Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1938
Page 3
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Tuesday, September 6, 1938 HOPE STAR,, HOPE, ARKANSAS From n Pel-Shop Window His eyes snicl, "Come and buy me, I'll be us good as gold; I'll never chew your slippers, I'll give you fnith untold." His eyes said, "I'll iuiui.se you, I'll tnke your mind uwny From silly little worries — How you and 1 could piny!' 1 His eyes said, "Do not leiive me, We two belong together: I'll follow you ncro.s.s the world, Through fnir and stormy weather. His eyes said, "Come mid buy me, I'll love you till I drop." I turned— nnd then, n weakling, I walked into the shop! —Selected. 'I ho above selection is dedicated to "Love" wns given by Mrs. Fred R. Hnrrison. The program on Mexico wns in charge of Mrs. E. P. Young, who introduced Miss Beryl Henry, who in a most interesting and informative talk told of her recent visit in Mexico, stressing the religious customs of the people, describing the churches and schools and hospitals. Following o short business session, delicious sandwiches were served with fruit punch to 18 member and three visitors. — o— Miss Mary Elizabeth Bright, who has spent the summer vacation in this city with home folks, left Tuesday morning for Chickasha, Okla., where she will continue in school. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mills have as the little pel that has lately joined our guests, M. H. Krcutcr of Kansas City household, and answers to the dig- Mo. nificd name of "Bishop." and I want to further add, that he has kepi his promise miidc with his eyes. The Ogburn School of Dancing will -O- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brashier and boys, who have been guests of Dr. and Mrs. Don Smith for the past two weeks left Tuesday morning for their home in Eastland, Texas. hold its annual o|>en house on Thurs- , day afternoon from -1:30 to G o'clock j ^ at the studio on South Main street. I Circle No. 3 W.lvi. S., First Meth—O— I odist church, Mrs. W. G. Allison lead- Much to the regret of her many friends made during her residence in our city Mrs. John Wellborn left Monday for Conway where she has accepted a position in the Suite Vocational Training School. -O- Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Hamm have as house guest, their mother, Mrs. W. II. Hamm of Stamps. On Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Mattic Greer in Lewisville, the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church held an open meeting with Mrs. K. G. iVIrRae, Ouachita Pres- byterial president as guest of honor. The hospitable home of Mrs. Grcer, with its atmosphere of having had "A heap o' livin'." held an added bounty in the lovely flowers that were gracefully arranged throughout the rooms. The meeting was opened by the auxiliary president, Mrs. I). L. Searcy and following a short prayer, Mrs. R. L. Searcy Jr., played a very amprea- sive "meditation" followed by a hymn, after which Mrs. Ross Wright 'sang a beautiful selection, accompanied by Mrs. Searcy. The regular routine of business was dispatched. Al this time the president in a very complimentary way introduced Mrs. McRae who in a Jiiost interesting talk told of her stay in Montreal anil the great work being done in the Mission 'fit-Id, stressing home missions. The Auxiliary and guests were invited into the dining room and sealo'l at one long damask covered table, beautifully appointed Vnd centered with a crystal bowl of September Morn arranged with small orchid zinnias, candelabra adorned cither end of the table. A most tempting plate lunch was served with iced tea. Mrs. McRae was accompanied to Lewisville by Mrs. A. F. Hannegan, Mrs. Mac Wilson and Mrs. Sid Henry. Circle No. 4 W. M. S., First Methodist church, Mrs. Glenn Williams, leader, held its September meeting on Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. R. M. Briant on north Washington street. The meeting opened with a prayer by Mrs. Willmms the leader, ad a very inspiring devotional on TUES.