The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1934
Page 4
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'„ |f .ff\. FOUR BLY1HEV1LLB, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS TOE BLYTHEVILLE COUE1ER NEWS •,na oopuBt raws oo, puB A- '' O. R. BABOOCX. Hltor ;' -K. „*,' HAWK. Adwtuiai me, N~w York, Ohlc««a, Oitritt, Bt, Loub, D«ll$«, K»"£« City, Ucmpbl*. r~ fc_T_ J - •• - _ . r-_- ..- . - < - -- i---.!!_• _.—- Xvery AKtrwwn Sunday, Entered »s second e*kss matter il U*. post orllcc al BiythSYlllc, ' Ar- tansas, under act Of Congress, October 9, 1817 Served nv f»a United PTCM , BPBBURIFITON SATZ3 By <»rr>r m me C.ty ot Bivtnevuie, 160 per m«k v W-50 per jear In Advance S; m»ll within n radius ol 60 uille» ( »JOO per >}*ttr, 11.80 ior mx rnonvhs, t>5o for tljrce month*; |>7 niall in postal zone* tuo Vo eU, Inclusive, s 16 50 per jcar. In <xmes KCVUI and cllfht, 11000 pel >ear, payable in tdtance . , Thr Bill for Accidents • >"$ A mciubui ol.tho Coimei News stall, * in conimon, pLM'h.ips, with a iitimUuv .8 yP Othci 'it'siilenls of Dlythcville, lu- "cuivc?l > today ;i leltei ficm 1111 IIIMII- amxj company luluhvt 1 lo Ins automo- ,|jilo jiabilily policy Tlws. follovMiiK excoipls may he ol bingle fact it, thai, "even during Uiu dopi«b'sioi|, An\oiicV increased^ its 6x- pcmliti]ics for aniiaiTiciils • lly mpre lliuu ?100,000,000, whild-contributions; to Ihe church decreased iienr)y ?300,000,000. .,•' , lii other words, the United Slates novernnicnt increased UH funds for military ptii'poses from §680,000,000 in 1927 to $788,000,000 in 1933, while its people contributed ?8!13,000,000 to the cluirche.s in 1927 and -Only .$550,- UOO.OOO in I'liaS. The National Committee for Religion •and Well'nro Recovery uses this fuct in ils ell'ort toward got ting, Protestiints, .Catholics and Jews to attend their churches' and .synagogues on Oct. (i mid 7. Hut perhaps nothing but war itself may drive some of us back to thoughts of- v the heller tilings of life. with the tjigh evU'of of Unlim, In pjrl of 5(5111 jilitlfj hiin ,1 mallei of Miy grave eontejii foi 'olne pulod of tlnn> It 'ha^ Ucn otn sincere hope Hint nn tmniovu- ment In tjicsc condition's would bL- cdetlul Available Infoinmllon as lo Hit general hii.ui- »i!CO experience In Aikiuisiis, togttlici with our o^n c^pcricncCj sho\\s no impiovcmenl In tin* f trclid ' 'We have been niltlnu lirsiimnic In >(iui section foi a mmibei of >eiiii ,ihd li.ivj liad , tfwplcnsuic of (nulling many line people and t consequently It, Is with letficl til it Ijeuuibe of *.'existing conditions «e infoim jou tlnl this 'companj' is t ictlrlnrj fiom (hat poillon of Ai._ kaii«u>. 111-Mlncll sou llstde land thill it Is -. therefore 0111 desiit. lo be lellcvcd of any liability^ foi hisuiniico nndci llic »lo\o named policy. . ' Olhct Lomp.tiiius, nfi doubt, niu UIH- tiiiuing to \Milu aiitinnubilu linbilily iiihiiiaiuu liwu.iljotiLs Kales, htnv- cvci, ils buj-eti ol such insuiiincu aio avsaie, me high Anil it tbe bittiiilion docb not iinpiuv'C il is pobMljIo Uiey •\ull go_higlifcr \Ve'have loo many atcidcnLs Thine ,ib iiCiucely a \\eok-end thai does not motluco onu 01 moic of a huiknis> iWliui> ill thifa vicinity yiiid niiiioi mei (tenth :uc of tl.iily occuu 6ncu Kiit'llui tnoic, iinjl, U'is is of''piu^iLu]in iiucicst lo bujeih ol liidrtlily uisuuuiui, lUi.ii. luv'Yb