Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1938 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 7, 1938
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- •--- "• • •«•• -. " City Buys Hire Station Site; Authorizes $25,OOO Structure 'New Location to Be at East Second and Laurel Streets —Seek PWA Grant of 45% of Construction Cost Purchase of a site and authorization of construction for n $25,000 fire deportment station for the City of Hope was disclosed when the city made a legal publication in today's paper. After many months' negotiations for —<P ropcrties in various parts of Ward One the city finally purchased the orthwesl corner at the intersection of Cast Second and Laurel streets. The ropcrty adjoins the P. A. Lewis junk- 'ard, and comprises three lots, Nos 0, 11 and 12, in B,lock 31i and tile urchase price was $1,800. The seller vas the Bcmis estate of Prescotl. Ordinance No. 531 published today, uthorizes the city government to pro- ecd with construction on this site f a $25,000 fire station provided a grant of 45 per cent of the cost is made the Public Works Administration PWA). Removal of the fire department from Is present quarters on \Third street las been planned for several years, The present quarters of the fire de- >artmont used to be the location of he city jail. The location is owned >y the city, but quarters were too ramped for a modern fire station, and ourist traffic on Third, street (No, 7) made li a hazardous route for the iremcn to follow. Negro Shoots His Wife, Kills Self Here Wednesday Stephen Gilmore, 61, Is Dead, Wife Sarah Is Critically Wounded S U S P E CT JEALOUSY Wife, 38, Asserts Husband Had Frequent Fits of Anger Stephen Gilmore, 61, negro, was dead and his wife Sarah Gilmore, 38, was in a critical condition Wednesday as a result of a double shooting by Gilmore at his house on the Briunt farm, eight miles southeast of Hope. Shots hit his wife in the arm, right side and chest, and according to Dr. J. H. Weaver she is in a critical condition. Gilmorc's left lung was obliterated, causing death shortly after. Both parties were brought to town by the Hicks Burial association. Gilmore was left »t the undertaking parlors and his wife was rushed to Josephine hopltal. Gilmore left a suicide note, found by Deputy Sheriff Reginald Bcnrdcn. It rend: "I am in .so much trouble until 1 just can't stand it. So I am going to do this to got some case. I am dowr and 1 am broke and busied. And scores call me every bad name thai could be imagined. I am just a dog 1 cannot come back but you can come to me. I hope the Lord will forgive me for my crime. Just trouble." After an interview with Mrs. Gilmore, Coroner J. H. Weaver attributed the cause to jealousy. Ms. Gilmore said her husband was cxertmcly jealous and would frequently become angry at the slightest cause. She coult think of no recent incident that woulc have caused the shooting. Plan Farm Rally in Hope Saturday Minimum Income Associa tion Meet at Hope City Hall at 2 o'Clock ' Star WEATHER. Arkansas — Generally fair W ednesday night and Thursday. VOLUME 39—NUMBER 284 ] HOUE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7,1938 PRICE 5c COPY TO ATTACK ft' ft ft ^ ft ft ft ft 1 ft ft ft ft ft ft Sudeten Germans Break With Czech Officials Marie Pentecost Wins Pet Parade Awarded $5 First Prize- Decorated Bicycle Pa• rade on Friday Peggy Marie Pentecost won the $5 'irst prize Tuesday afternon in the Cidclie and Pet Parade sponsored by the Young Business Men's assocation is a feature of Watermelon week. There were 31 entries. Three tied for second place, winning ?1 each. They were: Barbara Sue Stcphenson, Minella 3erry and Bertha Ross Stewart. As another feature of Watermelon week there will be a decorated bicycle parade at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon. Many of the stores have decorated their windows with big melons in honor of the week. New French Force Is Sent Into Line Opposite Germany Hitler Urges Sudetnens to "Ask for More— You'll Get It" WILL DEFY FRENCH Work of Labor Battalion in Front Line Seen as Nazi Reply PRAHA, Czechoslovakia — (/P)— The The Sudeten German parly broke ofl negotiations with the Czechoslovak government on the disputed autonomy question Wednesday ceived reports that afternoon re- three Sudeten deputies had been assaulted by Chech police. Plans for a farm rally in Hope Sat iirday, September 10, under auspice of the Ctton Farmers' Minimum In come association, spnosor of a pro posed new federal law which woul guarantee full parity price of 16 cent a pound on all cotton up to and in eluding five bales per family, wcr completed Wednesday when the mu nicipal auditorium at Hope's city ha was reserved for the meeting. The Saturday program will begin at 2 p. in., according to the announcement of plans. Dr. M. F. Dickinson of Little Rock, Joe Morrison of Stuttgart and Robert J. Lambert of Conway. incorporators of the new organization, will speak on the plan. Following a meeting at Prcscott last Saturday, sessions have been held in Nevada county this week for organization of local units of the association. Lambert Wednesday