Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1938 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 7, 1938
Page 7
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. , ,, . ' * ....^ ;t»A6E EIGHT HOPE STAtt,H&PE, ARKANSAS Wednesday) September 7, 1938^'; When Hobo King 'Rides the Rods 1 Wife Goes Along Too— As Paying Passenger Bi' PAUL ROSS <f New York — Just before Jeff Davis, I past-president King and Emperor of j the hoboes of the world, flipped a ' coin and on the resultant "heads", lit 6Ut to Atlantic City for the sximmer, he granted us an audience at his palace—a smallish room in a seventh- late hotel in mid-Manhattan. Emperor Jeff is unlike anything Wt! ever thought a hobo would be. His English is surprisingly good, except when he decides to toss in a few proletarian nutin's, dey's and youse's, for the sake of the role, as it were. Indeed, his speech ofen verges on he pompously poetic. Thus, when explaining "the curse" of the wanderlust which keeps him a hobo, he emitted the following: "When wind doesn't flow , it stagnates. Us 'bocs is like that" , Jeff is a medium-sized, pale gryish man. ' He wears his hair in the long- sideburns fashion, popularized a dozen, years ago as "cake-eater" style. He. affects the cap for headgear and wears a cheap, wrinkled but neat and clean Bowery suit. Ensconced under his left lapel is The Crown, a large, solid-gold, diamo studded, coronet-shaped pin presented him by the hoboes as the symbol of off fee J Ask him and he'll show it to you/ He'll show it without being asReja, too.' „ Queen Rides Cushions * He is married and has been for a couple of decades. While he hits the Yods (rides under the train) or goes "6l(hd baggage" (rides on the steps or the coupling), Mrs. Jeff "hits the cushions" on a legitimate railway ticket. "J.effs office pays him nothing so h« ekes out a living by selling razor- blades, house-gagets and other stuff. He. also dabbles in high finace through a unique system he developed., ^ 'He' will ride in a street-car, for ex- 'ample/and listen to the conversation of the passengers. Let some woman re- rriark to another that she's very tired of washing clothes and Jeff will get off where, she does, follow her home, note her name and address, then turn over this information to a washing- machine dealer for a price. •,_- •, Hobo, No Tramp It should be noted that the official attitude of the Hobo toward the Bum awL-the Tramp, is one of blistering contempt. For a Hobo is a workman, an'; itinerant one. He prides himself ori_,not being a burden to whatever community!may"be his at'the moment. The real thing in.a hoboes is organized into the [International Itine- rant''"Workers Union and Hoboes 61 America, Ic., Jeff Davis King. There is 1 a-'membership .of over 1,000,OW in America alone. At-the; moment, the big problem hobo-land must, take care of is the Lot* of Rain Brings Lots of More Grass DANVILLE, IH.WV-Hardwarc merchants here report nn unsUftlly tarfte sale of lawn mowers this year and claim that henvy rnins throughout the summer have taxed old machines beyond their capacity. One man who has a large lawn was quoted as saying that the day after | finishing cutting he could start again where started. Jeff Davis, right, King and Emperor of the Hoboes of the World, and his aide, Harry Kayser, .pictured outside the Dover Street Mission on New York's storied'Bowery, —-••« seem Wolverines seem to steal in pure malice. Not content with robbing a trap of its contents, they Will make off with parts of the trap and hide them. Often they tnkc fowl they can hold from a cabin and then foul with saliva that svhich they cannot remove. send 15c in etui, your name, address, style number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wack er Drive, Chicago, 111. Behind tho lit Washington By Rodn«y Dutchar WASHINGTON - One troublesome question the U. S. Supreme Court probably will dispose of when it reconvenes tl\|s fall is this: ns the pending child labor amendment to the Constitution been invalidntcd by old age? Tile amendment was submitted 18 ycnrs ago, nnd has not yet been ratified by enough states to make U effective. The argument has been made thnt ratifications mnde so long ago are no longer valid and that the whole procedure should be ruled out and a new approach made. At the request of certain Kansas legislators who were on the losing end when Kansas ratified the amendment last year, the court has agreed to hear arguments on the question in October. Then partisans and opponents of the long-sought child labor amendment will at least know where they stand. Which Is more than either side knows definitely at present. This Weigh Out The Department of Justice keeps getting remarkable