Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 5, 1938
Page 3
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Monday, September 6, 1938 HOPE STAR,, HOPE, ARKANSAS ' PAGE THREE "Natural Girl 11 Succeeds Old - Fashioned Glamour Girl stam ps Quartet to Sing, Tabernacle I'lii-enl's Wish We would not sign your palh with "must," Nor force on you tin- way lo HO, III you we pliicc abiding trust. Content lluil whiit is lair you know. Awl should your will turn loft or right From Hint .smooth well-worn path we trend, We would not .s|.-.>il your chy'.s delimit With frown or .solemn .shaking head. We have no wish to check your pace Or hold you buck or hid ymi st;iy, This is a different ago you face From Hint of our departed day. Just this we ,-i.sk; where'er you go lliough .slninge your aelioii.s so em to he To nil the doubling old you'll show How stalwart modem youth can be. — Selected. Oil account of Labor Day, Ilie rcj;u- Ifir meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mark's church will he hrltl al 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at Hie home of Mrs. Albert Graves. West iivumie D. -O- Miss Diiisy Dorothy I lean! left Sim- dny for Baton Rouge. La., uhere she will resume her .studies in the Slate University and take part in the Hash Week activities. -0-Miss Enola Alexander left Monday for several weeks visit in St. Louis. Mnberly and other Missouri points -O- Mrs. Preston Davis, who has been in the K. F. McKaddiu home for ilie past week has relumed to )H.|- home in McC'askiil. .slate university. Miss Mary Lomley will visit the University for "Rush Week." ..-O- Mrs. Steve C'arrigan Jr., and Miss Mary Delia Carrigan have returned I rum a visit with relatives in Conway. Mrs. I,, t.'. Becker ha.s returned from a three week's vi.sit with relatives and Irieud.s in St. Louis, Mo., and Highland, 111. At the New l.'I'i.'Omj a two day program at the New theater, Ihe Melro-Goldwyn- Mayer picture "Tar/fin Escapes" slar- irng Johnny VVeismuller and Mau- rr-ene O'Snllivan and huge cast, has proven that this type picture continues lo pelase the entire family. RKO 'topics with .scenes of undersea hunting with arrow slingshots bv exiicrt swimmers and water polo make this new series uxtremvly interesting. The Pnthe News with our president voicing himself during the dedication of new bridge between Canada and Ihe United States. Tuesday and Wednesday an unusual combination in By MAIttAN YOUNG NKt\ Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK- She rends .something besides light fiction. Shi; can discuss t-roblems of world-wide importance as interestingly as she can talk about chothes and cosmetics and curtains. In business slu doesn't think she deserves special con- idcrdion .simply because 'she i.s a woman. She hales men willi patent leather hair, the lounge li/.ard type of the Twirling T w c n I i o s. She cloen'l smoke unless she enjoys smoking. She's the Natural Ciirl—the girl of toil.'^y arid Ihe girl of tomorrow, fjhe's a inalure, infinitely intriguing contrast to Ihe Glamor Girl of yesterday. You find her, un- Jiiisn lOdwanls picture.s. are found in "Daniel Bool with George O'Brien as the leading Mar. Hobby Breene in "Hawaii Calls" hi. 1 , latest feature release which is made for top fun and entertainment on this double feature program. affectation ha.s been a virtue rather than a fault. In Hollywood, in Hie theater, in society, for examples. And because you find her in the movies, on the stage and at Ihe places .society frequents, you find her everywhere. | She i.s the type all and .sundry .strive j ' '•• ' ' " nenl. And. "' ne" - ' inrri • !|K ' iis<: inatmtj as heir Glamor Mrs. II. B. Green and son. Orvillo of Prescott were wi-ek end gnoMs of Mrs. Green's mother. Mrs. ,1.".(. Clark. Mrs. R. A. Boyet! left Sunday for a visit with the P. D. .Smiths and Ruffin Boyelts in Dallas, Texas. —O~" Miss Helen McHae of Fort Won!,, Texas, spent the week-en,I with hn parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. G. McRae. Miss Eleanor Jane I'Vild li,, : , relnrned to her home in Litile !{oi-k. afn-r a visit with Mrs. J. T. \\V.-l and M:•..