Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two Two Sought for Florida JL° P E STAR ' HOPE, ARKANSAS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National S;ockviirrl:.-. III.. ? —f.'Vi—TloKs. tl.GOO .mr.rkel Boca Raton, Fla., Nov. 17 — <UP> n.ay'-V' ;) 'voi'•'('("'''"llrif 1 '"''-^' lO'leo sought a Texas "bad mar,•'• i choice i:',0-;';i) Ybs •>v'<iii-'>v in met an Oklahoma ex-soldier today ;most!v for "•ri"his'"iiii< : fc'r "• toi questioning in the murders n! ".'•]'.)-Zl~0 li;s 'M 7~'-'''> en t'.t'd "]• sculptor Lcno Lazzari and Iv.s wife< ; 300 |bs 1 '>V,0-' •'il'o'iiid •-•'•)-, r <-»''v Sjnday morniiiR. 175: i; ood'sows •!<>! I!;?; o'Vi-.-t', J aim Beach county officials said '20.fi(i : ,,v,.- .;no i,,,- n, i)l-Pu liicy were searching for Lonnio ' )fi.0-l?:.n RMSS wanted in Jim Wells Coun-i c ,,,„,,' ,, - m ,.. l]v ,,, , , n . i°-ii "v£" • for assnil!t w >"i '"tent to i,,.,,: I- "•:,!,:: ,.,!},"• ' Kill, They were informed by To-<--:;!,,,,.'< ; n u'~n' n;. '.nic.-rs that Anna m.ss. wife ;!.: V-. "i. .",1; ' of Ihe fuRitivo, had notified them '•;',',. (.';,,'.,,•',. *<"- _ fugitive could be found at a niMium vicl •'.' :3 a]m ''n. -.n. ,,,',,.. ,.''',. AM.,ors. Chrysler. Goodrich Tire, Cf V\ J L. A Calfjullnr Tractor. Douglas Air-i Kl UOrOdO MflH I craft, Schenlcy, Electric Power Light, Konnecolt Copper, Du Thursday, November 18, 1948 j —*-)•"., j»^-i 111-_ i-vjii, v~v;[jpLi, j Pont, Westinghousc Electric, ope tar Sfo> of Mop-. Cln : .:,'.idr-Hj;j STAN c. r. Grand Master !M^rChen li cair l R^oS r ^ta^: <>* MaStOtlS ;;»rd Oil (NJ) and Plymouth Oil j , ., , „ Lncier pressure off and on were I, Llttlc Rock, Nov. 17 (JR.—The Ar; /.l<>i)t«otr,ery Ward, Common-| ltansa ? ^rand Lofj g c > Frec a "c! Aci'"""!th Edison. Owcns-Itiimis copied Masons, today named C. i/tmor'can Tobacco, American!°" Chft ' El Dorado, its grand , oolon (off about 2). ';,y. Nickel Pile t Pictures. Southern master. elected Grand Junior Deacon. They fill vacancies in the roster of officers caused by the deaths. Other officers, most of them advanced one step to a higher post in accordance with Masonic custom are: Truman Carried Ad But Five State Counties „ r . Little Rock. Nov. 18 —If?) —Pres- L. Lester Hanna, Little Rock, ident Truman carried all but five deputy grand master; Dr. Gilbert (Arkansas counties in the Nov 2 Kimball. DoQueen. grand senior election. warden; Dr. Wesley ,L Kelz, Bates- Huffins. 20, Ozona, driver of a truck which struck and fatally injured Leon Tavener, 11, at Ozone Monday. I through succession election. Official returns show Madison ---. r .,-i-4 i i.•-.«.-.,, j^i. ..t-nn.,y ,j. is.ei/., nin.es- ^Jiucuu reiuvns snow M&uiauii and Para-! t - lllt ' n "- s been grand master ivillc, grand junior warden; W. A. and Newton counties voted Repub since two grand Hicks, Little Rock, grand Ireasur- iican and Lee, Crittenden and 11 « eh M»H 1 i rvM% Ql*' \V A TVi rvi-*-\ -in TJ441.--. n „ ,,1- .l!