The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on May 29, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 13

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1950
Page 13
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0'f"tr y"y grTFTNgi S, W M - - 4 -V ?' jr 1 i I SECTION 2 SPOR THE COURIERJOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, MONDAY MORNING, MAY 29, 1950. SPORTS 1. a) 1 V5I Yi. 4 Peaks Fights Baker Tonight In Pittsburgh . Pittsburgh, May 28. Sid Peaks and Bob Baker try again tomorrow night in their scheduled 10-rounder here at Zivic Arena. The battle was rained out twice last week. It's an important engagement for both brawlers. Baker, Pittsburgh's knock-out artist, has the opportunity to rise still higher in the lean heavyweight ranks. Peaks, an in-and-outer from Louisville who also has shown he can punch with terrific power, is on the comeback trail. He started it with an upset decision recently over Jimmy Bivins. His work, however-, is cut out for him against the solidlv favored Baker. Baker, 1949 Golden Gloves national champion, has had 14 pro fights. He won them all, 12 by K. O. He knocked out such stalwarts as Jim Flynn, Walter Haefner and Rusty Payne, Payne, meanwhile, holds two knock outs over Peaks. Grays Win By 16 to 0 Over Kings The power-hitting Homestead Grays knocked off New York's Komedy Kings 16-0 yesterday at Parkway Field A second scheduled game was called off because of rain. The Grays teed off on four pitchers for a total of 17 hits. Lefty Cobb was charged with the defeat. Leading the attack was Sam Banknead with three hits. Luther Clifford conked a 411-foot triple off the left center-field wall. Meanwhile, Chico Blair was setting the Kings down with only three hits, one a single by Billy Ball, the Kings' capable one-armed left-fielder. Brother Moody, the Kings' cut-up, entertained with sideline antics. The Grays are tentatively set to oppose the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League on July 4 at Parkway Field. Gene Wenz Wins Shoot Continued from Page 3 with 100x100 and this was' climaxed yesterday by Wenz's performance plus the Louisville five-man team romping off with that title. " The team, composed of Wenz, Jordan, G. Randall, L. E. Cougle and G. Beaver, blasted 482x500. Wenz was high with 100. Thus, he didn't miss a bird yesterday in 250 offerings. Kenluckian Wins Tennessee Rifle Shoot Knoxville, Tenn., May 28 (JP) L. P. Aker of Coral Ridge, Ky., won the Tennessee State small bore rifle championship today, edging Roy Duncan of Birmingham, Ala., for the title. Earl Saunders of Louisville won third place to complete the sweep for out-of-state shooters. W. C. Tilden 'of Johnson City salvaged some honors for Tennessee shooters by winning first place in the any sights shoot, the aggregate matches division and also the Dewar Course shoot. Colonial Club Meet Set Memphis, Tenn., May 28 (JP) The Colonial Country Club's fourth amateur invitation golf tournament here will be held July 19-23, Roy Moore, tournament chairman, announced today. The tournament will be dedicated to Chick Evans of Chicago, Moore said. Evans and defending champion Wilford Wehrle, Louisville, are expected to be among the 200 entries. Carl s Corner, by Mrs. Eva Sehroeder. 3103 Teal, doing business at C2C2 W. Market, hereby declares her intention to apply lot license as retail beer and liquor dealer by the drink. Sandmann's Cafe, by Nicholas B. Sand-mann. 725 S. 44th. doing business at 101 E. Jefferson, hereby declares his intention to apply for license as retail beer and liquor dealer by the drink. Taphorn Cafe, bv Mary Taphorn and John E. Taphorn. 1053 Goss. doing business at 1053 Goss. hereby declare their intention to apply for license as retail liquor and beer dealers by the drink under the State law. Belmont Pharmacy, by Goldie. Harry and Julius Wishnia. 1369 S. 1st. doing business at 1020 E. Broadway, hereby declare their Intention to apply for license as retail beer and liquor dealers by the package. Henrietta L. Klein. 906 S. 1st. doing business at Latch String Restaurant. 419 W. Broadway, hereby declares her intention to apply for license as retail liquor dealer by the drink and beer under the State law. Hacker Bros. Cafe, by Oscar and Pansy Marker 1129 Ashland. Edgar and Agnes ! Hacker. 1756 Algonquin, doing business at i 1505 Wf Broadway, hereby declare their intention to apply for license as retail beer dealers. Cap s Place, by Chas. E. Roach. 1341 Prion, doing business at 1418 S. Preston, hereby declares his intention to apply for license as retail beer dealer. Jack s Dispensary, by Al Grieshaber, Jr.. 1710 Windsor PI., and John K. Bywater. 851 Melford, doing business at 416 S. 18tn St . hereby declare their intention to apply for license as retail beer and liquor dealers by the - package . Ormsby Drugs, by Al Grieshaber. Jr.. 171(1 Windsor PI., and John K. Bywater. 851 Melford. doing business at 1273 S. Brook, hereby declare their intention to apply for license as letail liquor and beer dealers by the package. Baxter's Liquors. Number 2. by Mary Margaret Glass. 2121 Wingfield. Paul Schleeter. 1235 S. 22nd. Irvin Doerr. 3851 Fincastle Rd.. doing business at 1384 Bards-town Rd.. hereby declare their intention to apply for license as retail beer and liquor dealer by the package. NOTICE OF REDEMPTION LESLIE COUNTY. KENTUCKY Road and Bridge Refunding Bonds. 3'is. Issue Dated July 15. 1943. Notice is hereby given that bonds of the above-described issue bearing the serial numbers 62 to 68. inclusive, have been called for redemption at the Louisville Trust Company, Louisville. Ky.. on July 15. 1950; and that no interest shall accrue or be paid on said bonds subsequent to July 15. 1950. D. M. MAGILL State Local Finance Officer Commonwealth of Kentucky NOTICE OF REDEMPTION HARLAN COUNTY. KENTUCKY Road and Bridge Refunding Bonds. 4s and 5s. Issue of January 1. 1942. Notice is hereby given that bonds of the above-described issue bearing the serial numbers 224226. 228 259 . 265273.275 . 277 278. and 284 3o6. all numbers inclusive, are called for redemption on July 1. 1950. at the Citizens Fidelity Bank & Trust Com pany. Louisville. Kentucky; and that no interest shall acqrue or be paid on said bonds subsequent to July 1. 1950. This notice is authorized by an order of the fiscal court of Harlan County dated May 10. 1950. D M. MAGILL State Local Finance Officer Commonwealth of Kentucky Miller Cafe, by Hattie P. Miller. 1449 S. Brook, doing business at 1449 S. Brook, hereby declares her intention to apply for license as retail beer dealer under Liquor and Beer Ordinance of the City of Louis ville. John C. Logsdon Grocery, by John C. Logsdon, 1713 Bank, doing business at 2972 Wilson, hereby declares his Intention to apply for license as retail beer dealer. No. 562 JEFFERSON" COUNTY VOURT Mavme Joyce, et al.. Petitioners. NOTICE IN RE: APPLICATION TO CLOSE A PORTION OF AN 18-FOOT ALLEY SOUTH OF ALGONQUIN PARKWAY Notice is hereby given that on Ma"v 1. 1950. pursuant to K R S. 178. U70. a petition was filed in the Jefferson County Court by Mayme Joyce, widow. Anna May Smithey and Gilbert G. Smithey. her hus band, and that thereafter on or about May 16 1950, said petitioners filed their amended petition, the purpose of ail of which was to close that portion of the alleywav lying South of Algonquin Parkway. North of fennway Avenue and l.-2 leet a mcnes or less East of 35th Street, more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at the Southwest corner of Lot No. 6 as shown on Doerhoefer's Sub division on Algonquin Parkway, recorded in Flat and Subdivision Book 8 Page 58. in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson County, Kentucky: thence extending Southwardly in line with the extension of the West line of Lot 6 aforesaid 18 feet to the Northwest corner of what is sometimes known as Lot 11 of the aforesaid Subdivision: and thence running Eastwardlv along the North line of said Lot 11. 153 40 feet: thence Northwardly 18 feet more or less to a point at the Southeast corner of Lot 8 in Doerhoefer's Subdivision as aforesaid: and thence Westwardly 140 feet more or less to the point of beginning. Notice is further given that on the 5th day of June, 1950. at or about the hour of 10 a m., or as soon thereafter as can be heard, the petitioners will move that the above described portion of said alleyway be closed as a public road and alley of Jefferson County, KenlucKy. The petitioners are the owners of all the land which abuts on both sides of said portion of alleyway sought to be closed herein. MICHAEL M. HELLMANN Attorney for Petitioners. JAMES B McTAMANY County Road Engineer. To the holders of City of Frankfort. Kentucky Waterworks and Electric Light and Power Revenue Bonds. Due July 1. 1968 Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the provisions of the bond Ordinance, passed and approved bv the Common Council of the City of Frankfort. Kentucky, on June 10th. 1943. there have been orawn by lot for redemption and it is the intention of the undersigned to pay and redeem on July 1st. 19oo. $200 . Out) 00 principal amount of above described bonds, of the denomination of $1.0uo.uu each, bearing the following serial numbers: 372 . 315. 533. 9M). 191. 342. 704. 360. 216. 374 . 225. 1063. 3S1. 675 . 511. 758. 942. 744. 619. 253. 1OS0, 707. 419. 171. 1069. 338. 325. 702. 114. 825. 272. 1077 . 871. 