Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1948
Page 5
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Wedf!<?sdoy, November 17, 1948 DLOHDIE BUT, DADDY, THINK OF ALL.THE. JOY AND COMFORT CHILDREN BRING TO THEIR PARENTS, AND THINK OP ALL.THE.CUTE LITTLE THINGS! SA~ ' ALL THAT SHOULD BE WORTH FIFTY CENTS " " A WEEK HOPE STAR, HO p E, A R KANSAS By Chick Youn» O7ARK 'pEJiKim Page Pi DON'T BE SO COMMERCIAL! LET'S HAVE IT, PROFESSOR...YOUR fORECAST OF THIS WEEK'S FOOTBALL SCORES.".,,OR SHALL THE QOYS START USIM& YOU FOR A MEDICINE BALL? " ' 'JM \i\ a' OH. DEAR umv ME.. '..THE MENTAL V THEN WE'LL STRAIN MAKES [ SHOOT THE WORKS IT IMPOSSIBLE V ON THE WILDCAT- TO CALCULATE THE OUTCOME OF MORE THAN ONE GAME A WEEK/ SHARK GAME? By Michael O'Malfey & Ralph Lane * ] AND AS THE WILDCATS SCRIMMAGE COACH, WILL. OZARK BE READY POR OUR NEXT GAME? LOOK AT HIM ORIVEf l.-to3 CARNIVAL SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraifh P**^ ii-n COPR. 15<3 DY HEA SERVICF. IMC. T. M. h^^. U. S. P*T. OFF. By Dick Turner VIC FLINT THAT'S THE WAY IT WENT THE MORE I TRIED 3 P1AY CUPID, THE WORSE WENT THE ROMANCE K/ t v.iBUS Their break- up MALLOY. I can't make And \fera's drunken . . -, „- . wouldn't be so bad him out. Hefeeds the brother, WINDY GAIC, 'Dr.ROBIN ARCHER,a VERA. She has her if it weren't for fires of suspicion, doesn't help keep top-flight surgeon, is own fears that Robin Iheir little son.CHRIS, on both sides and their marriage suspicious of His is two-timing her with named after Robins looks happiest steered off the __ pretty young wife, some of his nurses, cousiq, when they scrap, rocks of diVorce.*" ' • -•".' •"•'"~ "'"• • • • ."-'•' '.- .. .".. ',.']. .:. ... ... ^."'.' """T. '",".'" "T.'V" I"!' J'!' !."j".™.'.' .'.'L"? 1 .',"' "",'. ....'''.'"'."'". "T!" .... T"".".'."".""".'."".''. ' ••••••-**. " YOU WERE WIS& \ YOU COLO-BLOODEO WURDERERSl | *~/<Pr&lfll .T.'Wk A \ X/flll'l I UCUCD ACT AUtAV/ UHTU TUI/!t £ Bl. UesLe Turner vou'U SHOT. ONE FW.SE MOVE MOD YOU'D HWE BEEN LYiMG BESIDE RlOADOOMl THIS BLOKE I \ AND POM»T TOUCH BASHED, MR. / THM STONE HfWMER SNEMH? y CAPTWM EASY DROPPED WEAR tilS HEA BRUSH OUT OUR FOOTPRIHTS IM THAT SOFT ' Dl&Tt.SCKOO&Y! AND PICK UP MJVTHIM&TOf WIGHT INDICATE OTHERS H&D BEEN HgRB RVICE. INC. T. M. H^»..U..8,'PAT.-OflM 'I'm window shopping for Sis—she has a big date tonight and wants to know what shops to pass by!" : "My daughter and her husband want me to visit them for a week's rest! Hm! The baby sitter shortage must be i.acute. put.their way!' 1 • ' , ' L ; : FUNNY BUSINESS By I ;: ^m^^T^' MUSCLE S? ^&;^- n r- THE WORLDS NA/EI&HT-LIFTEK •^egfegg^-^y 7^ ssglXJ^ni^r^TiJiffr WANT IT-i ^-^.v tffi *Wfl^t^S?X -X, r . PRONTO /'• ' iLt/f •«<:• ..v^ By Carl ."indcrson "He's not always sure where the weights land when he brings them down!" POPEYE RUNNIM&, ALL RIGHT. , BUT 1 WONT &E CARRYIMG- WATER' .. 194B BV ME* SEaVICF, INC. T. M. BEG. U. S. PAT. MARKET REPORT: DOMESTIC HAM HITS BOTTOM/ H-17 '-•;''''•':!, rfi «V Wdlt OS? ' TME MEW QEAOES ARE /M, AND MR. LUMMOX IS ELIGIBLE TO f' S. BUT I'M NOT "GAMe"Tr ;sATISFIED "WAT II ^Xif N ' T A PAID l~— "v-V, ATHLETE /./f^ Thlmbie Theotei HE'S PAID, BUT NOT FO(?" PLAYING FOOTBALL;/ we PAY HIM FOR COUNTING THE/"^ GAME"" SH ALL SEE HIM. Pi^r' t L-V/—7 AT MIHCI^ " I— AT OUOEK .'.' OUT OUR WAY DUE STADIUM IS SO 8/6, GAVE HIM AN ASSISTANT// 49,998—49,999 -50,000 — Copr. 19<a, Kin >; Fcjiuiei SynJiulc, Inc.. VorlJ riplili OOOL^. MY PEAC, V;JU ACE \ ; / LET ME TAKE YOU AWAY FAR TOO LOVELY TO 5TAY / A 4 THIS... I, POKABABA PRINCE BUEIED (N THIS aLOOMy /-J'/A A RULINS HOUSE, CAN cSIVE ' M07VIAN JUN6LE.' ^X 1<J >„ \ YCU EVEEY LUXLJEY/ SM YES, MY LOVE... c£ IC/7 By V. T. HomPin BOOTS By J. R. V/illioms °" K BOARDING HOUSE LOOKS DKE OL 5UC5AE IS SORRY HE RAM OUT OM HIS \A/|FE--EVERY TIME A CAR PULL WHY, DIDM'T YOU KK1OW THET? DIDM'T VOU MOTICE TH' RAI&IM5 IM TH' COFFEE AS) 1 TH' STEAK J WAS FRIEP IM /_ MOLASSES?r THE HAS-BEEM With Mojor Hoople COMFUCIUS SAV, VMHOT ARE STAGSERirOG -~- 100 «^ IS i^ COMES DOT"-THER.eFO!yi MILLIOlvJ USERS OF A.VV DENTAL B. TH' VJlSe WILL ge VJATCH- FOUR.TIMES A VeAR-^-r^ FUL \,MrieM ALOMe" He L> DUMB IF YOD IS ALOME WlF "fM/\T'S MOD MlLLIOM SEARS, TVJ0 BILLION/ CAPSL3LESTO .AT sq c MY WOR.TX' IT'S tt '. HOMtCQM\N>6 V^'^fsQ't ,VWt\ fV ft WO 6>TO?V= • AV\'c. 'SAG \ 1K\Vi\< Of 'fS UWvt AO "WOE. WcS? OKit S SY.VY 10 WOO T. M. KEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. COI'H 1^48 UY NCA SEHVICE. WC. BUGS RUNNY ByEdgrsTMortin I,.-,,3 T. K: Ji' ^ jj:-^ >AT Crl TH-TriEi^E''3 MV BUGS,' BRING ON Tr-.E POOD/ A SLIGHT DEL.AV WHILST S'A PUT THIS OX,' YA CATCrl ON Qu;CiC, DOC : WHAT _ GONJsiA OT'S IT ^-x NSJAw BE ?J ^T

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