bu <i jtontlcnev on Ihu pm t ol urttssjilo |)lw.c iOspciisibil(ty toi • ^accidents uiipii the pin'ly piolocteil b\ irfsui .met?; 'without, lob much icuaul for the fads of the mallei Tho llitoiy " V-, Of CQUISO, tllill 111 W<IV tllU ML timii utj the iittidtiiil aio compens ilul .uid nobgtly is Ihe IOSLI uxcupl a non lehidcnt, coni|>.iiiv Ilul (.an well iilloid 'thfc !obb II doesn't woik oui Ihal \MI\ In the long uin Mississippi loimly poo- pic pay the bill foi Ihe iiulgniunls- which luminance (.omiKiine.s pay. Hold Excess Cotlon A few ^Mississippi county fanners have already exhausted their lax-free allotments t'uuler llu>. lUuikiiijad act. Others soon will:have nsyd ail of tlieir cerlilicalcs., , / ". • " Kaniier.s who llnd lliuinselves without tax exemption certilicates slKiuld .sell no cotton. In the lirst place there is a possibility that Mississippi comity's allotment under the Bankhefid law may bu increased. Ill the second place there is no doubt, at all but surplus I'.erlilicales from,other sections of the country wi|l soon he available at prices not' cxccudiii'g- 70- per cent of;'the Bankhead .law' taxj;.;.-' ", : \ly holding^ excess cotton Mississippi county growers may HIIVU the full iimonnt'of tlie liix—5.07 cents a pound —and arc sure ,to save HO.per-cent of the lax—^-J.ti? cents a pound. To gin and soil. "excess ''.'cotton aivtl \v\y .Hie 'full tax on it is simply to throw money away. SIDE GLANCES By George Qark HERB TODAI IIOOTli UAi:Ul'IIN. IB, clo»» »llh KlfSS LVND, ivrlMialx l«- blruvlor. When HUK» tfoev la Kjiirldjt, prOMlKlaE to icad for htr Idler, Ji«ul» «««» la work la • drvartwcar vlure.^ UU<H 4o«N HOI write. Motttka liji«a nntl Iht-M i'OMV* ivoril IhKI he ki>» bi'fM kllleii U M MOiurbOtfl UfOJdcul. Uuul. niccl* DKM5 l'i;\VVAT, X..uoi; alilJior, •»* UDWAKU VAN io\t ivfth bcauflCul Hhtf Irul In ut "Ah, y«s, I romem,M!r her. She had 'golden curls and sat tcxl to us in (he sixth 'gnide geography class." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^ The-Church Bows to /Wars In il.s foi a national h,itl<-tu- cluuch movement, the Committee foi Religion and Wollaio RL- coveiy points to a fad that sh6uld cause us to slop and umsulu The A fi/ii// 7s Called T!iu "soiip giiii"'. :itl6mpt to '.escape, staged', by death house convicls in the Ohio State Penitentiary ill pohimbus, 0., is another proof of the. bluff and bia\ado bj which the underworld has totted sOLiot\ • • : , Dithiiget and his \\ocdtu pislol were Ihe lust s\ inhiil ol this gangster jillil- osopli,\ Put it was enough to prc- cil sotictj for a similar and lo uasli down upon Ihe hoodlums li.aiU.ssly and ruthlessly. Only by such action as that display- Id b\ the not siiu-ul in llic Cqlunibus jail, in tin;ailing UIL jail break led by Dltlmgu's pds, uin the underworld he made to icah/c thai society in- lemls to call ils bluff. And only by such vigilance ciin all of us feel more secure iii our homes. THE TUSKS OF THE 6A6(RU5A GROW THROUGHOUT ITS LIFE/ THE. UPPER PAIR GROWS THROUGH THE ANIMAL'S FACE, " . LIKE HORNS/ JlrtiU KAV lloulic Kel» u |ub !• a book • lure und ITU4-H kume to live In order <o hell' krr liarealK Hmiii- clallr. i'd^Vfrd reiicutedlr UTCCB kfr l» h^nrrjr klut nild Dually *kt rit;r,-.-Ji, (In CIlrlKtmliH HH^ Ikry p» fur M tvalk {a Ike COK Hud I'dllllrd !