Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 15, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 15, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE ARKANSAS Monday, November 13, 1948 1'u HI of Injured Saving System Best- Atom Defense Washington. Nov. 15 --i/r, Civil defense planner.',-. ;itivi:--',ii:-. thai air raid shelters afford i.uib- partial protection from .-fid/nic .-il'iaei:. :,,iy the best preparedness fur Aineii- Can cities is to have ready ;-, system to save (lie jnuireil, ' put "out fires and prevent What ahio.nl, the public on v i the weapon, 01 Issued ovn thi Office of CivM Ui is a report bv tary o! DeUn c j u The recomnii nd \iio i c i on the idea th t f iv ' < ii n function ol lotaliti' ,ind th actual opcial on snot id b the stales and citic s ini , f ai.al Office of Dcfcn e L i t,n, („',./ foi purposes of advice ancf coordination. The report ciripna:;;;co.s that such existing age-ncies a:-; polic.- and fire departments provide an e.^i.ileni starting point for civilian lU-l'-ns" in time of attack. But becaus- of the magnitude of attack ihal mi"hl be expected, the problem may'be greater than any single police or fire department can handle Therefore the civil dc-fen/ic ) ners recommend the creation volunteer mobile rc.sr-rv» i,;'i,a! set up under stale control Would bo small — !ec;in.c,a:.'; government. The planning group pointed out that the: aim should bc to build the Whole civil defense struciure on volunteer groups which could be expanded swiftly if war caiv.e. The estimate' was that MI 'wartime as many as 15.000,01)0 persons might be engaged in civil defense. .But during normal limes, Uie ! oree skilled in dealing wilh raci.'o-ac.jvr' train volunteer.':, organii'.ations to keep municipal and slate defense units in existence and up to dale on developments, teams ot specialists skilled in dealing wilh raii'io-actlivo dangers, poison gas attack or thc menace ol what the planners called only '-other special weapons." What this mean;, — but what military security did nut allow the civil defense pla.nnini< office io say openly — is germ warfare. From indirect retVi-eiifes in the report, it is apparent that some recommendations for proU-rung the population against bacteriolofi- ., cal warfare have been decided upon. The germ wnrf.ne recommendations obviously deal not. onlv with possible attack on human:; in.'!, on thc crops and livestock of the nation. Three expert.':', one in each field, who are members of the secret bacteriological warfare project to Camp Delrick, Md., were on the planning group. Because they wanted the people and local governments to know what could happen if a Work! War III came, the planners presented a dark picture ot possibilities. Allan!:, they said, might come- by bombers squadrons equipped with atomic weapons, fire bombs, gas, or it might come by guided missiles from distant points or from submarines off American .-/horos. Or it. might come from saboU-ms \viu-,'.i the borders of the United .State.;. On the subject of shelters, the planning group cummciUi.'d that with the'much greater di.t;in.iclive power of Ihe atomic bomb "it no-.'seems clearer than over that only partial protection would be feasi- Royalty Reigns at Fulton School Gamblmq dbtf Conviction Confirmed Auto talesman S . •„ «TT* D During Halloween festivities Jerry Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brown and Nancy Jane Cox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cox, presided as king and queen. The crownbearers are Chtrie Rowland and Joe Waldron. Also pictured is Mary Lou Weaver, last year's queen. The benefit program was sponsored bv the Fulton PTA. litlli Rock, Nov. 15 —f/I'i.