The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1934
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Served by the United Press LE COURIER NEWS THE DOMlNAiVr NEWSPAPER OF NORTHSAtu' AllKANBAB AJW BOUTRKA0T lOOBOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. Blythrvllk D»ily Nem BlytherlUe (Xurlci l VMlley Lender Blythevllle Herald BLYTUHVILhK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTORKU I, 10*1 HOME EDITION SJNGLK COPIES FIVE CBN1 H":jPTNIANN TO FACE MURDER TRIAL FIRS Pick of Three Mississippi County Unfairly Treated, Cotton v Growers Contend Vigorous protest against interpretations of the Bankhcad law under which, il is contended, Mississippi coimty cotton growers arc threatened with an unjustifiable extra burden of a quarter of a million dollars or more in excess, production taxes will'be made at Washington this week by a ebmuUUee consisting of C. C. Langston, Number Nine, C. W. Artllck, Blytheville »nd J. F. Tompklns, Burdetle. ,• j If modification of the ruling ; is j obtained other counties in the delta section- of Arkansas will share in the benefits while hill counties^ tome of which, i>!» contended, have, received .allotments in excess oi their normal production, will lose. Dissatiifaeiion Grows Tr.e trip to Washington was decided upon after conferences at kit- lie Rock and telegraphic nnd. telephonic communication with Washington had failed tq produce results. C. A. cobb. chief of the AAA cotton section, while refusing to act, has left the door opsn for further discussion of the situation. C. G Smith, who .-huti -been in touch withl Mr. Cobb. said this morning. I W/ille Mississippi county larmers have been a/most - unanimous'in their support of,the Banfchead law. despite the tact that this county is certain to,produce a crop substantially in excess of any passible lax free quota under the law, a] last minuic reduction in the county's allotment has produced much dissatisfaction. j The ttate Hanivhc-id law boa r d it is thi/ged lids not only failed tp'TJi*/ U -nv K'-'f * ' ^rxb£ tial increase hi acreage v;bich taken place ,in. this county dur and since .the 1928-32 base period, but has al'.Uted to this county on : ly a small' part of: its share of the" 10 per cent statt reserve At the same time it - apparently has made full' allotments to' counties in the liiirsection;-'where acreage' in;cot (Confessed Wife Slayer Is Indicted For Murder HAIilllSIiURGll, Ark,, Ocl (UP)-,?'))!! : VIIM i 18;. of iliissell- vili»;fyjis{i<)V>litliil by tlie Poust'l coujriiy'}! fii'pnd jury UTTiay on a c)fiutij:-o(v?first degree nnirilcr "In lra-Up!iyl'ft^ of his .wile on a frtignl' trnln near Wnldonbiire ten days Ago, She.'ili. J. D. Duluii'd said this afternoon', 'rhice negvo^b uusteil ncn goiild folios ing dUcoverj ( cf 'wtiiiiotrs bodj on the light 0f'.v:ay, had' he»n held on =us| le ii.ri in connection with the, Attest ot Vauce.. who confessed the crime, followed ' fden ti lieu t Ion I1?C If W.IK ^Dii'.rj P;^ '--jr Anloiiif^iti» ly.'s, iilj(jve, to in 1 pif-l:r-i] :K- iW iniisl licautli'ul wiiiiiau in li"r tgwit, since slit li.lil inily mitiiui; sellleniont ni' I'touc^ui!- ' ]:i?. v Me.\i[-o, wljirli .she mice. callr-d lionii;. Hut s!iu ioiiks 1,00! i iiout,li lo v /n. n null dowu^.iii -Xuw \orU. <l<iii't vo« thiNK'? so. He siKtic-'l her lh M luiin-ierm cuunitck President's Address More Warmly Deceived by Unions Than'Wall SlVcet WASHINGTON,' Oct. 1. .(UP) — President Roosevelt's nreslclci'chal ycsUK , a of Ulp Ullj n!