895 . 731. "53. 616. 1007. 1175. S99. 928. 296. 391. 716. 620. 156. 1084. 215. 376. 397 . 75 . 850 . 200 . 373 . 452. 76. 1073. 514. 2:16. 739. 382. 142. 550, 699. 577. 59. 766. 939, 479. Bd9. 135. 138 92. 1124, 22. 403, 89. 618. 233. 9b2 . 40. 1057 , 404. 1093. 100. 144. 992. 863. 346. 91. 605 . 449. 790. 1118. 330. 615. 1163. 194. 987. i. 9o3. 201. 99. 249. 669. 540. 468 896. 305. 505 . 640. 510. 852, 229, 604 . 52. 1182. 13. 470. 3S0. 395 . 701. 521. 650. 1051. 34. 968. 158 . 763. 1174. 816. 831. 906 829 . 893. 711. 122 . 755. 125. 872 . 334. 1165. 165. 120. 517 . 651. 341. 1158. 127. 1166 . 250 . 644 398. 396. 313. 407 . 796. 483. 1070. 409. 1143. 1049 1078 . 223. 611. 800. 938. 525 . 286. 1021, 405 , 986. 1019, 760. 460. 624 , 636. 379, S81. 954 . 483. 1083. 400. 221. 935. 370. 747. 447. 442. 961 804, 621. 14. 231. 798. 751. 520. 3. 1074. The bonds herein designated by number will be paid at the current redemption price, namely 1021 of the principal amount thereof, together with interest accrued thereon with all unmatured coupons attached thereto, at the principal office of the Chemical Bank and Trust Company. 165 Broadway. New York. New York, or the Farmers Bank and Capital Trust Company, Frankfort. Kentucky, on or after July 1st. 1950. From and after Julv 1st. 19r.0. interest on said designated bonds will cease to accrue and any coupons per taming to said bonds and maturing after said date will cease to be of airy force or ettect CITY OF FRANKFORT. KENTUCKY Bv C. T. COLEMAN. Mavor Attest: Marcella I.vnch. City Clerk Dated May 15. 1950 NOTICE or BOND SALE The Logan County Public Hospital Cor . poration. a corporation of RussellvUle, Kentucky, until 11:00 A.M.. on June ft. 1950. at the regular meeting place of tha Fiscal Court of Logan County. Kentucky, in the county court house. Russellville, Kentucky, will receive competitive sealed bids on $75,000 of Logan County Public. Hospital Corporation first Mortgage Bonds, being part of a total authorized issue of $30,000 of such bonds, numbered 1-75. both inclusive, each in the denomination of $1,000. dated June I. 195). interest payable semi-annually at a coupon rate of not exceeding 6'. maturing on June 1 in each, of the years. $3.00O in 1952. $7 000 in 195J and 1954. $8,000 in 1955. 1956. 1957 ana J938. $9,000 in 1959 and 1960 and $8,000 in 1961. subject to prior redemption on any interest aue date, upon thirty days notice in inverse numerical order at par plus accrued interest plus additional interest of 3. if on or before December 1. 1954. and on tha same terms if thereafter except that the additional interest shall be 2 ,. both interest and principal payable at Louisville Trust Company. Louisville. Kentucky, and issued in accordance with a mortgage deed of trust authorizing said bonds authorised by a resolution of the Board of Directors of said Corporation, to which resolution and mortgage reference is hereby made. said bonds will be sold to the highest and best bidder at not less than par plus accrued interest, provided the Corporation reserves the rignt to reject any or all bids. Bidders must name an interest rate or rates in a multiple of 'io- not to exceed the legal maximum 6.. Said corporation will furnish a final approving legal opinion of Messrs. Skaggs. Havs & Fahev. attor nevs of Louisville. Kentucky, and will furnish printed bond forms. Bid forms may be secured at the office of Hester R. McClendon. County Clerk, and shall b enclosed in a sealed envelope marked on the outside "Bid for Logan County Public Hospital Corporation First Mortgage Bonds " As evidence of good faith a certified check in the amount of $1,000 must accompany each bid which will be returned to anv unsuccessful bidder. Upon failure of the successful bidder to take up and pay for the bonds when ready the amount of the good faith check shall be foifeited bv such bidder and such amount shall be deemed liouidated damages for such default. ( Signed County Public Hospital Corporation. L. E Johnson. President, and Jesse L. Rilev. Secretary ' Classified Section; Announcements Services Automotive Employment Business Opportunities Livestock Merchandise Rents Real Estate , IT'S EASY to place a Classified Ad Call W A hash 2211 and ask for an Adz-Taker If you are a permanent resident of the city, you need onlv say CHARGE IT An "accommodation" bill will be sent you after the ad expires. The Courier-Journal r The Louisville Times - The Courier-Journal and Times will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement. Notice of errors must be Riven in time for correction before next insertion. Announfrmenis Deaths and Funerals. 1 Al'KRWIX'K, Mr. Edward J . aye 48 years, suddenly Saturday. May 27. 1950. at 6 20 pm.; residence. 2114 Osage St. Beloved husband of Mrs. Mary Isabella Rockefeller Auerweck: devoted father of Misses Mary Etl-wina and Juliana Auerweck: son of Mrs. Mary Ulmer Auerweck: brother of Sister M. Barbara. O S.U.; Sister M. Anita. O S U.;- Joseph E., Leo F. and Raymond A. Auerweck. Mr. Auerweck is at the J. B. Rat-terman and Sons Funeral Home. 2114 W. Market St.. where services will be conducted Tuesday morning at 8.30 and from St. Peter's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment in Calvary Cemetery. BOSE, Mr. Roy E.. passed away in his 55th year Saturday, May 27, 1950. at his residence. 100 Ridgeway Ave. Beloved husband of Mis. Viola Jones Bose; devoted son of Mrs. E. L. Martin, and stepfather of Mr. Jesse J. Bond and Mrs. Evelyn Rose- Phillips. Also survived by 2 half-brothers. Mr. Jesse and Mr. Robert Martin; sisters. Mrs. Fannie Scroggins. Mrs. Irene Williams, Mrs. Lola Wright, and 2 grandchildren. Services for Mr. Bose will be hed In the Arch L. Heady Funeral Home. Oak and Schiller Ave.. Monday at 1:30 p m. Interment in Resthaven Cemetery. BROWN', Edd N, age 69 years, Friday. Mav 26. 1950. at 6 a m : isi-dence. 534 Kustes Ave. Devoted father of Mrs. May Lan .don. Mrs. Mattie Hoffman Mrs. Minnie Lee Fonders. Mrs. Margaret Stockings and Mrs. Marie Bishop. Henry Brown. J. W. Brown, and Robert Brown: survived also by 10 grandchildren: brother. Carter Brown: sister. Mis. Lou Holland. Remains at the McDaniel Funeral Home, 4339 Park Blvd. Funeral from McDan-iel's Monday. May 29. at 10:30 a.m. Interment in St. Stephen's Cemetery. CLOUTIER. Mr. George P.. passed away in his 88th year. Sunday. May 28, 1950, at 3:15 a.m.. at his residence. 1 1 IB Charles St Beloved husband of Mis. Nannie Phillips Cloutier; devoted father of Mr. Francis Cloutier. Mrs. Sallie Camino, and the late Bernard G. Cloutier, also survived by 11 grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. Services for Mr. Cloutier will be held in the Arch L. Headv Funeral Home. Oak and Schiller Ave., Wednesday at 1 a.m. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery, a DAVIS, Mis. Bertha L . age 66. passed away at 11 p.m. Saturday at her residence, 112 Butler St., New Albany. Jnd. Survived by husband, Clarence Davis: daughters. Mrs. Robert Thomas. New Alhany. and Mrs. John Kane, Louisville. Ky.; sons. Clarence B. Davis. Looisville: Harold Davis. Los Angeles, California: sister, Mrs. Mayme Reis, Coos Ridge. Oregon. Remains at Seabrook Chapel, Market at 12th. New Albany. Services. 10:30 am. -Tuesday from the chapel. Interment, Graceland Memorial Pai k. DENHARD. Mr. Brooks. Sr. Thursday afternoon. May 25. 1950. at 5:25 o clock, in his 80th year, at his residence 2246 Blvd. Napoleon. Beloved husband of Mis. Anna Denhard and devoted father' of Mrs. Mildred Crouch. Mrs. Marguerite Steineker, Miss Ellen Denhard. Mrs. Dorothy Dale and Brooks Denhard. Jr.: survived also by 9 grandchildren. Funeral from the residence Monday morning at 11 o'clock. Interment in Cave Hill Cemetery. FREADREACEA. Mrs. Etta Pass-more, passed away in her 76th year, Saturdav. May 27, 1950. 6:15 a.m.. at her residence. 815 Fetter Ave. Widow of the late Mr. Henry Freadreacea and loving mother of Mrs. Henrietta Gray and Mrs. J. E. (Ruth) Hornung and Mr. Leonard Freadreacea; also survived by 5 grandchildren. 2 great-grandchildren. Services for Mis Freadreacea will be held in the Arch L. Headv Funeral Home, Oak and Schiller Ave., at 8:30 a m. Tuesdav. and in St Stephen s Episcopal Church at 9 o clock. Interment In Cave Hill Cemetery. GEIGER. Mr. William Riley of Val-lev Station. Kv.. Route 1. passed away Friday. May 26. 1950, at 8 15 fi.m.. in his 56th year, at St. Joseph's nfirmarv. Beloved husband of Mrs.. Cora Terry Geiger: father of Mrs. Prodie Wood and Mr. William E. Geiger; also survived by 3 grandchildren. Services Monday. May 29. at 3 p m, at the residence. Interment South Jefferson Cemetery. HERBOLD. Mrs. Anna Margaret (nee Beck): in her 77th icar. at Muncie. Ind. Sunday. Mav 28. 1950. at 8:15 a m Widow of Henry Frank Herbold: devoted mother of Mrs. Edward E. Frederick. Muncie. Ind.. Mrs. W. J. Zwigard and Edward H. Herbold: sister of Mrs. Fred Siebe and C. L. Beck; also survived by 2 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Funeral from Neurath Funeral Home. 725 E. Market St Wednesday at 2 p.m. and interment Cave Hill Cemetery. JAMES. Mrs Alma Laura (nee May-field!: passed away May 27. 