•, Hattie Anne Feild. . Dr. and Mrs. Tlios. Brew, ter have returned from a vacation visit with relatives in Kentucky. -O---Capt. and Mrs. H ([. Vest-v and daughters. Misses .H-nnrtir and Belt\ of Brookings. S. 1"), arc gn.•>.!;, of Mr. mid Mrs. R. O. Riidewrll and oilier rel- alivcs. Miss Jcannelle Ve.'ey will leave Tuesday for Fayetteville. where she will enter Ihe Elate University. —O— Gales Myers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers formerly of ihis city. now of Grand Rapids. Mich., i.s ilie guest of Mr. and Mrs. Doss R. Gillr - pic and other friends. Mr. Myer.s represents Hie Charles R. Sligh Co.. of Holland. Mich., and the Grand Rayifls Upholstering Co. of Grand Rapids. Mich. —O — Charles Bridewell, Jr.. of Moirdton is the guest of his grand i.xirenl.-,, Mr. ami Mrs. R. O. Bridewell. Q__ Mrs. Pete Brown and little .son, Pete. Jr., Mrs. Bert Mauldin. Mrs. D, B. Phillips, Jr. and Mrs. Paul Jones have returned from a four days camping trip on Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs, —O— Misses Mary, Julia and Janet Lemley left Monday for r'ayelteville where Misses Julia and Janet will enter Ihe C'arcl of 'thanks We wish to extend om- |h inks .mil express our appreciation for il u . : ,ym- pjilhy and friendship given u;, al the death of our lovod one. Mr.S. N. Murray Mrs. S. N. Mnriay Mrs. W. I. Beaid' H. K. Mnrrav predecessors, she to I'-ruck Will Go Off lo and I'artie.s wear better 'Ihe Natural Girl's viewpoint i.s healthy, normal. She thinks marriage is a career—something worth working at and for. She docsn'l expect to be petted, pampered, allowed lo have her own way all Ihe time. She never has one cocktail too many, and she doesn't think it cute for'Hi:- young man of the moment lo have .several lovi many. But she isn't a prude. She's a. woman of good taste. This very brand of good taste keeps her from thinking that it's smart to be utterly irresponsible. If she's verv young, she doesn't go out of her way Feminine Idea Now Is to Glow, Not Glitter The Glamor Girl has become us (ild-fii!-hicncil as llanclies, the Blue KaRlc i-ml Empress Eugenic hats. Marian YCIUIIK, NEA .Service Home 1'iiBc Editor, whose scries r.f articles nliout "The ..Hollywood Glamor Knclrles" over three years ago is credited with launching the vnguc for Glamor Girls, now has put it fitiRer on today's type of youthful femininity—"The Natural Girl." Unit's the title of a series of four inticles, beginning herewith, which describe the Glamor Girl's succcs- SONJA IlENIE to .".caudal i/e her elders. If she's older, .'.he takes her marriage vows .seriously. She approves of divorce, but only when necessary. She doesn't let her children shift for themselves, but she doesn't smother them with love. She wants them to grow up to be natural, too. Her flirting is ultra subtle. She cas ay golf with another woman's husband without glamorizing all over the place. She can go to lunch with the boys in the office without being coy, yet without seeming masculine or too Hollywood's " Natural Girls" it's not an obvious one. Her manners g from plain, old-fashioned con- hail-fellow-well-met. She's essentially feminine, soft-voiced and gentle- mannered, but she doesn't flaunt sex- appeal 24 hours a day. Miss Natural Girl is indeed as refreshing as a cooling mountain breeze. Women as well as men like her and like to have her around. She is glowingly, although not boisterously, , _,..„ ^,,,_ ,. ..„<,„„„„ healthy. Her hair doesn't fly all over and wife theme as opposed to the ' . . . Md'jralion for others. More than likely. Myrna Loy can claim 1:; be "the first Natural Girl" j.'ftor the glvimor .storm had begun to recede a bit. It was this slender, attractive .star who played in th'e pic- which romanticized the husband her shoulders. She doesn't wear layers of purple eye-shadow or Iry to look wan and pale. And she just doesn't have a "line." Or if she has, eternal triangle motive. Women who had begun tu think that being a wife couldn't be anything other than pretty dull business got an inkling of an Will Present Hour and Half Program at 8 o'Clock Monday Night The Stamps all-slar male quartet will sing Monday night at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle, North Main street, at 8 