Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1948
Page 5
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Thursday, November 18, 1948 Sub Commander in War Dies in New York Port Chester, N. Y., Nov. 17—W) —Rear Adm. Richard George Vogj. U. S. N., ret., 44, a commander of submarines in the Pacific in World War II, died today. At the outbreak of war he was stationed as a lieutenant commander at Cavitc naval base .near Manila in the Philippines, ':om- manding the submarine So Lion in operations against Japanese shipping. The Sea Lion was later destroyed to prevent it falling into Japanese hands. Voge escaped and assumed commanding the submarine Sea Lion in received the Navy Cross irom Admiral Chaster W" Nimrtz:, Pacific Fleet commander, after being credited with torpedoing a Japanese aircraft carrier in Macassar straits in March, 1942. HOPS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Symptoms of Distress Arising from DUETO EXCESS ACID FreeBookTellsofHombfreatmentthat Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Over throe million hotUca of Mio WIM.ARD TIIEATMKNT htivo boon sold for relief of Bymptomsordistre.ssarjslng from Stomach ami Duodenal U.ccrs due to Excess Acid — Poor Digestion, Sour or Upset Stomach, Gasslnocs, Heartburn, Sleeplessness, etc., duo to Excess Acid. Sold OH Ifi days' triall Ask for "WUIard's Message" wliich fully explains this treatment— free —at WARD & SON BYER'S DRUG STORE McCaskill: McCASKILL DRUG CO. anyone leave part cf a GRAPETTE? GPAPETTE has a flavor you .enjoy ANYTIME. thirsty or not! Waltz into Darkness By William Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. THE STORY Time, 1880 Place, New Orleans Well-to-do Louis Durand carries on a corersponclencc courtship u-ith a Miss Julia Russell, whom he has never seen. When she finally comes from St. Louis to marry him, he is amazed to find her young and ravishingly beautiful —entirely different from what he had been led to expect. Certain behavior of hers puzzles him from the first but not until a letter arrives from her supposed sister—Miss Russell's sister—docs he realize the woman he married is an impostor. Before he can face her with it, she disappears with $50,000, withdrawn from his bank account. The police advise him to go to St. Louis to sec what he can find out. He docs so, calls on Julia Russell's sister. Comparing notes, they realize that something must have happened to Julia Russell on the boat trip down to New Orleans. XVIII He stayed the night at a hotel. Next morning ho found Bertha Russell, coated, gloved and bonneted, a spectral figure in the unrelieved black of full mourning, waiting for him in the open doorway ot her house, when he arrived shortly before nine to keep their appointment prearranged the night before. "Have you anyone in mind?" he asked as they drove off. She had given an address on entering the carriage. "I made inquiries after you left last evening. I have had someone recommended to me. He was well spoken of." They were driven downtown into the bustling business section, the strange pair that they made, both so tight-lipped, both silting so stark and straight, with not a word bewccn them. The carriage sloped at last before a distinctly ugly -looking building, of beefy red brick. Durand paid off the carriage and accompanied her in. They had to climb stairs, there being no lift. At the third landing i stage they turned off down end- I less reaches of arterial passageway. She slopped at the very last door of all but one. On a shield of blown glass set into the door's upper half was painted in rounded formation, to make two matching arcs: WALTER DOWNS PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Durand knocked for both of them, and a rich baritone, throb- big with its own depth, vibrated "Come in." He opened the door, stood inside for Bertha Russell, and then entered behind her. The man sitting in back of a large but very worn desk was in his early 40's. "Am I speaking to Mr. Downs?" he heard Bertha say. "You are, madam," he rumbled. There was nothing ingratiating about his manner. His eyes were the steadiest Durand had ever met. "There is a chair, madam." He had not risen. She sat down. Durand remained standing. "I am Bertha Russell and this is Mr. Louis Durand," He gave Durand a curt nod, no more. "You speak for the two of us Mr. Durand. That will be easiest I think." The story seemed so old already, so many times told. He kept his voice low, loft all emphasis out of ."I corresponded with this lady's sister, from New Orleans, where I was, to here, whore she was. I offered marriage, she .accepted, one left here to join mo, on May 18 last. Her sister saw her off. She never arrived. Another person altogether joined me in New Orleans when the boat arrived, managed to convince me that she was Miss Russell's sister in spite of the difference in their appearances, and we were married. She stole upward of $50,000 from me, and disappeared in turn. The police down there inform me