> tllul u pro|»sal for a trial strike truce in J li3 a . ift5 .,• American Industry today bvoitght) quick endorsement from organized labor. • .;-. ••'' •••••• uut Wall street wifs dba|>)X)intcd in the sixteen 'as a whole'and big business may not find ip, it 4 llic ' message of confidence it desir(<3. Mr. Roosevelt pledged a fniv livi- vate profit system and promised that the New Deal would move tor- ward to a permanent basis. He scoffed at his more timid critics and said the administration would not be friyhlened by reactionary lat yers or political editors. President wiillnm f,. orecn, of the American I-'eclcration of Labor, saw In Mr. Roosevelt's speech assurance that the right, of collective bargaining \vo\ild be maintained for workers. In San Frmidsco, \vhere the A. P. of I/, met today In annual convention, lie called the strike proposal "pcrlhraU, timely,' and appropriate." " ; ' '" Textile union leaders here, who led labor in the country's largest New D2al battle, interpreted , t h c speech as a direct criticism of those who refused to utilize to'the limit ill government facilities for peace- tul adjustment, oi labor disputes. •The president told'} Ihs country, last night tie >voult! suhirnon to tli3 Heiress' Mother Held Neglectful Biouglit lo Hospital Heie Aflei Pouung Keiosene on File i has Kea;ains ? Luicrty After iwo rm Years of Trouble With the Law i ton years, J" B"- Richardson, Iclio 1m been in and'out of (he Male peniten tiary and difficulties *ilh 1 iv, ui with the result'. 1 that while this and oilier- counties in the delta eections have allotments far below their :neerls many of the relatively unimportant, cotton counties have been given more certificates than they can uss. This disparity is due in part, to the drouth. vSch hit 'the \Vhilc lions: this'.month ; the representatives of; large employers of labor and ol large groups oi organized workers. The objective is: "To seek their cooperation in labliihing.-v.'hal f may describe H' specific' trial pjriod of 'Industria peace." - . - af ial Little'hope was held .today-for Ilie recovery of II. A.' Hough, seriously burned about noon Sunday when he applied fcjrosKiis lo a cbpk rlovc flfJ at his residence at Steele; Mo. Attaches nt the Blylhullle Itos ; pital, where Iiou & h u is ru" > ll a)il Hint practlcall\ th" 'lithe siirfr ol 'his body -,vas burned Only the desperate- elfortsl'of neighbors prevented the house .occupied by Hough, his wife und .five children from L»Ing de lioj d bj flames. Hough's apparel-hurt to b? stripped from his boilj bi n"i»n bors;. while still ilue - Mrs. Hough, at lie'rrnushanu's bedside ' at • th2 ho^p tal thf mornjn told,of the tragedy, •"We had bssii at Ste'ele only abaut two weeks. Ip'r-klnij colton Mri Houih sai'J. 1 '"We" had come : from ,-aur lipniD at Lebanon Mo wli rt. *c c6J^dn r "t'get JJUT s o r l- intoi\d ing to go to Kennett. Wo came on to Sleslc ivhffn; we couldn't gel located there. . "Mr.. "Hough j'n-ns pouring oil. In the stove and as he sat ths can clown the flame came shooting out of the -otovc and seemed to strike. __ ITSELF-, i iitlpsli I act 1 Hiding 1 \ Wins Conlesi ( j ImoKing lib 1 Revenues 3 ,<, ' iiii ttF ROCK 'oct i wi'>— Cpiltluuimcc t)f HIP sUU, (nit ndlng lilbijiifil' was ussm d In a> whui lilt iliite svipami) cmi(l (.\escd ilsc\f mid iilllinicd n low | i courl cKclsto)) Winch liilriprot d Ihx laxiible i, minings uf he /Fort Sinllli C as cotnunu} ^s titahlnif the'vs receipts The hl(,h court iiinulcil down t;, ftat decision Jiint. ifl in which I rcveis°(l llu> ?