Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six Hctrriman May Get Top Post Jn Cabinet \Vashingtori. Nov. 10 — t/P>— Spec- Dlnfion mounted today that W. Avorcll HaiTimr.ii, ihc Marshall Plan--ambassador-al-Jargc, may be dealt n more potent hand in President Truman's new term. Lower echelons of the Economic Cooperation Administration buzzed with reports that Harriman, a rnul- U-miMionairo and staunch Democratic party supporter, might: 1. Replace Republican Paul G. Hoffman as ECA administrator, Harrimnn, as ECA's special repre-. sontative in Europe, now is No. 2 man in the recovery agency. 2. Or as rumored previously, become; Secretary of State if and wh«n George C. Marshall steps down as he has indicated he wishes to do. The Slate Department, with Mr. Truman's backing, could make its influence fell in the otherwise independent Marshall Plan operations. Harriman, Washington - bound Ircm his Paris ECA headquarters, W-" due to Arrive today. One subordinate official was offering to bet that by the end of January — thai is. after Mr. Truman's inauguration — Harriman will bn running ECA, in name or in tact." \Vorking against that theory, however, is an apparently widespread feeling on Capitol ''ill thai the European recovery effort has boon operating satisfactorily under Hoffman's leadership. Nevertheless, a sharp presidential rebuff to Hoffman came to light yesterday. Mr. Truman, it was learned, has suggested to Hoffman that he reverse one of his basic policy decisions — a two-and-a-half month old order ending government grain buying on December-1 and returning the wheat and corn export trade to private channels. Mr. Truman has apparently aligned himself against Hoffman with his Secretary of Agriculture, Charles F. Brannan, a stalwart campaign helper. Brannan opposed Hoffman's private-trading plan last August, when 1nc- proposal was a behind-the- scenes i.ssue. Brannan felt that his Commodity Credit Corporation (CCCO should continue for a longer time to buy grain and sell it to the fliarshall Plan countries, which pay for if with ECA dollars. Forrest 1 City to Vote on Leasing .Power-Plant - ; ;<!'! * Forrest City:' Nov.'. 10, --fas^C^i- J«ns -of -this East" Arkansas''*city voted today on whether 'the rKuni- F Be Part F HOPE STAR, HOPE:, ARKANSAS Musi Lift deSciys •I--2re's Our Only Active Battle-Wagon Wednesday, November 17, 1948 Heiress Wants Someone to i Kry VVc'.-l.. Kl,-i.. i-.'ov. Kl -i/T, - 1'i er.ident Trunidii said il'.liv !"• -i."..v thr. United .Slat.-., v.i'i i-'o! !•••- i.urnc four-j)ov,'f'r neMo'iali';;);, ua I,! 1'ir.any u:i!il Soviet l!;i..-s!a lil't ; i'.'- HI.hin blockade. Chrissie, checking over a Irail n • is the first dog to climb all -):! p ' New York state range. Giace !,'i; first woman to do the trick, (.'hi-i:l N. Y.. is part rn;.ni••-, ;:!; Mountain;-, :: over, in th-> hri:;.'-!.-!, is thrj Wednesday, November 17 i The men of, .the Presbvl.'.ri-,.. : church will meet at the chmrh , L : i o:30 : p.m. for supper and a i,.e.- : gram. i There will be choir pracliee Central Baptisl church at 7 p lollowcd by prayer services ai ,' I Presbyterian choir will me. ! Ihc church for practice at 7:U ]i ci- <,! !!••. v-oi-t :,.,,-, -...-ith Sce-a 10 a:tend the to ;the'Ar.ka.nsas Povfer iind'IJght Corn'pflny. v '. J .'V ! '" : ','-,!f|i.|'',".'.' : ''"''"'./,''» -^^c,..2Jte' bpp.pSinfe-Uhfc* .Under th'e'prf 1 ~- L "~ i " L cil would lease me pi, le.rrns jof; the A,P- i&' (( t,. j' bvc.'.