• ItlHllr kurl, *«vInB llnolM rmm a rtfkle«» driver. Hrm. Itnehurn JenrnN *ke kn* * ifinnlnu tlvki-l fn n lottery unu Itluitft lu (like krt ti»Ml>:in^ lu Cull- fur^lH. llu'tflN and Kdiviird nre lo l,e uixrrlfil MM MHJH HU itn It'nTe* Ike knv|Jll:il. Ite mlltf UU«UM Ihe riiuuucinetil IICIMCCII Deuln and Kill* I* broken. NOW <:n ON WITH TIII: STONY CUAI'TBU XI. VI ! rpllUY were pucktna hi llio oU liou-ic nl hai'cliticck ^iid it wns loiiKi wo;irlHutno Iiuslnc!i3. Upyliiira MisH Kloriila WEI.S En a ianglo ol lentils racticls, curlulns lo ho scut lu lite [uiimlry, cralca already nailed u;> and iinirlu-fl for Hlornso. 'I'hc Unlike had ],ccit rciilcil lo Eonic people named Blair from Polls- Uiu'n. They \vci'o coining lu on Uie llrsl ot Sliiy. Mcunlline cvoryltilns wliicli cuulil iioasiltiy be |i;iL-kcd wits in Unit sUitc. Old noo!(S, magazines. clilna thai had not been n^ccl lur yeiu'y — nor wuiild tic iigain — wns behif iienl lo llio Sulvutioii Army. 'I'liu IJIK rooitiH liuil a hitrc, unlivcd- li] asuccl. 'I'hc cal Drawled uneasily nltoul, iiwuro tliut srcitl were what was ;te doing? Would ever be able completely lo forget lim, 'willi his dark brows, tils slow, umvllllns'lauglitcr, nnd ilie-dcc|) gaze lie bent upon bcr? I dIJu't hear what you said, Mums." . "f siitd I'thouglil I'd jiack up "II this trash and put U out for tuo man lo cart away." "Ye;, l'<! do tli'at." .';.•._ tioige WHAT did It mailer? What did ** anything matter? Once filic would liavo lliouglit it lieiivcu to liaveall this excitement lu the fan)' lly. Now slie was only lifelessly glail lor'ticr-iiiirchla' eako that II was £0, Tllj was no way, she UiouBlil, for a girl lo feel •practically ou the evo ot her ueildliig. "Vnu'/'toliiB to get Uiat Ihins we saw al J.ord'a Hods?''.. .routed liorself lo 1 answer will) eii.lhiislnsni. "Vcsf. I called up today uinl tolit them lo suml It oui. You're 'a darling lo buy It for me-. . . ." "tt'oll, you ought to liavo a lea good tilings," her mollicr. icliicnwl willi B])irIL Prlviilcly she. rcllccled lliut.liuols waa licliavlni; ratlicr oililly these ilnys. lidward was everything that was lino and. ho- si:le3; now that .their own lihiinchil a/i'iiirs wore so heniillfully arranged Lliore rcnuilned In her mind no lingering doubt as to llio gliTs mo- live in acceiiting liim. "If I'd thought silo was inarryine Just to SM that Oatldy aud 1 were t;ikcn care of I couldn't have home :!,'• v^iitl tho older womaii to her ii:l. f . She clijdcd IterKolf for being f.'.iiciiul. '1'liero was certainly no rcuson on carlli why any girl shouldn't jump al lli« clnyico lo aarry lithvaid Van Sclvcr. /Only — tliat a flay'i" She was a prctly Illtle tlilne, like brlglil, dark bird poibetl for tlltsjiu lie Ilkcil ber. Slio made him laugo and ml ogled her soprano uolea ,0! meirlineiit with tils own bass ones "Well, I'm considering inking a rest," Miss Kerrigan told him'. (She hadn't been sleeping well of nlglns lulcly but a nurse didn't leil Ijer imtlent lliai. Heart-trouble? W?ll, yes. 01 a sort. Not llie kind J)r. I,a Fargo would prescribe (or, "Maybe I'll drop In to see yo'i tomorrow about 11." she decided. (tio slic wasn't lu sec Uio lasi Mr. liaehiirn was staying :il Dr. jwll. Boots didii't behave/ like 3 Unit's durum Ihe general nplicawl '«'»!'iuly happy person andpbeliad ,,.