«bisllan counn clrcnll court opinion and ina'ii ills icdiiccd (la rbunue foi tht Irlbuniil. P> A. Lasley of the (rlbtiiuil wns 'delighted" at the' supreme court's \ctlun today and said Ihal bponv tlqh o( the fact Hurting body was Umlej- the net creating Ihc trll>- utuil It- niihitiimnu was 110 \idcd foi b> a $' tu* rcr SI 000 .of gross earnings of iillllllcs. The Toil Smith company in 1332 leixl crcd (it, Us ten S° pci Si 000 on Ihc influence t-°lweui \\hut H pnU loi gas and 5401588 iililih il received from 'coiVsuniErs. Earl B. Wiseman, siatc" revenue ,'commh- staler refuted tilt leiiijci on the contention that tin ti\ shoul I be on-| he entire "JWJ.EBS! The court's, opinion lodu'yi. with three Judges 'dissenting, siislX.ncd Wiseman's "contention. A $3000 loan and a $'72 loan Power Enhanced In NRA Shakeup declining in recent lorceinont officeis more thin once n the past two years', walked-the Hieets of Bljthtvillc \ 1th few uoi ries, ahead of him . today Richardson "was released froni'th'c state prison farm late Friday Oh parole after servlh'g 1 'a year, or slightly more, of a five year brin j for roubery. The parole, it is' understood, is indefinite, 'meaning permanent unless he again runs into trouble wllh officials. A charge of conspiracy in (he robbery ot the Cooler, Mo., bank last fall still remains against tlichard- f(m in Missouri but he has made >ond and it is considered'unlikely .hat the case will cver.rgo to'^rial. Richardson's bTolher'i'/^Aaron Richardson, and his'!; brottiefiiii- law, Vcruon Gcan. havU'not farei so well. They are in the stale prisj '^n serving seven-year terms robbery of the Kcnsctt, Ark.^bc. Lester Shields, whose confess!) cinched cases against Aaron ardson and Gean and directly'Tn- 1111711 nnnnntri T c -.iiove aim seemed to sirme. Iftl! I III LI! 1IL.L IIL I I him l» the chest ins clothes wer- In) ! I H nilHiir Ui I I jwoolen-hna the\ ciuglit iir" in i •»!/i Mi MUUULIt-L I hurry, the nrc pom- all our Ins Mrs. r.lorla Morgan Viviulcrbllli Khnu-n nbiu'c leaving a New Vorlc coiirirnam, Una bo'cii a niiclceiriil and . lrrqni)oiiG|l)la- inolber .to lu.-year;0li| . Oldrla- I\un Mov f in V indexht)t «. cardlnc to liliiirees In' Hie suit being toi'sbt'oi'er custody ot tho (•1,000.000 lieiross. Sim has given little nileiuloii to her, ilnKShici' 'niul lias violated doctor's .onlera' In t Ihc-child's diet, Mrs \nmlerblltij mother " s aerte*. , miulu bj Thud Drincli from limits c« 111010 powerful In |lio ~ Bolh Seeking lo Preserve) : -'Democratic Principles Says French Premier hlll counties hardest, but it is also the result, it is charged, of tin interpretation of certain sections of the - Bankhead act. that is adverse to the interests of this and other Important' cotton; producing areas. • v Have Ginned Their Quotas A number, of Mississippi county farmers have already ginned their allotments, under the Bankhead cat, it was said nt the county agent's office this morning, and have substantial portions of their crops yet to pick. They nrc being urged to hold up the marketing ol the remainder of their crops in view ot the possibility that tlieir quotas may be increased and the certainty thai, they will ,somi be, able to btry surplus certificates "tro~m other parts of the country at a saving of 30 per cent oi the lax. PARIS, Oct. 1. (UP)— Premier JUUJ, LIU- lilt; fUUI" lilt U\CI ilia _ _ . i _ -y orfy. About In it tune tiio. oil cm Mrs Vanderbilt Upens exploded throwm' file till over 111" I r- i_, C u rv \.t _ room.;j!rnn out Hie dooi ind my I *')g«l *<"" " er UaUgftter Gaston Dot'niergiie of Prance in an ' exclusive interview today with.the f-!JJ ?