Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two HOPE STAR, HOPfe, ARKANSAS ir Farmer to Be Named at Kansas City »-, . ... .. / 'Kansas City, Nov. 10 —i/F)— The Star Fnrmor of America will bo mimed today at the Future Farm- erfe of America convention. The Star Farmer award. «iven annually for agricultural nchieve- rntnt, is'the highest F. K. A. honor. Four regional star farmers and the Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas Star Farmers also will be I named. I Winner of the top award will re- Iceive $1,000 from the weekly Kansas City Star. The regional [winners get $150 awards and the 'state winners .?)flf). Farm youtuhs from Vi slates, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are attending the convention. which began Sunday nnd ends Thursday. ^ Secretary of Agriculture Charles F. Brnnnan last night was awarded an honorary American Farmer ee for service to agriculture. WHAT ' first sign of a cold, obey these simple rules: 1. K6ep warm and get as much rest as possible. ' 2. Drink lots of water and fruit juices. | 3. Take a CALOTAB. •' Calotabs are a thorough dependable laxative, intestinal antiseptic and diuretic. They -clean out the entire digestive tract and flush your kidneys; ridding the system bf poisonous toxins. They help nature throw off a cold ; '.REMEMBERI.At the first sign of a cold—REST— . Follow label directions. CAN YOUR FIGURE BE? Market ST. UOUIS LIVESTOCKS National Stockyards, jill., Nv. 10 ~W)—Hogs, 11,000; uneven; barrows and gilts mostly 75 to 1.00 lower than Monday's average; sows 75 to 1.2!) lower; spots off 1.50: bulk good and choice 18C-240 IDs 21.00-25; 250-270 Itas 20.75-2!.00; fev 280-300 Ibs 20.25-30; 130-170 IDS 21.255; top 21.50 very sparingly lor 180-200 Ibs, rnnre freely on 170 Ibs down; good sows 400 Ib.s down 18.25-19.75; heavier weights mosi!v J7.25-18.25; stags 15.50-18..JO. Cattle, (1,000; calves, 1,500: opening trade slow; virtually noghing done on steers, although moderate inquiry in evidence from replacement buyer;;; heifers, mixe;l year lings and cows opening s;eady but slow; bulls uneven; good kinds scarce and steady with bids unevenly lower on commond and medium kinds; vealers stead./; good and choice 28.00-35.50; common and medium 18.00-27.00. Sheep. 3,000; up to 25.25 paid for about 100 good and choice or same as preceding day's top; market not established to packers. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Nov. 16 —-(XT-jLivc poultry unsettled; receipts 30 trucks; prices a cent a pound higher to two cents \ower; FOE: Fowl 32.5 roasters 33-37; FOB wholesale market: ducklings and young heavy ducks 38 small ducks 25; all others unchanged. Butter steady; receipts 316,438] prices unchanged. Eggs steady; receipts 9,873; prices unchanged. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS 'Chicago, Nov. 16 (/P) Gains of a cent or more were marked up Tuesday, November 16, Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 ^'Hjfrr.fied everv weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, Preside .1 A'ox. H, Washburn, r :fK rotary ! r cosuref ot the Star buifdinn 212-214 South Walnut Si,eel, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Published Poul H. Jonof, Manaqinq Editor George W. Hosmer, Much. Supr. Jess M. Dovis, A-'vcrtir.rng Manuger M&A Line to Be Issue in Legislature By JIM ThOMASSON Little Rock,' Nov. 16 —I'/P)—Proposed state aid for the Missouri and Arkansas railroad will be a controversial issue 1 in the 1949 legislature, an Associated Press survey of legislators indicates. All Is We With Royal London. Nov. / IP f/P) All Royal physicians have issued no bulletins since yesterday morning, but the very absence of further announcement was accented as a sign that the condition of Elizabeth and her baby continues to be satisfactory. Liulc 1{ot , k Nov lfl Sir John Weir and Siv William proximately 2,000 delegates began Gilliatt. who assisted at the birth registering here today for the open- c.'illed at Buckingham Palace lastjing-of Arkansas Baptist State cOn- j Baptists Get Set for State Convention Of members of the next alives gathered to pi day old prince -who Kin's next king. c T.h mnv be Brit- night to see the princess. Earlier it, was declared both the mother rnd child were