o'clock. They will present an hour and a half concert consisting mostly of quartet selections, however other arrangements will be included. The Stamps Quartet comes to Hope recommended by those who have heard them personally, as one of the best quartets in the country. The personnel of the quartet and pianist is as follows: Roy Wheeler, Alton Floyd, Frank Stamps, Lawrence Quey, and Odis Echols. A hearty invitation to the public to near this favorite radio and Victor Record quartet is extended to alL A small admission charge will be made for the concert. MYRNA LOY - - idea that it could be more fun to'be a natural, amusing wife than a glam- or girl who charms a succession ol men. • . ; •• Sonja Henie's tremendous popularity is further proof of the popularity of the National Girl as opposed to the, _. ._. ...„.„ „,„,, uo Jt . ar . j ana nas rlfl _ Glamor Girl. And Joan Edwards, sue- j den it many miles. In this modern Talbot Feild on Long Bicycle Ride He's Taking His 50-Year High-Wheeler to Pine Bluff . TEXARKANA.-Talbot Feild, local insurance salesman, left Sunday night on a bicycle trip to Pine Bluff. 'No ordinary bike will he ride, though. It's one of the old highwheelers, more than 50 years old. The emblem on the bicycle proclaims it to be a "Columbia semi-roadster." Feild has owned the old two-wheeler for more than 30 years and has rid- cessful young radio singer,- is another shining Igiht. A college girl.in sweaters and skirts one day and a featured „ _,. „..u_, iitKruci II day of speedy, low-slung "wheels," it 'presents a bizarre sight. He will ride it to Pine Bluff to en- — „— ™ «..„ v«.j i u .. u « .tv.ubu.ibu AH; win nae it 10 .Tine Jjluif to en radio star the next, Miss Edwards,has ter it in a cycle show there on Labor gone in for no glamor—old style. She's ~ • *j«uui simple, unaffected—natural. , Woman Flies to Bendix Air Victory j Jacqueline the Men ;it 24 (j Miles" an Hour C'nril of Thanks We wish lo thank e.ich and oveiy one that spoke kind wcrds In u:,, al.-.o thank each one for the hc-auufnl I'low- ers that was given u., in .sailiu.ss and death of our dear husband and falh- cr. We also thank Herndon and Cornelius for what they did for u.s Mrs. Kelly and children. _ CLEVELAND. G'iuo-iYIV-Ja.sriiielinc Cochran not only won the eight Bcn- | dix trophy race over the week-end to 1 triumph over HI experienced male pilots, but set a new Iraii.scontincnlal air record for women, the National Aeronautic Association announced. Flying from Burbank, Cal., to Bendix, N. J.. in HI hours, .seven minutes and 10 .seconds, Miss Coehran clipped nearly three and a half hours from the former record .set by Laura Ingals .September 12, lfl.'{5, of 13 hours. 34 minutes and five .seconds. Miss Cochran. 27, wife of Financier Floyd B. Odium and an orphan who started to work at 11. shoved her .silvery plane across the country at 2-l(i miles an hour to take down 512,500 in prize money in the Bendix race. She flew al Ki.OOO lo 22.000 feet, encountering "had weather, thunder .storms and icing conditions." The first to reach both Cleveland and Bendix, .she also had the day's best elapsed limes for the two hops. She averaged ^Hi.'.IM miles an hour on the 2,•}Hi-mile trip. She beat the clowsl of her men rivals, Frank Fuller, into Cleveland by 2,'i minutes lo win Sll.fiOO and become HVe second woman lo will Ihe cross-country event. gency measures were adopted by counties which were economically weak, which desierd to pay off their obligations contracted in gold, with depreciated currency, the creditor nations denounced the debtor countries before the Permanent Court of International Juslcc. accusing Ihem of being ; transgressors against right. But later ! the .same powerful countries which did j si.; could not avoid having recourse to | the measures which they had criticized so severely, for the purpose of solving their own problems." 1 Hay quoted from the constitutions of Czechoslovakia support ihc right —ENDS MONDAY- MICKEY ROONEY LEV/IS STONE "YOU'RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE" Tues. & Wed. VICTOK McLAGLEN "WE'RE GOING TO BE RICH" —MON.-TUES.- I5y CA1JOI, DAY Til'.