve it. ' She wears her hair in away becoming to her own face and provocation. She never uses heavy, heady ' perfume during daylight hours. She likes lipstick, of course, but she doesn't imagine that anyone, except for photographic purposes, can succ- Legal Notice' NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the undersigned, as administrator; of the estate of Mrs. Naomi Taylor, deceased, will on the 3d day of October, 1938 offer for sale at the front door or entrance. to The Citizens National Bank Building in the City of Hope, in -Hempstead County, Arkansas, at public auction, to the highest bidder, upon ' a, credit ;; o£ three months, the following described lands belonging to said 'estate, to-wit: ' lf The East Half (EVi) of Lot Eight (8) and all of Lots Nine (9) and Ten (10 in Block Thirteen (13) in the City o Hope t Arkansas, "also the "following described persona property belonging to said estate, to-wit: ~ - ' v 2 Jjeaters ' JL Art Square ^2 Iron Bedsteads . 2 Springs and Mattresses 1 Large Rug '• 1 'Kitchen Table ' 3 Rocking. Chairs 2 Straight Chairs 1 Dresser 1 Wash Stand 1| Linoleum Rug 1 Porch'Chair 1 Double Porch Rocker ;Alsp any and all other personal property* belonging to Mrs. Naomi Taylor at'the time of her death. , ' Said sale • is made for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate, and purchasers at such sale will be required to give note with approved security for the purchase price, and I Jjen will .be retained upon said property to secure the due payment of the purchase price therefor. 'Dated this 7th day of September ,1938. ALBERT GRAVES Administrator Sept. 8. t "NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that pursuant to execution issued by the Clerk of. the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, I, as Sheriff of said county, have levied upon the following described lands situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: SVi of SVz SE'A; SEVi of SWY* and fractional 25 acres of NE% of SWV* and N'/z of .the S% of the SEVi, all in Section 17, Township 10 South, Range 26 West. Also WM: of the EE'/i of the NW'/i and SW/4 of the NW'/i, Section 16, Township 19 South, Range 26 West, the levy being made to satisfy the judgment in the case of G. S. Jernigan, State Bank Commissioner vs Davic Piggee et aL THEREFORE notice is hereby given that the land will be sold at public pale at the front door of the courthouse in the town of Washington, Arkansas on September 30, 1938, to the highes and best bidder, said sale to be on a credit of three months. The purchase! being required to give good and suf ficient bond to secure the payment o the purchase price. WITNESS my hand as such Sherif on this the 5th day of September > 1938. J. E. Berden S. , ' ' Shejriff r - Sept. 8. • - an expedition to Africa to film this glorious novel in its authentic locale! Locate a little English boy to depict the heart- stirring story of a beloved Dickens character! Search the world for the one man who knows better than all others how people lived in Elizabethan days — what they wore, what they ate, the manner of their dress and their talk! Reconstruct an historic palace—re-create an historic battle — build a volcano! Erect a city and set It aflame! Loose a flood that will wash whole villages away! It is you who order these things — and they are 'done. And whether you applaud with your hands or your heart at the conclusion of a motion picture, your approval echoes in the lives of unseen thousands who have collaborated in its making, It is for your entertainment that an army of the world's greatest talents is ever on the march, forging ahead to open new vistas for your delight — adding brilliant new recruits from all the arts