iii satisfactory condition. Palace sources said no ad : issued to Entered os 'second cln«' mailer ot tr\. Post Office ot Hope, Arkansas, under th< Act of March 3, 1897. ' (AP)—Means Associated Press. fNFAl—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: 'Always Payable li Advance): By city carrier per wee-It 20' per month 85c. Mall rates—in Hemp I stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller am LaFavette counfie-;, $4.50 per year' else wrwe $8.50. NoHnnal Advertising Representative — 4'kniKftj Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn Sterick Builrlinq; Chiroqo, 400 Nor'li Micr igon Avenue; New York Ci'v 79? Madi* Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W Gran. Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 3)4 Terminal BHr New Orleans. 722 Union St Member of the Astociated Pr general assembly wiio replied to|'r>, H .; f an Associated Press survey, 17 ex- • rn -id'-'11 pressed opposition to the "stale 'portion-: . . . p- Dav< going into the railroad business." Four favor the state talcing over the line if necessary. Five others, including somn n! the first group, favor slatp assistance if such assistance involve the slate in the ditinnul bulletins will be Milil Rome lime today. "_"" -i The princess was permitted t\. _p. Smith, Jr., Mariana, have her baby with her for n short while yesterday. •n-'iriV iv^WTi'" L "" 1 "","-' 1 ' iln -i There was no indication how soon o.Kh, might take over and operate ; s he would be up. Elizabeth always ,,. has enjoyed exceptionally good igfioli, was .health and some sources believe opponents oi state aid.jhcr stay in bed will not be pro- n is getting ready toli.onged line that goes throu»hi' « ,'• .u t - he said. "Wo mirnt! As lor , lhe yet unnamed new '.•>'"• invinno ooctors opinions were not vontion. Dr. J. B. Lawrence, Atlanta. Ga., executive secretary of the Home Missions board, "will address the convention tonight. Adoption of resolutions will close the meeting Thursday. . and Pi'iyne, Lai among the "The Fris abandon a my county, ... ... does not , as W(:U as) . tno stat railroad i civj( , O r;;nni7.atinns business. Several others offered their own ideas without mentioning state aid and the remainder were non-committal. The 355-mile line from Helena, Ark., to Joplln. Mo., has not operated since a strike in 1940. It has been purchased by a New York salvage firm and the Interstate doesn't ih'hViho Commerce Commission is now lk tho studying a request for extension of an order of one of its examiners authorizing abandonment oi the line. Groups interested in saving the to buy in my needed to persuade (hose who saw "model" — , ,. ,.^. . , , • rt n i i • doesn't think the "state should pur- ' tcln ,1° l ? 11 , s , 122 - yaar old cousin . chase v.-ithout consent of the pr-o- abetJ J' Wl . n ' am , was a J )a « c at n]p " ' royal wedding la: thc •hu use fnr renubhcotlon of all the loco news printed In this newspaper, cs well r ill AP news dispatches. pie. Rep. C. C. Laronec Taylor, Helena, would like to sec the road I back in operation but had no suggestions. However, he added that At the other extreme was fil-year old Queen Mother Mary, who spent two hours at the Palace. A great- All the United States executive departments were set up by Acts nf Congress, thc oldest being State, War. and Treasury, which were established in 17C9. _randmother for the first time, .she was the first visitor after Sim- clay night's momentous announcement. Those close to the court say her pride in the new prince "knows no bounds." For quick; delightfully comforting help tor aches and palno ot Rheumatism, Arthrltla, Neuritis, Lumbago, Bclotlca, or Neuralgia try Roniind. Works through the blood. First dou • usually starts alleviating pain so you can work enjoy life and sleep more comfortably. Get Remind at druggist today. Quick, com- pjcta satisfaction or money back guaranteed. brokers representing commercial interest were active buyers. Traders said most of the offerings came from profit cashing which was readily absorbed. Wheat buy it, to prevent its abandonment, and sell or lease it to private operators. The Associated Press survey asked: "How do you stand on the M. and A. railroad matter; what do you want to see done and how?" "I am in sympathy with the peo- ".i^,,t *v, • -i- ple who .are interested in retaining about the sigmfi- the road, but I could not and would personal, n ot vote for the state of Arkansas take over any defunct business,'' Sen. Grover C. Nance of New- said Allies, Russia Continued From Page One - .