The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BI/HTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEW.B TOM OOOKUBt NXWS OO, PUELIBHBU O. R. BABCOOK. KUor K. W. HlOnB. AdwtUin* flole NttloOAl Advertising :«pitMnt»tv?M: Arfcuuu Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit; St. Louis, Dallw, Kswisji City.Mcmpht*. PubUihcd Every Afternoon Exccnt sunaay. Entered ss second a' mailer nt the jxKt office nt B:yUicvlllc, Arkansas, uncter net ol Congress, October 9, 1911. Served uv f* unile.1 SUBSCRIPTION RATK3 By currier in tnc (.my or Hivtlievuio, I5o per week or $0.60 per year In advance. By mall within a raiJlus o( 60 miles, »3.00 per jour, ll.SU ior nix monUis, 85c (or three month*; by mall In postal zones two lo B!X. Inclusive, K5Q ]»r year, In zones seven ami eight, I10.1HJ per year, payable In advance. T •. Capital-Might-Accept Lou), If Sure, Return If you can believe Relief Adminis- Iviiloi'JliiiT.v I.. Hopkins, the iircscnl period of economic evolution is gointj to end in a system of 't per cent riipi- Icilism. By this Mi : . Hopkins means thai (lie return on invested funds will proceed at « iiuicli slower rate than wi; have: been used to iu the past. Capital's share of the profits in industrial enterprise is goiiiK to be smaller, in otiier words; the day of fortunes built on a shoestring will bo over, and money invested in a going company will bring in only a little more than it brings now in a savings account. The prediction sounds fairly mild, until you begin to look into il a bit. Then you .discover thai it is a forecast. of almost revolutionary change. * » -f The old axiom—never' literally true, hut close enough to it for practical purposes—has been that uniting your money in common stodcK^..speculation, while, in bonds is investment. Buy bonds, and you get a sure re- .lurn, limited to a certain figure; buy stocks, and you run the risk of getting no return at all—but, as compensation for this risk, you may make-a profit •many times higher than any bond issuu could bring you. Under avsj;s_teuv,.o,r. l 'l per cent capitalism, the ..stockholder, would he right where the bondholder is today. If he put.?lOO,000:into a company, he would be satisfied to take oul flOOO a year in profits; he would not be expecting—as lias been the case in the past—that his ?100,000 would be worth a million in a few years, if things broke right .for him. • » • Those who have suspected the New Deal of a radical tinge will hardly bo reassured by Air. Hopkins' remark. This suggestion IS radical, beyond iiuesfiun. It calls for a complete change in our economic system. It took more than the lure of <l per cent to build up this country's great . industries; il look the prospect of .tin- limited profits, such as those which made multi-millionaires oul of, poor boys like Rockefeller and Carnegie. Nevertheless, there have been times in the last few years when any busi- ness man would have been perfectly .satisfied wilh^l ixjr cent—it' he could gel it. A low proflt is better than no profit at.nil. A regime in which capitalism was held to a '! per cent return might he acceptable, if capital could be assured that it would actually get the 4 per cent. A Diplomatic Problem The high naval officer whose duly il is to keep his country's fleet in .shape to meet any emergency has a rather lough row to hoe, when you stop lo think about it. Us toughness is revealed, indirectly, by dispatches from Tokio revealing I bat Japanese newspapers are all in a lather because the United Slates fleet is to hold it.s 1935 maneuvers in the vicinity of Hawaii. iimneiivers, .say the Japanese, can be nothing else than preparation for war with .Japan. Thus Japanese fears' and suspicions are heightened once more, and the harassed American naval authorities seem lo be al fault. Hut what is a poor strategist to'do? He lias to look ahead to possible war; he has to train his staff in the program that must be followed if some specific nation is the foe. If he doesn't, he isn't doing his job properly. II, is really much simpler for the I'Vcndi. When they hold maneuvers, I hey make no bonds about the fact (hat they are anticipating war with Germany. : Other nations can't foe so blunt. They must prepare for trouble—hut they must pretend that they are going lo light, an entirely imaginary foe. The NRA's Future Tlu> I']>:Mch Ins no detailed formula for (lie reorganization o( the NHA. Various Issues will nrlse nml II will denl with them us the occasion warrants, bill it believes Hint ciTtnin tilings arc iundmncntnl: 1. Price-fixing devices must ue abandoned. 