The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on May 19, 1950 · Page 50
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 50

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1950
Page 50
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THE COURIER. JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 19, 1950. SECTION 2 16 BOYD MARTIN Reviews The New Bills 'A Woman of Distinction' Is More Of A Farce Than A Light Comedy Film Contains Much Horseplay Payne, O'Keefe Strand Film A Lesson Pick on Texas j?or possessive Parents In nialto rilm There is a lot of ridiculous horseplay in "A Woman of Distinction," Mary Anderson head-liner of the week, which puts the film into the farce rather than the comedy class. Without this slapstick stuff the film might have been a rather amusing light comedy for the premise is sound and provocative of amusing re-r suits if carried out logically. Has Some Points A wild ride in what passes as a collegian's car, a bicycle ride ending in a fake poison-ivy scare, and a cople of dips in water leaving the victims soaked and messy are incidents which Mack Sennett might have used in his prime, but which detract from the mental conflict which the comedy might have engendered. Still, "A Woman of Distinction" has its points, the main ones concerning Rosalind Russell as an icy intellectual who refuses to admit she is in love with a visiting professor from England. Father thinks" ifs all daughter s fault that she didn't bring home a beau instead of diplomas and daughter is rather hurt that papa isn't pleased with the honors that she has won. Milland Tlays Professor Anvwav she is a dean of a col-' lege and very dignified. Ray Mil-land plavs the visiting prof who calls on the dean in order to give her a few mementos which a dying French soldier asked him to deliver. An eager press agent interprets the meeting between the dean and the prof from England in her own sweetly romantic way. In order to escape from publicity the dean gets herself into 1 if i J - f, ' f SI til7" :H i - h . . .. , 1 miMel AniniMYMrt'rtiMiifiirftiiTifigiTii THIS IS THE WAY June Allyson pays off after her leading man-husband, Dick Powell, gives her an engagement ring in "The Reformer and the Redhead," which will open at Loew's tomorrow. The ring reportedly is the same one Powell gave Miss Allyson when he proposed to her in real life. worse difficulties, including a, windup at the police station. What might be expected comes of all this; the dean and the prof are in each other's arms at the finish. Miss Russell, who is a sure comedienne, is distractingly comical when she is her most dignified, which is at the point where she looks most disheveled. Mr. Milland is similarly most amusing when ht appears at his ridiculous worst which is an appearance in riding habit without boots and in an ill-fitting bowler-derby. Edmund Gwenn as the father who goes to so much pains to foster a romance for his daughter has less farcical moments, and is aided materially by the absence of horseplay. Civil "War Characters Look More Like Scouts John Payne and Dennis O'Keefe, looking more like a couple of Boy Scouts playing soldiers than anything else one can think of, are the warring buddies in The Eagle and The Hawk," a Technicolor action film heading the Rialto program this week. Payne is a loyal rebel called back to Texas to undertake a nurse-maid mission with O'Keefe, a damyankee who has been, trapped by Southern cavalry and delivered by the