-. f t *- J REZNOR "Automatic" Suspended Gas Heater* $AVE floor space, cut installation, maintenance and fuel costs in factories, warehouses, offices, and stores. The big, quiet fan and efficient heat exchanger make Reznor heaters tops for economy and comfort. Find out today how Reznors place heat where and when it's needed. Plumbing - Heating Phono 259 Harry W. Shiver Methodist choir will have >r lice at 7:,'JO p.m. There will be a teacher.-; ar.d «,'i'i ccrs meeting at First 1 :••, church at 7 p.m., pi-aver serVic-- at 7:45 and choir practice at ii. A mid-week meeting will '„•.• V-< at the Christian church at ?-',, p:m,:Mrs. Wagner will n.-sunv t-., studies in the Book of John, i '}>•••, will;be- choir rehearsal at lh;- i-ie Of the Bible Study. L e i i : , i , — - , Thursday*! November 1,3 /iThe 'Ladi'es. Auxiliary of ti-,e C ' tral; Baptist church will i.-avc .all-day quilling with a po!-lucl: da ftcr-'Thursday in the homo ui ;>lr L 1 . ''J. ' Duke,- .Route (i, _ _ 'Friday 1 , ; Nlovbmber '19 1 'Wit- Benjamin Gulp C.'h."nVr D.A'.'R./wi'ir meet Friday afiei ;H.. W ',11-irt) at the liomo-of 'Mr.-;. I'., r McKenzic with Mrs. Ucrry I;,":', - Mrs. • R. - P.- liamby co I;,. : ;John L. McCartney J. V. McMaheu elite)•( •;> a'-bridgo party Friday a. noon at the homo of Mrs. iv; : .C '••Bridge! guests Cor the aft,..', were: Mrs. Guss McCask-li ;\ Wv-S." Regan, Mrs. Bob lie\; -, Mrs, Dullls Atkins, Mrs i\l •:';-'; tiss, Mrs. Charlie Scott, Mr:-. ! sell Mobcrg, Mrs. Dudley f:,,r, -Mrs. H. H. McKenzio, Airs. Ver Buchanan, Mrs. Sain Scon f J. T. Worthiiigton, Mr:;. i:ia>'e Ci;;rk. Mrs. Smith. Mr.:. 1.,-, , Mrs. Bryson. Mrs. Glenn llsi;-. was a tea guest. Tho hostesses served a cu-kvl: dessert course. b'raness session. i:d !i(i:ir a Bible 1 '.•••'.'. Trie hnsless '•.e.•."••ri. plate i.o '.•s piv:..!. ; nl: IVlrs. •-. S. !.!. Gee. Mrs. A. f.!. A;;;::, r. '". r.lr.,. Lee Ko\ ( .,-\ Siovali, Mrs Mr;;. J.-ck Kam- .erke and :\trs. J. ,-Hire international sitnMion v.-illi jHneielary of Silato Marshall and j roving IOCA Adininisu-alor Maivi- |m;:n at Hie White Jh>n;.e N,,v. ;;>/. Mr. Trurnan made it cle, 1 .- Ilia!: 1. He ha.s no plans for a ne.ei!:i'; with Premier Slalin. !le said lie ui'l iiol leae<- Was';- inglon in: 1 .'-aicii a c.,nie.. in-, . ii.;, Dial his iiH-ita-lion )o .Slaliu lo vi::ii V.''a;:liin;.;ioi) ; ;till slanrls. '.'.. He has no pla.'i;,- In s,--nd ;ri •nnssary lo Mo-;rov,- \n ial•; ".ar. ,.'--Ja)Mi. He c>.-ns:;lered .seildin/; : Chief Jur;tice Vinson un such a ; mission dui'ii)-; 111" cl^.-air^ f.'ii.v;-; oi j li'.p election campaign, iiut Mar- jsli.j!) l;)]);ecl li:m oi:l of it. | - J .. He is as/'.ii!;; '.b;; bi-partissn • co!):jj,isj;jon on o)-,':a)iixa[ioi'! of (lie j "xeciitive branch of (he K»vern- I'iienl In c.ojii iniie its v.'ork. Th'. 1 'commission is Ir-ack'd by forme;- I President Herberl Hoover. !. hi nnnonncin:; lie \vas askine Mr. Hoover In continue the \vo:-!:,' ho sr.id lij hoped it could faeilita'.- "f.riecli'"~- and economical administration." Tho president left no doubt i!r>( , be wants Secretary of State Mar- I shall to continue in his post by I savin;:; he and the cabinet official ' are in perfect agreement on ov-v-| thina and they always have been '< General Mai-shall, he said, ncvcv. wanted to do anything but reti••••-> : frorvi the time lie left the nrmV" I He is servinj; as a patriotic chtlv' ! i And. the presirient \vent nn Ct-'r- '> '•ral Marshall is one of tbe ['real-i est patriots of this country. " ] In his first news confereivr. : mice his stunning election vicjo-v the president iinnouncecl unequiv'o- ' cnlly that he would press the "D--V ' Congress for enactment of th,'-- l.;emo(.'