-WED. LAUGH-RICH! THRILL-RICH! SONG-RICH! Make - a- million Mc- Laslcn and spoml-il- <|ii-rk Donluvy lialllc* It out in (lie gold fields over Grade Fields- anil you'll ft" for Gra- cif, Ion! Grade F 1 F. L D S Vicl<ir McLAGLEN WE'REGOIIG TO BE willi BRIAN DONLEVY ENDS TUES. "ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND" cr held its regular monthly meeting on Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. E. McPherson Edgewood Ave., with Mrs. Max Cox as joint hostess. The meeting opened with the Lord's prayer, and following a short business period, Mrs. Clara Broach assisted by Mrs. Don Smith, Mrs. D. S. Jordan and Mrs. Edwin Ward discussed the religion and customs of Mexico, stress- ins the Mission Work done in that country. Mrs. Fred R. Harrison was an appreciated guest and gave a most interesting topic, entitled. "She Hath Done What She Could." Following the hymn, "Sweet Hour of Prayer" the meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. R. M. LaGrone. The hostesses served a templing .salad course with punch to 9 members and one visitor. Ciipt. II. A. Bciyelt, Mrs. S. L. Reed and Mrs. P. D. Smith of Dallas, Texas, left Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives and old friends in Alabama ixiints. The Woman's Missionary Society the First Christian church met rctuiliir monthly session on of in Monday PAGE Tl German Army Uses Steel "Guinea Pigs" to Test Bridge By George Ross You'll Seldom Cntcli Composer Berlin "Pulling on l»s Top Hal, White Tic and Tails" Having speedily thrown n pontoon bridge across the River Elbe, soldisrs of the German armv's cntri r,ccr corps arc shown in background of the photo above standing by while g ant tanks in t! e rote of 1 I'llinOH nil's' tout nil 1-m cnnn TVin „;„!.,,.„ ,. t..i _i.. • ,V_ - J , f?: .'. """>•>; <" till. IUJL. CH PBS", test out the span. The picture was taken durincflho current " r a mobiixalion" which put a million men under arms, '.urnod the country into an enormous "battlefield" and give Europe a new spasm of war .litters. Hitler Silent On (Continued from Page One) to make every contribution consistent with the national honor to uphold peace." the spokesman said. The government received detailed reports of military developments in Prance, where reserves were called up today. C/.t-rhs Refuse It was indicated in government circles that many of the demands contained in the Sudeten's eight-point autonomy program had been "met" half way." But it was said that Czecho- lovakia bad rejected German dc- afternoon September . r >, at the home of j mands that the republic abandon its al- Mrs. Thos. Kinser on South Main -street, with Mrs. J. F. Porterfield as joint hostess. After a brief business period. Mrs. W. W. Duekett presented most interesting program on "The Problems of the Multitude In Our City," STie was assisted by Mrs. W. L. Carter. Mrs. Mary Carter and Mrs. J. R. Floyd. A very helpful devotional was given by Mrs. V. A. Mam- mons. During the social hour, the hostesses served delicious refreshments. —C— _Mrs. E. J. Baker and daughter. Katherinc Ann, of Little Hock are guests of Mrs. B. C. Acker. Mr. and Mrs. Tamiic Gibson and children, Ruth Ellen and Thomas Ken, left Monday for a week's visit in Louisiana and Texas. DowneyVTriumph (Continued from Page OneJ influence. Downey energetically defended the economic aspects of the plan throughout the campaign, and has pledged himself to work for it in the U S Senate. He began political life in Laramie, Wyo., where he was a county attorney ill 23. Always a political "maverick," he boiled the Republicans with Teddy Roosevelt in 1912, followed the elder LaFollette in 1924, supported Wison and Roosevelt, Sinclair and Townsend, and now backs the plan which oul- Townsends Townsend. liances with France and Soviet Russia. Nor is it willing to Hive its 3,500,000 Germr.nic population much greater voice in determining military policy. One well-informed source said before the meeting thai the government was holding out the suggestion to reorganize tile state on a canton system, giving virtual luitomony to throe, 100 per cent German districts. An unconfirmed rumor wns that Russia had made