that they cannot do anything about it for lack of proof that the original person I proposed marriage to was done away with. The impersonation and the theft are not punishable by law." Downs said only three words. "And you want?" "We want you to obtain proof that a murder was committed. We want you to obtain proof of the murder that we both know must have been committed. We want you to trace and apprehend this woman who was a chief participant in it." He took a deep, hot breath. "We want it punished." Downs nodded doUrly. He looked thoughtfully. "Will you take this case?" "I have taken it already," Downs answered with an impatient off- gesture of his hand. "I cannot promise you I will succeed in solving it. I can promise you one thing and one only: I will never quit it again until I do solve it." year pay increase to President William Green and Secretary- Treasurer George Mcany. The now salaries of the top officers will be $25,000 and $23,000, respectively. The convention Green Voted $5000 Year Pay Increase Little Rock, Nov. 17 (/Pi. — Arkansas motor carriers will increase rates on intrastate freight hauls Dec. 1. Cincinnati. Nov. 17 (/[>) —The j The increases—sought by 25 haul- American Federation of Laborers but applying to all 'oper;Uin» convention today voted $5,000 a Jin the state—were authorized to- Increase Rates on intrastate Freight Hauls Pace Public Sorv- dircctor of are based on distance and volume of load. The application for increases had boon pending since last June. A hearing was held Sept. 28. Blytheville Pastor to Head State Baptists Little Rock, E. C. Brown. Nov. 17 — (<T>)— Dr. Blythcville, was re- lectcd president of Arkansas Baptists at their 100th annual state He picked up a copy of that morning's newspaper, first shook it to spread it full, then narrowed it once more to the span of a single perpendicular coliimn. 'The boat she sailed on from here." he said, "was which .one?" "THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS," Durand and Bertha Russell said in unison. ' ... "By a coincidence," he said "here it is down again, for ; the company's next sailing. It leaves irom here •tomorrow, at 9 o' clock in the forenoon." .• He put the paper down. "Do you propose. remaining here, Mr. Durand?" "I'm returning to New Orleans at once, now that I've put this matter in your hands," Durand said. "Good," Downs remarked, rising and reaching for his hat. Then we'll both be sailing together, for I'm going down there now and get my ticket. We will begin by retracing her steps, making the same journey she did, on the same boat, with the same captain and the same crew. Someone may have seen something, someone may remember. Someone must." (To Be Continued) Texarkana Hunter Wounded in Accident Tcxarkana, Nov. 17— (JP) Hcrschel Hudson, 25, of Texarkana was wounded in a hunting accident near here today. A companion, Ed Pinkerton, 28, of La Porte, Ind., said Hudson apparently tripped, setting the gun off. Hudson suffered wounds from shotgun slugs in his right wrist and side. He was given first aid treatment and taken to a hospital. -..- —.......viuu also restored the 13 vice-presidencies which it wiped out a year ago in a fight over the officer status of John L. Lewis. The mine leader, who withdrew from the AFL as the result of the controversy, had refused to sign non-Communist affidavits required by the Taft-Hartley Act, making nearlly 300,000 AFL members ineligible to use the NLRB machinery. • That many workers are under direct supervision of the AFL officers. Lewis was a vice-president when the act was passed, and the convention eliminated all vice-presidents in taking away his title. Lewis was given a $50,000 yearly salary as UMW president at the miners' convention here a month ago. His pay was doubled. Green will now receive the same amount as CIO President Philip Mvtrray. The CIO leader was voted a $5,000 increase by his steel workers' union earlier this year. Conciliation Director Cyrus S. Chiang told the AFL convention this morning that the government's role in labor disputes is to "grease the wheels of collective sargaining." The committee directing policy .jr "labor's League for Political Education" suggested to the 650 delegates to the AFL's G7th convention that they finance an edu- lational program with an assessment of 10 cents a member. The total membership of the AFL on Auc. 31 was 7,220,000. The finance plan for the educational program—dating from next month through 1949—was the re- ult of meetings of the administrative committee of the political 'eague. The convention delegates were j prepared to recess their own sessions today and assume the role ot delegates to the labor league. By so doing they will be able to vote a financial contribution to the league without conflict with provisions of the Taft-Hartley act on political contributions. The AFL leaders who planned the strategy did so to meet any legal problems arising under the act, despite the pledge of the convention and President Truman to