Texan. The Texas Governor, in office during this period which was right in the middle of the Civil War, 'has engineered this adventure for the Texan, who would rather be off to war. When he finds the sendee is for national security and has a broad range, the Texan goes into action, but with a chip on his shoulder. One Gets the Girl After the usual adventures, double-crosses, fisticuffs, romantic moments with a damsel in distress, and a tall hunt for a renegade the boys finally unearth the skullduggery in Mexico. One sacrifices his life to the cause and the other surrenders to the blue-eyed girl who flits all over the desert in the prettiest silks and satins one ever saw. Rhomda Fleming plays this girl and exhibits a lot of natural charm with quite a lot of assurance. Raymond Walburn, Walter Catlett, and some other unfortunate actors including a cow are mixed up in the second feature, a silly affair entitled "Father Makes Good," which is more than the nicture did with this re viewer. By OLLIE E. BISSMEYER, JR. A more disturbing picture than "Paid in Full," currently displayed at the Strand, would be difficult to find. Striking accurately at the problems of young parents with a vengeance, it is the story of a simple but sometimes unrealized truth. Too many a mother or father tries to possess a child, mrrmletelv dnminatinir him so " O T 11 1 ? 1AM , ino aiiempi is maae xo iunnei a "message" into your mind, but an honest presentation of the truth is stressed emphatically. As might e expected, Eve Arden, always welcome as a comic relief, does her share toward making the film highly delightful. A well-chosen cast, excellent photography, and a good director with a fine script have turned a wonderful though not g r e a t movie into a period of serious entertainment. that the child has no life of his own. Diana Lynn, Lisbeth Scott, and Robert Cymmings succeed beautifully in presenting the story of a possessive, selfish mother who must be shown in the harshest way that a happy, home life is not based on such an idea. The director of "Paid in Full" is out to shock you. He does. One major scene is in a delivery room in -which a Caesarean section is performed. A scene done more realistically, with the approval of censors, could not be filmed. Today's Show Clock On The Stage The riyu-.i" v Testimonial Ul CC11 ' ' - At 8.JU. Theater Company in Villaee Performance ) Skates. At 8 30. of Crn temporary Music r-.arrifnrnurt Festival Music. At 8 30 p m. Feature Films li ii.i. n nnrl 8:. Good.' At ll:lio., Pairl In Full. At 11. Strand 7 12, ana a.'ij-Kroop Blanche Fury At 12: 18 sndlWfi. The Hidden Room. 2 01. 5:17, and I 33. I n.w'i The Kid ( ram l 12 4:20. 7 08. and 9 56 mv. At 12 12, 3, 5 48 ..-...T?rirfe for Pale. At 12 7 30. and 10:03 4:39. At 8 20. 3 34. 8 SO, At 11:45, At 10:45. Military Acaa- and 8:36. 2:25. 4:57, Federal Agent at Large. At 11 1.25. 3 Si. ". v.ntiirkv The Big Wheel. At 12:11. 3 24 K6 57 and 9 50 Perfect Strangers. At 10 30. 1 43. 4:56. and 8 09. Bard-Mother Didn't Tell Me At 7 and 9 S5. State Department File 649. At 8 30. . ' a Cov-Home of The Brave At 6:35 and 9 24. The Threat. At 8 18. Rex-Mighty Joe Young At 10;59. 135. 4 11 6 47 and 9 23. Savage Splendor. At 10 12 36. 3:12, 5 48. and 8:24. .vt, rmm Hp s tages. rtl iv. 1 1! 4:02. 7:03. and 10 04 Touch. At 11:30. 2:31, 5:32 RilzThe Doolins of Oklahoma. Tucson. At ( ana k.ju. Hi-I.and Girl s School. At 6:30 and 9 53. Bed River. At 8. Rodeo. Alaska Patrol At 10:07, 1:18. 