reported keen interest in the plan, and practically un- iiimous endorsement by farmers who heard it explained at Sutton Monday night and at Bodcaw Tuesday night. Other Nevada meetings this week are tr> be held at Rosston Wednesday night, Cale Thursday night and Boughton Friday ngiht. Fall Merchandise Is Arriving at Rephan's Kail mei-cliancli.se bought by E. I. Replian on his recent buying trip to New York is arriving daily at Rephan's New York store here. Much better values and styles and materials are available this year, the management said; and the store is featuring nationally known and advertised merchandise, witli several new brands being added. In Ohio, WPA workers arc fighting a fire that has been burning for 54 years; ? Hocking Valey coal vein, igniated in 1884. A Thought McCarran Wins in Nevada Voting Administration's Critic Runs Away With Primary Election RENO, Nevada — (/T>)— Senator Pat McCarran, who opposed President Roosevelt's supreme court and government reorganization proposals, appeared Wednesday to have recaptured the Democratic nomination by an overwhelming majority from two avowed New Deal backers. With an estimated 60 per cent of the vote in Tuesday's primary counted when the tally stopped until late in the day Wednesday, 199 of Nevada's 262 precincts gave: McCarran 11,127; Albert Hillard, Reno attorney, 3,303; Dr. John Worden, State Board of Health secretary 581. E. P. Carvillc, Reno, former United States district attorney, increased his cad over Harley A. Harmon, Los Vegas, chairman of the Public Service Commission, for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. For the Republican gubernatorial nomination, John A. Fulton, former University of Nevada Mining School director, held a lead over Samue Durkce, former state highway en- iineer. McCarran Wins RENO, Ncv.—(/P)—Senator Pat Mc- Jarran, who has opposed some administration measures, took a big lead over two avowed New Deal candidates, Albert Milliard, Reno lawyer md Dr. John Worden of Carson City, For the Democratic senatorial nomination in early returns Tuesday night from Nevada's primary election. Returns from 32 complete and incomplete precincts of 262 in the state gave: McCarran 715 Hilliard 217 Worden fi The Democratic senatorial race overshadowed other contests and drew a heavy turnout of voters. Hilliard and Dr. Worden, slate Board of ealth secretary, contested with McCarran, who opposed the Supreme Court and reorganization bills hut campaigned for President Roosevelt's re-election in 1936. Former Senator Tasker L. Oddie is unopposed for the Republican nomination. The Democratic We can do more good by being good than in any other way.— Rowland Hill. California Planners Would Pay $3O a Week to All Above 50 Without a Job French Troops Move Up PARIS, France—(fl')—A new mill' ;ary order issued by the Ministry o War Wednesday sent trained infantry reserve troops into the Maginot line it the frontier opposite Germany fo 21-day period. The order notified reservists, the exact number not determined, to re port immediately for duty at the sami concentration points where they finished their regular two-year military service only three weeks ago. The instructions were received shortly after tlie government announced its "requisition" of the port,of Marseille, placing this most important Mediterranean inlet for Franch African troops and supplies under military control. "Ask for More"—Hitler NURNBERG, Germany—(/P)—A high government spokesman said Wednesday that the purport of Adolf Hitler's admonition to Konrad Henlcin on the Czechoslovak government's latest offer on concessions was: "Don't accept; ask for more—you will get it." "The chief point at issue," said the government spokesman, "is the Czech scheme for dividing the republic into cantons so small that the Germans would be spread over/three of them. "Hitler and the Sudetens say this again begs the whole question. What the Sudetens need and want is a complete section of Czechoslovkia in which they would be masters, where they can profess the Nazi Weltanschauung (political philosophy), and where Germans would be governed by Germans. Supporters of the $30 Every Thursday movement put-plenty of color into their campaign for Ham and Eggs for. Californians. Here's k.typical parade lineup in Los Angeles. Sound trucks play a big role in spreading of the gospeL New Boiler Being Installed by City Henry Vogt Co. Putting in Additional Boiler, Stack' Already in The Henry Vogt company of Louisville, Ky., is installing the new steam boiler at the City Water and Light Plant. The Vogl Company installed another boiler about six years ago. The new boiler Is designed, by supplementing the present boiler, to take care of any peak demands. It is of the most modern design, being a Ben tube boiler known as the Vogt class M-L type and equipped with a hanging tile furnace of air-cooled design. The new boiler, stack and foundation is valued at $25,000. Installation will be complete in about 10 days. Three salesmen for different companies start to leave posters in some of tile store windows of a large town. The first salesman lx;gins with the third store and leaves a poster in every third store thereafter. 