-J United Press declared that the safe-'l p , at "> 1101 husband ran back . through the house and out tlie front door where Dicv pulled his clothes off him." Mrs. Hough said that had it-not be?n.for (he efforts ol Jesse Ups- corab, « neighbor, that the houss. NEW YORK: (UP)—V bnxom. outspoken nurse'related 1 Eiiprcnie court todny n'tflle of cock tiiils. princes, and pajamas' in. th t his ward, Bevt Uvniich, UCIL ustalnrd b> the supreme couil n a contest .by .the .veterans ud- iilnistiation ippcaled from Mis ' 'sslppl counly circuit colirl. An iplrdoa r'v'rdlng two Munll sumi vii5 returned In favor of the' vet- miis iidmlnhluilloii , The ense of (J H Cram u the 31 Frniiciif Levee dlsirju, iippcalid rnm Mississippi countj| V|as sub nnlfd to the COIIIL todi} ( T r^~ County, Has L'suai Big Lead in Cotton Ginned Announctment Follow! Delay in Plans iol Speedy ExtoUion Donald RIcliberK, slorin center In NEW YORK, Qct 1 (UPj -I Ulchard Haiiptmann will L| to NCH Jei-sej to intndti charges before ho 80*1 on trial . for'i.ONlorllon ' of ,$60.CO| fiom Col Chirles A in Uionx counl>, it ms announce lulny colncldcnl witli a series q new dcvclu|iiui-iiis In the eas* The announcement of o\iradj| tlon pi 1111 wits mndo by Gov Hairy Mcoic of New Jersey aftri an earliei itntuncnt In which hJ laid Ne« Jcitey's case \\&$ il]|)!rioiHI\ slnjlia to nnriauc sum vctlon, t Meanwhile Folej clled technical aEons why the e\toitlon titil uoLiibly would not stall Octobol .0 in tonlatlu'y plniiticd The Hroi>\ orfiQlal snid, lion of n special jury jianel "S liioaviiicnl o!ll7U>s \\otdd lukt Tfts :han i week lo pvcpuic Ant!clrKit-| ctl ildinsD clTort'i to delay" th i.cse ul'D niad-- H doubtful lilal ^oiilil =*ai( 'before lute tliij ininlh at the cirltcsl Altei thc^e lovqlalicns Folcjl Irfl Ihc Bronx county toiirt lioujjJ on «hat was descilbcd ai> a shobl ping q\peOHIon ' It was recall-" that \UiCh he was on anothc Chopping c\pldltlon' ijit wed erptl a ,mss(erious «oman \\ltt Uillou UisllLulcd by . IM'caiilorit KupBovolt 'Jlio i'cner,il counsel ot NHA nils Eiauicd illiccloi ot llio l moiBuncy l(cco\erj committee. ' nets whom lie ^considers of guarding o( aorld democracy Is gng a '- I M _ _,, the hands of three ,iK!:ons— the (Mrs. Rlley Jones Hlirl United states, Or>t Britalti, niirt - -"--^ Prance. . engaged the last in a Hght lo of the great volved J. "brains"' o Richardson ' the both', the Coter arid " bank ' not R. F. C. Cuts Interest on Bank Capital Loans WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 lUP) — The R. F. C. moved today lo stimulate bank lending by reducing interest and dividends on R. F. ; C. purchases of preferred . stock und capital notes from 4 to 3 M IKT cent. . Chairman Jesse Jones said the move was In lino with the drive to stimulate bank loans En the interest ot business recovery. confession afler he had already ! entered a guilty plea to a similar charge. As a result the court gave Strongholds of continental Euro- "pean democracy, Prcaiier pou- r , morgue drew a parallel between his lo.u-ii efforts and those "of-Preside);' ' Franklin D.Roosevelt. • .