>-ii« it..,, f . ^ , ..: :i._ i . . i poor for a hearinfi Sheriff's deputi thOliOos at Baton ' „ a P-j;<nd cmlu-rs Kl Sheriff's deputies hero said nil- £i'-" t!0cl ';"" !s /"T" i; '' OliOos at B » - ' : v '- 1( '! ;; '•: 1 cly: I i L,<1.. m( , ( j' -, . :l1c K ' :( ' 0 ' 1 . : : nfj (lh ""' 1 • ! ' l r A llp ! ° 2j - llJ Kf(m ' > ht ' lrt flt Av" A -. — , morning when the, s ."' ''n .,,,. , , , Lazvaris were killed bv bullets', ! , ' , , ! -\ Sll1l ' s !nlnl): ' tired into their stomachs i s \\' m ? ;'!.'""-'M-V '•'-•> ^"^r: gener- The Oklahoma)! entered the case i.'J.Hv'l 0 '! 15 ', "i , , - thrruph an army "clog tag" found j • ' '''" (l|1 " K ' 1 ' -voolcu near (he studio home of the slain ,?.'h,T couple. Police Chief W. W. Brown! "'said it bore an Oklahoma next-of-' ; Kin address.. Qkjahoma authorities were asked to check. ' _Also sought was a woman hitch ^ hiker picked up by road patrolman near the Lazzari home early Sun- flay. She had slashes on her irhroat which she said were inflicted by her husband. She told "the police will be look,,, husband in the morning. ', he has gone too far." She was released by the patrol- iv?' „,,,„„ . men, who assumed her troubles nc ns? bo (h jnasters died within a short time 'recently. The two were Noah Stock- Ort.i,, Asiatic and Afnc.n, fish i^^™' ""* K " D ' McNc:ie . i: m«K ;:ion^tkwu,,17 kl ^D ! ^^^' A '-- -a. elected ils _ >!J|ls nml fL _ ..v.»c,.y -JG^S™,^ Deacon, ,,d f L. Lei- Member of th, A-,oci U ! C d POULTRY AND PRODUCE , Chicago, Nov. 1,'! -—!/]'• -- Butter! eak: receipts •104.73.'!- jjrifcs 1 \-'>. l "•'''•'"•' r ' lr - l ' t l '"-"' >'. cniiilnd .-.xclii-ivcly' n •ore 3 AA. C n2 l A "a^qo' n '-li? 1 ^ % \ ; rLi-^^'- 1 '^'-- ! .-U;V^cn 11 ™ C GO.5 cars: !)• 01.75; !!() C i •rl no ccllls , °" turkeys nt 415-50 ! , an f l : ? 7 ' R " on .V«"-""< i C \vholosale market.! Mother, you know what wonderful relief you get when you rub on warming Vicks VapoRub! Now ... if a cold chokes-up your youngster and makes breathing difficult . . . here's a special way to use VapoRub foi- grand relief, too! . . . It's VapoRub Steam! Put a good spoonful of Vicks VapoRub in.a bowl of boiling water or vaporizer. Then ... let your child breathe in the sooth- tag VapoRub Steam. Medicated vapors penetrate direct to cold- congested upper bronchial tubes, bring relief with every breath/ For continued relief while .child sleeps, rub throat, chest and back with Vicks VapoRub. It keeps working for hours to relieve dis- __ „ _. _ ^^, . Try it! ®W VAPoRUB' ,'ii ' Sl i GRAIN AND PROVISIONS I Chicago, Nov. 1.'! -- (,r> .— All !-'(y h iRvains retreated on the Board of jH'i..";(! [Trade today, knocked down by a iOct h!:;ii L ; f;.7i.. - I,,-..; ; igroup of mildly bearish items "hit-! i!'i--:IJ Min;; a market which trarli-rs j (thought was ripe for a tumble, i NEW YORK COTTON [Losses ran to around 2 cent- all X'-w York. Nov. I". i times in wheat, one corn. ' jfu'iires w.'i-'> "n -v 'IM!