Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1948 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1948
Page 11
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f Page Twelve ' Bus'glary Suspect- Questioned About Several Jobs North Little Rock. Nov. 17 --//ft— A- 32-year-old imin broke both ankles and a wrist when ho jumped from n second story hoK'i window in an unsucco.ssfuf (•(fort to avoid arrest hero yesterday afternoon. Postal Inspectors \V. .J. White' and J. 13. Park paid he \vr.s wanted for questioning, in connection with Some 40 post oflice burglaries in seven states. They identified the James Floyd Phiipo;;, a London. Ky. Despite " his injun'os. ran for a block before captured by police'. He moved to a Lit tip Hack Police Chief ,T;u.k }'yJe pott pushed open a '.si HOPE ST.AR/HOM. ARKANSAS jumped 2. : i feel to a concrete courtyard when police, acting on a ' "tip." went to the room at the Palace Hotel where ho and his wife were staying. He narrowly iJTiissed some high lonstion electric wires in his plunge, Pylc said. j While nncl Park said Philpolt 'will be questioned in post office jburghiries in Arkansas, Oklnhorna. j Missouri. Toaxas, Tennessee. North Carolina and Virginia. j Pylc said he also wanted to <|iios- I'ion Philpott. held at the hospital ii.'nder guard, in connection with a •series of bur:Dairies of churches 'and school's here. man as native of PhilpotI he was was iv- lospit.-il. said Phil- i EX-MAYOR'S WIDOW DIES 1 Memphis. Tr-nn.. Nov. 17 — (/!>)•— I Mrs. Sophie Hloom. widov. 1 of for- 'inc-r M;iyor Simon Bloom of Pine 'Bluff. Ark,, tiled yesterday at. .B'.N'ai B'Kiih home here. She wat ! 7!1. Slie had been ill a Ion?; lime Services and burial will be- in Pine 'Bluff. Vatican City. Site of Leap to Death WANTED-Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM - LYNN SYCAMORE ~ HOLLY - BAY Call 1000 or Contact Office PLAN TO BUILD YOURS IN BEVERLY HILLS We have'a good .selection of choice lots available now — Don't wait —Buy Today — All utilities will be furnished and the cost included the price of the lot — in Phone 221 Vatican City, Nov. 17 — A 05-year-old attorney, climbed to the great dome of St.' Peter's Basilica today and leaped 1G4 feet to his death among thousands at the faithful gathered in Christendom's largest church. A great moan went up from tlie massed worshippers as the botiy of Pietro Puglicri crashed on the Mosaic floor in front of the altar of confession. H was Ihe second suicide wilhin six months to desecrate the great church. Six months ago, an Unemployed youth shot himself to death before the main altar Puglieri climbed to the first Ida- gia inside the cupola of the grdat dome. He shed his overcoat and hurled it over the railing to warn the throng gathering for the first oration of the dedication of the church. Then he climbed the waist-high railings, paused for a moment while white-faced faithful below watched in horror, and jumped He uttered nol a, word. He cleared the bronze canopied altar over the tomb of St. Peter, before which Ihe marble 'statue of Pope Pius VI kneels in prayer, and crashed on the mosaic floor Ponlificinl gendarmes rushed to the spot while the faithful, including many newlywcds who customarily visit St. Peter's milled around. The blue-uniformed gendarmes covered the body with a white sheet and took it to the parish church of St. Anne, inside Vatican City. The great church of St, Peter's' had to be consecrated again because of the suicide. This was done at 2:30 p.m. by Mgr. Leon Grornier, one of the altar canons. State Group in Washington to Welcome McMath Washington, Nov. 17 '^-W Gov- rnor-clect McMath of Arkansas is expected in' Washington for a visit before the end of this month.' Although dates are tentative, the new governor is due some time next week and the Arkansas State society is planning a reception for him. McMath at present is Garland County prosecutor and in that capacity will prosecute the trial of Leo P. McLaughlin, former Mayor of Hot Springs. McLaughlin is charged with misuse of public funds. This trial is to open Thursday. ! If the trial is concluded, McMath has advised friends here/ he will come to Washington next Monday night. • . .. . ••, Union Affiliate "• Question of Cotton Workers Monticello, Nov. 17 — f/r>)— Workers in an election yesterday Jh 0 J e V 0 ri ctal S, th , c AFL union ove? the Textile Workers Union, CIO hCV °' U.S. Trouble Shooter Tries to End Strike New York, Nov. 17 — (n>) The federal government' sent an ace ' scootcr hero toda y to try to William N. Margolis, assistant to the director of the Federal Mediation Service, flew here from Wash- I n ?. lon . ai ?d plunged at once into talks designed to • bring the em- P'oycrs and union together. Meanwhile, Canadian longshoremen reversed an earlier position and agreed to handle any ship diverted to Halifax because of the J. J. Campbell, president of the nontax Longshoremen's Association, said a study of the union's contract had convinced union officials they had no right to refuse to work diverted ships. Earlier, Campbell had made a distinction between "diverted" vessels