every day in the year. Spare nothing, says Hollywood, to make the motion picture theatre the happy haven it is, the place to which millions may confidently come for freedom from boredom and care... for suspense that makes the pulse beat faster... for romance that warms the heart... for hearty laughter and eye-filling beauty. The unseen hinds applaud — and we who make motion pictures icar the echo. It guides us, inspires us, challenges us to fresh endeavors to make the movies better and better. —on the eve of the Golden Jubilee of motion pictures — there is ready for you a remarkable array of new productions — the finest, we feel, that have ever been presented in a single season. On them we have lavished all our skill, all our experience, all our resources. Here are pictures to charm and to thrill —pictures to amaze and amuse — pictures destined to weave their magic about the hearts and the minds of millions of people — to lighten their labor and brighten their lives, to lift them out of the drab, workaday world into a new world of wonder — timeless and boundless. See them —give yourself up to their spell — relax and let them work their magic. They are a tonic for your mind and your heart — they are good jor what nils you, The painfully thin, languidly drooping figure of the passe Glam- or Girl has given way to the Nat« ur^l Girl's well-carried, soitly curved, but trim silhouetto. Typifying the new ideal is the naturally feminine figure of film starlet Arleen Whclan. essfully change the shape of her lip with lipstick. This fall she likes subtle shade of nail varnish better than flam uoyant red ones. Her face powde matches her natural skin tones. She prefers hands that locvk as they might be able to do sornethin useful once in a while. She hate long, claw-like fingtr nails, eyebrows that have been plucked into thin, unnatural lines and artifical eyelashes. The Natural Girl admires the softly curved naturally feminine figure of pretty Arleen Whelan, one of the outstanding Natural Girls of Hollywood, more than the painfully thin, curve- less figure which distinguished the Glamor Girl. She likes the way Eleanor Powell, another Natural Girl, wears her hair, walks and talks. She admires too, Natural Girl Marjorie Weaver's taste in street makeup and choice of clothes. Her ownfigure is lean and- trim through the middle, softly curved above and below. To keep it, she doesn't bore herself half to death with diets and sustematic reducing exercises. Instead, she goes in for a •250,000.00 5,404 CASH PRIZES j__ ^M«T OF PRIZESl lit Priie>. , $50,000 2nd Prize , . . 25,000 2 of $10,000 each, 20,000 5 of $5,000 Mch, 25,000 5 of $2,000 each, $10,000 10 of $1,000 each, 10,000 40 of $500 each, 20,000 40 of $250 each, 10,000 300 of $100 each, 30,000 5,000 of $10 each, 50,000 5,404 TOTAL $250,000 /FREE! FREE! } AT YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE! > Hurry I Hurry) Boauliful 32-Paga * Bspk For a Limited Tims Only! RLEB—row copy of thii 32-Page Movie Quiz Contest Booklet at your Uvoriu ihe»tre—coouios complete information about the $2 3 0,000 Mo? It Qui* Cash Prize Contest PLUS all the news of forth- cociioi hiu— picture* of rout f»»orite stars—a coolest entry blank. ) tut Mkforit—IT'S FREE—aad/ou'reon yow way to oneof the 5.404 cash priMitottliof $250,000. Get}«/r copy today—at your local theatre. Watch for these now saason's pictures at yo^r favorite theatre J LITTLE MISS BROADWAY Shirley Temple. George Murphy MOTHER CAREY'S .CHICKENf, Anne Shirley, Ruby Kcelcr, Jamci hllison PROFESSOR BEWAKK Harold Lloyd, Phyllis Welch 1'IIE AMAZING I)H. CLITTKRIIOUSE Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor THE CHASER Dennis O'Kecic, Ann Morriss, Lewis Slone BAREFOOT