/atic platform, includim,' Iho civil ^riglits proposals, and embrae- : jins rus original 21-poJnt ciome-'^ic !'.i-oj;vani of Sept. C. HHa. | Rut, adopting the language of jhis recent campaign, he" s;dd ir' i iwoplcl not call a spocial .session of i •A-nat he described as the do-noLh-: inr; fjllth Congress. Senator Bridges (U-N II) i,--.i ; •)r -iiosed a special session 'lo dV-,';' Ch l in-i thC dctel ' ioratin « situation in Mr. Truman said today tliat we '•'•' in communication "with th,' 1 ureEidenl of China now. He von!-"!' not discuss Irs eommiinic-iiio'r; with Cmang Kai-sheck. howev;-!- • A.-; to whether new aid is bei.'i" Planned, he said Congress has a\i- Ihorixi-rl sp-endiii» Sl-^S.onO OOO' ;ui-i t!;-::t S112,[IOO.(U)(I has been sn.-nt c'-'-img that country.' Mr. Truman said that S'-o'el -i —- ; oi State Marsh ill has pron-'-n-i : i ^', n ,'. en J f - !U J '° r , 1 ' ok ' ;lsi -' late,' oif !he larv-i'eneral of the United NaMorr; ih" mi''r. ul ' 1 V-EvaK-.P^sirU.,,! of the UN Lreneval Assembly that h-. and the heads of the o'l!vr- (•/••• ijig nations go over the heads V-" die general assembly and res-i-^e negotiation;;. He said he had" ao- l-i-^vc;! the Mavsh.UI statement. " i- I!. • a.ssoi'tion ibat ne.i-'oti-ilio •••• i j-vill not l>e rcs'.ined unless r--',- i |l.'loj|-.:Kle is lifted apparentiv "i- -^.": • [ major point of the statemi-.; 1 i | In his slate, of union messa---- i|Vlr. 1 run-inn said he will carry n';:i "is campaign promise to ur".- i,-' l-'eal of the Tuft-Hartley Act'" ( ffepeal, he said, likely will ha-- - ! i'o bn accomplishod by ameir!- the Wanger Labor Rel'ations >('••/' Cilice the Tart-Hartley law it---...-' '•'•'•'is an amendment oi' that 1-.-..-1 tien. '•'' Tiie president had a ne\v and i- •- ieralded visitor todav—-\V. Sea - ; ' " oilj U S bittltship now on active duly, arrives in New York. The skyline can be seen in tho background. A tug aids the 45,000-ton ship up the river.' n «"rros 'World I liriSleo Over Pmice Shows Tliere bo: n tlu-illiiig Vj.-.-.!.-y. I ;>U'-'SS fii'rv about hu- :l. 'iT-lly circled Uie ovonl, be- Arroaant 7 . in the throne. ,. s- ii, -st ch;kl. :-:-',o:'y \vas un- :'iut i 1 . became a i)i, y — the --• ':\'i\« one day " , -" Bueking- ' tiie people :.!i:.- ..-, r.-.inn- J. A. Cole, Nevada Coiiiitv ( man of Boy Scouts ha;; aui that the 1!MU Drive lor Fund Washington, Nov. 10 Wi— The showdown on a change in the Republican national committee's leadership is likely today to be postponed until early next year. Clarence Budington Kclland. Ari- xona national committeemaii. hns demanded that the Republicans fire what he called tiie '-Albany group" 11 OITI parly control. Kelland's letters to national corn- mi Ueemen and state leaders found Chairman Huyh D. Scotl, Jr., and other lop GOP officials vacationing. Hence there 'was no immediate reply to Kelland's suggestion that the Re-publicans clean house "from top to bollurn." U'lt committee aides said a meeting will be held, rrobably shortly after tho first of the year, at which any member can air his views. Kelland, who rode Hie "Vici-jry Special" of Gov. Thomas E. Dewey through Arh'.ona, came up yesterday with his criticism of what he called the "arrogant" campaign put on by the defeated presidential nominee. ','The Albany group provided the candidate with smug, "shallow, insincere speeches," Kellancl wrote u.dloy,- committee membois, add- in": " "I-l. v.'a:; a contemptuous cam- -jair,n, ' contomptuous alike ol our ,-mtagonists and our friends." He fr.tL'ge.'Ued that the committee inoet (itiickly and get about the ij..;.