Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1948
Page 3
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' Thursday, November 10, 1948 HOPE STA.R, HOP.E, ARKANSAS Social ana P ersotici Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Saturday, November 20 The Women's Council of the First Christian chui-oh will have a Rummage Sale at the New Theatre building on South Elm Street Saturday, November 20. All the women who have rummage are naked to j£ av e '<• wi »i Mrs. J. V. Moore, Rr., 008 East 2nd Street. Mrs. C. C. McNeil! Hostess to Lilac Club The Lilac Garden Club met Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the home of Mrs. C. C Mr-Noll with Mrs. A. S. Williams and'krs. li. c. Whitworth. co-hostesses. I'or the occasion the McNoUl hr.me was decorated with hcnutifn! arrangements of chrysanthemums and bright colored fall leaves 4i T1 VL meetin g w 'is opened "with \ rhanksgivine prayer by Mrs A. k. SHisscr. Committee reports were given by the officers. Mrs U. C. Sutton was in charge of the program on "Thanksgiving" Mrs Marion Buchannan gave an interesting Thanksgiving poem. Mrs- *loyd Porterfield told a -Thanks- giving,,stor-y which was enjoyed by all, followed by a solo by Miss Ann Barr, accompanied by Mrs. IVIo Neill at the piano. The club voted two new mem- . bror s "Up the club. They were: Mrs. H. B. Sloan and Mrs. Floyd During the social hour,'the hos- .•tess.es served delicious mincemeat pic aaa mode with coffee to -10 members and one guest, Miss Ann Barr. ' -LAST DAY -— • FEATURES 2:25 - 4:47 - 6:51 - 8:55 Cornel WILDE Linda DARNELL Anne BAXTER Kirk DOUGLAS m PLUS NEWS Garland School P.T.A. Meets Wednesday The Garland School P.T A. mot Wednesday afternoon at the school, the mooting was opened with the j-.ord s Prayer repeated in unison. "Hi by Mrs. L, B, Tooloy. The president's message was 'given by Mrs. Henry Haynes. Mrs. L. B looley, president, conducted the iJiisniess session at which time committee reports were given. The membership committee reported a lotal 01 J84 members. The prize for the most percentage of parents belonging to the P.T.A. \V'i5 awarded to Mrs. McRae Andrews' ihircl grade room. Mrs. Thomason's room won the prize; for h;jv. ing the mo.st mother's present at the meeting. Mrs. E. S. Alexander, program chairman, gave an interesting program on the Four Corner Stones and introduced Mrs. James Mi> Larty who sang "Happy The Home" accompanied by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Those participating on tlio program were: Mrs. Aaron Tollett who gave ."Security", Mrs. Oliver Adams, "Affection", Mrs John Wallace "Play" and Mrs. Olaf Luck, "Worship". These topics are the four corner stones. speaker. Mrs. J. ].;. Coop v v gave an interesting proci-iup <•; lying out tin- llieme <>i <n > %•<!•.• "What Are We Duildin"''. ' ;n prc.venled the lour c-onu>i- ; ;ii>no.s our building of Youth 1'i -v -i Aiiection, Security. IMa'v aiuV \Vi ship. In the room count of :r,othe present, UK- prize w.is award' LO Mrs. Joe Amour's room. Corning and Going DOROTHY D X Lazy Fellow Emerson V. Price of .Shrov-pm-l. La. visited his mother. Airs. '.Su;'.- anna 1-Januim I'nee lii'iv Tiuir.stuiy. Vincent Foster and C. A. Arnil- tagc were busino.s.s visitors \n Magnolia Thuratay. Freddie Pulli-n U-l'l Sutuiav IM accept a yosilio.i in l-U)iislu:i, Tex. Personal Mention Friends of Little Miss Mary Alice iviosley Will regiut to luurii iniu she is d palici.t in Si. Michael's hospital in Te:-.arkana lollo.v- • iiy a tonsiloL-iomy. Dear Dorothy Dix; I am going | with a fellow I like very much. I to be fenced in. So sometimes I The only thing wrong with him think that maybe he won't make is that he \vill not work. His father has warned him time and again that if he doesn't gel a job soon he will be put out of the house, but he Rives no heed to the warning. 