Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1948
Page 6
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Foge Six Soys ..: it 6 Hr' Lo in &*% /ffi ri T'V- #?*•"* nOKsSK-'i HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, November 16, 1948 Paris. Nov. l.~> •Foreign f.Iim.:!ci Mcany chit; nod < is landing "nvpi) British liund-,;. .,:-• Cfltion to Gi:.M: : ly." s In a written ~{:i conference, Mi'i; "such shows o: . ;. peace of the A.:.: but fail in "lin- sfcems <o pin •;,.!!• should c!e;.]:-.l i..>; torial cl.'iiiii.s .•:.: : habitants o! Hr' MSS> who ,'ir.' G'.Guatemalan in Should x x x ;cc. !• which v.-.'i.s i i,-.!,i Jfdrce and a«nii!;;; Ho said )3i it ; rn 27 Guatemala's United States s)> •the protracted i' British Hor.dui'.'i: 1 . "'the wcakiio:-:-; o: Munoz Mr-:;»;<• : "The Gual<.'ir!.'. Will continue wit sion and the ,'::iir..: standing th? /o.: claims, until it ;',-;• i a national fein;. ctipied by Britain. He claimed iii; time in 1040 that with llioiri ;it y kiter date. The I'roscol.t Musical Coterie met at the home. 1 o; Mis. .lue H. lljnnl- -•ember 1G v, ici < use rvc 1 Fathers .-' ( v- ni'.ii; at "r.'M ;>\ 'i...-n;ary School. I «<. tii.,- j H > "7~ . . , .. i ,"-"i *iHi Mrs. O. U. Hirst as co- M,.;|I, p,-_;:(Kiil ol UK; | hostess on Wednesday aiternoon Nov. lu. Mrs. A. Dudley Gordon,' piosidenl, opened tin: meeting by the group reading of" thi; Telephone Workers fo Gel' Strike Bdffofrr, This Week St. Louis, Nov. l(i •— 01V--Strike ballots will go out this week to ,02.000 employes of the Southwestern Beat! Telephone! Company who f.!re> members of the Communien- tioiiH Woi !,en; of America. South- 1 rlpf PC •tvj llT\?w,^$ stern division. Fran!; i'. I c n i n d \ i un vice-].;] csidc-nl, on lit in h the ballots are beini n il d in n Kit it n Jc, - i '" 1 " 1 '!- '" 'he Having tbe group reading of" the ballots are beini n il d i in- mix.-!', ".lifer I club collect. Mr;.;. Jo;,' U. Hamilton jtordance with th< nidi p :','.• u ,.) ii,.' pre.-iem. j :-,(-(;,,,|,,_.y x icad the mmuU.-s of tbe| Ul "°" s decision it u\ u r ": pievious inceiing. ias, ^last week. '" ;l ''' r ' 1 " '' Mi-'- i..,,i, <••,.,,,,„,. ,,.,,,,, „,, ;„, 'file union is ' '• ' ' Ul t lr '/n^±.. w ;!f i--^'« ''<"'" i»f--««v^ ^,c" U( o ! i; -•----'" f '-°"' ' . ,,i in, Mom*, ol (.,.,.,,„,,...,,. ,. r Al .i. : ,,,, ; ,, c ..„,, ,,,,;., i hour, the como i i . ntlry o n in t ^ i iinu nl If C( life. S L I C )U1 1C 1 ollui 1 i in 1 i (. i hob (.M laith "ov:-!:y l;I'?;-!-y M ".'-if. Cinb v.'ill Carolyn church at eo));.;o.s)Ji)iis 11 \ i o m H) t ; 1 > i i ) i ufAi-kansas and ' thoi'i' I', 10 "''- tThu f 0 " 1 " " < ' '" " hl V ' •i cents when n i li tic n <,n it 1 I Sept. 1C. t i m inn 1 i i \i om i u O i li i i u i i 1 i ion retreat, [I OIK nl of Cnnimum in s n i thai ho and his wife. Margaret, acted as godparents at her recent baptism. Budenx. now a faculty vnnmbcr at Fordham University, said that Miss Bcntley. whose whereabouts had been a mystery in reeenl \vee''s had received instruction in the C.alholic faith from Msyr. P\i!ton J. Sheen. It was Sheen who receiver! Pu 'cnx. back into the