Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four During tost?, i-nilrond ;•. iu-c !s .-n fan as fy.st as MO miles i.i huiu-. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS An Easy-lo-prepare Thursday, November 18, 1948 mm F r i tl n y , November 1 '.) '/hi: l;<-li.j,.ni,;i Ci.ll)) (.'h;,|>U'r Dl I'.AH. '.,-iil ini ..-I I' nilay al M/nicf m • 'I '•'•'. .:!> :-,( I iv il'in-!' I)!' Ml'K. i I ; I MfK'.-ir/.ir v,-i;li A'l !;:.. lirn-.v lii;;;L..i-j .'• ••Hid Mi-:;. H. I 1 . Hninljy cu-!,,,-'- . Kr~r.;. ...... - ...... — Mcnday. November ',:2 i ticacuroi-; Airs. \V. O. Allen, eon. fltu-ties.s: .Mrs. O. l(. 1'eachey, i asMjeiale eonduf.'lrcss. ! il w.i;! i.iiiioiie.cei! |jy the \voi-lhy .' matron. "Mr:,, Walsoi) {!ui.-ii;;iia;:". ; ilii.se would be initialed on Uie ;liilii Aluiu.la.v night at 'i:'.',(]. lie , •: e:,ln!;eni:- wili pe covered dish. fl 1 I 4^ 1 B I 1 if * n ta? J y~ x %SOf Drain . on plaucr. tour 1.1 hot cliiil over it. hot chill over .u. a--•?;# "' ; jp?^ \ ISOK F0s KYpev;>R\-;4J|i|y PEDRy|||_l^^|g^ •W.M.K. in" Kk'.st Bnptisl cliurcli UK-'. »t tin. 1 ( hurch (ID JV'ioii'Jijv ;i)t(-r- nooii ;;l ;'.:?M I'ur a ;iii:,si(i:i;ii-y jjio- I ;-'rain. The- ir:ci;t.iiK w;-is lipc-ncrl j \Yi1h I.)K: son;; "S.'ivin!' Mori- Than LiJc to Alt-" follo-.ved with ni-avr." i by Mr:;. J. T. IVU'Uac. Mrs. J ;',,.• I: i Cuopcr yavo an in.spiriii;.'. ck'vnlidn.-ii i tali;. Mi's. MciJ.'K' \va:--, pruj,':\m, ' lc::i:h;r for the afioniufin, tlic UK-PI" Uiinii "Minion y.-o.-k jn u,,. i:,-,. w.uinri Islands. ,J;ipau and China. Olh;.')-.s t.ahin/,' parl, 'on the prof/.Tam V-'cro Mi-;;. Sidney l.oumis. Mrs. hfioy Phillips aii-J MI-K. Cliifoni •Johnson. Mrs. Hoy l.uomis ami Mr:-.. CI-MJI- c.i'^!iaiiH "3'A-ecl Hi, in- of. 1'i-a.vi-r." The i-nvi.'l.in:; adjoin'ni'd v.-n'n prayer by MIT. ].,. '[,. Hiif.'li.'iii.'in. lht;re wcru i'uin-'oi'n nu-nibi-rs An cs.say contosf un "VVIiv Ark::n- sa.s Should llav. a Symphony Or- chc...|ra" <i]j(:]] io all hi^h liijhool students in the .s'.al!.- lia.s been ;.•!!- iHHiiiocd by Wi-.s. Hurt Pirki-i-.s o! Little Koclc, c-hnirin.'iii of the Ai 1 - kausu.s Syniplifjiiy A.:-ocia!ion. Inc. A prize of $!:i plus two tit hi: Is io 1 .' eaeh !uri\i;il t'oiivert ol tin'- si:;>.-;un, j ami (.'.<••(, li<;ki'ts to fr-eh of the- .pop- i ul.-ii- eiiiH'ci-ts h:;s IV..TII oflered. Tin- three best i:.sy;,ys will be ulTcrc-'.! I Io the- iie\v:;|:.:uj[-i'.s for publicalion 1 Tvli-K. I'icl-'.ens said. j Knlries .s'Jiould be ;--,- nl (o i\Ji:;.s I F.lloii Blnss, 1!i::(l Snrninit. Liul;: : Rock by November :>.~i. They slinulU 1 not lie signed, 'nul nanie of the : iiuilioi- should In: allached in a i The Oiamb'.-r of f.'orninerco of- jn':iiil:i announced today that Mr. i N'a! v'v'oooley -.vould act a:-; Chair- 1 n.aii ni' t!ie Publicity Committee ol tiro Nevada County Day activities '• In be eiven in Lilile l-'o'ck, .l-'riday. 1 N(j\-ember 20. Mr. Wooiiluj- acccpl- ] ed iho chairmanship due to the I rc.siv.iialion of IVliss Franci.-s j 'I brii.sher w/io \\ ? i!l make the prin- i cipal address before the memPer:; ! f.i the Little Hock Chamber of Com- l me.'ee on the Nevada County Day ' li:n.-|icon (Ji'iiKraii). ] and Chrisi*.',;r-r's 7.7;ii!ciop l.'e.-'tiii.o; ! System. Oth'T |)ie(ur: !o !