Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 3
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HOPE 3?AR,,.HOPE, ARKANSAS I'm Askln' You Do the willows really weep? And do the pine trees pine? Do horses ever on horseradish dine? Are there puppies where the dogwood grows? Are there kilties where the cat-tails blow? A.re butterflies fond of butter? And whnt do dew-berries do? Tell me. Is ti Indy-bug's husbnml n Lmly-bug loo?—Ami A. Null? i..— . The Hope Cemetery Association will meet nt 4 o'clock Fridiiy afternoon at the First Methodist church, n full ut- tendnncc is.urged. Among Hope friends attending the funeral services held for Mrs. G. Frank Miles in Arkiiclelphia on Wednesday afternoon were: Dr. L. M. Lile, Dr. Don Smith, ClS. Luwthorp, Mrs. O. L. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spragins, Mrs. Ralph Routon, Mrs. T. S. Mc- Davill, Mrs. Ernest Wingfiold, Mrs. L. D. Springer. Mrs. J. H. Arnold, Mrs. J. F. Gorln. Mrs. Arch Moore Mrs. R. M. Patterson, Miss Helen Huilter. Mrs. Glen Williams has returned from n few clays visit with relntives in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Buforcl Poc announce (he arrival of a little son, William Buford. on Wednesday, September 7, ot Mil. THERE IS ONLY ONF, 'Hell's Angels' —There was never anything like il! TIOI. —There never will be anything like it! HOWARD HUGHES' Thrilling Air Spectacle "HELL'S ANGELS" The first multi-million dollar talking picture with JEAN HARLOW Ben Lyons, James Hall COMING SUN. "SING YOU SINNERS" THUR. & FRI. PLAYBOYvs.DOUGHBOY! Both loved the beauty all Broadway called c "Shopworn Angel"'- Julia Chester hospital. Miss Marjorie Ann Gilllom has returned to her home in El Dorado after a week end visit with her grand parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. R. M. LaGrono. Mrs. J. R. Williams has been called to Beardcn to attend the bedside of her father who is critically ill nl his home in ,11ml city. Miss Tompio Fne Tolnnd left Mon- dny for Magnolia, where she has entered Magnolia A. & M. Miss Ruth Barrett of the Army and Nnvy hospital, Hot Springs, is the house guest O f Mr. nnd Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Sr. A choir rehearsal) will be hold at 7M5 Thursday evening at the First Methodist church. Life is liko_n journey Taken on ti train, With ti pair of travelers At each windowpane. I mny sit beside you ' All the journey through; Or 1 mny si I elsewhere f Never knowing yon. But if'-Fute should mark me To sit nt yam- side, •Let's be pleasant travelers — It's so -short'tn ride! — Selected. Final Plans Made (Continued fe-om Page One) principal; James Harris, agriculture; Johnnie Washington, home economies' E. N. Glover, T. A. Hamilton, Eloise Patlerson, Naomi Yerger, Tyler Raine. Yerger Elementary School: James Harris, principal of elementary schools, Emma Cooper, Edna Glover, Lucine Harris, Mary Lee Jones AUoretta Wulker, Ella Yerger, Georgia Yerger Frances Brantley. Rosenwald School: Lula Benton, Irene Hamilton. Hayncs Chapel School, rural school: Mary Sue McColm. Mt. Hebron School, rural school- Charles Lewis, Ethel Bizzell. PAGE 4% for the • price of ." THURSDAY, FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 9th This coupon when accompanied by one paid 20c ticket will admit one adult FREE. The Unman Picture or the Year! "10TH AVENUE KID" BUUCE CABOT BEVERLEY ROBERTS Introducing TOMMY RYAN Also—"Hock Shop Blues" "Windward Way" Purade" NEW FALL SHOES By TWEEDIE LET'S TRY THEM ON LADIES Specialty Shop Used Typewriters Woodstock, Royal and Underwood BARGAIN PRICES Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 Safe at Home, Kidnaped Woman 111 After the ordeal of-nearly 56 hours as the captive of youthful kidnapers, Mrs. Norma Meeks is back In her home home at RioOsa, Calif.—facing another crisis. After site reached home she was put to bed, where she is threatened with pneumonia from starvation and'exposure. Also, she is suffering from poison oak contacted In the thicket where she was a blindfolded prisoner. Mils. Meeks is shown in bed, and with her is Lena Towiisend, her nurse. Die Cast As (Continued 'from Page One) and walnut ranch at Wlnut' Creek, a business now managed by'his son. Strict parly lines are likely to take a bad shredding before the campaign is over. Downey well realizes that he may lose many of the votes which went to his Democratic opponents in the primary, and which would go Republican rather than support the ?30 Every Thursday plan. "But even if I lose as many as 200,000 of the 900,000 Democratic votes in California, I should easily replace those with 200,000 votes from pension- minded Republicans and Progressives,'" is the way Downey analyzes the situation. Labor is certain to buck Bancroft with all its strength for his stand on organized labor and strikes is regarded as a menace by labor leders. Bancroft, who has had long experience with farm organization, is expected to draw his strength from farmers, ranchers, and business elements. Sinclair Defeat is Recalled The race for the governorship accentuates the division between progressive and conservative (or lunacy and sanity, as it has already been called). The Republican nominee, the incumbent Governor