suggestions. The best way to prevent penitentiary escapes, a St. Louis man writes, would be to make every cell floor a weighing scale. The weight of the prisoner would register in the warden's office and every time a prisoner skipped his cell, the recorded weight would drop to zero and a bell would ring. Mail Must Go Through The National Association ot Rural Letter Carriers has been In convention here and a great time the carriers hud. Telling each other about the coldest day last winter and how they got the mail through regardless, worrying about how their substitutes were doing back home, listening to speeches, nnd collecting autographs from Walter Johnson and other celebrities. hand of Postmaster General Jim Far- { ley after he addressed the convention. One New York state deliverer couldn't talk about anything afterward except how Jim remembered his name and asked him around the corner drug store for an ice cream sodn. Credit Cocktails One of Washington's most spectacular speakeasy proprietors of the prohibition era is down soutn In the business of getting munitions to Spain. Latin American gun-riming was his racket before the country went dry. After the speakeasies closed, this man confided one of his secrets of success. He used to arrange with matter embassy attaches to deliver bottles' of liquors to him in exchange for credit on the house books. Then the attaches brought their girls around and drank up the credit in martini cocktails at 65 cents apiece. The cocktails cost the boss about 3 cents each. Nice Work, Etc., Etc. Day dreams of a trip to Hollywood true for the Dies "Un-American" Com**,; mittee, unless F. D. R. plnys spoils* sport. The commltteemen have asked : for a staff from federal departments —explaining the $25,000 they had f<j. work with wasn't enough. If Mr'.l Roosevelt doesn't come through, thb Hollywood Junket will be called off. Ostensible reason the committee wants, to make the trip Is that one of Its in*, vestigators called the movie capital a hotbed of Communism. : , v Most of the boys and girls shook the to see the beautiful dollies may come Politicians of Texas i Wrote Lots of Letters AUSTIN, Tcxns.-(/P)-Thp poslof^ flee department should be grateful for: tliis year's crop of candidates for Texas' publi cofficcs. 'jiili Postal receipts at the capital were, 25 per cent greater (his July than las£\ and officials snitl the chief reason was ' thnt several candidates had hcadquar-' tors in Austin and carried on heavy mail campaigns. amateur competition provided by the hordes of boys—and even girls—who choke the roads and ride the rods all over the country. The boes are "making things hot" for these "Punk Kids," Jeff reports, first because the kids provide a glut on an already crowded, unskilled labor market and second because the boes are decent, law-abiding gentry who don't like to see decent youths fall prey to criminals, vice and jails, as they do if they stay in the cruel milieu of the road. "When one of our jungle 'boes spots a green-horn kid" Emperor Jeff reveals, "he don't go to the .'cops. No sir. He goes to the \oSa\ humane society or to the Travelers Aid, and tell them. They pick the kid up, and send him home. " Jeff has a regular program mapped out to keep youth at home. He would institute a system of frepuent, community-finance trips to various places part of the education program. That'll take care of the wandering very kid feels," says Jeff. Conditions on the road, Jeff reports, lave changed radically during the ecent past. Improvements on trains lave made it harder to snatch free ides. Labor-saving machines has cut own the field for free-lance, unskilled work. Cities now take care of their wn first, thus climating help to transients. Add Glamor to Home Hours With Graceful House Coat HPHE word tormented her, beat at her brain whenever she thought of Larry, seared info her heart all through his endless trial. Sometimes she wondered how she lived through those torturing hours. You'll live those dramatic hours with Pats McGraw in the vital, timely new serial story coming to this paper, the story of a girl forced to choose between the law and her heart, Hit-Run Love Beginning- in Hope n Star •••••••••••^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GERMAN'S School Opening VALUES Extra Lagc Size 95x108 CHENILLE BEDSPREADS $A.98 Beautiful Designs LADIES NEW FALL HATS Flattering shapes and brims to enhance Miladys Fall outfit -in new fall shades. $•1.98 to I — Ladies Uniforms In pink, white and rose. . Some with zipper fronts. Well tailored, all sizes. . •' i All Sizes ,By CAROL DAY This new design has more than a touch of glamor in its personality, i'he lines arc so lovely. You can't realize until