1950. at 12 o'clock noon; in her 57th year; familv residence Corydon. Ind. Devoted" wife of Mr. Cyrus James: beloved mother of Mr. George R. Meier: sister of Mrs. Lena Hilbs. Clarksville. Ind.: Mr. Lawrence May-field. Chicago, III : Mr. Fred May-field. Seattle. Wash.; also survived and stepchildren. Mrs Charles Joyce, bv granodaughter. Lauretta Meier. Mrs. William Palmer and Mr. Porter James, and three stepsrandchildren. Remains resting at Owen Funeral Home. 2611 Virginia Ave. Funeral services Tuesdav morning at 10 30 o clock from Owen Chapel. Burial In Cave Hill Cemetery. JENNINGS. Frank Clifford. Saturday.' Mav 27. 1950. at 6 05 p m . in his 58th year: residence. 626 E. Walnut. Beloved husband of Mrs. Nellie - Jennings (nee Rueffi: devoted father of Verne C. Jennings and Mrs Marguerite Settles: also survived by 4 grandchildren: brother of Prather Jennings of Centerville. Ark.; Robert Jennings of French Lick. Ind : Jack Jennings of San Moreno Valley, Cal.. and George, John. Verne and Sam Jennings. Mrs. Margaret Burns and Mrs. Ann Bumpus all of Louisville. Services for Mr. Jennings will be held at Manning Funeral Home. 612-614 W Broadwav, Mondav. May 29. at 10 a m . and he will be motored to Scarlett Ridse Cemetery. French Lick. Ind., for interment. Kl'RRIE. Harry R . Jr : suddenly Sunday. Mav 28. 19f.0, at 2 45 p.m. at his residence. 2705, Lexington Rd. Beloved father of Henrietta. ' Ann. and Harry R. Kurrie, III: son of Mrs H. R. Kurrie. of Chicago. 111.: brother of Mr. Thompson Kurrie of Indianapolis. Ind. Funeral from Pearsons, 131 S. 3d St.. Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment, Cave Hill Cemetery. Kl'TE. Edward T.: Sunday May 28, 1P50. at 4 a m. in his 76th year. Residence Watterson Trail, Jefferson-town. Ky. Beloved husband of Minnie Zoeller Kute: father of Katherine Kute. Bernard M., Forman W.. Walter J . Edward R . Albert J.. William G. Kute; 1 sister Katherine Kute. Chicago. 111.: 18 grandchildren. Remains at Myers Funeral Home. Jef-fersontown. Ky. Funeral from Myers Chapel Tuesdav. May 30. at 8 a.m. and at St. Edwards Church at 8:30. Interment in St. Louis Cemetery. Richmond and Anderson, Ind., papers please copv. LAWRENCE. Mrs. Anna (nee Maier): passed away May 24. 1950. at Hollywood. Fla.; in her 63d year; residence 1601 Breashear Dr. Beloved mother of Mrs. George Simmons. Hollywood. Fla . Mrs. Mr,v Louisa Bradley. Mr. Norman Lawrence. Mr. Arthur Lawrence, Jr., and Mr. Do rime Lawrence: sister of Mrs. Augusta Devney, Mr. Charles M. Maier and Mr. George P. Maier: also survived by 5 grandchildren Remains resting at Owen Funeral Home. 2611 Virginia Ave. after 10 o clock Saturday morning friends may call. Funeral services Monday at 3 o'clock from Owen Chapel. Burial in Louisville Memorial Park. LEW I A. Lois Carnes. Saturday. Mav 27. 1950. at 5:40 a.m., at St. Anthony s Hospital; residence, 56 Eastover Ct. Beloved wife of Mr. Ewing C. Lewis: mother of Miss Katherine Fielding Lewis and Mrs. James Vogt Opp!; sister of Mrs. Charles W. Ward and Miss Gladys Carnes of Brandenton. Fla ; Mrs. Frank A. Wynn. Tampa. Fla . and Mr. Robert S. Carnes, Tampa. Fla. Funeral frm Pearsons. 1310 S. 3d St., Monday morning at 11 o'clock. Interment in Resthaven Cemetery. ILOVU. Mrs. Ella C. (nee Cainl. of 67(1 Westiawn, passed awav in her 92d year Sunday. May 2b. 1950. at 3 am. Beloved mother of Miss Carrie R. Lluvd. Mis. R. W. Cates. Columbus. Ohio, and Mr. James A. Llod. Corbin. Ky.; also survivtti by two sisters, four grandchildien and two great-grandchildren. Remains at the W G. Hardy Broadway Chape!, 3415 W. Broadway, where funeral services will be held Tuesday, May 30. at 2 p.m. Interment in Resthaven Memorial Park. I.OCIIMEVER. Mr Edward Ernest, of 5602 Morrison, passed awav in his 59th year. Sunday. May 28, 1950. at 7:30 p.m.: beloved husband of Mrs. Louise Lochmeyer (nee Schultz); brother of Mrs. Mary Hauth, Cincinnati. Ohio, and Mrs. Louise Gtas-ser, Louisville. Ky.: also survived bv several nieces and nephews. Remains at the W. G. Hardy Beech-mont Chapel. 4601 S. 6th St. (6th and Ashland i. Funeral services Wednesday. Mav 31, at 8:30 a.m. from Hardv's Chapel, and 9 am. at St Thomas More Church. Members of the Holy Name Society, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Confraternity of the Pilgrims of St. Ann will please assemble at the chapel Monday at 8 30 p.m. to recite the rosary. LONG. Josephine Waijis. Thursday. May 25. 1950. at 3 20 p.m. at her iesidence. Bloomfield. New Jersey: widow of John W. Long; mother of Miss Elizabeth 'Long. Bloomfield. New Jersey, and MiS. Maxwell Kim-bell. Gien Ridge. New Jersey. Remains arrive Louiitville Sunday morning and will be taken to Pearson's. 13H) S. 3d St. Funeral and interment on family lot in Cave Hill Cemetery, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock MALES, Stanlev P.. Friday. Mav 26, 1950. at 6 30 a.m.. in his 54th ear. Residence 644 S. 41st St Beloved son of Mrs. Anna Tracy: brother of Mrs. Mabel Sydnor and Hueh Males. Remains at Schoppenhoist Bros. Funeral Home. 1832 W. Market St Funeral services Monday, Mav 29th at 1 p.m. Interment Resthaven Cemeterv. MF.FFKRT. Emma, Sunday, May 28. 1950. at 4 10 p.m., at her residence. 8D5 E. Market St. Devoted sister of Alice Meffeit: also survived by three cousins. Funeral from Pearson s. 1310 S 3d St.. Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. Interment in Cave Hill Cemetery. Please omit flowers. SIMS, Amanda (nee Hungate. passed away suddenly in her 66th year, at her home. Willisburg. Ken tucky. Friday, May 26, 1950. at 5:50 p m. Wife of the late Robert Sims: beloved sister of Mrs. Maud Kurt-singer. Willisburg. Kentucky: Mrs. Essie Cooksey, Louisville, Kentucky, and Charles Hungate, Louisville, Kentucky: 3 nieces. 3 nephews. Remains removed to her home in Willisburg. Funeral. 2:30 p.m. Monday. Central Standard Time, from Willisburg Christian Church. Interment in Willisburg Cemeterv, TIKDFMANN, Murray Adams. Friday, May 26. 1950. at 11:20 p.m.. at her residence. 3012 Greenup Rd.: widow of Henry Tiedemann; mother of Mrs. K. J. Jacobs; also survived bv one grandchild: funeral from Pearson's. 1310 S. 3d St. Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Cave Hill Cemeterv. WILLIAMS. W. S. (Sank), Saturday. May 27. 1950, at 2 a.m.. at his residence. 617 S. 40th St. Husband of the late Cecilia Smith Williams; devoted father of Miss Grace L. Williams, Miss Norma A. Williams and Mr. Roy B. Williams of Dayton, Ohio: also survived by his giand- cniidren. Miss Janet Williams. Mrs. J. L (Margie Willenbrink. Jr.. Roy B. Williams. Jr.. of Monterey Park. Calif.: great granddaughter. Rose Ann Willenbrink: brothers. T. O. Williams and Elzie Williams of Holland, Ohio. Funeral from Dougherty and Son Shawnee Funeral Home, Broadway at 34th. Monday morning. May 29. at 9 o'clock and in Christ the King Church at 9:30. Interment in Calvary Cemetery. Where to Go. 10 HANOVER BEACH Hanover, Ind.: spend your vacation on the beautiful Ohio: modern cabins: swimming. boating. fishing. dancing. Write for pamphlet. LIGHTHOUSE Lake is open. Call CH 9173 for picnic reservations; follow arrows out Bardstown or New-burp Rd. to Gardner Lane POINT INN 6 miles north of Jeffersonville on 31-E: chicken steak, country ham; private dining rooms. Jeffersonville 3-8968 Services Offered Generdl. 14 CARPENTER work of all kind; concrete: guaranteed: free estimates; jomptseryice. SH 7202-R. FR 8320. CARPENTER, foundation, remodeling of rooms, attics, repairs: small jobs: terms arranged; free estimates. CY 5333 CARPENTRY work and repairing; all kinds: prompt service: work guaranteed: free estimates. Call SH 5330-J CARPENTRY, repairing: painting; small jobs; free estimates: call CY 9983. Services Offered General. 14 SOD with bluegrass: concrete work, all kinds: work quaranteed: free es-timates 1309 Lillian CA 8380. TAILORING. alterations repairs: ladies', men's suits tailored Muellers 705 E Market J A 9478 TREES moved, topped; landscaping, sodding, top soil; manure; guaranteed satisfaction; experienced man. MA 4139-J Lost. 11 CAT. large black, lost or strayed, vicinity Washington Park Homes: answers name Pokey: reward. AT 6993. after 5 p.m or WA 0223. during day . l)OG; Shepherd, brown and white, 3 months, answers to Lucky: vicinity of lath and Hill; child s pet; reward. SH 2390-W; DOG, collie: female, red and .white: 9 months old; struck by car. vicinity Bardstown Rd , Friday; reward. AM 2832 . A Mil 36; DOG. Cocker Spaniel, female, answers to Vickey; strayed from 215 S. Clay, Friday evening; reward. WA 2111. IJOG; tan long haired, male; answers to name Bov; vicinity 2000 block Flovd. May 14: reward CA 2297. DOG; large white male Spitz: 12 vears old: vicinity 3d and Burnett; reward M A42jS5. FISHING box: near 3151 S 3d; Sunday night; on car bumper; reward. Call AT 2308 GLASSES, shell rim; in case, on Oak St. between 2d and 3d; Friday. SH 4U52-R GLASSES, tortoise shell, pink, lost in Bacon's Dress Shop, in booth, Mqnday. May 22d. Reward. WA 6479. GLASSES. dark tortoise shellf needed as soon as possible: reward. HI 3667: 1850 Trevilian Way. GLASSES, in Heitzmans Bakery. Wednesday afternoon: can identify: Hberal reward. Piease call CH 2556. HANDBAG; black, crocheted; on Bardstown Rd at Alta Ave., noon Saturday Call HI 4890. Reward KITTEN, small. blacK. white spot on chest, vicinity Rutland and Livingston: reward. FR 5436. PUPPY. German Police, white stripe on front of neck: lost in vicinity of Story and Bickel Avenue. Child's pet, please return. Reward. JA 3429 KING, blue stone, restroom Standard Oil Station. St. Matthews. May 22: reward. TA 4985. WATCH, lapel, rhinestone: lost Monday. May 22nd. in vicinity of 6th and Jefferson to 5th and Market. Pward. CY 6813 SIST watch; lady's; Fairfax; yellow gold, small diamonds; lost Wednesday. May 24th. about 8 am. on Jefferson just east of 5th; gift; jre wa rd . M Al 896 W'RISTWATCH; lady's Hamilton: white gold, small diamonds around face: vicinitv 4th and Broadway; reward. Hi 5M7. Information Personals. 