4:29. and 7:40. The Killers. At 11:26, 2:37 , 5:48, and 8:59. Ohio Ladv From Cheyenne. At 10:30, 1 08 3:46. 6 24, and 9 02. Sundown In Santa Fe. At 12:01, 2:39. 5:17. 7:55. and 10:33. Crescent Lost Boundaries. At 7 and 10:25. Malaya. At 8:47. Towers Fighting Back. At 7 and 9:4. Blood On The Moon. At 8:18. Downs Special Agent. At 8:50 and 9:19. Ride, Ryder, Ride. At 8. Broadwav Sheriff of Wichita. At 7 and 9:47. White Savage. At 8 31. Vptown Blue Grass of Kentucky. At 835. Bomba on Panther Island. At 7.05 and 9:50. Shawnee Mother Didn't Tell Me. At 6 45 and 10:09. Nancy Goes to Bio. At 8 30. Joe Young. At East Drlve-ln Mighty 8:19 and 10:07. Skyway Drive-In Hold That Ghost. At 8:45 and 10:50. Parkway Drive-In Red Stallion. At 8:51. Preston Drive-In One Sunday Afternoon. At 8:10 and 11:43. Flaxy Martin. At 10. Kenwood Drive-In In The Navy. At 8:18 and 127 a m. The Big Steal. At 10:10. Invisible Monster. At 11:46. Magnificent Brute. At 11:59. Dixie Drive-in Intruder In the Dust. At 9:18. Gun Law Justice. At 8:10 and 11. Mr Soft and 8:33. RODEO Bat. On 3d & 4th Jefferion IAST TIMES TODAY Bert Lancaster Ava Gardner "THE KILLERS" Richard Travis Helen Wescott "AIACIS-A DATDfll" Plus RIDERS OF DEATH VAI.I.FY J I'l 1 ti'ii Arm 1 LAST DAY John Wayne. Monty Clift "RED RIVER" Jovce Reynolds. Ross Ford "GIRLS' SCHOOL" Dr. Sander Wo Seek License Reinstatement Candia, N. H., May 18 Dr. Hermann N. Sander said today he -would apply June 19 for reinstatement of his license to practice. The 42-year-old country physician whose license was revoked April 19 by the State Board of Registration in Medicine was acquitted in March of a murder charge in the death of an incurable cancer patient. The medical board, 'at the time of the suspension, indicated it would consider an application for reinstatement in two months. Sander declined further comment. Navy Flier Dies In Crash Jacksonville, Fla., May 18 (JP) Lt. Maurice I. Glad, U.S.N., Jacksonville, was killed yesterday when the attack-dive-bomber he was flying crashed in Stevens Lake south of Camp Blanding, the Navy announced today Cause of the mishap was undetermined. The body has not yet been recovered. First Anniversary of Rebirth Of. Vaudeville Is Celebrated By JACK GAVER United Press Staff Writer New York, May 18. Eileen Barton sang, "If I Knew You Were Coming I' da Baked a Cake," and Borough President Robert F. "Wagner, Jr., cut a cake that Miss Barton didn't bake to start today's celebration, the first anniversary of the rebirth of vaudeville. The. ceremony, naturally, took place in the Palace Theater, the national showplace of the now-vanished two - a - day and the Broadway house to which R.-K.-O. brought back live entertainment a year ago in an attempt to revive vaudeville. Each of the first thousand male customers today received a cigar, each of the first thousand women a rose. In addition to the regular bill, they also got a large serving of Milton Berle, Mayor William O'Dwyer, and performer celebrities too numerous to mention. Such great performers in yesterday's vaudeville as singer Belle Baker, comedians Smith and Dale and Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards, who finds his favorite musical instrument again popu lar, headlined the program of eight acts. Miss Baker, who closed the bill, called the others on stage after her act and they indulged in nostalgic repartee about the old days and wound up singing a song written for the occasion by the star's son, Herbert Baker. When R.-K.