you get it on how flattering and graceful Pattern 8259 is, with its tailored collar, tiny waist, >woopy skirt and clever bodice seam- ng. Make it up in broadcloth, velvet, 'lannel or moire, in the color that flatters you most, and see if it doesn't look very elegant and expensive. You'll get loads of wear and comfort' from it too—it's smart for company breakfast, and perfect to relax in at the end o fa hard day. Even beginners can make this design very easily; the pattern includes a detailed sew chart. And by the way, have you sent for the new Fall and Winter Book? It's brimming over with ideas for the new clothes you want right now. You'll find many" of the fashions you've been looking for! Pattern No. 8259 is designed for sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 40 and 42. Size 16 requires 4% yards of 39 inch material. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 33 pages of' attravtice designs for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lte the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nad Winter Pattern Book—25 cents. Pattern pr book alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of tide attractive model SPECIAL— "SO SHEER" HOSE and 3 Thread Hose All New Shades 8'/ 2 to Pair 10'/2 69c YARD GOODS Crown tested rayon Crcpc in beautiful fall prints and stripes. A 69c value. Now— BLANKETS Now 49c Yard Novelty Suitings aves and ir 35c va 25c In fancy weaves and lovely pat- lerns. Regular 35c value. Now— Now Yard School Dresses Newest styles for girls just arrived. Fast Colors — Attractive Materials. Sizes I to 11. 49c TO 98c 80 Sq. PRINTS Regular 15e and IDc Values in New Fall Patterns. Boys Fast Color DRESS SHIRTS MEN'S WORK SOX IOC Pair MEN'S WORK GLOVES In Sort or Long Cuffs Waterproof 39c CHILDREN'S ANKLETS 4c A LARGE GROUP OF GROWING GIRLS Sport Oxfords In New Fall $|'.69 Styles and Colors I — NEW STYLES JN NOVELTY Dress Shoes Kids, Calfs, Suedes— « Colors to choose from— Widths A to D ..... S1.95 BOND SHOES Youthful modes to glorify the American Youth. A quality line nt the latest styles and leathers, Brown, Black, Havana Tan, Blue, British Tan and Burgundy.High heel, Cuban heel, or flat heel. Widths AAA to E S3.95 Md S2.95 Sizes 3 to 10 8 oz. Feather Proof TICKING Regular 25c Value 15C Yard Full 2 Pound Remnant Rolls 19c Ready Made LADIES RAYON HOSE In all new fall shades Regular -i J fl 25c Value 140 SATURDAY RAYON BEDSPREADS In Large 80x105 Size. In Blue, Rose or Yellow. Special SATURDAY 5 to 6 only BOYS KHAKI Sizes 12 t t> 3 to a Customer MENS OR BOYS SNAP-ON SUSPENDERS 25c MEN'S KHAKI WORK A A A SHIRTS D9C Vat Dyed Men's Sanforized KHAKI PANTS Can't Fade or Shrink 98c Men's New Fall HATS 98c MEN'S BLUE CHAMBRAY WORK SHIRTS Full cut, double stitched throughout. A regular 49c value. Now while 25 dozen last— Sizes 14 >/ 2 to 17 29c THE FAMOUS PORTIS HATS Styles for everyone, roll brim, snap brim, nnd medium wide brim. All the Fall colors. S3.85 Brand New Shipment RUXTON Genuine Fur Felt HATS A Real Value S2.98 Men's Endicott Johnson DRESS SHOES In Black or Brown Composition Sole. S1.79 BOYS DRESS SHOES In black only—wing tip, cap toe or double crease. S1.79 LADIES RAYON BLOOMERS All sizes—25c values 19c Beautiful New Coats LADIES Pure Silk Full Fashioned HOSE Guaranteed Hingless Famous FORTUNE SHOES Styled up to the minute in safe flexible calfskins and lurlskins. You have only to slip into a pair to appreciate their quality. Nationally advertised. In black, brown, and ~~ two-tone. $4.00 All Wool Men's DRESS PANTS Regular or fancy, in light and dark oxford greys, in stripes, shadow stripes. Styled in the 1938 Marnier. -95 To -95 100% All Leather Shoes Styled by the makers of Friendly Fives. Latest styles and colors. A Kciil Value—For $2.98 39e Pair ly fall coats for— Ladies CoatS that Mr. | The "?«* be«u«ful coats we have z: '11 lever had at anywhere near the Rephan made a lUCKy | price. We arc offering these lovc- buy on in New York that we are passing on to you. Come early for your selection, $£.95 $"f.95 To School Oxfords In black, brown, wine, blue and tan in all new styles.Made by Edgewood to guarantee all leather and long weaer. AA to C. Men's Work Shoes A $2.69 Value For $1.98 ^f High Quality Uppers For Comfort und Sturdlncss. Reinforced Stitching For Extra Wear. Solid Leather Insoles Easily Resoled. Solid Leather Outsoles StnnUs the duff. Leather Heel Base For Ilurd Wear. Solid Leather Counter Keeps Fitting Snugly. Full Vamps Undcrtoc Cap. $1.95 1 and $0-95 t BMP 'HWP KmiBBMMP ^^^P ^^^B ^^^P ^^^P ^^^p ^^B ^^H ~^^J£^F "THE FRIENDLY STORE" BOYS' SCHOOL PANTS Long trousers, grey with blue shadow stripe. Belts to match.

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