representations urging against further concessions, particularly in .foreign policy. Frank Ashton-Gwatkin, ,1 member of Viscount Runciman's mediation mission. had another conference with Premier Milan Hoclzn, Prior to the cabinet meeting, the Sudeten party said in a communique Movie Scrapbook NKXT: Who's like $:«> every Thurs- dii.v? Huh! Who wouldn't? Only those who wouldn't seem In have voted iigiriiiKl Sheridan Downey, who is likely In RO to Ihe Semite lo expound his "limn and Eggs" economics. Nazi Uprising In (Continued from Page One) —WEDNESDAY— Doors Open at 10 a. m. university. The Na/.is hoisted the white flug as the federal police—all picked men and army veterans—aided by tanks and supporting fire dashed across the square and into the building. Fifty Nazi youths, many of thorn wounded, were arrested inside. Folico then began a systematic clearing out of the insurance building, fighting their way from floor to floor. NEW FALL SHOES By TWEKDIE LET'S TRY THEM ON LADIES Specialty Shop EKCELLGNlT PANCfiR >iAYS A DRIVING- GMZ OP TEHHI9 JS.v I5ILL PORTER and GEORGE SCARBO Florence Hice, though the daughter of a famous man, has carved her own niche in Hollywood's hall of fame . . . Ipcame interested in Ihe theater as a child in Cleveland . . . later educated in Europe, but retained her love of dramatics . . . .she is now working in "Vacation From Love" . . . writes verse and prose for her own amusement . . . lives at the beach the year 'round . . . reads fiction and dislike* people who think newspaper writing second rate . . . likes to play hostess . . . unaffected herself and dislike.*affectation in others . . . plays a good hand of bridge . . . swims every day. 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE -1 Thur. & Fri. "THE SHOP WORN ANGEL" Tl'ESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY SEPTEMBER (i, 7, S, Dili TUKS. & WED. GEORGE O'BRIEN—in DANIEL BOONE —aud— BOBBY BREEN —in HAWAII CALLS THUR. & FRI. TENTH AVENUE JvID This coupon when accompanied by one paid 2l)c ticket will admit one adult FRJiE. NEW THEATER) Hope, Ark. ^ He Directs Her to the Altar NEW YORK — An unwearying fellow, Irving Berlin is not resling upon his mounmenlal laurel, "Alexander's Ragtime Band." For, at last report he was in Ihe midsl of a fresh slew of songs at his retreat in Atlantic Cit,y. Sophisticated songs, probably, because Berlin permanently has switched to the mood of "I'm Putting On My Top Hat, White Tie and Tails." Ironically enough, the fastidious Berlin seldom wears tails, invariably venturing lorth on formal occasions clad in tuxedo. Yet his lyrics are addicted to the most formal items in a man's wardrobe. And on occasions when the sartorial pomp of tails is a stricl requirement, the author of "Alexander's Ragtime Band" reluctantly dons thai attire, but he will not wear a topper, preferring to carry it in his hand. Incidentally, Berlin never has foutl a chapeau which he thought really j (fitted him, ad he never as worn a ' diamond, tough he admires them on liidy fingers. The only jewelry he wears is, occasionally, a pearl stickpin. Gets First Night Jitters Like his erstwhile collaborator, Mosh Hart, by the way, Irving Berlin approaches a nervous breakdown when his show or film is opening. His "Alexander's Ragtime Band" came to the Roxy O n a Friday morning several weeks ago. And by the same evening, a slim little man with serious mein had popped in and out of there ten time to see how things were going. And since Irving Berlin is an inconspicuous figure, he avoided undue notice. On Saturday, he had walked into the Roxy thrice. By high noon, though ic decided that he had to get away cr collapse from the excitement. So le motored to Atlantic City and loft "•ird that he was going to sleep for 36 consecutive hours. At 1:30 o'clock ne next morning, the phone rang in the manager's office. Irving Berlin on the wire. How did Saturday night 30? Great? No more inquiries until Sunday afternoon; he was going to bleep. The phone rang again at 11. Well, what was happening at the box office? Another exclamation of dc- iight. And Berlin has slept