- is not restored, "I'd like to! sec the plan of building a through i highway along its route invest!- ! gated thoroughly." j Reps. Alex James, Yellville. and I J. T. Wirnbertly, Star city, flatly opposed the state having anything to do with thc railroad business. contact and mutual trust between wnicn was readily absorbed. Wheat , rtls Better pointed out that Russia was in demand from the opening, (already had proposed to call the Thf» ffnnt nnt-n wri».L-rt4 i,,oc. uirrU.-,.. COlmril nf fnrpiffn infnicfnt'c inf/-i SlylcNo.414 •.. Fin* Avon Sotin A, D ccpj, t'ttel Colorit Nude, white, block, (jlu,. JI.SO The spot corn market was higher. At the close wheat was 1 1-8 to 2 1-4 cents higher than yesterday's close, December $2.36 1-2 - 5-8. Corn was 1 cent to 1 1-2 higher i December $1.43 3-8 - 1-2. Oats were 17-8 to .1 1-2 higher, December (13 -2. Rye was 2 cents to 2 1-2 higher December $1.81 1-4. Soybeans were 1 3-4 to 4 1-8 higher, November $2.68. Lard was 2 cents to 27 I cents a hundredweight lower, No- jVPinbcr $8.70-75. ] Spot wheat was higher with the future': trade today basis steady; the leaders of thc powers in the matter of improvement of rela- Iport.lJen.^FVc! Crow" Hope llons - . I almost thc same thing. ' His letter pointed out that Russia Senators R. E. Garner, Fort .ready had proposed to call the Smith, Merle Smith. Jonesboro. council of foreign ministers into session "to consider the question of the situation in Berlin, as well as thc question of Germany as a hole." "The Soviet government adheres now also to the same position," it said. The foreign ministers of the United States. Britain and Prance met at the French foreign office Wear a BOEST-SHON MARK BRA and see! Here's f igtir^beauty for you with heavenly comfort. 'YouMI feel free as a breeze . . . and the lovely uplift adds sure allure. Order ybgrs today. Howard Holthoff, could, and Reps. W. L. Ward, Mariana, Walter Young, El Dorado, Lindell Hile, Murfreesboro, R. C. Wills, Stuttgart, Glenn F. Walther, Little |Rock. and Ezra E. Ricketts, Bentonville, expressed similar opinions. Among the group favoring state aid, Sen, Eagle Street. Cave City, receipts one car Corn was un Kcpt sc «et charmed to q little h>ho,--hn=" > sources said to frame theii jonrned after 40 The nature of kept secret. reply and ad- minutes, this reply was changed to a little higher; basis unchanged to a cent easier; bookings 80.000 bushels; receipts 278 cars. Oats were higher with the futures; basis firm; receipts 1G cars. Soybeans receipts were eight cars. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Nov. IB (A ton futures were irregular today. Cot- . Closing prices were steady 50 cents a bale higher to 35 cents lower Dec high 31.84 low 31.70 — close 31.72 Mch high 31.85 — low 31.70 — close 31.73 May high 31.72 — low 31.57 — close 31.60 Jly high 30.78 — low 30.5G — close 30.70-71 Oct high 23.07 — low 28.57 — close 28.58B B-bid. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Nov. .16 —I*)— The stock market ran into light selling squalls in late trading after clear sailing earlier in the day. fa ut authoritiative _^« .,„,„ ,„ coincided with a French view that the West will not negotiate under the duress of the Berlin blockade, but hopes that the Berlin issue can be solved by conciliation. A French government spokesman announced this stand earlier. The spokesman, Francois Mitter- lancl, issued the statement following a cabinet meeting. Mitterand is the French Secretary of State for information. The cabinet approved the text of a note Foreign Minister Robert Schuman intends to send to Secrej tary General Trygve Lie and President H. V, Evatt of thc n n itod Nations in reply to their appeal last week for direct four power talks on Berlin. The government also circulated a statement denving recent suggestions in the French press that the foreign ministry, the premier's office and the president's office were not in agreement on the appeal for Berlin