-',niess of tossing out the officials he «aid Dewey and his organiza- tion had "imposed" on the national committee. Scott, a Philadelphia congressman who war, re-elected handily, was picked as national chairman when the committee reorganized after Dewey's nomination. However, Dcwcy's team— consisting of Herbert Brownell Jr. J. Russcl Spraguc, New York national cor.v.Tutteenian, and ICcl Jaeckel, Buffalo leac'er — took over ll-.e actual running of the campaign. Friends said Scott would like to remain as national chairman in Ihc belief that he could help coordinate congressional Republican policies with those of the national committee. But a lot of Republicans apparently Ihin'r, with Kelland, that it may be time to start rebuilding with a fresh crew. I As a twice-defeated candidate, jDcwey's influence is likely lo be at |a low ebb in committee affairs. He had said he won'l give up his titu- jlar leadership of the party. Btit he |has announced he won't run again, i Any el'lort to remove Scolt is jhkely to be accompanied by back .stage jockeying between potential IflHU presidential nominees for a choice favorable lo them. In any .such .'-crarrible. supporters of H;;ro!d K. S(:issen eoulii "be expected to be t'ounrl wing ior nosi- tion with backers of Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio. Helping the Doctor The doctor's new secretary, a conscientious girl, was puzv.led by an entry in the doctor's notes oil an emergency case: "Shot in the ! lumbar region, 'it read. After a moment she brightened and. in the interest oC. clarity, typed into the record: "Shot in the wood:-- " •• ' —-Neal OHarr,. McNa'.tght Syndicate. Columbus. O., Nov. 16 —(UP) — A pretty 17-year-old once-married heiress from ot. Petersburg, Fla., sa.id today the her divorced parents had given her everything that money could buy but she ran away to find "someone to love me." Darl-.-haircd Phyliss Hockaday, da ugh lor of Mrs. Clyde Hockaday oi SI. Petersburg, ran away from Dayton. O., where she had been living near her father. Police look her into custody yeslcrday in a downtown holcl to try to "correct" her. 'I've been showered with everything," she said. "I had my own convertible— anything that money would buy. But I'm looking for the one thing everybody wants', I want someone to love me." Police c;ueslionod an air force lieulenant who occupied a room near the pretty young brunette in tho hotel. The lieutenant had driven Phyliss to Dayton last Friday for her clothes which were at nh aunt's homo. The officer was not held. The girl is the granddaughter of Uobtrt Osnau. president of the St. Petersburg Ship Building and Supply Co. Her mother also is wealthy. She said that she lived with her mother until she ran away last June to marry an 18-year-old New Jersey disc jockey and that "my mother bought me things — but she didn't act like she wanted me. She criticized everything I did. Nobody ever really loved me." "I thought Ihe marriage would work," the heiress said. "But my husband took me to an atlic room. His parents disapproved of me. They broke up our marriage. Then she told police she fled to her father and got a job as a private secretary. She said she "thought I'd be happy with him. He was more of a pal. But I only saw him twice." "What will happen to me now?" .she asked. "Every girl wants her | mother. My mother may not want |mc now. Whichever one— my fa- jlher or mother — wants me the |most, that's the one I want." Juvenile Court Referee Genevive Taylor said arrangements have been made for the girl to be admitted for observation' at the Alfred Willson Children's center. "She is emotionally very upset," ?