— The ( i n 'head circuit court conviction of Al Sorrcnlino on a charge of |i] i itmg a gambling house at the ll Kin' Tiger night club near .Jones I Inn van affirmed by thc Arkan- .Suprcmc Court today. ! "A gambling house rnighl be |ip(.i ited at. a loss." the high court Is ul in rejecting Sorrentino's pli i (in Kversal on the ground tint Hi tii-il court had refused to 11 'nut the jury that it must find MH iii'-ivcd some profit. So Htitino was sentenced to two \f n imprisonment. The Supreme Conn previously affirmed thc Gun head circuit court conviction I of Howard (Blue) Clardy on a sim- 'il i chirgc and has pending before il a third, the case pf Joe Buchanan. fhi high court opinion in Sorrentino's case said trial court wit- nrsM testified gambling was conducted in a back room, known as the "blue room," of the club j which Sorrcntino leased, and that he assisted in conducting the games. That evidence was sufficient to support thc verdict, the opinion First Ram-Jet Helicopter Flies Monday, O.E.S. at 7:30 at Masonic Hall. MIGHTY FAST Relief For Washington, Nov. 15 — fUP) — An automobile salesman testified frankly today that he expects a "1<I>'' —ranging sometimes up to ,l;.V)u... whenever he sells an automobile. i "I believe salesmen all over the country do il," William Manuel, ! Washington D. C., told a House subcommittee. "I have to pay lips iV.'heii 1 want something." Manuel, a salesman for the j Kcr'iiiey Oldsmobiie Co. here, appeared before a House subcommittee investigating "questionable j trade practices." ! Manuel said that he has been :;>!! automobile salesman for 20 jycai-K and has been collecting j'M.ips" through thai entire period. •lie insisted he never asked his ; customers for anything, but that .'they f.'eciuer.lly offered him somc- ; thing and "I'd be a fool nol lo |.'i<.'C'-pl it." Cornmilteu Counsel John T. M. Reddari asked him how he "sug- gesU.ct" that his customers slip nim sonic: side cash. "I can't tell you," Manuel', replied, "i use different taclics on all my customers." "Are they usually effective?" ashed Heddan. "Wen. I am eating three times [a day if thai is what you mean," iManuel replied with a grin. But he said he did not believe his boss. Robert H. Karney, Jr., I had accepted a $500 tip for selling a customer a car. He indicated he | thought it all right lor salesmen tn i take tips, bi.il nol agency owners. | "You have been doing" it for 20 ;.yearn?" Keiklau asked. "And you ! think there is something wrong lu-ilh itr' I "Well, f am only a salesman," j Manuel said. "I don't believe that I Clark hostess. i Mr. Kearney took $500." One witness, George C. Gilbert, Jr., of Washington, D. C., testified earlier that he had paid Kear- jncy an extra $50(1 lo get an auto- I mobile. Tie said he was "happy" j to do it. Manuel said Kearney "most certainly did not know" thai he w-,s accepting tips and would probably fire him for doing it. He added that he had kept a record November .15, will meet Monday nijjhl Tuesday, November 16 Rose Garden, Club will meet at 2:30 p.m. in,-the. home of Mrs. Bob Reynolds with Mrs. Saxon Regan and Mrs. Vernon Buchanan co- hostesses. Prescott Garden Club will meet at 2:80 p.m. at,the home of Mrs. Watson White Jr. Mrs. Warren Cummings, Mrs. Vernon Fore and Mrs. Wren Scott will bc co-hostesses. Mrs. J. B. , Hesterly will present the program. Mrs. Archie Johnson will be hostess to the '37 Contract club at her home -Tuesday at 2 p.m. The P.T.A. will observe Fathers Night Tuesday evening at 7:30 at the Park Elementary School. Sunbeams of First Baplisl church will meet at the church a* 3:15 p.m. R. F. Yarbrough, president of the Prcscotl Booster Club has announced a special meeting of the club to be held Tuesday evening, in the City Hall. Every member, officer and director is urged to be present. Wednesday, November 17 The Wednesday Bridge Club will meet at 2:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Dallas Atkins. The Tschaikovsky Merry Go Round Junior Music Club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the Primary School wilh Sue Carolyn Sore, SE5JJ JVSuseSe: When you're miflVripi; from rlii'innatic, lumbuco or nL'iirhU jmin:- i'mrn niilf luinu niu.ii'leu - rub on Mustci-ui'j for taut, loiij;-i;uiimi; ri.lu.-i. MusttrolC! otfiTs AI.I. tlu' aiU'ai;i::--:<v, of a warming, stimulating vmi:iian! [.luster yet is ao inuuli cai-ii'r u> apply just rub il on. Miisiuroli- i'.'.-:;.;.i'/;v'..-|-.ii-i;i Ui rtiliovu milling sun-in':.::; anil lu'Sp:! ln-i.al; Up the painful sur'aru I-<»I--I:.:IH>II. In 8 strenuihii. Al all iiri:;;..ilui-c-.-;. ble.' 'Costs in material and manpower would make impracticable of shelters with any of protection except in the special instances of civil de- J(."i.;e control cenU.rs or similar facilities. 'J h > Civil Defense Planning office •'a.- : 1 up last March, under the direction of Russell ,1. llopley, telephone company execu- fiO'%1' $'^ i.feLI'A^V &"iEh •^"^"MiiaSiiJ'. ,;.