talks. Foreign ministers of the United 'to see it (the M. and from one end to the is willing for the state to take over "this obligation with restrictions " while Sen. J. Ed Thompson, Para- goukl, wants '" " ' A.) restored other." Rep. H. G. Leathers, Berryvill" believes the railroad "should be , recognized as an important factor I of transportation and important to ! all the state, as are highways." He i said that if private capital won't ' take it over, the state should add-' Final prices showed a decisive majority of gains running from fractions to around 2 points or more. In many instances, however, the day's advances were shaded and some issues were driven from the plus to the minus column. The advance in the average price level marked the third gain in a row. Turnover ran aboutu even with yesterday when sales totaled 1 030,000 shares. Hails were among the better performers although buying power was well distributed. Among gainers most of thc day were Youngstown Sheet, General Motors. Sears Roebuck, J. I. Case Douglas Aircraft, Schenley, American Telephone, Consolidated Natural Gas, Kennocott Copper, Dow Chemical. Allied Chemical, J. C. Penney, International Paper, New- mont mining (after a stock dividend), Great Northern preferred Union Pacific. Nickel Plato, Pacific Western Oil, and Southern Railway. U. S, Steel and Goodrcich tended to be balky. Bonds were slightly higher. States, Britain and I to meet late today France to draft were coor- ac- and In BUTLER BSIHT BUILDINGS ' » Full Space U»». Trvii- ' ' tlepr, Hcoiet>Hid«wallj. f Sptclol dttptf corru- , * Width, length, VoriaU*. ' • Din-Formtd iov*». contact ,y«u>* First Rigid Frame Truss-Clear Design To Be Mass-Produced Secure, strong fastening of metal to metal IB best accomplished with bolts. Butler Buildings rely solely on bolts (inserted, not driven, through precision-punched holes) to hold aluminum sheets together and to secure them to steel building frame. No rupture or tearing of sheets—no loose rattling sheets. 3 ADAPTABLE SIZES. 40 ft. width, length any multiple of 20 ft. Also 20 ft. and 32 ft. widths, lengths any multiple of 12 ft. 60ft. width available in IBowstring Truss typ«. A Product of Sutler Manvloclvting Cympuny See one of these Steel-Aluminum Buildings being erected for Harry "V/. Shiver in Hope. You're invited to drive by and inspect this building. For/Information Call or Write JACK NANCE NEW YORK COTTON New York, Nov. 16 —(/Pj—Cotton futures were steady in moderately active dealings today on aggressive trade buying and covering against export sales. A better in" quiry for textiles and a good export movement of cotton were strengthening .influences. Futures close d55 cents a bale higher to IS cents lower than the previous close. Dec high 31.88 — low 31.79 — last 31.79-80 up 2-3 Mch high 36.8 o— lo w31.72 — last 31.75 1111 ch May high 31.71 — low 31.53 — last 31.71 unch Jly high 30,80 — low 30.CO •— last 30.70-73 up 8-11 Oet high 28.74 — low 28.G3 — last N off 2 Dec high 28.53 — low 28.44 - 28.45N off 3 Middling spot 32.24 N up 2 N-nominal. dinatecl replies to" the letters cording to U. S., British French official' spokesmen. Mitterand emphasized to reporters after the French cabinet meeting that the exchange of letters by Lie and F.vatt on one hand and bv thc foreign ministers on the other represents a demonstration of willinaness to reach a solution nf the blockade, which Russia im- fd'.-'-d last June. There -is no riueslion, he said, of n toxt which would invrOve ncirec- i-""i: to definite proposals. ^MH'eranrt pointed out the Lie- Fv.'Hi letters referred to a 'leneral c '"t<:mont of principles favoring •••.»'t lenient of international dis- • Dries. This statement \vns contained in a resolution introduced in the general assembly by Mexico ap r < adopted unanimously. Mitterand said the Evatt-Lie move pleased thc French government: That it had always fovored a conciliatory approach to disputes. Other French spokesmen contended France wanted conciliation but—and they emphasized the "but" — within thc security council and only after the blockade duress had been lifted. The apparent divergence between Mitterand's statements and those of other spokesmen might be due S to the government's preoccupation - with internal