/Iiss Taylor said, "we want lo find out, if that has caused her behavior." Mixed Drink A young man. having imbibed too freely, draped himself around a lamp post when a priest walked up to him. Said tho priest, "Young mr.n. what do you mean by being in such a condition? What on earth have you been drinking?" To which the youth replied, "Three Fathers, feather." — Western Bldg. -Don't let-courjiiinr;, wheeling, rocurrin? . lacks of Bronciilal Asthma ruin sleep and energy without tryine MENDAOO which works thru the blood to r^acli bronchi-! -. . "'Vlit.lll.il i Eqsocougb ) aiid soothe throat fast. 1 • Children, w' adults liko pleosfuif; tnBting— faction or money back u'uuvant'ced. COUCH SYUUP pi * < ,7 i and snifflcsj ., , ; YQJU brcatho i cnsiaf iright iaway. PENETRQ NOSE CROPS , IT "•' t-, ivi i i:HM V .. i Wallgreii of Washin-.ton • i is ev:,eet,/d (o ., ( .t a top a,i,-, istralion post. Cuth rh./ve.: i"j !lhe news eeiifereuce nil ih,. ' .. jc:ous lawn of the eomiviand.,' | lio:;;;e on tins naval ha.-,e. Th,. ,i !l>l l;1 '"id the newsi'nen iM-n-d ;'~ie shade of a largo ci.r!; t' : - .-tr, ".m-'ined i ' H'-usi 1 of j V .., :J , ; ,, ; , ; ^,. n reiovnu-d. i mW •i.;:-iMO.-.,.rl Ol! MiV-.:-:^' e; nn^ad ol j pp^" ' '•' •:••'••:' As ! t%;fc™ ••hii, 1 iinliilitvi M.. , : ' i : . .;'|i '<;"-' '•'Tolely and! (T'fe^ '' «-:i lather MILLIONS DEPEND ON THIS NAME o Ciroaked WANTED - Logs GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM SYCAMORE - HOLLY OPE BASKET Call 1000 or Contact Office locks LYNN :fery Family Needs a i PLAN TO BUILD YOURS IN BEVERLY HILLS We have a good selection of choice lots available now — Don't wait -• Buy Today — All utilities will Le furnished and the cost included in the price of the lot —- 'i .^-..rninj. Har^ !•' ' •''dslUol.ik.'.S .i.--.--'..-.-;'..''.!" ' ; ' | "•'• 1 .:• -r. ;.;,: I [I],- ' ''•• : ' ! '•• he eai'i.-; LiMy e':a: i;a : 1 •'•:'•: : ;; i 11 O i •••...; i '' : \ , !.,..;-:i iie|-i: :\v,.i d i :; ,- i ' ' i . . ' i r. Come in — find oul how Packard takes the tension out of city driving! Hero's a car that meets ;/// the demands of downtown traffic. And baiultiii 1 ^ ctisc is only an ever-prt.-.SLT;i part oi thu story. \\ hat impresses you first, in this block, room)' Packard, is the \\ ay you can .vev — tiie v.ondertvil feeliir; of always knowing exact!) 1 where the iroiu, sies, an rear your car are it It [-.HIS an ead to Lill tiie old "stjuee/e plaj's" . . . whether you're cruising or parking. Next you'll marvel at the uirbinc- sniuuth trigger-quick responbivciicss of Packard jiowcr. You simply poiru to a sudden opening in the traffic jam and —you're through it! Above all, you'll prize the restful riding ease . . . the sure-footed readability . . . the htisky construction that brings relaxing comfort in any rush-hour snarl. And when you head this eager, roadworthy Packard down an open highway—! Hut come in first for the r/'/v story. Jt s one of UN; hig reasons why the new Packard Eights are the greatest ever built! THt MAN WHO OWNS ONE Phone 221 MOTOR CO. Third & Vv'tiinur Streets, Hope, Ark.

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