wipe out the labor law. Chief speakers scheduled by the AFL for today's session were Cyrus S. Chiang, head of the Conciliation Service, and Paul L. Hoffman, administrator for the Marshall plan in Europe. d?.y by the Arkansas ice Commission. T. E. Wood, PSC transportation ar mated (he overall raise would crnge 15 per cent. The increase onltcnn last year in Texarkana and some types of hauls will be hrghcr; Iliad no opposition today. Other of- some will be lower. Specific rates'trcers: Lloyd A. Sparkman, Pine tariffs, csti- convention here today. Dr. Brown was elected for a first Bluff, first vice president; Dr. Clyde Hart. Hot Springs, second vice president; Uawson King, Little Rock, treasurer. Dr. Brown is pastor of the First Baptist church. Blytheville. The convention's executive board recommended today that Ouachita College's million dollar endowment campaign be continued through 19-10. Completion of a fund to clean up "all honor debts of the church" during the year was urged in a report of the convention's centennial commission. The name of cannel coal, which burns with a bright flame, is believed to be a ruption of the word candle. smokeless Arkansas Doctor Named to R. I. Position Providence, R. I., Nov. 17—-( Dr. Robert J. Williams, pathologist at Rhode Island hospital and former Tufts Medical College instructor, has been named pathologist and director of laboratories at the New Providence Veterans hospital, it was announced today. Dr. Williams, a native of Prtrk- dale, Ark., is a graduate oi Vanderbilt University. He served his clinical internship at Indiana University hospital, Indianapolis. // f ? for Day and Beau-time it's OfOWII \Vilti the new, more feminine look* ...beautifully lifting bow-typ« pumpi that go prettify with suiis Of (Also in Black), Use your Charge Account Use our Lay-Away Plan CHAS. A. COMPANY Hot Check for 'Countess 7 Virginia City, Nev., Nov. 17 UP). — A lady gambler known as "The Countess" telephoned like mad in a cross-country search for another $10,000 today seeking release from Virginia City's jail. Word from the jail was that she lost about $10,000 in the last few weeks and needs another $10,000 to get squared away. The tall, patrician devotee to poker went to jail yesterday after the district attorney was told her $2,200 check was no good. It had been written to cover the poker debts of a male companion. She told authorities her maiden name was Hanya C. A. Krasnod- ebsky, that she lived in Philadelphia, that her husband was a noted collector and dealer in works of art. She wouldn't name him. She wouldn't name any member of her family. Jack Ross, Carson City attorney, hustled over to the jail today to see "The Countess." He had a writ of habeas corpus in his pocket. He said rt wasn't right that authorities held the countess on a gambling debt." She wouldn't see him. He went back to his office and telephoned her. He reported she was furious with him for trying to help her. Ross told reporters he understands , most of her money is banked in her mother's name that she theoretically has an independent income, but it is tied up with restrictions. District Attorney Robert Berry said she could leave as soon as she made good -the $2,200 check which she gave Fred Burdette Beveridge, 39, of Vancouver, Wash. Clear Weather to Finish Cotton Harvest By United Press Today's clear weather over Arkansas was expected to speed cleanup of the cotton harvest of which approximately 15 per cent is still in the fields. Glen W. Golden, district supervisor for the U. S. Census Bureau, revealed yesterday that 85 percent of the record cotton crop had been harvested in Arkansas. The forecast today called for fair skies, not quite so warm, partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow, slightly warmer and in northwest portion tonight. Little Rock reported .43 of an inch of rainfall yesterday, JVtomi- cello had .38, Batesville .13, Newport .10. Pine Bluff. 37, and Texarkana .02. High and low temperature readings for the 24-hour period ending at 6:30 a. in. included Arkundelphiu 76 and 35, Batesville 75 and 35, Carnden 77 and 36, Fort Smith Hi and 32, Gilbert 76 and 25. Harri- ison 75 and 30, Little Rock 76 and 142, Monticello 71 and 47, Newport j71 and 35, O^aik 75 and 34, Pine [Bluff 72 and 42, and Texarkana 76 and 40. Pilot Hazard A stroke ol lightning which hits an airplane flying through a thunderstorm usually does little physical damage to the plane itself, but is rated us one of the greatest psychological ha/uid.s to the pilot. CHECK YOUR NEEDS Y STOCK-UP^ATKROGER ^ GREATEST ty tfjy. Save f Krogo 100% Pure Vegetable Shortening. Ib. Buffer Kroger. Fine flavor. Fresh. Salad Dressing f af ; Gives that added flavor to salads. Eeif more Oleo Excellent for Cooking. Kroger Flour 25^1 In ready made apron, no sewing. lb. Tin lb. Bag 9 oz. Pkg. 87c %| Tin Famous Quality, none better. Spry For all kinds of cooking. A. J. Meai Try this high quality meal. 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