BOY (ackic Moran, Mania Mne Jonci ALGIERS Charles Boycr, Jledy LaMarr. Signd (June BULLDOG DRUMMOND IN AFRICA John Howard, Heather Angel, H. B. V. arncr GATEWAY Don Ameche, Arleen Whelan I'M FROM TIIK CITY Joe Pcnner, Kicliard Lane, Lorraine Krucijcr LETTER OK INTRODUCTION AdolphcMcnjou. Andrea Leeda. Edgar llci sen THE CROWD ItOAltS Kobert Taylor, Maurcon O'Sullivan Mil. CHUM I' Johnny Davis, Lola Lane. Penny Singleton KF.E1 1 SMII.INi; Jane Withers, Gloria Stuart PAINTEII DESERT George O'Brien, Lariinc Johnwin RICH MAN—I'OOK <;IKL Robert Young, Lew Ayrej, Ruth Hussey THE MISSING GUEST Paul K«Hy. Constance Moore THE TEXANS loan Ucnncll, Uanclnlp'.i Pcoli, May Uol:*M RACKET BUSTERS Humphrey Bogart. (Icorce llrent THE GLADIATOR Joe E. Brown, June Travi.1 ALEXANDER'S KAGTIIMF. I1VNI1 Tyrone l^ower, Alice l-'aye, Don Ameche BLOCK-HEADS Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (JIVE ME A SAILOR Martha Kaye, «<>!> Hope, Belly (ir.il.le SMASrilNC. THE H/.CKETS Chester Morris, France i Mercer, Hila Johnson 11REIK.INC THE ICE Bol.hy Brcen. Charles Kugglcj HARK HAITUHK Ahican Jungle 1'calure MARIE ANTOINETTE Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power Sl'AWN OK THE NORTH Course Kaft, Henry t-ir.da, n>in.;:iy Lamour SPEED TO BURN Michael Whalcn, Lynn Ban BOY MEETS GIRL lames Catmcy, Pat O Bricn, Mane \. il «m UNDER THE J1IC TOP Anne Natjcl. Marjorie Mair, Grant Kichurus CAREFREE Fred Aslairc, Ginger Rogers FOUR'S A CWMVD Errol Flynn. Olivia de Ilavilland FRESHMAN YEAR Dixie Dunbar, William Lundigan I AM TIIK LAW . . lirtwaidG.Robinson,John Heal, WendyHarrio MY LUCKY STAR Sonjn Henie, Richard Greene SING YOU SINNERS , Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurrav, Mien 1 >rcw THREE LOVES HAS NANCY Janet Gaynor, Robert Montgomery I-.OYS TOWN Spencer Tracy, Mickey Konnty IN OLD MEXICO William Boyd, Russell Hayden, C.curgB llaye» SAFETY IN NUMBERS The jonea Family. Jed Prnuty. Shirley I leans THE AFFAIRS OF ANNABEL Jack Oakie. Lucille Ball THE COMET . Wm. Gargan, Joy Hodges, Andy Ocvme SECRETS OF AN ACTRESS Kay Francis, George Brent, Jan Hunter THE LADY OBJECTS Lanny Ross, Gloria : uart JtrVKWLK^COUHT . , Paul Kelly, Rita Hayworlh, Frankie Darro HOLD THAT CO-ED John Barrymorc, George Murphy RENEGADE RANGER George O'Brien, Rita Hayworth SONS OF THE LEGION Lynno Overman, bvelyn Kcycs THE ROAD TO RENO Randolph Scott, Hope Hampton TOO HOT TO HANDLE Clark Gable. Myrna Loy, Walter Connolly Mo,*» Picture Exhibitor,, DMbuton and Producer; of the V»itc<l »,/« and Canad*. b( gewia f, y applied. Kindly aMres, them to Motion PicUre Industry Caiataipi. P. 0. Box 450, General Poit Office, VALLF.V OF THF. GIANTS Charles Bickford, Claire Trevor. Jack La7.ua Sabu, Raymond Masscy, Valerie Hqbaou C\MPUS CONFESSIONS Hank Luisclli, Betty Grable FUGITIVES FOR A NIGHT Frank Alhcrtson, Eleanor Lynn LISTEN DARLING Freddie Bartholomew, Judy Garlana THE LAST EXPRESS Kent Taylor, Dorothea Kent, Barbara Read TIME OUT FOR MURDF.R Gloria. Stuart, Michael Whalen FOUR DAUGHTERS Claude Rains, Priscilla. Rosemary, i~ia Lan« WANTED BY THE I'OUCE Frankie Darro GIRLS' SCHOOL • Anne Shirley, Nan Grey KING OK ALCATRA7. Gail Patrick, Lloyd Nolan, J. Carroll Naish , MB. WONG, DETECTIVE Boris Kurloff YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH VOU Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore ROOM SERVICE The Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball STABLEMATES Wallace Beery, Mickey Rooney SUBMARINE PATROL RichardGrccne,NancyKelly.G«Qfg«Baacrc<t YOUTH TAKES A FLJNG „ k Andrea Leeds, Joel McCrca, Dototbe* Kent """"" >"""" MOTION PICTURES ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMK.IVl

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