-••'. Like Mr. Roosevelt,-Prances good humored .oolitical -peacemaker is rrtviny 10 cDnrp.ntratc greater .executive strength In the hands of the chief, of the government. -If .there is any divergence in the parallel It is on the currency question. Taking a definite stand as an advocate of sound gold money ana against infiation ; and.artificial tarn- lim 21 years'.' Aaron Hichardson and Shields' were iwsitivel} connected with the Keiisctl robbery when, part ot the miffing money wns found in their possession ivhcn arrested here a, few days after the robbery occur-(^ . pering wllh currencies and pointing to his ^opposition to socialism and Communism, France's leader directed attention .to the similarity lite of Mrs. Gloria Morgan yan oil can exploded, '• dcrbilt, who is waging bat ve burned. | tie against charges that her liig f.oeiely career has made her unfit to take care of her own .10-year- old daughter. . • ' . . Traffic Accident Illc nursc > M rs '- Emma Sullivan ; \Keiflieh, starting her testimony ag- Mrs, Rilev Jones. 32C East Ken- f cssivcly tal mMns . '" lc ^' rc ; jcky. was'the victim of „„ „„- ?!"'".!!^, 1 ""! 5 ™™S™« ual traffic accident this morn,E'"-?- ' • airs.' .Tones was walking between two parked cars when a team and wagon .backed, into one of the cars causing it to .strike Mrs. Jones and pinning nor slightly between the j in America and ' French resorts. in fashionable \vo cars. Mrs. Jones' not believed lo be serious, te being county, with ! .40,07: bi\lps r prior t'o September 16, leads all other, Arkansas^ counties, (n volpriie of 19.14'crop'cotton ginned by nearly 100 per cent. Crltteiideii county Is .second, according to ilc- partnient of commerce figures, with 20,70-1 bales, and Jefferson county third with 14,2-11. Following arc bales ginned prior :o September 10, 1934 nnd 1933, in counties which ginned 7,500 .or more bales to that date. 1034 1033 .. 0,634 1,087. . 20.704 3,408 . 8,117 3,408 " . 14.241 .- 7,628 . 12,029 Two Letters Delivered Afler 21 Years Delay STEPHENS POINT, Wls. (UP) -j Crntghcad Crlttenden Desna Jefferson Lee Lonokc ., MISSISSIPPI .. Phillips 1'olnsett St. Francis The stale ginned 5,835 1,072 3.231 40,072 8,302 11,291 2,1'H 12,111 2,574 10,586 2,407 bales about the.knees, it is understood. The accichnt occurred on a street in the business sccUon. Woman Burncrl in Can Wast they were written. Written by former County Clerk Algie Bourn, now dead, they were lomid by painters behind a collec- | year ago. CADIZ, O. (UP)—Her supply ofltiou bos in the county Clerk's of- cans exhausted, Mrs, Charles Dici-jfice In the court house. William red stolen from the bank. •• J. B. Richardson denied Implied- r> i '>i - tion in ihe robbery throughout j BOOK by of efforts by the French and American governments to find a way out of the world crisis without sacri- les of democracy which".were born of their two revolutions. ; erion turned to molasses JlC.-i- j can I Oetliing. one of' His addressees, and eventually won an acquittal. „_ The robbery occurred while. Rich-' The reduction applies from Jan- ardson wa? at liberty on furlough ' from the state penitentiary after being sentenced lo Tivn years for the robbery of Charley Hairis. uary 1, 1935, to April 1," 1939. Payments thereafter Hill be 4 per cent until retired. Jones said the rotes will prefi and . to ' puich'ascs between ' and December 31, 1935. fill apply! to all presently owned a sed local property owner. Richard- deferred stock"/and capital notes TOn was freed bv the governor nf-. er members of the Jury which convicted him had signed a pstl- ;lon In which they expressed the belief he was a victim of mistaken Identity. Following the Kenselt robbery Rchardson's furlough was Anglers Gbt Four FUh 40 Bushels of Potatoes BERLIN, conn. (OP)—Something 'iiew'lrfvflsli stories. A. iy. «olmqu!st, George Zehler, A. J. Spr^ivg and "Red" Llndgren chattered Gspt. Davis 1 fishing boat to snack sprite blueftsh at Plum Out, They sjjorcd four-blues and i STONINGTON, Conn, (up) — Stresses Marksmanship CLEVELAND. (UP) —When the Cleveland Police Department