1 have tried to gel him various jobs, but no soap. I have , .. told him that I will quit going dumb that you don't realize that fender around with him, but he makes | your sailor's love falk is just so i „,. much malarkey and that if doesn't'. "'' Author of Book on Murder Is Now in Jail New York. Nov. 17 —(/Pi lion with the boating of a 20-year- ja menace to society. Twenty years old department -store buyer. Ahearn to h'fe." was accused of taking $2.000 jewelry and $200 in cash from her. "How to Commit Murder and '^ Get Away With It," describes h6W t'-A " " Ahcnm told the court "I never, 10 , ge j a , w ^ wlth everything ub W (assaulted or robbed anv woman but i'l, iricl «£?irig murder. In 1934^ The was kind to them. My trial was Allt '« 1 7 1 s 'l lf) he was still receiving -------- - - >... .- i.v i v\ us IMIIU lu infill. ivi> ill ill W«IS ... „ . .— —* * *••«. author of a book titled "How to held in Nazi fashion. 1 feel that the r °y al * I( - < s from the book which had jthan 20 women have come forward no otlort to find'work. much mala rkt'y and that it doesn't!, T ' 1 Yv, r . v '' itor ' wlul wrot(1 his booklet! and robbed "or put into com- in'Vailro'a^pa'ss'er I would hate to break up with nu-an a tiling in the world, and that'"' 'I'-"', was convicted Oct. 27 of ipromislng positions and then you batteries that'wei him, but I may have to do it. Do j he hasn't the slightest intention of *°' :olKl Degree robbery in conncc- would shake them all down. You're D.500 pounds, you think • I should do so, or | I'ver marrying you. And thai is —'• • '"-— ~~- - — —-- —.._..—.— L- Air-conditioning and heating Units passenger cats take weigh from 4,80ft to .-.:]ioii)i-| I continue trying to help him? I leave the matter in your 'in- good luck, for a man who has ! _. --- .. - - - l " he forced into marriage makes I a luisbaud U'ho does not even treat I PUZZLED his wife with common decency. j aiul who makes her life miserable. | ie | You are making a great mistake Friends of Mrs. 11. D. Cotfmr.n will regret to know that she is con- iinccl to her bed at 4uO Soutn Kim Street. out for some chap who will want you and think he is the luckiest man in the world in yetting you for I Oglesby Jr. High School P.T.A, Meets The Oglesby Junior High P.T A met Tuesday afternoon at the school. The president, Mrs. Jim McKen/.ie called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with prayer. . During the business BPS- sio.ii,- Mrs. Albert Graves, finance chairman, .reported a total of $111.25 was collected from the Rummage Sale. Mrs. Paul Ralcy, parliamentarian, reported the new By-Laws had been approved. Mis. Leo Compton;. publicity chairman, urged all members to subscribe to •the Parent Teacher magazine-. The membership chaii-rnan announced that five members were needed to have a GO per cent membership. It was decided to have Father's Night with a program by the 7th and 8th grades on December 14. Mrs. Buck Powers introduced the Answer: Well, if you leave the j iuu are making a g mailer in my hands, you will bow | in not letting him go and tonkin" him out of the door and slam it -•-' " • " behind him so quickly he will think the atomic bomb has struck him. For laziness is the most incurable of all vices. It isn't just a weak- ! ness that can possibly be cured. It is a fault that goes to the bone. Lacks Self-Respect Any able-bodied man who sits down on the do-nothing stool and j lets other people work and sup- j port him, is lacking in every qual- j il.V or sell-respect and decency • that makes a man a man. My cavn- | est advice to you is to rid your- j self of this deadbeat before your I liking turns to loving. Don't be ioolish enough to think that you can change him and that, when he is married and has a wife to } support and children to take care hu will be galvanized into ac- Pirst semester .social club pledges at Ouachita College v.-en. announced this week by live ol 1 the ! eight clubs on the Arkaclelphia i campus, according to Pro!'. Albert i Myers. They are as follows: I The EEE's are inducting Miss t i Clarice Brown of Hope, the S.g Alph's also issued honorary membership to Blake Crow of l'rr-.;c..