-, little dress i.s .so perfect for girls y.li.i are growing rapidly in height and clothe:; consciousness, thai every one of ihem should have several made ju.-i like it. Following (he always- becoming princess line, Pattern 8172 h.i width at the hem and .shoulders, and .-.ido-bells thai fasten at the back, .11 of which keeps Ihe general effect 'roni hcim.' loo lengthy and thin. And j what iu'o\vii]).', girl doesu'l look cute in | ;> A ai.il •hugmn^ di'(».ss like this, and I in ,i litlle round collar'.' | 'lhi.~ dv.sign adapts it.sclf equally well j l« r\vi y-ihi.v and drossup occasions. M:'kr it up in .sturdy cottons, tu- in ihalli.', jersey or wool crepe, for the ci ining .school year. And repeat it in velveteen or taffeta, with a collar ol delicate lace, for parties and danc- iiiu M-hool. Il .-i decidedly easy to make. r.-itii'in No. X172 i.s designed for | MAS II. S. in. 12 and M years. Size 8 iripiiic:- L'-'.s yanls of .'ill-inch material. Contra.-luig collar, if desired, lakes 1 i > aril. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book. U2 pages of attravtice designs for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lie the! charming designs in this new book i help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nacl Winter Pattern Book- 25 cents. Pattern or book alone 15 ceuus. For a PatKrii of this attractive model send 15c in cc. in, your name, address, i-l>lo number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wack, er Drive. Chicago, 111. Mexico, Pointing (Continued from Page One) ihriuni of the national economy. "It i.s true lhal when these cmer- and Germany to _ ...... of expropriation. Hull's proposal that money be placed in escrow beginning immediately was termed "unacceptable" because Mexico "considers it incompatible with the good faith and mutual confidence which should goven the stipulations of Ihc arrangement of this character." Special Train for (Continued from Page One) Education Group Say Bill Invalid Believe Rotenberry Measure Will Be Thrown Off the Ballot LITTLE ROCK-Arkansas Education association workers who have been checking signatures on petitions for initiation of the proposed Rolenbcrry old age and blind pension act said over the week-end "there is no doubt" that they had secured evidence that un inadequate number of qualified voters actually signed the petitions to have it placed on the ballot in the November general election. Guy Amsler, Little Rock lawyer who ' —•—•-> '"'""•". ' ~"~ ~~"~"'° is preparing a complaint charging that P rcsldent of lll ° Southern Baptist Con• - - vention, ha.s the unique distinction of having probably taught more ministers tha nany other man in Christian history. . The public is invited to this service regions and the rest of Czechoslovakia. Wherever the line between Germany and Czechoslovakia might be drawn, there would' be a minority on one or bith sides of the border. The peace conference after the World war thought' the mountain range the best answer. But Germany and the followers of Hcnlcin do not agree with this. They want autonomy for the Sudeten Germans-, putting forward a long list of cultural, economic and political grievances. -«>»«&» tion Pictures (Continued from Page One) age. Rev. H. A. Fisk of Hope will en- ler this seminary September 20. Dr. John Richard Sampey, president, and teacher for 53 years, the retiring Irain will leave at 5:30 p. in. Stops will be made at Bcnton, Malvern, Arka- dclphia, Gurclon, Prcscolt, Hope and Texarkana. The good-will train is a non-profit organization for all Arkansas citizens, and any man, woman, boy or girl of good character who is a resident of the stale may secure reservations. Application blanks will be sent on re- quc.si lo T. D. Moss, assistant general passenger agent, Missouri Pacific Liue.s. Little Rock, and prices for various types of accommodations will be nuoled. Applications for reservations should be sent promptly so that passports may bc secured. Railroad officials will mail these, with badges, baggage chocks and final instructions, to all persons taking the trip. Cue-fourth of the earth's population lives, of the British Emuire. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson An American Cavalcade TYRONE ALICE DON POWER -FAYE-AMECHE A ZOtli Century-Fpx Picture LAST TIMKS MONDAY Escapes" \\ilh JOHNNY \VK1SSMUUJiB IM U KICKN 0'SL'LUVAN Also Sports and News TUES & WED 9 (;i:oit(, E'O'BUIEN —in— "IMMEL BOONE" A Iso li-.tBHV BKEKN—in "Hawaii Calls" MOST TORNADOS OCCUR. IN THE -f-HCBf-fW/Vy' ARE. ALL. CO3S ARPWIK'S IN THE U.S. -SUBJECT TO fj THE SAME DUTV CHAPlSESf ANSWKR: Ail rk.jis MIX- subjorl to duly charges on arriving !rt the U. S., but refunds; are made to the owners of pedigreed dogs the pupers h:ivi' been a thoustands of signatures on the petitions are fraudulent, or are not those of qualified voters, said the association's | drive to disqualify the proposal hinged "not on evidence—we've plenty of that—but on time." The Arkansas Supreme Court, in which the suit will be filed, reconvenes after its summer recess September 19. Ballots are certified out to the county election commissions October 20. The complaint, with its exhibits, will be a prodigious document, Mr. Ajnsler said. The A. E. A., which will complete i program, its check of all petitions early this week, contends it can prove that although there are approximately 17,500 names on the petitions, fewer than the 14,756 signatures required by statute to initiate an act are actual signatures of qualified voters. Harvey G. Combs, Little Rock lawyer, who happened to stop in the soc- relary of state's office to exchange greeting with Mr. Amsler, was shown his signature on a petition. He said he never had seen of the petitions before. Mr. Amsler said the assocation would begin Monday taking depositions of persons whose names appcacr on the petition and who have said that they did not sign or see any petition calling for a vote on the Rotenberry proposal. He said two handwriting expert*' would be employed to study and make I reports on hundreds of pages of petitions on which all names appear to be in the same handwriting. New Farm Plan to (Continued from Page One) administration of Ihe present cotton Me said it is likely that the next congress will try the domestic allotment plan because the effort of Ihe Department of Agriculture has failed to .secure for cotton farmers anything like parity during Ihe five- years of the crop control program. Hull Keeps Tab on World Crisis Kidnaper Seized by St. Paul Police John Couch Recognized by Officer in Traffic, Is Retaken ST. PAUL, Minn.—<#>)—John Couch, kidnaper who escaped from the Ramsey county jail Sunday, was captured Monday by two policemen. Facing a possible death sentence un- ...„. .„ , . , der the Lindbergh kidnap act, the iV / ne 1 * B {. mal } ha ? l°n* been an en- fugitive was apprehended without a |*usiastic bicyde rider. One event of struggle by Patrolmen Alfred Wick- * e .,\ asi ^° <- lecades were recalled by -- — a — — ».. v .. fc«n_n.; \JH t^lfiU\Ji Day. As the highway is paved, he expects to negotiate the more than 200 miles in time to enter the show Monday. A car will accompany him, in case he meets with accidents or gives out on the way. The wheels are equipped with their original "blowout" proof solid rubber tires, which are still in good condition. Practically the only part of the "semi-roadster" that was not put on it when it was built is the saddle. A shoe repairman in Hope fashioned the saddle for Feild several years ago. It is much longer than the modem day seats, and forces the rider to lean forward as he pedals. The pedals were replaced by Feild Friday, with new rubber footholds. The local man has long been an en- oren and L. M. Byrne. Driving past an intersection Hie policemen recognized the license plates as those of an automobile reported as stolen. They saw a man hunched down Feilds as he discussed bicycling. In 1918, he won the five-mile state championship race at Little Rock.in the record time of 13 minutes and 11 seconds. However, he was not riding Sudeten Germans (Continued from Page One) cften have complained to the League of Nations that their minority rights had been violated. Split in 1922 In 1922 the German parties in i . Czechoslovakia split into two groups, j a "working front" including German agrarians and Christian Socialists, who i favored co-uperation with the govern- 1 mcnt, and a "fighting