Bureau of Arms began teaching po- licemsn to 'shcot two and n half years ago, rusty safety pins and lint were found In the barrels of officers' revolvers, says a six-page booklet Just publlsVi!d by ,th» bti reau superintendent. The booklet, "Straight-Shooting Policemen," of which Lle'nt. Harlcy revoked bill, following l his "acquit- IH ' Moffetl Is. author, said that tal lik relatives nnd counsel , !amon S both pitrolmcn and higher officers there were such poor sb thai they hit the ceiling, or the floor Instead ot the 'target. Soms 36,000 lessons have te:n given since then, the booklet says. Lieut. MofTct urges replacement ol 750 antique revolvers now in -ser- vlce~. standardization of sldenrms. Claude F. Cooper, renewed their pleas, with Ihe result (hat lie Is free again. Would Not Be Constables _ , . . TONINGTON, Conn. (UP) 40 bushels o(\Po' a " )cs . HIG latter (Certain jobs have no apiwal lo the or preserving some tomatoes. The has been dead 17, years. The ict- ontainer btew up, burning cvcrely with the hot fruit. her Her \\a; delivered to his son, Ed, J who lives here. >THE CLitv; OF THE FORGOTTEN MURDER s , a e vce. stanardzation of sldenrms. CBirted off shofe by ah outgoing unemployed. During- the tcxt«e equipment of nn outdoor ranw ami • strke he "• ...... dc. V , ( • strike the warden ; »nd burgesses a depurln capt. Davis c)a\taed Ihe potatoes appointed W special constables liiatlcallv < ....... lldc. . as "s»lvag«." ThW-^hermcn took borne one fish .-._ — r —jiental rule which aulo- , , , . .. „ constables matlcally drops a cadet If lie ban'l for duty at the mills. All refused learn to shoot during Ws first y«« 10 s * lve - .',._*;''- °n the force. Charge Bribe Ottered Scottsboro Witness HUNTSV1LLE. Ala., Oct. .t. (UP) —J. W. Pearson, Birmingham, was arreslcd here today charged will olfering a bribe lo Viclorla Price star stale witness in the Seoltsboro case. . ' He was arrested on a- murrain sworn out by Mrs. Price, who said lie offered her $500 and later of feted her tlOOO If. she would glvi testimony favorable lo the ' negri defendants. Madison county' solicitor's offici said that Daniel Swift, Nei\- York attorney, hclrl in Nashville as ai associate of Pearson In the alleged bribery attempt, would bs J,\ dtted immediately. H t ud Boiled Gen- cial s Lyes as He Makes Goodbye Speech WASHINGTON, Oct.- 1 : (UP)— Vlth (pars (n his eyes Gen.- Jlugh . Johnson said {nrcwell lo I'C RA today. The ordinarily, hard boiled ,BC»- rnl .In a speech urged his cni- 'loyes to slay with NRA ,anct. said iis resignation had been n fore- one conclusion and seriously urg- d by •• liim since May. Standing alone on the vast com- icrce department nmiUorimn staEC, he former cavalry lender told 2,00 workers he had reached "the. addesl. and happiest moment" OL ils life. He said he w : as sad be uuss.of llw end o( his NRA_ Joli tut happy because it was "a" job veil done" mid he wns free for he first time in 10 montlis from iis trials and tribulations. Miss Frances Robinson, his exe- utlve assistant, resigned today. Sir Supreme Court Meets for Momentous Session Hit. supic-me couit met On it-J m irble and gilt chamber it noon today to beglij 10J4 term, mads momenloii bv the fact tlrat the tribunal be- called on to piss on some ths mnjoi phases of the nlminl hiiatloiis rccovmy program 1 Only eight of the nine juslkel w,erc in the blach robed grouJ which nnrchcd Einglc He into chamber Justice Willis O V«| Devanter, who recentl> i ' ( rn»i iiom Europe, where his ( die was absent. Thc.,'court recessed unt;I ' rtex Monc'ay after a 