- iJ\ 1'or quick comfortlnR help ror Backache I'.h.Miimvllr. 1'ains. Gelling Up Nl|;hls, stroim clouUy r.rliie. Irritating passages, LCK Pains clr.-U-s uiuiiir eyes, and swollen ankles, due tn noii-ornantc nnd non-systemic Kidney and r.liuKiLT troublea, Ivy Cystex. Quick, complclo sr.ti.'.-.'action or money back guaranteed. Ast 1'our druculil for Cystox today. Mrs. Don Cavanah was hostess to an afternoon bridge party Thursday at Ihc home of her grandmother, Mrs. C. H. Voloway. The room were decorated with lovely arrangements of roses and dahlias. Mrs. Allen Gee Jr. was awarded Ihe high score honors. Thc hostess served a delicious salad plate to Mrs. C. A, Grant Jr., Mrs. Ralph Haynie, Mrs. J. Leland Lavender, Mrs. Joe Wray, Mrs. Dutchic, Bright, Miss Pauline Griffin, Miss Bernicc Daniel and .to Mrs. Dick Bright, a tea guest. guests of Mrs. B. C. Stivers last week. They were en route to their home in FayeUeville. Sgt. Porierfield Transferred fro Texarkana Little Rock, Nov. 13 — (UP) — State Police Director Jack Porter announced today that Sgt. J. H. Portcrfield has been named crimi'fe nal investigator at Texarkana. Por- terficld. who has been in charge of, the Hope district of the state police succeeds Max Tackctt who resigned to accept an appointment as Texarkana police chief. Porter said Patrolman Charles Boyd, assigned to Ihc Hope station and detailed to the Texarkana area will succeed Sergeant Porlerficld as acting head of the district. . Charles Wood pilots the ilrst ram-jet helicopter, as it flies over St. Louis, Mo. The little craft, named "Little Henry," was built by McDonnell Aircraft for the Army. Miss Bernicc Daniel, student at Henderson College, Arkadclphia. spent Wednesday and Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Daniel. Mis:; Daniel also witnesses the Arkansas-SMU game in Fayctteville Saturday. Miss Pauline Griffin of Henderson. College, Arkadelphia, spent Wednesday and Thursday with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Walter MounlcasUc and children who have been guests of her mother, Mrs. Joe A. Bailey have returned to their home in Lake Village. They were accompanied by Mrs. John A. Davis will be the guest of Mr. and Whit Davis and family. said. It also rejected Sorrcntino's due contention that he was not tried by a fair and impartial jury. It held his objections to two members of the jury were without merit. Controversy over use of the (12-year-old Antioch Baptist church in Bradley county was settled in opinion reversing and demanding a decree of the Bradley Chancery court in the case of Walter Booker and others vs Clevc Smith and others. The opinion gave legal weight to a 1024 vote by which the church agreed ' ' vention nomination. A "landmark was permitted to continue the church, under an agreement reached after the 1925 Ciarcuo History of a 1002 split among Baptists over handling of money for mission purposes was cited by the opinion. It was the dispute which led to the 1924 controversy in the Antioch church. The court said it then voted 31-14 to remain with the "convention" faction, but agreed to permit the •landmark" aroup to use the By DeWITT MacKENZlE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst Those who espouse the that Communism will blow up in course because of its undemocratic structure (and they arc Ailing American Identifies His Jap Assailant of religion is And the draft a cherished right, resolution as finally many) have received plenty of en couragomcnt for this view in the of the 58-nation social com- of the United Nations as- lo remain with the "con- group" of the Bap ; -:st de- group using efforts mittee sembly in Paris to draw up a charter of human rights. Progress in writing this all-important document has been marked by a fierce battle between Soviet Russia and the anti-Communist nations. The efforts of the Muscovites have been aimed at limiting the rights of the individual and making him a puppet of the state. Jn order to understand the significance of this, it is essential "that belief jadoptcd provides that "everyone must be guaranteed freedom of thought, conscience and religion." Pavlov would have limited this to freedom of thought. The Russian position in this ar- who "Mr:;. gument about religion is easy to understand. One of the cardinal tenets of Bolshevism is that religion is the dope of the masses and