••/• made '• will hi- ('"attire,-! ,,i li,.. cn-inty will • be aerial picture,-; ol Ijerry Asphalt Company. \\ ;•.,< ,-\i }l , Oil field. Slate ! Nut :,'..'! \ ;-, r.i.il. I '}<•:. 1-j i, i ,,'•'! Com', pri-ssor Sl;.: ; on ol Ari-.a!i:.:is Louis: lana Ga., Coii..pa:iv. !!.;.-.;!nn i-'isl). i ins CJU!) i .,>,- " and ol!'. r i)ii.t.u;-es ! to l;e a.'ill'/ll.'ici d la)' r I! •aildilll ' eolni :•<] ptetu: . •- <;' ;!,. i la riant! , Ga rrlen:; v ; !;i ai.-io ! ,"- !i a'nred jn '. llr- display. M ,|,-i-|.,l <t, i/e e:;h:b. I it' 'i will ipfloiie a ba- .y l.-"d Iron-, J Hu'obard-iia::!,•;.- t'(,;; i: i ,-iy, a : sci en oo-ir .-1 om 1 ii' .-,iand.'Ji'rl ! Screen anil ,\"i.;'.-'-j; v V,-i.-r',:., ai I'jn- | ivii-L. ij'.X'.-:-. i; om (., m-r-ii I;,).: Ci.in • I ;;.ih.v aufl '.:''.{ in:eal:- ir-'.'i ;.:.e Hei'i'v j A: piiidt (.on.ii.-.n;, aofl N'cvada [ Couii.'y Oil : \lni .- i.r'M.-'-SM ri coMon : j seed products. The l-'ue-li.-! ( 'ai^net ; -.vtii-i:s at .'.!os;.;o:i ami I;," Norton i Cabiie. t Shop ol iMiiinei. wid also i be represented. j i J v ollo\on;; tin tiav's ;;c!i\-j[ies in j ! the Marion Hotel th,s exhibit, will; be mover: Io the show windows ot I Ih i-' Arkansas Louisiana (!as COMI-i I/any in Liitlc (,'o.ik '.vlvere it will | I'einain P.,r a \vi t !:. I i^ipiiai ttBto-« Thf O.K.S. met ;:( the M.i.-.on:;- ''!'' "n .-V'lo-.daN ii ; ::ht at ',"::;;; lor : I IK: eleelinn »f olTicei's. ' --" !'t' ' Ih ••• rep.il.-M- e^eiiiiu" Uv following ol'l'ifi.-i's Were i-!...-le;l: ; i'ltis. !k.'!ir.v 'I ]]oinp:.:on. woi'lh • matron: N. N. iJ.'iiii"!. worUp- p;'l]-n/i; 'Mrs. Gciu 1 ;.,!' Ci.-Jiiiiii'.diarn, a.s:,i;e- iate itialron: Sidnev JjOoiriis, associate pati-on; Mrs. Kk-ch';: C. U'eiis. ;••. cielr.ry : Mrs. N. N. Daniel, I The Chamber of Commerce a.n- no'.ni.-ed I(ic!ay that material which I will lie used in the exhibit to be | ci'iisti-iieled in the lobby of the - Marion Hotel on Nevada County i Day is rapidly beinj; assembled ! a,HI tin: committee appointed will j leave Thanksjjiviin; mornini; in or| rlci- lhat they can arrive; in proper I time to have the display complel- I i:il by -4 or 5 p.m. that afternoon. The Greater Little Rock Chamber | of Commerce has requested thai ; Hie display be completed by that , kiiie ni order that proper publicity j can be ,'iiven to Nevada County • ilnomjh tile state- papers which will I photograph the exhibit Tha.>iks«iv- oji atternoon. The hostesses who will ;;roet the cit.iv.i.'ns ol Little Ruck on Nevada : County Day, November 2(i will be i liobbie Ciiinmings of Bluff City. [ I'liena Daniel of Lane-bury. Mrs. Se| Icnea Dillard of Jtoston. Virginia i Ann M;i;oiess of Emmet, and r.Iar- |:-:e)le McErides of Prescolt. Mi:;s j Afcbride. MISS Madness and Miss 1 Darnel will present to each mem- | ber of the Greater Little Rock ' CiK,rnl)i.'r of Commerce a souvenir jo; Nevada Counly \\hich were i made especially lor this occasion. i Ainiounci/mcnl as U; \vhal l);e sou- ; venirs are will not be made until 'ili;. 1 p.'i.-sentalioii by these vcium; Ir.die.s. fie|M-esented in tlie display will be Nevada. County cotton, corn and pictures featuring our dairy pro|.:;-am. tirnbcT indusli-y. Willow Oak Acres, industrial scenes of Present! showing Ozan Lumber Cum pany. Soutliern Ice Company. Gen. mix -^.omiiaiiy. Guilty /.umliei- Company, Nevada County (J:l Mill. I and aerial views of Pro.se.ott and a 1 pieUire of Prestott Hiuli School. Air. and Mrs. Joseph Kdward I Puree!! have rctunici.i io |.iu|e Uock after a visit wi'h ser p i:-,.ni ; iVlr. and Mrs. Horace Hale. Dr. and Mrs. S. I"!. Gee and their clauKiitur. Miss Ar!ie Liixaijeth spent last week in l.itih: lloek. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney i/iemis and dau«-h!or Mickey spent Hie \ve-ekcnd in Cihuif. '-.valer. Te."..-:s as hoir'.e gucsis of Mrs. .Lofi-vn:,' brother. i Mumi MeGoi.i:4!i an.-.! lamilv. Mr. ."IK! Mrs. Imo'i Gee have I'e'iiirnc'd fi-om C'onv.-ay 'Yh'-'-e Ih:" •:'K-:il SC'. erai <!.-.;y? v;',n Mr. and Mrs. r.'oi- Adam.-' and son GK-nti They a!.-;., alie.id.-d lii;- lia:e;'al 1,1 Howard TV. ry »u S'.anr.iy. m -A fei^tH-y!-;-:-' • .-...--afc^ffliu-w Make i;very dinner a real banquet with qay fuiit salads and lottivc ngotablo dishes. And qot fiio maf;in'i riqlif w'nciQ prices arc thiitt- ic'.r . . . .led quality Iho bestcst . . . ol your AiPI Pure Pruif Fresh and Abundant AT YOUR FRIENDLY A&P RICH Wm: LUSCIOUS ^ NUTS! M: ^•^^g^S-^' PRESERVES j"'; 39c Salad Dressing 5'; 57c * Sparkle Gela-rin 3 HT-. 20c Ann Cjqe Tomai-o Ketchup ^'/ 20c Ann Pane t itr;-; Stufr'ed Olives ^i" 53c White House 3 >;•',, 40c Our Own Tea 16 /; /, 14c ANN PAfiT'iiEANS Tum.ito S.::n-c ., . A ' VesvtarL:, ^; | Qc Voilaii i,i } le " ' ' T.-..I; E-.r. ih •.; Cranberries . r '. .-.- :'.•:.•'•• He vl Cauliflower i, .':. R.,i R:, 0 Grapefruit 25c 15c 15c 25c 13c Yams (-..i- ;,MI Corrols l|...,i Lettuce Ib. lOc 2 Bun. 19c Head 13c Tcxfis Oranges Rutabagas Rod Potatoes ,_ Russet Potaioas 5 Ib 5 Ib 31 c 5 = 23c 25c EUIT VA ff r ^ <r« A ^ |? Q '•! »v; Jlr,.. P irhrr Golden Lceif i7. ; . 25c f.'.-i.--. .-i Sandwich Broad |i '- :; - 1 - loc Sandwich Roils 8 ;: ;, ! 5c English Cookies is- :.-. 55c t' I. i s i-i il i i 1. L t/ ii x/ i d CRANBERRY SAUCE ION A PEACHES T o r ..'•>. ' - 1 1- 'T' " u ' ' > [ A&P MINCEMEAT CAKE FROSTING Cleanser " ?.,' f !. Palmolive : . ' 9c i i Palm-Jiv,; lie r Super Suci;. ; 3i'c I- , 3 Soap 2 : | Vc Fob ; ; 33c Ve! " /;-!;. 27c ZIC 29 c 4c 2 Pie-Do Stiov.'di i;t Oil Werners 2?c $1.89 j i.'>3 27c $1.13 39c 49c 1 ' ' K 1C , L I Pork Chops "S ;- -: f.:.r,i" t.-..-,':•, C-.j C,t Pork Roast I..-..,. Sail Jowls Young Hens Pork Rol.il- i: • J;5c Pcrl/Sreak t: - S7c Pork'Chops \~. 55c M '••"< H V 1 ^ *•• ' ^ .4 il-a ^% :.,: ,: BVC ; " .. ;- 6/C 6!c *;;!.;,., ^f^b..3 : f>V\ ; ij^n ; f|r SltiylHI^I^c-L For You at laGrone & Co. You'll save on many Fall and Winfer Hems at LaGrone & Company for each member of the family. Come in and look around, ond get the things you'll need for now and Winter clays ahead. You'll find California Casuals, Rcchey Juniors and Lee's in our big selection of smart dresses, New styles, fall colors and materials you like. We are closing out these 19 ladies coats. Each one a real buy at this close out price. Childrens These are in sizes 2 to 12 and real coat values for only BRASSIERES Question Mark and Star Light Brassieres. A, B, and C cup. 1.49 fro 2.98 Ladies Slips Extra length slips in tea rose color only. Bates Bed Spreads Both single and double bed size spreads. Cannon ASI Wool These Cannon blankets are all wool and in beautiful pastel colors. 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