25-ntinutc sessjorj taken up almost: entirely by admission of young lawyers to prae lice before the of,,the cdurtl Trains Claim Lives of Two at MemphiJ MEMPIItS, Oct. 1. (UP)—TIK bo;ly-of the second .'person witblrj 12 hours to be run over by a' train here was found : today, Vador Jones, 21,' Memphis negro was found dead beside the Iv N. tracks this, morning. Appirent: ly he had been struck by a train. The body of a man identified" ad William P. Dobson, GO, ot Bfinkl ley, Ark., was found beneath." th'a L and N tracks at another potnfl night , , ,, , Jast night He WHS identified o .lwi>, has appeared with Geneml s Discharge paper! Johnson on the platform it cvcij ___J *^ iJ»iiwa public meeting, but not today, Hold Gastonia Strikers for Attack on Worker GASTONIA. N. C.. Oct. 1. (UP) flarmon Davis, employe of the Loray mill, was critically wounded by two strikers when he attempted to enter Ihc. mill lo go to work today. Fred McMahon and W.- O.. McMahon, brothers, were arrested. Dj- vis' throat was cut. Ten "Rookie" Policemen Get Detective Training) CLEVELAND. lUP)— As an ex- 1 jiwrlmsnt in \xillclng, Detective In.T jspecwr C. W. Cody is taSing :IO 'highly educated ann nalurrtlly" in- clligent' rookie poll' r-mcn md raining them scientifically in de- ] lectivc work Cody Sidney Griff ... a criniinologist -wl\osa i\aine was feared. A" brutal killing! Blackmail! Avarice ami two beautiful worried arc involved. Griff studies the suspects . , plays one against the other "like checkers." Watch for his story, "The Clew of the Forgotten Murder," beginning soon in this newspaper. m z c 7} O m 73 Blind Man's Trained Dog Cured of Goiter CONNEAUT, O. (UP) — Goiter this summer threatened the health of Excrl.i, sensitively trained German shepherd nog. which tor four years has been the "eyes" for William Hauff, blind. Becoming Jfaiiff's guardian when she was only 18 months old, Eseria leads Win across streets «nd on errands. The dog, with' the aid of thyroid tablels, prescribed diet ann exercise, practically has recovered, i Veterinarians said goiter was cx- G, P, Whittington, Former Legislator, Heart Victim HOT SPRINGS, Oct. I. (UP)— G. P. \Vhlltington. 57, widely known attorney and firmer legislator, died from n heart jttl.ick here «rly today. He was stricken last Wednesday, WhitUngton had practiced law here for 30 years and had served two terms In the state legislature. ho was tn?nfa- nlliar with chemistry, uiolog/ and I oilier sciences valuable in erllrie ] detection, and placing' tVisnV W,t' hands of his department experts I for practical training. I •He explained he wanted .the I quad to b? first to arrive at the I scene of a crime—"to look for wea- I pans, bullets, hairs, buttons, clo^ f anything which may b-3 valuable. | And everything is until it has ba eliminated." WEATHER Brick Tosser Breaks Shibley Cafe Windows Windows In the cafe at Ash and Ralh'oiid streets, operated by. "Uncle Jnck" Shibley,' were .smashed yesterday by n pedestrian who hurled bricks through the glass. • ..THE_CLEW_OF.THE FORGOTTEN MURDER jtremely unusual._ In other thant Police, who arrested Ihc window smasher, said he,was drunk, Arkansas—Pair and warmer:In north and .west portions tonight. Tuesday pjrtly cloudy, warmer in | south -and east portions. Memphis and vicbnty— Fair tonight and Tuesday with rising lem- ] pcrattire. According to the offlcUl,'ire»tto*,l observer, Samuel P.- .Henri*, minimum temperature. Utt vas 43 degrees and the yesterday, 69 degrees. It rmlMi inches cjuriiiK ih« wecl^ "

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