2. Hi the Hold of normally competitive industry, the anti-trust laws should lie restored, a possible exception being innde in the case of the imliirfil-rcsourcc industries, ^sucli as coul and oil, where It is dcslrnble'lo prevent competitive exploitation. ,'• 3. Labor nnci capital .should be left free to settle their .differences without governmental interference except, as this-.may be necessary lo protect, llf'j and property."!' 4. In . Bcncrnl, -governmental Interference with private business should be limited lo the prevention of mnnlfeslly unsocial practices, such as Hie 'employment of child labor. Prevention of nntny unsocial practices can be Accomplished through the unit-trust laws, and in some cases prevention is properly the function of the states and not of the Federal Government. 5. There should be no "cracking down" upon business; no compulsion upon business to enter into schemes of regimentation. Formation of codes by business groups should be on a wholly voluntary basis. No cITorl should be made to revive the licensing section of the Recovery Act which lapsed after Ihe first of the year. —St. Louis Post-Dispatch. SATURDAY, SKPTKMBJiU Zi), 103<j We tool; the lottery witli a certain amount of reluctance. We have doubt.s about ,its legality and we question Its social desirability. We luid to lake it us part ol what the aldermen gave us. —Controller Joseph D. McGolrtrick ol New York City. SIDE GLANCES By George dark EACH MAM "Whal are they trying lo make us wear now?" THIS CURIOUS*WORLD*/™™ EV/ERV CONTINENT . IS AM ISLAND, BUT E.VER.V ISLAND IS MOT A CONTINEHT? THE WESTERN END ,' OF THE CONTINENT ; OF ASIA, IS GIVEN ' THE STATUS OF A SEPARATE CONTINENT, UNDER THE NAME OF EUROPE... AND THE BRITISH ISLANDS ARE. A PAC.T OF THE COA/r/VCA/T OF EUROPE? ADMIRAL PEARY FOUND 26 SPECIES OFBIPJV NKTIMG WITHIN 45O MILES THE NOE.TH POLE. «i:CIN HERE TODAY HOOTS HAKIIUIIS, 18. eloi>ei ivllh ItUSS I.UXI>, .ttloimlUE ln- Hlriu'lur. Whfa ltu«« KOtu tit J<'li>rldn, yroiuJKlHc In (end for ber lalST, lluuu K4»» Iu work IM u ilcitnrliueut ktore, HUM do«n Mill vrrlle. Slonlk* ]ifim m*4 IHCU c<lMm word Ihul fce hit* luea killed Iu <i luuiurlioul Unoil rueflu DIOXIS 1 ytiuuic nulniir, und HJJWAItl) VA.\ M;IVI:H. Mrniih; i, nl i » u ,i«ll; l>roml>ent. Nhe I. Ir, love with Dviil* imil jenlouM nt bemitlful KAY l.-lMI.l.IMil'IIHK. llixiU get* a Id,, In n l,ook • lure uuij fi>t» fcumc lo live Iji order to lielp fci>r imrealft rlBHH- krr In in.-irr/ Mm itn> flimllr (fee H^rrvK. On CUrUlruait Uuy they B.I lur a >rnlk In the tax and Kiliviird I. l.ndlj hurl. .n>i nc Iliinu from n Krckluait driver. >lrn. Iliiulniru leilrlli* Milt bjw n nlinilin; il,.k|.| Iu a Inllery. Nke Jiljin*! In take her kUNbnntl to Oill- SOW UO ON WITH THE STOHV CIIAPTKR XI,V KUltlUOAN twitched n fresh pillow-slip lit place and gliiiiccd down tlie liall in tlio illreo- lioii ot Hie lioBpltal tniriroom from wliosu ojieii ctoora eclioetl gusts of merriment. Young Mr. Van Scivcr's wheel cliuir was eslahlislicd lliere. clicek by Jowl .with llio lioslon terns ami the old lady In 31B, wlio wus convalescing from a gall Miul- iler oiiei'ation and wlio cnjoyej a good story wlien she heard one. Veronica was on duly diiys now, Inlting caro of Mr. Vnn Sciver. His •lay nurse, Elslo Gntt, had boon called liomo by Hie illness of her f a t li c i 1 —providentially, Veronica tlioiielit. She bad never had a pa- tlont sbe liked so iniicli as Mr. Van Kclvcr. Oood-lookins. rich, consid- eralc, a .nortec! Bciitlcinan, slio said to heisolf, if ever tlioro was otie. Jiisl why lliat liancce ot liis, lliat Mond from Larchncelt, didn't IN THE OCEAN WOULD covee THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES WITH A LftYER A SWLE AUD A HALF O IM* BY NEA SIHVKt fhC, OUT OUR Bv WUliams / wwy-uf-i-i-i- / ,1 LOOKED AT TM' DRAW IN 1 , ALL RI<3HT, AKl' I THOT SURE IT SAID RIGHT' HAMP THREAD, BUT-BUT-WELL, i SHOULD OF BEEN MORE CAREFUL,! KNOW, VEH-VOU SHOULD f-STS MORE CARtiFUL? WELL, THROW IT OUT AMD u I'LL GET TH' BLACKSMITH SHOP Riot i r AT-ANOTHER , ONE. / THAT GUV JUST SPOILED AT LEAST A HUNDERD AM 1 PIPTV DOLLAR ToRGIr-i; BUT 1 GUESS TH 1 \ is so UNUSED TQ, BE1N' SHORT IM HIS PA'/, THAT VVHEM' HE VVAS SHORT EIGHTEEM CEMTS IN HIS P/NY, HE BULL O'TtV WOODS HOLLERED LIKE IS SO USED TO SPOILED JOBS, HE AIN'T SAYIN' MUCH TO Til 1 .GUY Asour IT. A GUINEA HEN/ THAT WAS DIFFERENT THQ WASN'T IT? ''TWO; MISTAKE?. Keep First Aid Kit Handy for Use in Fainting Spells ISV im. JIORHIS ITSilliKIN iwlicn a person faints is to lower .... , , „ ,, . . his head and keep him flat on tlie .dilor. Journal of the Animcan l)(1( . k R.,^ ,,'„, ,,,,.,,, , s „,,„. Medical .Usonalinn. anil of lly- jgcrous because it makes the Kiip- srin, the Health Magazine j ply of blood to the brain more If you are subject to fainting difficult, pells, or someone else in the All tight clothing, particular^ THERE: are about 310.000,000 cubic miles of water In the oceans f tlie world, and in tills water there arc some 5,000,000 cubic miles f salt. The salt has formed through the wearing flown of the Janci, •liich is carried as rtnsl and sandinlo the sea. NEXT: fines incrrniing (lie heat miller Iralling naler increase tile eniprralurc of the nalci? sini; for joy because ubo'd liccn so lucky as to enng him Veronica slmiily did not understand. She- herself got. down every night on her knees and prayed to St. Joseph lo flint her a good husband. She- had a small metal image ot the sajut strung around l<cr neck this very moment, on a thin silver chain. And all she'd ever got for it (up to date) was tho attention of Will Sell u It:'., who ran a garago in New Martin nml wasn't half. bad If you overlooked his grimy. iiiiKor- nnils. Miss Kaelmrn (if you aslied Mis? Kerrigan about it, although nobody would!) was pretty keen oti that dark chap who ran her up to tlie hospilul in hla rattly little roadster. Mr. Van Sciver had a Ions lean greyhound 6E a car. Maybo Will wouldn't like to set his flayers on II, sonic day! She'd told him about il and he'd liccn interested. It was about all lio over was ialor ested In— gadgets and dlfforonllala aud spark plugs and such stulf! Hardly over read a book and didn't know Joan Crawford from Norma Shearer. Miss Kerrigan har bored the. secret, conviction tbat sho, herself, was a discreet com hinatioa o£ tho two. Sho aud Mr Van Sciver talked .aboil!, movies- a lot. Ho liked so many ot the pic turcs slier did. .Wasn't that luuuy.? Ilo'd bo going home Boon aud she'd miss him. Ilia chauffeur had driven up that very afternoon In tho long car and taken away music box am] about a ton of [>ur- sonal equipment his mother had sent up before she left for b'lorldn. Miss Kerrigan sighed, considering an existence in which town bouses, foreign motors and hampers from Hick's figured largely. How ulco It must bo to be rich! Not Hint ehe liked Mr. Van Sclvor liecanso of ills money—far from It. If he hadn't a penny ho'd still bo the dearest hoy in tho world. MHO (lushed because the floor head, standing In the doorway and smiling Indulgently, seemed to bo reading her very thoughts. Tlie Head was a sculptured beauty svho had no use for men nt all, although sho had been known to waste 15 minutes chatting to Kdward Van Sciver when tbcro were no temperatures to lake, nor patients' families to smooth down. "Your patient wants lo come back," she said. Miss Kerrigan fairly flew down llio hall. Edward was walliing'now. slowly and with dillicnlty. Ho had a cane lint It was llltlu Miss Kcr-. jjsan who iiecpcd prettily underneath his arm on the left aide. It was Uliss Kerrigan who steered him over tlio worn piiico in tho mating. ... "You did tliat beautifully, ins; iSe-yoo-lifnlly," sho caroled. "Oh. I'm gcttiiiE there all right, ill right." Her heart went pit-a-pat when ho ookcd down at her liko that. for supper?" She handed him the menu. New ilarlin Hospital was proud of its nclliods. As un to date.