and those which sailed direct to 'Halifax, insisting his men would handle only the latter. Halifax has become a boom port in the eight days of the walkout. Many transatlantic liners which ordinarily come to New York have (used the Canadian port. Their passengers were taken to and from New York by train. The walkout made new inroads on New York's economic life today with the laying off of 875 additional railroad workers. They were em- ployes of the Pennsylvania, Erie and Baltimore and Ohio . Marshall Plan officials in Washington estimated 140,000 tons of recovery supplies for Europe have piled up at Atlantic coast ports in f he strike. Estimates of losses ran into many millions today as the strike of 65 000 members of the ILA from Maine to Virginia went into its eighth day with no settlement in ight. Young scorpions ride on 'their mothers' backs for several days until they are able to care for themselves. You're invited to drive fhe New Hudson-frfie car that's nimble and rugged beyond anything you've known before! "The modern design for '49" UDSONFlOOIlS i m ! n-, :M H,,l,l,, wu «i l |,i,,tl,,r,-a,,K.( 11SS |,,,H-,l r, , m ,' Tl"- ' ""' ''.'"''T'. 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K'U c.in iu-<v)tciiti> ,. s I ....... ,.,i £f,., ,,., ,,,„ ML, i,, ,,1,1 ;.„,,,,.,,, .i,,,, uf, >,,.:,r ",.,.;,•;„;;:! t-yll>, :.j»| >,,.,,,• ril li^-li 'I h,: s. nil into |,j..|, ,.,,„„., ,,..|.. wl.-n >x,u ;„, r,..,,iyl Ha,!,,,! ,,,,,, r ,,l m, Hi, ,,,,,, ,*, .....V..1,., ,,,.,,„,, ,|,:,,,,,. „, , ..... „„;,„„, .j.Kl^.'V;.',", 1 ,' '' Come in, try Hudson with the all- new, high-compression Super-Six engine (fhe most powerful American six built today) or tho masterful Super-Eight. Both provide wonderfully alert power for a new type of motor car with an exclusive "itep- down" design. Millions say lliu New Ilmlsoi) is the reifjii- iiiK beauty in the uutonioliile l>arade— luil you can't really know tliis grcul car until you drive it—ami you're invited to <lu jnst llml—now! _ Utilise.n, uith the now, 121 Ii.p., liigli- .'•cini|iression Super-Six engine or the masterful SiiiH'r-Ki<;ht, takes you away uith IH-W /.iji, arid outstrips the field will) Maying power. Hut amaviiijjly alive engines aren't the \\lmli: story nf this slur performer for '40. iluilson has a ni-w hug-lhe-road way of t!«ji»K in cni.ss-uimls and on every con- <viv;ililc kiml of highway. This all happens because—as is widely km>nu—Hie J<nitr lo the afouiid a car " can be built, the more stability it will have. Hmlion has the lowest center of gravity in any American stock car! This remarkable car has floors recessed down within a base frame (Hudson is tho only car you step down into), enabling Hudson to build the lowest car on tha highway, only five feet from ground to top—while maintaining more than adequate head room! You sense a delightful conformity to the road the minute you begin to ride, and this gives you a grand feeling of safe well- being! This feeling is further enhanced by the ease with which this car is operated, and by the quiet with which Hudson glides along. Come in, let us show you why Hudson's preat engines and fabulous "step-down" design principle** put this car so tti •head it is a protected invatment in tuotor car value! **t>ia moisy Important advantages In Hudion'i ftdw "lt«p-do»n" dtiiQn are •Kplalned In a bo«klot avoKobt* at tho ncarei! Hudioti dtalerV The only car you step down Into YOU T0 SEE DRIVE THE AMAZING NEW HUDSON T A i I \j L HIGHWAY 67 CO V^ \J . HOPE, ARK. DeGualle in New Bid for French Power* ^ Paris, Nov. 17 —(UP) — Gen. Charles De Gaulle, renewing his bid for the leadership of France, said today that the nation faced a complete political and economic collapse unless it threw out its middle of the road coalition gov- ermcnt. Nine clays after he scored a sweeping victory in elections to the upper chamber of parliament, DC Gaulle demanded general elections for the national assembly, the lower chamber in which the legislative power lies. The wartime leader of the anti- Nazi French sounded the alarm together wilh his new demands at a jammed press conference in the headquarters of his rally of the French people. The movement has no deputies as such in the national assembly, since it was not in existence when the last elections were held. Pledging his group not to join any coalition with the third force parties now threading a troubled way between the threat of communism on the extreme left and the demands of De Gaulle on the x- treme right, he also: 1. Accused the United States and Great Britain of restoring a German Reich which inevitably would ally itself with Russia for an attack on the West. 2. Attacked the Anglo-American decision to restore the Ruhr industries to German ownership — an infinitely grave decision for France." 3. Advocated restoration of the former Italian colonies to Italy. 4. Attacked the defense plans of the union of Western Europe insisting it would be "intolerable" for the defense of France to be entrusted to non-Frenchmen. 