13 ANTIQUES, solid walnut. ' hand carved, said to be over 200 years old and from the Old Van Rensalaer Estate in Northern New York: high head board bed and marble-top dresser, in beautiful condition; no dealers. AM 2356. CL 3268. ANTIQUES wanted: old dishes, ornaments, lamps, glass, furniture, brass and copper articles. Call TA 1135 CLOCKS and Watches repaired, fast service; old gold wanted for cash. Steinau Jeweler. 631 S. 3d. J A 6625 FURS; let Louisville's finest stylist restyle your old furs into a stole or sling cape, from $35: fur storage 3'e. PACY'S FURS & TOGGERY. 316 W. Walnut. WA 6935 CARNIVAL PICNIC SUPPLIES Balaions. parasols, novelties for fish ponds, etc. Helium gas to fill balloons: Jap lanterns, 29c to $1.29. K. S. CAIIFIELD. INC. 306-8-10 S. 3d St. WA 4477. WA 0789. In Memoriom. PENDLETON": in remembrance of our dearly beloved wife and mother, Maggie Williams Pendleton, July 7, 1875-October 2, 1949. Beyond life's golden sunset Lies a city bright and fair; In the land of God's tomorrow. Where our loved ones await us there. It is a place of wondrous beauty Where they know not grief or fears. And where God Himself in tenderness Shall wipe away all tears. So we reioice today in knowing That our loved one has found peace In the land of God's tomorrow. Where His blessings never cease. W. M Pendleton. Son and Daughters. Cut Flowers, Sprays, Wreoths. 4 FINE, fresh flowers for all occasions. DEMLTNG FLOWER St GIFT SHOP. 3303 Southern Pkwy. We deliver. Days. AT 7952. Nights FR 6442 FLOWERS for all occasions: prompt city-wide delivery. 523 S. 3d FLORALART SHOP. INC. WA 1558 Evenings. HI 1861 Cemetery lots. Monuments. 6 RESTHAVEN" Cemetery; 6-grave lot in Victory Memorial section; reduced price Fern reek 3089. C R Ei A 1 1 0 V: free pamphlets. "A Wise Choice" LOUISVILLE CREMATORY 641 Baxter Funeral Directors. The McDaniel Funeral Home. Inc. W. G McDaniel. President FR 3566-3577 . 4339 Park Blvd. T. 2815 A. BLANFORD-RATTERMAN S. 4th. CA 1436. LEE E CRALLE CO . INC. 1330 S. Third St. MA 0771 MA 11772. ALBERT NEURATH & SON FUNERAL HOME 725 E. Market. J A 1191. JOHN MA AS & BRO. Funeral Directors Broadway at Floyd WA 4284. BARRETT FUNERAL HOME 1230 Bardstown Road. HI 1758 JOHN B RATTERM AN AND SONS FUNERAL PARLORS 2U4 W. Market. SH 1243. H BOSSE i- SON FUNERAL HOME 600 E. F.roadway. WA 3171. SCHOPPENHORST-BROS. FUNERAL HOME CONVALESCENT Home; for elderly people; home atmosphere; good food, and nursing care. Donnelly's. J A 1946. HAIR braids and transformations made from your own hair. Bush Hair & Beauty Shop. 307 Starks Bldg OLD GOLD WANTED Dental work, gold watches, chains. and gold, any condition; sell to us for the highest cash price. MOSE I HUCKl S SlOKS 214 S 3d St Next to Mazzonl WATCH REPAIRING Guaranteed; 3-day service. Crosby eweiers 3.16 w Jefferson St SHOWERS ARE A HEADACHE! . . when you can't find a gift you can be proud to give! It's really tough to find something "different"! But shower gifts are no headache to me any more I know that State Liquor Stores' (5th and Walnut. 418' i W Walnut) vast stocks of novel gift items will always pro vide lust the right gift for that friend who's taking the leap LJLLA WARLETSKY (Alterman) of 58 Ben Yehuda St., Tel-A-Viv, Israel, is looking tor ner aunt and cousin Ljula Alterman, the daughter of Sonja Alterman. sister of lsak Ehren- feld. born in Latrijo. town of Griva. ATTF.NTiON. JUNK BRIDES We sell bridal satins and nets; complete line of buttons. A BAFR. "THE BUTTON STORE" 622 W. Market St - WA 4627 REDICE at home without diet, drue or exercise. For trial treatment phone Miss Jones. HI 1526, or write 2008 Lowell. SPECIAL 4-hour absolutely odorless cleaning and pressing service: also expert repair work. Janes. Cleaners and Dyers. 222 S. 7th St. REPAIR and remodel your fur coat at Mona's: lowest prices. 719 E Broadway. JA 8610. YES, a 12- ear-old bov can foam clean rugs perfectly with the new r ina roam. Bacons. Notions. MISSED Calls are missed sales! Let us answer your phone Telephone ecreianai service, ul 3636 Services Offered Services Offered General. 14 ADDITIONS. REMODELING. REPAIRS ANYTHING pertaining to the home we nave skilled workmen and ma teriais. low cost, monthly payments if desired: fully insured work: free estimates. AM 2477. MASON DIXON CONTRACTORS. INC. 71S S. Shelby. ADDITIONS BUILDING Remodeling, repairing, decorating. carpenter wont, concrete worn, roof' ing. siding, tin work, plastering. painting, papering, steaming, floor refinishing. kitchen cabinets: free estimates; plan service. BELL &KOCH T A 0904 ATTICS finished: turn that space lnio usetui. axiracuve rooms; re-modeling, additions. Call John Roy r H 4216 loth and Market. CY 7326. D. J. DOUGHERTY & SON Funeral Homes i;ro S. 3d and Broadway at 34th. L. D. PEARSON & SON. INC. 1310 S. Third St. MA 0510-0511. lodge Notices. 8 BOAZ LODGE, Number 850. will meet in called communication this Mondav afternoon. May 29, at 1 p.m., in their hall. Shelby and Mulberry, for the (purpose of paying our last sad respects to our departed brother, Roy E. Bose. Funeral services from the Arch L. Heady Funeral Home at 1:30 p.m. All members urged to attend. Walter H. Bringer, Master; John F Loosly. Secretary. T11FRK will be no meeting of Banner Council. Number 7. Daughters of America. Tuesday, May 30, due to holiday. Hael Duggins. Councilor. Alma Manteuffel. Sec y. Trovel Opportunities. 9 FLORIDA; man leaving May 31; can take X or 3; share expenses. Call CA 1700. CLEANING paper by experts; ainted walls, floors cleaned, interior nd exterior painting: free estimates. Henry Williams. J A 2323, day or night. CONCRETE, painting and repair work: all work guaranteed; prompt service Call Rowe Wells. AM 3085. CONCRETE work: certified contractor: work guaranteed: small and large jobs: free estimates: refer- nces sh 420.1-j CONCRETE finish and brick or block laying: will take by job Ed ward Carpenter. CL 9692 Rear 616 Madison. CONCRETE construction: we have he equipment for your type job; ree estimates. Likins Co. AT 3609 AM 2243. ELECTRICAL contractor: house wir- ng and power installations: fluores cent lighting: work guaranteed: cash or payments EAKL B DON A-V 631 S 4?d Electrical Service SH 2477 ELECTRICAL contracting and serv ice for houses, industrial light and power: prompt: 24-hour service: work guaranteed. Adam iiw. r rt 37. KLM TR1CAL specialists in correct- ng faulty and hazardous wiring Longacre Electric C o. 638 S 7th CL :!9. 24-nour service ELECTRIC house wiring, repairing. flourescent lighting, door chimes: countv work: reasonable rates; guaranteed. FR 2281. EXCAVATING basements lawn grading land clearing, plowing, cinders, dirt and crushed stone delivered CH 1585 EXCAVATING, bulldoer and shovel: basements. ponds, ditches, roads, grading- and ground clearance. Phone Pleasure Ridae 72608 FENCE, picket chain link. lawn. gatesa skilled erection or materials: ree estimates: terms Al -1914. OlTISVtLI.F, FT.NCE CO AT 4234 FENCE, all tvpes; skilled erection; no job too small: F.H A terms; free estimate Falls City Fence CY 7521. FENCES erected, all types: free es- mates: prompt service. Call J . a It- Fence Co.. CA 4145 FLOOR Sander and edger for rent: paper hanging steaming, painting. WA 1028 1708 W Market FLOOH sanding, refinishing. estimates: Sanders, paper steamers, skill saws, paint sprays for rent: free delivery. 3730 W Broadway. AR 1089. FLOORS Sanded. 10c square foot: re finishing. cleaning and waxing: free estimates John Filiatreau. SH 3831 FLOOR Sanding, refinishing; hardwood laid; asphalt, rubber tile: terms: power tools for rent, sanders. steamers, saws, etc 2909 Preston. M P Williams. MA 5426 FLOOR Sanding, floor finishing. floors laid: sandera for rent: floor materials. 1316 Rufer. WA 3507 FR 9793 Highfill & Hester. FLOORS Sanded, refinisned. o 1 d floors made like new. hardwood floors laid: easy terms: sanders for rent SH 3619 2129 Dixie HSwy FURNACES, ail types, installed and serviced: 24-hour service: reasonable FUTCH HEATING AT 154. , FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING AND REPAIRING By old reliable firm: a complete upholstering service: special furniture made to order. JEFFREYS UPHOLSTERING SHOP JA 2652 20 Years at 641 S. 1st. TUCK pointing; guaranteed work; painting; stores and garages built of wood or concrete blocks. CY 8520. UMBRELLAS, any size, recovered and repaired. Mueller's. 705 E Market JA 9478 VENETIAN shades. paired Blinds and window made to order, cleaned, re-free estimates: fast service Interstate Venetian Blind Mfg AM 1915 Pointing, Papering. 23 PAINTING, interior and exterior; steaming, papering, cleaning ARTHUR G MAAS WA 1028 PAPER hanging, 18 years' experience; 1st class, work guaranteed: reasonable; references. Chester Mc-Grew. SH 6751-W PAPER hanging, steaming: work guaranteed: tarpaulins: immediate service: 29 years experience. Payne. CA 2893. PAPER hanging, paten plastering, painting, roof repairing Rembold. CA 3298 PAPERING, steaming, patch plaster-ing: lowest prices: quality workmanship: prompt service; free estimates Atkins. JA 6791 "P.APERHANGINC.:' hall work a specialty; prompt service: also house painting. Call SH 2465-M. WASHERS All makes repaired: complete stock of parts for all makes washers; 1-day service: free pickup and delivery FACTORY AUTHORIZED THOR SERVICE H & G. Washer Service. MA 718). 