-., , , , , licen nolicealily excited./, nnslicd, and INK wife, lurhancd and aproned, v went brialtly from tasli to tusk with 1- nil energy she Intel not Known to-' yeisi'S. Colored Ulack F.cllic caiiic INCREASING , THE. HEAT 'UNDER BO/iWG „ WATER DOES NOT INCREASE THE. :.-. TEMPERATURE OF .THE V. WATER/ " left nishlly willi sue-h Irccisurca old choci ullusvcd lo gather diisl lii 'the atlic. Boots had finally .Kiven mi her sorl; in .IhE .liny Tree- and was quietly mailing her)tnarriage prcniv ration;. U was llie llrsl week ia April. Kd'.vard hud sone back l» the house in upper Fiflti-avenue.. Next Friday—in three days—Uootv and Edwnrd were to tie married, very simply; without fuss or llin-ry lii tho ehui'eli.. near Larchiicek Situare. 'rhcir.,'plans had hccn kipt secret. Mo onc',- t with Ihe exception .VL; if ^ llc ;v wili/l bcon noticeahly \vlie neve llio past. j Dnt ho had gone awry*, now. that was all right. Presently Hoots |U'onld-hc yoiniy MrsJVati Sciver itowii-uaiipj'/. poll p r yonny Fcuwyy jfad call last. /, o Fiail gono ; all right. T ic young Mr , .- - , -,,,,. ,',!>"" Miiile down hap ,1 paiiaina liala, fm ert pictures anil. cr| 13 A ,f- a ^ ,„.„ .ocolato boxes winch, had too:, ;hi , wo|ll|1 tie :^.- ot Mrs. llachurnMiei'scIf, I Uiey were. -"'H-'- We ask tin-' citizens''.or Soutli Aincrlca lo tni<lci-.,t;iml llial iKiifc' can only tonic with complete .frankness. —Scnntur Homer 'T. Done of : \Vn.shhiylon. . • lillljo, Loni; and Uoosuvclt— Hint Isn't u had llnc-np, now is it? —Scnutor-elctl Theodore G. Bilbo of iM OUT OUR WM Williams ' EATEM BV evE, ft TM» c.^ROEN OF EDEN. GOUU3 P«OT HAVE: V6RV TEMPTING' APPLET fir TKOSE. DAYS WER» VW.Y SMALL. />fJD SCUJRf i 10-1 , • AIlci- water reaches the boiling point ils temperature cannot increase, ncreasing llic hcnl under a vessel of boilinf; water is ohly a waste ol for the extra heal goes jtoward clianging llic water Into stciim. NEXT: U'hal Ircc Us! trunk under.-ground? Locomotor Al'axia Demands > Immediate • Expert Treatment "\Viutt tills,",IkivbariiV" lloolg giaitccd ui'i from tlic bumUo of laniiJ.sliacle's ;sho,! wus toiiHci tiunsly wrapping in hrown paper,ie sco lior niotlicr liolilliij; r. wliil« Uueu frock, many liines waslied and irunyd, lliuii from its Ei'ctin TlaiLa Lo tlic. tub. "T—I doii't Uiink so." Then .'she renieiulievej. Yes, ut course. Tliai was Uio tirc£3 slic hail worn lha early summer morning v.'licn she tintl Drst met and talked,with Ocni= Fenway. On nu iwnulse she ileU JL up, hugging U Lo her. "Think 1'if Irccp'it, after all. was always fond ot that dress." Denis. Uenis. Two weeks Ua( IB "Don't you necij' some white tilings for'thcMiont. s Von know J wanted yon lo'yet/iipse frocks other day?" / "I'll get those Ue day before we ail. Echvard sap to wait. \VeY£ nonsli to do no/';" (Sorocwliere r/ij-blne seas a darlt :ycd youny mm would be starii nooiiily ;it iw/skylinc. Oh, it :ould KCC hin/for just a ntonient Boots' heart tficd hungrily.) Til. get ins white jlnco.