front" composed j , of German nationalists and National' Socialists who held lo a policy of nun- , co-operation. This latter group, called Negatives, j in 1934, a year after Adolf Hitler had come to power in Germany, formed the Sudentcn German parly of today. They merged with the new German Heimatfront, a cultural association headed by Konrad Hcnlcin. until then leader of the German Turnvcrband, or gymnastic federation. At the next election the parly surprised Ihe country by polling 07.4 per cent of the tolal German vote. The parly continued to grow and in municipal elections, last May and June, it polled more than 90 per cent of the German vote in Czechoslovakia. The 3,500,000 Germans in Czechu.slu- vakia's population of 10,000.000 form, except for the Ukrainians in Poland, the largest minority in Kurnpc. No Exact Racial Border There is no exact lingual or racial border between the Sudeten German in the driver's scat. Bafore the man! the old highwheeler but a 1818 model, could attempt resistance the patrolmen | . After he gets to Pine Bluff, he will opened the doors and seized him. They mce ' his twin brother W. Terry Feild, rf»nnrm l9Or] liim ! mm n/4 Intnl.. «•« /"*«.. *.U I Ol Lit tip Rnnl* \l/Vin urill Vvi*tn n •>!**** M German Plane Is Downed by Japan Ten Bullet-Holes-Put Through Commercial Ship in China recognized him immediately as Couch. I °f Li'tlc Rock, who will bring along The fugitive was not armed. • another ancient bicycle. Couch is accused of the kidnaping' W. Terry Feild was the pacemaker last month of Miss Peggy Gross and '" the 1918 race, the local man said. Dcnicl C. Fahey, both of St. Louis. ^ ClaudeMann, 60 (Continued from Page One) Tom Mann of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Mann moved to Malvem from Union City, Tenn., 35 years ago, and acquired the weekly papers known as the Times-Journal and the Meteor, later consolidated under his ownership. .He served three terms as mayor of Malvern, and 12 years as postmaster. HONG KONG, British Crown Col- Hc servccl both as chairman and sec- ony — UP) — Three Japanese pursuit ! retary ° f the Hot Spring County Demo- planes Monday machine-gunned a tri- cratlc Central Committee for several motored Junkers transport of the Ger- yp ars ' was » former member of the man-Chin'esc-opcratcd Eurasia line, forcing it to land at Liuchow, Kwangsi province, with 10 bullet-holes in its fuselage. First reports said seven passengers, including two German officials of the airline and the German pilot, were uninjured. Reports received by airline officials said the three Japanese pursuit planes appeared suddenly and dived at the transport, firing three bursts of ma- chine-gune fire, then ceased firing abruptly, and flew off. Domocratic State Committee, and was a member of Hie Methodist church. Greenland, New Guincr and Borneo arc the three largest islands in the world. Australia is considered a continent. A key fiyurc in the hectic world diplomatic ^cene, Secretary o£ St.ite Cordell Hull is a IVequeiu White House caller these d.iys. He is pictured leaving u conference with the President after Mr. RuuseveJi's return lo Washington from Hyde Park. MIND Your MANNERS T. M. Reg. U.-S. Pat. Ott. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is it polite to toy with the cards during the deal, snapping or bending' them? ". Should a bridge hostess place good players at one table, pool- ones at another? 3. Has fault-finding any place at the card table 4. Should a wife feel free to criticize her husband's playing, 5. Is it permissible to bid or play out of turn? What would you do if— You get bad cards and "luck" is against you? la) Blame your partner, (bl Remain silent, to Suggest a different game. Answers 1. No. 2. Yes. '•'>. No. Criticism takes Ih^ fun out of playing. 1 No. 5. No. Best "What Would You Da" solution— ib.l. (Copyright 1938. NEA Service, Inc.) Used Typewriters Woodstock, Royal and Underwood BARGAIN PRICES Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 City Meat Market FOR CHOICE K. C. and NATIVE MEATS Free Delivery Phone 767 1 2 PRICE SALE ON BETTER SUMMER DRESSES LADIES Specialty Shop RENT/ WANT-ADS

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