-,- j Among the be'arish ilrncs w;js a:i Itert.d li(|uii':,li'- i •embargo on shipment.-; of bull; ' in -'l onlv ::f." ; |'- < grain to Houston, wiu'eh had be- :.Sclliii^ 'i.-a;-; ii.-o- come an importont f:-;por1 port for i "ii!avorai>U-l h:;i {'rains since Hi" K(:>r; of M"' Loni.'-'P" 1 ' '•-' i".ito!i shoremen's .strike on the North At- ; Tin.: ci'ii.-'n;; I/-. lantic Coast. Anolber way. i'eceipt i 'o'orr us" :M i;;: of heavy snoxvj in ixiris of ihe \v\n- : lr;;de looirrvl fn : - tcr wheat territory. : 72li.f)()U b."iK'.-;. Corn harl to contend with a weak' .!'' r 'tui c:-s cio-t- cash !L"'-iin nmvkft, vhich also \vas !>:| l" lov.-i-r li.:,;! jtiTiCcablo in part to (be LOIKT- j &<'<' hi;.'h .''I.:-:-: (shoremen's :;lrike. Processoi's nnrl ': 'II.7V oil if | corn dryer;; wore less a:;»t-essive : i'.'feh hi-jh ;-!l.;;i bidders. The liovi-rnrncni houfht : •'•L7- of!' Ill no corn here 'yestcrrlav. allhough "'ay hish ;;.(;-! it was offering to take the grain to- ' -H.^'J. oi'f JM day. ;jly liifih ;;(!.'/.') These items came at a time j ''O.li-! off 10 when the market's teehnic;;) posi-;Oct hi,<:h "I!.7.1 lion was weak, traders said. Ris- ' "!!.<M off ;) ing prices over tin; past several : l^ec hi'Kh :.!.')..')() sessions had made ihe market! 2li.-i:!n c.t'i' 7 vulnerable for a -reaction Ihev " added. Wheat closed 1 3-4 lower to 1-fi higher, Docejiibei' $2..'{7 r)-H-7-/:, NEW YORK STOCKS corn was 1 12 to 2 cents lower,! New York. :-iov. in —./!>,—y r ac December $1.-J2 1--I-III. oats were ' tic.ial pric<- i.-hau:;"s we]-'- liie n-U. 38 l?-4 lower. December V,?, n-l!-l2. ! in a steativ :'!..rk r.iaVi-ft ' i-u]-, v rye was 1 12 to 2 cents lower,! At the fin;.! ln-n siaii.s and ;, ; -\.= Deacember !>.7!J. sovlx'an;- wer. 1 1111 i '•'•'''! '• in i'!o:;e i, M.-M>C- l"- : 'i'cr' " '( changed to (1 cen'is a hundred j g;' 1 ! ah-;-! ..!\,r;!i'. i h'r' da"v v:-r ( pounds lower, Novomber .$){!. ~t'2. ifrtn'il./s;; liut al t.;•>,• .-;'!!-,.• li'/i.,- ;•'il^ NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Nov. Ki - I. - - I. ;i..••;:•. last iow .'?l.'IV las* •••• lov.- :'.o.r,;j \.; K - low 2,'i.-;2 last <-'-,v 2i;..' : ;! iapt .--II off i) , . ..... .— Cotton futures declined today under •, ..... • ....... ; ........ ............ were domestic ones. Now she 'i: !,;;-. kr; or!::!,):,! <b-o::;).'.'..i to ;):;• 'o-\ ,••:,!. i \i-,-i>k, \\-\\\\ Imsine-s for' sluii -it t!ii' \-:\ •> ol'i . : -m-v<"' ' - " ' soutjlit for nossibk: connection with I Hii'lier prii-.'-' V- ..V. ,--,,) •->-. -i O r ' the slayings. ., n^jltln- ,| a y f,,r U s" Sti'' ''' 25% Wool BLANKETS Size 72x84 $7.98 value for Coffon BJankeis Single colfon blankels - , 1 ^< ach 8 u^P BOYS SWEATERS Coat Style For school wear Men's WORK SHOES Heavy ond \v.?il Men's Sweaters Coat style with Leather trim. Each JEL98 Men's Dress Sox Rayon with Elastic tops Boy's Heavy SWEATSHIRTS Blue, Tan , , r !'<rd PHONE 632 HOPE, ARK. Phil- ' ~ — • - ^—"• t t-^i ij,i ILI 11 <_ n.) i.ti -..