Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 5, 1938
Page 4
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STAR, HOJPE, ARKANSAS Monday, .September.6,. 198$ •llw More ton Tell Urt Quicker Yon Sell" KATES . dirt titne-^2c word, minimum 30c Thw* times—3&c word, min. 50c SIX times—6c word, minimum 90c One month (28 times)—18c - word, minimum $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions oalx, In making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Rent," 'Tor Sale," etc.—this is free. Out each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 30c for one time; at 314c word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill PHONE 768 • STORIES IN STAMPS Services Offered , ; - Ideal Furniture Store has just received Big Lot of Laving Room Suites, Rugs,' etc.* Remember we sell cheaper. 5-2Gtip , See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb, 658-J. l-2Gtc T ; For Sale ;.FOR SALE—Copies of Hope Star's $1,700 Centennial edition giving com. plete authentic history of 20 South* West Arkansas towns. Buy now. Supply is'limited. Bound copies, 50 cents '-add 12 cents if desired to be mailed. Unbound copies, 25 cents—add 6 cents it you want it mailed. 3-tf-dh FOR SALE—Nice young horse. One grist mill and engine complete. H. S. Dudley, Hope Route 2, Box 22. 5-3tp FOR SALE—340 good Hereford steer calves, weighing 450 to 500 Ibs. all double tested, in good condition; 90 cows; Number good feeding lambs. also good ranch. Charles Mathies, Birmingham, Iowa. 5-ltp Notice NOTICE—Ideal Furniture Store has moved, to corner of Walnut and 2nd Street where we can serve our customers better. We appreciate and solicit your business. Remember, we buy, sell and trade. Buy here and save money. 23-12tp. • NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope, Arkansas. 25-6tc Sep 5, 3tc Wanted Captured the Capital Of Mexico (SCARCELY had young Winfleld u Scott, just turned 22, launched himself in business in Charleston, S. C., in 1807, when war loomed imminent between United States and England. So Scott hurried off to Washington, offered his services, and was commissioned captain of artillery. He was to know little else but battle thereafter for the rest of his life. In 1812 Scott was sent to the Niagara- frontier, where he was captured at Queenston. He was exchanged the r-cxt -year and promoted to colonel, then brigadier general, and in July, 1814, received the brevet of major general. He was twice wounded in the battles of Chippewa and Lundy's Lane, for which Congress gave him a gold medal and the state of. Virginia a sword. But by now Scott's fiery career had. only begun. From 1815 to 1861 he plunged into a series of ; difficult and dangerous assign- ; nients for his country, n-.?ktng treaties with western Indians after the Black Hawk war, fighting the Seminoles in Florida, removing the Cherokees, adjusting border disputes in Maine, at Niagara, and in Puget Sound. During 20 years of this period he was commanding general of the United States army. As such he achieved his greatest triumph in the Mexican campaign of 1847,. capturing Vera Cruz and nnally the Mexican capital Uself. So again Congress struck off a gold .medal for the general, and in -1852 the Whigs nominated him for president. But he car-, ried only four states. He died at West Point in 1866. He is shown here on a purple stamp of the U. S. issue- of 1870. (Copyright, ISIS, N'EA Service, Inc.) WANTED—Qualified Domestic and Personal Service workers: Cooks, Maids, and Nurses. Apply to U. S. "Employment Service, immediately. l-6t-dh FOR RENT FOR RENT—My home 510 E. 3rd, C. M. Agee. Phone 730 3-3tp FOR RENT—Three-room furnished apartment, privaate bath, 222 East Avenue B. Mrs. Belle Phillips 3-3t-p. William Kicking Prescott, American man of letters, gave himself time to count up to 20 on being awakened in the morning. It" he failed to arise on that count, he paid a bonus to the ser- ant who had called him. Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER Question on Page One His average speed was 34 and two-seventh milgs an hour. When he went 30 miles in 60 minutes he went one mile in two minutes. When he went 40 miles in 60 minutes, he went one mile in one and one-hali minutes. The average of two minutes and one and one-half minutes is one and three-fourths minutes, for one mile. Sixty divided by one and three fourths minutes gives 34 and two-seventh miles an hour. SCOUT MASTER HORIZONTAL 1,6 Eighty- seven-year- old Boy Scout leader. 