728 Shelbv Pkwy MA 0547 after 5U WASHERS Repaired: al) makesf free e.timates, pickup and delivery CLARKSDALE RADIO & WASHER SERVICE WA 6914. 706 S. Shelby. WA 5392. "WASHERS: Maytag and Easy our" specialty: all expertly repaired and guaranteed: we trade, buy or sell. CITY APPLIANCE SHOP 675 W Hill St MA 3396 WASHERS and refrigerators repaired; parts all makes washers. TRI-CITY WASHER & REFRIG. 332 E Market St. CL 0090. "WASHING, ironing, curtains, silks, done in my home satisfactorily; experienced; reasonable: white lady. SH 6276-J. WATER heaters installed, automatic, gas or electric: free estimates: guaranteed satisfaction: F H.A terms. RICHARD BAKER CO JA 8087. Moving and Hauling. 21 MOVE YOURSELF SAVE" . OR MORE! Rent a Truck Local or long distance: pads and equipment available: reliable insurance. THE U-DRIVE-IT CO. 615 S. 3d St. Phone CL 4820. Across frorn Henry Clay Hotel LIGHT hauling, moving; experienced white help: padded vans: no hourly charge. Masterson Movers, I L 5190. M O V I N Gl experienced white help; no hourly charges: no 1ob too large or small. Coffey Movers. AT 2371 J122 Iroquois BOYD Liberty Movers: 15 years' experience serving the public; pickup service. 610 E. Kentucky. CL 4984. GENERAL Hauling; dump or flat truck: prompt service: reasonable. .7 A 7566 MOVE Anything; 3i-ton truck: dirt, cinders, trash: coal, basement to basement Foutch. FR 5222 BOYD, D. L.; mover; reasonable rates: 18 vears' experience: all cargo insured. Call TA 5122. Veteran. Long Distance Moving. 22 MATION-W IDE, LOCAL MOVING Loads or part loads wanted Storage . Crating Packing SETTLE MOVING & STORAGE CO. Agent Allied Van' Lines. Inc 117 S 10th St. JA 7161. Fl'RMIlKL upholstered, retinished. repaired, upholstery cleaned. A C UPHOLSiEKY SHOf Night and day. call FR 7410 FURNITURE Upholstered and re paired; work guaranteed: 2-piece set $59.50 and up; cash or terms: call Bruner. CA 84 1 9 anytime FURNITURE repaired, glued in vour home: springs retied: webbing: 30 years' experience. Neal. HI 2921. rURNITLRE Upholstered, refinished; lowest prices 208 E. Market. Don s Upholstering Co.. J A 2844 GARAGES built; any size, free esti mates given: best prices: see us. Call FR 6829. GAS Heating: save 10". now on gas furnaces, conversion burners, floor furnaces, space heaters: no - down payment, up to 3 years to pay. LUll ISVlLLE gas heating to. Sales and Service CL 0151 117 W Market GAS Staves makes stoves: sonable rates adjusted: repair all prompt service: rea-C all CY 9454 GAS Heating is our business, not a side line; turn to a name you know AirPEM. GAS SERVICE INC. FR 6164 1546 Berry Blvd FR 2658 GRASS cutting, flower beds, etc.; we are experienced and thorough. Bob s Lawn Service. TA 630S Pointing, Papering. 23 PAPERING: 1 room or more, immediate service: samples shown: free estimates; price reasonable. SH 7227-W. PAPERING, $6 up per room; steaming: patching; tarpaulins used: prompt service. Emmett Probus. CY 5003. PAPERING. painting. plastering, steaming: immediate service: work guaranteed. Bovd and Washer. MA JSK68. CL 5178 PAPERING. $5 a room; steaming, room and house painting: immediate service; free estimates. Call Cy 6423 after9 a m. PAPERING, painting, steaming, patch plastering; first-class work; tarpaulins: 27 years' experience. Currens. MA 2055-R PAPERING, free estimates; work guaranteed, immediate service. French. WA 8766. PAPERING. manship; steaming. A-l work- tarpaulins used. W. T. Havsley. 2820 Montgomery. CY 0237 PAPERING, steaming: reasonable; immediate service. E. Yates. CY 8144. STEAMING Wallpaper, by experts; no job too hard, free estimate. Bohn. Call CY 1715. WA PAPER removed by JA 8130. 1344 Lexington Rd. 1688. 4101 Greenwood WALLPAPER: high grade. washames. loc up: edge free steam, or CY 7!2c up: trimmed Rupe's. 634 Preston. WA 93S8. FOR sale or rent. Kero-Iectric wallpaper steamers and floor polisher and waxer. Miller Brothers Wallpaper and Paint Co., 811 E. Broadway CL 7856 FOR Rent. wallpaper sanders. paint sprays, steamers, polishers. steaming by job Cook. CY 781 5 FOR Kent, wallpaper steame.s; floor, bench auto sanders. polishers: paint tnrav 1313 Texas. MA 5239 Automotive Airplanes :or Sale. 26 ST IN SON 10 f resh"license ; transmitter, receiver, and loop: '.ell or trade on late model car. Call TA 0169 after 5 p m. TA YLORCRAFT 1947; excellent condition: priced reasonable: free instruction; learn to fly in a Tricycle Cub for $66. Coy Flying Service Riverside Airport. SH 5462. 27 Automobiles for Sale. CLEANING paper; general house cleaning; Kem-toning: interior and exterior painting. LaFollette. CY J249.CL5 1 78. CLEANING paper a specialty; 15 years' experience; no dirt; reasonable prices; chimneys waterproofed. Call SH 2554-J. "CLEANING paper, walls: woodwork washed; floors electrically polished: interior, exterior painting; Kem- Toning. CLJ256. CLEANING wallpaper, washing woodwork; experienced help: day or night Call Flaherty. CY 3527 CLEANING, wallpapering, steaming. painting Dale and Ewing. SH 4898-J. DECORATING, painting, papering, steaming. plastering. guaranteed: terms: immediate service. C W Lehr. AR 2 169. CY 4973. DECORATING; paperhanging: steaming: painting: immediate service: tarpaulins: work guaranteed. Wester. CL 5751. FR 3546 HOUSE painting: walls, woodwork enameled; roofs painted: Kern-Ton- ing; floors varnished: basements sprayed. CL 1256. HOUSE Painting, interior and exterior: immediate service; free estimates: reasonable prices E. O'Nan SH 6660-J PAINTING, interior and exterior: place your order now; for free fcti-mates call B. J. JOHNSON Sc SONS. 1735 Berry Blvd. FR 2681. LA WNMOWERS sharpened repaired pick-up service. Clavton Saw ShoD 3037 Woodland AR 2566. SH 6523-M MATTRESSES rebuilt. $8 50: inner-springs, $12 50: new innersprings. box springs; glider pads. Veteran. SH 3005-J. PAINTING, interior, exterior; papering, steaming; quality workmanship at reasonable prices: property and liability insurance. W H. Youmans. AT6847J PAINTING churcnes, residences, exterior, interior, bathroom tileboard installed: time payment: painters' equipment for rent. AM 2266. WA 5454. EARL'S PAINT & ROOFJSERV1CE. PAINTING interior and exterior:" free estimates: prompt service: fully insured: reasonable rates Call George Glass. MA 2003-R BUICK 1946 super sedanet: a 1-owner car traded for new Buick: low mileage and it's fully guaranteed: beautiful robin's egg blue finish: white wall tires, undercoating. radio, heater, seat covers, back-up lights, etc.: the best deal and trade in city, let us prove it night or day: as low as $25 down with over 2 years to pay and at bank terms. 944 S. 3d. J A 1921. KING AUTO SALES. INC Open Nights. Open Sundays. Between Breck. & Ky. on 3d. Every Car Guaranteed BUICK 1950 Special "sedan; immediate delivery on this like-new car: 2.100 actual miles: fullyv equipped with radio, heater and dynaflow: we sold it new, serviced it since new: see it at KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC. Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer. 120 E Broadway AM 1863. Stop at the Big Giraffe SigrL BUICK 1950 special; dark blue finish: 4-door sedan: Dynaflow, radio, heater, de luxe steering wheel, nylon seat covers, backup lights, white sidewall tires: driven less than 1.000 miles; can save you money: who wants it? Call TA 6107, Mr. Al Collins. ST. MATTHEWS MOTORS. 3790 Lexington Rd BUICK 1942 super 2-door sedanette 2-tone green: in excellent condition: radio, heater, seat covers: traded by original owner: a real buy for the economical minded: come in and ask for Dudley Keach or call him and he will bring it to you. HECK AM AN MOTORS. 615 E Broadway. JA 6036 Automobiles for Sale. 27 CHEVROLET 1949 de luxe Fleetline Aero sedan; a beautiful gray finish, with radio, heater clock, backup light, mirrors, fender skirts and good rubber; here is a 1-owner car with low mileage: looks and performs like a new one; a real bargain at $1,595: come see how we trade; guaranteed 30 days; 50 cars to select from at the brightest spot in town. FALLS CITY POSliAC CO Broadway At Hancock. WA 2423. Open Evenings Open Sundays CHEVROLET 1948 Fleetmaster 4-door: medium blue finish: white wall tires, radio, heater, and other extras: extra clean inside and out: $395 down, cash or long trade; balance easy bank terms WEIR MOTORS COMPANY 845 S. 3d St. CL 7619 Open week davs 8 am. till 9 pm. CHEVROLET. 1937 . 2-dooi . completely reconditioned including motor overhauled, just the thing for that economical transportation you want; be sure to look here before buying. Open evenings 'til 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO BE 2463. Next to A & P in St. Matthews. CHEVROLET i948 4-door sedan; V Cooke special for spring: see this car today; selling for less than $900; will compare in looks and performance to a $1,295 car: terms COOKE CHEVROLET CO 3d at Kentucky CL 8323. !)penpvenings till 9 Closed Sundays CHEVROLET 1941 club" coupe; excellent condition: new rubber: radio and heater; this car is priced for quick sale. KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC. Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer 3712 Frankfort Ave Phone BE 2454. Nights Phone BE 2457 CHEVROLET 1946 Stylemaster 4-door sedan: black finish; radio, heater. This is a nice, clean car w-ith exceptionally good rubber. A buy for only $300 down; long terms on balance. GEO. BYERS SONS 123 E Broadway. JA 5126. CHEVROLET, 1947 4-door Fleetline: excellent throughout; equipped with radio, heater, seat covers: priced reasonably and guaranteed: $375 down delivers: open evenings 'til 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO BE 2463. Next to A.&P. in St. Matthews CHEVROLET " 1910 2-ducr: onlv $59 down, balance carried bv bank financing company: 150 other good cars all require same small down payment. NF.LLIS GARDNER AUTO SAI FS 1255 S. Preston. Lot Number 1. CHEVROLET 1939 2-door: "only $19 down, balance carried bv bank financing company: 150 other good cars: all require same small down pavment. NELLIS GARDNER AUTO SALES 846 S. 3d. Lot Number 3 CHEVROLET 1941 2-door; only $69 down, balance carried jy bank financing company; :0 other good cars: all require same small d.wn pavment. NELLIS GARDNER AUTO S MES J318 W. Broad vay. Lot Number 2 CHEVROLET "1938 2-door standard: good paint and motor: dependable: new lot special this week end; first come, first served. $74 50. DOUGLAS HUDSON MOTORS Used Car Lot. 2307 Bardstown Rd. HI 4661 Automobiles for Sale. 27 DF. SOTO 1948 deluxe 2-door: its" original Adante green finish is like new: equipped with fluid drive with tip-toe shift, radio and heater: a one-ownfr car in perfect condition: reduced from $1,695 to $1,495: another reason whv business is good at KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC. Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer 120 E Broadwav AM 1863. Stop atthe Big Giraffe Sign. DE SOTO 1937 4-door "sedan: good" dependable motor and transportp-tion: ready to go; new lot special, $56 50 DOUGLAS HUDSON MOTORS Used Car Lot. 2307 Bardstown Rd. HI 4661. "DE SOTO 1948 "se"dan; today. $1,195. and 40 other good cars: trade. LEYMAN BUICK CO. CL 5525. 507 E. Broadway "DE SOTO 1948 4-door sedan; radio' and heater: extra clean, you should hurry and ask to see this one: $1,595. PERKINS MOTORS 2105DixieHgwy CY 3340-3349 "OF. SOTO 1946 4-door custom; beautiful finish: perfect condition: $1,085. TR1-C1TY OLDS MOBILE CO Campbell and Broadway AM 1601. DODGE 1947 de luxe 4-door sedan; a beautiful green finish: radio, heater seat covers, good rubber and looks and performs like new; if you want a good clean car in perfect mechanioel condition, here it is at $1,245: come in and see how we can trade: there are fiftv cars to select from at the brightest spot in town FALLS CITY PONT1AC CO. Broadwav at Hancock WA 2423. Open Evenings. Open Sundays. DODGE 1949 Coronet gyromatic convertible: olive green; looks and runs like a new car; driven bv a company official: loaded with factory accessories: perfect mechanical condition guaranteed: as long as 24 months to pay; will trade; save over $600. 3d St. Bargains Are Located at 3d and York. L. J HANNAH Sz CO.. INC. Automobiles for Sal. 27 FORD 1947 station wagon: all equipment, radio, heater, leather upholstery; priced way down for a quick sale: motor in perfect shape: wood also in perfect shape: come in and ask for Howard O Neil or call hint and he will bring it to vou HECKWAN MOTORS 615 EBroadw ay. JAjSO'' FORD 1941 85 station wagon rToks.T" runs perfect; only $395: as low as $25 down. Parkland Auto Sales. " ,00 Wilson TORD 1949 custom $. verv low" mileage: cannot be told from new; all extras: reasonable; will finance. -FR 4236 905 Ashland. BUICK 1947 Roadmaster 4-door se dan; black finish: radio, heater, seat covers: a beautiful. low-mileage one-owner car: only $400 down; long terms on balance. GEO. BYERS SONS 123 E. Broadway. JA 5126 BUICK 1947 convertible; a 1-owner car: in perfect condition: priced for quick sale. KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK INC. Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer 3712 Frankfort Ave. Phone BE 2454. Nights phone BE 2457. PATCH plastering, concrete driveways and walks, also foundations laved; immediate service Call CY 3189. PATCH Plastering, reasonable; experienced: free estimates; can work at night. Call after J:30 SH 7103-R. PLASTERING; "special rates for month of May; roofs painted, gutters cleaned, chimneys repaired; immediate service. SH 4750-J. PLASTERING, roof painting, repairing, chimney's and foundations stuccoed; immediate service; reasonable rates. Call WA 3082. . PLASTERING by hour or joby new or paten work; experienced, colored; immediate service. SH 1912-R. PLASTERING, stucco plastering: all work union men. SH 4205-J and patch guaranteed: PLOWING gardens or large acreage, discing, corn planting and cultivat-ing; new equipment Becnel. AT 3152 PLOWING: garden made ready to plant with Rototiller; lawns pre-pared. seeded Roger Dean. CL 8874. "PLUMBING repair, electric sewer cleaning, remodeling; loans arranged. Joe Payne, 1702 Gauibert, CY 6731. PLUMBING, remodeling, repairs and new work: estimates: terms arranged Logan B Hickey. SH 3337 "PLUMBING: bathrooms installed. $385 up: other plumbing at comparative prices. William Berley. Spring ano meiiwooo. be 2S10 BASEMENTS dug undea houses, dirt cinders crushed stone delivered Call after p.m.. CY 3277 BRICK, tuck pointing, carpenter work, painting, cement, roof coating repairing all kinds. Brownings, CA 2243 BUILDING, remodeling, general con-tracting and repairs: all work guaranteed, free estimates: prompt serv- ice TA S020 BUILDING, remodeling. roofing. siding, bathroom, modern kitchens. RADIO-TELEVISION SERVICE Fast, efficient, guaranteed service on all makes; call us dav or night. BROADWAY RADIO-TELEVISION 2407 W Broadwav CY 6SS2 REFRIGERATION;' prompt service day. night, any make model: work guaranteed; reasonable Paul Dun-awav AM 2312 WA 7416. KY HOME SALES. BUILDING, remodeling, storm windows and doors. McNulty Bros. MA M17 BUILDING and repair of all kinds: quick service: free estimates; satis-faction guaranteed Call MA 5994. CABINETS made to order: sink cabinets corner cabinets all types cabinets: prompt service Mason Cabinet hop AT 2431: nights AT 2319 CARPENTER repairs and remodeling: insulated siding roofing, combination storm windows aluminum awnings; prompt service: insured workmen: free estimates: terms arranged to suit you Call Domestic Construction Co.. JA 8574 or WA 6949 CARPENTER, general repair, roof ing, foundation work, remodeling; material furnished; free estimates: immediate service; reasonable: work guaranteed; terms arranged. AT 5360. REFRIGERATION : expert workmanship on all makes, including sealed units. Rob't Hall. CL 2691. WA 9477 REPAIR work and painting at reasonable costs Call AT 4264. W. P. Evans. 3121 Taylor Blvd. PAINTING and decorating, newest equipment and material; free estimates: immediate work; reasonably priced. CY 8867. v PAINTING, interior and exterior: paperhanging and steaming: free estimates; all work guaranteed. FR 0660 PAINTING: interior and exterior; honest work at reasonable prices; references. Beechmcnt Painters. CL 7835. PAINTING and decorating, interior and exterior: experienced men; free estimates: references. J. Lehmen-kuler. CY 7709. PAINTING, interior and exterior; finest workmanship and material: fullv insured: estimates free. Glenn Henson. HI 0617 PAINTING, interior and exterior; free estimates: immediate service: work guaranteed: reasonable rates. FR 5422 PAINTING, house: interior and exterior: and floor sanding and refinishing; prompt service. Call SH 2465-M PAINTING; interior and exterior; quality work; immediate service: free estimates. George Erhart WA 0811 PAINTING houses, inside and outside: Kem-tone; patch plastering: screen work; free estimates. SH 612S-W v PAINTING; interior and exterior; quality work; reasonable prices; time payments. FR 8684. PAINTING: get you paint my prices before Quality guaranteed. WALTER T. BLOUNT. JR. CH 1776. PAINTING, decorating: interior, exterior: references MrNultv Bros MA 817 ROOFING; roof repairing specialists; guttering, roof painting, coatisg: 28 years' experience. Walter Hartlage, CY 2187. SH 1S07-J. ROOFING, siding. guMering: a few dollars will repair the leak in your roof: call us. Duro Co of Kentucky Inc.. 4009 Crittenden Dr AT 3318 ROOFING, inselbric. Inselstone. guttering and repairing. McNulty Bros. MA 8917 SANITARY pumping service, cisterns, basements, septic tanks, cesspools: drain tile laid; free estimates. AT 71)8 SCREENS; porch or house: aluminum combination windows and doors; weatherstripping caulking. Venetian biinds with removable slats M ABRAHAM CALL SH 3031 SLIP Covers, draperies, tailored to measure; alterations; sewing: prompt service WA 7709. after 3 p.m. SLIP Cavers, labor. 2 pieces includ-ir.g snaps, cords. $17: references; aii work guaranteed. CA 1990. PAINTING, interior and exterior: free estimates: prompt service. Likins Co.. AT 3609 or AM 2243. PAINTING and paperhanging: drop cloths: free estimates guaranteed Ist-class work: York WA 6409. PAINTING, interior and exterior; free estimates: cash or terms: references C. W Lehr. AR 2169 PAPER furnished, hung; 1 room or more: reasonable. AR 3830. PAPER years Hanging. plastering; .1 experience: samples showr: immediate service: reasonable Hes on HI 4366 PAPER nanging. painting, steam-ming. patch plastering: your paper hung: tarpaulin, no mess: references. MA 0282. PAPERHANGING; patch plastering; samples shown; free estimates: week davs. CY 1145. Sundays SH 3965-M M. Ragsdale. PAPER hanging and painting: in terior and exterior: 1st class: 20 years' experience: reasonably priced; quic k service. AM 3996. PAPER hanging, steaming, cleaning; 1st class work, reasonable prices: free estimates. Claude Pinkston, AT 5063 "PAPER hanging: Tit class: neat work; guaranteed: 21 years' experience: low prices. R. Barnes, SH 7370-J. BUICK 1942 super sedan; it's clean inside and out; priced to sell at $795 G M A C. terms; trade or cash. KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC. Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer. 120E.B road way. AM1863. BUICK 1937 4-door sedan: a good second car for transportation: new lot special this week end: terms. $90. DOUGLAS HUDSON MOTORS Used Car Lot. 2307 Bardstown Rd HI 4661 BUICK 1946 4-door sedan: fully equipped; 1-owner car that is really nice. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE CO. 1211 W. Broadway. JA 4100. BUICK 1949 coach sedan: dynaflow; like new; priced to sell: 40 other good late model cars: trade. LEYMAN BUICK CO. CL 5525. 507 E. Broadway. BUICK 1947 super convertible; A-l; and 40 other good cars- trade. LEYMAN BUICK CO 507 E Broadway. CL 5525. BUICK 1936 4-door sedan; good tires: runs good: tin good condition. 833 Barret Ave. BUICK, 1949. convertible, super; all extras; $2,195: can be seen Brown Garage. 4th and Broadway. BUICK 1950 special 4-door; radio, heater, whitewall tires; very reasonable. Call SH 4003-W. BUICK 1940 Super 4-door: $285. TRI CITY OLDSMOBILE CO. 1211 W. Broadway. J A 4100. BUICK 1946 super 2-door;" black with white sidewall tires; $1,050. Call CA 7059. CADILLAC 1949 "62" series 2-door; light green finish; equipped with radio, heater, hydramatic. white tires, fog lights and back-up light and is fully covered with Duran plastic inside: looks like it is brand new: can sell verv reasonable or will trade. WEST BROADWAY MOTORS 927 W. Broadway. CL 6045 CADILLAC 1949 62 4-door. black: plastic seat covers, puncture proof white sidewall tires: this is a one owner car wih low mileage: in extra fine condition; see it today, we will trade. HULL-DOBBS World's Largest Ford Dealer 1213 W Broadwav. WA 7431. CHEVROLET 1938 2-door Master de luxe sedan; has heater, seat covers, and other extras: it s a good-looking car and the price is right. See Mr. Ferguson. THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO. 312 W Breckinridge. J A 6612. CHEVROLET 1949 de luxe two-door: this is a low mileage, fully equipped car. KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC. Your home-owned Buick Dealer. 3712 Frankfort Ave. Phone BE 3454. Nights phone BE 2457 CHEVROLET 1947 Fleetline 4-door sedan: two-tone tan and green finish; this is an unusually clean car. Only $300 down: terms up to 24 months on balance. GEO. BYERS SONS J23 E Broadway. JA 5126 CHEVROLET, 1947 F 1 e e t m a s t e r" coupe: this car has really been babied and you're sure to like it; and the price is right: it carries our guarantee. Open evenings 'til 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463. CHEVROLET 1947 Fleetline. 2-tone" finish; radio, heater: its a dandy and priced for a quick sale. SNIDER & ARNOLD MOTOR CO. 1R22 Berry Blvd. FR 9213. RaySnider. ConleyArnold CHEVROLET 1948 Fleetline 2-door; radio heater, defroster, seat covers: $1,350. BROADWAY CHEVROLET CO. 717 W Broadway. JA 7117 CHEVROLET 1938 2-door; a real"" buy. its only $195. $1 50 down. SNIDER & ARNOLD MOTOR CO. 1822 Berry Blvd. FR 9213. Roy Snider. Conlev Arnold. CHEVROLET. 1941 2-door; motor just overhauled; only $195 down delivers is guaranteed: open evenings til 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463. Next to A.&P. in St. Matthews DODGE 1949 Wayfarer convertible, fully equippe:!; practically a new car, only 2.000 miles: neatest little tan job you have ever seen at a $500 savin ,s to the buyer: let Bill Wagner prove it to you or call him and he will bring it to vou HECK AMAN MOTORS 615 E Broadway. J A 6036. "DODGE. 1948. 2-door sedan; with radio, heater and other accessories; under 16.100 miles; transferable new-car guarantee that is good until September 1. 1950; like new. can finance: best bargain in town: for sale bv original owner. 1834 Speed Ave. HI 7554-J. DODGE 1947 custom town sedan: completely equipped, including fluid drive: this one is extra nice, looks and runs like new; priced right; $1,145. ABBOTT USED CARS. 416 E Broadway. WA 8802. DODGE 1941 4-door sedan; black finish: has heater, seat covers, and other extras; it s a good one and the price is right; for a medium price, you can't find a better one THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO. 849 S. 3d. CL 4770. DODGE 1949 2-door; radio, heater, white sidewall tires; looks like new; easy terms $1,595 L. J. HANNAH & CO., INC Open Nights. 3d & York. JA 2265. Hi g new lot. 2d & York. FORD 1949 coupe sedan; extra; and . 40 other fine cars: trade. LEYMAN BUICK CO. CL 5525. 507 E. Broadwav. " FORD 1940 Tudor: radio and heater $395; $95 down. $20 51 per month. Bill Denning Auto Sales, 3620 7th St. AT 4211. FORD 1935 Tudor nVTunsTTToysT an3 can be bought for $95 BROADWAY WILLYS. 311 E Broadway J A 3678. FORD 1940 2-door; good condition-" $?65 SLUSSER AUTO SALES. 854 Sth. FORD 1940 de luxe 4-passenger coupe: extra clean: good condition. 1007 CharlesSt . MA 4847-W "FORD 1949 convertible: radio and heater: excellent conoition: 12 500 miles; will sell or trade CH 4t? "FORD 1949 Fordor sedan; ohTy 2S miles: in perfect condition: see this one. CY 4924. CHEVROLET 1940 2-door sedan; looks and runs good; week-end special at $295. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE 1211 W. Broadway. JA 4100. tilbVROLET 1948 Fleetline 2-door; maroon: radio, heater, plastic covers, white wall tires, other extras: one owner; $1,295 Jvlontgomerv Auto Co.. 2d & Liberty CHEVROLET 1948 convertible: A-l" condition: all accessories; must sell. Phone New Albany 4-1729 after 5 p.m. CHEVROLET 1946 2-door: maroon, heater: $950. BROADWAY CHEVROLET CO. 717 W Broadway . JA 7117. CHEVROLET 1948 Stylemaster dub" coupe; radio, heater: $1,295. BROADWAY CHEVROLET CO. J717 W Broadway .IA 7117 CHEVROLET 1940 two-door: new" paint: $395. $95 down, $20.51 per month. Bill Denning Auto Sales, 3620 7th St. AT 4211. like CHEVROLET 1949 club coupe; new; 40 other nice cars; trade. LEYMAN BUICK CO. CL 5525 507E Broadwav CHEVROLET 1947 convertible: radio, heater: new black top: reasonably priced: bank terms. S. & S. Auto Sales. 613 Winkler. "CHEVROLET 1941 4-door sedan: radio, heater: good condition: $495. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE CO 1211 W. Bro a dwa Jj 4!00 CHEVROLET 1940 2-door sedan: very clean throughout: only $495; as low as $25 down. Parkland Auto Sales. 3000 Wilson. CHEVROLET," 1940. 2-door; radio heater; extra clean: excellent body and tires. 532Dresden. "CHEVROLET 1940 de luxe 2-dborT $50 down. SLUSSER AUTO SALES 854 5th. CADILLAC 1942 "62" sedanette; beautiful 2-tone finish: radio and heater: you can own this fine car for onlv $795. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE 1211 W. Broadway JA 4100. CADILLAC 1946 "62" 4-door sedan: ail new white wall tires, radio, heater, many other extras: like new throughout: trade and bank terms. Parkland Auto Sales 3000 Wilson CADILLAC. 1941. 4-door sedan: radio, heater: good condition: reasonable: will trade. CH 3526. CHEVROLET. 1949 deluxe. 5-passen-ger coupe; this low mileage 1-owner car equipped with deluxe radio, heater: price right and guaranteed, up to 24 months on balance: be sure to see this one before buying; open evenings 'til 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463. Next to A.&P. in St. Matthews CHEVROLET 1937 master de luxe coupe: good condition: good tires; reasonable. 1329 Catalpa. CHRYSLER 1942 4-door. looks and runs like new: 1947 motor; radio and heater and good tires: small down payment and long trades. HERB SKAGGS USED CARS Taylor Blvd. and Longfield. CHRYSLER 1941 flub coupe: rebuilt engine: original finish: good tires: must sell. See anv time at 1506 Rufer or call JA2403 "CHRYSLER 1941 club coupe; fully equipped: $395 TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE CO. J21 1 W. Broadway JA 4100. CHRYSLER 1941 Royal; radio, heater, seat covers: good tires; in good con- dition. Call FR 4446 CROSLEY 1948 Station Wagon;' beautiful new maroon finish: ne 1950 engine: new car: factory dealer guarantee: total cost less than half of new car. Dealer. 423 S. 3d St. CROSLEY 1947 2-door sedan: looks, runs good: $195; $10 down, easv terms. Parkland Auto Sales. 3000 Wilson CROSLEY. 1948, station wagon: 1949 cast iron motor: heater: crash bumper New Albany 4-4027. CROSLEY, 1947 sedan: good motor and tires: must sell at once; $225. 1931 Roanoke. HI 6209-W. DE SOTO 1948 de iuxe 4-door sedan; beautiful black finish: radio, heater, seat covers: white wall tires: fluid drive with tip-toe shift transmission. A low mileage, one-owner car that looks and runs like new. Only $425 down; terms up to 2 years on balance. GEO. BYERS SONS 123 E. Broadway. JA 5126. DODGE 1942. 