must be destroyed. The reason is obvious: A religious person can't subscribe to the evils of aggression and totalitarianism. Hitler followed a similar line wilh hs totalitarian Nazism. He tried his best to destroy religion in Germany. Another hot fight has been waged 'Yokohama, Japan, Nov. 15' (UP)—An ailing American soldier pointed his finger at one of the 38 defendants in a war crimes trial here today and identified him as "the wolf who made me stand at attention while he beat me with a stick." Pvt. Olvin J. Howard of Birmingham, Ala., told the Eighth Army.,, commission, that another of they' defendants was nick-named "Rubber Lips" and a third "Hayaku"— a Japanese word meaning "quickly stop hurry up," Howard, a patient from the Brooks General Hospital at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., told the court that some of the prisoners were beaten every day in the prison factory where he was held. "During the early months at the factory, the sick and weak prisoners were given as arduous jobs to perform as the stronger prisoners,'$ he said. The defendants were all guards and work masters at the Miigata Steel mill in charged Honshu. They contributing to are the death of 22 Canadian and 19 American prisoners. in the social committee over freedom of speech and of the press. article upholding these f rc o- ltwecn Democracy and totalitarian we recognize thc structure of pros- |j ent day Communism. A lot of peo- doms was adopted with'ihe Soviet I 1 ™ lh -0 work on "the bill of human pic have the mistaken idea that the jbloc voting solidly against it I rights has proceeded slowly. The current Communism is _the same T) p . t , ,; , nmno ,. prl 'declaration as thus far dealt with mild and beneficicnl ideology of ! .^ V^dhv-• "Eve vonJ' h-l, the lP rovidcs for thc fundamental free- long ago which laid down a human-i.,, ll - aain o- ivveiyone has the • - itarian code of one for all and all \l^- M " f ...'.Vi'v °H,fni-ivpri ° n f OI l e -- S ,\ i charlos Malik, Lebanese ambasssfe ni uiLI in ii^v ut~[ii ivt_u ui nis na- i ^ — i rt TIT., .,1,: i . .'_ _ _ _ _ ^f >I . one for all and or one. There is small relationship between today's Communism anc 1 the original brand, church half the time. The court upheld a court judgment of S2.. r i()0 for A. G. , Harper against Mrs. Phillip Decs. -„. T ^~~^~ 7 j ™ i " Ior Personal injuries and dam- Mrs. J. B. Hesterly and Mrs. I ages. The suit resulted from a col- J. W. Teeter spent Thursday nijlision of a car driven by Harper Little Rock. They were accom-jar.d a truck owned by Mrs Dees panied home by Bill Teeter, stu- | 1, ' dent at State Teachers College who spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Teeter. Miss Nancy Cummings who attends Henderson College, Arkadelphia spent Wednesday and Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cummings. Mrs. I. R. Anderson has returned from Hot Springs where she was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Jeanetle Arnold. launched for the sculptor's jeep, gray with red wheels. Because o£ thc time lapse before the chase denied the i change his nationality." „, , n i /-. itained that the right to change na The current so-called Comniu- itionalities should 'be omitted? and nism is Bolshevism. It is ci cold- {proposed an amendment but the blooded philosophy of totalitarian 'article as originallv presented was Columbia dictatorship in which the individual adopicci with the "Soviet bloc ab- is wholly subservient to the state— ! s tainiiv a cog in a machine. II is an ism "' which expands by strong-arm aggression. Thai is the background for thc maneuvers of Soviet Delegate! Alexei Pavlov in the social committee — and he has fought doggedly for thc totalitarian code. For ; I doms of the man in the street. Dr, iir.u.,.. los Mal j kj Lebanese ambasssf , : L,V< to Washington, who was one tl o! ,, ithe drafters ol the declaration, Has be >gan. however, police believed the killer would time to ditch it. have had ample , ,, . . In this atmosphere or conflict be- said lhat U ma >' bc "America's greatest weapon of psychological warfare — more important even than possession of the atomic bomb." rvwo ITS . example, he sought to delete freedom of religion from the declaration of human rights. Naturally this aroused hot opposition among the Democracies, to whom freedom