-tt. Prospective members oi: the Red Shirts are Charles G<m,»h 01 Hope and Roy Nix of Smackdver. Alexander J. Slusser, son of Mr. j lion. He never will. He will just and Mrs. A. E. Slusser of Hope. ! lie down and let you work your is among the \'J22 students wno arc enrolled at Hardin- Simmons j university during Uio Jail semester. Slusser is a senior and a member of the Science-! Club and the Texas Academy of Science. fingers to the bone to feed arid u him and provide him with LAST DAY —— — FEATURES 2:00 - 3:54 - 5:25 - 7:22 - 9:19 - — PLUS — Musical Featuretfe Slillwater, Okla., — Miss Alice Lorraine Heard, student at Oklahoma A. and M. College has been named to "Who's Wh-j in AniL-ri- | can Colleges and Universities" it. I was announced today. Eighteen men stucte.-its and 12 women students received the honor ranking highest in a college, students career. Basis Jor selection is high scholarship, leadership, cooperation in educational and extracurricular activities and promise for future usefulness and citizenship. Listed under Miss Hoard's activities were the tallowing: arts and sciences senior majoring in journalism; president and tormer secretary of the Association of Women Students; president of Kappa Delta; Panhc-ilenic; Mortar Board; O'Collcgian; Redskin; Ag^rievator: vice-president, Theta Sigma Phi; past vice-president, Worncns Athletic association: Pi Gamma Mu; former delegate to UNESCO conference in Denver; ar'.s and sciences senator; senior senator. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. Richard Heard, 220 Grady Street, and was graduated as an honor student from Hope High School. drink money. No woman wishes a harder lot on herself than the one who marries one of these I.W.W.'s who was born so tired that he never can get rested. . , Dear Miss Dix: I am engaged don't make a bad matter worse b to a sailor who says he loves me and wants to marry me some Dear Dorothy Dix: I married at the age of 20. My wife and I lived happily together until I went into the army. We have three little girls of whom I am very fond. While I was in the army. I provided a very good income for the support of my wife anci children; but when , I returned home last year I found | a stranger tnere .as many of us servicemen have, and I had to divorce my wife and place my children in an orphanage, where they seem very happy. I now have met a nice girl with whom I have fallen in love and whom I would like to marry, but my ex-wife wants me to remarry her and build a home for her and the children. What would yon advise? Must I call in the law" to help me, or blou 1 my ex-wife's brains out? EX-SERVICEMAN ! Answer: Whether you remarry your faithless ex-wife or not is, 6f- course, something that you alone can decide. But, for heaven's sake, ' ' lime, but every time I start talk- j ing about the wedding he changes i the subject; and when I try to I make him name the day, he" puts ! ii off and says he doesn't want res murdering her, as so many grief- no- I crazed husbands do when they find Admitted: Mrs. W. M. SlroMd. Hope . Mrs. Vinnie Po\ve;l, Hope Mrs. J. T. Butler, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Frank Russell, Hope. then- wives have betrayed them. You can't wash out the memory of the wrong your wife has done you in blood. And surely your poor little children have "had enough misfortune in having such a mother to be entitled to have a father they can love and respect, instead of one who is serving out a sentence for manslaughter. tReleased by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) Hospital Notes Josephine Mr .and Mrs. Wayne Turner. Hope, announce the arrival of a son on November 17, 1948. Admitted: Mrs. Hubert May, Paunos. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Charlij Hairslon. Rosston. Discharged: Arl'nadale Hefner, Hope. 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