(or eve liiiKs.witb.we ileeii rovl wrap. . . .' Kho saidt'os. yes, to cvcrylliing The wliilc/Iacc, tho bus with tin. seed pear/i-Hdward had isein, tbi r* r . . Hoots lix'ed her eye: slcrnly o/Jhese syinhols oE her ne^ 1 life. \V1M business liad she dream ing of A-' nian who haiin't carci cnousl/for her lo sity yoodhy'.' • • * won't be needing me uou suiiposc." Miss Veronic : very smart in her no siir72 ! cnscnible of navy blue, he llyi/'.iiy liat lipiicil with a smiled brllllanlfy at he n^icnt. I don't knou'," drawled Ki '.ird \'an iSciver. It was rathe finely in llie big house with Iiose scrviinls. passcil anil still lliuro liad boon no/ r"Mayiic you'd come in morninb word of him. .Wlierc was ho and'ai'iil read lo uio." lie iiroiwscd, lei ol him this inoruiiiB, then, willi check In her nurse nnil a "Thank yon, Mr. Van Solver; It's been " pleasure." on her lilts.) "I'm.may- ing willi iny sister over in llrook- lyn this wcck-ciiO," she iw "Vcs, I'll tre elad to come." ("And ivhcre's llio ivlillo-faccil lit." liie nurse asked herself con- ersiitionally, smiling at the bailor bo let her out of the heavy ass, uroiuc-grillcil door. "And here's tho chit lie's suitposcil lo , arry'.' Al least, 1 snunoso ' olngi Ui he married. lie i izy cnonfili ahout licr.")' * * • DWARD, left alone, iirowler!'" liimcly about Ills snile on tlie cconil lloor' of the his house. U as deadly to be iiuloors lliia lin<: liring wealher. This lime of year l\o iiouica were kicking uu lite .irf out at Weslbiiry and llic liallri •eve licins knockcil ahout on ce-' lent courts, lie had read every- ling in sight—or had he? What bout lliat pile of.hooks Denis hail cut to him the last day hc'u been u New Martin? lie found them at last, neatly lacked on a center tulile. "An- llony Adverse" in ils hl'tehl Hue over. "Marcus Aurclius nnd Kpic- etns." "\\ r licw," said Kdwanl id IniEelf. "docs the old hoy ILink 'm going highbrow in my old There were one or Iwo inystcrn toriesrloii: lie tliiijicd iiayc" illy, becoming interested,at last 1 lie ot them—a gory affair in wlil'cl x Titian-haired goildcss with a ftu- nanlan accent did away willi owuoy lover on a dude rancli. .There was no sound in the blgl oom for aijqug liniO;Eavc llie But-' er of [rages'anu\ the .hiss ot Kd- vard'a..cigarc! as it expired in tho learhy modernisliG aquarliini. "Oodd for'the fishes." be chuckled,'-, , hiuking ot his mother's lace if she. » lad seen his disposal of the cfyareri He slooiicd ;to retrieve iihe en- '* velojie lhat fell from the iiagcs oC he liookjic wai holdins. Tbera ^ vns'iiu siir>srscnntion anil with idlo ! r ^ Infers he lifted out tlio sheet within. '.-.-'• Aljiiusl without realizing what It was lie was doing lie read llic le't- .cr's conlcnls. His face lengthened, Us indoor pallor: deepened slightly : he leaned forward. The letter beyan' simply: ".My irlinjr." It was signed Denis. "I'm going away because 1 can't bear to see you belong To Home- body else," it said In part. "Uver since that first day when 1 saV you, lilllo and sick and helpless, Ilka fi beleaguered liitlen.-yon've been In my blood. Kd's a prince. Slick with him. Good luck. God bless you." Kiln-aril whistled,- very low. "So Hull's the way of it." (To He Continued) , .[ "Human Fvc" Tampra /Speeding 250 to 300 miles an hour j focus is set numan tye i^arnera / joycr a star[ing an(| nnlshing linc . j cain( , ra sliirl Used to Time Fhe's ng ami finishing ncchanical eye," it was late ot- on the line and the started. When the plane flashes explained, does (he trick. The 1m-i fccus vision, the time Ls stampedj HUMAN EYE CAMERA—14 ' •'• nlnn CJr(! ^ lo ° 5lolv " II worl;s this Jon the film, along with the planc^ CLEVELAND <UP» — Thoustfidsi«'ay: (The device was used first ; of Clcvelandcrs and others,/«'lio A motion picture