—-.«.. tt 111.1 i.jv, u, \_^i i L n:i in^i i unci c ni i~ er; w .A. Thomas, Little Rock, ilips gave a majority to the States grand secretary; Baker Clark, Lit-!Rights Deamocrats ' tie Rock, grand lecfurer; C. Hamil- , ton Moses, Little ,Rock, grand ora-l tor and the Rev. Paul Galloway, i DRIVER CHARGED . Little Rock, grand chaplain. Clarlvsville, Nov. 18 — (/p) — ^ — • t^ il *'"-' v.n n |y t ci ii i. v^i <' i ivo v J I H', iN »i V, Jo ' I/I ) A The grand lodge meeting ended charge of involuntary manslauch- U"^ afternoon. l tc r has been filed against V.aveni PILES Hurt Like Sin! Bui Now I Grin* Thousands change eroans to grins. Uaa (i rtnrtora formula to relieve dlHcomfort ?«n p » iJt• ont dr «SSlsts by noted Tliorn- nnVii?.- Mln <"; Clinic. Surprising QUICK K^rto Y° re 'J5 £ o£ P ain i Uc ". irritation. T °"' lo ,to Bottcn, shrink swelling. Use ln T" l> ;- , Minors Rectal ^ S 3 \ o sale at . ,. tube Thornton Ointment or Rectal Sup-™™ label Ulrections. drug stores everywhere. AT GIBaON DRUG "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" and ENDS CLOSE-OUT STAR BRAND OXFORDS Broken lots in these brown Moccasin toe oxfords. Sizes 8>/2 to 2. Special for only Here is another Foster Shoe event that you can't afford to miss. You'll find Money Saving Values in these STAR BRAND Shoes and Boots. Make your plans to be here early as they are going fast at these LOW PRICES CLOSE-OUT STAR BRAND CASUALS These casuals in brown or red. Regular values up to 4.95 'SHoiy*^. ••J-U.5.>AIO'V* STAR BRAND Close - Out Another real buy for Chocolate rosite, 16 inch boots with full double leather soles. These were 17.95 boots. Now Close - Out 18 inch black retan boots with good composition soles. These were regular 8.95 boots. Now only the Star Brand boot you'll want for winter. Brown finish elk, 8 inch hi-cut Drillers Boot. Widths C to E and sizes 6 to 12. At left. Now only . Star Brand boot that's a real value buy. Chocolate waterproof, 10 inch Hi-Cut Bird Shooters boot. Widths C to E and sizes 6 to 1 1. At right. Now only. A Star brand work shoe in brown retan leather with plain toe and composition sole. Sizes 6 to 12. Now only J.U S.'Al OH. CLOSE - OUT Brown elk finish, 17 inch pull on boots. They were regular 17.95 values. Idea! for cold wet days. Now only ts? Close - Ouf Broken lots in these Rand Craft and Star Brand brown oxfords. Moccasin toe and cap toe styles Values to 10.95. STAR BRAND This Star Brand shoe as shown below in brown retan, one piece quarter, rubber outsole and rubber heel. Sizes 6 to 12. , STAR BRAND CHILDREN'S SHOES Moccasin vamp Star Brand Hi-Top shoe for children as shown above. Plain toe. A real value. Sizes Sizes 12i to 2 GIRLS CASUALS This strap casual as shown above comes in red or brown. Sizes 4 to 9 and only Childrens Sizes 12;-to 3 'Where Good Shoes Are Fitted Correctly" FAMILY SHOE STORE 101 East 2nd St. CORBIN FOSTER Phone 1100

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