well since then. DiMaggio Gets Service Plus Joe DiMaggio, idol of New York al present, is the idol of the drug store at G2nd street and Central Park West, where he lias his breakfast before going to the Yankee Stadium when the Yanks are in New York. His coming into the drug store is announced beforehand by the cries and hellos of the Where Do You Worka, John? Blond Marie Wilson, screen player believed by many to be headed lor stardom, is also headed lor the altar. She's shown here with Director Nick Grinde, whom she will marry Oct. 21. Romance blossomed when Miss Wilson ran out of gas in front of the Grinde i home, her car blocking his driveway. Nick came out to help, and presto!—romance! that "only by speedy adoption" by the government of its eight-point program "can the situation be remedied." The statement was the first official announcement by the party since its leader, Konrad Henlcin, conferred with Chancellor Adolf Hitler of German} in Bavaria last week. It was issucc after Henlin had called his party sub- leaders to his homo at Ascli in the afternoon. The statement said that the sub-leaders and Henlin had considered "concrete abuses" of the Sudeten German population. DON'T SLEEP WHEN GAS PRESSES HEART If you can't eat or sleep because gas bloats you up try Adlerika. O'ne dose usually relieves stomach gas pressing on heart. Adlerika cleans out BOTH upper and lower bowels. John S. Gibson Drug Co. ihis order as to what he wanW (way of toast, how he wants H. goes to another kid, and so on. The kids dash off with the get to the drug store panting an liver the data with the breathleji and sense of importance with w Garcia must have delivered his t sage. By the time Joe. gets to the 6 store his breakfast is all ready' him. At Filene's big Boston store where he hopes to become a successful advertising man, that's where the youngest son of the President places his foot on the bottom rung. John Roosevelt is pictured as he started his careei as a breadwinner, while the former Anne Lindsay Clark stayed home baking'biscuits autograph fans and the kids who really like baseball. On his triumphal jaunt to the drug store, Joe tells one kid what he wants in the way of an eye opener in fruit, another kid gets When Old Soldiers Met —War Was Resumec DUTCH FLAT, Calif.- (ffi) -Here's one that won't go down in the list of happy reunions of veterans. Game Waarden Earl Hiscox, looking' into Henry A. Schroeder's hunting credentials, gol to talking about the World war. He discovered that they had been in machine gun companies pitted against each other—he with the A. E. F. and 'Schroder with the Germans. He also found that Cchroder had falsely represented himself as a citizen in getting a hunting license and had apparently been smuggled into this country in 1926. Now Schroder is serving a 50-day jail sentence and on his release must face deportation proceedings. 666 cures. MALARIA in 7 days and relieves COLDS Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Nose Drops Headache, 30 min. Try "Bub-My-Tism"— World's Best Liniment Used Typewriters Woodstock, Royal and Underwood BARGAIN PRICES Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 City Meat Market FOB CHOICE K. C. and NATIVE MEATS Free Delivery Phone 767 Vanity Beaut} Salon SPECIAL PRICES ON ALL PERMANENTS Eyebrow, Lashdye, Shampoo, Set and Dry S1.00 Mrs. Sue Riddle ; Lucy Mae Foster '; _' Hazel Spears ,.. with MORE PLEASURE We've been places and seen things... and everywhere we went Chesterfields were giving people a lot of pleasure. There'll be plenty of Chesterfields in our house now," It takes good things to make a good product. That's why we use the best ingredients a cigarette can have , . . mild ripe tobaccos and pure cigarette paper..,to make Chesterfield the cigarette that smokers say is milder and better-tasting. Chesterfield Time on Your Radio PAUL WlllTHMAN livery Wednesday Evening All C. U. S. Stations HAUL DOUGLAS UaHy Sports Program SI Leading N. K. C. with MORE PLEASURE for millions Copyright 19J». 146WC1T & Mvuis TUS.M.CO Co,

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