5. Proposed a new global strategy scheme by which France would be in charge of the European and North African theater, Britain would be in charge of the Middle East and East Africa, and the United States would be responsible for the: defense of the Far East and Pacific. 6. Hinted he probably would dissolve ad outlaw the Communist party if he rose to power. He urged the scrapping of the Western Union and North Atlantic defense plans, to be replaced by a world strategy board consisting of the president of the United States the prime minister of Great- Britain and the head of the French government, aided by their chief military advisors. "Any program for centering European defense plans in Britain must be a bad one," he said. From the French viewpoint such organization is unacceptable It is intolerable that the direction of the defense of France and the war effort of France should be in the hands of anyone but a Frenchman." De Gaulle charged the French government with "spinelessness" Thursday, November 18, 1948 Princess, Son Continue to Make Progress London, Nov. 17 (/p)—Princos=s Elizabeth spent an excellent ni^hl and she and her son "continu' to make good progress," her doctors reported today. After visiting the princess -.vha gave birth to a seven-pound, six- ounce prince Sunday night physicians Sir William Giiliatt and Sir John Weir made a personal reoort to the tjuecn. Professor Pleads Guilty to Sodomy Columbia, Mo., Nov. 17 — (#)— E. K. Johnson, former professor of advertising at the University of Missouri here, was placed on probation for four years under $2 000 bond after his pleas of guilty to charges of sodomy before Judge W. M. Dinwiddio in the Boone County Circuit court here today. Orders of the probation included Johnston's cessation of homosexual practices his posting of a $2,000 bond, his payment of court costs and his regular reports to Wayne Ballard, state probation officer Johnston was placed in jail pending arrangement of his bond. Johnston, who had been tree on bond since shortly after -.iis arrest last May, had pleaded not guilty on arraignment then. Brought to trial today, he changed his plea and asked probation. A long line of witnesses, including Dean Frank Luther Molt of the school of journalism and other faculty members, supported his plea lor clemency. Howard B. Lang, Jr., prosecuting attorney whose investigation for accepting the London agreement on Western Germany. The only possible settlement of the Ger- mvan problem, he said, would be the creation of a federation of German states which "would take part in any European union. Asked whether the United States might not withdraw Marshall plan aid if France refused to accept tho Anglo-American plans for Germany, DC Gaulle said: "We lived for. centuries without it. I have praised it, and probably it will bo useful, but on condition that it does not lead us to sacrifice the future of France and Europe." He spoke shortly before the assembly was resuming debate on government charges that the International Communist Information Bureau financed the French coal strike. Debate was broken off last night after Minister of jlnterior Jules Woch delivered a blistering attack against Communists, charging them with fermenting and financing the walkout of 350,000 coal diggers. Second Trial of McLaughlin Is fo Start Thursday Mt. Ida, Nov. 17 —(/f)—The sec- brought charges against Johnston and two others last May and -\ subsequent charge against Harry bonn of Hannibal, a veteran <,Ut dent, made a long statement ' to the court, detailing the investigation of homosexual activity on and off the campus here. Lang told the court the charge against Johnston was based upon an act with Sohn which was wit noshed by Willie Coots, a Columbia business man, who shared an apartment with Johnston. Coots is also on bond on a sodomy charge. ond trial of former Mayor Leo P. McLaughlin of Hot Spri igs is scheduled to open here tomorrow. Unless a possible defense motion for a continuance is granted, McLaughlin will go to trail on a charge of misuse of public funds. He is accused of authorizing payment of salary to his brother, George, as a police clerk. The state alleges George performed no duties. McLaughlin was acquitted a year ago of a bribery charge—another of the original 10 counts against him. Both the previous trial and Uic one opening tomorrow were transferred here on a change of venue. , The former mayor will be prosecuted by Arkansas' next governor, Prosecutor Sidney McMath. f.w^."'r'^^l^': 'r 'V:'-'--:': ':••••••: 'V:. 1 tV,V,'±S> > ii!i!,', There's real quality and dependable performance in this General Electric Washer—now available at a new low price to meet the most careful budget. It has the famous Activator* action that gets clothes really clean, everytime! It has the Permadrive mechanism, that needs no oiling. And it is a full 8-lb washer. Come in and look at the many features of the G-E "Economy" washer—then let us show you how it helps make washday a breeze. *Trado-mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. „ 8-Hi capacity 0 RctlvaW acU e Balloon <o«s •.::::::==- See ffiis low-priced washer af 215 - 217 S. 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