10 Cotton fiber. 11 Grafted. 12 Bill of fare. 14 Dove's home. 16 Gaelic. '18 Church . dignitary, 19 Go on (music) 21 Roof point covering. 22 Either. 23 Musical note. 42 Hops kiln. 34 Rubber pencil 44 Golf teacher. Answer to Previous Puzzle 13 One who inherits. . 15 He is a Scout 17 Variety. 18 Damaged book leaf corner. 20 Fragrajit smell. 23 Potato masher 25 To border OB» ends. 27 Heavenly. 29 Crowd. 30 Nominal value. 32 Small shield 33 Ratite bird. 34 To separate from others. 37 To harden. 38 Wood nymph. 39 To dine. 40 Cry of a sheep 41 Three. 46 To bang. 49 Silly. 52 Routine course of study. 55 Unit. 56 An automaton 57 Striped fabric. 58 He the Scout movement in 1910. 59 Now s of boys are Scouts. VERTICAL 2 Beer. 3 Four and five. 4 Habituates. 5 And. 6 To exist. 7 Repeat entertainment. 8 Tiny particle. 9 To soak flax. 12 He aims to broaden the Scout (Pi.). 27 Arabian. 28 For fear that. 31 Dye. 35 Ironic essay. 36 Rabbit. 42 To foretoken • a future event. 43 Taxi. 45 Verbal. 47 Card game. 48 God of sky. 50 To bow. 51 Name. 53 Kimono sash. 54 Philippine peasant. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with , . . , MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J, R. WILLIAMS JIVAL. HMF*~TH6r S)O CA UING, EH? VOU AND BASe&ALL-TOSSIWO ADVEUTURE UTTERINJC5 UP THE SACK YARD WITH YOUR CAMVA'S TARGET.' MOW GET THIS, R T. SARMUM HOOPL6/ YOU GET OUT THERE AMD GLEAM UP THAT MESS OR. I'LL STICK YOUR HEAD THROUGH THE BULL! S-EYE AMD USE THE KITCHEN) EQUIPMENT AMMUKJITIOM/ r/- <£) <LbT LOOKS LIKE A SESSIONJ WITH THE t.3 •rrV-t" (\^»^^ V 'i o. q-sr _COPR. 193B BY NE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT'S LEGITIMATES BUSINESS, I KNOW, BUT I HAVE. A GUILTY I THINK OP HOLOING ALL OF MOON^XELR'-S PLEASURES. As SECUR\TV AND NO ONE IS GETTING ANY JOY FRO/A PEOPLE; ARE FUNNY \T \_OOKS UKE. HE BORROWS TO BOV . TO SORROW A\cr>«e THE. PLEASURE LOVER COPR. 19M 9V NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RtO. U.'S. PAT. OFF. JJ. The Shadow By EDGAR MARTIN BOXVOOOO p VOHATSb NT AU_ O ALLEY OOP . TO <bNiOO9 Ot CbOT "^O ^ VU-b It Must Be Love "VtAA. 1 \T By V. T. GO5H, FOOZV, fUE ( WELL.l DIONT, BUT 1HEN SEEN VOU>V'KNOW, AS LONG 5G SHINEO UP/ f JUST HAD T'GQ, W/ BEST I THOUGHT VOU V J "THOUGHT I'D BETTER DIDN'T WANT A GCT--, SHOW ^ TO OOOLA'S PARTVV .if ALLEV, I WANT YOU TO MEET CHARMED, I'M 5URE -TO VQU TELL ALL THE GIRLS THAT/ OP SUCH ALLURE.' WASH TUBES VOUR COUSIN IS A PRETTV GCXiD LOOKIN 1 GAL-SAY,/ NOT HAS FOOZV EVER SEEN HER BEFORE ? THAT KNOW OF- VJHV? . NUTHIN- ONLV N EV;ER KNEW HI/V\» T'wA5M H13---OH, WELL SKIP IT.' -v^OT 1 ^COPR. 1938 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF, We'll Bite—Why? 'Jy ROY CRANE ENGAGEMENT R\N6i OW, T ....... \HOVM BEAUT\FULl HOW NO\W X-. PERFECTLY OPEWVOUR^ rc! * rEiV - 11 - T iV6S, fOR TH DEAREST GIRL IW TH' WORLD. \T'S OMLV HALF GOOD EWOUOH. \WHAT , 90yJ OH.AM&EL, OURS AS A LOVJE NEVER SURELV THAT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VOU SET \T 15, CAROL ! VME'RE GUWNA BE THE HAPPIEST] COUPLE ALWEf, VJE.LL NEMEP OR ALLOW AW THING TO COV*E BETWEEN US. EVEN IN OUR OLD AGE, ^E'L STILL. REJAMM SWEETHEARTS. V \ 'mTS/ss/'t/cm ^TJ^BV »%\ • / LCQPR. 193B BY NEA SERVICE, INC 'Hi THE DAHGE^ 'DIAVAOND LOOKS A CUT-6LASS POORVCWOft'. tHE'LU WAVE TO VNEAR WER A«V\ IN ASLlViQ TO CAVJ^V \T AVJOUWt). THE COM- SAP/ VJHV POESN'T HE LEARN TO WANG ONTO - T . -. H\S MONEY? •fl 100 Per Cent Approval By MERRILL BLOSSER ^V ; 4r^^ YES SIR! GOSH,HE WOULDN'T LISTEN Tb REASON/ -AND SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE I AND You DON'T NEED TO GIVE AN EXPLANATION III MYRA NORTH, DIDN'T we RAISE HINA ? DONT We KNOW WHAT HE'S LIKE ? PUT 'EP. THERE, SON/WHAT TOU DID TO BRADFORD WAS A DEU6HT To EYES/ I'M AFRAID HE ISN'T , BUT I'LL TfeY TO SNEAK IN A FEW NOBODY'S . AROUND ' I <3UESS ME ISN'T USED TO BEINQ SPANKED' Lovie in Person Ray Thompson and Charles Coll e COAST PLAIste LOVIE' LAVERE), .•THE"'DIAMONJD « STUDPEP" MOVIE STAB, IS ABOUT' TQ TAKE OFF J WITH WHITEY AWP " ">AT THE *'" HAS JUST RECEIVED A LAST- MB. HUM/ AMP HERE'S LAST CALL AS THE WE'LL BE UP IW A MISS LAVEUE..,AWD I ; ueve WE'RE GOIMG TO t HAVE AM IMTERE.STISJG POUF.' I'M BORED TO TEARS ALREADY/ IMOEEP, V65, j THOUGH, SOU'P SHEQ TEARS IF-EB-AMV- THIM& WERE TO HAPPEJsJ TO SOUR, PIAMOMDS/ THEY />«e THE OKIE ffEAL. JOY OF LIFE'

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