'The second salesman begins witli the fourth store and leaves a poster in every fourth store thereafter. The third salesman begins with the fifth store and leaves a poster in every fifth store. Are all of the first 20 stores supplied with posters? How many get posters? Answers, on Classified and Republican races for governor were hotly contested. E. P. Carville, generally recognized as a McCarran ally; Harley A. Harmon, chairman of the Public Service Commission, and former Representative Charles L. Richards sought the Democratic nomination. The vote was: Carvillc 153 Harmon 126 Richards 10 Republican candidates were Samuel Dukrce, a former state highway engineer, and John A. Fulton, until recently director of the University of Nevada Mining School. The Republican vote was expected to be light since Fulton and Durkec were their party's only state-wide contestants. The vote in the Republican gubernatorial race was: Durkce lb4 Fulton ug The state has 35,236 registered Democrats, 16,907 Republicans, and about Hitler Speaks NURNBERK, Germany—(/P)—Adolf Hitler told Germany's conscript labor army Wednesday that its spades "being wielded in the east, north, south, and especially the west"—on France's border—arc playing a vital part in the defense of the Reich. "You arc fighting for the defense of the Reich and its independence," he told 40,000 labor conscripts ns he stood in a pouring rain. His speech was the climax o f the annual labor rally on Zeppelin field, the main event of the third day of the annual Nazi party congress. Most of the audience interpreted his reference to the work of the labor battalions, "especially in the west," as a public admission that they had been protecting Germany's fortifications against Franco. Many considered it an indirect reply to Frame's tailing reserves into the Maginot line. Foreign diplomats attending the congress looked forward to the reichs- fuehrcr's reception for them later in the day, many 'believing it might be the occasion for an important meeting between Hitler and the British ambassador. Sir Ncvile Henderson. To Urge Reinstatement of the Medical School LITTLE ROCK-m-The board of trustees of the University of Arkansas voted Wednesday to urge the reinstatement of the state medical school as a grade "A" institution before a special meeting of the American association's council on education next December. The university president, J. C. Futrall, said no changes in personnel would be made. Rotary to Meet at 6:45 Thursday Cargile, Stillwell, Collins to Speak at Presbyterian Church But Critics Say It Violates U.S. Ban on Coinage by States Pric,es .,W..quld. Rise, Proponents Admn>—But Then They Would Simply Increase the Pensioners' 'Pay' A new movement and a new Messiah zoom across the political heavens. This is the second of three articles on Sheridan Downey and the $30 Every Thursday idea that carried him to victory over Senator McAdoo. By NEA Service SAN FRANCISCO.—Southern California, which produces everything in the superlative from glamor girls to grapefruit, has produced the prodigy of panaceas—"$30 Every Thursday." Not only does the nomination for the -<BU. S. ^Senate of its proponent, Sheridan Downey, put this plan squarely in the national spotlgiht, but California will vote November 8 on a constitutional amendment which would put the scheme in effect in California. The plan which in less than a year rolled up 800,000 signatures on a monster petition and tallied more than 400,000 votes for Downey at the pri mary, is simple. Like this: The trouble is that people haven't enough mney to buy things. That is why prosperity lags. All right. The thing to do is to see that they get it. The best way to see that they get it 2,500 voters ia lions,. of miscellaneous affil- English ornithologists have determined that the average length of a orbins life is 10 to 15 years. Hope Rotary club will advance its Friday noon meeting this week to 6:45 o'clock Thursday night at the education room of First Presbyterian church, the Rev. Thomas Browser, club president, announced Wednesday. The club will hear L. C. Cargilc and H. Stillwell, both of Texarkana, and Abe Collins, of DeCJueen, as the featured speakers. Mr.' Cargile and Mr, Slillwell are past district governors of Rotary. Local Negro Held on Forgery Count F. C. Johnson, 21, Arrested on Complaint of Several Merchants F. C. Johnson, 21, negro, was arrested about 10:30 Wednesday morning for forgery and uttering. He had written checks on several Hope merchants and one negro school teacher. Plan. But the $30 Every Thursday Two checks in the sum of $32.50 drawn on E. M. Frisby were cashed. One predated September 20, passed both a local store and the bank. Two more drawn on J. A. Harris, negro teacher for $9.75 and $12.00, were turned down. Chief of Polce Clarence Baker arrested Johnson and found one check that had been turned down, on him. Johnson has a police record and admitted everything when arrested, Chief Baker said. is o give it to them. So far, it might be the Townsenc Too Many Fish in River IOLA. Kans.