church in 19 D Authorities at the Cenacele of M Hej'is on West 140th street in HC\\ York, a Catholic retreat for \ 01 len, refused to coiifirm or deny Hit Miss BenUey was se(|iteslore.d i if i c. The dark-haired Hiss Bcntley created a sensation three mo'.nhs i^o with her testimony before a | hearing of the House Un-American j Activities committee in Washing- Ili.n/Slie accused several govern' merit, and former government em- ployes of bcint; Communists and .Hiding cspiomn'c activities. ( Attorneys for William W. Ilem- ini.ilon, a suspended Dcapartment of Commerce official accused by Miss 1 Bentlcy of being a Communist, have been unable to locate her to serve papers in a SIOO.OOO slander isuit brought by Remington. On Friday affidavits were filed in the United States district on behalf of the U. S. Marshal's oflice explaining that Miss Henley's ,v. hereabouts were unknown a'ncl | process servers had been trying un- '•cessfully for a month fo reach her. Remington brought his suit after jMins Bcntley made the same stntc- I rnents about his activities during a jtelevision broadcast that she had 'made in hearings before the House group. ff snow is formed at very low temperatures it falls in small flakes, but if formed just below the freezing point the flakes are large, and complex. . v > - "Saved my A God-send for GAS-HEARTBURN" xers." -it'tmiirh fi''!'l r:im',^ rmltihil. >nrHt<im:i<:h :unl iH'iirtlMirr). Hnctur Hie niti'st-iii'llni; iii'ilii'lnra kn •ll-aci.i rtln:i iu'h. © . . Ilily or return liotilc t« us for double money . GELL-ANS for Acid Indigestion 2U nivcmber 13 :. .•.i,::iiiarv of the On- <.'Ui;-!.h will have: «.n ::i!.., ivi'n a j.-ijl-lnei: din- .y iii Hie no/vie of Mrs. . J! Mile (j. ®tf\ Jsi.tf,.-. '•">'.',".'.;... To relieve miseries fy ,Q j-j ,;-•'- [•. p .-;"'< •Without dosing, rub on v' vA'f''6'ii"uti n rtc> ?r.Pfl-BK7-'.-'K> ;••:-;,<• r<» •uafcjy:!..:'.,^;: ,-.-;.•, ••;.•!;/; A corrected stomaeh r.r>:;:iit;. cause you to feel ciiiviV.-; :;b;: fliately. Yes, thi.'.; U'ci, n;-,; b^v, tested and proved by n. 1 .^.. 'Why wait when limn/ i. : no ; Continually carry a mivii !; stomach and feel :ni. : -:o •';!.>;' every meal. An appetizing poviiin ; : Tonic before mo.als cii!'-.-; '..o:.'.' tile Stomach. This I;.;)':;,,;:, ;n contains no soda or oi.hc.r a!!' Which usually retarr! air ;••;•;. etead, sss Tonic vvitii u.,:. i tent ingredients work:; to Kau- Etomach so it may rel.n: - i tiigestivo juico (hyilrocliio-i: to break-up food lor body u tissue repair. • SSS Tonic has hKlpfcl hi; Of thousands of pe-o-.-.k', \ any organic trouble 1 ov" •>./;•:.; tion, to really I'm;! beu/'i 1 . mo orous, better able to enjoy ii'. Take none less tn;i:i ibi- tively-proved medium? to your misery. Talco KSK t;i i your stomach, \vhet l.'uo :•.; build-up blood rtrewin! '";' Jonic I'roui any Drur- ,:ji.o::o i Take Only "iho Deo • '.va.s fomrnonc; d • ••• .' r. o') ih- 1 n-:v,v oil'ice build!•.'•:,;.' i ,•••-•(.''.(- d loj' occupancy ;'.- ;ei-e:i : .i\ nn/anixeil lav/ firm i... '!'.):• i:i : :. MuK'.-n/.ic and Alc- t.i M : . i •(•;, • 'it (.)!' \V. V. Toinpl\in:-'.. l'-i: ll. 