—moro so —it wns proud of saying, than any ot tho city institutions. Kdward groaned, contemplating ho list. "Same oid groceries," he teat white shoes with ihcir discreet libber heels, gave Hoots a. froaty mile. She, too, had read the story. Some folks havo everything, site old herself, Indignantly. . "l)ld Uliiny call you?" Boots felt her heart boat faster it Ihe mention of bis name. "No, 10 didn't. Why?" "Oh. lie's got saml in his shoes again, wauls to light out. This limu t's to bo a Irnnip slo.imer for ilia iVest Indies or some place. He ran n at noontime. lie's packing hlH luff. Kays he's gone stale and can't vi-lte." Tlicro was a lump of ice where liools' liciLt't had been. Siic umn« Tgcd to say naturally enough, "1 Biiess he never stays in one place or long. But how about Kay Clill- Ingford? I thought ho was wailing round for her lo come hack?" "Oh, lhat's all off— has hcca for vcolis," Kdward lolil her. "They ladn't been hitliug it off so well vhen she left and sho'il wrilleo lim a lot of sour letters. Dlnny aid they'd alioul decided to call It day. She's marrying some dusly Id member of parliament or wiM-lJant." lie something. Uidy chuckled. is, yoii should keep a sup- Hy of aromatic spiriUs of ainmo- or of .spelling sails, linndy or use In such emergency. Fnr- hermorc, you should lie familiar vith emergency handling of n per- on who lias fainted. In most cases, the rcnson for 'dinting Is a lack of supply of Wood to the brain. This may be due to a number of different causes. In (he first place. Ihc blw.fl It- iclf may be deficient in Die important red blood cells which carry oxygen, or in iron which is largely responsible for forminq the red coloring matter. Such "a conrti- Itoii of aucmin may In Itself interfere with the proper nutrition of the brain and bring about fainting attacks. Sometimes the relationship ue- twcen (he nervous system nnd the blood, supply Is such that there is a sudden deviation of blood from the interior of the body to the surface. This also will bring about n faintlnj attack. The blood supply to Ihc brain inny be disturbed If yno rise sud- rtenly from n flat posit ion. Sorrow, pain, tear, the sight of blood, or similar conditions affecting (lie emotions, severe bleeding, the effects of heal, or sudden weakness saiil. "Itoast lamb, lloast beet, iiiiekcn fricasee." "Tiiero arc hinil) chops, too," trsed Miss Kerrigan in a miiternal, cpa.xiiiK. voice.--'-'If •they're "nb't~3iz- I'll iiep yours mi in the diet kitchen." "Will yon do tlmt?" lie gave iier hand, with its lirm, competent fingers, a little Eiiueeze. "There's a ;ood girl." As she fluttered down the ball oho treasured the thought ot that, impulsive littlo gesture. Probably it didn't mean a thing, though, lie was just a great big kid. . . . * • • i Tf/IIEN Boots came Ibo next iiialil she was alone. Denis hadn't telephoned. Site bad come down on llic bus. She saw (bo instant she mel Edward's eyes lliat she needn't tell him. He bad llio papers strewn all over liis bed. Ho grinned broadly. "Some luck, eh? Some fun!" "Isn't it too marvelous?" She leaned over Ills shoulder, staring down at tho picture of her mother above tbe headline. "Suburban Matron Wins I'rhc in Charily Ktcccpsldkcs." "Never got such a kick out of anything in niy life." ho told her. "Ola£ brought the papers up with supper and you could have knocked mo over with a breath wlieu I read th» news. I've been rooting for your mother ever since." Hiss Kerrigan, frisking in on her all the lime she had chaffed him about Kay he'd known this and hadn't loid her. Why? Kdward touched her faco lightly with a well-manicured rorotiuecr. We'll miss the old kid, won't we? :le's a good guy." "Oh, terribly!" She trioil to bo nsim! lint tlio effort did not come- off as well as she'd planned. "Woll, what about tbo folks— liavo they made any plans? I suppose they're till of a dither?" Hoots smiled, remembering. 