—(/P)—Fish in the Nco- cho river became so numerous recently that they clogged the city power plant intake; and another one had to be constructed. Three astronomers at Yerkes Observatory, at Williams Bay, Wis., have discovered a star 3000 times larger in diameter than our sun. MIND Your MANNERS T. M. Reg, U.-5. Pat. Off. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is it correct to acknowledge an introduction with "Glad to know you?" 2. Is it correct to say "Miss Smith this is Mr. Gray"? 0. Is it good taste to say 'I want you to know my friend''? 4. Docs a hoslrsi always .'hake hand with her fiiosr.;.' 5. Does a wonun i i.s-3 when she it introduced to ai otlim- v^man about her own aye? What would you c!u if— You are leaving a newly made acquaintance— (a) Leave without saying goodbye? (b) Say "Good-bye. I'm so glud to have met you"? (c) Say "Good-bye. 1 hope I'll see you again soon"? Answers 1. No. 2. Yes, a. No. Friendship should be implied—no), pointed out. 4. Yes. 5. Not unless a much older woman is making the introduction. Best "What Would You Do" solution—either "b" or "c". (Copyright 1938, NEA Service, Inc.) Positions Open in Various Lines Here State Employment Service Solicits Applications Here The Arkansas State Employment Service office at Hope has openings for qualified workers in various lines, and solocits the applications of competent persons who are unemployed, or who may be only temporarily employed but are seeking positions in the field of their best training and experience. Right now the Service has need for experienced men to fill an order from a sawmill compaany in this section, for two stationary firemen (one white and one colored); and also a log tumbler or good cant hook man. The Employment Service has urgent openings for two young men of high school training for clerical positions that pay beginner's salaries but offer splendid outlook for promotion and future. High school graduates who are ready to enter the business world, whether interested in clerical, salesmanship, waiters, or other positions, are invited to register with the Employment Service at once. Facilities of the Employment Service are entirely free to both employers and applicants, in the specialized service of "matching jobs and men." The Hope office is located at corner of Main and Division, upstairs over Jack's Newsstand. 17 From County Join Farm Camp Women Club Members Go to State Home Demon-'- stration Camp Seventeen Hempstead county women left Tuesday for Camp Robinson, to attend the State Home Demonstration Club Camp, which will be in session until Friday morning. The Hempstead county delegation will present a playlet "The Shantytown Scandal" at the general meeting, hi Loyd England all, on both Wednesday and .Thursday atfernoons. Members of the cast are: Mrs. Erie Turner and Mrs. John Laha of the Mt. Nebo Home Demonstration club, Mrs. J. E. Mosier of the Old Liberty club, Mrs. E. H. Angell of the Bright Star club, and Mrs. Lee Garland of the Allen Home Demonstration club. Mrs. Wilbur D. Jones will enter the Hope Council Asks for Prosecution Saenger Theater Resolution Tuesday Night . Attacks "This and Other Lotteries" . SAFETY CAMPAIGN City to Police Dangerous Crossings for School Children Reporting complaints that the Saenger theater had failed to distribute its "Cash Night" capital prize, the'Hope city council by a unanimous vote Tuesday night asked the prosecuting attorney to take action against "this and any other lotteries hi the city." The aldermen and Mayor Albert Graves expressed the belief that lotteries are illegal despite a "fetate law placing a tax on "Bank Night" and similar prize features; and a resolution was passed calling upon the prosecuting attorney to stop the diversion of money and time from legitimate business to a game of chance. ' Several years ago The'Star stopped the 'Saenger's "Bank Night" feature by threatening to file a complaint with the prosecuting attorney, and the lottery remained fclosed for a couple 'of years. About a'year ago, however, a Afternoon Dress Contest, Mrs. afternoon dress contest, Mrs. Ben Ben Stuart the house dress contest and Mrs. Shirley Stuart the church dress contest. The clothing entries are all from the Ozan St. Paul Home Demonstration club, and will be in the clothing operette at Susanne Shop, which will be presented Thursday Evening at Loyd England Hall. Other clothing entries will be in the children's division made by Mrs. C. A. Hamilton of the McCaskill club, and Mrs. J. M. Curtis of the McCaskill club. Mrs. Carroll Schooley, Mrs. Wilbur D. Jones, and Mrs. Lee Garland, Mrs. E. Rogers will represent Hempstead county in the state executive meeting, Other members attending the camp will be Miss Ara Lewis, Mrs. G. W. Wiggins, Mrs. J. A, Fowler and Mrs. Charlie Rogers. A leading prospect for the job of administering the $30 Every Thursday plan is former Los Angeles Councilman Will Kin- disr, above—If and when Ojo plan goes into effect. plan diverges here. It would give to every person over 50 who is neither employed or an employer, $30 weekly in state warrants. These warrants would circulate as