'i ompkiiiK, If. li. Mc 1 '.;e. ;•!,-.! b. I... McKae Jr. Seper- of McKcn- U. I'.L'fe'jii and ,1. I. Me- faee East the ..'il'.l lo Dr. t\. H. Buelian- :••'. u om-ttory fireproof ;.nd modern m all ri_"3- Alrs. K,,-r| While s;lllf! "Gorl's Perlcjet Gift" by (ho Aikansas eom- poser, Bean, accompanied by Mr- Art Jfe^nier. Mrs. A. Dudley Gordon played a piano solo, "The Lake m Autumn" by Dr. Frederick Hardwood. Mrs. Clarke White sang "Arkansas. Fair Arkansas" by lfoi.iMf.cjn. The numbers were por- toimod beautifully and were d'n- I lijihtful sol'.'c-tioiiK by Arkansas eon,posers. Mrs. J. C. Ste;;ar gave the word study for the day. Mrs •faiiK.-i' V. McMahen, clele;;ate ol the club to the district music club con- v .'iition helcl in El Dorado, nave a summary of work accomplished at this meeliiiK. She also expressed her appreciation to the Coterie for bc-ms sent as their club representative. Refreshments were served by the hostesses to the members present. Bernard Hephan cjf Hot Spring." was a business visitor in Prescotl, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dewoody and Dr. Jack Harrcll attended the Arkan.sa.s-3MU yame in Fayetteville Saturday. Friends of Miss Johnneta Boles will be pleased to learn that she has recovered sufficiently from an " ^d to her home in Gale. A strike would ti telephone servii kansas, Kans-i', Texas. Mrs. Carl Jline.s. M,S;, llines IKIK rcicently been chosen ol' i'llraniura) council repi esentalive of her sorority, Alpha SiHina Tan. Mrs. Wc-lls llamby. Mi:.: s M.-irv Lou Thomas and John Henry 11..;;- turly have returned Iroi.-i i''ayctte- ville whore they v.-itne:;';'.-d th L . / v ,._ ! kansas-HMU football g:cme. Mrs. Cl.'ir.'i B. Stone has returned death of her brother-in-law, Howard Terry. James Kdward Duke has returned to Henderson College. Arkndcl- phia after a visit with hi:; parent" Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duke. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. attended (lie funeral services for Howard Terry in Conway. Sunday. Mrs. Harold Simpson lias returned to her home in Cincinnati after a visit in the home o! 1 Mr. and iVlnf. J. R. Bemis and family. ODDS & ENDS — SLOW SELLERS — SPECIAL MERCHANDISE — AND GOOD PENNEY VALUES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY ^sg55gaE5ga!5giasiE^SHasgB^ I f. .r erection has beer. J. Clviinblin, Chamblin j '^ :,.i i'oniii.'iiiy cj! Little I " ,,„.,., " ,"", '" ^""-' i Tom Logan left last week feu- emergency aptjcndcclomy to be | Memphis, Tenn. where he has ac- i\/r;,,. f i TT- ~ , , , I cepted a position with Alli-n ;.r,--l M-p Carolyn limes, student at Hoshall. Consulliru! Em. : Henderson College. —i-i.-i..-- i -.. -.• j--^,- CLOSE-OUT LADIES NOVELTY BROKEN LOTS Si t ALL SALES FINAL ^\\ . -, ». Mrs. Logan and -mr ilh her mother, Judy Ruth will join him later.' 36 in. FAST COLOR 80 SQUARE SPECIAL — 51 GUAGE, 15 DENIER H 81x99 NATION -WIDE facin i'i)ty--five feet) and Frescoll C'ham- ir;.', c!;;ivr;;at;en that '•elu.'dn pro;.,;'.'!;!! in r-'Vada Co'.i-.ilv Day hc'at;::d ,'j y ?Ir:i. ..lesicient of BY WILLIAM . Copyright by William Mill—Distributed by NEA SERVICE, IMC. ... i IT. :Ur.;. Vv'hit'''s name w;:s 1 .