Merriam, has provided a conservative administration, but scarcely a widely-popular one. The Democratic opponent selected for him is Culbert Olson, who was a staunch EPIC leader and sort of campaign manager for Upton Sinclair in 1934. He did not declare for the $30 Every Thursday plan, but he did not oppose it, and is generally considered more or less favorable to it. Administration Again On Spot In addition to the ?30 Every Thursday amendment, another proposal will be on the ballot which would repeal the state sales tax and put the entire burden of taxation back on property. This has roused further apprehension among business people, and while no leading Democratic candidate has definitely endorsed it, the mere presence of such a proposal is expected to lend strength to the Merriam-Bancroft ticket. Signs are already apparent that a gigantic campaign to defeat the Downey-Olson combination is under way, with the national administration again in the embarrassing position it held in 1934, wilh a set of slate candidates whose program it cannot sup- liort, yet who control the state party machine and, more important, may control it in 1940. (The End) Alihough chinch bugs -have -wings, they migrate on foot. Court Happed toy Stale Committee Object ,to Ming Denying Baialey Was Party Senate Nominee LITTLE ROCK—Chairman June P. Woolen and Secretary Belolt -Taylor of the ' State Democratic Committee asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to "purge" its "uncalled for, unauthoriz^ ed and .unjust ruling" holding that Gov. Carl E, Bailey was not the nominee of the - Democratic party in Arkansas at the special election for United States senator October 18, 1937. The request was contained in a brief filed with the court Wednesday. In askig the action, the committee officials assumed the unprecedented role of appellees supporting an appellant's petition for rehearing. Oscar H. Winn, Little Rock lawyer, had petitioned for a rehearing of the court's decision'denying him a writ of mandamus to direct the chairman and secretary of the State Democratic Committee to strike from the ballots the name of David D. Terry as >a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress from the Fifth District. The supreme court held th'at Mr. Wlnn's petition should be dismissed, on the grounds that the court was without jurisdictions In issuing its opinion, it'held that Governor Bailey-was not theinominee for United States senator in the 1937 special'election. Hot Springs Takes Up Trolley Tracks Another City Quits Street•Cars and'Goes to Bus Lines HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-Removal of street car-tracks started 'Wednesday. Workmen began- installing- switches on the South Hot -Springs ^and .Malvern avenue lines,.ad a : double track connecting the Whittington-Park Avenue lines so that street car.traffic• can be diverted ; from -Central avenue, where ; tracks will be removed first, starting Thursday. Bus service will be installed-between the Como-and Whittington junctions, Parking -probably ^will be prohibited along Central avenue. . Thomas 'Jefferson •Wrote his own epitaph. I Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps (Oolcpreen. Jfojencij. fEXrtiq. c^ KODAK ALBUMS 49c and "il Whitman Sampler For Those Vacation'Pictures. 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THIS PEN FREE if you can buy one in the city for less than FIVE DOLLARS! Tills Cer tificate good only while advertising Sale is on. 'INTRODUCTORY OFFER—Tills Pea will be $5.00 after Sale. Also $1.50 Pencils to Ma ich Above Pens, only 29c ADD 6c Extra for Mall Orders John P, Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS LIMIT 3 Pens to Each Certificate At the Saenger Sunday Sunflowers Are rose. d* I...,^LJ.: SING YOU SINNERS Bing Crosby, of racing .and crooning fame, gives Ills new jockey, Donald O'Connor, the once-over in this scene from his latest comedy, "SingiYoti Sinners," which opens Sunday at the Saenger theater. Elizabeth Patterson looks on maternally. Gilmore's Wife Dies of Wounds Second Victim in Double- Shooting Succumbs Wednesday Sarah Gilmore, 38, negro, the second victim of a double shooting Wednesday on the Briant firm about eight miles southeast of Hope, died late Wednesday in Josephine hospital. Stephen Gilmore died almost instantly Wednesday after shooting his wife and turning the gun on himself. A suicide note explained that Gil- more was broke and in trouble. The Gilmore woman just before her death said her husband was extremely jealous and she believed this was the motive for the shooting. At the ... Quick! use this specialized aid for 'nose -and upper throat.. .where most colds start. Helps prevent many colds. VlCKS VA-TRO-NOL Only the French -"have a word to describe ^tttis fashion coup that'-meticulously matches two-'diff erent fabrics-a -knitted blouse and a wcrven homesp.un skirt — in^pdr- fect color unity. "Lampl origitfal" . ...ittt- terly diff erent'fronrany- thing you've ever'wotn*. . to class . . . to'businefs : . . .'for'trael. As seen in S16.95 Ladies Specialty Shop SCHOOL SALE All Purpos* TALC Footba I Tint li CASTOR OIL FOOTBALL "nflated — all ready to play. 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