cash does. To sec that the warrants are promptly spent, which is the key to the whole idea (to increase spending and hence business volume), this provision is made: Every Thursday after a warrant is issued, the man who happens to hold it on that day must stick on the back of \i a stamp. The stamps must be bought from the state for cash. Each week a 2-cent tax stamp goes on the back of each $1 certificate. By the end of the year, $1.04 will have been paid to the state in cash, enabling it to retire the warrant and pay administrative expenses. Differs From Towiiscnd Plan Naturally, such "money" would be "hot," Everybody would be kcei to spend it just as soon as he got it so as to avoid buying stamps. Thus business tranactions would increase bringing better business for everybody State to Appeal From Auto Test Injunction LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Assistant At- orney General Leffel Gentry said Wednesday he would take to the Arcansas Supreme Court when it reconvenes September 19 the question vhether an injunction issued in Union couty against enforcement of the 1937 auto testing act constituted a valid restraint of State Police Chief Gray Albright and his force. (Continvied on p$ge Three) Bulgaria has a treaty of amity with only one country, Turkey; and she once considered Turkey her oppressor. Beg Pardon In its edition of Friday, September 2, The Star carried a dispatch reprinted from another newspaper and reporting Howard circuit court proceedings at Nashville, which said that "W. W. Mai-shall entered a plea of guilty to selling liquor and was fined ?50 and costs"—which was an error. Circuit Clerk Clarence Garner of Howard county told The Star Wednesday that the man actually fined on the above charge was Jesse Bearden. Clerk Garner said Bearden was driving a truck owned by W. M. Mai-shall of Hope, with Marshall's name on the side of the truck, and Bearden claimed for time that his name was Marshall. A notation on thq court records read, "State of Arkansas vs. Jesse Bearden and W. M. Marshall, found to be same party," the clerk said—but officers later untangled the mystery and fined Jesse Bearden under his right name. Trade Day feature was sponsored by. more th.art.39 Hope merchants, in-wh 1t a drawing was held—and the 'Saenger revived its old feature under the * name of "Cash Night" A. H. Washburn, Star publisher, who was called on by the council Tuesday night to explain this earlier action, said the newspaper had always been opposed to lotteries, and had fought them wherever they were sponsored by individual firms—but the newspaper ' "couldn't fight the entire town," and ' had ignored the Saenger "Cash Night" feature since so many merchants joined the recent Trade Day program. Traffic Safety Campaign Mayor Graves outlined to the council Tuesday night a program of traffic safety in co-operation with the police department and the public schools. He proposed to place policemen at dangerous crossings, such as Washington and Third streets, at school opening and closing hours to safeguard little tots on their way from home to school and back. . Police also were instructed to give final warning to motorists attempting to double-park on downtown streets. Owners of cars left double-parked without a driver, or left in an alley, will be warned once and then fined, the mayor announced. School authorities will be asked to ' launch a safety campaign among students, designed particularly to keep youngsters off the running-boards o£ automobiles, and to keep students from walking down the middle of Main street on their way to the high school. Sidewalks have been provided on Main street. Sanitary Report C. C. Collins of the City Board of Health reported to the council that there are 620 open toilets inside the city limits, with 39,680 cubic feet of open cesspools. He recommended treatment by creosote and kerosene to comr bat a menace to the public health. Frank N. Newberry of the City Street Department said that the mosquito problem had increased in recent years by the settling of the storm sewers, so that water remained in low spots in the line and provided breeding places for the pests. He said most of the city's mosquitoes originated in the vicinities of West Third street, Hope Basket company, and South Walnut street. He recommended treatment of the sewers with crcosoate. Mr. Mayberry also appeared for ;\ committee seeking construction of ;t rural electric line 1 % miles out 16.i< street to its junction, with highway t>' at Mac's filling station. The couvic ! informed him he sould sign up a tentative list of consumers and file thi list with the city for final decision. On complaint being made that the carnival located west of Hope Auto company's plant was creating too much noise at night the council ordered the management to shut down its self- contained electric generating plant and tie onto the municipal plant's line. (Continued on Page Three) Cott on NEW ORLEANS.-W-October cotton opened Wednesday at 8.07 and closed at 8.17-18. •Spot cotton closed steady 10 prints UP, middling 8.12.

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