-. .~i i':,')iii the previous list an',' il. 11 was impossihk 1 for ri.'p- !.t;,;-:\\ s of the BlulT City and <. ;<•!;).IT;; tu attend and an• rii'.-.-i i.v; '.vill In: arranged M" r;,ialemala. Me said the v!ie \v;:s \ : .-lien "on the eve of i • ';•.:..• cc.nierenc:e v.'ilieil dis- '•••'. ill- cfiliiiii-il uroblein in '..ho ;"i'-;;.'., tv.-n l.',rili.;h battleships '••'.' LI l/.elr/.e. wuterii and land- THE STORY Time, 1880 Place, New Orlaans Weil-to-do Louis Durand carries on a correspondence courtship with a Miss Julia Russell, l "' u whom he has never seen. When she finally comes from St. Louis GUM P.. ^l^r-L-c ^i>: !y!kK,>ii'<\h> Fr'LM - LYNN S YC A:''AGu [;•-- C , ( . f T /" "; •"! ,*•» C;I t •;.",-•.> C £' L-C —. - v- . .. . n i . j wwiiiv.o i i u r i i OU. I— U U I £i to marry him, he is amazed to find ber young anc 1 ' ravishingly beautiful—entirely different from what he had been led to expect. Certain behavior of hers puzzles him from the first but not until a letter arrives from her supposed mister—Miss Russell's sister—does he realize the woman he married is an impostor. Before he can faca her with it, she disappears with $5C,CCB, withdrawn from his bank account. The police commissioner, after hearing Durand's story, tells him to come back next day. XVI "Have. 1 a chair, Mr. Durand," the commissioner said, when Durand called on him next day. Durand did so, waited. The commissioner collected his words, ranged them in mind, and at last delivered them. "I'm sorry. I find that there's nothing we ca'n do for you. Nothing whatever. And by we, I mean the police department of this city." "What?" Durand was stunned. He could hardly speak lor a moment. "You—you mean a strange woman, n stray, can come along perpetrate a mock marriage with a man, abscond with $50 000 of lib • -•-..-- -• IW-.MII .!v:.-|'ir»^s;i»iTH«t.->™-,'.n*rta*'inwrw>«u»Bii!i'* '' 1 I 11» 1 I , ( I I.J ;i U IJI 111 \V I LI 1 'P-JU IflJU \t 1 111 H •-..•... 1 -ii:. : i^:^-M;ivim^si : ixm;?^iaaS?"j I money —and —and yon say you . . i t . ;m (i,, nothing about it—'.'" ; "Just a niomc.-nt," the commis- Ol '& ii 1.-..I. .. ui.OL ci 11 1..UI u;i I 1 , Cl!e CJIJIIMIHS- !;;ionc'i- said, speaking with patient j kindliness. "1 understand haw you I feel, but just a monient." He'oi: lerc.'d him the certificate of mar- had retained from tin made clear before we go any further is this." ih 1 .; commissioner told him. "Th'.s is not a counterfeit. Thai marriage is not a moc.1 c i Ik- imdcricuivd his word, liul v.'onuin is legally your wife ' Din-;.nd's t.aipi.'lnt'tion tin;; time: \vas even worse than before. Ik was a.LjIiast. "She 1 is not Julia liu.;- s,'ll! Thiit is not her name If 1 •im marrie'.i at all, I am married 10 Julia Hns::ell, whoever and wherever .she ma.v be— Tllis i.s a ni.crnnKe by proxy, if you will c:iil :1 ihi't --- Uut this U'oman wa:-. sciineuno else! " think of to say. "That there's been some sort of foul play concealed in the background oi this. Thai one woman started from Iv. l.eui.; to be my wile, and another appeared hero in her place—" "We believe you, Mr. Durand. We believe you thoroughlv. L<:t me put it this way. We agree \vitli you thoroughly in theory; in prar- ticc we cannot lift a hand to hc.io you. It is not that we are unwiji- mg. II we were to make an arrest, we could not hold the person, lei none force restitution ol! the fun-:!;-.. The whole case is circumstantial. No crime has been proven committed as yet. You went to tlv.