'Mother is. She says she's going to rent, the bouse for whatever Blie nan get and pack off lo California.- Sho has a cousin in Palo Alto. She's already written to ask them about finding her a small house. Miss dri may go witii them. Father's IIo's never i.iy. business '£ alliluilo is funny, thouybt ,Motber sense ami of course tliis is'a freak lliins but lie is treating ber with, tlio greatest respect. She's tbo wizard of the family now. They've been simply wild, though, with nowsreol peoplo aad tabloid pbotog- lapherEi swarining all over the idacc." "Fun!" Kdward gloaled, t'rin- niiig-. "Well, it's all right for a irliilo,- sbo conccctcd, "but I'll be glad when IhiiiBs settle back ^lo normal." "Tbcn you and Iistart out on our travels . . ." be mused. > "Yes." Sbe looked at him with?an odd pathos. "You're walking well now, Edward? Hiss Hougbtoii said you'd bo leaving this week." "Yep. Got the old pep tack." "Well, tlieu . . ." she hesitated. "We may as well go ahead with' our plans. . . ." "Sure you vvant to now?" ' Sho stared at him, frankly puzzled. "Why, Edward, what do you mean?" His big laugh was tinged with embarrassment. "I Ilioustit maybe you wouldn't want to string along wilit me now." "Nonsense." Slie couldn't accept lliis loophole, just when bo waa helpless and needed her. .On the threshold Miss Veronica Kerrigan, listening, frozo to alien- lion. ,",- •", (To tic Continued) '' r'\ Newcomers Make Wrangel Island Busy WKANGEL ISLAND. U. S. S. R. (UP)— This former outpost of civ- lization has become a thriving little town since the recent arrival :icre of the Soviet ic cbrcaker, Kras- j sin, which brouaht. a nsw colony of ; ' Tubs Were Fionls HINSDALB, Mall. IUP>— Mr. ant) station. i MVS. William O'OonncIl heard a The toK-n now lias a population j mysterious knocking on tho kit- Russians lo tend tho meteorological . Russians and 63 Chukchi natives. Cows, pigs and sheep brought by the Krassin provide food lor the colony. The town is now equipped with electric lights and telephones. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ch2n floor. They discovered later that the bumping noise was the waslitubs floating in the cellar. The town was washed out and tlie cellar was lull of water. ttv Alien? the collar, should Be loosened so ns to iwnnit tlie easier llow ol blood. An abundance of fresh air should be supplied—if necessary by fanning—because the need for oxy- :cn will be great. Tlie nervous system may be af- iccted by sprinkling cold water on the face and neck. The sudden shock of the cold lias a stimulating effect. If the |>crson who has Tainted is exceedingly cold, it is necessary to control the. temperature of Hie body by applying warm lowels. • * * Among the best stimulants for those who have Ininted is aromatic spirits of ammonia. Tills may be Inhaled, or smelling salts may. be ittcd, to stimulate the-linconsclous person. If the person who has fainted is able lo swallow, one-half: a teaspoonful of aromatic spirits of ammonia may he given well diluted In cold water. Obviously it is desirable for a person who has fainted and whose condition seems to be serious to have a physician's attention as soon ns possible. In serious cases the doctor can try emergency measures which arc of great im- 4X>rlancc for the recovery of con- fdousness. if not for tlie saving of life lUelf. of Ihc heart-may produce tas ' r ' , Usually the first thing to do Resd Counrr News Wan; WtfxPGNS sum i-i LL YOU FIND TH "BUTTON .TO . . "BttTLE P\6V\T I 2/rO NOT rAYOWN LD SrXY TrAtY WERE HOPPED WE'LL LETTHETUCE NONCE, AND TLLPlfXY YOU SOrAE •5TUT3 "POKER YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE N T CMCH TOP, "BENT "P.N / LUCK WENT

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