affairs. Persons working with Evatt and Lie said they had received hundreds of letters from all sections of the world supporting their peace apneal. One official close to Kvatt said the sense of these messages was: "Well done. Keep it up." ing, "aftei non-profit." Rep. Floyd suggested, if all the highways are Eddleman, Mena. possible, that "the state take over and sell to reliable operators on a long term basis with interest to the state." IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH SELF-POLISHING WAX SHOE POLISH BLACK BROWN TAN BLUE OXBLOOD What's £Sie Use of Wondering? You can be sure your "stepin' out" togs are impeccably clean and pressed — Just send them to us for careful, qualify dry cleaning. We pre-test fabrics, use scientifically correct chemicals and special irons. CLEANERS and HATTERS Next Dood to Young Chevrolet Co. Phone 76 la 1st Shelby County Doing Big Cotton Ginning Business _ Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 1(5 Shelby County, Tenn., cotton ure doing an increasing business. According to the Memphis office of tiie U. S. Department ol merce some 36,090 bales of were ginned in the county by November J, compared to 30'oi2"bale.s ginned in lhe same period last year. The convention is awarding the de- K'vcs to -!tj adults. French Try Continued From Page One largely by use of security guards ami troops, was uncertain. The cabinet did not authorize the premier to seek such a vote of confidence, but g o v e r n in e n t sources indicated he might do so if the debate becomes stormy. Strong forces of police and mobile guards surrounded both the asseinbjy and the council of the Republic, the upper House of Par- Iliament as they met, taking pro- cautions against any possible" demonstrations. The Comiuuni.st-rontrolled Gen- anioun't of j t ' 1 ' ;i ' Labor Federation (COT) ordered dockers at iJuukerquc: off (he .. - .... ,. , ,,,.41-v.- J"b today, and the strikers barred U. S. Department of Com- all approaches to the piers with cotton ' wooden barricades. At Bordeaux i the dock strikers voted to stay | off tin; job until demands for in;creased wages were met. | Coal strikers were drifting back |lo work in iiu'reasiny' numbers. I'Otit oliicial fituuvs showed that the strike cut coal production in October from a normal -J.iOO.OO Utons to filUi.OOO tons. 1310 W;'7rti Street Texarkana Phone 3-8830 . Two hundred and. thirteen F. F. A. members nl:;o received the decree last night. The device lo F. F. A. members is limited to nne youth in every Ibuiu.anii, jiach iitutt reeominends one buy from L'iich 1,000 members. •> i ' 1 f : does America love its 1949 Nxsh HhHyte! Fixst wifA Cockpit Control! The Vnisc&pe* Twin Beds! Girder-built Vnxtized Body and Frame! Vin/lo-/et Garbu- xetion— jmore than 25 males pe* tyallon at average high way speed I No wonder the talk is Nash. Never before so much news in a motor car! Inside that long, low, rakish body is more room than you've ever seen before ... a Super-Lounge, safety-designed . . . offering Twin Bed comfort at night! Around you, thc sky-wide sweep of a curved one-piece windshield. The sal'ety of Cockpit control, with the Uniseope. Here's the world's first car svith Uniflo- Jet carburction—more than 25 miles to the gallon, for the Nash "600," al average highway speed! The thrill of new ridin« smoothness witli coil springs cushioning all four wheels! New miracles of Nash Weather Eye Conditioned Air! And now—above all—the super-safety and quietness of Girder-built Unitizeil Body-and-Frume construction. Pioneered by Nash—the greatest advance in automobile construction in 40 years! Don't stop at admiring a 1949 Nash Airllyte. Go down to your Nash dealer, get in, and got the \\hole amazing story— t he greatest story an automobile ever told! The AW; Aii-Jlytc jot-19-19 caini'sin Iwti CREAT CARS SltfCE 1902 Noib Molori, Diviihn Nuih-Kclrinalot Caruaralian, OJroJ A Great Cat -built by a Groat Camyaay- Sold and Serviced by the finest Dealer fie Izidustsy fias ever &BOIV.IL. V.'hi'ii the poison from honi>y •..-is is injected into a cut in the umtiii budy in larye fjuantiiies. Lii'iicluces almost the ^aine effect s thc bite of u rattlesnake. 306 - 308 EAST THIRD STREET

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