- dock lo meet one woman, you m.•'. another in her stead. A subs!:-Dillon in itself is no crime, it ma 1 , be, how shall I say it, a peraonai treachery, a form of trickery. l.mi: it is no crime recognr/.t-d bv law. My advice to you is—" D u r a n d smiled wilhcrinylv. "Forget the whole thing." "No, no. Not at Ml'.' Co to St. Louis and start workin.., .. end. Get proof that a cnm. oi' abduction or even c ., worse, was committed against the true Julia Russell. Now listen lo my words careiully. 1 said get proof. A letter in someone el.sc-'s handwriting is proof only iliat— it is a letter in someone el:;.;'.? handwriting. Dresses that arc i.oo big are oniy—dresses that are too big. I said get proof that a crmu; was committed. Then take it—" He wagged his forefinger solevinlv back and forth, like a pend'.cicm-— "nol lo tis, but to whichever authorities U'ithin whose ,iur;.-;cik-l!o<i you have the proot to i-iiow it happened. That means, it un tii. 1 iivt'V, to whichever onshore c the outer sideward crea:., iroliser leg tn restore ii: . :! go uj) to St. Louis and Slav there," lu i, ininiss GIVE TUE TO SOMEONE YC15 SPECIAL STRETCH - O GI R DLF V a i' 81 E 4, tte'S fea EOT FOR LADIES I 35 in. HEAVY BROWN LALIES' NOVELTY NYLON (?"' B E SrVVi I SPECtAL — 70x95 SHEET MEN'S SPORT |Wi ONLY A FEW FAIR i*$ «1 K,:| ALL SALES FINAL ** I l ^'h^'^&m&^^wi^^MS^i\ •s>..'£:^'&Ji-&i&-j,;xij[^m^ R A f-. g pi^' r fe. A N !S\ 36 in. FANCY OUTING HI 70x84 ALL WOOL iii&T'ii ET^ H A k 3 B J,' nsu&vry. CLOSE - OUT BLACK — WINE — RED COLORS — REDUCED Yard fc : '&liiS^ll^gi GAYMODE NYLON I '15 cuuge Sheer Nylon Hose — Full |f Colors. America's best- hosiery Value SAVE NOW 81 Jo 101 ill LADIES NOVELTY CLOTH ARE ARRlViNG DAILY — DO YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EARLY MEN'S HEAVY COTTON 'RK B 'i 'a \. MEN'S ARMY CLOTH KHAKI PANTS a S <i§ N si lu^ MEM'S 12 LB. WINTER CHILDREN'S 2 to 6 CORDUROY MEN'S BLACK WORK MEN'S OUTING FLANNEL LADIES FALL REDUCED YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE OUR CHANCE TO CLEAN STOCK MEN'S HORSEHIDE LEATHER MEN'S ALL WOOL SPORT MEN'S V/H1TK BROADCLOTH CLOSE-OUT LD&feN'S WINTER COUNTER SOILED il ^11^!^ fi MEN'S SHORT |p todies J}5K f -t W $?!• f%! TO WEAR OVER SHOES , jj m^r d 34 Hope, I GALORE j "i'J-JUKSOAY-AT 9 O'CLOCK 11 BOYS' CORDUROY SPORT CAPS BOY'S COTTON FLANNEL 8 to 18 Sanforised Shrunk BOY'S 3 OZ. OVERALL t) to (6 A VALUE M iP'-t^ ^ CLOSE OUT Men's Lightv/aiqhi REDUCED NOW CLOSE'OUT 2 ONLY STUDENTS as* Vsgy t-3 Q gp ALL WOOL MEN'S DRESS REDUCED NOW MEN'S RED COTTON FLANNEL MEN'S ALL WOOL SPORT f PJPIWiT JlllCiJ PLAIDS— SOLIDS ^"iA B 3? '^i& r(i I BOYS' AL'L V/OOL BUFFALO ^iiL^&sseaiai n

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