camera, at-] lnst Olympiad of human saw tlie National Air Raccs'horc! tachcd to a clocking device, is dashes. recently, wondered how it if pos-i placed on tlie around at the be- : •• — siblc to time accurately ilanes j ginning ami end of the course.'Die | Read: Courier News Want Mouitis nsnm:iN idltnr, Juurmil of the American Medical Avsiiciation, and uf l!y- KCia,.llic Health IVIagaziric Although society lias grown n.ultc i bit more lenient In ils alli- udc toward viclims of venereal <6M. there still Is- sonic hchl- .ation on .the pail ot such victim', Lo npply 'for imnicdlatc and. nn- tlicnlic incdlcnl nld. i AS a result, seriwis'consciiuqnces may come froni cases thai coulsl be cured If treated rjulckly. ! In the cribe of locomotor nlaxia, particularly, treatment lo lie bcnc- llcjal must he Immediate. If iv person wUli'lhls condition delays seeing a iTpulable physician for any length of time, the change is so great Ihal not much can be done. However, under any ciremn- lances. active and intensive treat- ticni may. be helpful. Althougn only from 2 lo 5 per cent of people who Imvc .syiihilis, lie most serious vcnsrcal dlso'rflr.r, :vcnlually develop locomolor at<ix- n. .11 is now well established : thrtt cvcvy cnj>c of locomotor nUiNlsi clc- vclo|x> from syphilis. * * * Tlrac is ionic evidence (o indicate thai-a s|iccial funn ol ;.plro- chctc—the organism which caust-s syphilis—is rcspbnslulc for locmnu- tor olnxla. It Is liellcvecl lo reside in Ihe nervous system. The courtilion usually develops Iioin five to 20 yeare aflcr. the original syphilitic iiifccllon, tut, o: course, H may npiwar at almo-i nliy ixrlod after Infection. Majority of cases of locomoto: ataxla'occur In men over 40 year. women and even in children. Symptoms ol locomotor alaxln. by which Ihe doctor makes, his diagnosis are rather definite. In first place, Ihe reflexes, lite knee jerk, begin to Henson lor- dlsa]ii>caraticc these rcllesc.s is Ihe fact that disease breaks the iwlli in spinal cord along which slitiv lion for the action ordinarily travels. There arc changes in llie actions of llie eyes and also in Slav billty of the body. Severe pains which develop, In ocomolor atnxla are sharp, slab- ling, shooting ones, occurring most omnionly in legs and arms. These lart from place to place and liisl or one or two seconds. They are "o characteristic that Ihey arc called lightning pains. Sometimes these pains occur in the inlrma! organs. When the in- crnal organs nrc affected. IU= disorders are called crises. In such conditions Ihere is inirosysmalpain n the abdomen, uilli pallor, sweat- Ing, sometimes vomiting, and a good deal of ilinro.«. ,j The change In the eye reactions is rather .Mgiiificanl. The pupil ot llic eye will react lo the vision of objects at a distant! -or close np Inil will not. react to changes In brlcht lishl. of .ase," altlmgl) cases do occur n repent Slccjitn; .siehneMi Tnll I'i TOLEDO. O. (Ul>) — Toledo's tlccplne sickness toll has monnlsd to 12 with deaths of two move victims on successive days. TOrty- five cases of the disease have teen flncc Aug. 1. HOWS CHMMCtS, STROWM6 'vfm "TH 1 NETS, OUT TRYIN&TO WIN Hl •ORATTET) A> COUPLE OP IN COr^PLMNl OOKTS MA,V<\M6 N\t USETH'MLEYTOR MY /—rtv. GIV& YOU rX TbLL INK) WITH USEf TO BE,ID SCRCTCH UP A, LUCK,'

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