F@R EKTRA QOAUTY.PURITY This name, Morolinc, guarantees highest quality. Only Iflc. ttfUV ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN f AS MONEY CAN BUYI FORCHILDRE ";* I Orange f lat WORLDS LARGEST SEllER AT Wf I Vorcd. Meet: I correct child dosage needs. Easy to take. 50 tablets tot 35c. Try It! Mrs. S. 0. Logan has returned from Fayettcville where she attended the meeting of the Women- of-the-Prcsbylerian church of thc Synod of Arkansas. Mrs. Clarence Clark was hostess to Ihe '47 Bridge Club Thursday afternoon at 2:30 at thc Lawson Hotel. There wore three tables of players with Musi, V,ernou Buchanan winning the high, score prize. Club members ' present were: Mrs. J. T. Worlhinglon. Mrs. .1. V. McMahcn. Mrs. Everett I!. Ward, Mrs. Paul Buchanan, Mrs. Dudley Gordon., Mrs. Tom Logan, and Mrs. Ben Whitaker. Guests were Mrs. W. S. Regan, Mrs. John McCartney, Mrs. D. L. McRac, Jr., Mrs. Vernon Buchanan and Mrs. Tom Cruse. A. delectable salad course was served. Mr. and Mrs. Otho Slephcnson spent a part of lasl week in Conway as guesls of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Archer and family. WANTED- GUM - HACKBEn SYCAMORE - RY ELM - LYNN HOLLY - BAY K F O.:s £ f ,-V—^t ( ^ C-aH lOuO or CorUcci Office ipiriv frz-m^w iw i a ttli^iiy PI /.w "ft'i r .D YOURS ,-tiLLS FKo Boca Ualon. Fla., Nov (UPi— The killer of Sculptor Leno Laz/.ari and his wife tried so hard to make it look like rubbeiy, police said today, that their cold- blooded deaths are definitely in the murder column. Thc couple were slain in their .studio home, presumably only seconds after they relurned from a social visit after midnight Saturday. Slugs aimed to kill I rum a .','ji'i caliber pi.siol ripped into their stomachs. "U looks too much like a robbery," said. Police duel W. H. Crown. "It's a clear-cut ca:,e of cold-blooded, premedilated murder." The "robbery" evidence, llrown The United States Department of Interior recently published a new bulletin entitled, "Travel U.S.A." The bulletin give. 1 ) holiday resorts . me --rooneiy evuience. t;rownj and other current activities lhat j believed, was deliberately planted j would be of interest t ning a vacation, or vi .sections of tb^ .oonJJtr'y. The ilUUVUHS Lllell I ^' In anyone plan- ! l) . N ' .J' 11 -' rfisit to various r'-'iri's p j'rof- colt Chamber of (Commerce \vill k'.'i'ij on file for the convenience of th" public copies of Ibis bulletin and i veryoue is urged to make use nf them. Mr. Mrs. Clyde V. llardi-y 1 Hut of I(H' customers wh< Ihe extra cash: | Keddan aski-d whether lu> had • i repurli'd the "tips" on his income | ! fax returns. i "1 reported o v e r y t h i n g learned," Manuel replied. i am asking you the <lu n as to whelher >'<ni thr lips on your gross ' Kedd.in persit'ted. that MaiuU'l reiterated. I'Xi'hani: not rcnii all ( tax authoriti killer, who emplii'd Lax- | anil .stoli- his wife's \ purse. He apparently fled in the j jeep used by the sculptor, whose j work has been coniniis.siom-d by i the Duke of Windsor and notables of society. For twelve hours. Bnnvn tin' bodies lay as they (V /.ari near a dour lo llu-ii room, his wife at the font shorl flight of stepa leadim: bathnuiin. Groceries, tin 1 n of a spaghetti dinni-r, v.'er lured near her body. Yesterday afternoon Mrs. jorie Castiglioni. a irivnd •., bi'en invited from \Vi'i,l ,1'iean In share the duiiu-r. tlu: bodies \\'lH.'ii .slie cinr. 1 . l.a^/ari home in-ar ,thi.-; ».•:•. hii.'h-j)ricr(l lesurt coliiuy. i Sin- ran scivamim.'. u 1 ' In- heavily-travi'li-d 'U. : ;No. ,1 antl stuppud a s ad- i way' patrolman, iber j Su far as lirown and i the istale imlice coukl learn •:;. jX.aris had no cm mies bed- I of a | lo the | ikin-;s ' scat- i Mar- i in had Palm i foU'lll j to Ihe : isive, i Here's news for the housewives of HOPE . . . Blue Ribbon Bread is baked right here in Hope and is a new and improved loaf!! A richer, finer, more wholesome loaf that is many, many hours fresher. Try this better bread with your next meal, and enjoy to the fullest the well-baked, full wheat flavor you'll find in no other loaf! Chester Hunt firiisln.-d t'Ce!; \\ , a.s no i uthi-r than the u.-ual I ,a;'.:'.ari, •!!!, and hi wifo. Louise. weri' when thi'v im I'Vi-nim; \s t Man i>'iii Sn\ V-... Chester Hunt, Manages-

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