4-door sedan; radio. heater; onlv $595, as low as $25 down. Parkland Auto Sales, 3000 WilsonL ""DODGE 1941 4-door sedan; in very nice condition; only $495: as low as $25 down. Parkland Auto Sales, 3000 Wilson. DODGE, 1935 coach; excellent radio, good tires, paint, heater; owner; $135 2708 Narragansett. CY 9879. "DODGE 1940 black 2-door sedan; radio and heater; price $285. Call SH 5903-R FORD 1950 club coupe V-8; black finish; radio, heater, white sidewall tires, seat covers; priced for quick sale Call TA 6107. George Neu mann. ST. MATTHEWS MOTORS 3790 Lexington Rd. FORD 1939 udor; only $49 down. balance carried by bank financing Company; 150 other good used cars; all require same small down payment. NELLIS GARDNER AUTO SALES 1255 SPreston. Lot Number l. "FORD 1946 de luxe "8"" 2-door; radio, heater, other extras with good tires; this popular car is clean inside and out: $295 down, cash or long trade; balance easv bank terms. WEIR MOTORS COMPANY. 845 S. 3d St. CL 7619. FORD 1947 club coupe, V-8 motor: polish black finish; an unusually nice car: radio, heater, white side-wall tires: priced for quick sale. Call TA 6107 George Neumann. ST. MATTHEWS MOTORS 3790 Lexington Rd. FORD 1949 convertible "coupe : it " is ready and hot as a 4th of July firecracker; has all extras; low mileage; $1 695. ADVANCE MOTOR CO. Mercury dealers. 4021 Frankfort Ave. in St. Matthews. FORD 19)9 super" de" luxe Tudor; it" h4s a beautiful dark-blue finish; has heater, seat covers, and other extras: it's a good one and the price and terms are right. THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO 849 S.3d. CL4770. FORD 1941 convertible club coupe" nice mechanical shape: ready to go; new lot special price this week end; bank terms; $335 COUGLAS HUDSON MOTORS Used Car Lot, 2307 Bardstown Rd. HI 4661. FORD 1940 convertible coupe: radio, heater: extra clean condition; $625. 1626 Bonnycastle. HI 5989-J. FRANKLIN 1933: good condition; clean; used as family car; never wrecked. Call HI 4182. FRAZER 1949: radio, heater, over-" drive: beautiful bronze: completely reconditioned: low mileage; one-owner car. guaranteed. KENTUCK1ANA MOTORS 955 S 4th. JA 8150. FRAZFR Manhattan 1948, overdrive good tires; low mileage; motor per feet: $850. HI 6644-J. "HUDSON 1947 super 6 4-door" equipped, one careful owner; looks new; plenty of 1946 and 1947 clean, 1-owner. new car trade-ins to choose from; long trades and hank terms: we have really slashed prices for our new lot opening: we . can save you plenty of money; shop our lot this week end. manv special prices; good selection cleaner used cars. DOUGLAS HUDSON MOTORS Used car lot, 2307 Bardstown Rd. HI 4661. "H UDSON 1946 super rT1 4-door' sedan: just like new: has radio, heater, seat covers, white sidewall tires, air-foam seats, gorgeous blue; if you want to save nearlv si ono, come in and ask for Bill Underwood or call him and he will bring it to jou. HECK AMAN MOTORS 615 E Broadway. J A 60.36 " U DSON 1941 coupe; $76 50 down.". $395 KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer J!EBroadway AM 1863. HUDSON "6" sedan. A-l; 49Sanof-40 other fine cars: trade. LEYMAN BUICK CO. CL 5525. 507 E. Broadwav. HUDSON. 1841. four-door. good" body: motor overhauled recently; $395j terms if necessary. CY 0952. HUDSON, 1947. eight. 4-door sedanT in good condition; by owner. Call HI 3777 KAISER 1949 de luxe; radio, heater;" exceptionally clean; guaranteed: one-owner car. KFNTUCKIANA MOTORS 955 S 4th. JA8150. MERCURY 1949 4-door town sedanT metallic golden brown finish: radio, heater. This is a low-mileage car that looks and runs like new at below average market price. Only $450 -down; long terms on balance. GEO. BYERS SONS JrlB roaP J A5 1 211. MERCURY 1949 "sport sedan, here ia a nice one: it s had excellent care: . it's completely equipped and runi a new one: a bargain price for quick sale. $1,695. ABBOTT USED CARS 416 E. Broadway. WA 880J - FORD 1947 super de luxe 2-door: radio, heater, good rubber: this car is a trade-in on a new Buick. KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC. Your home-ow-ned Buick Dealer. 3712 Frankfort Ave. Phone BE 3454. Nights Phone BE 2457. FORD 1950 convertible, sportsman green: has 2.700 miles; all extras; $300 below list. Can be seen at St. Matthews Motors. 3790 Lexington Rd. Ask for Jimmie Stewart, TA Dili. FORD, 1949. V8 club coupe: maroon finish; radio, heater, white sidewall tires; priced below the market: $1,495. If interested call Al Collins. TA 6107. ST. MATTHEWS MOTORS 3790 Lexington Rd. FORD 1940 Tudor; only $59 down, balance carried by bank financing company; 150 other good cars: ail require same small down pavment. NELLIS GARDNER AUTO SALES 846 S. 3d Lot Number 3. FORD 1941 Tudor; only $69 down, balance carried by bank financing company: 150 other good cars; all require same small down pavment. NELLIS GARDNER AUTO SALES 1318 W. Broadway. Lot Number 2. "FORD 1947 "convertible: new top; special reduced price; $995. KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK, INC. Your home-owned Buick dealer. 3712 Frankfort Ave. Phone BE 2454. Nights phone BE 257. MERCfRY 1949 sedan, black linish: radio, heater, whitewall tires; 6.500 miles: it looks and runs like new; only $1,745. ADVANCE MOTOR CO 4021 Frankfort Ave.JnMatlhew "MERCURY 1940 sedan, clean as T pin: $365 SLUSSER AUTO SALES. 854 Sth. MERCURY 1940 2-door sedan: exceU lent condition; $550. For appointment call SH 4125, TA 4724. NASH 1949 4-door Ambassador: it's' a beautiful light-blue finish: has all the extras; overdrive: nylon seat covers: at the low price we have9 you can't affor-dto pass it up THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO 849 S. 3d. CL 4770. NASH 1946 600 ciub"cbupeThas radior heater, seat covers, and other extras: it s a good one and we have it priced to sell. THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO 849 S. 3d. CL 4770. NASH 1940 4-door sedan; radio, heaU er: $150. $5 down. Parkland Auto Sales. 3000 Wilson. OLDSMOBILE 1946 club coupe 6-cylinder; take your pick, we hav two: both cars are in perfect mechanical condition with plenty accessories: they have hydramatie drive and good rubber; here Is excellent transportation: these cars priced at $1,195; come see how we can trade: fifty cars to select from at the brightest spot in town. FALLS CITY PONTIAC CO Broadway at Hancock. WA 2423. J)pen Evenings Open Sundays. FORD. 1946 Station Wagon: extra clean throughout: priced very reasonable: 18 months to pay; open evenings 'til 9 ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463. Next to A.&P. inSt. Matthews FORD 1946 super de luxe Tudor; has radio, heater, seat covers, and other extras: its an exceptionally good car and the price is right THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO. 849 S.3d. CL 4770. "FOED, 1941 Tudor; excellent condi" tion; total price only $550; open evenings 'til 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO BE 2463.. Next to A.&P. in St? Matthew FORD 1949 convertible"; beautiful" Miami cream; radio, heater and white sidewalls: top 8 months old; over $600 below cosL no dealers. FR 1I67 "FORD 1948 Fordor: Tuscan tan: loaded with extras and clean throughout: onlv $1,295 BROADWAY WILLYS. 311 E.Broadway. JA 3678. FORD, 1949 V-8 Tudor- A-l through" out; equipped with radio, heater and is priced to sell: open evenings 'til 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463. Next to A &P. in St. Matthews FORD 1940 85 Tudor sedan; only $325. $23 down. Parkland Auto Sales. 3OC0 Wilson. OLDSMOBILE 1948 sedanette: its clean; a one-owner new car trade-in; equipped with radio, heater, hydramatic. etc.; all our cars have been reduced such as this car from $1,795 to $1,595. We will trade and finance with G M A C. KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK, INC. Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer. 120 E Broadwav AM 1863. . Stop at theBigGiraffe Sign. OLDSMOBILE. 1941 sedanetterwTthT hydramatic drive; just thoroughly reconditioned: its a real buv; onlv $225 down delivers: will trade and finance balance on easy terms to suit you: open evenings til 9 ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463. Next to A.&P. in St. Matthews OLDSMOBILE 1947 2-door sedanT beautiful two-toned green-and-grav finish; has all the extras: at the low price we have, it will pay you Ho look this one over. THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO. 849 S. 3d. CL 4770. "OLDSMOBILE 1949 Rocket "88'1" sedanette: a like-new car at a big savings to you: equipped with radio, heater, hydramatic, etc.: truly a bargain for someone: see it at KOSTER-SWOPE BUICK. INC. Your Home-Owned Buick Dealer. 120 E Broadway AM 1363. Stopat the Big Giraffe Sign OLDSMOBILE 1946 "76 ' 4-door se." dan; has everything: unusually clean-only 1 1.085. TRI-CIT" OLDSMOBILE CO Campbell and Broadwav AM 1 60! OLDSMOBILE 1946' six-cylinder ser dan: fully equipped; perfect condition: $995. TRI-XTITY OLDSMOBILE 1211 W. Broadwav. JA 4100 OLDSMOBILE 1950 98 club wHn" fully equipped, 1,900 miles; $200 discount. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE CO. Campbell and Broadway. AM IS OLDSMOBILE 1847 de luxe sedan" radio, heater, hydramatic; it looks good, it runs good, it is good: $1,295. ABBOTT USED CARS 416 E Broadway. WA 8802 OLDSMOBILE 1946 "78" club sedan." fully equipped; $1,085 TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE CO ;ampbell and Broadwav. AM 1601 OLDSMOBILE 1941 4-door; h"v"dra"T matic. radio, heater: $395 TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE CO 1211 W. Broadway. JA 4100 OLDSMOBILE 1949 convertible Rocket 88; radio, heater. Hydromatic drive: perfect condition, 5103 Southern Pkwy FR 2829. i OLDSMOBILE 1948 4-door; 1 owTYerT i an exxra; oest care; see to appreciate. CY 4924. v I'" i I J ' 5

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