-O. officials decided to rehabilitate the Palace by putting back vaudeville, there was much headshaking about the outcome. Now, a year later, they appear to have been justified, insofar as the Palace is concerned, even if the revival program in other key cities hasn't come up to expectations. fin AWNE kOr SH 3812 Bdwy. at 38th Last Times Tonite In Technicolor Jane Powell "NANCY GOES TO RIO" Dorothv McGuire William Lundigan "MOTHER DIDN'T TELL ME" ODTTZZ ltOI So. nd St ADULTS gtg4 Tonite Tomorrow's Matinee Only The Doolim of Oklahoma" "Tucson" Cartoon Circus Sat. Mat. Midnight Show Sat. Nite Starts 7:00 P.M. ifeEttT'OW (5 3d & Centra AT 44;l Last Timesi Tonite DoiiKlal Dick Lloyd Bridges "HOME OF THE BRAVE" Michael O'Shea Virginia Grey "THE THREAT" NOW! I 1st Louisville Showings! PAIUINO Isuwoml Last times tonite'. Doors Open S:J Dorothy McGuire, William Lundigan "MOTHER DIDN'T TEll ME" William Luodigan, Virginia Bruce "STATE DEPT. FILE 649" Show Starts Today At 6 P.M. Deborah KERR David FARRAR "BLACK NARCISSUS" In Technicolor Joan FONTAINE louis JOURDAN "LETTERS FROM UNKNOWN WOMAN" SATURDAY CARTOON CIRCUS; Also: "WHERE THERE'S LIFE" "GAY RAN'CHERO" HEY KIDS! SATURDAY IS J GET THOSE BOTTI.F.CAPS ft I 1 BEFORE 3:30 P.M. W Mi' Acrpti the Free Bridge, Turn Left Onto 562-16 Blocks Past Colgate's BOX OFFICE OPENS 7:15 Tonite t Saturday Double Feature TOM SHYANE B REND A JOYCE In Technicolor "SHAGGY" Plus "DISASTER" Starts Sunday "JOLSON SINGS AGAIN" Here, in trie traJttiovt of ucK rfrt screen Jnmai and Rebecc it a powtrlul mfilion picture) STEWART granger VUtMt H0BS0N coio. tr TECHNICOLOR with WALTER FITZGERALD Scoop I W!f y' Ht 1 Lit, ri 1 1 .1 .1 R IT'S LOVE AND ELIZABETH TAYLOR THAT'S GOT VAN'S HEAD. VAN JOHNSON ELIZABETH TAYLOR COMING TO LOEW'S SCENE ftt ' IyS Th dlivery room I k wlllwl " ll ...the moil dra- !S? i m " 1 ' 8 p 1 a Vt ' 1 1 t'''mmmmmml'mml '1 given... ond some- 11 f - " - times. ..lost! JEM in",. C fceBMaiMi, 3V asiam tbe w of nn uienmsi chspiers iS - j' 8 .J w cm xt4i II. W I I Hi 11 Inspired by(th tru odventursiTofburmost perilous'daYS . . .vcotne$ th thundering'drama of foreign intrigue that t hreotened.the in va sion. or.our.couniryi. a 1 -Sv 1 f H y lav 111 Tn, itMP 1 SnAfefV sit- m w& ARE V IiV J F Tofti-limb-from-) limbt This is the punishment A ArttefleWlA 'GREAT COMEDY' STARS' l!NLA TOP-DRAWER COMEDY HI 1 1 . . i ",th lanis Mamks Fraaas 1 A Pimmaat Pctars stirrinf I HONDA DENNIS MOVES BETTER HAN . BVERI PAYMt-FLtMlHG- O'KEEFE nth thcwas mo mm duaro GOMEZICURKIFAYLEHINORIEGR ALLTf(2 FEATURE FATHER MAKES "THE YOUTH'S FINEST THEATRE" GOOD' 1 ft;- 1 CARTER SAUNDERS LEDERER COURllAND ; Sen Ptaf bf CHerln Hofhrue Directed EDWARD BUZZEll Pnoac4 by BUDTJT ADlfR TODAY LOEWS 'THE KID from TEXAS' In Technicolor Plus: "MILITARY ACADEMY" IT'S A RIOT! "Skip the phone colli, the candy and the flowers," $ay the Redhead. "Let's start kissing now!" I0NE ALLYSON . The zoo-keeper's redheaded daughter and DICK POWELL The reformer with a weakness m, for Readfteads in M-G-JrVs love story with a thousand laughs... THE mm 'Mndthe m PLUS 2H BIG M ! xD 1 1 - G - M HIT! jT y, K I Fate dropped thirty f I al, ,f f 'lkJ I ,hou$ar,d dollar A -Y1 ft "X intojii lap! ' iftm&Ym GRANGER Ml ''' CATHY OliELL (i'v ITJAMES CRAIG - PAUL KELLY STARTS TOMORROW MOVIES ARE Better THAN EVER MS-ltS f t i 1 t t A S. L1.L1.Lll L. a. LI. XJLiL L L VXi., jQJULiA.A s A, K KK A A., A. ,J, .H.fc.i tAlwXA.A...A 'MAAAAA

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